Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 23, 1964 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1964
Page 11
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•UZ SAWYER Pwr ALL MM Nmn, R«ad MM Oteto-G«ntt* 1HE»STAllEP* TRUCK, & RJZ WATCHES THE HOUSE fOU HOURS, flNALW A STOOPED «"A R*KE APPEARS. HXM. 1 IUWWE 10.6ETA MECHANIC 10 FIX 'BREAK DOWi' ACR055 FROAT1€ HABWSffcRROW HOUoE. •y R«y Gran* REX MORGAN, M.D. Us* a Glob«-Gai«tt« Classified Ad . SOMETHING AS SOON , AS YOU GCT THROUGH.' >IDONTWWfTTO WELL..DONT JUST SIT THERE AND LOOK AT ME/SAY SOMETHING/ 30SSIBLY THE CARETAKER...010, BIS CHlK, f ROMAK4 NOSE, WHITE HftlE. CERTAlHDf NOT HARRY SPARROW. By Dal Curtis NOTHING YOU } L^ THAT'S BECAUSE YOUR COULD SAY <&HEftDlSALLSKutLWNojn WOULD SPCXLP BRMN5/THE3RWW -41 NOTHIN7 J DON SANTELL/ WOMEN SWOON AND FAIMT WHEN YOU GIVE OUT WITH A SONG/ TEEN-AGE GIRLS 6O INTO ECSTASY AT THE SIGHT OF YOU/ . THEMES THE MAN WHO MADE THE WOMEN SWOON AND THE TEEN-AGERS GO INTO ECSTASY...WITH THE BK5GEST PUBLICITY BUILD-UP THAT ANY SINGER'S HAD IN BUT IT WASN'T TWENTY YEARS/ ONLY THETKN.-AGERS ' WHO BELIEVED IT.., t>U DID TOO/ DONALD DUCK The Globe-Gazette's edited for the*hom» . By Walt Disney - ( DON'T tt_U GET VT.' THE FL.INTSTONES You'll find Globe-Gazette comics are the best By Hanna and Barber ...ANC> CHRISTMAS TREE LANE... AND ALL, THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS IT'S WOMPERFUL...BUT WHV IS EVERYBODY DOIN& ALL THIS Complete North Iowa and Southern Minnesota news coverage By Paul Robinson LOOKS LIKE A. PLUMBER'S NOW, JUGHEAD BROUGHT A /I'LL BEr SURPRISE TO / YOU'LL, SHOW US * A NEVER HMM / IT'S -^ GUESS HEAVY / ... J WHAT »T IS/ THAT'S CLOSE / STARTS WITH A BLONDIE Your daily newspaper—the total selling medium By Chic Youn WHEW <3ROW UP I'M <50IN(3TO BECOME AM ST£WARPESS i'Ll. PL.V THE WORLD AND THENl MARRV A HANDSOME PILOT 11-25 BUT IN THE MEANTIME, ^ COME DOWN TO _/ ^ EARTH ' AMD TAKE, OUT r TH& MARY WORTH Shop in Mason City—Agridustrial Center of North Iowa By Saunders and Ern Ever happen to you? by Bud Blake Giob«.Gazttt*, Mason City, la. D«c. 23,1M4 Young living Dennis the menace By Ketcham The temperature doesn't have-to break freezing, o produce that unpleasant sensation known as shiver- ng in your boots. Faced with a new and awesome ven- ure, you can shiver in your boots right beside your wn fireplace. * Well, the best cure for cold feet is circulation, "hat means taking the difficult first step in the new direction. Then keep right on* — ;oing! What's giving you the shiv- ;rs may be a speech, a scholarship exam, a new job, or a ate with a new boy. Whatever the journey, it's easier to top shivering and start mov- ng if you: Go prepared. Strange terri- ory is best explored with a road map. If you're applying "or a job, for example, find out "OKAY.OKAY! FORGET THE HAY. BUT CAN i LEAST IEAV£ THE R£JNOff K A 8UCKET 0' A Cryptogram Quotation 'DGTVSWGA YLS KDYYDSRA KDS- TLYS JNWC VH XLADST C N L Y. ~-RW GDKNLPDBKWERT Yesterday's Cryptoquote: IN THE DECLINE OF LIFE, SHAME AND GRIEF ARE OF SHORT DURATION —SAM JOHNSON Shiver in your boots By ENID A. HAUPT Editor-in-Chief of SEVENTEEN Magazine as much as you can about the company before your first interview. Well prepared, you won't be so shaky—and you'll be able to ask intelligent questions which always gratify prospective employers. Ask someone who's been there. Take comfort in the facl that whatever new thing you're called upon to do, unless it's the voyage to the moon, some ACROSS 1. Metal 5. Inelastic 9. Girl's name 10. Jewish month 11. Dull 12. Knife: P. I. 13. Strong In taste 14. An unfilled space 16. Ahead . 17. Swiss river 18. Iron: sym. 19. Afloat 22. Projecting end of a church 24. Naive 26. Rubbish 28. Dominion 31. Indefinite article 32. Donkey 33. Land measure 34. Covers with Jewels 37. Salary 39. Egyptian dancing- girl 40. Slam, as a door 41. Quantities 42. Poker stake 43. Affirmative votes 44. Peruse DOWN 1. Away from, the sea 2. Chamber 3. Carousal 4. Negative vote 5. Work 6. Heathen image 7. Shaded walk 8. Certain court exhibits 13. Gazelle: Tibet 14. Bareheaded 15. Tiny 17. Astern 20. Flowed 21. Vex 22. Viper 23. Greek letter 25. Town: Prussia 26. A poke 27. Constrained 29. Torn 30. Before 32. Accumulate 35. An adhesive 36. Girl's name Yesterday's Aniwoc 37. Diminish, as the moon 38. A pilaster: arch. 40. Obstacle li 16 19 59 10 J7 JJ 15 nc has done it before. Are you uaking over a part in a play? alk with the girl who had the cad last year. Ask for her spe- ifics for first-night qualms, tarting off in a new school? e e k out the counsel of t h e riendly natives. Don't be shy bout your requests; few things re more flattering than being sked for advice. Remember how far you'v* ome. The memory of past suc- ess is especially sweet when ou're apprehensive about a fu- ure one. If you're laomen- arily cowed by a big job, take ust another moment to remem- er how well you've done a lit- le one. A certain amount of fear bout a new enterprise can be a healthy thing. It can make ou cautious where caution is needed. Just keep the quaking confined to your knees; don't let ear chill a good head and stout heart! Servicemen in Manly for Christmas MANLY — Servicemen home on leave for the holidays are Gonzalo Rodriques, fireman apprentice from the Naval Train- ng Center, Great Lakes, 111., and Pvt. Millard Anderson, ot Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.C. Rodriques is the son of Mrs. Gabino Rodriques of Manly. Ha entered the U.S. Navy in July of this year and is attending a machinist's training school. Anderson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Manley Anderson, rural Manly. He is serving a six months' tour of active duty with the U.S. Army, having entered service in August. Both boys will report back to their respective training stations after tha holidays. BELOW SEA LEVEL The bed of the Am a/on River is well below sea level. Hobby Club Hidden word puzzle next By GAPPY DICK A pair of Mystery Tops that spin upright, then suddenly turn upside down and continue spinning, will be awarded next as a local preliminary prize to each boy or girl of the Mason City area who sends in one of the five neatest, most original correct entries for today's puzzle contest. The unusual action of these gaily-colored plastic tops mystifies young and old alike. They can be spun on any smooth, flat surface. In addition, every boy and girl whose entry wins a pair of Mystery Tops will have a chance to win a national prize in this contest. Offered as the big prizes are five sets of model 6:30 Wednesday-Mr. Ed »M CITV ONE. WHO GREW upU HAVEN'T JON A5PHALT, THE IDEA ?o?]f>oe^>i BELIEVE: i HEAR. - ^VTHE. DULCET VOICE. OF ROLLIE'5 MOTOR. 5COOTER NOW, HU6H I BRICK BRADFORD Globe-Gazette—"The Newspaper That Makes All North lowans Neighbors" By Paul Morris TOUf* WITH THE EAZTHMAN PPAWINS> STOP M A woooeo MSA..,. UISTEN,9RAPf=aP.P/ I'M C3OINS TO THE sussi-e OK THI* AIP> CAfZ ,,.i Se?O&£ I PO L WANT YOU TO SCM£THIN5,». I'M S A&OUT THE SHOCKS I SAVE VOU,, BEETLE BAILEY Globe-Gazette ads will stretch your shopping doll an By Mort Walker STILL? I TOLP CMIS6ER TO GO TO BED AM HOUR AGO • vehicles manufactured by Tonka Toys. Each set includes a Camper Van that has windows and a rear door which can be opened; a "Jeep" surrey with a fringed top and a spare tire that can be detached; a min iature "Jeep" runabout that car ries four tiny suitcases and pulls a boat trailer on which there is a miniature power boat with a removable model of an outboard motor. All of these Tonka models are made of steel, are colorfully painted and have whitewall tires and chrome disc wheels. The sets of vehicles will be awarded for the five contest entries that are the neatest and most original of all from all the cities where this column is published. The puzzle to be solved is in the picture above. Each sign held by an elf stands for one letter of the alphabet. The four correct letters spell the name of something all boys and girls like. To discover the letter repre sented by a sign, decide which letter appears on it most often. That's the letter to use. * Clip out the picture, past* it! on paper or a postal card and print the deciphered word beneath it, along with your name, age, address and name of your school. Decorate the entry in any neat, original way, using paints, crayons or cutouts. Address H to Cappy Dick's Midweek Contest at the Globe- Gazette and mail it before midnight of day after tomorrow. ' Wednesday p.m. 5:uO Yogi Bear 5:30 CBS News 6:00 Regional and Local News 6:25 Weather Report 6:30 Mr. Ed 7:00 My Living Doll 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies 8:00 Dick Van Dyke 8:30 Cara Williams Show 9:00 Danny Kaye 10:00 Weather 10:05 News, Sports 10:30 NITECAP— "Stop, Look & Laugh" The Three Stooges Thursday a.m. 7:30 Sunrise Semester 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 CBS News—Wallace 9:30 I Love Lucy 10:00 Andy of Ma/berry 10:30 The McCoys 11:00 Love of Life 11:25 CBS News 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light Thursday p.m. 12:00 News, Weather and Markets 12:30 As the World Turn* 1:00 Password 1:30 House Party 2:00 To Tell the Truth 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Jack Benny 4:00 Quiz the Mrs. 4:00 Bart's Clubhouse Art Linkletter's House Party Where did Santa first get the idea of distributing toys to children? Tonight you'll get a new version of an old story that comes straight from the horse's mouth. 7:00--My Living Doll Guest star Charlie Buggies portrays an unhappy millionaire who hires Bob to carry out a strange assignment. See a great contest between man and machine. George Gobel and Carroll Baker Will Be Guests i 1:30 Thursday On TV-3 Jo Stafford and Gwen Verdon Are Guests on the DANNY KAYE SHOW 9--Wednesday Coming SUNDAY Baltimore meets Cleveland In tn« thrill-packed climax to th« treatnt naton «vorl THE NFL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME KGLO RADIO MASON CITV Wednesday p.m. N 5:00 CBS News 5:10 Anthony Sports 5:15 Rush Hour 5:40 Business News 5:45 Lowell Thomas 5:55 Sports Time 6:00 News, Sports, Markets, Weather 6:15 Old Gold Singers 6:30 NIGHT RADIO 13 7:00 CBS News 7:10 Evening Report 7:15 Worldwide Sports 7:30 Cronkite Report 7:35 Pat Boone Show 7:40 NIGHT RADIO 13 8:45 St. Louis U. Choir 9:30 CBS World Tonight 9:45 KGLO News, Sports and Weather 10:00 Music for Listening Thursday a.m. 5:15 MORNING RADIO 13 6:00 News—Weather 6:25 Weather 6:30 Farm Reporter 6:45 News 7:00 World News Roundup 7:30 News, Sports, Weather 7:50 Damon's 8:15 News 8:50 Morning Report 8:55 News 9:00 CBS News 9:10 Godfrey Time 10:00 CBS News 10:10 Houseparty 10:30 Dear Abby 10:35 Let's Talk to Lucy 10:45 Top O'the Morning 11:00 CBS News 11:10 Home Town News 11:20 Osage Open House 11:55 Ask Miss Fickett Thursday p.m. 12:00 CBS News 12:10 Markets 12:15 Luncheon with Ron 12:30 News 12:45 Farm Highlights 12:55 Weather—News 1:10 In Hollywood 1:15 Afternoon Radio 13 1:30 Woman's World 2:00 CBS News 2:30 Fashion Notes 3:00 CBS News 3:30 Personal Closeup 4:00 CBS News 4:10 Christmas Fantasy 4:40 Rush Hour 4:45 Harry Reasoner Wednesday's NITECAP is "STOP, LOOK AND LAUGH" The 3 Stooges Paul Winchell

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