Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 22, 1964 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1964
Page 6
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• Dec. n, m 1H* Cleb«-G»«tt*, Ma»on City, l«. COLORFUL SOUP Ever add minced pimiento to cream of celery or mushroom soup? The pimicnlo adds both flavor and attractive color. No pink balloons available DRESS SALE Now On So try another gift idea By ELEANOR McLAUGHLIN |not lost. Mason City mcrchantsjplcte the disguise. If you need Woman's Page Editor Can SOlVC VOllf" Lit OUIL-IIU wirh ii-irr..-fh:r? puon ninor hnu/ aKniiJ can soivc yoiif"jnouiuiii.-, with oddments aplenty—not quite as exotic as pink balloons which actually go aloft hut not quite as full of feet? even nicer, how about a pair of little sachet bags to go in the shoes when they're not Woman's Page Editor The his and her balloons which Nieman - Marcus had ( _, o . planned as (his year's gifts forjexpensive, cither. j j n thc jot's-have-evcrything- those who have everything hull , f f | oatlr>fl if , requiiiU, how ' cozy de P artmc ^ is * Bathtub it/ill tt'ufft thr* fl/w) lf\ n\fint Itnt/n n u»,.i « fi i: . <•• . . <* .. . BUmlV— 3 t°tlf>]t (f\f hnfhrrtnm lif_ will give the nod to more have gone up in .smoke—and not the pink dyed helium which had been devised as their ultimate distinction. If you had planned to send to Dallas for a pair of these and are now up in (he air yourself about what to get instead, nil is about a floating fish knife? A sharp looking blade is encased in wood to match its handle. If you take it in thc boat with you and drop it in the water, it floats. At least it should. If not —our relations with Japan are threatened. There arc boxes of beat up balls "To match your set" Buddy—a rack for bathroom literature. There's also a guest register for thc bathroom. And towels — paper guest ones imprinted "Live Dangerously — Take One" or "His—But You Can Use It." Thtr« art whittlti for tht thirsty. They come attached to , .-•---- ""-• "" swizzle sticks —and could ccr- and there .s a hand mashie de- tainly add to the cocktail party signed to save the temper andluproar If the One on your list is concerned about thc niceties of liv- jing, how about D cover up for a spray can. It's a felt wraparound with a face painted on and above thc face, a felt hat A poodle tells you what the weather's going to be in four languages—sometimes the prediction's bad enough in one language like when the poodle turns grey—that means snow. Then;' are /.ippcr pulls for those back closing dresses—if Notice To Our Customers c " yon School of Cosmetology WILL BE CLOSED SATURDAYS Dec. 26th and Jan. 2nd FLORIMEL BEAUTY SALON WILL BE CLOSED Saturday, Dec. 26th ., . . . ' -.|v..v,.n. uuv.n luuamg uresscs—n Mr. John, H says) to com-lyou know any .single girls. But MAYHE HE'D LIKE A MONKKV why not be really helpful—get her a mistletoe bow—a Chanel type bow decked out with the traditional kiss incentive. Everywh»r« ar* weird litti* people — some with fantastic heads of hair and a message that they don't use that greasy kid stuff. Some little wooden weirdies that have pop-up messages. A red devil is "I'll be seeing you." If he has all the power tools he can manage, maybe he'd like an electric back scratchier—this would be fine for the zipper-pull lady, too, or an "Executive Manicure Set"—This looks like a small size rocket and besides ,the manicure it will care for i tootsies, too—It is recommended I for callouses and corns—which every Christmas shopper is sure to develop before he's through. Still wish you could get one of those pink balloons and go soaring? How about a live gift—say a monkey? They're available. It may take a bushel of them to have more fun than, but one monkey might make all the difference — between a Merry hristmas and a Happy New Year, that is. Social calendar Write it out- send it in Only written Items will be accepted for th« social calendar- Calendar items will not be accepted by phone. Items for the daily calendar must be In by 9:30 a.m. Items for Saturday calendar must be in by 4 p.m. Friday. * Tuesday Subordinate Lodge 224— 8, IOOF Hall. Moose Lodge— 8, Moose Home. Wednesday Piano Study Club- Mrs. B. T. Lindstrom, 1310 N Adams. Wesleyan Guild meeting is held Wesleyan Service Guild ol Wesley Methodist Church met al the home of Mrs. Harry Barnc with Mrs. Kenneth Roth Assist ing. Devotions were given by Mrs. John Fonkert. Mrs. V. J Polansky reviewed "The Gift o. the Magi" by O Henry for the Christmas message. Gifts were exchanged during the socia hour. Miss Esther Walls was guest. WEST VUE M SAURP K EERT Highway 18 — West City Limits "THE FESTIVE TOUCH n BY EXPERT STYLISTS HAMS Famous Brand Docker Quality Rondy To Ent Lbs. BACON f. 2 * 89 GEESE, CAPONS, DUCKS, Fresh killed 6 to 10 Ibs. . Ib. Lean PORK ROAST, Ib. 29c Best Cut PORK CHOPS, Ib. 59c Decker's Korn Kist BACON Ib. 25c Decker's Quality WIENERS . . Ib. 39c CHEESE JELLIES - PRESERVES Imported Gift Box 2.95 EGGS Fresh Grade A Medium Doz. 29 16 Oz. Marshmallows . . 19c Sturgeon Bay CHERRIES . can 19c Sweet POTATOES . can 15c Fresh COCONUTS TOMATOES Red Ripe Pound CARROTS . . . 29c 29c sk. lOc Indian River Grapefruit. 5<<"39 C APPLES ifi *2 50 Try Our ALL NEW BODY PERMANENT! $4.75 - $5.75 - $6.75 - $7.50 - $10 HAIR CUTS $1.00 HOLLYWOOD All w»»7 Hunt. Wllh or Wllh- I Hi s. Ftd. Orer Kreue'i DolUr Stor. { i>«! A|>ii limit. Open Kvrry Kre PERMANENT WAVE METHOD ^ Phone 423-1443 Give Her A LOVELY GIFT From The House of Fashion ON SHOPPERS LANE Gift Wrapped FREE For Your Convenience Designer jtvith yoy, in mind Personalized fit; and fashion flattery in a slender lace lavished petti of laundry-loving nylon tricot. You won't believe how pretty you look, how \ f eminine you feel ...Just try it and se«. ^ XS, S, M, L In Short and Average. $5.95 Profil By Using Th« Glob«-Gax««« Want Ads! 423-4270 J k TO BE BRIDE IN JUNE—Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ray DeSart, 36 Beaumont Drive, announce the engagement of their daughter, Antoinette, to Thomas Frank Monroe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Thomas Monroe of Charles City. A June 5 wedding is planned. Miss DeSart is a graduate of Mason City High School and is a junior in sociology at the University of Iowa. ?Ier fiance, a Charles City High School graduate, is a junior, majoring in advertising, at the University. I Ebbers, Miller vows said Miss Doris Ann Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Miler of Mallory, W. Va., became :he bride of Richard J. Ebbers, son of Mrs. Mary Eb- MBH^» )ers, 221 6th SW, and the late Howard Ebbers, in the Trenton, <J.iJ., Presbyterian Church. Thc bride has been in the WAC with thc rating of Sp. 5. She is a legal clerk at Fort Dix, N.J. Mr. Ebbers also is serving with the Army. When he is discharged, the couple will come o Mason City and establish a lome here. MRS. RICHARD EBBERS And how would 13 below affect them after this UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. l«— A study to determine whether jeing lean or stout makes any difference in how well women adjust to heat, and also how their tolerance stacks up with men's, is being conducted by scientists at the Pennsylvania State University. The research, being conducted in Penn State's new Laboratory 'or Human Performance Research, is using seven women volunteers in a special environ ment room resembling deser conditions. The. temperature re mains near 115 degrees and the humidity is low. Some of the women in the tes are lean and some are stout Three times a week they enter the "desert" room for two hours and alternately walk 20 minutes and rest 20 minutes until they have walked the equivalent o one hour. When testing first began, al of the stout women had to leave the chamber before their three walks were completed, while only one of the lean women hat to be removed. AH of the worn 'en, except two stout ones, nov have become acclimated to the environment. Now discrimination shoe on other foot GREENFIELD, Ind. W — It was Ladies Day at Circuit Court, as an all-woman jury was seated to hear evidence in a personal injuries damage case. Judge George B. Davis said it was thc first time in the j 134-year existence of the court meeting will bc|that 12 women were picked. Elks Club has bridge sessions Monday was Bridge day at the Elks with thc Elks Ladies' Bridge Club holding its Christmas party in the afternoon and the Duplicate Bridge club, its regular session in the evening. Winners at the Ladies Club party were Mrs. F. G. Wilson, Mrs. Roy Scrvison, Mrs. William Tyler, Mrs. Scott Smith, Mrs. I. R, Weaver, Mrs. Roy Buechclc. Thc next Jan. -I. Schinnow-Myhre w * vows exchanged Miss Sharon Elaine Myhre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .eonard A. Myhre of Seattle, jecame the bride of Richard Dean Schinnow, Spokane, Wash., son of Mrs. Ann Mason, 944 15th NE, in the University Presbyterian Church of Seattle Dec. 19. Dr. R. B. Munger officiated. Miss Susan Lagerquist of Seattle was maid of honor and the jestman was John Orr of Spot ane. A reception in the Calvin Lounge of the church followed. After a trip to Southern California and San Francisco, the couple will be at home Jan. 3 at 10218 N. Whittier, Spokane. The bride is a student at Whitworth College in Spokane. The bridegroom attended De- Pauw University where he was affiliated with Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He was" graduated from Whitworth College. Knits plus crocheted hairnet By HEBE DORSEY Herald Tribune News Service PARIS — All of a sudden, the look is all over Paris. It is a strange thing with fashion. When the couture and ready-to-wear collections come out, they are so huge ' and diversified and there is such a cascade of them that it is hard to guess what trends will catch on. Then, suddenly, things jell and the look crystallizes. You begin to notice one, two, three pretty young girls at a nightclub, on the Champs Elysees or at a chic hairdresser — and they are all wearing, more or less, the same outfit. So you know that's it. Elks Duplicate Bridge Club played Monday evening. Winners were Jack Larson and John Mikovec. Elastic insets make contour sheets give , „ , . „ . „ i Bottom contour sheets may be In 2nd place were Bob Cooper fixed so that they have more and Joe Ryan; 3rd, Clarence Williams and Darrell Bramhall; 4th, Vivian Bramhall and Mrs. Max Allison; 5th, Mildred Campbell and Mrs. Guy Burge. Shop Toniqht Till 9 P.M. .^^^^T^ Special inserting gussets of either four or six inch-wide elastic. Open three of the seams and insert a pie-shaped piece of elastic in each. This time, the look is knif from head to toe. The most popular coiffure now is a loose, crocheted hairnet which is taking the place of Chanel's fam ous bow which was all the rage last spring. Girls wear them in the daytime with suits and coats. The hairnets come in coarse, heavy wool of different colors. Prune and beige are the favorite colors. For evening, they are made of velvet chenille or lame thread. The next fashion must for the girl who's in is a knitted dress — with a soft, corrala- shaped collar, transparent, fishnet sleeves, tightly ribbed bodice and slightly flaring skirt It comes in so-called "dirty' 1 colors — wishy-washy brown, pine green, plum or/mustard. But the most popular by far is white which /gives sort of a grandmother-in-bed. look. To finish with the look, you have to have ribbed socks or lacey stockings. And that about does it. If knits have become the interesting lot they are today, the credit should go to Janine Proco, one of the quietest as well as most talented knitting designers in town. For her little flat, up four flights of stairs she has launched dozens oJ styles, many of which have be come best-sellers. One of them, for instance the BB sweater (because Brigitte Bardot bought six at once) is that cute, Garmin, tightly rib bed turtieneck job which has been widely copied and is stil going strong after three years Mrs. Proco is also responsible for the current knit dress with transparent sleeves which she originated two years ago. "No, I don't make them any more," she smiled, "they're al over now." She also launched crochetec helmets, vast droopy turtle necks and big mohair coats — all of which are stili around in Paris boutiques. Although most of the work if Shop Tonight Till 9 P.M. Clearance! CHRISTMAS ITEMS • Hallmark Boxed Christmas Cards • Christmas Wrapping Paper . . Ribbon . . . Seals . . . Tags Home Decorations . . . Napkins PRICE MRS. RICHARD SCHINNOW now done by little women scat- ered around the French srovinces, Mrs. Proco loves to cnit .herself and is always ex- perimenting—w h i c h explains why she has injected so much excitement in what was otherwise a dull field. 'I have a house in a small village near Dijon," she confided. "Across the street from me lives a very old woman, Mademoiselle Honorine, and she wears the most extraordinary garments, which she knits herself. I'm always watching her from behind my curtain, and whenever she has something new on, I call her in, ask her bow she is and ail the time, of course, I'm trying to figure out what she's done. She wears marvelous capes and the cutest bonnets you ever saw." That's how Mrs. Proco ends up with all those intricate okl- fashioned stitches such as fern- stitch, shell - stitch and many others which, transposed to her modern creations, look simply stunning. Right now, though, Mrs. Proco has a serious problem. Her prices, naturally, are high — no wonder, it's all handmade. So she finds she is mercilessly copied. That's why she is thinking of branching out into machine made knits "which, however, will always be hand finished," she said. Add new flavors to creamed chicken Creamed * chicken or ham ;ake on a new interest when :hey are served with rice embellished with white'raisins and pine nuts. The rice is a pleasant change from the usual patty shell or toast accompaniment. Green peas may be added to the creamed dish or the embellished rice. Shirt shift DA.MO.VS 9343 SIZES 10-18 Sporty shirt shift glides down your figure without a stop for waist seams. Quick-sew, it has newsy details—raglan sleeves, big pockets. Printed Pattern 9343: Misses' Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 requires 3Mi yards 39-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS in coins for this pattern—add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mail- ihg and special handling. Send to Marian Martin, Globe-Gazette, 466, Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St., New York 11, N Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. FREE PATTERN DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR" — choose it fropn 300 design ideas in new Fall-Winter P a 11 c rn Catalog! School, casual, career, dressy styles—alt sizes! Send 30c. \ 0

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