The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1930 SLYTHEVILLE, (ARK) COURIER NEWS (Continued prorji Page One) authority of the federal government. .•.',.' Damage Threat Cited . The company asserted It was threatened frith irreparable damage as a result of this challenged use of power of the "federal government. It contended that the Ibriiis aiid grants were, unauthorized by tlie NIRA and that, if they were Title II was unconstitutional. The federal district court, acting on the contract' then in force between PWA and the county, held the loan and grant were un- tonslttuiional a'nd-Title i[ in this respect was an unconstitutional delegation of power by Congress, The decision was based largely on a finding ihat the contract pave tlie feileral government f>o\v- er to fix the rite.? to be charged customers of Ihe prorJoseU Greeii- - wood county system. . A new contract was entered Into at once by which it was made more clc'ar that the only. control over rates sought by PWA' was to Inainlain them at a level to pay ofr the loan with interest.-It also >vas intended to make cienr' tliat this control would last orily while •}he loan was In effect. This, PWA lawyers asserted, was the same requirement made on. power companies by bankers advancihg loans. New Contract rirawn When the .government..appealed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals it asked that the case IB remanded as it had entered into a ?icw contract meeting the objections of the lower court. This was done, but tlie district .court refused to alter its previous fihclih^s. , The circuit Court,.after hearing argument; reversed: the decision of the lower court and upheld the ^ovcrninehl in all ^respecls. The Circuit Court-divided two to one. . The cast[_was argued before the Supreme,'Cmlf{ early ifi November. Newton D.^ Baker .appeared -for. the power co.mpaiiy'. Solicitor General Stanley; Reed and je'rbme Frank, PWA co'iinse'l; We'Ued foY the government: ' ; Only^eigtit msmbe'fs blf the court 1 .were present at the argument but Justice Harlan p.-stone, ill at Jiome, was \ vouched ihUj tlie" case; } thus permitting liim td Vote'if his flerision proved nEctissary. ,. .iCliriEfuias i'artj-? 1 The Qpsneli-Missionary,..soclctj .had ii •C.hiislm&s ; party Thursday fifternoon tit'ihe home of Mrs. J. \V. Crawford when 23 meinbers attended. The gifts'- \ycre placed on a tree in the center of the ;iving room and after tlie devotional, Mrs. Allison DorrS and Mrs. Burley Crawford distributed trie packages. ; ,( In the :<lcybtloiisil n'eriod Mrs] J. H. Estes tblfi a .story; "The Elder . Brother," and Mrs. J: p. Needham led in the study of the sixth chapter of Matthew. ' ' Mrs. Edgar Brown, who is moving next month, resigned as treasurer and Mrs. j. VV. Crawford was homihatcd to succeed her. slie was given a vote of appreciation for her services. , Mrs. ^Allison Dorris and Mrs. Burley Crawford assisted by Mrs. Edgar Brown, Mrs. John McBride and Mrs. Leslie Dorr is served refreshments of fruit salad, cake and hot chocolate lo those present which included Miss Gladys Estes, of Yarbro, who was th'e guest'of her brother, j. H. Estes, and'fam- ily. . '• .... , The next meeting will be held -Thursday liiternwii at the home bf Mrs. Brown: • - • ' * * * Much Canning Done. The Community kitchen did an Healthiest of Nation's 4-II Clubbers liy I. S. Klein A Ini>p\ robust~Sc>,tet these faun bojs and gills were named heallliiest 4 H club members, of lli-> covmtrj it tin, national congress of Ihc oigaulzitlon In Chicago Chosen Irohi the hef.llh champions ot 40 slates thej all uork hird plaj hard cat bilnnccd diets -incl go in foi sunshine they declared About to rto justice to^templing sindwlches UILJ ue left to right Maij pjjnn Seller 1 ; 16< LclohalchcP Margrrct J Topoukl 10 Wooslei O lloj Gr^es 20 Porter WIs -mil c A Abbott ji i/ Blalib, Vn Alt Jerrj Okla Cowan 19 Ro»ers»IIc Mo Martha Ekberg, 1C, Wisconsin Dell; job In teaching farm wo m°n the value of the <;ti.nm pres Eiire cooker, women ot <3osnell ue- icve Gieens pumpkins beef -ind pork are being cunned hcie in hrg cr quantities tliah ever before because of the women havina bebn taught Ihe value of the cooker ani now most of them Inve purchased these. * » * Mrs. Mary Jlaiisard and four children who lost thcii home and most of:the contents ih a fire last week, have been showered by friends In the community John cfawfdfa, who has befeii in Torrence,' Calif., for the past nine jeiis is visiiing his fatlvr J \I Crawford, arid other relatives while recovering from' injuries received Ih «i\ automobile accident last sum mer Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Uoyd and h\o childien Marvin Emma ai\i Harold, Sf Yarbro, and Mrs. R, P. Temi>!e spent part of last v,ec.k in points of Tenne^ec They visited Mrs- A I Webb of Mempms Mrs <j W Billings of Atoka and rela lives in Covington and Hcnnlng. Mrs clove Wadley and childien have returned from Lou" Beach Calif where thej Imc b°en MSlt ing Mrs Wadle} s brother Cits m vis, and other relatives. Mrs. Edgar Posey is improving after several dijs illn°ss Mrs G rankersltj ^.no liab been seriously ill is nov slowly 1m proving Mi and Mrs Z M McGhee and familj will move soon to th»ir firm near Luxora which they recently rurclwd xhes liavc plajed an important part in communltv af fairs in the Inn ejear they have lued here and have filled outstand ing positions'In church and social work. Mr ard Mrs Edgar Brown Invc purchased a farm'hear Stcele. !in'd Mil mo;e there m Ihc near future They too have been active in church and community building. Edith Maxwell's Calm Shattered Iho CMlnple ol In ID31, tnnct Ins lelcised foui slnrnps ulth sin mes iddcd "foi the icllef of In Idlccluals Ilicit nc folii In (\>i ^not \\llh the plclincs of the mllst iml engi ivei Cullol lh< compose! Beilloz, Ihe willei, Vk loi Hugo ind ihc scicnllsl IMs Jeui disliiblilecl stngl> IIHOIII, them * « < Chu Inm time nlso piodutei i "m of Chnill) slimpb in IIIL counlricf of Europe. One (if Ihc most bcnulirul of tills type Is the sel ot ctsJit stnmps Issued b> liel MUin >nd bcpnnt UK plcluic of iiic little Ci-own I'llncc Bniidoiiiii of UelKitmi, con of Kins l-copolil HI and HIP laic Quet'ii Aslrld. It shows i phln phologi iph o( tin. smiling crown prince In profile-. * * * On the occasion o'( (ho Inleriin' lioniil slani'p cxjiosidoh In PnHi. in 1037 Fnncc it is Slid will iss 1C new posltige for every Frbncli colony. That would.fncaii nboiil 200 nlditioml stamps of i coimncmo i itl\c tjjio * + * A ncv, shmp miy soon be o\- pCLtcd to iinvo in thii country fiom Arg6nlm i — comtnunor illne Hie visit of President Roosevelt lo Uucnos. Ahes * • * Chun Ins cclcbnled the foiilctli iimheisaiy of Its poshl sjafcin «illi a seiici of foui piclorlal Isjnmps t.(Co]jrl£nt 1838 \R\icr\loe Inc.) Wrestler Toufh—Needs Two Referees in Bout NEW VOKK -dcorije 7ahailns llio Blooding Oieek of tho mnt, Is getting M> tougli on refeicfi lint a simie mbllci Is hliut foi ;\cr\ match he engages in nowadays. H all happened In Olctclnnd Gcoigc Incapacitated ono icfcico In the ilng and (lie bout had lo It. held up uniii anothCi icfcrej :oiild bt icoured Now, since (lie Oicck isnt unj too caicful \\ilu his imnchei, ft icseno Is hired ft hen ho cnlert. (lie ilng to Insinc !hu bout going on should /iohailns knjp llio oilglnal otflclil Hoj, 7, Imps lox SHEKRARD, III (UP)-JacUd Qimtnlanco, 7 jcni old son of Mi nnd Mis Stun 11 Quti In lance lias caincd n plnco bcsldo llio besl Imnleis nnd. Unppers Jacklo 1ms ' t homo n red fo\, Inigesi In Hie counlrjsldo near Demonstration Club News Notes Edison's Home Town Prm"l faANDUSKY O (tiP) -Milan, he village 'hi .which Thomas A. Edison was bom boasts tnothti tiye son inventor in ^ Harry F. Noake, of Sieita iiadre. Cal. Voake has Invented the "sympho- net,"'a cross between" a piano and an organ, 'T: • i . j;ij : : | The composure with which prclty 2' year old Edith Maxwell AC nc to triil in Wise Va chaiged with the murder of ner raoUnhlnu-r father rngg Maxwell dhippeired as she heird her erstivhilc bosom friends describe her is i heaille^ d-nightcr who had boasted shed laugh if she sa* her father laid out dead Ediths sHrtlcd CK pression is cau»ht drannticilly In this couitroom picture U°s«<x)d ( lub The 30 present at the mectin" of the Dogwood Home Demonstration club Wednesday afternoon In eluded two HCR nlembcrs Mrs Wil die Stylei and Mrs Qeor»e Sham Im sr The meeting was held it life home of Mrs ohirlK, Bag veil OfncTs instilled for the Hew 5"rare Mrs J W Pajnc prcsi- d'nt Mrs w J Might vice prc idcnt Mrs Cliarles Lutes, score tnry Mrs Karl Qrccn * tr"aiiir'r Mrs Nfir\ln Lane rcjiortcr 'Mrs T s Parker Better Homes chairman Mrs Ira Kooilt? clothing chairman Mrs Frtcmont Scraue Yart^ Improvement hlmirman Mrs i. M Mandigo Garden chilrman Mrs lorn Perkins Canning chnlr man Mrs D Gnirett Food chnlr man Mrs Iris Blnt'hnm Handl craft chairman In the social hour Mrs Claud Payne whose home was rccenllj dc itroye-1 by nrc uns given a sfio«ei of material for quilts Refreshments wfeie stncd Reid Courier News Want Ads tf'.mlcrl lo Sell $100,000 Furniture Half »o«n - Italance >fc\t Taf! - Rtiv Now Hubbard Furniture Co. You'll See and Hear This Spettf€i€ul&r Travelinig ShdW Coach The- S.Koiv-Coach' Will 15c In Town'. i)ori't' Fail • Scc-atid Hear. It's Wonders WReii' It "Visits villc'.Tuesday, Dec. 15, 3T. M. io 8 }'.-fll. .Every Week A F«H''.--LinoVor jaia New ilCA Victor Ha<!ioS Are" On Disfilay At Main at Second Phone Mansfield fires 44S-21 Mansfield , Tourist 4 Ply Guaranteed 6 Months 69 Ca'sli Trice 15 Months Guarantee (in Tires! quoted below.. ..All adjustments promptly m'adc at our Slatiorf Nn delays. 550-17 Mansfield 600^16 Mansfield 525^18 Mans . $ii.25 sioiso Shoirud Ho had j tr«pp*d ''tho nnlmal on lib fathers f»rin' Imenlor Too Efficient HONEOYB PALLS N Y. flfPJ —Arlhm n Rlttenhouses cltclrl- flcd garbage, can designed io keep nclghlioiliood dogs off his iircin- ses |>rosed too efficient II £vch Jollcd Hi designer —financially — vtion Humane officials chnrW (he 500 \(-t shock pnmlyied largo (logs Ritlejihouso was, fined |5, Sign Sfops Trollejs CLEVLLAND (UP)-Mnnuol M. Rocker an assistant po!lc,o prose- Clltoi nh\n>s «ondorcd why bomo- oiio dldnt Invent ft way to elgnal jlitol cnu without stepping out from (lie cinb So he rlgg&l uj) MOD arrows ^hlcli by Icycr can be loiveicil ciosswlso of trolley poles mid ho iiovv jnoiwicA that the city council ncjopt fliem li«ic. „„ 'iflf'icc OutdoM N»(ure BERKELtY, Cnl (UP)-Agrl- ciiltiiial Lipcrlmculs have reach- cd ii s(a(« ihere peacnte aVfci ns foolbs)!^ and binlrfi .and. > plileippifl fafms In, Majrie are : ppsslble, according to Prof J M £ Tlnley of (he Agrfcilitural fconom-« I *? ^W- enl '* , (h6 pntvcwlty ' of CiilUbrnln,- except ihat fee cost ' makes such projects impracticable. Reud Courier News w'anfc Ads The Morning Afferlaking Carters Little Liver Pills SOLVING AND FAMILY TJlE THEATRE COUPON BOOK For the family or friends GOOD ANY TIMEl $250 and $5 oo Ritz & Roxy Theaters ' . . 32 piece Genuine JAPANESE CHINA $395 3 Attractive Pa I terns Shouse-Henry Hdw. 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