Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 21, 1964 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1964
Page 12
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X* Outlook bright for jobs and i By SAM DAWSON AP ButlnMt N*wt Analyst NEW YORK (AP) — The new year promises more jobs and more money to spend for goods and services that will be priced only moderately higher. , Here's the 1IW5 outlook for your job, pay, and taxes, and for the cost of food, clothing, shelter, cars, appliance! and services: JOBS — Will In number but school dropouts will keep jobless ranks large. Prosperity assures more jobs and a growing population will demand more goods and services. Retraining programs will help some of the unemployment lists, just as automation will displace stjH others now c m- pioyed. The labor force will be growing faster next year and school dropouts will be cvnn more of a problem. Changes in defense programs and spending will add jobs in some communities and lop them off in others. PERSONAL INCOMES—Will go on rising, even if tho pace slackens, Higher wage scales obtained this year and in prospect for next will assure more spendable cash for many Americans. Higher interest rates will add to incomes of savers. Pensions and similar Iransfer payments have risen from $33.6 billion in 19(11 to $H8 billion in 1%4. Stockowncrs are collecting $5 billion more in dividends than four years ago, bnl rental income stays /airly si able. The total of personal income, which was $117 billion in 10C1 should rise above $500 billion in IMS. LIVING COSTS—Will be under greater pressure tr> rise faster. Since 1060 the costs ol goods and services has grown nl an average rate of 1.2 per cent a yoar, and the government's index stands near JOO per cent of the 1957-5!) average as I9G5 starts. A further rise is taken for granted, but the pace may quicken production co.sis arc going up, and as excess industrial capacity shrinks, the better the chance of making price increases stick. With much of the costs now built into (he economy, the I rick is lo keep personal incomes rising even faster, FOOD — Abundant lupptlii should hold prices lo seasonal pattern of changes. But Americans will spend about $2 billion more in 1905 than in the previous year. The food industry Js counting on servicing more customers and many of them with more to . spend for higher quality. Farm prices have dropped but distribution costs keep retail prices high and the total bill may be around ?84 billion. The unpredictable weather can affect prices of specific crops. CLOTHING — Prlcti tending higher. There is more pressure for moderate price increases In 1965 Hum in the recent past. Workers from the textile mills to the garment centers have been getting wage increases, Consumer demand is firmer and price boosts meet less resistance. HOUSES ~ Another building boom could start before 1965 ends. But the slower pace that developed in 1964 seems likely to hold through most of the new year with a stronger demand still in the future. About $26 billion is expected to be spent for new housing in 1965, the same as in 1964. Plenty of mortgage money should be available with rates about the same as in 1964. Building co.sis also should hold fairly steady. APPLIANCES — Improve. merits may tempt more replacement buyers. The industry reports sales in 1964 were up 7 per cent over the previous year and looks for at least another 5 per cent gain in 1965. New families coming into the market will be a big help. So will falter personal incomes. AUTOS — Hew long th* price line will be held is the big question. Labor costs have just gone up sharply, but the industry currently is absorbing the rise because ita production efficiency has increased more than the average for all industries. If sales continue to boom, profits can be maintained. If sales falter, the rising costs could bite hard. Automakers art counting on telling at least eight million cars in 1M*. The sales record should also guarantee as high or higher profits. But it coats of materials, such as steels, go up, so may car prices later in the year. SIRVICIS - The rife In costs will slow but you'll be using more. And so the percentage of con- sumer spending going for services will continue to rise, though not as fast as In recent years, Tax cuts may lower some utility rates, but the companies are promoting more ways to use more of their fuels or power. RCRiATION — spend more of your income for this, especially travel. Spectators sports are drawing better crowds, but participant sports are growing still faster. And t h* sale of equipment, whether skis or motorboats, is increasing. More people are getting longer vacations and taking more expensive trips. TAXES - What Oncl» $« m giveth, atate and local collectors taketh -away. Federal income tax rates will drop another notch in 1965. Con- gress uema .itkirty to cut t*M total that eitUetu pay in variou'a sales'and exdee taxes, Md if Treasury collections stay he«V thy, Congress might even m income taxes some more. Bat expenses of state and local gov ernraeats are rising fast ana} many are searching for 'more revenue. The taxpayer rarely wins. ADD IT UP — The first half 12 0«*. 21, 1M4 IK ^ Ifl* looks kike a shinier ver- lfc» coasomer should be bettor off, aad so should business. Jut how much better will determine bow the second half of the new year shapes up. If economic growth continues strong, Its very momentum will prolong good times for many months. MUST' A person must, nave been a citizen of the United States for at least seven yean to be eligible for election to the House of Representatives/ MA 11, t'l.AW NO. 2I'J <;cl« Inlo corner* Id pull mill* when; H rljiw linmmrr won't III. KHP.V I" IIKI-. II In. II. Kli HTANI.KV COMHINATION SO,IMKE NO. I'M Multl-Uftb lool-lry MCJUJII rnnrklnj; (,'nniic. m I ( i li'vc], do. 12" )j|a<lr HKNCH I'l.ANK NO, lU.'UI lioxt r>l/e fur hiimlvrnnn unit homeownrr. Tr-mpU'Cd »irrl culler 2 In. wlilo — full nil- iquiire, IcvH, ftc 1 , la" blftdc. t:i.r.o "1'OWKRI.OCK" T TAFK RUr.K vo. ri,x» Hr«t rule you on buy . . . Kmler I'i R«ad I.OPKIT l.'ixtin* . . lllliIMn fir-H Clip. 12 IDM hlmli' "HTKKI.MASTKIl" IIAM.Mi:II SO. STl-Vi Hell U! Swing Itl You'll wunt II! All-Slrcl wllh non-nllp jfrlp. in on. 115.18 "YANKEE" PUSH 111111,1. NO. IC1V Fun! In; drill Injf linlcs in wood, piiistrr. plastic 1 drill ptilnli in handle. THI Stackmaster iarH». «te.Wtldtd ileol )r«m*...CU.AR VII nlikUc "iplll-prool" drawers wllli removable dividers, Special LOK-TAR permit* units to tie ilickxj tat ptrmirtenllt lockul lo letfier. Modtl \J-\2 iprcully priced il $3.95 CURRIES GIFT CERTIFICATE Porter Cable DRILL n( Imnilllnii nil nf your woi-knhop (lilMInK niirnillonn pltm Kiich "cxtrn" J«l;» m innilitii;. Imf- ling, pollnhlnu »ii<l ni-lmllnu, unlnu fs»lure» Inrluilr: Fnwr:r pkcknil UnlvrrHKl mnlntr. atlni hull thru»t lir»r- Prccltlon imr V»; rKurk. I'lllnl irlp. <rl||er >wll«h wllh Inck button. Reg. $19.95 PORTER CABLE 7" SAW HI* r?Mpnrll; —• rurh c-nli iilork • lull V"V liilck si Ml" . . . •tifln c«l» !" ilrr.ncd nlork •! l^°. Kvlra pnwrrlnl — tinlh after plinty lit pnwtir tor •maalhtr Ktirklnt, (rpitlcr minlilnrd out$49.95 Fraternities name pledges at University IOWA CITY — Eight North Itiwn students am nmonfi Ihoso who pledged men's social fraternities nt the U of 1 during tlin full informal "rush" period which ended recently. Pledges and their fraternities are: Knlman ..Krnack, Buffalo Center. Tlii Kappa Alpha; Michael Coffccn, Dccorah, Sigmn Chi; David Tcsdahl, Knnawlia, Sigma Chi; Honald Merfcld, Marhlc Hoi'k. Delta Upsilon. David Christiansen, Mason Oily, Lambda Chi Alpha; Larry Lang, Mason City, Phi Kappa Sigma; James Wollm and Jerome \Vollm, Osngc, both Phi Kappa .Sigma. Cubans fight newspaper war MIAMI 1/51 — An unusual newspaper war has erupted in Miami's divided exile colony. Followers of ex - President Fulgcncio Batista, who was misted in 5959 by Fidel Castro, have long published a free weekly newspaper called Patria (Fatherland). It criticizes exiles who fought for Castro against Batista and later left Castro. Now a rival giveaway calledj Replica (Reply) is being published. Stacks of both weeklies are offered to exile business places. Some refuse one or the other, according to politic*! belief. .Some play it safe and refuse both. Many make both available to customers. Sometimes partisans of one or the other group round up the rival papers and burn them. HITALLOV6R In 1957, tornadoes hit every slate except Maryland, Nevada and Rhode Island, according to U. S. Weather Bureau record?. 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