Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 19, 1964 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1964
Page 14
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BUZ For ALL HM New*, «••«< the G»ob«-ti*iefte £ ver h opp€n to you? by Bud Bfok* •r »«r er«»t BUT, OFFICER, AW CAR ^/ HO EXCUSES, HAD rmiCT BRAKES. ISENOR.WRKLUCKY t TEIL VOO, SOMEONE'S / 1 DONT THROW TAMPERED WITH THEM. /\ YOU IN JAIL. 0 BRAKES.' BUZ GETS Us* • Globe-Gaiette Classified Ad By Dal Curtis REX MORGAN, M.D. HE'S AUVE...BUT I "\ ' f X THINK I'D '^ DON'T KNOW FOR HOW A ( BETTER, JOCKO AMP HEAR HIM TSO THE TRUTH HURTS/ IT'S INSULT YOU / NO REASON WHY I SHOULDN'T LONG/YOU'RE NOT GOfNG IN TO SEE HIM? CALL YOU A <( TRY TO KEEP HIM FROM BEING WHAT'RE YOU DOING t-r, HERE, RICK MISERABLE ) ONE/MISS GALE SAID 50METHING DRUNK? yTOMETHATIWOWTFORGETFOR A LONGTIME/SHE5AID "I AM «/ MOTHER'S KEEPER/ By Ketcham Dennis the menace Tha GIobe-Gaiette's edited for the home By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK AW, COME ON, UNCA OH, WELL. OKA*.. IT'S A NICE HO\V APOUT^ ( MO, BOXS.. TAKING US St I'MllsJ THE MOST cxcrriNG PART OP BOOK 1 . BEAUTIPUL IN THE COUMTf?^. RIDE, UNCA DONALD? ..THIS TIME OF VEAK! By Hanna and Barbara You'll find Globe-Gazette comics ere the beet IV) KEEPINC-, ' (-\EPEL TIL I'M OLD ENOUGH TO READ...- FPED, 1SWT IT F' VME MAVEM'T WAD CARD THE MAILMAM MUST LIKE: AVMFUL LOT/ MORE CHRISTMAS CARD5 FOR ME / YOO-HOO! SAMUCWW11WS *1K «* I WSttUW'AWUTi" P*c.t»,T*4 Live Within Income Dear Miss Feeley: You can pay too fast By MARY FEELEY Consultant in Money Management It just isn't possible to pay off that loan within the time you My husband'and I have had difficulty budgeting our income. We would like to pay off a $1,500 loan be- My gross income annually is ?5,425, and my husband, who is a full-time student, earns about ?bW a summer. We have a two-year-old child. Our mam expenses include $100 a month for rent and about or tuition and books. , „. , The loan my husband, has is a New York btate Student loan. We'd like to put aside enough in a savings account to pay it off in about* two years if you how. can show us Reader, Rochester, N.Y. Dear Reader: Your ambitions are bigger than your income, I'm afraid. ARCH1I Complete North Iowa and Southern Minnesota news coverage By Paul Robinson NOW, IN THIS *—4 DEFENSIVE PlAY THESE PINS REPRESENT THE OTHER TEAM, AND... > 'MORE PINS, ARCHIE/ PSST, COACH/ THAT PLAY WON'T WORK/ THESE PINS ARE OUR FORWARDS, THESE PIN3 THE GUARDS, THIS PIN THE BALL, AND... MORE PIN3. BLONDIE Your dally newspaper—the total selling medium By Chic Young HOW CAN You SIT THERE AND.WATC.H >-- r THOSE bf?UE&OME HORROR THAT'S A WOK-IAN DOING A FACE-CREAM COMMERClAu X E •B. X H. D Yesterday's Cryptoqwrtes NOTHING MATTERS TO A MAN WHO SAYS NOTHING MATTERS.—LIN YUTANG ACROSS 1. Monk's hood 5. Cicatrix 9. Forbidden 10. Direction sign 12. African export 13. Potato: dial. 14. Observes 15. Bolivian export 16. French article 17. Becomes smaller 20. Land measure 22. Symbol of indebtedness 23. Girl's name 26. Sharp 28. Shipboard accommodation 30. Past 31. Undeveloped flower 32. Classified notice 33. Fish 37. Like 39. Pole . 40. Cuts off, as the tops 43. Beleaguer- ment 45. A greeting: var. 46. Edge formed by two moldings 47. Volume of maps 48. Lampreys 49. Occident DOWN 1. Natural shelter 2. Hautboy* 3. Adore 4. Actress: Myrna 5. Glossy- surfaced fabric 6. Old, fashioned car starter 7. Skill 8. Stir up 9. It is: contracted 11. Tiny 15. Teut. sky god 18. Hollywood's Rogers 19. God of earth: Egypt 20. Mother of Irish gods 21. Equip 24. By way of 25. Particle of addition 27. Ex- clama- tion 28. Baby bear 29. Flatter servilely 31. Offor 34. Potter's clay 35. Loam deposit 36. Bridge charges _ ma aaasa S Yeiterdajr'i AuwM 37. King of Judah 38. Title of respect toward a king 41. Braid 42. Distress signal 44. Before 45. Hawthorn berry 2.O 4b 21 54 55" WA 28 H9 40 Z.S 41 specify, on approximately $440 a month. Not with the commit-, ments you have. A logical monthly spending plan for your- household would be very close to this: Rent, $100; household operat-- ing costs, $20; food, $75; cloth-. ing, $30; allowances, $43;. miscellaneous, $20; medical costs, $20; tuition, $100; car (assuming you have one), $30. Total, $438. Fortunately, New York Higher Education Assistance Loans don't charge interest while the student is still in college. Usually the student starts repaying the amount on a monthly basis 60 days after graduation or termination of study. Then the.interest is only 3 per cent. Your husband will undoubtedly be working by the time repayment begins and you'll be in a much better position to handle it. You won't be paying that $100 a month for tuition, anyway. # # * Dear Miss Feeley: In August I had a physical examination at a big midwest- ern clinic. I know the cost of the exam can be deducted on our income tax report, and T was also told that the cost of my room, for which I have a receipt, and my meals, of which I kept a list, could be deducted. Is this correct? Mrs. F.B., Elmhurst, 111. Dear Mrs. B.: The cost of meals and lodging are deductible as medical expenses if they are furnished by a hospital or similar institution. But you may not deduct these simply be'cause you had to be away from home while undergoing medical treatment. Remember, too, that medical and dental expenses are deductible only to the extent that they exceed 3 per cent of your adjusted gross income, unless you are 65 or over. Here all medical expenses are deductible up to $10,000 for a couple. Hobby Club Yule tree ornaments By CAPPY DICK MARY WORTH Shop In Mason City—Agridustrlal Center of North low* By Saunders and Ems' WATT'LL VOU HEAR OMORROW NIGHT WT THE REt PROGRAM IN ONE OF MR.STARRS "PIANET" 5UPER.MAR.KET5 J I'M Kf EClAtLY ANX10LW TO JMPRE« HUGH 6TAR.R.1---HE1 I'M 6LAD THE. RAJM STOPPED 'WORTH 1 UMBRELLAS OUT WITH TH5 COSTUME- AND I'D SURE HATE TO 6ET MY BAGPIPES WET) DO VOU ACTUALLY PLAY THAT —ER INSTWJMtNT, C-— vAx —, C= ~ : —-i f—-^ BRICK BRADFORD Globe-Garotte—"The Newspaper That Makes All North lowans Neighbors" By Paul Norrh WITHOUT MY -SHIRT WHV HAVEN'T t. TO PONT UKE I PONT SUAW& "iCxJ, SIC,... t WOUUPM'T; EITHER 1 . LOOKl U9T5HOVEME'.\E5CAP6? TO WHAT?,.,. THANKS, I FAINT EASILY 1 . \ NU?3E, 9UT THEC6<1 NO PLACE HSRE 1 * A BACK ] FOR M£ TO PUN ON PROCYONl •STAIRWAY OUT- / JU5T L.GAO ME TO AAY WAITING SIDE TVtl^ py^j^ CHARIOT 1 ....I'LL GIVE THEM A POOCi BEETLE BAILEY Globe-Gazette ads will stretch your shopping dollars By Mort Walker REACT/ FOR INSPECTION, / WELL, / TCP OF VOUR Part of the fun of having Christmas tree is in making sonic or all of the ornaments ior it. This is easy to do if you use bright-colored foil paper. Most foil-paper is while on one side and metallic on thi thcr. If your supply is like thai lastc two sheets together back back so the resulting shee s metallic on both sides. If yoi ike two-toned paper, paste to Aether two different colors, such is green and copper, or green and red. The picture above shows few of the trinkets any boy or girl cnn easily make. Icicles (figure 1) are made by cutting a strip of freshly-pasted foi paper an inch and a half wide and a foot long and wrapping i tightly around a pencil in a spiral. With rubber bands, fasten it there until the. paste has dried, thrn remove it and stretch il into a long icicle. Attach a small wire loop at one end and it will bn ready to hang from a twig of the tree. ' A cornucopia (Figure 2) is made from a triangle of double foil paper cut to the shape shown in "A." Roll it into a cone and fasten the edges together with needle and thread. Decorate it with the lacy edge of a paper doily as in "B." At- 1 tach a ribbon for a handle. Figure 3 shows • pattern for an angel. Figure 4 is a circular spiral to hang in the tree. Many other easily-made designs that will occur to you once you have started making these decorations. SPECIAL PROGRAMS ON CHANNEL 3 5:00 P. M. Saturday- OPERATION SANTA GLAUS Horn* Town Banks annual giveaway. 9:00 A. M. Sunday- "L'enfance du Christ" Chlrstmas Oratorio in English. 2:00 P. M. Sunday-1964 Television Album Sights and Sounds of the year. 5:00 P. M Sunday-Duke Ellington in Japan 5:30 New tim6 for "World War I" program KGLO 8:00 An Evening with Fred Astaire, (COLOR) First of a series of color programs. 4:00 P. M. Monday-Forest City H. S. Chorus MAJORITY Unionists, with 34 members, arc the majority party in the Northern Ireland Parliament. The Nationalist Party has nine members. There arc nine other scattered parties represented. COSTS UP The 1963 college student paid an average of almost $29 for hta •books, compared with $16 in 11953, according to the American (Textbook Publishers Institute. MIA*OM orrv Saturday p.m. 5:00 Operation Santa Glaus 5:45 Leo Greco e:00 News 6:25 Weather 4:30 Jackie Gleason 7:30 Gilligan's Islamf 8:00 Mr. Broadway 9:00 Gummoke [10:00 Weather 10:05 News—Sports 10:29 NITECAP- "Let No Man Write My Epitaph", Burl Ives, Shelley I Winteri Sunday a.m. 1:30 Sunrise Semester «:M L'enfance cki Christ 110:00 Camera Three 110:30 The Answer 111:00 This Is the LWe |ll:30 Face the Nation Sunday p.m. 112:00 M*tiiM*_"Ce*m» ThrM 2:M 1M4 TV Album 4:00 J«<k Benny 4:30 Amateur Hour 5:00 Duke Ellington 5:30 World War I 6:00 Lassie 6:30 Mr. Favorite Martian 7:00 Ed Sullivan Show 8:00 An Evening With Fred Astaire (Color) 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 What's My Line 10:00 Weather, News, Sports 10:15 CBS News—Reasoner 10:30 "The First Texan" With Joel McCrea Monday a.m. 7:30 Sunrise Semester 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 CBS News 9:30 I Love Lucy 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:30 .The McCoys 11:00 Love of Life 11:25 CBS News—Trout 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light Monday p.m. 12:00 News, Weather and Markets 12:30 As World Turns 1:00 Iowa History Ft. Atkins*n 1:30 House Party 1:00 To Tell fh« Truth 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3tM Jack Benny 4:l« Forest City Chorus 4:31 aUrf* Clubhouse RADIO 13 MASON CITY Saturday p.m. 5:00 CBS News 5:10 WEEKEND RADIO 13 5:30 Dateline 5:35 Dance Orchestra 5:55 CBS Sports 6:00 News and Analysis 6:10 The World This Week 6:30 In New York 6:55 CBS Sports, News 7:15 Coaches' Corner 7:25 MX. Jr. College vs. Emmetsburg 8:00 CBS News 8:30 Music for Listening 9:45 KGLO News 9:55 Music for Listening Sunday a.m. 7:00 CBS News 7:10 Sunday School Lesson 7:25 WEEKEND RADIO 13 7:35 Hauge Lutheran 8:00 CBS News 8:10 Dr. G. Truman Carl 8:30 Bible Class 9:00 CBS News 9:05 Bible Broadcast 9:30 First Methodist 10:30 Moscow Scene 10:35 Drees—Sports 10:40 Christmas Fantasy 11:10 Follow-Up 11:15 Local News 11:30 Trinity Lutheran Sunday p.m. 12:30 Weekend Radio 13 12:45 Jack Drees 1:00 CBS News 1:05 Garry Moore Tour 1:10 Weekend Radio 13 1:30 Science Beat 2:00 CBS News 2:05 Space Story 3:00 and 4:00 News 3:05 Pacific Report 4:30 Whitehouse 4:35 Sac-Lant NATO Christmas 5:00 CBS News 5:30 World Crusade 6:00 CBS News 6:10 Med. Notebook 6:30 Fellowship 7:00 CBS News 7:10 In Latin America 7:30 Headliner 8:00 News and Analysis 8:10 Church of Air 8:35 WEEKEND RADIO 13 8:45 College Choir 9:00 Billy Graham 9:30 Alexander Kendrick 9:45 News, Sports, Weather 10:00 The Messiah Monday a.m. 5:25 MORNING RADIO 13 6:00 News—Weather 6:25 Weather Report 6:30 Farm Reporter 6:45 News 7:00 World News Roundup 7:30 News, Sports, Weather 7:48 Damon's 8:15 News 8:50 Morning Report 8:55 News 9:00 CBS News 9:10 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 CBS News 10:10 House Party 10:30 Dear Abby 10:35 Let's Talk to Lucy 10:45 Top O'the Morning 11:00 News—CBS 11:10 Home Town News 11:30 Osage Open House 11:55 Ask Miss Fickett Monday p.m. 12:00 CBS News 12:10 Markets 12:15 Luncheon with Ron 12:30 News 12:45 Farm Highlights 12:55 Weather 1:00 CBS News 1:10 In Hollywood 1:15 Afternoon Radio 13 1:30 Woman's World 2:00 CBS News 2:10 Afternoon Radio 13 2:30 Fashion Notes 3:00 CBS News 3:30 Personal Closeup 4:00 CBS News 4:10 Christmas Fantasy 4:40 Rush Hour 4:45 Harry Re a son* r 4:50 Rush Hour 10:30 P.M. Sunday TV-3

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