Fort Scott Tribune and The Fort Scott Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas on April 6, 1922 · Page 3
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Fort Scott Tribune and The Fort Scott Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas · Page 3

Fort Scott, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1922
Page 3
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PAGE THPFf? FORT SCOTT WEEKLY TRIBUNg-MONtteW, THURSDAY, APRIU 6,Mgg2. GLENDALE. GARLAND. Furnished By Tribune-Monitot MOUNDCITY. ter Elolse; Mr. .and Mrs. Delbert, Green; Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Johnston; Mr.. and Mrs. T. G. Morris; Mrs. A. Durborawr Mrs. R. K. Cox and daughter- Miss May; Mrs. A. S. Williams; , Mrs, Carl , Lundberg and little daughters Gladys, Lucile and Ella Mae; and Mrs. EV E Roberts and Miss Madge Boyer of Garland; Mr. Wm .Thomas and eon Theo; Mr. Uriah Brown; Mr. John Dumas; Misses -Anna ; atfd VeMia Mrs. Roy Criseri Miss Nettle David and J. 6. Amey were in Fulton Monday afternoon. ' Ellis Azbllle and Jesse Stradley were in Fulton Monday afternoon. 0."C. David and 8on, were in Fulton Tuesday morning. K. F. Miller-called on O. C. and Merrlt David Wednesday afternoon. Ellis Azbllle Spent Tuesday morning at the Amey home. ,' Miss Ida Simmons spent Wednesday night with Nettie David. rO. C. David and son, Merrit, were in Fulton Thursday morning; Mrs. Roy Criser was in Fulton Thiirsday afternoon, '".j " Mr. M. A. Billings and daughters, Alma and Helen, and' Mr. and 'Mrs. Lee Beth and daughter, Geneva, were in Fort Scott, Thursday. ' Mr. Everette Simmons came down from Preseott Saturday and got hls 'slster. Ida, who has been staying with her teacher, Miss Fannie Miller, finishing school. . Miss Bessie Townsend spent Saturday nlgjt ,with Miss Alma Billings. . Miss Nettle David called on Mrs. Jesse Smith thursday morning. Miss Fannie Miller Spent Sunday and Monday' with Miss Nettie David. . . The Glehdale school closed . Friday, March 31. At noon the neighbors gathered, with an imposing array of baskets, boxes and pails. After a very pleasant hour, spent in communion with the contents of the boxes, baskets and pails, we were delightfully entertained by. an Impromptu program and an old-fashioned spelling match, participated In by all present. . We congratulate Miss Miller on a very successful school year? and hope she may be with us again. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. David, Mr. and Mrs. Criser and daughter, Er-ma belle, Mrs. Amey, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Beth and daughter Geneva, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Mitchem and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Billings, Mrs. Miller;- Mrs.' Marllla and son, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Simmons and son Marion, Nettie David, Velma Criser, Alma, Leota, Lena, Flora and Helen Billings, Miss Burch, Edith Simmons, Maggie ' Mlller( Jim Billings and Harve Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Warren McNeal and children, of Mapletoh, Mr. and Mrs. John Herring, of Fort S-.oU, and Bessie and pony Townsend were Sunday guests at the M. A. Billings home. " . Mr. and Mrs. Roy Criser and family spent Sunday afternoon at the Dick Thomas home. Miss Audrey Thomas is our leader for Endea-Tor next Sunday night. Everyone invited. Miss Lena Billings, o? the Rock school, has been going to the Glen-dale school the pastweek in order to finish her books so she may take-the Eighth grade examination. ROCKY VALE. Wo are having a wet spring at present. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor spent Sunday afternoon at the James Sanderson home. . . Mrs. Manny Brusan spent Thurs day afternoon with Mrs. Bert Perry. Oello and Esther 'McCracken spent Sunday afternoon with Jack andArden Johansen. Sevecrtl from here attended the Hiram-vHazen sale at Hiattvllle Friday. ' Mary Catherine- Bray spent Sunday with Pearl Sanderson. Calvin Glendening and family ?pept Sunday afternoon with O. A. Runkle and family. Bert Perry and family spent Sunday at the C.'fi. Andis home. Mr. Eugene Kelley was a business visitor in Ft. Scott Saturday. Mrs. Emma Fisher is spending this week with her son Emmet Fisher and wife. . If you have property fdr sale, list It in the Wants.- (First publishes In tne Weekly Tribune-Monitor, March 23. 1S22.) NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF . .. EXECUTRIX. State of Kansas, Bourbon Co., ss. In the matter of the estate of Thomas J. Kelly, late of Bourbon County, Kansas! Notice Is hereby given that on the. third, day of lHarch, A. D. the undersigned -was, by the Probata Court of Bourbon County, Karma . duly- appointed and qualified as executrix, of the estate of Thomas 3-Kelly, late of Bourbon County, Kansas. All -persons interested in ealrt estate will take notice and Everu themselves accordingly. MARY KELLY, Executrix. (Published In the fort Bcott Weekly Tribune-Monitor, March 30, April (1 and 13, 1922.) . In the District Court of Bourbon Coun-. . ty,- Kansas: - - , James R. Gray. Plaintiff, - vs. . . I.V'"1 Mattie E. Gray, Defendant. ' I PUBLICATION NOTICE. The State of Kansas to Mattie E. Oray, Defendant in said action, greeting: ' You are hereby notified that you have been Biied in said above-named Court by James R. Gray, plaintiff in said action, and must, on or before the 16th day of May, 1922, answer the petlUon of the plaintiff, which wan filed In the Clerk's office of said Court on the 23d day of March, 1922, or said petition will be taken to be true and judgment be . rendered accordingly. f ranting to said plaintiff an absolute lvorce from you the said defendant, and for a further Judgment that said plaintiff be decreed and be given to have the care, and custody of the two minor children, namely,, Robert R. Gray and Elva B. Gray, and for ail other equitable relief. In witness whereof, I have hereunto signed my name and affixed the seal of said Court at Fort Scott, Kansas, on this 23d day of March, 1922. JAMER R. GRAY, ' By Hubert Lardner, Hia Attorney. (Seal) , Attest: Frank W. Harpold, Clerk District Court, Bourbon County, Kansas (First published in the Weekly Tribune-Monitor, March 30, 1922.) In the Probate Court of Bourbon County, -Kansas. - NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. State of Kansas, Bourbon County, ss. In the matter of the estate of Mamie-Studyvin, deceased, late of Bourbon County, Kansas, notice is "hereby given to all creditors, heirs, rlevixttpa. legatees and all other persons Interested in said estate, that the undersigned administrator of said estate has filed ms final report in this court and intends to make final settlement in tlie Probate Court of Bourbon County, Kansas. on Am-ll 28th. 1922. nt nina o'clock a, m.; that at said time an application will be made for an order of said court, finding and adjudRlnir who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of Mamie Studvvin. deceased: and at said time a hearing will be had to allow compensation for services of the administrator and also attorney fees for his attorney. ft. V,. PARRI9H. , Administrator of Estate of Mamie Studyvin, Deceased. (First published in the Weekly Tribune-Monitor, Marh 30, 1922.) : NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. In the Probate Court of Bourbon County, Kansas. . In the matter of the estate of John J.. Hall, deceased. i To tho creditors and all others interested in said estate: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned administrator of the estate of John J. Hall, deceased, will make final settlement of his nccount as such administrator in the Probate Court of Bourbon County, Kansas, on Tuesday, May 2, 1922, at 9 o'clock a. m., and at that time he will ask for compensation for services rendered as administrator of said estate and for allowances for at. torneys' fees therein. Said Court will also at said hearing find and adjudge who were the heirs of the deceased at the time of his death. M. PARK, . ;. - - - Administrator. I By .Shpppard and Newman, ' His Attorneys. (Flrst Published March 18, 1923.) NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. In the Probate Court of Bourbon County, Kansas. In the matter of the Estate 6f Ed T. Shaffer, Deceased. To the creditors and all others' Interested 1n the said estate: Notice ia hereby given t,hat the undersigned executrix of the estate of Ed T. Shaffer, deceased, will make final settlement of her account as such executrix in the Probate Court of Bourbon County, Kansas, on April 15, 1922, at 10 o'clock a. m., and at that time she will ask for compensation for services rendered as executrix of said estate and for al lowances for attorneys fees therein. Said court will also at said hearing find and adjudge who were the heirs of the deceased at the time of his death. S. E. SHAFFER, Executrix. JOHN L. CONNELLY, , Attorney for Executrix. , Mrs. Blanche Seelye McCreedy is able to be out after a week's ill ness. - a.v ;Atjj -'-'j; V; 0! n - Correspondents ROUTE TWO. Mr. "and Mrs. .Joe Bradeh called at the Roger home Monday. . Mrs. Lon Ntal called on Mrs. Nettle Armstrong Wednesday. The Qatrons of Center school district No. 68, enjoyed ft basket din- tier Wednesday, its being the last day of school. '- - f.D. W. Rager and wife were Tues day morning callers at the home of Frank Miner. - - - We are sorry to learn of Mrs! Henry Dromm- having tho "Flu." She is slowly improving. -; - - , Floyd Wolfe, is now . working for Mr. Schdllis. ' : ! Geneva' and Edna Wolfe enjoyed Sunday!.-visiting with their friend, Thelma Braden. ....... ; , Mrs. Mitler and daughters. Ruby and Laverne, were Monday callers at the D- W. Rager home.:. . Mrs. Amby Emerson visited with Mrs. George Connors Monday; , MrB. C. G. Haas spent Saturday morning Visiting with her mother, Mrs. C. N.- Wilson. Mrs. -Frank Haas and daughter Stella, . Ernest Lawson . and Lyle Blagg ate Sunday dinner with D, W. Rager and family. , G. L. McDonald and wife spent the week-end visiting with the lat ter's parents, and also to see her brother Lowell. We are glad to report that he is getting along nicely. We wish lilm a speedy recovery. John Tiimsue and family enjoyed Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Williams. Loathe and Sadie Johnston spent Sunday visiting-, with relatives in Fort Scott. Grace Rager was out tif Union- town Wednesday to meet the la dies of the Millinery class. She expects to instruct them in making hats soon.' Ivan Davis' father unfortunately had a' car chain stolen when he left his car standing in the road for a lew minutes. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Haas spent Sunday afternoon at the D. W. Rager home. Mrs. W. W. Wise of Fort Scott and Mrs. 'Joe Braden called on Mrs. C. N.. Wilson Sunday . CRESCENT. Mrs. Guy Carlton and children visited Mrs.. Sewell McCrum and family Sunday. , . Earl Calvin spent Saturday night with his cousins, Alvin and Harold Sipe. Wayne Sipe spent Saturday night with Kenneth Johnson. . Bert Johnson and family from Petersburg visited at the home of his ' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. ,w. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. James Sipe and family and Earl Calvin spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Garrett. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer and family visited Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey and family Sunday. We have had so much rain there are but few who have as much as their oats sown or potatoes planted. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hall ftfrd baby and Mr. and Mrs. C. A: HalJ, after attending church, spent the remainder of the day at the Cliff Hall home Sunday, Some Of our young folks experi enced a narrow escape in an acci dent which occurred Saturday night. Oscar and Elva Palmer and Grace Ramsey were the occupants oX a spring wagon which was gating north when a car traveling south, driven by Raymond Klllion, dashed against the horses which drew the spring wagon. The cause of tlie collision Vas that the lights on the. car became void a few minutes be fore the accident happened. When the car Btruck the horses, the occupants of the ' spring wagon were thrown to the ground, but all mirac ulously escaped any injuries with tlie exception of a few scratches. The car was damaged some and the Klllion brothers called help to get back to Devon. One of the horses; which ran into the wire fence, got several wire cuts, but the results were not as serious as might have been. . W. W. Vandyke is doing some carpenter work on the interior of the J. W. Johnson home. ' , ' FULTON. George Stark of Fort Scott is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Fuller, this week. . , Mrs. L. L. Kirby of Ardmore, Ok-, is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dlnkel. Mi38 Violet Murray, who was operated on for appendicitis Tuesday mdrnlng, March 28, is rapidly improving. ' R. E. Baugh moved his 1 family ihto the Miner property on Osage street Wednesday. Paul Johnson' moved into the Stapleton property on Cedar street, Some changes have been made In the Shipping of milk from here, No. 101 setting out a car for the milk to be loaded in and No. 10(2 picking it up. ' . ' Mary Blcart came in Wlnesday front Kansas City for a Visit with home folks. - ' ' , Wm. Dexter of Merriam, Kas., visited Friday and Saturday .with relatives Charles Moss and Chat Hays went, to "Kansas City Sunday to bring back some new cars. Messrs. Lee, Clarence and Law rence Myrick of near Ma"pleton visited Saturday afternoon with their sister, Mrs. J. E. Hal!.- -Their father. Dolph Myrick, returned home with .them. ..). , " ' -Dr. Smoot left for Kansas City Monday to attend a week's lecture course. He was' accompanied by Jud Amey.' ".; : Lloyd George Quieted Politics. London, April 4.r (By the Asso ciated Press.) The overwhelming victory of Prime Minister Lloyd George in the -house of commons last evening when he was given the Confidence of the house by a vote 372 to 94. had the effect of a quick, violent thuderstorni in clearing the political atmosphere. Mr. ntid Mrs. Earl Kennedy of 115 North Little Tire l- happy parents of a baby girl born yesterday morning. I I Mrs; . Elsie Simmons Beagles is helping with the work at the Charles Lundberg home and in the care of Mrs. Lundburg. Mrs. Allen pellet.t was confined to her home last week with shingles. ' ;. r, William Shankles and wife spent the day Friday ; with' Mrs. A. J. Klontz. .Church services at. the M. E. Church Sunday, both morning , and evening by . Rev. Ditto. . A . email crowd was present at bdt!i services. ; Mrs. James , , Thomas, laTence" ana Mrs. John . . Thomas i . and son, drove to the Elijah Pence home Thursday afternoon and visited a few houm.'-nwAr: iMrnv- Agnes Hair ofi BalltOWh wis visiting at the Charley )n vis home' last wefvk fnr Sou cirri 1 rava . . . . iuia. vvui uauey anu . daughter L.eoia ' uivon from Fori Scott came Saturday morning to spend tunuay with her parents, Jacob Williams and wife. -, Margaret Partain, who lias been doing Jiouse work at Fort Scott came last week for a stay of sev eral weeks with her parents, A. W Partain and wife. $Ve had an all-night rain Sunday nigui, wnicn has made the ground very wet, so no work can be done in the fields for several davs Marsh Hays met with a bad ac cident Saturday night while crank ing nis car and had . one bone in 3iis right arm broken. He was out on the streets Monday. Mrs. Alvin Armer and two. chil dren have been here two weeks from Emporia, Kans., visiting her sister, Mrs. Harlan Tweedy and me iwo Armer iamiiies1 in Garland, 1 Mrs. Emma Ketchum loft Wed nesday of last week lor her home at Lawrence, Kans. She was visit ing her son, H. J. Ketchum. since the 24th of December and helping mm at-the panK. Rev. Ditto was entertained by A. L. Hamm and family Sunday and over jsunaay night. , Mrs. Di W. Boyer is spending the week at Parsons with her daughter, Mrs. Monta .Roberts and family and while there will have some dental work donor Wm Batley, express man at Fort Scott, spent Sunday at the Jacob vvnuuiiis iiome. . ihe first social meeting of the Pep Club of Topaz Chapter O. E. fa., Garland, was held Saturday evening, April 1st, at the Masonic Hall. The diversion of the evening was cards and contests. The long tables in the dining .room were artistically decorated with runners or yellow ribbon and center pieces of baskets of yellow cut flowers. with individual favors of little Easter chicks. An Easter luncheon consisting of two courses was serv ed by the following ' committee: Mrs.- Earl E. Palmer, chairman; Mrs. George W. Million. Mrs. L. V. Winkler, Mrs. Shlrl A. Johnson. Mrs. Earl Brown and Mrs. Joe Mil lion. jnero will bo preach ne at thu M. E. church next Sunday ni&ht bv nev. ueus, or Kansas City. a uoiaen Anniversary of our old lime friend, James C. McCracken and Miss Kate Dore was held at the McCracken home near Lee's Summit, March 191922. Thev were lormeriy married at Manchester, III., by Rev. Stubblefield. March 19. 1872. They went, td housekeeping cn . the old homestead north of Manchester, whpre they resided until the fall of 1878, when, they ieuiovea to independence, Kans., resided there one year, when they moved to Vernon County, Mo wnere iney uvea tor ZU years, then iney soiu tneir tarm and moved to Jackson County. Mo., where thpv havo lived the past 15 years. Their friends and daughter, m w r Turpln of Independence, Kans., al-1 to anotner . aaughter, Mrs. O. D. Stallard and baby from Desdemona Texas, making the four fenerations gathered to help them celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, March 19th. The friends and neighbors brought their din ners and all had a grand time. Mr. and Mrs. McCracken are both in fine health and here is hoping they may live to celebrate manv more anniversaries. The Journal extends the best wishes of the entire community to the good people who nave lived in this community, and have won a place in the hearts of all, for their neighborly kind ness and hospitality. Not mny couple are priviledged to dwell ' in wedlock for a half century ,but these two honored people are to be congratulated in having passed that long period in peace and happiness filled with conjugal love and contentment. Lee's Summit Journal. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McCracken . will be pleased to hear of their continued good health and happiness from Garland and Vernon County, Mo., when they were our neighbors for 25 years. . We had always hoped they would return to us and I've and die with us. They certainly havo many friends in this community,; who wish' them well. They keep in touch with this community by t the Garland items they read in the Tribune-Monitor. There will be an Easter program given by the M. E. Sunday school at Garlandyat TO a. m., on Easter Sunday. George Dodge, George -Ater and son, Clarence, shipped one mixed car of cattle and hogs to Kansas City Tuesday. OBr Garland postoffice was paper ed Tuesday. E. H. Smith and .Ben Greenfield were the decorators. X. Orville Hilton was here from Arcadia Monday and Tuesday with bis mother and Miss Clara Hilton. , Tom and George .Lahman have 4ff acres of oats. Noah Hoggatt alio has 40 arces that looks fine. Thursday, March 30th being- the closing day of the Bell School Dist. No. 3. A large number qf patrons and friends asserhbled at the' noon hour. The ladies spread a sumptuous dinner and the hungry crowd feasted heartily. . '. - Freceedlng the feast the house was called to order and those present joined in singing a few Old-fashioned songs. The names of those present are as follows: Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hocker; Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Runyan; Mr. and Mrs. Ira' Ward and daughter Lillian; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Wilson; Mr, and Mrs. Ed. Overbeck; Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Anderson; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pellett, Jr., and daugh DISTRICT NO. 48. 'Mr7. and Mrs. John Iprary and Uev. Ifviddleson spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Mitchell. Mrs. Marie Davis and little daughter Virginia, of Oklahoma, are visiting with the parents of Mrs, Davis, Mr. and Mrs. John Padgett. . , ; ' ... Myrl and Fred, Payne spent last Sunday afternoon with Delbert Russell. : ... - -,, , ' Ethel Hall spent from Sunday until Friday with home folks. , -Leota Clarkson left on last Sunday for Pittsburg, where she will attend the Normal. ' Frank Payne called on Paul and Fred Bolinger last, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Abner Stephens called on Mrs. John Williams Friday alter - noon. Blll 'Mason and Perry Williams chased two wolves Wednesday night, v Ethel Hall In working for ,Mrs. Arthur Todd this week. Mrs. Reuben Smith and little daughter called on... Mrs. Clyde Payne Friday afternoon, -, Mr. Crane sawed wood for sever al around here Saturday. John Padgett went to Fort Scott Saturday on business. . Lillie Hall spent Thursday night with Ethel Post and went to the big dinner at 40 school Friday. Mr. and . Mr Daniel Johnson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Todd. Miss Aria Davis called on. Mrs, Guy Smith last Sunday evening.' Pfirrv Williams nnd Pntil nnd Fred Bolinger went to the dinner at the 40 school Friday. Ed Kimbley helped Ed Crosby saw wood Saturday, John Morris and Abner Stephens attended a sale over south of Paint Creek Saturday. . Mrs. Oscar Johnson's sister is doing her housework at present. John Isom returned from Indiana Friday, "where he has been vlsirlng this winter. He is now visiting his siJter Mrs. A. B. Mitchell. Mrs. Abner Stephens spent Saturday with Mrs. Julia Morris. Eleanor and Annabel Land called on Irene and Delbert Kimbley Saturday afternoon. Aria Davis called' on Marie Russell Monday afternoon. . Mrs. Julia Morris called on Mrs. Clyde Payne one afternoon last week. Harold Crosby, of Bronson, spent the week-end With Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crosby. Marie Russell and- Aria Davis called on Mrs. Gene and Mrs. Will Bolinger Monday evening. John' Morris and Miss Lou Lucas called at the . Ed Kimbley home Sunday evening. Mr- and Mrs. Ambrose Jones spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Land and family. Miss Marld Russell called on Mrs, Cora Ruthrauff and little son Wednesday afternoon. . Mrs. Earl Bolingerand Mrs. Will Bolinger called on Mrs. Gene Bolinger Friday afternoon.' ' Mrs. John Williams called oh Mrs. Reuben Smith Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Abe j Johnson and little daughter, of Fort Scott, came to the funeral of little David Oscar Johnson Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stephens and family had for Sunday visitors Mr, and Mrs. Gene Bolinger and sons, Paul and Fred, Lyle Chamberlain, John Morris and mother and Misses Irene Kimbley and Marie Russell A fish dinner was served. John Morris had the misfortune of losing a fine cow Saturday, Marie and Delbert Russell and Aria Davis were shopping in the city Saturday. . . Mrs. John-Fritter and children, called on Mrs. Will Key Friday af ternoon. Irene and Delbert Kimbley called on Eleanor and Annabel Land Thursday afternoon Mf. and Mrs. Lloyd "Davis and daughter. Aria, spent Sunday at the Jim Turner home in Redfleld Mrs. A. B. Mitchell, Johnnie Frit ter, Abner Stephens and Ida Louise Russell were on the sick list this week, Mrs. Cene Bolinger callpd on Mrs. Will Russell Saturday afternoon Miss Aria Davis is selling pic tures this week. We hope she ?s meeting with sifccess. Mrs. Julia Morris is teaching her hens to go to Sunday school, as she had one with her last Sunday. Dr. Miller was called to the Will Russell home Friday evening to see Ida Louise, who has been on the sick list. , We hope for her speedy recovery. , . John Morris and mother'called at the Will Russell home Saturday evening. . . .. Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Land and fam ily called at the John Fritter home Saturday evening. r; , . , ; Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Mitchell and John Isom called on RJr, and Mrs. John Williams Sunday afternoon. Reuben Smith went toFort Scott Saturday on business. ' Perry Williams called on George Secrest Sunday evening. Frank Hall, formerly of this dis trict, but now of Joplin, spent the week-end with Fred Hall and family in Fulton. . Mrs. Reuben Smith spent Saturday with Mrs. Carl Burt. - . Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Payne called at the Will Russell home. Sunday afternoon. -' -N '. Rev. Baucom will preach next Sunday at Mount Orum. Everybody come. " We are sorry to hear of the death little David Oscar Johnson. It was just a little angel Bent down from God. but for a short time; but God in His wisdom has called him home. . Seven Fort Scott ' dentists are planning on going to Kansas City next r'ek to attend an instruction school !a dentistry that will be held there during the week. Those contemplating going are: -J. R. Wllhlte, II. F. Chapman, K.. W. Snider, E. Bergstretiser, Claude Brant, Will Rollings, and I. D. Leaher, . , . a FULTON HIGH SCHOOL NEWS, The: Sophomdre : and ; Freshman classes,. . also several honorary guests, went on a "hike" Mtmday night. Everything went off fine until Walter Harrison fell and cut his1 hand severely. He went to town, had it dressed, then was able to come back and enjoy the remainder of the evening. Mr. George Rey nolds and Edith Foote were . chap-erones.' . . . n...v, ' .... Miss Laura Yesser, ,fi, member of our high school , has beeh absent several days oh account' oC 'the death . of her grandmother, , .Mrs. Mes'ser, of Rich Hill. , - . .. On account or bad weather; the track practice has been very limited this week. A few of the boys tried to practice a little Tuesday, ! but they found the track rather I soft and the not as agree- able as It miglit have been. They have found little fun, however," for a new twelve-pound putting shot arrived last Wednesday and they have been trying out their skill in throwing. One man from down town thought he could throw It, but after several trials he gave it Up. The annual is progressing very rapidly. Most of the pictures and thetremainlng contests have been sent in. , Who's Who Contest. A very exciting fifteen minutes of pleasure was experienced by the high school students Friday morn--ing when a "who.'s who" contest was presented by the Sophomore class. . Everydne was anxious to see how the votes stood, and their curl1 osity was satisfied when the names were written on the board, as follows: Best looking boy, Robert Moffet. Best looking girl, Edith Foote. Best all around boy, Tom Kennedy, . Best all around girl, Emma Erie Most popular girl, Mary Cromer, Most popular boy, Walter Harrison. High school wit, Leo Toynton. Most studious girl..; Alta Belle Baldwin. Most studious boy, Blake Hinder-liter. . Laziest girl, Mildred Cox. Laziest boy, Thomas Keating. Best girl athlete, Mildred Murray. Hest boy athlete, Ray Morris. Biggest grouch; Leo Toynton Most conceited boy, James Shu- ret. Most conceited girl,. Certrude Brown. Most bashful boy, Charles Minor. Most bashful girl, Mildred Guthrie. Biggest girl flirt, Zelda Cotter. Biggest boy flirt, James Shuret. Most deceitful girl, Eunice Fitzgerald. - Most deceitful boy, Harry rlson. Ladles' man, Ka'y Norris. Har- SCHOOL REPORT. The following Is the renort - of Harmony school for the seventh and last month of school, ending March 24, 1922. Number of pupils enrolled, bovs. 16; girls, 5: total 21. Average dally attendance, bovs. 14.6 plus; girls, 4.9 minus: total 19.5. Those receiving certificates of perfect attendance for the last month, were: Paul and Fred Bolinger; Hallie, Marjorie, and Doris Crays. ( Number of days all pupils attended for the term: boys, 2016.25; girls 975.50; total 2991.75. Average daily attendance for the term: boys, 14.82 plus; girls, 7.17 plus; total 21.99 plus. Doris Crays was the only pupil neither tardy or absent during the seven months of school. Doris Anthony was not absent, but was tardy three times. Those absent but not tardy during the term were: Paul and Fred Bolinger; Hallie, Marjorie, Virgil and Leona Crays; Goldle, Earl.i jesse ana Lloyd Davis. Visitors during the term -were: Sup.t. Miss May Hare; Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Stark and son, Johnnie; Mrs Ollle Bowers; Mrs. Alice Bolinger; Mrs. .Earl Bolinger; Mrs. H. F, Crays and children, Kenneth and Louise; Delbert Russell; Keitbel Anthony; Misses Alberta Brillhart. Lela Hall, Pansy Davis, Marie Rus sell, Margaret Anderson, Goldle and Pearl Beerbower. ' ' At noon or the last day of school the school patrons cathered at the school house jwith will-filled bas nets, mucn to me surprise of the teacher. The contents were greatly enjoyed by all. - The teacher was again surprised when she'discovered that her pupjla had gotten . up a short program which was given In the afternoon. The remaining part of the day was Spent In railroad spelling. . Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Stark and baby; Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Bolinger; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bolinger; Mrs. John Davis and daughter Mary; Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Crays and children: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stephens; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anthony and children: Mrs. Maxson and son; Frank Ruthrauff; Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Nunguster and son Donald; Misses Leota Clarkson, Lillie and Lela Hall, Goldle Dunn and Alberta Brilhart. I wish to thank the school board and patrons for their cooperation and kindness during the term of school. Ethel Hall. Teacher. Frank Pollock was the name of a man arrested Saturday nieht bv Of ficers Shoemaker and Graham, on the charge Of being drunk. Pollock claims he. was sitting on a be-nch near the Missouri Pacific depot Saturday, night', when a stranger came up -to him and, exhibiting a bottle, asked him if he didn't want drink of corn liquor. "I'll take a drink if you'll take one first," Pollock said,, and the result was that several drinks were taken and Pollock became intoxicated. He therefore had to admit that he was guilty of being drunk and Judge Har-pold assessed a fine of $25. Pollock claims that his home Is in Kansas City, where he has a wife and family. He was on his ay to Parsons and had been In Fort Scott only a few hours when arrested of The following from the Tbpeka Capital of the 30th ihst., will interest stockmen generally: Kansas City, Mo., March. 29. (SDeclal). G. P. Kellprmnn. nf Mound City, Kan., was elected vice-president of the Central Shorthorn Breeders' association at tlie annual election held here tonight. A. p. Stanley, of Sheridan, Mo;, was elected president. , The association consists of breeders from Kansas, own, Arkansas, Missouri and ' Oklahoma. ' . ' Forty-eight 'cattle were sold at the sale today at an average price )f 1383 a head. This is the highest , rice paid in. fifteen years. Q. 5V. McCampbell, professor of animal husbandry of the . Kansas State Agricultural college, Waa one of the speakers here tonight... :Mr. Keljerman -'is owner of the Vinewood Stock farm one and one-lilies, north, of town and was the rssoclate of his father, the late D. K. Kellerman, . in . founding the Vinewood Shorthorn herd With htoclt brought with them when they came here from Ohio about thirty years ago. ... . . Mr. and Mrs. 6. A. Kettner will move to Kansas City early next week, where, they will make their home, having bought a lot on which they are building a residence. Harry S. Coe. arrived Tuosday from Colorado springs, where he has been for ; some time in the employ of the Golden Cycle Ore Reduction Plant, as an engineer. He will spend some time here investigating the gebgloglcal formations for . an oil . prospecting, syndicate with a view of locating favorable oil territory, securing leases and inaugurating an extensive drilling campaign. He isselectlng this field from the fact that there are ten or . more shallow wells here on the pump regularly and be lieves mai many oiners coum De added to the number. - . ' - Saturday, April 8th there will be held at the court house at 1:30 p. m., ay , convention of county school boards and teachers who will be addressed by Prof. W. H. Carothers of the Emporia Normal. These meetings ' are very interesting and helpful as well as largely attended. Work on Mound City's $$60,000 high school building Is progressing. It will be modern constructed in .all. respects, fireproof, scientifical ly neateu ana ventilated wun an auditorium, gymnasium, hot and cold , shower baths, etc., and - be completed in time for school this fall. Mrs. H. C. .Reese left Thursday for Denver,, where she will visit -'her'sbn, Earl, and family", and will then go on to Colorado Springs for the summer, occupy the home bought '.by her late husband some lirhe, prior to his death and in which they bad spent their summers the, past several years. H. Vlay Reese, her son has bought Ihe family . home here and will move in from the farm to be more convenient to his duties as assistant cashier, of the Farmers and Merchants 'bank. J -An , Armstrongs radio receiving set 13 being installed at the Peal-man garago and it is expected that Mound City will soon be listening in on air messages and music within a short time, . It will be tuned to catch into what is in the air as fas as Kansas City at least. Crocker. Basis is installing a small er set at the Bacon family home. SCHOOL REPORT. following is uie report mr uie Fairmount School, District No. 20, for the ' seventh month .ending March 31. Number of days taught, 20;- Number of pupils enrolled, girls 15; boys 14; total 29. Average attendance 21.2. Those perfect in attendance were: ' Velma Ord, Donald Stewart, 'Gladys Northcutt, Mary and Dora . Church, Mae Miller and Verne Miller. Those , absent one day or less were: Curtis Northcutt,. James McCutnhen, Ber-nlce and Gladys Ford. There were eight cases of tardiness. Visitors during the month were: Misses, Elizabeth Stewart, Esther O'Delli Marie Simhiser and Master our school are invited to visit us. Lola A. Johnson, Teacher; 1 RICHARDS, MO. March did come in and is now ' . gone by, Did you stop to think how time did fly? . r ., , , In It we . sent Items as events did ' , occur. And many incidents, without de- .-, mur. V.Mf.i Frank Becket has finished repairing .his home' and has moved Into it, and is ready, to make garden when the ground dries out. Mr. and Mrs. W. W, Ruble have a brand new boy at their home. They are proUd of him, although they had to hunt him up a. name. We failed to get it. i . r The Show Me Oil nian said they had begun pumping and expected to commence refining oil this week. IHCV 111 T II ni JIIW LU tuuiB-ncc, auu I will eo this week. i "H. N. Vaught, our neW merchant, has sold his stock of merchandise 10 U. Ui. rane or ievaua, ivo.. wnv has takeh charge and is making good already. He expects to move his family here as soon as the school Is closed at Nevada- about the first of May. 'Messrs.. Peterson & Wilson, of Rdckvllle. : Mo., were here yester day, looking for a location. They want to trade for or buy property her. The Show Me Oil buslnss has attracted them. They want in on . the ground floor. Just now there Is room for them and many more. Mrs. Parsons has moved to Kansas City with her girls, v Mr. Par-so?i remains here for a while. .Hugh Johnson and wife have taken charge of the Hotel Richards. Tliey are from Nevada. They have a fine pair of twin boys. Earl and Merl are- their names. They are 8 months old. . R. S. Tlernan relumed from Kansas City last hldhL '.,-.... Jj , , of Williams; Elsie and Iris WUhoh; Dessle andvVerda Thomas: Viola Overbeck; Mildred Hocker; .Leona- .Dumas; i Pauling Lundberg; Lexis Aiiuerson anu ljorena. . meaarn. James' and' Chester . Durboraw; IiednaYd and Millard ;Willlatos! Clarence,- Harold, Roy and Delbert Lundberg; Delbert.f .Leland and Oren Thomas; Clifton Pellett, Don ald Anderson; and Mr. Lee Scratca-or, Arcadia, Kansas, f : vt;: Miss Flossie Ai Wisdom, Teacher ' , An old-time and much valued friend, James Miller and wite, were spending their, money in Garland Tuesday.. Their grandson. Prof. Miller, brought them to town. James Zllllox and Bon, Arthur, have 50 acres of oats that are look ing fine. Miss xMyrtle Pellett of the Gish District has been in Parsans,- Kans, itchool this year" in ' the 4th grade. She gets 1120.00 per month. Mrs. A. L. Hamm, was having dental work done with Dr. Hinkle at Arcadia Tuesday. . CENTERVILLE. ' W certainly have been having plenty of rain and the farmers are wondering when they are going to get into the fields to work. Potato planting and garden making are go ing slow, as well as other farm work. R. E. Blubaugh papered for How ard Gross the lost of the week. Robert Shoemaker went to Devon Saturday. Miss Kate . Turley visited the school Tuesday afternoon. William Simmons spent Sunday With Glen Harbert. Several of the , men from this neighborhood shipped Btock with the Farm Bureau from Devon Mon dnv. '' ''''' Mr. and Mrs. Will Stewart and daughters, Misses Ardis and Ne- dra, were the gutsts of Mr. and Mrs. John Mowery Sunday. ' John Stambrise, who has been working for Robert' Shoeir.aUer, be gan working for Henry Gross Mon day. Miss Gra5e Marsh attended the teachers' meeting In Fort Scott Sat urday. Mr. and Mrs. J. A.. Turley and Miss Kate spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Harbert. Miss Elizabeth Stewart, who at tends High School, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shoemaker were callers Sunday afternoon at the George Stauffer home. Another rain Sunday "' night. Guess the farmers will be delayed a while longer with their work We sure would like to see the sun shine for a while. Earl Calvin spent Saturday night and Sunday with his cousins, Alvin and Harold Sipe of Crescent. Miss Alzada Harbert spent the week-end with her parents.. The roads are very bad and for the past two weeks or more It has been impossible to use our cars. So wo have to resort to driving horses again. DISTRICT NO. 72. We are still having cloudy and lainv weather. Several from this vicinity attend ed the Oscar Cowan sale Saturday and reported everything as selling well. Miss Reath Shull is doing house work at the Bert Buck home. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holder and family spent Sunday at the home of their daughter's Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bolinger. , Mr. and Mrs. John ytrohm ana little daughter Alma, ate Sunday dinner at the William Strohm home.' . . Mr. and Mrs. Charley Fields and little son were shopping in the solid city one day last week. A large crowd attended the Mi neral of Solomon Wray. which was held at the Dunkard church. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. John Strohm. Interment was made in the Marion cemetery. Saturday ended a very successful term of school at . District 72, taught by Miss Selma; Runkle. In the afternoon a nice rowd had a good social time. ' Those present were: Mrs. Chas. ' Fields; Mrs. Runkle; Mrs. Don Davis; Mrs. Chas. Snyder; Misses, Alice L'ock-lldge, Eunice and Fannie Comstock Irene Hamm and Ernma Snyder. Messrs. Irwin Hamm, Say Holder, Willis Neff, Irshal, Ivor, apd John Davis, Earl Snyder, Joe and Lyle Hart. Orlen Chamberlain, John, Frank and Edward M.cHenry. J. W. Dugglns and Miss Selma and her pupils. .Ray Holder spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. arid Mrs. Layton Ware of Heeler. Mr, and Mrs. - Robert Comstock and family, Mr. and Mrs. una Wells and family, spent Sunday with' Mack Comstock and family. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holder and f,on Rav. were shopping in Red- field Monday. Smri from this Vicinity rat tended the party 6t Will Mcllenry's Friday night. All report having a good time. - AFTER LITTLE'S SCALP. Tom Harley, Lawrence, Kans., Law-f yer, Candidats for Congress, , . ;i ! Hr Today. ' '"" ' (From1 Monday's Daily.) Tom Harley, a lawyer of Lawrence, who Is seeking the republican, nomination for congress in opposition to Ed C. Little, incumDent, was in Fort Scott today meeting the Republican voters as far as it was possible. Mr. Harley has lived at Lawrence since he worked hlB way through the state university there many years ago, and seems to have the united support of the Republican leaders there. He Ms A very likeable gentleman, on short ac-ouaintance at least, and Impresses one as being o congressional Blze. teh the little folks Uomrlakes "Mudclir, 1 atwayt wlnt th ract whin t tarry hamm Ktltogg't Corn Flohmm. I can't hardly UMu't till I hain aom quick, muddtrV -r- j It's great to see child-enthusiasm for Kelldgg's; greal to see every bnelrt the family enjoy their crisp crunchiness and wonderful flavor 1 To sit down before a heaping bowlful of these joyous oven-browned "sweet-hearts-of-' the-corn" and some milk or cream and fresh fruit, if it's handy is just about the very last word in appetizing appeal I And, your gotfd taste will prove that! ,' Kelloggs Corn Flakes ougit to be superior they arei i the original Corn Flakes! Kcllogg's are eat; never a disappointment! certain to ,get -Kellogg's the. kind of Corn Flakes in the-RED . GREEN . package because genuine without the signature Kellogg, the originator of 'A '1 TOASTED CORN FLAKE? Toasted S M niLtrt of KELLOCC'S KRUMBLES mti Be delicious and none are of W. K. Corn Flakes. KELLOQC'S SAN, tooked UJ kruolM l

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