Fort Scott Tribune and The Fort Scott Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas on March 9, 1922 · Page 3
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Fort Scott Tribune and The Fort Scott Monitor from Fort Scott, Kansas · Page 3

Fort Scott, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1922
Page 3
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N POPf SCOTT WEEKLY TRIBUNB-lvlONITOft, '- THUftSDAV, mArCH 9, 19i&.; I- CENTERVILLE. i -:, . 'flOUTg 7.1 " I Mrs. ReniCEe called on Mrs. Kia These Items Furnished By Tribuiie-Monitor COUNTY LINE. DAYTON. ' FULTON. ' v Adam J. Johns and Anna Guyles both of hear Prescott, were -united In marriage at the Catholio church February 27, at 9 o'clock. ' Roy Mealman was called to Prescott Wednesday ; by - the death of 'his mother. .;' ; . . Charley Abbey and son Gerald were both sick the first of the week. Little Violet Mealman Is quite -ill 'this WCfiW. : ': :-VV'i Xv ', "'''"- '" f ' V Mr. and 1 Mrs.i Henry White are the" proud parents of a baby boy, bom Thursday, March 2. ,' Mrs. Lee- Campbell : Was tailed horn Saturday by the death of her husband and I -mother-in-la. She was accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Charles Higbie. V " ' ' 5 ; v The . Missouri ' Dairy Company has- about completed the" remodeling of their plants at both Prescott and 'Fulton. They have equipped them with motors throughout and increased the capacity Of each plant to double Its original capacity. They have two 10-h. p. motors and two 2-h. p. motors at, Fulton, and two 1,000-gallon glass lined milk tanks; also two 6-ton refrigerating machines and a 2,000-gallon brine tank. This is the - most modern and best . equipped small plant in MOUND CITY county commissioners this iveek advertised for bids for grading and cul verting "7 ' miles on the short line road from near Tradlnr Post north, to Rattlesnake Hills, the grade to be 29 feet wide preparatory to . hard -surfacing and is estimated to cost about $3,000 pel-mile. At a recent meeting to organize the Linn county Tax Reform League the board .was Invited to meet with the tax payers composing "; the league to talk over postponing ' .this work. But chairman .Allen ana member Ashley of the eastern dis- trict declined to appear and. their answer to the invitation was to 5 order the county clerk to prepare , the notice for bids Tuesday, April lBt, being the time Bet for opening , the bids. More than twenty protest petitions asking the beard to defer building hard surface roads i or two years, were placed ih circulation last Friday all over the county and are Wing signed by pratically every one' to whom they are presented in1 ; eluding .a large, majority of the ' . signers of the petitions , for the short line and'La Cygne-Pleasanton-' Prescott road. These -petitions are to be presented to' the board next ' Monday, That day being the regular meeting of the board as well as of P the county tax leagU9. What the out come will be is somewhat of a ' j)'.bifm. -'' ' f iVr-fiar seven :a iAvs, of! snow fell v, cdnesd if and night follow- tng. The unanimous decision is that ; it Is Tine for the wheat, and fruit. . 'Harry Hawkins, who was 'born ' and reared in Mound City has been named by ' congressman Ed' Little for Postmaster at Centerville, where he now resides. He succeeds Miss Lola Johnston who has held the office-eight years. ' A free Clinic for the examination of persons who suspect the presence of germs of tuberculosis or other'diseases In their system will bo held at the court house next Tuesday all day. Those who have had the flu are urged to be present for examination. ........ Uncle Charley Barnes who has been confined to his bed for several weeks from weakness Incident ,to : old age is reported somewhat stronger. His 90th birthday was celebrated on Fedruary 19th' by friends and relatives. Others who could not be present showered him with postcard remembrances. , . I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gause of ton last Thursday, - vWiil thahey, dragged , the -tort last Monday.' '- ; V j : ' Mrs. Etflo Mason, jrho teaches the .Marmatoa school spent ,Tv'a day night with Mrs. Mulenburg and. daughter..,,,... . v .':.-vt l ' . Miss Margaret , Muhlenburg hftS been on .the sick list with" the gripj tht Jat week., ; . j . t Mrs. Will Green," who has beeii sick the last three weeks with ih grippe, 1, somewhat improved. Mr. Ltnderman bought ' a wreat binder of Mr; Bruce last week. "Mr. Bruce sold a load of fat hog-l to the Fort Scott markets He re eelved SS.OO a hundred for them. . ' Mrs, Linderman Called at thst Union Bend school last Thursday. 1 Mr. Stevenaon.-who has been ulcli is able to scarry the mail again oa Route 7.i We are glad to see hint back, as we. always receive our mall on good tfine! when he Is on tho jobj Mrs. Mellle Hollinsworth, whoi has-been visiting her sister, Mro. Rose Al.'en, this winter, returned ta her home in'Pittsburg last Friday. 1 Miss Ruby Mehsendlck spent tbfi week-end ; with Miss MUlenburg. f Mr: Tittiberman, on Route 7, 14 Improving his place Witn an Icq wire yard fence. ' ' -; ' . - - Some thief stole ft good set t9 harness from the Herman Hartman barn the other night.' 4 Mr. and" Mrs. Hlntott are ehter taining a flew daughter at thele home, born last Saturday.' : Miss Renia Allen is staying with! her sister, Mrs, ShaW, near Walker-town, helping With the house work as Mrs.- Shaw Is quite poorly. . -Harry Hazelton will Work for Mr. Herman' Hartman1 this -Summer on the farm as-they have such lui'ge dairy' business they do not have time to fartri. ; .' '"-" The young people of the heigh borhood spend some pleasant even ings ' playing, rbok. The last evening was spent at Mr. Lewis' home. Mrs. May Burkhart- Called at Union-Bend school house last Friday. The ; school ; is ! progressihg nicely and much interest ' is manifested between teacher and pupils. The school room was pleasant, nml clean. Miss Ruby Mensendick is the teacher. - :- ? ' ' Grange Meeting Postponed. On account of bad road conditions, the Bourbon County Pomona Grange is postponed, to meet witn, North Fairvlew Grange in Bronson, Saturday evening, March. 11,- 1S22, at 8 o'clock. If plans materialize, our worthy state chaplain will meet with us on that date. Fred Blu-baugh, Master; D. Zook, Sec'y. Geo. Tate, Master, North Fairvlew (First published in ' the Fort - Sc)tt Weekly Tribune-Monitor,' February " 23, 1922.) . x i . PUBLICATION NOTICE. -In' the District Court of Bourbott County, Kansas. Mrs. A. 8. Olceeon, Plaintiff, .VS. - - G. N. Denham and Iona Denham. hi Caney, Kansas.and Mr. and Mrs. ,' Paul Cause of Kansas City were present Sunday last at the wedding, of 'their sister Miss Eunice Gause to' Byron C. Corbin. Paul and his Correspondents RICHARDS. The teachers' examination v was on Thursday and ': Friday, and some of the high school pupils supplied the district schools while the teachers were at the examination at Nevada, Mo. Miss Thelma Crodley took Fay Hanby's place (it the Border school, Miss Wlcher Mat-ton took-Miss Mary Beckets place at ; the Wall school. Freedy Wilson and May B. Harmon took examination with the teachers. , Mrs. Eleanor Peas has been very slclc with heart trouble and flu for several days but is lmproHnc how. " "Lena Rivers" was played here last evening before quite a crowd. We wish the people would take as much interest in church, services; especially the youngsters. 'The "Sho-Me" oil refining plant on the Todd farm is making good progress. They have four tanks of 100 barrel capacity each,1 partly sunk in the ground: pne tank, of, 14,000 gallon capacity and, one of 16,000 gallon. They 'have one still of 100 barrel 1 capacity." The large boiler room and condenser room are ready.; ' Two gas wells are hooked up ready to operate, and there are eight Wells to draw from. Mr. Chappell will have a photo taken of the entire plant as soon as .lt Is- ready for operations. ' - , Mr. Chappell said that the "Sho-Me" company does not ask for any man's money. They ' expect to finance the refinery themselves, and the community will get Its share of the benefits of the bus iness. That sounds good to Richards. The Itlchards boys went 'on a Wolf drive last Friday again. They scared up two ' and killed one of them. The other one escaped. - i ' George Shepherd visited his son George Jr. who lives in Fort S,eott last week a nd shopped some while there. He thinks shopping is getting good again 1n Fort Scott M. L. Comoton had hi second annual sale March 4 th. There was a good turn-out, and he reports a good sale all told. He won't let implements get old on his hands. he says; ' MAPLETON. Mrs. Fred Jones and Mrs. Perry Gardner was called to Prescott Wednesday on the account of the sudden death of their mother, Mrs. Mealman. Mrs. Barnes of Mound City spent a few days last week at the Dr. Res home. , - Jake Henthorn and family, who have resided east of Fort Scott for the past several" months moved back to Mapleton last week. .Mrs. Nesbitt, who has been quite poorly for the past week Is not Improving very fast. i Mrs. Walter ' Woods, who . has Bpent the past week with her mother, Mrs. Jennie Hessong, and sister Daisy, who has ben on the sick list left Friday for 'her home at Warrensburg, Mo. Mrs. Ora Spears of Osawatomle, Is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Larrey Crelghton, who has been quite sick. ' Mrs. Roy Hammons and children of Fort Scott are spending a few days at the home of her mother, Mrs. Jennie Hessong. Luceal Monroe, who has been quite sick for the past two weeks is sloWly improving. 1 Don Nickelson and sister Maude, who have lived in Mapleton for the past several months, moved on aa farm east of Fort Scott with their brother, Mike Nickelson. DISTRICT 72. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ruthrauff of Chicago, spent Friday evening with Willis Neff. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fields and son motored to Fort Scott Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Comstock and family spent Sunday with relatives at Marmaton. Willis Neff spent Saturday with Herbert Ruthrauff. Mrs. W. H. Strohm is on the sick list. , ' Chas. Snyder sawed wood Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John KiBtler moved 'to their new home Wednesday. Mr. Phil Clever received word Saturday telling of the death of his brother of Denver, Colo. Earl Snyder spent Saturday night with Orlin Chamberlln. Mrs. Vanoresdale and children, who have been on the sick list arc somewhat better. Mr. Wayne Abbott has moved on the John Kistler farm. Mm White is. visiting at the Will McAllister home. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lay ton Ware spent Frlday-'Hlght with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holder. The. Fort Scott high fichool students spent the week-end with home folks. ROCKY VALE' . Passco Peele of Wichita,' Kansas is visiting his sister . Mrs. Nellie McCracken, this week. - Dr. Mike Warren of. Firt Scott was a professional callep at 8am Drakes Friday night. - V Mrs. August Kiilion was taken seriously sick Saturday morning, but is some better at thls,wrltipg. j Mrs. Baldwin Barker Spent two days last week with her daughter Mrs. Jess Bailey. Mrs. .TJJara - Schmlck ' Is helping care-JfoKber mother, Mrs. Hazen, of HIatville, who is very sick with the flu. - . IXTm ' tiA nn r,, II.. 8fck "'list at this writing wi ihe flu. Low Parks was delivering ' corn nt Farington last Monday. ,. ivjrs. vioia Anais was snooping In Pawnee Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. -Welch returnied to their home in Denver Col., last Tuesday after spending a few days with Mrs. Kelley and family. ' Mrs. Baldwin Barker and flamlly spent Sunday afternoon with, Mrs. August Kiilion. - ' Automobile many. wants appeal to AVONDALE. Ora Nuzunt dragged roads td Devon Wednesday afternoon, , ' Mrs. Luther Billings took down with the flu Wednesday and let. no better at this writing; Geo. Nuzum. and Luther Billings went' to Devon for supplies and medicine forahe sick 'Wednesday. C. C. Lilly, Bert Maxwell and W. Websters are all down with the flu ' Geo. Nuzum went, to v haul feed for Bert Maxwell Wednesday afternoon as Mr. Maxwell is'not able to get out-' i ;:'.,-' -:'Ji-j-h '; There '1 has been , artery ,, mail School for the last few days on account of the snow. . ' ' ,' ' 1 Jessie Maxwell ground corn Wednesday afternoon.; ,i ' ' V : Nettie Russfel is, reported xon the sick list 5 and is no better at this writing. ' Claud, King's pony was gone Thursday morning. He put In most of the day looking for her and when he found her she was behind his barn. Jessie .Maxwell made a business trip' to Devxm, Tuesday afternoon. , Alta,WedBter went to "Harding Friday, with the cream, i Gib Post stayed Friday night at Ged. Nuzurnsvso that he could catch the mlift, truck t to Fort Scott. He was en his way to Kearieia. Mrs. Ike Hayden is coming to stay a few days with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Nettle Russel who 1s" in poor .health. , . Miss Brown. Avondale teacher, went to Fort Scott Friday to attend teachers meeting Saturday. I Elbert Rumfelt was sick Friday. Luther Billings got a load of coal from Devon Friday, they also had their telephone put 'in Friday. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Johnson went to Fort Scott Friday' afternoon to get their daughter, Louise, who is going to high school.. , . :. Ora Nuzum made a business trip to Fort Scott Friday. He also went to see the Doctor and et medicine for his little son Gordon who Is sick with a bad cold and high fever Mrs. .Geo Nuzum's grandmother Mrs. Andrew Mealman died suddenly from a stroke of epilepsy Wednesday morning. Her home was at Frescolt, Kansas. Burial was made in : the : Prescott, Ceinetry Friday afternoon. ..' . V. ' Joe Webster took a load of hay to Devon Saturday. ; Jim and Alma Billings spent Saturday with their brother Luther Lester Clark moved on. the Campbell place Friday. They stayed all night at Claude ; Kings Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Will Webster spent Sunday afternoon at Luther Billings. Alvln and Frederick NUzum spent Sunday . with Elbert 1 and Leslie Rumf leld. '.'. Geoje Nnzum and Luther Billings sawed wood Saturday afternoon,. ' ; . ' ',, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Kuzum, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Nuzum and little son Gordon and Royal Burns were callers at Geo. Nuzum's Sunday after-npon,. John Reed and family from near Redfleld came to-Websters Sunday i afternoon on business and to visit. Mr. and Mrs. Morton Embry1 of near Uniontown spent Suhday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Willis Maxwell, Jessie Maxwell and family were visitors at his parents home Sunday1. " 1 FORT SCOTT ROUTE ONE. Mrs. Jflnes, who lives on the Slick Rock road, was called to the bedside of her - mother, who resides in Missouri, -i . 1 Quite a lot of moving has been eolne on the Dast week. Wiley Jones, who resided oh the old Fair- man farm, has moved out ot me neighborhood. Earl Bowman movr Ing to the place where Mr. Jones left and a Mr Parker moving where Mri Bowman left. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Williams and little daughter. Ollle Marie, were vlRltlne the former's parents one dav last week. Frank Wolf was in Fort Scott last Fridays Mr. and Mrs. Wes Seaver were visiting in the Victory neighborhood Sunday. - ' , The literary at Victory was well attended Friday night and a fine time was reported. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Falrman of Fort Scott were visiting on Route One Sunday. Quite a number from Victory attended the Literary at Center school last Wednesday evening. They report a fine literary at that Dlace. The Joint debate between Victory and Center is to be held at (Jenter on weanesuay iiitu, March 8. Sorry the date could not be announced sooner. . ' D. R. Nichols was naming nay last week. Mrs. A. Hamilton spent a few days the first of the week with her grand-daughter, Mrs.. Roy Seaver. ,: Harry and Howard Simmons were breaking mules . the first of Most of the wheat In this locality is looking much better; since the snow. ' 1 j John Hamilton and Abram Wil liams were down north of Eve, Mo. pi'Uchastng -seed corn last week. -Johnnie Winters of near Katy, Mo., was among the many ' from Victory,, who attended Sunday 'School at Center Sunday'mornlng. ; School Report, i . a ; y.i. 1 Following; la-' the , report ' of Centerville school, District 46, for the sixth month, i ending February 24, 1922: Number days taught, v20; number of . pupils enrolled: . Boys, 4; gir(s, .4 ;; ,total, 8. , Those receiving certificates, of perfect attend ance were Charles MicnaeL. Those. tardy, flut not aDseni, were raeivin Stauffer.. 1 Visitors during the month were Edward Russell, Mrs. H. Gross and Mr. and Mrs. Gus Michael. Visitors always Welcome. Grayce E. Marsh, teacher. . C. F. Miller . carries a big and complete stock of genuine Ford parts. The most complete stock and the biggest and best equipped Ford repair shop within a hundred miles. Ydu get genuine Ford parts and Just what you need fit the Ford Authorized Service Sta tion. , It will pay you to get all your Ford supplies at C. F, Miller's. " W$ are glad to see the mud drying dp after the blizzard last week,' We are hoping winter Is over .or ths season. - ' ' "' ":" Charley Sauerwein "nelped Jhls brother Lloyd move laat week. Earl and William Simmons helped their uncle, Edwin Simmons of Glendale move last .Week to a Xtttn near Prescott. ' We are glad to report the influenza victims as improving and hops' they will soon be well again. Not much news this week, as so maty were sick. - s'- v ."a.,;S1 Robert Shoemaker took a tyad of hay to Fort Scott, Friday.' ' k ; Dr. Tanquary- of Fort Scott W48 out to the Edoiond Simmons home Wednesday and again Saturday, to see Mrs. Simmons, who has been sick for several weeks, Wefare glad she is improving now and hope she will sbon be well again: " -,Mlss Grace -Marsh, the Center vflle teacher, spent the week-end In Fort Scott with her cousln Mss Marvel Bates, , and-also attended the teachers' meeting Saturday af-aernoon. , Henry Gross went to Fort Scott Saturday. - .'s';-:. . ; Mrs. George Stauffer and' daughters, , Florence 1 and .Roberta, were callers Sunday afternoon at' the -i. A. Turley home. Mr. ,and Mrs.' Floyd. Killlon of Eureka, Kas., are visiting Mr. K1I-lion's parents, Mr. and Mrs. . Geo. Kiilion. . Mrs. Bettus Young and little daughter, who have been at, the home of Mrs. Young's parents the past three weeks, returned to their home in Fulton Sunday. Misses. Ruth ( and Evelyn :Nie-mier, who have been visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Calvin, went to Fort Scott. Sunday and will visit their aunt, Mrs.': Harold Stewart, for a few days.:. Mr. and, Mrs. Archie Simmons and little son Harold of Fort Scott, visitetVover Sunday with , his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Simmons. ; Not many pupils were in school last week,', on account of sickness and bad weather. .. . Little: Belle. Peck,' who: has been real sick, is improved. ' -; Robson Bros, of Devon brought Mrs. Howard Gross' piano tover to the Gross farm. Saturday. Mr.and Mrs. Gross , also had several other pieces of - furniture J chipped " to Devon. Several from here attended the Splllman-Howard , sale Monday. . Glen Campbell of near Fort Scott was in1 this vlcinjty Monday afternoon. POPLAR GROVE.; DISTRICT 94. Finis Oharah called at the home of Elmer Ballah Saturday night. ; Mrs. Effie McGinnis of Iola vlBit-ed her relatives, of this neighborhood the last of the week. Marlsn Reeder Is Staying with Mr. Weathers of Dry Ridge while his wife la away In Topeka with a daughter who Is sick. Raymond Burt and family: spent Saturday night and Sunday with his sister Mrs. Opal Alsop Of Dry Ridge :' " '-. . . . Clyde Reeder spent Sunday afternoon with Amel Jones. : Misses Bonnie and Mildred Wills who are going to high school at Uniontown - spent the week-end with home folks. . Miss Christina Reeder visited It the home of her uncle M. E. Reeder, SUnday: ' ' Eldon Reeder and Harry and Roy Lunsford spent Saturday 'evening with Thomas and George Reeder. Church was well attended Sunday night. Misses Mary and Pearl Ballah called at the home ot IrvingWoods Sunday afternoon. Theodore Turner of Redfleld called at the home of Delbert Reeder Sunday evening. , , Madelen Reeder is working for Mrs. Bina Tigue of Turkey Cre.ek this week. .. " ; - There will be preaching at the Poplar Grove school house Sunday the twelveth at eleven o'clock and again at night. Finis Oharah spent Sunday evening with Clyde Reeder. ' B, J3.. Reeder who has' been on the sick list for sometime is improving nicely. V Mrs. Brown and sons John and Riley came home from Bronson where ; the boys are attending school, to spend the weefcend.' - Riley and John Brown spent Sunday morning with Dewayne Reeder Mrs. LaUra Ballah and daughter Mary called on Mrs. W. L. Willis Monday afternoon. . PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL NEWS The big snow storm last Monday night accounted for the many absent marks on Tuesday. Mildred Sutherland and Fred Woods . came back to school this week having ! missed a few days last week on .account of bad colds. Wei are glad to be able to report that Miss Lulu Black is much improved from recent , Illness. We hope she will be back in school soon. -'. :" ' ' '; '' v " ' . V Miss. Merle Gentle spent Tuesday night with her cousin Florence Ham. .' :--' - Eddie Mclntyre is on the sick list this week. ' Ruby and May Hayes were absent ltst week. They are moving Into Bourbon county but we hope they will continue their school work with ns. '- ;-' : ; i - The high school Is busy practicing on their -play,, which they are planning to give In the near future. Watch for the date. Our visitors list last, week Included Melba Epler or Firt Scott, Margaret Cox and Beulah Hill of Prescott.-".- v - - : Don't you think our community Singing is proving a success? We do, after noticing the fine attendance last Sunday night. Miss Friley the second room teacher, gave a reading "Laddie" which was appreciated by all-' There Were -other pleasing numbers given by the pupils of the grades. ' Feed aj total of 200 lbs. of Brooks Pig Meal; It it does not produce better Tesults than shorts of aty kind at less cost, you can get your money back in full without argu- wife accompanied : the bride and J groom-to Kansas City Sunday even ing. Mr, Corbin has bought a handsome home here from O. A. Kentner and he and his bride will oocupy it about April 1st, when vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Kentner, who expect to locate in Kansas City, Missouri. ' . A number- of dwelling houses here have Changed hands this winter and it has become a common .rumor that If any one : wants to locate in Mound City he must either ' 1)uy or build. WEST LIBERTY. (Lput Week's News) We are having now what we call real winter weather. Several from this vicinity at- tended the pie supper at Union Center last Saturday night. All ' report a good time. " Marvin Arm strong was the auctioneer. ' Mr. and Mrs. McKinley Grubb 'and; little son spent Saturday un -til Monday visiting relatives Flu. flu.' flu: everyone in this community seems to have it. Master James Pace of Uniontown, Was in this community Saturday, visiting with Steve and Frank Graham's families. Mr. Lee Farmer went up tOjCenia to be With his brother George- and family, who are all sick with the flu.,.. ' ;. i, Mrs. Nannie Brlllhart is steadily improving from her attack of pneu monia, but Mr. Speny has suffered a relapse and Is not improving go fast. X, '.-.''- Mrs. Alice Farmer, Is spending a few days with . her son, Willie, and family, Who are all sick. Willie Is threatened with pneumonia.' Mr. Dennis Meech suffered a severe attack of the flu, but is some better at present. ' Miss Tressle Embry Spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Graham. : i 1 Mr.; Andrew Nelson and son Wal ter went to Mapletou Friday afternoon. ". -.' , . ' Miss Edith Powles spent Sunday with Frank Graham and family. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Atkisson visited at the Steve Graham home Friday afternoon. The Bert Maxwell family are all sick with the flu. Dayton school was closed Thursday and Friday on account of most of the scholars being sick. Mr. Farmer, and son Lloyd went to Devon last Saturday.. Charles, little son of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Graham is some better at this writing. The "Live Wires" young folks class of Berlin Sunday school, were delightfully entertained Saturday evening at the home' of the class president, Mrs. Elsie Atkisson. After business dainty refreshments were served. v Mr. Sam Wutke. of Berlin, Is very sick with the flu. Misses Clarissa Johnson, Helen Moore and Messrs Ross Blshard and Fred Johnson were Sunday vis itors at the Frank Graham home. Mrs. Nancy Gardner, who is working for Sam Wutke, was home Sunday to spend the day. Mr. Ernest Brown and family, Of Berlin, who have been sick, for some time, are reported no better at this time. Miss Nelle Gardner Is making an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Rufus Irving, of Klncaid, Kans. Mr. Clyde Hale is reported very Blr.k. at the home of Dennis Meech. Mr. Lem Kepley was trading in Mapleton last Thursday. G. H. Atkisson, G. F. Graham, Er-win Atkissoft and Mr. W. Dye and sons are felling trees for stove wood this week. They are getting it from the Frank Trendle timber. Mr. and Mret. Ray Hale took Sunday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Graham. '-.'' On account of the poor condition of the east and West road from the Graham corner and the snowdrifts last week our mall carrier was obliged to abandon part of his route for a few days. . ROUTE TWO. The contest which has been going on for six weeks closed Sunday in favor of the Reds as far as that goes, but the question is how many are on the Lord's side? And we are expecting all of you people who .are not ' attending Sunday school elsewhere to be bach next Sunday. 1 t Pete Reed sold a horse at Mr. Blagg's sale Monday. George Linn, sr., is on the sick list ths week, ! , Jacob Pflster and family entertained company from Sabetha, Kas., Wednesday. The Cass .boys missed school Tuesday and Wednesday on account of storm and bad Toads. Joe Braden lost a valuable horse Tuesday with abscess on the liver. , It was impossible for our postman to get, over all of the route on Wednesday, on account of the snow drifts. . . . : Maxine Tiffany enjoyed the week end with hr grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Amby Emmerson. Mrs. Joe Braden's incubator hatched Tuesday. Only 60 chicks survived the storm. Mr. Mosley and family and Mr. and Mrp. Byers were Sunday guests at the heme oT Mri and Mrs. Miner. Mrs. N. Cass and sons, Shelby and Shelton, ate Sunday dinner with her daughter, Mrs.R. . Jt. Pry-or 'and family. ' Mr. and Mrs. Arnold of Fort Scott were week end visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall of Rdute 2. , Harry Howell expects to accompany his brother Clifton to Iowa'as soon as the roads wjll permit car traffic. :;.! : , : Ed . Wright, who has been at the Strong home In Fort .Scott, under a doctor's care, for six weeks,, was brought home Sunday, much Improved. ' We are very sorry to learn of the illness of Charley Lee, he having a bad attack of Influenza. - . V AZUA. (Lnr.t Week's' News) , Mr. Hazlett. delivered port Scott last week -. hogs in Several from here attended the box. suppeWat Bunker Hill Friday evening. x Paul Volght attended the funeral of Mr. Cowan Monday afternoon. . Mrs. Lou . Blair spent . the past week with her son Nixon Blair. Mr. Barranger is moving on the Killlon farm which he has rented for the coming yeaf. ,; Mr. George owner of a steam shovel : was In this vicinity last week investigating the possibility of mining opal near Azua. Henry Hazlett ' Is helping Mr. Hartman with bis work. : Mr. Vandlke of Devon, threshed for J. W. Redman last week. ' Arthur Voight of Great Bend is visiting his brothers . Hugo, Otto and Paul Voight.- Mr. Rickets of south of Fort Scott has rented the Milton Hill farm and Mr. Stanbro of the West Vlalns neighborhood is moving on the McCorkle place. The-drillers commenced to drill again Saturday at the Dohono place. Mr, Walter Colvin motored down near Chanute Saturday, taking his mother-in-law down to her new home. ':'.'- " Lloyd and Fred Broughton played basket ball In Bronson Friday night. Mr. Win Funrman returned home Saturday from a visit to 'Fowler, Kans., with his sons Vnd: families'.1 Mr. Walter Rush, ard family, of near Moran; Mr. and Mrs.' B. H. Rodenburger, Everett Russell and Virgil Brandenburg and Lee Har-clerpde were all callers at the S. D. Brandenburg home Sunday afternoon. Fred' Pelrce spent Saturday night and' Sunday at Mr.' Banties'. Dr. Cummings, of Bronson, Was culled one day last week to see Rosa Burt, Who has been quite sick, but is some better at this writing. Dr. Roads, of Bronson; was called Sunday morning, to see Mrs John Harclerode, Who has been- sick with J a cold. . " . - ' Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Brandenburg have both been quite sick with bad colds. Mrs. John Burrows spent Saturday afternoon in Bronson at her brother's, Geo. Lowery's, the little Lowery children being quite sick with the flu. , Hannah Harclerode is staying with Mrs. Webster ,in Bronson, helping her with her house work. Mrs. Webster, expects to go to the hospital In Fort Scott Boon. ' Mrs. Howard Myers spent Friday at Mr. Phil Moss. " Mrs. Leslie Bacon and two pons spent Wednesday night at her father's, Mr. Will Fulirman's. Mr. and Mrs. Albeit Burris, Tom Ireland, Mrs. John Burrows and son Oscar, 'Leslie Fuhrman and Jim Holeman's were all callers at Mr. Lowery's Sunday afternoon. Jim1 mie still remains quite poorly. BETHEL That was some blizzard we had Tuesday. , : J. D. Lee delivered a load of oats to Espy Hixon on Monday. The flu victims out this way are all better, but are not caring . to go through with it again. Mr. and Mrs. Brad aha w, Mr. and Mrs. SauerwBin, - Mr.: ana Mrs. Thomas, Mf. and Mrs; J.; D. Lee Mr. titirt Mrs. J. W. BrlKKS, and Mrs. John Hall and Miss Ethel were do ing their weekly shopping, m ori Scott Saturday. Mr. Boone delivered some calves to Fort Scott Saturday. Lloyd Sauerwein moved his family tq the Fred Cleveland place this Mrs. John Hall Jr. and children visited her sister Mrs. Roy Stroud In Fort Scott Saturday. Mrs. Walter Collins Reports Hav ing 73 little chickens and Mrs. H. Lee has 185. . : Miss Kathryn Boone spent the week-end at home. . . Mr. Warfield had a cow, present him with twin calves this week. Mr.and Mrs. Charlie Gardner and little son, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hudson - and children were Sunday, afternoon callers at tne a. Boone home. Mr. and Mrs. Chase Hall and Maxine were Sunday afternoon callera at the John Hail home. Dr. Davis the Vetenary, wa3 can ed to Mr. Warfield's to see a sick animal sunday. Not a very large attendance at 3unday School Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bell and children of Fort Scott were Sunday dinner guests , of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Briggs. Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith were Sunday afternoon callers at the M. Sauerwein home. . . Mr. and Mrs. M. Sauerwein were Sunday evening callers at the Lloyd Sauerwein home. . The Ladies Aid will meet at the church Thursday March 9th. A full attendance is desired, as it is the election of officers for the, ensuing year. " ' " Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Thomas were Sunday afternoon callers at the John Warfield home. : ARCADIA, ROUTE 2. The Ladies Aid of the Cato Christian church, gave a program and supper at the church Saturday night. A large crowd attended and did full justice to the fine supper served.. The ladies cleared $18.50. Beulah Leverich and Mildred Spender spent Sunday with Nlta Simpson. Mildred Waddell spent Saturday night and Sunday with Maude Humphreys. . . - Irene Simpson spent the weekend with home folks. William Simpson, Fred Coonrod, Kenneth James and Amanda Jaynes were visiting afJ. "R. Coonrod's Sunday. ;: ; Perry Beals moved from the Williams farm to his awn farm south of Cato last week. Mf. Payne moved onto the farm vacated by the, Beats family. The Gledhill, Simons . and Cliff Tenticum families have been enjoying (?) a siege of flue.- Mrs. W. G. Beynolda i tecelved word that, her father, Mr, Douglas Nance, of Niotaze, was very low with the flu. ; Mrs. Ida James has been quite ill the past week, but is reported to be improving. Mrs. Maye . Palmer and son George and Lucy Brown Bpent Sunday at J. M.' Huddleston'si ; . ' Jesse Mitchell and wife are. very proud of a baby girl that arrived. at their home last week. ,.-"-.v.' r'- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Buxton were visiting at 3. S. Evans' one even-4 Ing last week. Mamie and Perry Evans Sunday at Harry Cullison's. spent ', In the olden days when people fed baby chicks on grain feeds, thev considered they were doing well if they raised 90 per cent of the hatch, but now it is a common thing tor many to raise 100 per cent hatches bv feeding-. Brooks . Bu'.terrollk Chick-Starter, forjt saves chicks from digestive troubles an makes fionn grow twice as fast aa grain feeds. IV-f. "9 this part of the country, being thor oughly senltary and . Well arranged to do the work with the least possible labor., They are buying about 1,000 gallons ot milk per day at present, and expect to double the amount this spring and summer. V Byron Burcham is. on the sick list this week. ' ' Mrs. J. E. Distoit, who lives west of town; has the pneumonia fever. : Tom Keating and Reld Hill went to Kansas City Sunday. ' ' : ' :. iBillle Bob Hamic of South Greenfield, Mo., is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. R. E. Baugh. ; Aleah. Weber, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl , Weber, Is quite sick; ' " . .v ' 1 J.' M. Grieve left Monday for Eldorado Springs, Mo., where he has purchased a paultry and cream business. ' Joe Krehbs moved to the Dan Gorman place Saturday. FULTON HIGH SCHOOL RUMORS Mr.- Frazier, of Fort Scott, will be in Fulton Tuesday taking pictures for the high school annual. - The English A class gave ;a mock-banquet toast program as an oral English exercise Friday. It was as--sumed to- be a meeting of alumni. Edith Foote acted as to-uauil jrreas and eight girls responded to toasts. . The high school annual has been named the "Osaga." This name was taken from the old name bf Fulton, which is situated ; on ; the Osage river. . . - ' : ', The Seniors will entertain . the Sophomores l-J a kid. parly.. Tuesday night, A'fTch 7. . The basket ball game scheduled with Hume for last' Frkmy night was called off by the Professor, on account of a bad cold, and the muddy roads. The; next game Is with Mound City for March la. ; ; Mlss Sheppard la giving hints to the .D. S. girls of how to furnish, a modern kitchen, as. she thinks maybe they will need to know how some day. If anyone wants to secure a description of a certain tall person at La Cygne, Inquire from. Evelyn or Zelma. ' ' , , The Juniors have pUt up their posters for their play, "The Living Magazine." The posters were print; ed on cards in Junior colOrs. When the basket ball team went to Fort Scott Saturday, Ray Morris forgot part of his basket balltult and didn't want his picture taken, but he was fortunate enough to get to stand In the back. - i , Eugene Dorsey has returned-to school again.. He has been absent on account of sickness. A number of the high school students are taking part in the M. E. play to be given March 6. : , The Domestic Science" class has been improving the D. S. room by painting the tables, cupboards and washatands and enameling the food containers. Mrs. ; Smith took time exposures of the physics and geometry classes while taking tests last Friday. . Ev eryone gets excited when . before the kodak, so bow could good grades be expected? V , The boys' basket bail team journeyed ; to Fort Scott Saturday, March 4, to get their picture taken, and also practiced on the Y. M., C. A. court. i ' : . The boys' basket ball team will go to Pittsburg to a basket ball tournament the 10th and 11th of this month. They are still , undecided as to whether they will make the trip In cars ojon Ihe train. ' The D. S. girls. are planning to give another ' luncheon some time in April. ..... , . . '. . The piano purchased by the high School last year has been very' Useful, as he school has two musical organizations, the glee club and' the orchestra.- : f z Some of the Seniors are disappointed in their pictures for the annual. We wonder what they expect of the photographer. ' ' " The efficient young janitor's as-slstent Is becoming' very proficient in testing candles made by the Domestic. Science clans. - i ' r ' ' ' RICHARDS ,-' , . ' . Little Helen. Erb enjoyed a visit with her mother, who came down ffrpm Kansas : City Saturday to spend a tew days with her parents, Mr.- and Mr. C. Warner. . - - Miss Mae Koontz n Is suffering with an attack of pink eye. , Two thoroughbred wolf hounds have been purchased by the citizens of our community. The dogs . arrived from Nebraska last week and are now at the home of C. I. Spaur. A. M. Benedict is convalescing af ter a severe attack of ta grippe. A. G. Werner, from Horton, Kas., spent a few days last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, L. C Wer ner. .!.'. - . LlttM Donald Koontz Is saving the chickenpox. near Fulton. -, Lee Vodrey sold a cow to Mr. ... Ofr of Stotesbury, Mo., and deliver-' d It Friday. . wife, and A. F. Berks tressfr and , V . Bertha Berkatresses, his wl De i , fendants. 1 - v'-V' The State of Kansas to the defend j J ants, -A. F. Berketresser-and Bertha Berkstresser; his wife:' You and Kuuti ? of you will take notice that you have J been sued In the above-entitled court , and cause by the above-named plain f tiflt, who filed her petition therein I against you on the 2lat clay of Feu-' ( ' ruatry, 1922, and that you must answer j: said petition Soiled on or before tli ! -, 8th day of April, 1922, or alI petition I will be taken'1 as true ami Judghieht l 1 rendered accordingly affainst . the , ' above-named defendants in the sum I , . of $618.00 together with interest there- : on from November 1st, 1921, un'H paid at the rate of ten per cent per - annum, and costs herein, that plain, i tiff's mortgage be declared a fir&t t mortgage lien upon the followinS de- r scribed real property situate in the County of Bourbon and Stat of K.ili sas, to-wit: All of Lot One (1), Bloc ' Eleven 11), In Andrick's Addition to . the City of Fort Scott, Bourbon Coutir j ty, Kansas, that plaintiff's mortgage !; ', be foreclosed and said premises sold . : according to law to satisfy said JikIr- ; ment, and after said sale, all defend- : ants herein be barred from setting up or maintaining any right, title and Interest in said real estate, except the " right-to redeem said premises accord- Ing to law, and for such other, relief - aa may to. the court appear equitable and just. ' ' . : . BDGAH W.: CAMPBELL. I , - Attorney for Plaintiff, 1 ; Attest: Frank W. Harpold, 1 ..i (Seal) . District Clerk. : , ' i ' K - NOTICE OF 'PINAL 8ETTLEMSNT.: In the Probate Court ot Bourbon County, Kansas: v In the matter of the estate of Alice. J. GunaauUus, deceased. - - . H To the creditors and all Others Inter i ested in the. said estate: Notice I hereby given that the undersigned ad- '' mlnlslratdr of the estate of Alice J. I : Gunsaulius, deceased, will make final ! ' settlement of his account aa such ad- . mlnlsftator In the Probate Court of Bourbon County, Kansas, On March . 14. 1922, at 19 o'clock a. m., and at that time he will ask for compensa-. Hon for ervte rendered as admin , Istrator of said estate and for allow ' ancea for attorneys fees therein. J A. GUNSAULLUS, . - Administrator. x - NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF EX. i ECUTORS. , J State of Kansas, Bourbon Cox, es. i In the matter of the estate of A. TV. Hidy, late of Bourbon County, Kansas; f Notice Is hereby given that on the ,' 16th day of January, A. -D. 1922, the ; undersigned was, by the Probate Court i of Bourbon County. Kansas, duly ap- .! pointed and qualified as executors of , the estate of A. W. Hidy, late of Bour- . bon County. Kansas. All persons In,' v McKinley Grubb is suffering with a - carbuncle on the back of his - neck. We all know that they are very painful. - The social at West Liberty last Friday night was well - attended. - On account of the snow our malt carrier, Mr. Vonbrunt could net make his full route Wednesday. Lester Allgood, Fred Wylejv J. . Grubb and . Frank Nichols ; called - at - the Joe Taylor home last Sun--i day afternoon... - ' .. . The Gilranie and Fisher sale was well attended. The cows and hogs brought good prices but the horses sold cheap. . . Mrs. ' K. M. Sterns bought a cow at the Gllmore sale Wednesday. j-vvFfed Cox 'had the misfortune to . Ipse a horse last week. ' V G. W. Franklin bought a horse - at the Gilmora Hale. - - - Mr. and ' Mrs. Dillon Pike were visiting friends west of Fulton last week." - Carl Malonc of Fort Scott spent - the week-end with home folk!. GREEN VALLEY. (Last Week's News) Ma7ch the first, a fine day after - the blizzard February 28th. ' Miss Lottie Newell, who is working in Fort Scott, was with home folks from Friday until Sunday. Roily. Mason and wife have mov-ed to the Blain farm, which was ' lately vacated by Mr. Cook and family. ' -r ' . Solen Gelger shipped a car -load rit hnira . to Kansas City Tuesday. Fran Kyser made a business trip to Pittsburg ' last Friday, returning hom Sunday. Guy Clark took Mr, Typer and son Earl, to Fort Scott Monday. L. V; Johnson and family ate Sunday dinner at G. D. Newell's. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Typer. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Drake, was all-day visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Will jyper Sunday. . . George Cowan Is papering for Mrs! Rolla Mason, his daughter. ' - Mr. 'Frank Kyser. who lives on what is known as the George Hall farm, will have a sale March 11th, after which he will move to Pittsburg,, where he will be a traveling salesman for groceries. ' Don't uso hard wheat flour If yuj want to make fine pies, cakes, biscuits and pastries. Use Brook - Fancy Soft Wheat Pastry - Flour, which you can- buy of your grocer ' In 12-lb. sackj. :- Iterested in said estate will take no 3 tlce ana govern inemseives accuruuis ly : ... SAMANTHA HIDT, , J ELIZABETH CARNET, ' i ' Hudson & Hudson, ' Executors. . .-..i . Attorneys. (Published In the- Fort Scott -WeeMji u'rtoune-jvionitor, r euruttrjr hiiu c- and March 2. 1922.) - IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF BOURBON COUNTY, KANSAS. Myrtle I. Cramer, Plaintiff, ' vs. Walter h. Cramer. Defendant. '" PUBLICATION NOTICE. The State of Kansas to Walter t. Cf amer. Defendant ' in - said action greeting: Tou are hereby notified that yot have been cued lit the above-nam( court by Myrtle I. Cramer, plain"" said action, and must, on or the 8th day of April, 1922, answ.. petition of the plaintiff that wat? ' in the Clerk's office of said Cou ' , the 15th day of February. 1922. o: Jietltion will be taken to be true.r. udgment be ' rendered - accord,.,, , granting to said above-named ion tiff. Myrtle I. Cramer, an absolut., vorce from you, and for a furtne judgment restoring to her her forme name of Myrtle I. Carver, and for a' ' other equitable relief. In witness whereof. I have hereutit signed my name, and affixed the sea of said Court, at Fort Scott, Kansi -: this 15th day of Februsry, 19?2. MYRTLE I. CRAW K ft. By Hubert Lardner, Her Attorney, (Real) ' Attest: Frank W. Harpold, ! Clerk of the Dlstrlrt COW't, Eoui tgo County, Kuunaa, B. J. Mowers iroM Webo City is the new Missouri Pacific agent. Mrs. Eleanor Pease, who has been quite ill the" past week, is reported to be improved, . "v '-: A a ;-

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