Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 18, 1964 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1964
Page 2
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0»e. Tf, TW GlolM.«5iittt., Mason Cfty, In. Poll which branded solons as "least effective" called fake WASHINGTON (AP)—A magazine poll in which members of Congress were said to have picked five "least effective" colleagues was branded a phon- ey Thursday in testimony before a House irwcstigating subcommittee. Witnesses testified that only four senators and t wo House members said they answered the poll, which was published by Pageant magazine under the Cold spell clings to vast area By 7I1K ASSOCIATED PRESS A severe cold spell gripped much of the nation Friday, plunging temperatures to below zero in a dozen states and add ing snow and freezing rain to stricken areas. Temperatures were below zero from Washington State to Wisconsin and south to Nebraska. Cold-wave warnings were in effect for a 15-slate area from Texas to Ohio to Delaware. Rain fell along a band from the Texas coast lo New Eng land. Freezing rain and snow extended from central Texas through Kentucky to the eastern Great Lakes. In Montana, ranchers csli mated livestock losses in the thousands of dollars and the National Guard helped clca snow-clogged roads. • Penguins head inside; Lions stay in cold PORTLAND, Ore. (AT) — Animals at the Portland /o reacted in unexpected fashio this week as n cold spcl brought temperatures down to degrees. The penguins huddled in beat cd quarters, the polar bear crept into caves, and the Cana flian honking geese stayed in doors eating grain. nontly damaged his reputation! Hays said he than asked in eading "Congress rales Its wn members." The validity of a companion 'Oil, which the magazine said vas based on replies from the Vashington press corps, was Iso challenged at hearings he- ore a special Campaign Invcs- igating Committee. Proxmire, who laid the magazine's claim that it got a high response from questionnaires sent to members of Congress was "flagrantly false," won a narrow election victory. Rt-p. Wayne L. Hays, D-Ohio, said he did not have a campaign until the poll appeared three weeks before the election The committee was told Uialj and his opponcnl made vigo . ihgcnt inquiries turned up only| rous usc of jt tiree or four newsmen who re- ponded to the poll. The poll appeared in the No- ember Issue of the magazine nd played a large roll in the lection campaigns of those atcd as ineffective. One of them. Sen. William E, 'roxmire, D-Wis., said the poll nd a "devastating effect" in lis campaign anc' had perma- Hays said he countered with advertisements listing the titles of >:omc articles in recent issues of Pageant: "How I became 11 kinds of sex expert," "How to undress and please a man," "Sex and the college girl," "why Husbands become lazy lovers and what If; do about it." n Wisconsin. Things were different with th tropical animals: The lions slept on their out door pads and the elephant stomped around their outdoo compound breaking ice. Barry sees drive against Burch as one against him WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Barry Goldwatcr was described by close associates Friday ns saying angrily that the drive against Dean TUirch is really aimed at him and critics nrc "not going to push me out of the Republican party." The defeated GOP presidcn Mal nominee told influential Republicans who talked to him at bis Phoenix home recently ho is solidly behind Dean Burch, chairman of the Republican na- lionnl committee. Burcb's ouster has been sought by some clc- incnl.s of the party, including n rnnjorily of fhc 18 GOP governors and governors-elect. Partisan rift stirred up in interim group DES MOINES (Al')--Contro- vcrsial findings of the Lcgisla- .ive Interim Committee that .here, have been "serious shortcomings in thr: administration of the present highway pro gram," hnve stirred up a partisan hassle within the committee. A report to the )!)(>. r > logisln lure which will be controlled by Democrats was approved by the six Republican members on the committee and released late Thursday. The four Democrats, challenging stntcmcnts made by the GOP members, said they wil draw up a minority report. Although it did not accuse any present or former Jowa Highway Commission member of wrong doing, a section of the majority report said: "H i g h w a y commissioner? must be above reproach in llicii personal and business dculings The Iowa highway program has in the past, been frco of sc»n dai. It must remain so. Lcgisln tion outlawing unethical husi ness and personal dealings o commissioners should bo enact cd promptly." The report did not elaborate on this. ic advertisements: "Is this type of magazine my oppo- cnt is recommending?" Hays on the election wilh 69.5 per ent (jf the vole. Pageant officials refused in- itations to attend the hearings, equestcd by three congressmen on lh(: lisl, and the com- said it was unable to Your weekend MASON CITY — ifl Waterloo nt Mason City Roosevelt Fielflhouso, Fn lay, 8 p.m.; East Water oo swimmers vs. Ma.sot Hity, Adams pool, Satin' :lay, 2 p.m.; Christmas Car wan to view decorations from Sears Shop Center, Sunday, (>:3( run. AUSTIN — Newman a Pacclli, Friday, 8 p.m. M I N N E A I' () I, 1 S — "Pleasure of Ilia Com pnny," Kilyth .Hush The atcr, Saturday, 8:150 p.m. Minneapolis Symp h o n ,v "Nutcracker Smie," North rop Auditorium, Sunday, p.m. Frank W. Berlin is acquitted In street fight trial ELDORA — Frank. W. Berlin, 10-year-old former West DCS Moincs football star who had been Iried on a murder charge, was a free man Friday. The jury in his two-weck-old trial acquitted him late Thurs day of all charges in the death of James Robert Ward, 31, a roofing company employe at Iowa Falls. The youth's father, Frank Berlin II, state aeronautics director, had tears in his eyes as he embraced his wife and took his son's hand after the verdict was announced. Ward, who lived at Williams, was found dead in a car near Iowa Falls Sept. HO. Testimony at the trial concerned a fight young Berlin had with him in Iowa Falls outside a tavern on Sept. 25. The prosecution charged that lead injuries Ward suffered in crvc them wilh subpoenas. A clcgrairi from the publisher, cqueslinjj a postponement of he hen rings until January, was cad inlo the rc-ord. Testimony on the numbers of Congress members replying to he poll was given by Demo ratic and Republican aides to he House and Senate. ' They aid a check wilh all 100 scna- ors turned up only three Dem Dcrats and one Republican who had parliclpatcd in the poll. On he House side, they said, 100 Democrats and 17G Republicans were checked, and only two Re- mblicans said they participat- d. Read into cttcr from the the record wit author of the article, William V. Levy of Uni- •crsity Heights, Ohio, to a Pageant editor discussing the con- cmplatcd poll back in Febru- try )d64. At that time, Levy said he In- ended to have the poll "deter- nine the 10 congressmen who should he sent tumbling Into oblivion." Levy's letter said he hnd dc vised n questionnaire t h a ' 'creeps up" on the member.* so they would be liable to rate heir colleagues for ineffective FRANK BERLIN Gets stern lecture he fight caused his death five days later. The defense was hat he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Berlin and another youth, Roger Kent Wykle, 20, of State Center, were in Iowa Falls the night of Sept. 25 for a football game at Ellsworth Junior Col- cgc, where played. A murder Sen. .Tack Miller, R ; lown Sioux City, was -among those listed as "least effective." Willsons to be honored at clinic LOS ANGELES — Mcrcditl and Rini Wlllson will be guest? of honor Saturday at the anntia Midwest National Bond Clini< in Chicago. Willson composi lions from "The Music Man.' "The Unsinkahle Molly Brown' and "Ilm-'.s Love" will high light the affair. /\ll about Iowa CEDAR RAPIDS — Marion Barbara Viglas, 27, of Lakewood, Ohio, received a 10- year suspended sentence in Municipal Court Thursday as a member of an alleged forgery ring. Seven men previously were given prison both formerly charge against Wyklc was still pending Friday. Young Berlin testified he had consumed a lot of beer and was intoxicated. He said he acted in self-defense in striking Ward. Ben Harris, 60, foreman of the jury which acquitted Berlin told the youth: 'The hop* of the jury is that you understand we do not condone some of the things thai happened, such as drinking on the highways and fighting on the streets . . . Henceforth, we hope you make a man out of yourself and live above reproach." District Judge G. R. Hill had charged the jury on possible conviction for second degree murder, manslaughter, assault with intent to do great bodily harm and assault and battery. KEEP UP TONKIN PATROLS WASHINGTON Mt—The Navy is continuing to send destroyers on periodic patrols of the Chilf of Tonkin, off Ihc coast of North Viet Nam, whore shooting incidents occurred Inst August and September. Approves funds for construction of Iowa colleges DES MOINES (AP) — The Iowa Higher Education Facilities Commission Friday approved for federal funds construction projects proposed by nine state colleges. They were among the firsl institutions to file, as of the Vov. 30 initial deadline, for a share of the $3,843,504 allocated to Iowa for use in physical expansion by its colleges. The commission gave priority to these applications: Clarinda Community College, $27,360; Clinton Community College, $350,7t8; Marshalltown Community • College, $210,989; Dorth College, $117,120; Drake University, $444, 318; Graceland College, $283,124; Parsons College, $301,722; State College of Iowa, $470,000; and Warlburg College, $250,771. Patrolman is shot 4 times ST. PAUL, Minn CAP) — A Minnesota highway patrolman was shot four times by a man ic slopped to question Thursday, but the officer still managed to radio for assistance. The wounded officer is Glen A. Skalman, 28, who remained in critical condition Frfday with four bullet wounds in the face and head. Chicasgo County authentic: said t h H t Edward William Brnwn, 28, who was arrested by Minneapolis police, ( had signed a statement admitting th shooting. The contents were not disclosed. Brown was arrested on the basis of a license num- terms. Authorities said the woman, identified as the only female member of the ring, admitted passing at least $4,400 in forged cashier's checks in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Davenport, Waterloo, Grinnell and Sioux City. * DES MOINES - Nick Louis Fazio, 52, of Des Moines died at a hospital Thursday of injuries suffered in a crash last Saturday that claimed the life of his wife, Ann, 52. Fazio was injured and his wife killed when their car crashed into a bridge railing in Des Moines. * CLINTON - Charles Bert Taylor, 59, of Clinton died Thursday in a fall from a ladder in the car shop of the Chicago and North Western Railway here. Taylor suffered head injuries. Authorities said he fell while repairing a motor which operates a door in the building. * MOLINE, 111. — Jewelry and cash with estimated value of $2,250 were stolen by two men in an armed holdup of Weber's jewelry store here Thursday. The bandits fled with about $2,000 worth of diamonds, rings and watches and $250 in cash. Legislative remodeling controversy DES MOINES {AP}—At least »e member of the special committee named to refurbish the egislative chambers for the re- pportioned and enlarged 1965 egislature is among those who ave objected to committee rocedures. The committee chairman, :ep. William Darrington, R- 'ersia, said after a committee meeting Thursday that "I have akcn. quite a little heat from ome of our members," mainly >ecause the Committee remodeled the lieutenant governor's office without calling for )ids oh the materials. The cost will be more than $8,000. bcr on a notepad in the patrolman's car. Brown is an ex- convict, "Right to work issue blown out of proportion" DES MOINES (AP) — The issue of the right to work law "has been blown up clear on of proportion to its true signifi cancc in this state," Gov. Har old Hughes said Friday. In a speech prepared for dc livery to the Iowa Taxpayers Association Hughes said annual meeting "organi/.ccl labor a going concern in this anc any other state in the union. "I believe that the modifica tion in law that I have suggest cd would result in an incrcas in the pride and self-respect of organized labor in Iowa and would be in the public interest," MAQUOKETA — One Maquoketa area man was killed and another was critically injured Thursday in a head- on collision on Highway 64 three miles west of here. The dead man was Cecil Everett Howell, 42, one of the drivers. Darrell Raymond Ostert, 29, the other driver, was hospitalized in critical condition. No action on tax commission DES MOINES (AP) — Th< legislative Interim Committe' ook no action Thursday on proposals that the three - man !owa Tax Commission be re placed with a single adminis ;rator. Tax Chairman X. T. Prenti said that if the duties were con solidated in one person he woul be more likely to bend to pres sure than three commissioners This view was supported b; committee member Sen. Josepi Coleman, D-Clare. The Interim Committee mad no report or recommendation .n its inquiry into recent dis :urbances at Iowa prisons. Fanfani pushed as new president ROME (AP) — Former Pre mier Amintore Fanfani, th Christian Democrat who p oneered center-left governmen in Italy, was being pushed to ward the Italian presidency Fr day with support from pro-Corn munists. Around the country Weather details S«n. John Walktr, a committee member, is among hose protesting action without bids. Darrington said Thursday the massive remodeling job turned up many items on which immediate action was needed. For example, he said workmen removing old carpet .from the ieutenant governor's office ound that moisture caused the floor to decay. The steam alves had to be replaced be- ore the floor was repaired and new carpet laid. "It's hard to get bids on a lot of these things," Darrington said. "We have to call the committee in here to call for bids and we have to call it back to approve them and all that costs money — sometimes more than we would save by bids." Supplier of draperies, carpet- .ng and furnishings for the lieu- .enant governor's office is Story Kenworthy Co. of Des VIoines, successful bidder on :he major jobs of carpeting the House and Senate chambers. The committee minutes, which bear the notation thai they "were not recorded by the secretary, William R. Kendrick," indicate that two committee members — Darrington and Sen. Franklin S.. Main, D- Lamoni — met at the Storey Kenworthy Co. Nov. 28. These minutes are written onl a Storey Kenworthy Co. letterhead, and they indicate that a I contract to buy $8,280 worth of draperies, carpeting and fur-| nishing for the lieutenant governor's office was awarded to Storey Kenworthy at that time. Also awarded, without bids, was a contract for draperies costing $1,061 for the office of the House Speaker. ; They indicate the action was taken after a telephone poll of five other committee members —Sens: Verne Kyle, R-Parkersburg; Robert Burrows, R-Belle Plaine, and Walker, and Reps. Maurice Barringer, R-Oelwein, Lenabelle Bock, R-Garner. The minutes show that all but Burrows voted by telephone in favor of awarding the contract to Storey 'Kenworthy. But Williams sai I Thursday "I never dreamed they were awarding it without bids." Five-day 'Iowa: Temperatures will average about 5 degrees below normal Saturday through next Wednesday. Nor : mal highs are from the upper 20s north to the middle 30s south. Normal lows are from 8 to 10 above zero north to 15 to 18 south. It will be very cold at the beginning of the period, warming to above normal by Sunday, then turning cooler the first of nejit week. Little or no precipitation is expected. Globe-Gazette weather data up to 8 a.m. Friday: Maximum i Minimum ll Sunrise 7:40 Sunset 4:40 YEAR AGO: Maximum 10 Minimum -11 day, Increasing southwest winds. Lows Friday night 5-10. Righs Saturday 20s east to 30s west. Further outlook — Considerable cloudiness Sunday, turning colder north. Minnesota: Mostly fair through Saturday. Not so cold south and east Saturday, highs 5-15. WEATHER ELSEWHERE By The AisocUled Press H I. Pr. Albany, cloudy Iowa: Generally fair with rising temperatures through Satur- Champion steer to visit Berlin CHICAGO (AP) — "Charg er," 1964 grand champion steer of the International Live Stock Exposition, was donated Thurs day to the Department of Agri culture for display in. West Ber iin's annual agricultural fair in February. 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