Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 17, 1964 · Page 22
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1964
Page 22
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Dee. TT, 19*4 GlotM-Gaxttte, Mason City, fa. vUltne65e6 to I latlvitu By G. ERNEST LYNCH, B.D. (Here is one in a series of imaginative monologues by forerunners and witnesses to the birth of Jesus Christ which attempt to restate the freshness, mystery and awe of His Advent and Nativity.) Reservists can escape going to regular drills By FRED S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON (AP) - There are 181,600 Army enlisted reservists who, if they wish, can escape regular drills throughout the year under the new plan to merge Reserve units into the National Guard, it was learned Thursday. These are men who have served from 4 to 10 months on active duty under a special program and have a remaining reserve training obligation of up to 6 years, minus Ihe time they spent on active duty. Such «n out will not b« avail*- iblc in the future to young men fwho sign up in this "reserve enlisted program" as an alternative to being drafted for two years of active service. Go/us, the Centurion For nearly 35 years I've served as a .soldier in the Koman empire. All that time J'vc been on duty here in this dusty, stinking place called Palestine. 1 enlisted back in the days of Caesar Augustus and just kept re-enlisting. I suppose I'll stay here now until they pension me. No man in the Kan-inon has been posted here as long as I and I've come to know these Jewish people as well as any outsider can,* ~ — -• —• They're proud, stubborn and rc- sentful. They don't appreciate the things our Roman occupti- tion has brought to them and they hold a strange belief in a god called Yahwch and aren't even courteous enough to offer a pinch of incense at the altar of Tiberius. Nothing start* them rioting faster than a religious vow and they're Uic most cxciliihlc fanatics in the world. We conquered their land, hut we'll never win their loyalty. Every year they pack Jcrusa Icm tor their religious {caUvnlg just as they're doing now. One of the real problems we have with them is that they keep believing some old prophecy Hint their soothsayers a n d onicles made hundreds of years ago. I don't understand all of It, but I gr>t the idea thai they believe their god, Ynluvch, will someday send them n great leader named Messiah, and he will restore their freedom and save their nation. They say he will be King of Kings and the •on of God. Even Hie mighty n great light. For unto us a child is born, the Prince of :) eace." I've often wondered whatever H-cainc of that little family. I liite to think of it, but there's a errible chance the baby was slaughtered when mad old Herod sUirlcd killing infants. Too bad. Phis world could use n Saviour. 1 hml I ho same thought on duty (his nftenioon. We cruci- icd three men, two thieves and a (|uiel, gentle follow who Caesars will kneel before him ant! all nations will call him "blessed." Though they've waited h u n- drcds of years for the prophecies to come true, they won't give up. Hut so far, thank Jupiter, our informers hnve always lipped us off when trouble's brewing and we've moved in fast to break it up. Big as these crowds arc today, they're not as had as those I remember back in the early days of my service out here. The first garrison I was assigned to was a little outpost a few miles south of here in a town called Bethlehem. Tim! was the year when Caesar Augustus decreed that all the world should be taxed. I was on guard duty one night patrolling the old gale, ami about midnight somelhing very queer happened: A strange light shone on the Iiiil where shepherds watch over their flocks. And then I heard beautiful music, as if a choir were sing Ing! A short time later some shepherds came to the gate wanting to offer gifts and homage to the newborn saviour, their Messiah. The captain of the guard detailed me to follow them and see what they were up to. Can you imagine where tlicy went? To the stable back of the inn. A peasant couple was staying there, and the girl had just had claimed lo be the Son of God. Who knows? Perhaps he was. Vicki can't see, but she is healthy By RAY JIMISON BOWLING GREEN, S.C. (AP) — Vicki Wray, the lot whose battle with an eye ailment lugged nl Ihe nation's learlstrings last Christmas has grown two inches and is 12 jxmml.s heavier. Vicki seems just like any oilier y.'j-year-nld although she is totally blind. She lost her second eye lo a rare disease, retina glastomn, last March !). The oiicrnliiin apparently saved her Irish win Goldfarb injunction NEW YORK (AP) — Notre Dame, accustomed lo scoring points on the athletic field, made them in Stale Supreme Court here Thursday. The university won a tempo rary injunction against the showing of a new motion piclure entitled "John Goldfarb, Please Come Home," and further publi- calion of Ihe novel on which Ihe film was based. Supreme Court Justice Henry Clay Greenbcrg upheld Ihc university's conlention that the movie and novel "knowingly and illegally" misappropriated for commercial exploitation the name, symbols and prestige of the institution and its football team. Grccnbcrg also termed Ihc movie script "ugly, vulgar and tawdry." He said neither Ihc film nor the novel by William Pcler Jilatty was in any way "depend cnt upon or logically related to Ihe subject of the University ol Notre Dame." The movie, produced by 20th Century-Fox al a reported cosl of $4 million was to have opened on Christmas Day. Us plol deals with a U2 pilot Wrong Way Goldfarb, who crashes his craft on a spying mission to Russia in a mythica Arabian kingdom. Goldfarb, a former All - America tootna 1 player, is prevailed upon by th king lo field a gridiron team t challenge Notre Dame in hope of avenging a supposed wron done the king's son by the un vcrsity. The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh president of Notre Dame, ha said that one scene depicts No tre Dame players under the in fluencc of harem girls and a "undisciplined gluttons a n i drunks." Oilier defendants named ii the suit arc Doubledny and Co Inc., and Fawcett Publications Inc. They arc the publishers o I he hardcover and papcrbac editions of tlic book. Fnwcctl has said that as of Nov. I, some 200,000 copies of the book had lifo, been distributed. The practice has been for liem to enlist in either a He- erve or Guard unit, take their 4 o 10 months of basic training, hen return to civilian life where icy have been obligated to drill weekly and to go to summer raining camp for two weeks ach year. Th* n«w program announced y Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara last weekend ives such enlisted reservists a way of avoiding weekly drills, 'though some of them wouid be able for the yearly two weeks' ummcr training. This is because defense offi- ials have decreed that the Na- onal Guard, being expanded to strength of 550,TWO with the ddition of about 150,000 reserv- sts, shall be an all-volunteer orce. They have said that if a man ocs not want to accept service a Guard unit, he could be ransferred to a reserve man- ower pool. This pool now totals more ban 453,000 officers and men who still have reserve obliga- ions but do not drill and are not ssigncd to units. In effect, they re names on a list, subject to mobilizalion in an emergency. Asked for a formal explana on of Ihe way men in thii \rrny Reserve enlisted group will be affected, the Defense )epartment said: 'Under Ihe new program they will be offered an opporlunity, vherevcr possible to join a Na- ional Guard unit. "If this is not possible, or if hey do not choose lo join a jiiard unit, they will be as- igned lo the ready reserve mo lilization reinforcement pool. "Men in the pool will continue o have an obligation for annual military training or mobilization until their respective six-year ibligation has been completed." GIs shot, piled up in battle KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - t was Dec. 17, 11)44, and outside he little town of Malmedy in Belgium, Cpl. John A. O'Connell stood in a snowy field with some L50 members of Battery B, 285th Field Artillery. They had been overrun by Hitler's panzer divisions and captured as the Germans made their last big push to stay the allied invasion in the Battle of the Bulge. "We figured Hie rest of the world war would be a concentration camp for us," said 0'- Conncll, now a middle-aged manager for a baking company "I remember talking about it with my buddy Dave O'Grady." Suddenly a German command car moved along the road beside them with the tanks from the 1st Panzer SS Regiment. "A man in the command car stood up and took careful aim and fired into us," O'Connell said. "That was the signal, ] guess, for the machincguns in the tanks lo fire. I took one in the shoulder and went down \ fe.V' vfe 'It's a miracle," said Vicki's mother, Korris Wray, 33. "I thought for a while 1 was going to lose my little girl." If no trace of tin: disease appears by the time Vicki is 0, doctors say she will he pronounced cured. Hotli of Yield's eyes were removed lo keop tiie malignancy from spreading. A year ngo — just a week he- fore Christmas — Vicki's story was told to the nation. Site WHS scheduled to lose her second eye and her father, Robert Wray, wanted to give her an early Christmas. With heavy hospital and medical hills, Wray, n $M)-a-week textile worker, wns prepared for a bleak Christmas for Vicki and her night brothers nnd sisters. When the nation read stories of Virki's plight, it responded with hundreds of gifts and thousands of dollars. Letters, cards and money poured into the tiny post office at Bowling Green. When (lie outpouring was over, about $18,000 had been sent to the Wray family. The money was put in a trust fund Notre Dame sought no monetary damages in its action, nsk- ing only to restrain exhibition of the film and further publication of the novel. Pending further action on the injunction, Justice Grccnberg Someone fell across my legs fell face down, my hand on Dave's back. He had been hit in Ihc chest. Then the German infantrymen began to fire into us. "I couldn't believe it. I kept asking myself 'Why? Why?' baby. The shepherds went over! for Vlckl - " Is llsod onl - v lo P n >' to the manger where the mother• |los l )ilal nlul had laid the child, and then they for '"'"'SMlies. knelt and worshiped him. and said the parties may ask immc-|Thcn r prayed. Dave was a diatc trial of Ihc issues if thcy| Cnll| olic like me and I tried to desire. » g<'t him lo pray but be just Comment on the justice's rul-!« :ls P (lti " ing Thursday was not immediately available from any of the defendants. Viet hunger strike ends SAIGON, South Viet Nam (AIM — Kive hundred Buddhist monks and nuns ended a 2-l-bour hunger strike Thursday, but Bud- dhisl leaders made plans lo keep up their campaign against Ihe government of Premier Tran Passing tanks added their fire "just like a bunch of kids with air rifles," Then the Germans came into the field ami clubbed, stabbed and shot the helpless captives on the ground. Another bullet passed through O'Connell' band. O'Grady died.I f.nte that nfternoon the light' began to fade and a German' 1 soldier walked up and shot O'Connell in the head. The bullet, went through the side of his face nnd lodged in bis mouth. He spat it out. As darkness came near a sources predicted nnd slrcet ago, Vicki now weighs .19 pounds. Her complexion is still palo, but no]y ci.~ ifiii ,T/» i,* M,,I.« u.v^. scene as clearly as I could that! *'": w ™ R0 l " Duko , ! !ospitnl wintrv nipht- Tho ,iim ii, r!°" Jiln ' 2 for another of her regular six-month checkups. Bandit admits to victim that he also is nervous SUm.AND, Md. (AP)—One of two bandits engaged in robbing a liquor store pointed his gun at Leon B. Zandwill, the clerk, and said: "Don't worry. I'm as nervous as you are." His fellow bnndit, meantime, went to the cash register and removed about $150. Then the two escaped. ii, wintry night: The dim lij;hl of the stable, the beautiful mother sweetly singing to lu-r infant son, the simple dignity of her husband and the awe-struck devotion of the shepherds. Somehow I knew that God had created that scene and the shepherds were right to adore the precious child. At I stood in the stable yard watching all tnic-, I knew, as surely as I've ever known anything, that I was seeing something perfect — beauty, humility, love and peace — all perfect. And in that tableau I •ensed what their prophet meant when he oaid: "The people thai walked in darkncrs have seen U.S. Ambassador Maxwell D. Taylor scheduled a meeting with Huong to discuss the situa-l tion. The Buddhist drive to topple ( Huong's regime was credited| with causing the resignations: Wednesday of Education and Cultural Minister Than Tan Chuc nnd Tran Thuc Linh, a deputy chief of the information! Ministry. Came a fcw i swers. group of wounded jumped up and ran for a patch of trees, it safely through Other ministers are known to be wanting to get out of the government, but Huong lias asked that they remain until the situation has calmed. Fail to elect new president ROME (AP) — The Italian Parliament failed Thursday in a third ballot to elect a new president for Italy. On subsequent ballots only a simple majority is required for election, but no candidate has come close to getting even that. three miles away they came near a town and O'Connell volunteered to go in and see if it was occupied by Hermans or Americans. "I figured I should have died in that field. I was going to get it over with, one way or another. So 1 went in. "Americans were In the town. A colonel who listened wouldn't lielievo my story until my buddies came and told the same thing." That was the end of the war for O'Connell. Not until Jan. 13, 1945, when Americans recaptured the town did they find the evidence of one of the most Infamous slaughters of unarmed prisoners. E:Rhly-!iix bodies of American soldiers were found riddled with bullets in that snowy field three miles from Malntcdy. Transport Timetable AIR Mason City Municipal Airport Eactbound—fi:30 a.m., (F27>. 2:05 p.m. (F27) 8:24 p.m. Westbi/und—9:29 a.m., 4:31 p.m. . 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Fed., S30 mo Ph. 423-0135. 3 BEDRM. brick home, IVi baths, carpeted living and dining rm., hot water heat. In Manly. Ph. 454-2560. FOR RENT—L a r g e 3 bedroom home with attached garage. Also 2 bedroom home with at tached garage. Very nice 2 bedroom duplex. Ph. 423-8786 or 4237413. * Mobile Homes 34A FALL SALE Looking for a Used Mobile Home? You'll find them at Paul's, A large stock of trade-Ins in all sizes. Also our huge stock of travel trailers, mobile homes and 20' and 24' homes are all on our fall sale. Over 60 units to pick from— all top quality. For the best deal in the Trl-States, sec us now. New good quality 10' wide mobile homes as low as $3,275.00. Delivered and set up at no charge, year guarantee on all units. We trade. Low rate bank financing, parts, accessories, service, transporting. --YOUR NORTH IOWA'S LARGEST DEALER PAUL'S MOBILE HOME SALES Highway 18 West Mason City, Iowa Watch for the spinning top Phone 424-4573 or 423-«479 404 So. Monroe — 423-0675 AFTER HOURS CALL "Jerry"-Torgerson — 423-9481 Jon McCuskey — 423-1392 FOR SALJ5—K»mp. bear*— jurt tested a fr«h M of April bo»s. II you want boo*, ham and rue- «edae*» MC tfcct*, 1-1 loia «y«. Jocepfa Skow, Wetley, la. FOR SALE—Hef. S.F.F. free) Hampshire and Duro« boar*. 6chnekierm»n Bro*., t mL N., 1 mi. W.. V4-raL N. ol BrUtow. FOR SALE—Poland China boari. farrowed In Juae, July 4 Aug. Milton Charlton k Son, Lak* Millf. FOR SALE — P.B. Cheater Whit* boars, with length and type. Boyd Hodson, Plymouth, Iowa, FOR SALE— 2 small pool*!. IdeU Xmi* gilts. Ph. 424-10*4. _ FOR SALE " Extra food Rcf. Appaloota »tud colt. 1* mos. old. Buckskin with nice white blanket over hip*, atrip* down his back, zebra Write — lefs, SI Inchei tall. G. R. MONTGOMERY Lyndon, Kansas or ph. 828-4855 P.B. Black Poland China boars. Best of blood lines. 3V4 ml. N. of Nicholas Turkey Farm on Hwy, 18. L. W. Luick. FOR SALE—Spotted Spring Boari. Bosslter t Thompson, Hwy. 9— 1 N. fc Y, West Thompson. FOH SALE—25 go o d Hereford cows; also 15 black springers, preg. guar. G. W. Kafer, 3 mL E., quar. mi. S. of Rockwell. FOR SALE—2 bedroom, large kitchen, att. gar., or trade for larger home. .424-2977, 423-9367. Forms tor Sale 39 R. D. Shoop. Beck Bros Co., 663 15th S.E. Ph. 423-5654. Eves. Ph. 423-8456. INSTEAD of an ad TODAY Read our Message elsewhere in this paper. Look for the circle with the office sign of the Stuart Realtors. SINCE 1934 FL 7-2171 — CLEAR LAKE Hancock County: Two high producing farms with March 1 possession. 103 A. nr. Klemme. All Webster soil. Good house and barn. S415. 186 A. nr. Britt. All Webster & Clarion soil with adequate bldgs. A choice Investment. $337.50 per A 'MILLER REALTORS Britt, Iowa BOARS For Sale: Spotted Boars. Choi., erv. vacc., brucellosis tested. Wayne Toppin 6 miles S. of Clear Lake on Hwy. 107. 3>A ml. West. Tel. Ventura, VA 9-2592 FOR SALE—P.B. D u r o c boar* and open gilts. Vacc. and tested. Also Reg. Hereford bulls. Francis Lcsch. Ph. 732-5033, Osage, la. FOR SALE HAMPSHIRE BOARS Vacc. and tested. Dennis O'Keefe 4 mis. E., 2 mis. N. 1st pi. W. of Manly, la. P.B. SPOTTED boars. Vacc. and tested. 1 ml. No. Ideal Sand * Gravel, 424-2956. FOR SALE—B i g rugged Duroe boars. Tested for Bangs and Lepto. Vacc. and guar. Lyle Barkema, 8 ml. S. of Ventura. BERKSHIRE boars. Guar. Also 30 head Berk, feeder plgi. Fred Elchman, St. Ansgar, 736-4789. Hampshires Big, rugged Registered Hampshire Boars with extra length and bone. Ready for service. Cut out and back fat probe figure* available. All priced reasonable. Maurice Weitz Tele. 437-2768 — Austin, Minn. 65 FEEDER pigs, 8 wks. old. 1 mi. north of Rock Falls, three- quarter ml. west. FARM WANTED — Best buy In Cerro Gordo or Franklin Co. that S8-$10,000 do^n will buy. Write M-17, Globe-Gazette. * Machinery 41 FARROWING CRATES — Steel with creep panels, $19.95. Free literature. Dolly Enterprises, 703 Main, Colchester, 111. 1954 SUPER M live 2-way hyd. Contact Alto or John Backhaus, Hanlontown. Ph. 905. SNOW REMOVAL EQUIPMENT Blades and Plows for Jeeps. A. C. B-10 Tractor with Snow Blower Snow-Bee Blower for sidewalks and drives. Tractor and loaders with snow buckets. Be prepared . . . CALL US TODAY! SCHROEDER IMPLEMENT 2401 S. Fed. "Ford and A.C. Dealer" Snow in the'Forecast! Stop Today, Beat the Rush T754—Super Six with 2 buckets * 75 1959 Stan Hoist—With Snow Bucket $195 2090 Caswell with one bkt. ... J 75 2327 ,Stan Hoist—3010—4010 mlds., hyd. bucket. snow and maniac $545 2299 Hyd. Loader, nice 1175 2360 J.D. 45 with Hyd. Bucket $495 2361 J.D. 45 with Snow Bucket $425 2365 J.D. 45 with snow bucket $375 WOOLUMS IMP. Mason City — Ph. 423-2412 "John Deere Dealer." SADDLE HORSE and PONY SALE Forest City Sale Barn SAT., DEC. 19 — 8 p.m. Lots of good broke horses and ponies. * Dogs, Birds, Pets 43 duced prices for Xmas for on« week only. 207 2nd S.W. BOSTON Terrier female pup, A. K.C. registered. Gordon Blanchard, 1036 1st N.W. SALE—Pups, border Collie and Shepherd cross, J5 each. Satisfaction guar. Homer Psrdun, I ml. S. of Cent. Hgts. Ph. 822-3663, Rockwell. * Misc. for Sale 44 FOR SALE—Wire and wood muskrat and ' mink stretchers. Ph. 423-6805. Weather COLD Deals HOT . . . New low winter prices now in effect at — RAYBURN MOBILE HOMES Hwy. 65 So. — Mason City 15 x 8 2 Bedrm. Great Lakes, exc. cond. Ph. 6503, Hanlontown. jr Houses forSgle 35 FOR SALE 4 bedroom home in Kensett. Can be used as 2 apartments. Kitchen and bath upstairs and kitchen and bath downstairs. METHUS REALTY Phone 324-2381 Northwood, Iowa CONTRACT Neat 2 bedroom home, could be 3, close to High School. Large living room, good kitchen, full basement. Garage. Beautifully landscaped. 66 foot lot. Assume owner's contract. $8,000 Hiway 18 E. - Clear Lake Ph. FL 7-4427 N-O-T-I-C-E We will be closed between Christmas and New Years to give our men a vacation. EMERGENCY CALLS 423-8760 KARSTENS IMP. — Mason City — Ph. 423-8973 "OLIVER—BRADY DEALER- TREE stump removal, anywhere. Free est. Ph. 423-9493. Les Heit- lancl. 60€ S. Virginia, Mason City. Pre-Inventory Sale on New Equipment I.H.C. authorizes $500 trade allowance on new M-H Pickers. Early traders bonus at 5% on new machine. Buy now. 306 Gas Tractor, fully equipped $5,400 1—H.C. No. 37 14-ft. disc $875 1—H.C. No. 37 13-ft. disc $810 No. 550 Plow, 5-16 in $1,040 No. 175 - 175 bu. PTO Spreader $845 No. 130 - 130 bu. PTO Spreader $675 FISCHER Chev. & Implement Rockford, Iowa Open evenings ANTIQUE gold and oyster whit* are 2 of the many new color* that can now be mixed at Schwanke Paint Co., Hwy. 65 south. Mason City. Ph. 423-9923. CHRISTMAS Special! Venetian waU mirrors ...from $7.95j door mirrors . . . $14.55. Free Installation before Xmas only. Schwanke Paint Co., Hwy. SJ south. Mason City. Ph. 423-9923. FOR SALE—19 In. TV and stand. $150 tape recorder, cheap. Northern seal coat', E:. 16, exc. cond. Nice china cupboard. 313 4th N.E. SLATE top pool table, 4V£x9. Ph. 395-2916 Rudd. BILL THOKA3 sells good dry oak fireplace wood, S14 ton delivered. Ph. FL 7-5060, Clear Lake. NEW Carrier 50,000 gas hanging heater. Special price $139.00. Ray E. Pauley. 425 So. Fed., 423. 7032. LIONEL TRAIN set. Exc. cond. 423-2685. FOR SALE — Homko snow blow, er, like new. J100. Ph. 424-2307. LAWNMOWER CLEARANCE Reg. 44.95 — 18" Elec. Mower Reg. 84.95 — 18" Reel Mower Reg. 69.99 — 22" Rotary Mower ... Reg. 65.99 — 20" Rotary Mower .... Reg. 129.50 — 21" self-prop, mower Reg. 169.99 — 4 HP Rider Mower ... 28 50 59 s8 49" 47" 69" 119 OTHER ITEMS ON CLEARANCE Livestock 42 239.95 — 6.5 Bulk Tank 129.95 — Single Chain Elev. Y .. 489.00 25 HP Wis. Engine 49.95 — 8-Bu. Creep Feeder .. 439.95 — 1% HP Grain Bryer 129.95 — Saddles 199 99 239 39" 219 (6 kinds) 77 59.95 — Block Maker 239.95 — 30 gal. air Compressor w/eng 16.95 — 24" BBQ 165 Q99 For the one headgate that catches calves, cattle, and __..-.. . ,, hogs, also farrowing stalls. 5 ' 20 ' 2 ? should re «d $64.70 in- i ...-.- WARDS FARM STORE MASON CITY Fertilizer For Sale Write Sheriff Mfg. & Dist. Goodell, Iowa Phone 58741 stead of 84.70, 50 or 80 Ib. bags. Oswald Strand & Son Manly, la. _ Ph . 4^.3234

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