Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 17, 1964 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1964
Page 18
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BUZ SAW Yin For ALL th* Newt. Read the Globe-Gazette BY Roy Crane MUFH.S THE TKIEPHONE: AT irxk.*/ jnt, ic.u(-r owi^c n I »d THE INTRUDERS FACE... i CONFOUND THAT BED v POST.' , usr AS me KNIFE THRUSTS DOWNWARD AT HISHEART.BUZ LUNGES FROM THE BEP... REX MORGAN, M.D. Ust • Globe-Gazette Classified Ad By Del Curtis OR.MORGrtNISHERE IN THE HOSPITAL/ ™£«*jy / WHAT ABOUT IT? YOU ^ MYSHOWf r I WERE SUPPOSED TO GO ) ON AT EIGHT/I CALLED ^ MURPHMD TOLD HIM VOU WERE SICK...COULDN'T MAKE IT/ WOULD YOU FflGE HIM, PlEft5£ ...AND TELL HIM TO STOP BY \R. SWTB.L'S ROOM? Ever happen to you? by Bud Bfokt KlPsS SIFT IN HIS L_ DONALD DUCK The Globe-Gazette's edited for the home By Walt Disney t iOPE VOU CANjtOP COURSE, r E A »OWTlE.A( Stl-UV r criRTAiNLV n ( IT'S t CAN'T.' v—^ I<f SIMPLE.' r^- X' ' I TIC BOWS IN MY APRON STRINGS \WITHOUT EVEN i ' LOOKING. 1 • — ;ZY /THAT (rrc \TO f rr DOESN'T scrM") l[ SHT...J—^yiJ „ V /"-; THE FLINTSTONES You'll find Globe-Gazette comics are the best- By Hanna and Barbara YOU NEEC? SOME TAKE C?/NO A WALK.' CANY YOU'CO ANVTHJN& BUT UOU-V<S-AG AROUNP ALX. PAY AMP <SROW FAT? ARCHIE Complete North Iowa and Southern Minnesota news coverage By Paul Robinson TO.TELL ARCHIE, WHY "\YOU... DID YOU WANT/ I TO WALK ON ^\I WANT THE BOARDWALK.?) TO TAKE YOU TO THE PROM GOSH/ THAT STOPPED HER DEAD IN HER TRACKS.'..SHE'S WITH EMOTION/ WHY ARE VOU STANDING THERE STARING? OIO / NO I STUN YOU ? /"MY HEEL^\ I IS CAUGHT/ J BOS MOiflkA n-n BLONDIE Your dally newspaper—the total selling medium By Chic Young ( VVHAT ) I WA!, -A ( THAT"? Jl \r -o^.* ..#& •> '"••4 I BOUGHT MVSEL-P ) A PITCH PIPE —•^ POP MV aATHTUB MARY WORTH Shop In Mason City—AgrldustrUI Center of North Iowa Dennis the menace A Oryptofr*nt Quotation KT PKV LE DVHF YV V D T *T BL.WW VDTNTJTP VF M YKHVFT.— J M Q J TFMHAOTE Yctiterclay't* Oryptoquoto: BENEFITS OBLIGE AND OBLIGATION IS THRALDOM.—THOMAS HOBBES G(ob«.Gaiette, Mat** CKy, U. Ox. If, W4 Live Within Income How to go broke By MARY FBBLEY Consultant in Money Management D«ar Miss Feeley: i I've been too proud to admit defeat, but now J really need help with our financial problems. My husband and I are guilty of thoughtless spending habits. However, I'm ready and willing to go on a strict budget and will stay with it, no matter how uncomfortably tight it fits! My husband's take-home pay ia $1,440 a month. We owe about $3,500 on instalment purchases. Other expenses are: •*• House, $208; about $250 for food; expenses on two cars, $90; insurances, $138.30; utilities, $60; college loan, $108; personal property tax, $8.50; donations, $100. In August, we pay our Insurance on the two cars and fire, theft, etc., on the bouse, $501. In addition, there's the miscellaneous monthly list: Dry cleaning, $8; milk man, $25; newspapers, $3.25; bus fare and tuition, $28; police protection, $3.30 (we live in » suburb); junk man, $2. ACROSS 1. Foot dint 4. 0w*b-ltke implement T.BirdM •tomach. name 10, Hale duck 11, Extreme IS. Anxious 14. Water nymph. 15. Level 16. Close to 17. Single unit 18. Father: affect, ». Title of ruler: Persia 21, Faahion M. Kind of architecture 27. Not closed M. Sell 30. Sleeveless garment 33. Indefinite article 34. Rumanian coins 35. To let down 37. An ancient language 38. Beetle 89. Incites 40. Young of the herring 41. Organ of smell 42. Scotch. river 43. Point DOWN 1. Type of drama 2.Th*Old Bucket" 5. Pitcher 4. Certain land mass 6. Wide- mouthed jar 6. Inner yard open, to theuky 7, Tie 9. Girl'* nickname 10. Feat* 12. Bever- W. Ex- clama- tion 19. Divide 20. Hunting cry 22. Behold! 24. Tidiest 26. Light 26. Mints aanna canasta asa ana on@ cants ana nara 0as aanaa ararasa r EM 34. 36. 28. Half an em 30. Awing 31. Shell 32. Prize 37. Hindu gentleman One of the Great Lake* Disembark 10 50 27 19 37 20 We have five children^ One Is now in college, the others-^ aged 15, 11, 7 and 5. Two of them are in a parochial school, which means the added burden of bus fare and monthly tuition and cost of books. Two of the children have dental braces, now paid for, but must have their teeth cleaned every four months. We hate to economize here after spending almost $3,000 on their 2Vi year program. My husband spends about $1.50 per day on lunch. We would like to give the two older children allowances. The 15-year-old gets $3 per week for his lunches at school. My husband's hospitalization is paid for by the company, and we put $25 a month into the credit union. Mrs. W.D.C., Indianapolis, Ind. Dear Mrs. C., Right off the bat, I'll say that you simply cannot afford $100 a month for donations, with the obligations you have. Neither can you afford a $90 a month car-operating bill. Two cars may be necessary, considering the size of your family. But you're going to have to cut both of them down to minimum use. The expenses you list account for $1,118 of your $1,440 a month income. That leaves $322 to cover clothing, upkeep, your personal allowance, your husband's personal allowance, ditto for the two older children, entertainment, gifts, paying off your indebtedness — and savings! I suggest that you cut tho amount of donations and car operation so that, combined, the savings on both these items equal $100 a month. This $100 should be paid on the $3,500 debt. This may hurt, but for the time being it's necessary. While your food allotment is in line with your income, it's not in line with your budget! Your family should certainly be able to live comfortably oa $1,440 take-home pay a month. Hobby Club Flat-bed toy wagon By CAPPY DICK A handy boy can make the flat-bed toy wagon shown in Figure 3 as a gift for a small brother or sister who use it to haul toys from place to place. You will need two empty thread spools (Figure 1) and a By Siundarsand Ernst 1 HAT'S IMPO«IRLt! •••Wf 6UARANTU.O TIIL "BONNlf. OATMEAL YOU WOULD NtVER. TR.AVLL \ "THEN I'LL KELP • IHL APPOINTMENT ALONE! -, . DWt,wtcANTrJ| TjlADW c; HUSH V M1S4 H5HLR! THAT'S MLl^^RR, WHO OWN$ 7Ht -I* "PLANET" UKEi YOUR. PEfOP-MANCE, HtU HAVt you WORX THE ENTIRE. CKAiN MM. WORTH-- DID VOU MIAN IT WHCN YOU TOLD ME VOU WERE FOOT-LOOSE.-AND FRIL AS A SUMMER. BREEZE? ^ BRICK BRADFORD WHY NOT ? HE WOU^S^P^M^™ THE •5ENP HIM |Mi \t/~-p~ Globe-Gazette—"The Newspaper Th»t M«k«s All North lowani Neighbor*" i 1 i BEETLE BAILEY PLACED IN By Paul Norri* PLACED I C*PG ^..PiNE 1 . THAT MAV Q1V6 M& A CHANCE TO PLJ.MCH ^ •YOU IM THfc Glob»-O*z«ft« adi wilt itrttch your shopping dollars DIP t TELL VCD BEcTLE'S S I? STAVlMS WlTM liiecc of board about nine inches wide and 14 inchrs loriR (Figure 2). SAW the spools in half. Each half will form n wlirel of the wagon. Use nails as the nxlos. The heads of the nails must be larue enough to keep the spool halves from slipping off. Slip the nails into the spool holes, then hammer the nails into the sides of the hoard (Figure 3). Do not pound the nails in so far they prevent the spools from ANNOUNCE WINNERS OF SCRAMBLED BEADS Winners of scrambled heads in !!)<• picture-addition puzzle contest arc Virginia Vial, 9, 1645 7th Place SW; Chory DC Vries, 11, H2'J So. Hampshire Place; (iary Mineart, M. 810 S. President; Valerie Gainer, 9, Route '2. Charles City, and Deborah jHiicbnor, 1), Grafton. The prizes arp delivered by mail. ;rotating as the wagon is pulled i along the floor. i Attach a cord to one of the jends of the wagon so ihe child By Mort Walker^ 0 whom you give i( may easily pull it. Show Ihe youngster now In load toys on the flat-bed and haul them aroumi. He'll have fun with this easily- made gift FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS CHARLES CITY- Golden Years Fellowship of the Congregational Church elected officers at their Christmas meeting which was preceded by a potluck dinner. Mrs. Allison Musser was named president; Edna ., vice president, and Mrs. Carrie Lampman. secretary(treasurer. IA9KOM • TV Thursday p.m. 5:00 5:30 4:00 6:25 4:30 7:00 8:00 8:35 9:00 10:00 10:05 10:20 10:30 11:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:45 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:25 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:20 :00 :30 :00 :30 :00 3:30 4:00 Huckleberry Hound CBS Newt Regional and Local Ntws Weather Report Th* MuniUrs Ptrry Mason Password Baileys of Balboa The DeUndtrs Weather News Sports Organ Program Battle of Tarawa Friday a.m. Sunrise Semester Capt. Kangaroo Spanish Classes Industry On Parade Andy of Mayb«rry The McCoys Love of Life CBS News Search for Tomorrow Guiding Light Friday p.m. Noon News Weather As the World Turns Markets Password House Party To Tell the T>sjJh Edge of Night Secret Storm Jack Benny KGLO Children's Christmas Party Former Miss America, Mary Ann Mobley Stars Thursday On PERRY MASOH--7 P. M. A beautiful model, played by Miss Mobley, figures in an ugly murder trial titled, "Case of the Blonde Bonanza." Join The Fun As MITCH MILLER AND CAROL CHANNING PLAY PASSWORD 8 P. M. Thursday On TV-3 See The Children Of Your KGLO Friends On KGLO CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS PARTY Telecast On BART'S CLUBHOUSE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18 FROM 4 TO 5 P. M. KGLO RADIO •MASON CITY Thursday p.m. 5:00 News 5:10 Anthony Sports 5:15 Rush Hour 5:44 Business News 5:45 Lowell Thorn a* 5:55 Sports Time • :N News, Sports, Markets, Weather 6:15 NIGHT RADIO T3 7:00 CBS News 7:10 Evening Report 7:15 Worldwide Sports 7:30 Cronkite Reporting 7:35 Pat Boom Show 7:40 NJGHT RADIO 13 8:00 Inauguration of President Bowen 9:00 M.C, Jr. College Choir 9:30 CBS World Tonight f :4J KGLO News, Sports and Weather I0;00 Music for Listening Friday a.m. MORNING RADIO 13 News, Weather and o:25 Weather Farm Reporter News CBS World News MORNING RADIO 13 News, Sports, Weather Damon's News MORNING RADIO 13 Morning Report and 9:00 News Arthur Godfrey CBS News House Party Dear Apby Lefs Talk to Lycy Top O'the Morning CBS News Home Town News Osage Open House Ask Miss Fickett Friday p.m. CBS News Markets Luncheon with Ron News Farm Highlights Weather CBS News In Hollywood Afternoon Radio 13 Woman's World CBS News Fashion Notes CBS News Personal Closeup CBS News Christmas Fantasy Rush Hour Harry Reasoner Rush Hour Tb» Mason Ciiy Junior Colleq* CHOIR 5:25 6:00 • slO 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:50 8:15 8:30 8:50 8:55 9:10 10:00 10:10 JO.-30 10:35 10;45 11;00 11:10 Il:2« 11:55 12:00 12:10 12:15 12:30 12:45 12:55 1:00 1:10 1:15 1:30 2:00 2:30 4:44 4:45 4:58 RADIO 13 At P. M. Tfcurmday i

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