Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on February 2, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1972
Page 3
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ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., FEB. 2, 1972 Page 3 Manchild needs a strong dose of discipline, too By Abigail Van Buren t«s itn M CMcss* TflkSSS-N. Y. Ntwt in*., I«C] DEAR ABBY: I have two of the sloppiest, laziest, smart- mouthed teen-aged kids that ever walked the earth: a girl, 16, and a boy, 17. Their father thinks that in order to get along with them he has to be their "buddy". When they do poorly in school, he never blames them. He says, "The teachers don't know how to teach any more." When the kids break or damage something because they're rough and careless, Papa says, "Those manufacturers don't make things like they used to." He's always making excuses for the kids instead of trying to teach them better. If the kids open up a loud mouth to me and I try to show them I'm boss, my husband says, "You'll have to forgive Mamma, she's going thru her 'change'." [I am not!] So tell me, Abby, how can a mother raise decent kids with a husband who acts like a teen-ager? Please don't sign my name or he'll have me committed. WIFE OF A "TEEN-AGER" DEAR WIFE: Since yours is the only adult mind at your house, yon will have to be firmer and try harder to enforce the discipline. And much as I oppose belittling Papa, in your ease, I 'll make an exception, and say, "Don 't mind Papa. He's entering his second childhood." DEAR ABBY: I lost my husband less than two weeks ago, and in that short time I have already been propositioned twice. One friend suggested that we get a bottle and go to a motel. [He said that was all I needed.] The other friend said if I went away with him for the weekend it would help me adjust to my sorrow quicker. Abby, I know my husband is dead, and there is nothing I can do to bring him back, but can a woman who has really loved her husband jump into something like this with another man so soon? I am not a sex-starved young girl. I am in my forties and have grown children. Please tell me if I am behind the times. STILL GRIEVING DEAR STILL: No. You need new Mends,. . DEAR ABBY: I am ten years old and people say I am smart. I am on the neighborhood football team. My problem is my Dad. He wants me to wear a helmet and I don't want to wear a helmet because nobody else wears one. Please help me deckle. NO HELMET / ,rOEAR NO: If "nobody" on your neighborhoodifeafr/ wears, a full face helmet, you're-on the wrong team. Helmets : are Important. Everybody who plays football should wear them. DEAR ABBY: I have looked in every etiquette book I could find, and I can't find the answer to this question: , When you invite someone to a party, is it proper for them to ask, "Who else will be there?" I would never think of asking such a question when someone invites me to a party, but I have had it put to me many times. Is it proper? WANTS TO KNOW DEAR WANTS: No. When extending an invitation, the thoughtful hostess mentions what kind of party she's having in order to clue the guests in on what to wear, but if she doesn 't say who else will be there, it's impolite to ask. [One just goes and takes his chances.] Must Cough Up Proof of Cold Remedy WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Trade Commission has asked for documentation of advertising claims made by the nation's major cough-and-cold remedy makers. Sixteen manufacturers were ordered to show their claims were proven. They have 60 days in which to comply. The action is the latest in a recent series of FTC demands that advertisers authenticate the claims they make for their products. Car makers, air-conditioner manufacturers and makers of toothpaste and denture cleaner have been among the previous manufacturers ordered to show their claims were true. Although the order does not say current advertising is false for the cold-and-cough-remedy makers, it does mean the claims must be documented. Some of the claims the FTC is concerned about include: — Contac provides relief from symptoms of a summer cold for up to 12 hours. — 4-Way Nasal Spray provides effective decongestant relief as fast or faster than other decongestants. — Alka Seltzer Plus cold tablets provide effective relief from the sneezing, sniffling, stuffy nose, sinus headache, body aches and feverish feeling which may accompany a cold. Warner-Lambert Co. of Morris Plains, N.J., which makes Listerine products, said it is ready to document claims about four of its products listed by the FTC. Menley and James Laboratories of Philadelphia said they can substantiate ads for Contac and C-3 cough capsules. Draft (Continued from Page 1) July 6: 132 Dec. 22: 188 * April 19: 158 Sept. 5: 354 Oct. 17: 177 Aug. 26: 76 Aug. 17: 8 May 7: 145 May 15: 165 April 16: 119 Aug. 1: 323 May 26: 118 Oct. 24: 256 June 26: 345 Nov. 28: 130 Oct. 19: 167 March 26: 24 July 16: 74 Aug. 7: 57 Dec. 9: 120 Jan. 22: 259 Jan. 7: 111 -Nov. 11: 159 May 14: 224 Dec. 30: 281 Oct. 15: 277 June 15: 16 March 1: 203 March 20: 262 Aug. 6: 208 June 5: 230 March 11: 239 Oct. 21: 288 May 3: 166 April 26: 233 Feb. 10: 361 Dec. 13: 335 April 17: 183 Dec. 1: 170 Dec. 16: 187 TV Tonight Minnesota North Stars Versus Leafs WEDNESDAY FILM- "Credit" Credit examined by Dun and Bradstreet — Take a second look. 6:30 p.m. Cable Channel 11. CAROL BURNETT - 7 p.m. CBS. PRO HOCKEY - The Minnesota North Stars take on the Maple Leafs of Tornoto. 7 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. MEDICAL CENTER - 8 p.m. CBS. PERSUADERS — Adventure. 8:30 p.m. MANN DC - 9 p.m. CBS. XI OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES — Special 9 p.m. NBC. DRAGNET — Crime Drama— 10 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. THURSDAY ME AND THE CHIMP - 7 p.m. CBS. ALIAS SMITH AND JONES- 7 p.m. ABC. MY THREE SONS - 7:30 p.m. CBS. MOVIE — Drama — "Hunters are for Killing." 8 p.m. CBS. IRONSIDE — 8 p.m. NBC. OLYMPIC WINTER GAME— Special: 9 p.m. NBC. OWEN MARSHALL COUNSELOR AT LAW - 9 p.m. ABC. JOHNNY CARSON - Tentatively scheduled: Lee Marvin, Rodney Dangerfield and Met soprano Marilyn Home. (Beginning tomorrow^ Winter Olympic coverage takes over this time slot. Johnny returns Feb. 14 with a three-week stay in California. 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