Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 16, 1964 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1964
Page 19
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I 2JJZ 15 WAKED BY A SLIGHT RUSTLING ON THE BALCONY. L By Key v.r*n« REX MORGAN, M.D. Us* a Globt-Gazttt* Classified Ad IDON7KNOW, HE WOULDNT TOLK TO WE/ RICK/WHY < HE'D JUST INSULT ME...TRL IHAVENT BEEN ABLE TO HELP MY5EU= MISS Gfilt HOW CAN I HELP DON? METOGETOUT/ 1 «i7U A SHAFT OF MOONUGHT, BUZ CATCHES A ^ U GLEAM f ROM AN UPRAISED KNIFE. *| el By Dal Curtis t ARE YOU REALiy INTERESTED} M YOUR WOTHER...OR ARE YOU WAITING AROUNft HOPING THAT HElL RUIN HIS UFE, BECOME A HOPELESS ALCOHOUC?, IDONTKNOYi MISS GALE/ SOMETIMES IASK MYSELF THE SAME QUESTION/ fever happen to youC by bud blake WHAT I gcxJSKT ] IDENTICAL to TH£ MYSELF TopAV- BEert / SUE " ONE FOF2 / ANt7 HIP IN H£K CLOSET HIM A MOMTH ? Young Hying The masculine male By ENID A. HAUPT Editor-in-Chief of SEVENTEEN Magazine The image of the truly masculine male as ai brawny chest-thumper went out approximately with' the invention of the wheel. The truly male person, whether man or boy, is so sure of his masculinity that he's unconcerned with making an impression. Just as no real woman is afraid that working at a job, for example, will rob her of her femininity, a comfortable male is unworried about com-* promising his masculinity. Dennis the menace Ketcham DONALD DUCK The Globe-Gazette's edited for the home By Walt Disney NOT MUCH OF= A DA EH? OH, I WOULDN'T SAY THAT.' HOW DID FISHING GO CATCH ANVTHING? THE FLINTSTONES You'll find Globe-Gazette comics are the best By Hanna and Barbera OH, COMB. ON NOW, W1LMA.' JUST WHAT KIND OF A HEEU DO YOU THINK I... YOU P1PNT He may grow roses. He may cook sumptuous 'meals. (The greatest chefs throughout his- lory have been, men.) When he wants to weep, he weeps. And he has women friends as well as lady loves. A boy takes a long, long time to grow into a man. Some boys never make it at all. But the boys who will have some qualities in common. Here's the barest sketch of the truly masculine boy. The boy who likes the other sex. He rarely if ever makes remarks like, "What can you *..AN' PUTAUTHE LITTLE BOARDS IMTHE WAGON.TCWMY!/Wxxioer SOW* MAILS.JbP/' /W I'LL GFTTHIS 0UY TO SAW US A OCOtf /... • ARCHIE Complete North Iowa and Southern Minnesota news coverage By Paul Robinson AND UAOV GODIVA IS REMEMBERED IN HISTORY BECAUSE SHE RODE A HORSE... IT'S V THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCEED pouncs.' .THROUGH THE STREETS IN HER LONG HAIR / TO GET TAXES LOWERED.' NOW... WHAT DID SHE PROVE? ... ARCHIE/ ^t£l YOU GOTTA HAVE &fef\ A GIMMICK/ 'BOB A. Cryptogram Quotation WGVGSTJNC HWTTJYG K V M HWTU- TKNTJHV TJC N LE KTMHI. —N LHIKC LHWWGC Yesterday's Cryptoqnote: SAT, NOT SO, AND YOU WELL OUTCTRCLiB THE PHILOSOPHERS. — HENRY DAVID THOREAU ACROSS 1. Monetary unit of France 6. Promissory note signer 11. Body of water v 12. Sheath: Bot, 13. Choice part 14. Core 15. Boy's nickname 16. Greek letter 18. Brood of pheasants 19. Farm implements STL Storms 24. Cutting device 2& Leave out 29. Melody 30. Desires 32. Guide 33. Young- person 35. Exclamation 38. Metallic rock 39. Plead 42. Choose 44. Unattached 46. Girl's name 47. Climbing 1 plant 48. Exchange 49. Change DOWN X Worry 2. Irritate 3. Greedy 4. Meshed fabric 5. Boskets for fish 6. American Indian 7. Hlg-hest card 8. Persian coin 9. Weird: van 10. Value 17. Toward 19. Trifling 20. ScyUie handle 21. Petty quarrel 22. Candlenut tree 23, Liquor 25. Anger 26. Ex- clama- tion 27. Audl- enco 31. Alleviate 32. Girl's Yerterday'c Astir* namo 34. Biblical dty 39. A water 35. Finest —"" 36. Wlnglike 37. Queen of heaven: Gr. Relig. craft 40. Serf 41. Equipment 43. Bounder 45. Grease 13 15 50 36 5 2S 37 33 31 38 12 47 20 18 warn 39 expect from a girl?" Sure of himself as a male, he finds it unnecessary to build himself up at the expense of woman- and in general. He's proud of :he accomplishments of girl Mends and sisters — and eager to hear about them. The boy who lets his imagination show. If he likes flowers, he delights iu sending his best girl a bough of apple blossoms to wish her a happy spring. Ha enjoys good music as well a$ football games. If he'd rather edit the literary magazine than play on the basketball team, he does. He's secure enough to allow himself a broad range of interests and activities. The "boy's boy" who clings to so- called masculine activities is likely to be both a shakier and a shallower personality. The boy who is responsible. The bravest man is not necessarily the adventurer who scales mountain. It's the man who successfully raises a family. Likewise, a masculine boy is responsible. He doesn't think it'a "sissy" to do homework instead of lounging in the drugstore. Ha considers it a point of honor to get a girl home when he said he'd get her home. (As when knighthood was in flower, a point of honor is still of grava concern to men who take manhood seriously.) The boy who cares about others. The boy who sheds a tear, shelters a kitten, or dances with a wallflower is most likely to become the strongest man and the most successful human. He is all the more him» self because he can feel with others. SCHOOL PARTIES WESLEY — Corwith - Wesley faculty members and their wives and husbands held a Christmas party in the Corwith school. A faculty personnel breakfast will be held at 7 a. m. Thursday. A high school party is planned for Dec. 19. Vacation will be Dec. 23 to Jan. 4. BLONDIE Your daily newspaper—the tofal selling medium WHAT ARE WE HAVING DINNER TONIGHT? By Chic Young I'M MAKING HAMBURGER SANDWICHES BS €.URE -TO MAK6 MY HAMBURGER * WHICH WAV PO VOU WANT IT TO LEAN? Hobby Club Reindeer in puzzle By CAPPY DICK To every boy and girl who knows the famous poem about the night before Christmas, the two reindeer in the adjoining picture, members of Santa Clans' great team, are old, old friends. By unscrambling their names, which are mixed up in the picture, you will be entitled to enter today's contest and try to jwin two prizes, one a local preliminary prize, the other a big national award. Ten local prizes will be awarded. These will be Creepy Pencil Sharpeners, which are in the MARY WORTH Shop in Mason City—Agrldustrial Center of North Iowa By Saunders and Ernst I FEEL TERRIBLE, LADDIE! VOU SHOULD BE IN PLAINWILLE. TOMORROW TO 5TART OUR M05T IMPORTANT BOOWNS FOR PLANET SUPERMARKETS, INC .'-AND THEY TELL ME IU NOT BE ABLE TO TRAVEL AGAIN FOR. WEEKS'. HI, DOLL! VOU LOOK. WONDERFUL! MARY HAS SHARED A LON6 VIGIL WITH THE BADLY SHAKEN LADDIE MACLAREN- I WOULD SUGGEST THAT YOU SPEND ONLY A FEW MINUTES--AND TRY TO SET HER MIND AT EASE! MISS FISHER CAME THROUGH WITH BANNER* RYING, MISS MAC LAREN! •-BUT5HE5EEM5 QUITE DISTURBED ABOUT SOME BUSINESS MATTER 1 BRICK BRADFORD Globe-Gazette—"The Newspaper That Makes All North lowans Neighbors" By Paul Norris form of turtles, beetles, ants and spiders, each enclosing a pencil sharpener that is useful at home or in school. Each contest entry that wins one of these local preliminary prizes will be considered automatically in the national judging to find the winners of the five big prizes. These will be sets of FED SOME OP OUR CMSMICAU FOOP.n, IT CTPN'T ASK6& WITH VOU! I'LL. CHECK 'WITH THE F6L.U3W NAMED ISO&&S,.. A CLOvVN,t THINK-. COULD t see SHE OXAVS IT WILL, se TO YOU 1 HOW PO YOU NOW/ , BRADFORD Britannica, Children." set BEETLE BAILEY Globe-Gazette ads will stretch your shopping dollars DIP TUEV DO IT LIKE THAT IM THE FIRST WORLD WAK TOO. SARSS •z the Encyclopaedia Great Books for The 12 big books in each contain some of the most exciting stories ever written for boys and girls, including "Tom Sawyer," "Heidi," "Arabian Nights," "Alice in Wonderland," "Andersen's Fairy Talcs," Black Beauty," "Treasure Island," "Robin Hood," "Robinson Crusoe," "King Arthur," "Tales from Shakespeare" and, in the 12th book, "Pinocchio" and "Aesop's Fables." Five sets of these books will be awarded, one to each boy or girl whose local prize-winning By Mort Walker entry is judged to be one of the five neatest and most original received from any city where this column is published. Here's how to enter: Unscramble the names of the two reindeer. Clip out the picture and paste it on paper or a postal card. Print the deciphered reindeer names beneath it along with your name, age and address. Decorate your entry in any neat, original way, using paints, crayons, cutouts or other means. Address It to Gappy jDick'i Midwest Contest at the (Globe-Gazette and mail it before [midnight of day after tomorrow. M crrv Wednesday p.m. 5:00 Yogi Bear 5:30 CBS News 6:00 Regional and Local News 6:25 Weather Report 6:30 Mr. Ed 7:00 My Living Doll 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies 8:00 Dick Van Dyke 8:30 Cara Williams Show 9:00 Danny Kaye 10:00 Weather 10:05 News, Sports 10:30 Musical Ideas 10:45 Battle Line Thursday a.m. 7:30 Sunrise Semester 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Spanish Classes 9:45 Industry On Parade 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:30 The McCoys 11:00 Love of Life 11:25 CBS News 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light Thursday p.m. 12:00 News, Weather and Markets 12:30 As World Turns 1:00 Password 1:30 House Party 2:00 To Tell the Truth 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Jack Benny 4:00 Quiz the Mrs. 4:15 Student Nurses' Choir 4:30 Bart's Clubhouse NOTE THESE PROGRAM CHANGES ON TV-3 WED. NIGHT:-6:30- MR. ED 7:00- MY LIVING DOLL 8:00 DICK VAN DYKE Rob, Sally and Buddy are heading for the headlines when they're selected as subjects for a national magazine closeup. KGLO RADIO 13 9:00 P. M. Wednesday Howard Morris, Pat Carroll and the folk singing duo of Joe and Eddie join Danny Eaye for a delightful hour. .CBS Radio sets the sports pace with an all-inclusive week long lineup of features, scores, interviews, on-the-sc€he reports at home and abroad. Your choice of three different programs, each accenting its own unique brand of sports broadcasting. with PHIL RIZZUTO, Monday through Saturday at 5:55 p.m. with big JACK DREES, 10 times every Saturday and Sunday. Anchorman: FRANK GIFFORD Monday—Friday at 7:.15. OH KGLO-RADIO 13 Wednesday p.m. 5:00 CBS News 5:10 Anthony Sports 5:15 Rush Hour 5:40 Business News 5:45 Lowell Thomas 5:55 Sports Time 6:00 News, Sports, Markets, Weather 6:15 NIGHT RADIO 13 7:00 CBS News 7:10 Evening Report 7:15 World Wide Sports 7:30 Cronkita Report 7:35 Pat Boone Show 7:40 NIGHT RADIO 13 9:00 M.C.H.S. Choir 9:30 CBS World Tonight 9:45 KGLO News, Sports and Weather 10:00 Music for Listening Thursday a.m. 5:25 MORNING RADIO 13 6:00 News—Weather 6:25 Weather 6:30 Farm Reporter 6:45 News 7:00 World News Roundup 7:30 News, Sports, Weather 7:50 Damon's 8:15 News 8:50 Morning Report 8:55 News 7:00 CBS News 9:10 Godfrey Time 10:00 CBS News 10:10 Houseparfy 10:30 Dear Abby 10:35 Let's Talk to Lucy 10:45 TopO'the Morning 11:00 CBS News 11:10 Home Town News 11:20 Osage Open House 11:55 Ask Milt Fickett Thursday p.m. 12:00 CBS News 12:10 Markets 12:15 Luncheon with Ron 12:30 News 12:45 Farm Highlights 12:55 Weather—News 1:10 In Hollywood 1:15 Afternoon Radio 13 1:30 Woman's World 2:00 CBS News 2:30 Fashion Notes 3:00 CBS News 3:30 Personal Closeup 4:00 CBS News 4:10 Christmas Fantasy 4:40 Rush Hour 4:45 Harry Reasoner Mason City High School CHOIR Sings al9:00P.M. Wednesday Ou Radio 13

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