Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 16, 1964 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1964
Page 12
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12 Dec. 16, H| 1964 GJobc-Gazette, M««on City, I* TURTLETTE CANDIES —A wonderful combination of pecan halves, creamy caramel and chocolate coating. Here's pro way with turtlette By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor Any cook who would like to turn out a delcclable (listing and Let vegetables go ho iday gay By Clementine Paddleford Herald Tribune News Service NKW YORK ter vegetables f o r looking carxfyj interested in professional should be recipe. The friend who passed it along 'to us called the candies tlettcs. flood name! Pecan halves and caramel candy make turtle shapes; a coaling of! scmi-swcci chocolafe forms (fie covering. The result? Candies iat !i The pecans are arranged on buttered cookie, sheets and the caramel is spooned over them. The caramel is an old friend — the best rule of (his sort that we've ever come upon. The chocolate needs only lo be melted and spread, One hint: If the lust of the caramel gels a little loo thick the holiday menus. Ariel glaze lo m a k e H,j s i.shiiie; adrl sauce lo make delicious; add spite (o intrigue; rid everylhing nice. [sonings, onion which has been sauteed in butter for . r > minutes, ., . and curry powder. Serve over Dress up win- , ;m | irlower . yield: Use imagination. Cook French- jciit fro/.en green beans with a half clove of garlic, remove he- fore serving, then add crumbled jcrisp bacon. Cook slivered green beans, season as usual and add thinly sliced almonds have been browned in Onions ou gratin are a pleasant change of pace; cook onions, drain, place in a greased casserole. Pour over medium- Ihick cheese sauce, sprinkle lavishly with buttered cracker crumbs and bake to loasly brown perfection. KxperimviH. turnips, those Grate with raw white 1 the purple to spoon over the last of nuts, just place it over hot 'lops, add grated onion mix wilhl water until it is manageable. ! ;i tort, well-seasoned mayon- CANDIKS [liaise. Serve on bihlj lettuce. Or • Iry combining chopped turnips Jwith diced apples, nuts a n d raisins. TURTLETTK Small pecan halves (!) to 12 ounces) cups light cream 1 cups sugar oip light or dark syrup '/i teaspoon salt '/« cup butter or margarine 1 teaspoon vanilla I package (12 ounces) semi- -sweel chocolate pieces On buttered cookie .sheets, arrange 4 groups — each consisting of In a large [ Squash cups with peas add com ! dinner plate importance. Mash jcookfd stiuasli, isweeten, butter honev lo to salt serving, place , make cavity •1 pecan halves, heavy saucepan, heat the cream to lukewarm. to taste. When scoops on plale \vilh Die back of spoon and with hot, buttered pea.s. fi servings. STUFFED PIMENTO POTATOES Hake 3 large potatoes and cut in halves lengthwise. Cut a slice from top of each and scoop out inside. Mash thoroughly, add 3 tablespoons Initter, '/a leaspoon salt, '/i teaspoon white pepper and about V\ cup hot milk; heat untiJ light and fluffy. Add 2 tablespoons each grated cheese and chopped pimento. Pile lightly into shells, liake 5 to 8 minutes longer to reheat and brown lightly. Tops may be sprinkled with grated cheese or brushed with slightly beaten egg Yield: (i servings. CAKHOTS IN CHIVE SAUCE 8 small carrots, scraped 1 cup light beef or chicken stock 1 : j teaspoon salt Dash of pepper 1 bay leaf ! .slice lemon : 'j cup water :i teaspoons chopped chives 1 egg yolk, beaten :i tablespoons light cream Slice c a r r o t s into 1-lnch lengths, bring to boil in beef or chicken stock. Add salt, pepper, bay leaf and lemon slice. Cook until carrots are tender. Add '/. cup water and chives. Kcinovc from heat Pour out 1 cup; reserve. To the remaining lukewarm cream in the saucepan, add the sugar, corn syrup ami sail. Cook and stir constantly over moderate heat until mixture boils. Vcryl),',,' slowly stir in the reserved 1 rots. Cook slowly milk until tender. Cook and slir constantly for 5 minutes. Stir in butter, about 1 leaspoon at a time. Turn heat low. Boil gently and slir con stanlly until t e in p e r a t u r e reaches 2'18 degrees on a caiulyj thermometer or until a .small amount of the mixture dropped i into very cold \valer forms a firm ball that does not flatten on removal from the water. He move from heat. Gently .stir in vanilla; cool slightly. Pour about I leapsoon of the slightly cooked caramel mixture over the center of each group nf pecan halves, half cuv ering each nut. In resemble turtles. Let cool about Id mm utes. Melt semi-sweet chocolate without stirring over hot (mil boiling) water; stir until smooth Spread over each turtle candy. When set. wrap each candy in clear plastic film. Makes about 1 dozen. and add egg yolk fill which has been mixed with cream. Return to heat. Cook un- The Scots do a nice thing wilh til snucc begins to thicken cauliflower. Separate head inlo'slightly, but do not boil. Yield: flowerets and combine with an •! portions, equal amount, of diced raw car- KKANCONIA PAHSNIPS in seasoned Cut 8 cooked parsnips lengthwise in H wedges. Place in greased baking pan, finish will melted fal. Sprinkle liberally with brown sugar and dr.v imislard. Hake al '100" K. for 2C minutes. Yield: 'I servings. mUlSSELS SPROUTS I.YONNAISE Saule 1 medium onion, diced II tablespoons bacon fat; add 1 i cup bouillon and 1 quart cooked Brussels Sprouts. Season In taste with salt and paprika Simmer, stirring frequently, un- lil bouillon bus evaporated Sprinkle with n tablespoons .chopped parsley. Yield: (i serv Mustard celery is powerful good with baked ham. Cul celery in I inch pieces, measure •! cups. Cook in boiling salted ua- l. r i minutes, drain. Melt in cup butler or margarine. add| cup cream so mixture does nolislowly to I teaspoon prepared) stop boiling. 'mustard. Pour over celery; add!. '.i teaspoon sail, a sprinkling of;, freshly ground pepper. Yield Four servings. SWKKT-SOUK SPINACH 1 cup vinegar I cup sugar 1 .- cup pinniped raisins •t pounds spiuacli, cooked Combine vinegar and sugar. Add raisins. Simmer T. minutes. Add cooked spinach. Cover. Sim- v ,, rv mer :i minutes. Yield: (". !;: R servings. GINGKH I'ICKI.KI) HKKTS If) small cooked beets :i cups vinegar 1 cup water 1 leaspoon mace 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1 -i teaspoon ground cloves '2 tablespoons prepared horse radish '2 tablespoons sugar Place beets in hot, sterili/ed quart jar. Heal vinegar wilh remaining ingredients. Pour boil ing vinegar mixture over heels. 1 :md 2-1 hours. Yield: 1 (mart beets. ,_ t i SCAl.UONS A I,A KING I) ] 2 bunches scallions rC f^[ I /)(^ : '' l ' l| P mushrooms, halved 1 X V - v — *• /— ' ^ : U tablespoons butter I cup medium white sauce 1 pimento, diced 1 tablespoon chopped parsley 1 v teaspoon salt Dash of celery salt Dash of pepper Cul roots and lip ends from scallions and wash well. Cook in small amount of boiling water [until tender, about R to 10 inin- jutes; drain. Saute mushrooms in butter 5 minutes. Add to white (not olive)'sauce. Stir in remaining ingredients Pour over seallions. mixing bowl, stir tofieth-' lf "''sired, serve over toast points. >ield: li servings. DK.VII.KD ONIONS Chop li lavue boiled onions fiiuv Add mashed yolks o !i bard -cooked o^s, '-j loaspooi salt. I'-j tablespoons chopper. (parsley and 1 cup median While S a u c e. Turn into fi ureased ramekins. Sprinkle wit buttered dry crumbs. Rrmvt under broiler. Yield: l> servings SOUK CKKAM CAMUAC.K I tablespoons butter or margarine •1 cups grated while calilinne 1 leaspoon sail 1 tablespnn sm;ar (optionan ' •: cup dairy sour cream Melt hutler in skillet. Add grated cabbaiie. Cook over low beat l. r i minutes, slirriiu; occa- sionallv. Add salt, suuar and sour cream. Stir cream throuch icahhaue until thoroughly heated 'bill do not boil. Yield: -\ servings. of the day Hy Cecily Hrownstonc WHEAT GKKM PANCAKES '/i cup flour teaspoon baking teaspoon sail cup wheat germ cup milk tablespoon salad In er the flour, baking powder and' salt; stir in the wheat germ;' add the egg, milk and oil, With' a rotary beater, hand or clec-' trie beiat just until blended; bnt- tcr wifl be thin. Bake on a hot' (380 degrees) greased griddle! until top surface is almost dry;: turn and bake other side. Makes' 2 large servings. | I MARRIAGE LICENSES j ISSUED AT GARNER GARNEIR—Marriage licenses have been issued to Larry Cock rell, 18, Corwilh, and Virginia Eliason, 1&, Kanawha; and to George D. Lewis, Mason City, and Lena A. Doll, Garner. CUKIUKD CAUUKUWRK 1! tablespoons Initter or margarine :i tablespoons flour 1 cup beef stock \y teaspoon salt Dash of pepper 1 small onion 1 tablespoon butter or margarine '•-j teaspoon curry powder 1 large head cooked cauliflower Cheryl Hunt wed to Russell Roberts IOWA KALUS-The wedding of Miss Cheryl Hunt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Yerle Muni, and Thomas Huberts, son of the Itusscll Koherls, all of Iowa Falls, look place at the Iminan- uel Lutheran Church with thf Itev. Norman liothe officiating. Attendants of the bride included Mrs. Clark Mickleson, Minneapolis. Dennis I'rochaska was bestman. \ The bride lias been a laboratory technician at Doctors' Hospital, lies Moines. Mr. Roberts is engaged in farming. The couple will establish a home on a farm southwest of Iowa Falls. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS , COKWITM—1st Lt. Tom Mill- lin, Third Marine Air Wing, El Toro, Calif., has arrived home on n 30 day leave for n visit Melt butter, stir in flour and,with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. cook until browned, stirring con- 'iJohn Mullin. Knsign Tlichard stantly. Gradually add stock, iRisvold, San Diego, Calif., ar- stirring, until mixture boils and thickens. Cook 3 minutes longer, stirring occasionally. Add sea- 'C'arv rived home to spend Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.' CHRISTMAS GIFT SALE! HE CRIED, "ON DANCER!" when thi jolly man htord about our low prices! And you'll b« pleased too wh«n you tee tht gr«at values wt'r« offering — her* are just a few examples: The big favorite this year! BABY SCOOTA • Rugged all-st«el from* in (ir»-tngin» r«d * V/ida-»pr»ad whe»l» for no-tip safety TOW TRUCK AND JEEP SET Mat manually-operated tow hook Heavy-duty tires + _ _ » A Jeep windshield fold* flat $ 1 88 Extra-large for extra fun-- over | 26 inchei long! UNIVERSAL PORTABLE MIXER • 3 quiet speeds • Handsome chromed finish • With drink-mixer attachment • Retail value $15.95 UNIVERSAL "Fashionette" HAIR DRYER • Handsomely-crafted soft case, styled like rich alligator • 4 comfortable drying temperatures Retail value $19.95 V M2 88 *. WALTHAM WATCHES "Sea Travel" is thock- "Edith" is gracefully protected, anti-magnetic styled for flattering and waterproof beauty • Accurate 17-jewel movements • Guaranteed unbreakable mainsprings Your choice, lady's or man's in white or yellow plus Federal Tax SNUGGLE SOFTIE 17" Speaking Doll • Pixie-cut rooted hair • Soft, life-like arms and legs• Has moveable eyes $344 $18"* $999* INSULATED BOOTS SAMSONITE TABLE & 4 CHAIRS e Sturdily constructed for long use e Choose Antique White & Bronze or Antique Ton & Bronze • Retail value $39.95 $2288 6-Ff. Wer/icf. TOBOGGAN • Fully lined; 9 eyelet • No-slip deep-cleatad sola • Shope-retaining itaal shank • Olive-drab green with r • In el low trim full sizes 7-12 Hamilton Greyhound COASTER WAGON • Rugged all-steel construction • Big, roomy 35 x 16'/ix W box • 8-inch rust resistant wheels • Smooth-running lifetime bearings Retail value $6.95 • Crafted from selected Canadian hard maple • Securely fastened hood G-E Flashbulbs, Packs of 12 No. AG-1 88** No. PH/M2 99<* No. PH/5 1.09* $9&8* DAISY BB GUN $799* Authentic cdpy of 1894 gun Smooth lever action Blue G-E Flashbulbs, Packs of 12 No. AG-1B 99** No. PH/M2B 1.09* No. PH/5B 1.19* $499 Atl-Steel "STANLEY" THERMOS BOTTLE • Full-quart size • Unbreakable lifetime stainless steel lining • Sturdy steel case • Seamless for easy cleaning • Retail value $14.95 MORE BIG VALUES! CHECK THESE SPECIAL VALUES, AVAILABLE W/TH "WESTERN" GIFT STAMPS Christmas Wrap, 3-roll package with 40 "WESTERN" STAMPS Noma Indoor Christmas Bulbs, Pack of 5 with 40 "WESTERN"STAMPS Noma Outdoor Christmas Bulbs, Paclc of 5 with 40 "WESTERN"STAMPS Tinsal Icicles, 900-caunt package f\ i. with 40 W V "WESTERN"STAMPS Wild-Bird Food, 5-lb. bag with 40 "WESTERN" STAMPS Famous Brand SEAMLESS NYLONS Full and half sizes 9-11 with 40 "WESTERN" STAMPS PLANTER'S MIXED NUTS Full 7-oi. can with 40 "WESTERN" STAMPS .**•<) SUNBEAM ELECTRIC CLOCK G-E STEAM & DRY IRON BLAZON HORSE COOK & SERVE TEA SET TICK TOCK CLOCK & MUSIC BOX $7 99 $288* $299* ARMY JEEP CAR CARRIER AND CARS LINCOLN LOGS, 129-pc. SET NOMA INDOOR 15-L1GHT SET NOMA MIDGET 35-LIGHT INDOOR-OUTDOOR SET LEATHER CAP TOW CHAIN 99$ $1|99* STEEL SNOW SHOVEL 99 $' MAJOR-LABEL (MONO 8, STEREO) CHRISTMAS RECORDS 42" SLED GUN RACK Abova sale prices valid only until ^ ec - ^3 f 1964-- but you'll always find Big Values on top - quality merchandise at ^JJWESTERN". We reserve the right to limit quantity. WESTERN" Gas costs you less> too -- and you get one WESTERN" Gift Stamp for each 10$ gas or oil purchase. * These starred items art available with no stamps or gas purchase necessary SHOP All DAY SUNDAY, TOO western. "WESTERN" GASOLINE STATION & DISCOUNT STORE 1456 4th St. S.E. (East Highway 18) 824 North Federal Mason City, Iowa Clear Lake, Iowa Northwood, Iowa

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