Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 16, 1964 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1964
Page 11
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Dear Abby Business address not your business By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I have had very bad luck with husbands; One died, and I divorced two' H and now I am alone again. My thoughts keep going back to a very fine man I used to know between my second and third husbands. About a year ago I heard that his wife had cancer and it was just a matter of time. I would like to find out if she is dead yet. I have lost all contact 'with my friends in that town but I do have this man's business address. How can I let him know that I would enjoy seeing him again without having —" Things about' people and places Mr. and Mrs. John Mogk, 185 Winnebago Way are visiting in California. They plan to go to Portland and then to Buena Vista, Colo., to spend Christmas with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trujillo. Mrs. Trujillo is the former Karen Brandau. The Mogks have been visiting friends and relatives in Pasadena, San Diego and LaJolla. Review household inventory annually NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. UP) To take a household inventory and make sure you have adequate insurance coverage on your furnishings, a Rutgers University-home-management specialist, Mrs. Cleo M. CottreU, suggests first setting the present value of an item at cost of replacement today. Then divide by the number of years you have used it. Such inventories should be reviewed annually. NEARLY LOST ART The ranks of the hurdy-gurdy grinder, once a familiar sight on the city streets of the nation, are now thinned down to only eight professionals. They per- Miss Susan Dixon, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John B. Dixon, 125 Lakeview Drive, a freshman at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, is a member of the newly organized Sisters of the Maltese Cross at the University. On the Lawrence campus coeds are organized in groups ac cording to interest in various fraternities. Four fraternities have established these "little sister" affiliates and the Maltese Cross group is the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity affiliate. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Matzen, and Timothy Curtis, Jodi and Starlene have returned to Boone after a visit at the Minnie Matzen home, 920 N. Adams. form at shopping centers, carnivals, parks, fairs, and night clubs. Make hat to match Match or color-spark an outfit with a dashing beret or pert pillbox — both are easy to sew! Choose textured wool, satin, pique, polka dot surah or vivid linen. Send now! Printed Pattern 9288: For head sizes 21M>, 22, 23 inches, Yardages in pattern. Fifty Cents in coins for this pattern—add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Do not send to Mason City, address Globe - Gazette, 466, Pattern Dept, 232 West 18th St., New York 11, N.Y. Print plainly Name, Address with Zone, Size and Style Number. Free Pattern Direct To Your Door —- choose it from 300 design ideas in new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog! School, casual, career, dressy styles—all sizes! Send 50c. 21J4-23' it look like I am chasing him? Also, how can I find out for sure if his wife is dead yet? MILWAUKEE DEAR MILWAUKEE: Information of this kind should be sought through a mutual friend. And there is no way a woman can let a man know that she would "enjoy seeing him again" without appearing aggressive— especially when she would enjoy it so much that she can hardly wait to bury his wife. * * * DEAR ABBY: It seems that the saying, "Girls fall for men who are heels" is true, yet no one has been able to tell me why. I know it is true in my case because every man I have fallen for has been a heel. They have all been rough, abusive, lying, cheating and strictly no good. But even knowing this, I can't stop loving them. Can you tell me why a woman goes right on loving a man like that? MAD ABOUT JOE DEAR MAD: There are many women who "go right on loving a heel" because they feel a deep sense of unworthiness, a need for punishment and, deep down, they feel that they don't deserve anything better. It is a "sick" love that thrives on punishment. * * * DEAR ABBY: I have a problem with a neighbor who has recently moved into my neighborhood. I knew her casually years ago, and I suppose that's the reason she has latched on to me. While she is a good-hearted soul, and I enjoy her company in small doses, I don't have enough in common with her to become the bosom buddy she is trying to make of me. I work and she doesn't, and the minute she sees my car in my driveway she runs over to visit. She also feels free to intrude when I have other guests. The situation is becoming very trying. I would tell her off once and for all, but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. I'd like to remain friendly with her without giving her the freedom of my house. Can this be done? WORKING WOMAN DEAR WORKING: That depends: If you have the courage to tell your neighbor that you have only a limited amount of time for "visitors" and please to wait until YOU call HER, you can retain your privacy, and perhaps her friendship in "small doses." On the other hand, if HER feelings mean more to you than YOUR privacy, prepare to surrender your privacy and don't complain. * * * CONFIDENTIAL TO "CONNIE'S SISTER, KATHY": Please send me your address. It is very important that I get in touch with you. Problems? Write to ABBY, care of Globe-Gazette. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. You Can Count on Us... Quality Costs JNo More at Sears You'll Hear Better Soon Hearing Aid CLINIC at Sears Mason City Store Friday, Dec. 18—12 noon to 9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 19—9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Get a FREE Hearing- Evaluation Test by qualified Audiologist representing Sears, Roebuck arid Co. This is a new service for (his area which will continue periodically. Watch for announcements of future dates. Helping, you HEAR BETTER is our business. Do you ,Hear ... But Not U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D, are the words mumbled? Sears Can Fit ANY CORRECTABLE Hearing Loss with "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back." | | If You Can't Make it to the store, Fill in this coupon ' For FREE Hearing test in your home. Mail fa Sears, I Mason City Store. ' I Name • Fred Reyes Hearing Aid Specialist will be or. duty to assist you. Buy Your Hearing Aid with NO MONEY DOWN on Sears Easy Payment Plan! Address Phone I J Shop at Sears and Save * aUtbfrction Guaranteed of Your Money Hark 1720 South Federal Mason City, Iowa Christmas party season is here Everyone's going to Christmas parties these days, exchanging gifts, singing carols, munching on cookies, and, in the midst of all the festivities, remembering others whose holidays might not BEAU-CATCHING BOWS—In the holiday headlines are these flat Chanel- type bows. They come (or can be made) in a variety of materials from organdv to velvet. Teen-age party p anning problems are discussed but for the re- By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer Young people are planning for a big social season this winter. You can tell just by listening to a group planning a party — several parties. "Well, as many as we can cram in!" said one girl. What the girls were mainly concerned with, believe it or not, is etiquette. "Are people wearing long gloves now?" "Is .t more proper to send a written invitation than to phone?" With the new air of propriety that girls are assuming, they want to know "the real answers," as one girl puts it. Here arc some questions that occurred to the group who've decided that they can corral the whole social season, if they get an early start. But that poses problems. "If you plan a party and invite people early, and then get a wonderful invitation to do something else, can you legitimately call the shindig off jgiving an excuse?" without Daughter of Keys quadruplet on own WACO, Tex. wi — Brown- eyed Susan Torn may be the daughter of one of Baylor University's important students of the past, but she's proving that she can be a celebrity by herself. Her mother was Roberta Keys of the talented Keys quadruplets. Susan has been treasurer of Baylor's freshman class, a member of the Athen- ean Social Club, one of six outstanding freshman, campus May queen and a semi-finalist in Glamour magazine's Best- Dressed contest. 94TH BIRTHDAY ALTA VISTA—Frank Hilsman, with a son and Mr. and Mrs. observed his birthday Tuesday. He received many congratulations. Among the callers were another son, Al Hilsman and wife, and Mr. and Mrs. Clair Roethler of Charles City. A. No that wouldn't be cricket. But if it means that the other gathering would leave some of your guests in doubt, you do have a legitimate excuse for postponing the party. But don't cancel out for the season, if you want to keep your friends. "Is there any reason why you can't just invite all the boys and girls you want without making the number of each come out even?" to prepare everything in be so merry, membering. Cadette Troop 68 met at the home of Mrs. Norman Sampson for a Christmas party and went from there to the IOOF Home to sing carols. On their return, the girls had refreshments. Patrol 2 had charge of the party completing "The Challenge of Social Dependability" for them. Norma Jean Sampson will be the queen candidate for the Burning of the Greens. Nancy DeWall received a prize for the most original hat. Next troop meeting will be Jan. 4. Police Auxiliary members met at the home of Mrs. William McElroy, 927 N. Harrison, for a Christmas party. Mrs. Harold I Leach and Mrs. Myron Lewis jwcre co-hostesses. A social hour jfollowecl the meeting. I I Friendly Club members hadi •their Christmas dinner at thci Country House, and went from! ad- _. . .( uec. 10, Globe-Gaiette, Mason City, la. here to the home of Mrs. H. L. Hettler, 1030 West State, where she and Mrs. O. J. Lockrem were hostesses. Mrs. Omer Berg was chairman. Gifts were exchanged and a Christmas program was presented. Mrs. Hettler gave a Christmas reading. Mrs. Glenn Wallace was accompanist. Ada Degan of Fifty Lakes, Minn., was an honored guest. She is a charter member. Prizes went to Mrs. Hettler, Luella Lee and Lottie Crane. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Crane, 829 12th SE, Jan. 8. St. Joseph Group 10 had a Christmas party at the Green Mill. Members made plans to give a Christmas basket for a deserving family. Mrs. Mary Lauritzon, received a prize. The Tuesday Night Birthday Club had its annual Christmas dinner at the Flame and Embers. Gifts were exchanged. O-1 Cl * >U|le Mtoppi COAT SALE Now On YOU SILVER SLIPPERS! vance, so he isn't neglected? Orj should you invite an extra girl to keep him company?" (Everybody laughs at this point.) A. That would be pretty magnanimous and almost unheard of, and we're sure you wouldn't do it anyway. It could be risky! "Would it be too ridiculous to have a holiday party at midnight?" A. No, many young people give midnight breakfast parties. Teen-agers surely wouldn't find it ridiculous. But parents arc another matter and have the final say. It doesn't work if there are little children in the household who would be disturbed. "Is it a silly idea to give a party at h o m e suggesting formats? Girls love to dress up and if they get a pretty dress for Christmas, they'd love to show it off." A. Why not girls formal, and Activities reported for DUV's Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War met at the Library for a business session which included reports on various activities. Organization of the Daughters in Feb. 27, 1927, was reported for the Daughters Day program. Mrs. Clco Briar, now deceased, was the founder. Mrs. S. A. Bemis gave an account of Founders and Daughters Day observances of Aunt Becky Young Tent of DCS Moincs. Mr. and Mrs. Bcmis, Mrs. Art Rickens and daughter, Judy, Mason City, and Mrs. Fred Ilubcr, Clear Lake, attend cd. A. No reason at all, except boys informal? Even if a boy owns a dinner jacket, he has the some people just won't have a good time. "Do you think people should pay attention to girls who have I'mads on?' If a girl absolutely i hates another girl should you invite the two to the same party?' A. If they are the type to be idiscreet about their feelings, it matter. They might even mend the tear. But if one would make the other feel miserable or guests took sides, it coulc spoil the party. "What about the boy you invite to a party? Should you try expense of having it cleaned. [f he's a growing boy, he'll have to borrow a suit, unless he can afford a new one. Girls get quite a bit of wear out of evening gowns that can be remodeled, dyed and so on. But a boy's suit is pretty temporary. "If a boy brings alcohol Should you pretend you don't notice, or should you tell him. the truth — your parents are against it anc it will upset them if they find out?" A. Guests shouldn't bring al cohol into your home. Mrs. Art Rickens reported on coffee coupons turned in. Mrs. Bcmis told of getting a box uf men's used shirts ready to be sent to the Marshalltown Sol dicrs Home. The next regular meeting wil 0 Jan. 25 at 7 p.m., at the li brary. Officers will be in stalled. There will be a Christ mas program Dec. 18 at 7:3i for all members at the homi oC Mrs. Riekcns. Refreshment will be served. m Stiver. >e bright, ~s, elegant brocades, jewel glitiersf Choose* high or mid-hi heels ...have them in goldt too/ All with our danceabfe feather so/es. Sizes to 10. Widths: AAA, AA & E DIDN'T FINISH Half of the working age population today lacks a high school education. 3 South Federal Ft. Dodge 'Satisfaction Always Mason City Waterloo wouldn't she look pretty in Christmas red! elegant sleepwear by the match maker Artemis® Gossard Simple nylon tricot coat that can be matched with pajamas or shift gown ac- cording to her taste will make a perfect gift. Christmas red, and if she'd rath- or have blue, we have it, 1. Long pujama in nylon tricot, satin piping and rose appli- que. Red or blue 32 to 40. S9 2. Scuffs, satin with rose appJi- quc, foam rubber soles. Red or blue. Small, morii- um or largo. $3 3. Robe has satin piping and rose applique. Petite, small, medium or large. Red or blue. $n 4. Nylon sheer over nylon tricot, self ruffle trim, satin rose applique. Red or blue. Petite, small, medium or large. $9 —Lingerie • First Ffoor

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