Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 27, 1952 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1952
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1952 Phone 4600 for & WANT AD Taker The MATURE PARENT Parents' Possess!veness Can Be Twice Harmful By MURIEL LAWRENCE The daughter is callous toward the mother. Recently married and Another does not complain or re- it is most intelligent of us to call develop? Where, have we got the i shall lose his life, shall find it." burst through them and our friend senaes them, recoiling from us. The way to displace these unhappy feelings with better ones is to acknowledge that they are there to be displaced. If I do not acknowledge that the water in my glass is con- laminated water. I will continue toiling it by its pretty name, it is drink it instead of pouring it out Jgotag to inflict suffering upon us. it by its right name eo appears, not as a feeling we wish to retain, but as cruel and miserable feeling to be rid of as soon as that it 1 impression that we are unworthy of j J hou 8^ mu , cfh fh « f * en ' affection? , f f f i about the effects of a parents ! possessiveness upon the chid, less Some remarkable words have been i j ias been written about what it does written for parents who think of a! to the parent. It either loses us our possible. So lohg as we insist on child as their "life." They were so j son or daughter or it so maims them Two signers of the Constitution later became presidents of the United States: George Washington and James MadLson. both of Virginia. proach him. He says, "Hey whatj to make room water. Of friendship. for more healthful! Usually we' dependence, on highly regarded by four of Jesus' outstanding students that each re- find that over- ported them in almost identical Janet's affection is words. Here they are in the words psychoanalyst Dr. I goes en? This Is what is in my I John A. P. Millet writes. "If you! our need to be reassured that weiof John, his most sensitive student: are worthy of affection, have been "Whosoever shall seek to save his tell me what (have a friendship, you never really i living in the same town, she seems (mind about you. Now, ,_,,.• ,. to want to be left alone with her is in yours about me. .so that we! lose it. You may think or believe own affairs "When her mother can belong to each other again." i>'ou have one, and it may depart phones," the letter says, "she is „ this mother can't get results ! f ™ m always too busy to talk, though ! from u iid n g like that to her daugh- |? ha • there seems plenty of time forjter. maybe this friendship is not so! 1 ' tnat happens good mother. How did this need'life shall lose and whosoever that we may have to spend years that should be peaceful in fret and humiliation over their irresponsible conduct. As Dr. Millet says, "This approach makes a prisoner of the other person and in no way promotes your own development." NRST APPLICATION RELIEVES ITCHY SKIN Zemo — a modern highly medicated antiseptic—promptly relieves itch and aids; healing of surface skin -y r" mm f\ «cd scalp irritations. — >. £. IL Ifl U COUGHS DUE TO COLDS Best-known horn* remidy to USB Is . S/APORUB y° u -' but there was something *« ersatz ln that friendship movies and parties. Come Christmas, she was Johnny-on-the-spot with her hand out. Is there anything wrong about mother wanting » friendly little chat with her girl now and then?" Not if it's friendly. It it's a chat filled with reproaches and complaints, it's not friendly. A iriend who has a misunderstanding with good as she believes it to be. False friendships can be of many I kinds. A common kind in parent- When we are unable to talk like' !chud friendsn j ps is the parer ,ts' that to a friend who has hurt u«.i over-dependence upon the children's it may well be that we ourselves are, affection _ As we do Mt Uke to think afraid of what is in our mind about i of ourselves as over-dependent upon him. Perhaps, since we don't wish, a chlld _ we ca] , Qur state .. devotlon -. to face our real feelings about him ourselves, we are quite unable disclose them Co him. [trvfcfjgi i|euA : IS IN TOWN TODAY There's no use trying to be friendly to someone for whom we fee! resentment and bitterness. Like the grandmother's clothes assumed by the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, our friendly words smell of wolf, not love. Our true feelings j to him or some other high-sounding to |word. We say, "Janet is my life." 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