Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 15, 1964 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1964
Page 10
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10 Pac. IS, m 1964 Globe-Gazette, Mason City, U. Contract Bridge By B. JAY BECKER Tip record-holder In mastr rt* ImlrviriuaL rhamplntiHhip pliy LUCK OF THE IRISH North dealer. Neither side vulnerable. WEST A"3 VQJ105 • 1097 -t 4,1074 NOKTH * K862 V A2 4AQJ2 + KJ5 EAST *A4 *K8743 4 K5 4.Q983 SOUTH 4> QJ 1095 ' V 9 6 • 863 4, A 62 Tho bidding: Nnrlh Kast South 14 IV l^ West Opening lead — queen of hearts. This hand appears in Bridge Writers' Choice IflfM. It was played by Michael O'Connell and reported by .lack Kelly, both Irish international stars. Mr. Kelly is one of the 59 bridge writers who contributed lo the book. O'Connell was South, lie won the heart lead with the ace and returned the king of spades. Kasl look the ace, cashed Die king of hearts, and returned a trump, won by Ihe queen. II would seem routine for declarer lo take ;i diamond finesse at this point. This play would assure Ihe contract if West hud the king, or if Kast had the king and the diamonds were divided II ::. or if Wesl had the queen of clubs regardless of how the diamonds were distributed. Counting all those factors. South would have been a heavy favorite to make the contract by taking Die diamond finesse, but, in the actual hand, Ibis method of play would have failed and South would ha\l' gone down one. O'Connell improved on this method of play and made the contract as a result. He gave himself all the chances mentioned, but in addition also covered tin- possibility thai K.isl might have been dealt Ihe .sin- glelon or doubleton king of diamonds. This added c h a n c e proved lo be decisive. O'Connoll played a diamond t'i the ace at trick five, returned 1o bis hand with a trump, and played a diamond to the queen. When this lost lo the king, Kast found himself compelled to return a club or else yield n ruff and discard. Killier piny was bound lo bo fatal. Note lhal O'Connell would have succeeded even if West had shown up with the king of diamonds. This would have insured an eventual chili discard on the jack of diamonds. of course, some might say that O'Connell merely demonstrated the so-called luck of the Irish, but somehow or other we suspect that there was much mure to what he did than Itial. Inauguration license plates taboo in Iowa I)KS MOINKS (AI'I iU'd, white and blue motor vehicle license plates commemorating the presidential inauguration in Washington are beginning lo show up on Ihe road, but lowans iimsl he careful how llioy use thr plates. Dale Miliii, chairman of the Presidential Inauguration Com- nntieo in Washington, says I ho. special plales can be substituted for regular license plales in all except Pennsylvania and Smith Dakota. Bui officials of the IOWA Pub. lie Snictv Department said the' plates cannot be substituted for ihe rcnular plates in Iowa, either Inwa i.iu specificially requires 1 that slate license plates be dis-j plau'd on the iron! and rear of automobiles, primarily for iden- !ificatio:i purpose-, ; Stale officials .srtid, however, thai the presidential license plates may be displayed on: Iowa cars in addition lo the 1 regular plates. The special plates may be purchased by sending Sit) to the] Presidential Inauguration Committee in Washington, along! with your name, make of car. and your regular state license number. The District of Columbia issues the inaugural plale.s. The money will be used to help pay the costs of putting on I Ihe inaugural parade, hall, andl other ceremonies when President Johnson is inaugurated oni .Ian. ^0. MUST SERVE Youths must enter the military service in Iraq at the age of 18 -and serve two years before being placed in the reserves for a period of 18 years. TO FLORIDA NASHUA—J. M. Howard has left for Orlando, Fla., where he will spend several weeks with his son, Robert, and his family RE you gninfj to be happy with this news! Tyler- Jlyan has added a new decorator service. A service lo help you coordinate your cn- lirc home froin carpet to draperies. A new and complete drapery department has been added — and Joe Hltlncr is Tyler-Ryan's new decorator consultant. All the newest fashion fabrics will be featured along with accessories and rods. Aren't you glad your favorite furniture .store has made it possible for you to choose all your furnishing needs in one store. Start with the carpet, choose from the extensive line of quality furniture, gel advice on color arid decorating ideas to compliment your home. Joe will he glad to bring samples of rugs and draperies to your home ~ give free estimates and help you solve any decorating problems you may have, beautifully and within your budget. Why jump from store In store, fret and worry when you can have your problems solved for you professionally, (let the finest quality furniture and accessories all in one big store, your favorite for years. TYLER-RYAN FURNITURE CO. It is only when men begin to worship that they begin to grow. KCAUSK you like nice thing s. Dick's TV Center has provided a wonderful selection of Stereos for your tnns giving — a gift to please everyone — Mother. Dad, Sis and Hrothcr — All will enjoy t'honola — Lti.xtiriou.sly finished and superbly crafted consoles . . . from Karly American to the most contemporary — Contribute beauty of sound and design to any decor — and look at this price a b e a u 1 i f u 1 colonial or the Ml. Vernon model oidy I!)!).95. 2 — H inch speakers — 1 Inch Tweeters, 45 HTM speaker — Diamond needle, dual channel amplifier, AM/KM tuner with F/M Stereo . . . And Many Other features. Portable TV — Radios, and many other musical gifts pleasure. There's a model to .suit every last — every purpose — every pleasure! Sec the large selection of musical gifts at DICK'S TV CENTER S.I!) North Federal 11 i< 1ST MAS is n wonderful season . . . and to make il more enjoyable Johnston's Green- IHMISC is bursting with the in o s t wonderful selection of Christmas flowers in years. Flowers really speak the language of this joyful season. There's flowery eloquence in each bloom ami will convey the message you wish to send to anyone, in just the right way. He sure and go in find see the wonderful gifts — planlers, pottery, candles, .suggested centerpieces and they'll design one especially for your needs The thoughtful gifl yon can be sure she'll adore. .Johnston's has a bright festive selection of holiday green and flowers . . from flaming poin- settins to gay Christinas wreaths. Flowers are a wonderful way to say "Merry Christmas" In the boss ami "thank you." JOHNSTON'S FLOWERS 707 First S.W. •IIM-2-14li !'. S. Christmas trees at Johns- Ion's Greenhouse — All kinds — flocked or plain. See them at Johnston's, 707 1st SW. Open Sunday. popping on Wl Ui ^rrcizel ^>kop ^rri 0 You know? The average housewife spends three hours a day doing dishes. Spread these hours over one year and you wilt find that she is at this gruesome task more than 120, 8-hour days — just doing dishes. 75% of this time could he spent with the family if she had a new FIUGIDAIRE DISH- MOHILK DISHWASHER from the Mason City Appliance Store. Mom, give this article to Santa and tell him you could have a new Frigidairc Dishmobile in your home for approximately 2. r >c a day. Take Santa in to see your Krigidaire dealer tomorrow. You dealer is MASON CITY APPLIANCE STORE 12,'( South Federal The best way to know God is to love many things. VEHY woman on your list wants a robe — and Stevensons has just the robe for every woman. — practical robes, dressy robes — long robes, short robes — cotton robes, fleece robes, quilted robes, romantic robes . . . we especially like the Lyn Dclle :t way robe to wear sashed in front, back or all around. In marvelous easy to care for washable Wincoma fleece — warm as a fireside and soft as a kitten's ear. Then there's the lovely quilted robe in smart peignoir styles with empire waist in quilted nylon or the multi-color floral print quilted cotton Batiste with corduroy trim can be worn with nut a bell — and many, many, more. One for all budgets. See Ibese lovelv robes at KIIKK GIFT WKAI'IMNG Knrth has no .sorrow Heaven cannot heal. that abric Shop has m a n y unusual ^ i f t s for the c I e ver woman who sews, There is Electric Scissors, Travel Ironing II o a r d s — Thrend Boxes, Bobbin Boxes, Sewing Hoxes and Wiss Shears — Most any woman on your list would adore one of these items and here's a real buy — Christmas Stockings and Appliques arc '•j Price while they last. Hurry and take advantage of these values at THE FABRIC SHOP ll-l North Federal K ANDES']' thing about Christmas is the parlies and family gatherings . , . If you're planning to entertain a largo group, don't worry, relax, have fun. You don't have to worry about punch bowls, en p.s, coffee service, coffee urns or glass. In fact everything you need for entertaining large groups can be rented. Sherbets and par fait glasses, sterling silver coffee service, too, And don't forget if you're having overnight guests you c»n rent beds, baby beds. loo. If you need .something phono 12-J-»2:i4. I'll bet they have it at It's for rent •<:•: TV V.- CHRISTMAS Christmas i« children, and candles, and cards, Tinsel, and red ribbon tied up by yards. Carols, and candy canes, fir trees and snow, Eager small faces wherever you go. Christmas is laughter, and secrets, and fun, And pausing to think of those who have none. Christmas is lime to remember those dear, To wish (hat in some way, all could be noar. Christmas it star shine, and toft sifting snow. The birthday of Him who was born long ago. Christmas brings hope for a ' world torn with strife. The hope of redemption, — eternal life. Helen Frank* Draeger Rockford, Iowa .SIS S. Peim. P.S. Santa Onus Suits, Too APIMKST )ii f t s are of beauty — Prettiest homes are those decorated w i t h flowers, holly and ureens. Kembles invite yovi into their downtown store, 115 N. Ked- eral, lo sec the beautiful centerpieces they hnve to enhance the beauty of your home — Kvery color nnd combination — Greens of all kinds — Containers that are different — mnko lovely sifts. If you don't sec a centerpiece that is exactly your idea Iboy'll de.sijjn one. KEMBLE'S DOWNTOWN STORE 115 North Federal or KEMBLE'S GREENHOUSE J223 South Federal Greenhouse Open Sunday ere Ujou It IJ^lnd C///fe Jj/rom ^Af to Z-. foi \ T case you've forgotten — Christmas is for wishing . . . And the dearest wish to any woman is fine china or crystal. Larson's has imported some fine Watcrford Crystal and ^ielleek China from Ireland. It's beauty is unsurpassed, makes a perfect gift for the special ladies on your list. Hoth the china and crystal are the finest to be found anywhere. Another beautiful gift line in Cybis porcelain art — a line dedicated to creating memorable sculptures for Ihe connoisseur and collector — words cannot describe these lovely items so you're invited to go in and see for yourself — just browse -- You'll find them breathtaking. 18 South Federal P.S. Candles of all kinds — decorator glassware — fine china and silver. Grief can lake care of itself; but to get full value of joy you must have someone to divide il with. UST the finest idea anyone could get to help men find just the right gift — Wednesday night is Men's night at Damon's. Yes Sir, from (i p.m. to S) p.m. Damon's will cater to men. Help them find the right gift and she and color for the love of their life. Check this time and be at Damon's. You'll gut your shopping done quickly and beautifully. You'll be helped to find just what you had in mind. I'he day is Wednesday, December Kith, the time li to 9 p.m. and the place is P.S. Gifts Gift Wrapped For You. One can never pay in gratitude, one can only pay "in kind" somewhere else in life. ISI.IA'S I,a nip & Gift has so many out of the ordinary gifts il will aina/e and please you. Lamps of all kinds to glow and compliment your decor. Maple decorator pieces, end tables, desks and Huston Hookers. Small gifts, large? gifts, pictures so lovely you won't In- able lo resist them. You'll enjoy doing your Christmas shopping at KlSLIA'S Hi First Street S.E. The Store With The I.iltle Red Door P.S. Many clever gifts for men, loo - including those famous hand-made ties. Music is well said to be the speech of anuols. AT CHRISTMAS A man U .it M* HnrM lou a nl* thr (lnl>.h 11 ( tlir > r.i l ; lit l\ almost M TI.I I hr tlinulil b r \vhrn Ihr I'hrlttm.'iN ><' A Min'> hrrr ; ' Tit A 11 hr'^ t hink me no re of nlhr rs 1 IM u lir ' * ihtMic hi ilir ninnt h <s hrf mrr, AIM! til r U u K M i- j n T h K r h! I d r r i\ Is A jur tt <trth t'tiUnc f"r, II r I* less .1 irlf i-«h rrrAtnrr ili^n al an y nlhr f time ; When Hi r (' h r M m.% •» % p I r 11 r u 1 r * him ti <• co m r *. r I •> •» c In MI M t m r , Whrn 11':* i 'htlMnm 1 * m .tn 11 hi | jr r nitil \\ hrtlrr in MV pan. Hr H krriirr tor Ihr NCTY irr llul I* p ro m p I r il h j thr hr A rl All thr pr 11 y I h i>u i h U * h d narrow ^ r r m lo vanlili Tor A» Mir A n il Hi r t r u r rriv j r il h r' * \frVlnc 11 ttir (lory of A >mllr. Thru fur othrr-* hr t» lit I ling and inmr- hu>» II »rrm* In me That al ('lirt*lma\ hr H aim nit what <iml wmitnl lilni In hf. If I )urf lo p»htl * pirttirr i»f • man I think I'll HA!! Till hrM fniiRhl M* >«-HUh h.illlr* ami hail pnl *»1*lf hi* hair I'll lint catch him *t hl«> l.ihoM whrn hii 111'High I* * rr of prlf. (tit (he t n u c il A y i» a ml I ri r dreary M h r n hr'i nlriving for htmtrlf. I' rl n n 1 t&kr htm trhrit hr'* *n r r r i ri <. «hrii hr i »f ornful or drprr^nl. KM I I'd look far him at ChrMnm* w hm hr'H shining *l hU brM M * u !• p v r r f n A M r n j R I r » » rf h r' \ n f 1 mi*iiiulfrMood t There nrr d*y« thr tvtu*l th»t'» In him d thr nianlrr of tlir (oml. tlul *l rtirUinnn klmlnr** rutr» him mil hr puU nftltlr h Inn Of Ai\d hi* prtty hulc» *rr VhTtquhhrd *nd hi i hrart L» oprnril »Idr, Oh. 1 don't know hnn to »*y U. hut i n m c hfl w U * rr m s to m r Thiil M ChrMmat man U aim nit i*h*l f*Dil »riil htm hrrr lo hi». A BETTER GIFT Don't buy a gift for m« this year If shopping is a chore; I'd rather have your kindly thoughts And pleasant- wishes more. Don't buy a gift for me this year If you don't have the time; I'd rather have a friendly note That doesn'f cost a dime. I'd rather that you count the stars Than rush about pell-mell Or rather that you sit and dream And warm your heart a spell. Gladys Alden Garner, Iowa OCK Photos suggests before you buy a camera gift that you visit them and look around. The best really costs no more. Tops in a Movie Camera is Bolex—35mm., Zciss—In slide projectors, its Bausch & Lomb — and the new 1SS65 slide projectors are now in— Don't buy any slide projector until you've gone into Lock's and compared — price, quality and guarantee — Let Mr. Lock tell you why these top brands are superior and prove it to your satisfaction. Check this list, film, gadget bags, light meter, tripod, slide projector, screen, flash bulbs, electric eye camera, slide viewer, light bar, movie cameras, mlarger, flood lights, 35mm camera, Polaroid camera, camera sets, dark room supplies, photo books and many other things. See for yourself at LOCK PHOTOS 2G 2ndN.E. P.S. Sec the new Sony tape recorder. They're really honeys. -A, M AKE it a happy Hamm o n d Holiday . . . This year give your family the gift that gives pleasure for a lifetime. A gift for the entire family. A gift all will use and enjoy because when you buy a Hammond Organ at Jones' Piano House you are taught to play by the new CTT> method. An exclusive method adopted by the Hammond Organ Company and originated by the Jones Company. A method that places the emphasis on "music for it's own sake", on the pleasure of creative self- expression, the FUN of making music yourself, rather than thinking of music simply as an art form to which one should be exposed. Hammond Organ owners will not only learn to play but will continue to play their Hammonds all their lives, not only with pleasure, but with real affection for their beautiful instrument. Owen Babbc, president of the Jones Piano House in Mason City and Hammond Organ Studios in Fort Dodge, states, that after a survey made by the Hammond Organ Company the Jones CT-5 method has been adopted by lliem. The CT-5 playing method was selected by Hammond Seminars put on in Denver, Billings, El Paso and Indianapolis, Indiana ( 2 calls). Jones, have a great Organ and a great teaching method. Won't you call 423-2324 and ask about both, and make this the Merriest Christmas ever, for you and your family. Better yet, stop in and see for yourself — you'll find a large selection of Hammond Organs at JONES PIANO HOUSE Hammond Organs and Hammond Pianos :*2 1st St. S.Iv I' S. Listen to Jones' pupils playing on KG1.O Tluirs.. Dec. 17 at 10::i5 p.m. . . . See and hear them having fun at the Hammond Organ. othing, no nothing makes a finer gift than mirrors — a full length one for the bedroom or bathroom door, over your mantel and so many other places. Standard Glass and Paint has a wonderful selection of plate glass mirrors. We think the finest and largest selection in North Iowa. In fact, there's a kind and size mirror for any place in your home. Mirrors will be cut to please you if you have something .special in mind and all mirrors guaranteed. You'll also find a gift department filled with uit't items that are different — wanted and sensibly priced. Free parking in the rear of the store to make your shopping easier at STANDARD GLASS & PAINT CO. 206 North Federal NLY the finest gift will do when you want to say "Thank you to your hostess" — It's the sweetest gift, too — Russell Stover candies — from the Brick & Tile Pharmacy. Makes a wonderful Christmas gift and you have many kinds to choose from. Beautifully boxed just for Santas — Make your sweetest gift selection at BRICK &TILE PHARMACY Brick & Tile Bldg. ft ft ft It's good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas time, when its mighty founder was a child Himself. ft ft ERFECT — Yes the Boston Store is a perfect place to shop for the young men on your list . . . It's the only exclusive young m a n's store in Mason City . . . Gifts large or small from fine coats to socks, gloves, sweaters, scarfs, shirts, etc. Always the latest styles they really want — No matter what the young men on your list have wished for, you'll find it at THE BOSTON STORE 115 South Federal P.S. Open 9 to 9 Monday through Friday until Christmas. It is the highest part of the highest creed to forgive — before memory sleeps. UITE the finest and the prettiest lingerie in town is at Lundbergs, of course. Lovely quality with a name she knows and respects. You'll find all the gifts Milady loves when you shop at Lund- bergs. There's slips, robes, jewelry, lounging slippers, lounging pajamas . . . and the most loved gift of all, Pendleton Sportswear and many other skirts, sweaters and slacks with famous names. No matter what you give if it comes from Lundbergs it will mean twice as much . . . because every gal knows it's the smartest fashion center in North Iowa Don't forget to get your party clothes— the selection is superb at On Shoppers Lane ft ft ft Hclp thy brother's boat across, and lo! thine own has reached the shore. ,A_ A '•-'. M t-i EALLY the handiest place in town to shop is Bill's Camera Land. It's the only camera store with a free parking lot and drive in window. No meters to worry about. All Bill's Brand Name Camera gifts are at discount prices and their pre-Christmas photo sale is -still in progress. Get your camera now with every thing you need to keep a record of this Christmas. It's a once in a lifetime shot. A camera gift for everyone at BILL'S CAMERA STORE "Camera Land" 206th Street S.E. (One-half block cast of Federal Avenue, on Hi-way 18.) He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. THE BROKEN DRUM Thrrr Is lorraur In thr household; Thrrr's » jrlff (no hard to bur; Thrrr't a little chrck lhat'i tear lUlnrd: Tlirrr'* a lohhinr baby th«rf. And Iry how w« will lo romfort. Still ihr liny teardrop* comt; For. lo solve a reting problem. furly I.ockn ha* wrerked his drum. Il had putiled him and worried. How Ihe drum created tonnd; Kor he rouldn'1 nnderiland II: II urai nol enoufh ID poan.l \\llh his liny hand* and lirum >l(cki. Anrf 41 (he day h»n rome, When another hope Ij ihallered : Now In ruins lies hli drum. Wllh hli metal bank he broke II. Tore the Ufhlened skin ailde, Gaied on vaeanl ipaee. bewildered. Then he hrofce rifht down and cried. For the broken bubble, thocked him And Iht baby traM mml come: N'ow a joy ha* g-one rorfrrr; C'urly I.orki hm wrecked his drum. While hti mother Irlet to »oothc Mm. f am tilting here alone: In thi- life thai llei behind me. .Many shocks Ilkr that J're And lru> hoy *<!ii>'n upstairs In the yeart lhal are to con. U'lU learn that mLny plratnreO Are •« empty an his drum. EYMOUR Photo Store suggests something different for the children this Christmas . . . 8mm movies . . . This Christmas give the comedy classics children love —like Woody Woodpecker, Abbott & Costello, etc. Gladden the hearts of your youngsters this Christmas—and for years to come —by giving Castle Films home movies of their beloved cartoon and comedy characters. A very thoughtful and appreciated gift for homes with 8mm or 16mm movie projectors! We also stock Castle's official N.Y. World's Fair Movies, Kennedy Memorial and other family titles. Be sure to ask for FREE catalog — over 300 titles from $1.95. SEYMOUR PHOTO STORE 203 N. Federal P.S. You can rent all kinds of film for your children's parties, your club meetings, etc. Go in and see the large selection. ft ft ft Blessed are they who have the gift for making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts. It involves many things, but above all, the power of going out of one's self, and appreciating whatever is nobJe and loving in another. ft ft ft RULY one of the most wanted gifts. Furs with a Mars hall & Swift label. Fur is every woman's cherished dream . . . and this year fur fashions are more wanted than ever. Marshall & Swift handsome little furs are especially nice, because they're wearable practically the year "round. This year give her the gift she's always dreamed of, the gift she'll sherish long after the holidays . . . You'll find everything from mink to mouton in breathtaking new styles. And you're always sure of the quality when the label reads MARSHALL & SWIFT 214 North Delaware A plan to fit your budget ft ft ft There are two changeless sources of solid happiness: First belief in God, and second the habit of hard work toward useful ends. ft ft ft NLESS you aren't particular about the quality of your Christmas turkey — you'll choose it at Grupps. No matter what size you need you can be sure when you go to Grupps you've chosen a choice bird — Grupps choose nothing else for you to purchase — Not a bird in the store that isn't Grade A perfect — All Ellsworth turkeys — The business man that plans to give turkeys can not find finer — prices are right too — No orders too large or too small to be given special attention . . . But place your orders now to be sure — as they will have a limited supply . . and then there's Grupps Fruit Cakes —made in their own bakery—and we'll guarantee them delicious- chuck full of fruits and nuts—all sizes, 79c to S4.98. Beautifully wrapped — wonderful to give or serve — Choose yours now at one of GRUPPS FOOD CENTERS 1323 North Federal or 1204 N. Rhode Island ft ft ft The twinkling lights on Christmas trees are times' bright treasured memories. ft ERY special under any Christmas tree is a Royal Portable Typewriter— You are giving the gift most desired by everyone on your list — a really practical gift, too! Be sure and see the new Roy- alitc Portable. It's an investment in the future of school children (any age) and a convenience for the home. Royalitc is compact, all metal design, full size keyboard — has swift lively typing action — Every essential typing feature — Carrying case included for 49.95. Sec it at WOLFF TYPEWRITER CO. 409 South Federal P.S. Colors too — and there are other members of the Royal family to compare with, so you can choose just the machine most wanted by <omconc you Jove — This year miSfe It a Royal Christ- ITH the thought 'in mind of getting something special for all the children on your list always think of Carter & Gilles Toyland first. You'll find all the newest toys— the ones they've read about and seen on TV are always at Carter & Gilles first — So many of them it's a joy for the grown-up Santas just to look — There are hundreds of games, many of them educational as well as fun — Books, Books and Books — Stamp collectors books — Coin collectors folders and books — Dolls, doll clothes, trunks, dishes, furniture and doll houses. Guns of all kinds. Tractors, model cars and car kits —Skis, sleds and skates — Basketballs — and hundreds of other ideas — If your child has wished for it you'll find it at CARTER & GILLES TOYLAND "You've Never Seen So Many 'Toys" P.S. You'll find many outstanding specials there—Go in and browse. There is love at Christmas because Christmas was born of love. Let us, each one, keep alive this spirit of love and glorify God. ft ft ft mas trees, all sizes, all kinds, green or flocked with any color you want to compliment your home decorations, greens loo — A large variety of center pieces on display also at KEMBLE'S GREENHOUSE 1223 South Federal Open Sunday -A, -A. M ft Seek your joy in what you give, and not in what you get. ARN Shop is having a Kit Sale, ends Satu r d a y. One week only, There's swea t e r kits (all kinds) some with skirt materials to match. Afghans, mittens, hoods, slippers, etc. You have to see them to believe it ... Knitting bags — and all accessories. Wonderful for gifting or wonderful to keep for yourself. THE YARN SHOP 407 North Federal .A, l-f ft OWIE — What perfect gifts you'll find for either men or women. Golf cqu i p m e n t — everything they need and have been wanting — balls — clubs — bags — carts — shoe ice skates. And for the hard to buy for man, binoculars — guns — gun cases — shooter's Bible — and fishing equipment. Anyone on your list will be pleased with a gift from DECKER'S SPORTING GOODS 5 Fourth Street S.E. ft ft A CHRISTMAS THOUGHT Christmas is a happy time, For every girl and boy. And when we speak of happiness, It probably means a toy. But some consider happiness In different points of view. Some think happiness is giving, And don't you think so too? Tommy Denney 908 5th Ave. So. Clear Lake, Iowa 11 Years Old -A, ft ft Ideas from A to Z. Read them carefully and your shopping will be a breeze. All these merchant* have a large variety of qualify merchandise and you'll find the service is perfect Christmas is getting so close and my knitting isn't done. My daughter put forth the idea something hand knit for her family would be most acceptable. When I started I thought } had plenty of time. Now 1 wonder. Traveling League finished yesterday. We weren't so smart. Forest City moved us down. So did Manly. But we had fun and lost to • nice team of girls. We'll practice up for next year and see them then. However unless the Forest City Captain slows down it won't do much good, the had a 615. Nice Same Jan '— and betidtt that 3 other gii-ls had over 500 — On« 597 with a low of 444. They hardly left us our breath. Nict going gafs you're a good team and a fun team ... See you shopping.

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