Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 14, 1964 · Page 24
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1964
Page 24
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D«e. 14, TH4 Gfob«:Gaxtrtt, Mi*on City, f«. Wall St. pays Yule bonus By KEN McKENNA New York Herald Tribune News Service NEW YORK—On Wall Street a group of clerks at a large brokerage house sat down with lines of figures and predictions of market developments. After calculating the probable course of stock trading volume, they reached a conclusion. "Near as I can figure," one said, "our bonus this year should be eight weeks' pay." Among financial houses, where the traditional Christmas bonuses depend on the number of stocks that arc bought and sold over the year, scenes such as these arc common in the weeks preceding the holiday season. Some workers even organize money pools to guess the size of the yearly stipend. Winners take home a double bonus. Wall Street bonuses are an honored tradition. Brokerage houses, underwriting concerns and other financial enterprises declare them without hesitation. The only variable is their size, and this is tied directly to the volume of business yi the securities field. This year, with trading pumping along at a hectic clip, total 1064 volume probably will pass the 1063 record of 3,146 billion shares in a week and a half. That will leave almost a month of stock movement to generate additional money to pad the pockets of Wall Street's hirelings. "It's been traditional on Will Street for a century," a brok- eragchouse executive explained. "When business is good, you pay." How did thn bonus .syndrome get started? "I don't know. It's just there," he s;iid. But there are indications that finance's hierarchy would pre fer not to be bound by tradition. The American Stock Exchange, for instance knocked out its usual quarterly bonus, although it will continue to distribute the expected year-end financial goodies. With 1064's volume, this should run to four weeks' wages. The Amex plan is based strictly on trade volume. Until this year, every three months em- ployes got a percentage of their quarterly salary, ranging from 7 to as high as 25 per cent. In dumping the quarterly bonus system, the Amex was not trying to save money, only to change the method of distribution and, perhaps chip away at the tradition of Wall Street bonuses. So the exchange substituted raises of 25 and 28 per cent in annual salaries, depending on the employe's status. In effect, it was an admission that exchange workers had come to view the quarterly payout an a natural consequence of their daily chores. Instead of looking forward to the day when the Amex gave away money, they waited, annoyed that their employer was holding out on them for three months. An Amex official discussed the policy switch in fiscal terms: "Exchange executives wanted to have specific projections of expenses. They wanted to put things on a solid basis and get specific salary levels in planning future budgets." The New York Stock Exchange has clung to standard procedure. Again its bonuses are pegged to trading volume, but it sets a maximum of 20 per cent of salary in a quarter. Em- ployes can count on the maximum when average daily vol- Monday Night, Tuesday and Wednesday 8-KEY TOY PIANO Sturdy Wood Doll Hi-Chair $^77 $4.00 Value SPELLING And Counting Board By BarzJm Toy $1.00 Valua American TOOL CHEST 149 At FAMILY DRUG POLYETHYLENE DUMP TRUCK 91/4 In. Long Country Kitchen All $1.69 LOW PRICES PLUS .GREEN STAMPS nners DRUM 6VV Diameter J PIN-BALL GAME Football or Baseball "AIR ACE" TARGET AND PISTOL SET 9"x9" Metal Reversible Target With PUtol And Two Rubber Tipped Darts. $1.00 Value DECORATED Sturdy Metal' SERVICE STATION With Accessories $ 1.49 Mechanical SHOOTING GALLERY The Rabbits Go 'Round And Round And The Ducks Parade In A Continuous Row. Siie 17" Wide, lOVi" High, 2W' Deep. Complete 4! 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One large investment house, which refused to be quoted on this sensitive subject, has observed that Wall Streeters arc less dependent now on bonues. The reason was obvious. Bonuses are not as big — or the bigness is not as gen eral — as it once was. Still some stock and bond companies have become famous for year-end generosity. Last year one influential concern handed out shares of Syntex stock, then scoring a markel track record that wowed inves tors. A Big Board executive noted also that the extras are not obtained without effort. When trading volume grows, the de mands of the job — be it stock clerk or floor trader — follows inexorably. Another executive pointed to the peculiar character of the financial district. Here is a busi ness dealing in commissions. No one has control over market activity nor the price of the product. If the salary picture is kept flexible, the brokerage house can take care of its em- ployes in good times and survive without heavy overhead when the market turns down. But the dream of bonuses remains with the men and women on the Street. They look at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc., which last year laid out 13 weeks of base pay for employes with 20 years seniority and five weeks with those working at least two years Some $8 million was split among 8,600 employes. Parks has no immediate plans at ISU By CHAD SKAGGS Associated Press Writer DES MOINES (AP) — Dr. Robert Parks, who moves up to become president of Iowa State University next July 1, says he plans "no sharp breaks with our present or our past." He said he wants Iowa State to be "a broad-based university, centered around science and technology, as it now is." Other than that, he would comment little on his plans shortly after his appointmenl by the Iowa Board of Regents :o succeed Dr. James H. Hilton, 65, who is retiring as ISU presi dent. "If I announced a lot of new plans now, that might be taken as dissatisfaction with the present administration," Dr. Parks said, "and if I say I have no plans that would indicate I ex pcct things lo remain static Neither is the case." Dr. Parks, 49, is one of seven children of a man who, as marginal farmer and Tennessee rural mail carrier, wantec something different for his off spring. He grew up near Fayetteville Tcnn., on what he described as "a subsistence farm," and his father's mail route "brought in most of the cash we had." Hut Dr. Parks credits his parents, "who read a lot though they didn't have time to be bookworms," with implanting in their children a desire to ob tain a higher education. He attended Berea College in Kentucky, where every studen must help work his way through school,-and was graduated in 1937. He received his master's degree from the University o Kentucky in 1938, and the Ph.D from the University of \Viscon sin in 1948. All his degrees are in politica science with a minor in econom ics—but he does not consider i strange that a man with i background in social science should head a university of sci ence and technology, as is ISU "The social sciences always have been important at lown State," he said, "and in agri culture today there arc socia and economic as well as lechni cal changes." Two of his four brothers have Ph.D. degrees in history. One Dr. E. T. Parks, works for the U.S. State Department and the other. Dr. Joseph H. Parks heads the History Departmen at the University of Georgia. Dr. Parks came to Iowa State in 1948 and was professor o government for eight years, He then taught for three years a the University of Wisconsin, re turning to ISU in 1958 as dean of instruction. Currently he is vice president for academic affairs, at $25,000 a year. His sal ary as president will be $30,000 a year, Xeirrred la Mra '% <l " s> I-'..'? PLENTY OP MAIL The average American jcdvcd 199 letters in 1D63. re Transport- Timetable AIR Mason City Municipal Airport East bound—8:30 a.m., (F27). 2:0$ p.m. (F27) «:24 p.m. Westbound—»:2J a.m.. 4:11 p.m. Northbound—1:01 p.m. RAIL Passenger Station 600 2nd NW To MijUMapolif — 4:M a.m., 1:51 p.m. To Dct Moinc* — 2:06 p.m.. 11:15 a.m. To Austin and MlniMapoUj — 1:41 a.m. To Omaha — 12:55 a.m. BUS Jefferson Bus Depot 16 1st SW Eastbound — 7:15 a.m., 11:54 a.m., 6 p.m. Scenic Line (To Decorah) — 5:45 p.m. daily except Frt, EUR. and holidays. 6:45 p.m. Westbound — 6 p.m. Northbound—7:Z5 a.m., 10:35 a.m., 4:34 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Southbound—7:30 a.m., 12:50 p.m., 2:50 p.m., 1:30 p.m. ; Easy to Place a Want Ad! If you hove something you wont to self, trade or rent, if you want a good job or good help and would like to place a Want Ad just Call 423-4270 and ask for the Want Ad department. We will be glad to-give you suggestions that will help you get results. Cl.assifiecf Advertising Rotes For Maton City and Surrounding Trade Territory only. Other ratei and cera- trart rate* on request. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY- CASH PRICE 1 inch. $1.60 1st 2 days per day. $1.55 3rd, 4th and 5th days. $1.50 6th day. Cords of Thanks In Memoriams $2.50 each trt*. Th« CM* trt* «re: Couat «*•«• U UM. 3 days 6 days *!.'» $3.32 2.64.' 5.10 3.52 4.40 If C point (or this) (toe PMT Mten and linen lines line* lines line* line* lineg lines Idty $.80 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.28 «.!« 7.04, 7.92 6.N 8.50 10.20 11.90 13.80 15.30 This is 12 point type. The cash rates for this size type are: Count IT-IS Mten * »f«e*» ' to UM. 34c line 1st 2 days. 32c line 3rd, 4th fc Kh day*. 30c line 6th day. 10c service charge on all ads not paid (or a time o£ insertion. 25c charge for blind box number*. NOTICE Ads ordered for more than 1 day and stopped before expiration are charged only for the number of days the ad appeared at the rate earned. WANT ADS PLACED OUTSIDE OF OUR TRADE TERRITORY ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. Index to Classified NoUco Prwcrlpllorur Card of Thanki In MemorUm Cemeteries Monumenu. Ctc Announcements Perfonals Lost. Found Auction Sales Money to Loan Real Estate Loam Investments Insurance Entertainment , 1 A-l 1 A-2 A-l B3 4 V A- 10 11 A-U 15 Dealers. Distributor* ,, Seeds. Feeds Business Opportunities II Male Help Wanted ' M Employment Service . . A-20 Ftmtlt Kelp Wanted II Situation Wanted 31 Help Male, Female 93 Employment Information B-23 Salesladies 14 Salesmen 3S Aienli :. W Servicej Offered ..,, 77 Instruction 21 Teachers A-ll Business Location! M Sale or Trade 31 Sale or Rent A-JI Rooms for Rent 32 Room and Board A-JJ Apis, for Rent U Multiple Ustlnf B-M Houiea for Rent . > 34 House Trailers AJ4 Builders, Home B-?4 Housei for Sale U Lake Shore Cotlafet .... A-JJ Lake Shore Homes, Lote B JJ Lota tor Sale N Acreage* 37 Farms, for Sale 39 Farms for Rent .....' It Machinery 41 Livestock 41 Pasture A-41 Dots. Birds, Prts ',., 43 Miscellaneous for Sale ... 44 Sporttnj Goods Equipment A-44 Photofraphy B-44 Fowls • <S Gardens .. A-43 BulMuif Materials, Etc. . . 4« Nunery Stocks 4T Musical Instrument 4t Radio. TV, Etc A-4« Office for Rent 4) Offtce Equipment *» Business Equipment A-3* Real Estate St drafts S* Wsarlr* Apparel S3 Household Goods tt Antique* A-M Poultry. EMI. SuprttM ** Wanted te Buy .. W Wanted to RMt ST Wanted to Borrow » Wanted ta Stay « MM* .. » U»ed Can' «• Uwd Truck •! Auto AcuMUdea H ~Ct< M Well Help You Write Ads That Get Results HARDING LODGE No. 641 Be*d C. Cook. W.U. 423-41C2 B. A Liuri*. 8»cy . 423-1012 WORK ON lit DREGREE WED., DEC. IS. 7:30 P.M. BENEVOLENCE LODGE No. 141 V. U. Pluden, WJ*. 03-5650 B. L. Main, Secy. 424-3041 1st* Jack Wither. Mon.. Dec. 140> — 7:30 p.m. MASON CITY CHAPTER ORDER OF DeUOLAY Tom Reed — Master Counselor 423-6627 Dan Roberts. Scribe, 424-4517. Regular Meeting, Sat., Dec. 19th 6t30 p.m.— Demolay Decree Practice Notices 1 NOTICE — The liability of the Globe- Gazette for typographical errors, wrong insertions or omission of advertising shall be limited to ONE CORRECTED INSERTION OF THAT PORTION OF ANY SUCH AD INCORRECTLY INSERTED. Please read your ad, if there is an error which definitely changes the meaning of your ad, please call us right away. * Prescriptions A1 WE~HELP "TOUR DOCTOR KEEP YOU HEALTHY! Your doctor knows what's best for your health . . . and we always fill his prescriptions accurately, promptly. OSCO DRUG PRESCRIPTION DEPT. 103 No. Fed. Ph. 423-1213 Card of Thanks ¥^v7sTrTo~«iank^very the many acts of kindness shown to Frank Kraus during his long illness. We also wish to thank all our friends and relatives for their expressions of sympathy both by word and deed. Your kindness was a great consolation to his family. Mrs. Frank Kraus and the Kraus family. Cemeteries A3 all or part. Reasonable. P.O. Box 594, Brooklyn, Iowa, or Phone 522-7204. * Monuments, Etc. B3 BEAUTIFUL VIGIL MEMORIALS "For all the years where dear ones sleep, these faithful stones their Vigil keep." For all graves. Now for all occasions. VIGIL MEMORIALS 213 6th N.W., Phone 424-2096 Mason City, Iowa MASON CITY MONUMENT Works. Home owned and reliable since IBM. See our large display of finished monuments in all granites. Including Montello. Mark every grave. We deliver anywhere. 150 10th St. S.W. Ph. 424-4314. Personals BEFOBJE" "you down on any hearing aid see us at Casey/s, 335 S. Federal. Quality Zenith Hearing Aids. •k Lost, Found * Business Oppor. 18 EXCELLENT opp7i?hinlty~^opeF- ate your own Chore-Boy Dairy Supply and service route. Fine line of dairy equipment and franchise available on local territory. Must have farm background. For full information write Box 'A-14, Globe-Gazette. TRUCK OWNERS The Diamond Transportation System, Inc., is now accepting applications from owners with late model COE tractors to haul farm tractor*, implements. Good earnings — Steady employment — Paid vacations and Group Insurance. Write: Diamond Transportation System, Inc., P.O. Box "A", Racine, Wisconsin. Phone: 414-634-1936 Exclusive Franchise First time offered In this area, to some person that desires to have business that offers above average Income that has no traveling or selling or personal contact with the public as we assign you our acquired accounts. Some areas available that do not require full time. Minimum of S1500 necessary. Investment in merchandise protected as stock in good condition may be returned. Information by personal interview only. Send 2 references, brief resume of self and phone number. Central Brokerage Service, P.O. Box 386, Des Molnes, Iowa. 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Top replies will be considered for positions leading .to top wages and possible management. Write Box F-l> Globe-Gazette. PIZZA COOK and *a!tres2 over 20. Evening hours at John"* Mr. Pizza, 30 2nd St. N.E. Salesmen 25 $18,000 IS not too much for the man we want in the Mason City area. Man over 40, with car, to take short auto trips. Write K. G. Dickerson, Pres., Southwestern Petroleum Corp., 534 N. Main St., Ft. Worth 1, Texas. YOUR OWN BUSINESS NO INVESTMENT $10,000 to $15,000 YEARLY Well known Mfgr. in agricultural field has several valuable openings in this state for Exclusive Franchise Distributors. A fast growing, repeat business. No Investment required. This is a terrific opportunity backed by powerful promotional advertising. For full details please give age and complete past experience. Must be able to start Immediately. All replies confidential. Our men know of this ad. Write Dept. 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WANTED—Hm. and board or furn. apt., Jan. 2, near 14th N. Fed. Write Mary Luick. Bclmond, la. 3 RM. turn, apt., close to town. all ufils pd. For girls only. 4233761 days. 424-1572 eves, after 7. 3 RM. furn. apt. $45. Ph. 423-4944. 2 BEDRMS. grd. floor, everything furn. Ph. 424-4620 or after 6. Ph. 423.3191. FUHN. 3 rms., priv. bath, J12 wk. 423-0801, 423-43)0. 3 HM. APT. Everything furn. 1824 So. Federal. Rent 34 STOP in at Allied Realty and check the Rental Blackboard. first! 3 RM. partly mod. house. S22~. 1527V4 No. Del. Ph. 423-7911. 1 BEDHM. mod. fum. house. Shady Beach, Clear Lake. 2 BDRM. modern house with garage, J60, Ph. 423-1696. MOD. 1 bedrm. house, 432 26th S.W. Ph. 423-4381. 3 BEDRM. unfurn. home. Close In, $60. Ph. 424-3211. FOH RENT—5 room mod. home furn. Close in. Ph. 42J.B066. FURNISHED home in Forest Park. Jan. 5 - April 5, Very nice, no small children. $80.00. Olesons, 424-1415. YOU can be in a New Mobilo Home by Christmas with all new furniture and appliances, for a small amount down and your present rent payments. Contact Ray burn Mobile Homes, Hwy. 65 South, Mason City. 2 BEDRM] house with carpeted living rm. and fireplace. At. tached heated garage, basement. Ph. 423-5603. SM. HOUSE suitable for widow or retired couple. $35 month. Ph, 423-2697 after 5. HOUSE, garage, newly redec., bus line. 914 6th St. S.W. * Mobile Homes 34A FALL SALE Looking for a Used Mobil* Home? You'll find them at Paul's. A large stock of trade-ins in all sizes. Also our huge stock of travel trailers, mobile homes and 20' and 24' homes are all on our fall sale. Over 60 units to pick front- all top quality. For the best deal in the Tri-States, «ee us now. New good quality 10' wide mobile homes as low as $3,275.00. Delivered and set up at no charge, 1 year guarantee on all units. We trade. Low rate bank financing, parts, accessories, service, transporting. YOUR NORTH IOWA'S LARGEST DEALER PAUL'S MOBILE HOME SALES Highway 1ft West Mason City, Iowa Watch for the spinning top Phone 424-4573 or 423-8479 Weather COLD Deals HOT . . . New low winter prices now in effect at — RAYBURN MOBILE HOMES Hwy. 65 So. — Mason City FOR RENT TRUCKS, TRAILERS and FURNITURE PADS. UNITED RENT-ALLS 518 So. Penn. — 424-4234 * Instruction 28 SpeciarProgram now""befng"offS?ed for Men t Women of Mason City BM Computer Programming Data Processing Key Punch — Burroughs NCR Bookkeeping Machines Learn at our resident school or through home study in a few short weeks. We will help place you on a top paying job. No previous experience necessary. Free 2-day training trial. Write or call COLLECT (Area Code 314)—OLive 2-3454 Nltes fc Sundays call PA S-1239 St. Louis School of Automation »8 N. Grand, St. L., Mo. S3JU3 As Seen ON TV * Business Location 30 CLEAR LAKE U.S. II location for 4,800 iq. ft. oC office space or retail, wholesale service*. A beautiful location for the ». CAMERON Realty Inc. 19 W. State 423-291P 14,000 sq. ft., dock heighth, Chicago Milwaukee Railway siding, air conditioned office. Available at once. CAMERON Realty, Inc. 19 W. State — Ph. 423-2910 * Houses for Sale 35 CALL a Rls-Van Man for your realty needs. FL 7-2197. 480 N. Shore Drive. Clear Lake. WANT PLAY AREA or extra seat, ing in the kitchen, family room? See this 1W bath home with threa bedrooms for $10,500. Attached garage and fenced yard. A real buy right value. CAMERON Realty Inc. 19 W. State 423-2910 AUTO SUPPLY BUSINESS, and HOME Well established business, auto supply route, heated attached warehouse, station wagon, $5,000 inventory, office, plus deluxe 3 bedroom home, fireplace, carpeted throughout, attached garage. LUXURIOUS LIVING and a GOOD BUSINESS in one complete package. Priced to sell. Exclusively shown by - Hiway 18 E. - Clear Lak» Ph. FL 7-4427 CAPE COD Graceful lines for graceful living. This 3 bedroom, home—can be 4 or have a den—lovely kitchen, dinette and living room. Attached garage with location superb. Priced to sell—only $15,000. Shown exclusively by ... 5INCE 1934 FL V-2171 - CLEAR LAKE AR«- Hnun: FL 7-4023 ( FL 7-45*5! FL 7-2S21

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