Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 14, 1964 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1964
Page 17
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Snead still a wiVjner ot age tirf 52 SEEKING, .FlB. (AP) — At the age of 52^ Sam Snead still wins golf tournaments. As Mike Souchak once-, said, Sam will still be winning them — sore feet and all — when he reaches 60. Sunday, the. West Virginia mountaineer wn>n another one. But for his latest trip to the bank, Sam had J;o give credit to ajyoung woman.. Shirley Engli .-horn, Sn««d's partner in the $40,000 Scotch Mixed Foursomes Tournament made Sam even Y?icher by using a sand wedge and a putter tc bag a couple of Ragles. The shots gav(r the team t seven-under-par 6|> for the fina round and a 72-holle total of 272 16-under-par for the 6,723-yard Harder Hall coursu. If Shirley had missed either one, they might nnt have with stood the challenge of Dow Fin sterwald and Mai.lene Hagge who shot an identical 65 to finis] one stroke behind .at 273. The winners splH $5,400 firs prize. Finsterwald and ;Marlene di vided $3,800 for second. Dav Ragan and Mickey ^Wright spli $3,200 for a third-pla ce finish a 277. \ Pecan Bowl fullbacks outstanding ABILENE, Tex. (AP,)—Cente Doug Korver won his: coach praise for his Pecan Eiowl foo ball performance, bijt sports writers covering tht«; game packed a pair of fuEtbacks as outstanding back and linemen. ELKS LEAGUE My Tra»»ll 3. Shlr.mui'i "S«" 1. all H» *. B»«lw«li«r 3. •p*rior "WO" 1, Lee'i Lanes 3. yUr Ryan 0. Huh Ctothltrs 4. kalen Cleaner* S. Farm It T«WII 3, ashwajr L»m»er 4, Butter's SW. «. • In*, hlfttt: E. Boyetle is*, B. Salfe 10. Team hlfhs: Hub Clothiers 81«, $.(*«. SPUTNIK LEAGUE ink S. Klwanls 1. chuvers 1, Advertiser 3. epsl 0. C«-Op. 4. ;rr»ji 1, Hawkeye Lane* 3. In*, htfbj: L. HamaBd 311. 811. Team hifhs: Hawkey t Laaes ,44«. FOUR STAR LEAGUE arsons i, Harlans t. !leman> 1, Eaiteri 2. Moellers 1. Weitern Auto 3. Eddy L.P. 1. Floyd! 2. •ost Office 1, Fisher Imp. 2. tarrel Drive In i, Wards 1. hop * Save S. Swaledale Elev. 0. N.F.O. t. Farmers Elev. 1. InH. hiths: E. M. Peterien !47, KS. TRAVEL LEAGUE CHAMPS—Racking up 40 wins in the North Central Iowa Women's Traveling League gave the championship to the Melodee Lanes team from Clear Lake. Members are (left to rig-ht) Mrs. Melvin Kobernusz, Mrs. Don Kajewski, Mrs. Harold Chaney, Mrs. Lawrence Keith and Mrs. Clifford Legreid. Clear Lake women win traveling league Trophies were given and offi- Lanes had the high series of •The Panthers Tech 19-17. beat 1 Lamar •One of the fullbacks—Loren Bbser, was pressed into service as a defensive tackle. 'With six tackles and eleven assists, he outstanding g line- cers elected Sunday night at the end of the 16-week scratch play event for the North Central Iowa Women's Traveling League. Melodee Lanes team, including Mrs. Clifford Legreid, Mrs. Harold Chaney, Mrs. Don Kajewski, Mrs. Lawrence Keith and Mrs. Melvin Kobernusz, won the championship with 40 wins. The league included eight teams. Three from Mason City were River City Boosters, Mason City Bowlerettes, Mason City Laundry; and Forest was named man. 2,697. Officers for next year are: Jan Olmstead, president; Zola Garnass, Manly, vice president; Marge Wolske, Mason City, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Lawrence Keith, sergeant-at-arms. NORTH IOWA MIXED LEAGUE Tale Electric 4, Herb & George 0. The Brandywine 4. Roberts Furnace Farm & Town 0. Food City 4. Western Oil 0, M. C. Glass 4. Grupp's Food Center 4, Plaza Lunch 0. Duraclean 0, Medical Arts 4. Ind. highs: Mildred Evans 170, 484; Harold Davis 202. 573. Team highs: T»te Electric TZG, 3, 050. Randy Sehulti, SCI'ri Little All-America f u 11 b a c 1 c, was chosen as the top back /on the basis of 160 yards gained.l rushing, two touchdowns and> carrying the ball on 38 of 71 Bushing plays. SCI Coach Stan Sherifl gave the game ball to Korver, i a 22-0 pound junior from Orang4'. City. "Doug was the big difference for us on offense," said Sheriff. "He's a lot of football player. '.'Schultz, of course, waijs just tremendous, but then he's done that all year." } The Panthers won nine of eleven games with a 3 quad comprising mostly underc lass- men, assuring Schultz lofcs of company when he returns next year. Only 10 of the 35 plaiyers who went to the Pecan IBowi and the NCAA Midwest College regional championship are sen- io"rs. i Lanes, Forest City; Comet Lanes, Manly; J and J Service, Nora Springs, and Melodee Too, the second team from Clear Lake. The traveling matches were held at Lee's Lanes, Rose Bowl and Family Bowl, Mason City; Melodee Lanes, Clear Lake; Forest Lanes, Forest City; Comet Lanes, Manly, and Hawkeye Lanes, Nora Springs. Mrs. Kajewski had the high individual game with 263; Mrs. Jan Olmstead, Forest City, had the high individual series, 615; Melodee Lanes, .had high team game of 954, .while the Forest FRIDAY LATE MIXED LEAGUE Isebrand Radio Floyds Service Hancock Co-Op. 0, Bait Moon Inn 2, Farmers 2, Nichols Shop I. Cbaneys Plb. 0. Lake Crest 3. Western Auto 1, Pier 18 — 2. Ind. highs: Don Madsen £!4, Bill Curtis 609; Mircy Madsen 225. SKI. Team hl(hs: Hair Moon 782, 2.190. EARLY FRIDAY MIXED LEAGUE Casey Drue 0, Red Owl :i. Harlan's Standard 0, Paul's Barber 5. Davis Groc. 1, Lake Crest 2. G. A. Eddy & Sons. 2, Gambles 1. Barrel Drive In 1, Lake Realty 2. Ind. highs: Elsie Frampton 1!>8, Boh Humphrey 595. Team hlgns: Barber Shop 1, STEAM ROLLERS LEAGUE Telephone 4. Clay Workers 0. National Guard 3, McNamara's Gar. Local 140—4, Clay Dieters I). Trettin's 4, Speed Wash U. Ind. hlfhs: R. Cerwlnske 217. fill). Team highs: Telephone D61, 2,595. SLOWPOKE LEAGUE Brierly Bros. 3, Portland Co-Op. 0. Hv-Line Hatchery 1. Bohlen Bros. •>. Talum Ildw. 0, Curtys Co-Op. 3. Hannas S. O. 3, Shecklers 1. Ind. highs: Dale Bull 23R, Lesle Naumjtn 57H. Team highs: Curlys Co-Op. !l(V>, 2 CLASSIC 880 LEAGUE Cashway Lumber 3. Rose Bowl 1—0. Sedars Pontiac 2, Farm 4 Town 1. Rockwell Co-Op. 2. Sneil's Services Tyler-Ryan 2, Rose Bowl 2—1. U H. Bank 2, Henntagson Steel 1. Shlpman Propane 2. Johnston Const. Ind. highs: Lee Knulson 2SO. Gar Brothers 656. Team highs: Tyler-Ryan l.OflS, 2 910. ROSE BOWL MIXED LEAGUE Chunk's Cafe 2, Rosr Bowl 1. Herb's Ball Shop 2. Massey-Ferguson I. Shipley Printing 0. S. S. Shell X. Farm & Town 0, Al's Superior Oil 3. Sedars Pontiac 3, Dave's S. Oil (K Ind. highs: B. Alberts 214, II. Klein 534: D. Throne ISO. 501. Team highs: Chuck's Cafe 13?, 2,074. BUFFALO LEAGUE F. * C. B»p* 3. Waraert D-X I. Sf*ttt Alrpcrt J, F»llerUm L.mVer 1. Skfamers i. Modem Cltaaeri I. Sm*kejt Oll.ri ?. Weit SMe 1. Ind. Wgki: Truman Motl.nd £31, Ll»y« A«d«r»eii Kt. Team a>lg»«: FvlUrlon Lumber K*. 3.7M. CRAZY EIGHT LEAGUE Wltiel Track 1. Bav'i Tarcrn 3. Kthtngton Drag 3. State Bank I. Deep BMk 1, B»dd OH 3. C«rn«r Tap 1, Carrall Tire 3. Ind. htfhi: Bill Jene. 344, 618. Team hlfha: StaU Bank 94i, 2,652. NITE CBAWLER LEAGUE SUIti Dee* Koek 3, Bohlcn'i Bag! 1. Drive I» 4, Njlle La»!ei ». Rawkeye Lanes 3, Bcgiatcr I. Wltiel'i Truck i. Hanion'i SupcretU J In<i. bight: Betty Walker 18*. Betty Sttles 500. Teaja hlghi: Rockford Register IRi r»rchzr» Drive Inn 2,366. Dec. 14, U 1W4 17 Glebe-Gazette, Mason City, la. N. C. I. TRAVELING W. L. The Team ,818. Easier! LOOK, Nlemani WOMAN'S MAJOR LEAGUE itoyles Printing; 0, City Transit 4. St. Clalr-Starks 0, Superior Oil 4. loyal Crown 0, Dawson's Improve. 4. Wood Motors 1. Park Inn S. arnatlon £, Lee's Lanes 2. M. C. Appliance 4. Fiacre Truck 6. Ind. fifths: Jean Kramer 203, Sharon Thornton 552. Team hifhs: Carnation £18, !,t34 CENTRAL MIXED LEAGUE Hays Tavern 3, Cannou Fert. 0. Key Life Ins. 2, Dons Store 1. Tommies Salvage 2, Mobil Oil 1. Key Life Ins. 2, Falls Tavern 1. Ind. highs: Henrietta Adams 1 503; Warren Gilbertson 233, 514. Team highs: Rays Tavern 716, 1,9 INDUSTRIAL "B" Processor*: 0, Helikerg 4. SUBURBAN LEAGUE Country House I, Family Bowl «S. Blarney Stone 1. Carter & GUles 2> Olson Finance 2, Central Heights t. Vic's Pizza 3, Kirfer's Floral 0. Hale-Phlpps 0, Bill's Ball Shop 3. Ind. highs: M. Wolskr 1(17, 5l:i. PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE Rutterfields 1, Kelly's Breeze 2. John Benn Oil 2, Ralph's Bicycle 1 Pepsi-Cola 2, Carolina Grocery 1. Globe-Gazette 1, New Yorkers 2. Amveta 1, Borger Grocery 2. N. Iowa Oil 3, S. Federal Shell 0. Northland Motel 1, Red Llama 2. O'Brien's Mvg. 3, Babbitt £ Sherman 0. Plagge Truck 1, Como Photo 2. Ind. highs: Arlene Sweeney 307, Gloria Calahan 507. Team highs: Red Llama 811, 2,263. MANLY MIXED LEAGUE Manly Produce 1. Manly Insurance S. Wurn!s 1, Hargrave Cleaners 3. Podendorf Drug 4. Manly Plumbing 0. Gamble's 3, Fullerton's 1. Alitz Excavating 2, Bride's t. Manly Signal 1, Farmers Elevator 1. Comet Lanes 4, ilurd's 0. Ray & Mary's 0, Blattspleler 4. Ind. highs: Jean BarU 201. Winifred Icklnson 201, 905: Bob Blaltspleler 28, 571. Team, highs: Manly Insurance 791, Illz Excavating 2,2X0. COMET LEAGUE ralths 4, Legion 0. tay and Mary 3. Gr. Oil !. gg-O-Rama 1, Wayne 3. omet 1, Inter Fert. 3. refe 1, Pool Hall 3. kelson 3, Barta. 1. Joyette 4, Manly State 0. lamrns 4, Sunray 0. Lyons Laundry 2, Park Hospital J. Pastime Garden 3, Sears Roebuck 1. Allle* Mills •i, Massey Ferguson 2. Top Hat 3, Sklpman Propane 1. Pit Stop 4, Montgomery Ward I). IE R S, Jaek & Jerry 1. Pit Stop 3, Helsberg 1. Ind. highs: Casper Balderas !(4, Daryl Hansen 607. Team highs: Lyons Laundry Cleaner 880, Helsberg'i Jewelers 2,436. LEISURE LEAGUE Team D :l. Team A 0. Team C i. Team B 1. Ind. highs: Jean Moeller 168. 450. Team highs: Team D, 620. 1.710. CERRO GORDO CHURCH 1st Baptist 3. Wesley Meth. 1. Assembly 1* Trinity 3. Rockwell 1, St. John's 3. St. Paul's 2, 1st Methodist t. Swaledale 1. Manly 3. Grace 2, Bethlehem 2. Ind. highs: James Flohr Ml, Harold Delllt 231. 609. Te«m highs: St. John's 886, 2,485. MOOSE LEAGUE Douglas IDS. 0, Pennlnglon 3. Gray's Garage 2, Duane Uaag Co. 1. Temmy'i Cafe 2. Grmner Service I. Past Governors 0. Phil's Maid Rile 3. Pete's Place 2, Budweiier Beer 1. Dyke's Service 1, Buck ft White 2. Miller High Life 1, Bud's Used Cars : Stale Brand. 3, Rowley Trucking 0. Ind. highs: Harold Roggeman 2H* Harold Clark 610. Team highs: Bud's Vied cars 9,11). 3.8&I. BUILDERS EXCHANGE Davey A Moen 1, Zerhle 2. Cashway fl, Curries 4. Standard Glass 3. Henkel 1. Westlnghouse 1, Wai. * Holland Eddy t Son 4. M.C. Glass 0. Ind. highs: Orvllle Throne til, Roger Wig-ton 555. Team highs: Standard Glass 881 2,497. RECREATION LEAGUE Stale Farm 4, Medical Arts 0. Brlggs 1. Don's Skelly 3. Schmidt Beer 4, National Guard 0. M & M Motor 4, Rose Bowl fl. Ind. highs: Chuck O'Harrow SI-J Skip Reynolds 57fi. Dave Reab 576. Team highs: State Farm Ins. 98? <,708. STB1KETTE LEAGUK Be r jos 0, Classic Bowl 4. M.C.E.A. S, Family Drug I. Metodee 31 LauBdry 32 S4 B'etles 30 28 Mel. Too 30 28 High Ind.: A. rell 573. Hlfh teams: M. C. Melodee Lanes 9.14. LEAGUE W. L. !9 27 J. & J. Forest Comet 25 Boosters 21 Kajewski 263, B. 2? !9 31 35 Jer Bowlerettes S.595 Jones Hammond 3. Food City I. Black & While 3, Dairy Freight I. Galser's 2, Hamilton's 2. Ind. highs: Sondra Olson IS'.', Rub Godfredson 479. Team highs: Black A While 778. 196. DECKER LEAGUE conomy 2, Midgets 1. Golden Star 0, Standard 3. Town Club 3, Korn Klst 0. Tall Korn 2, Quality 1. 22!" 2, lowan* 1. Ind. highs: G. Brothers 226, 597. Team highs: Town Club 831, 2,436. MEN'S AREA CHURCH Beth. No. 2, 1, Hanlontown X. HEUB No. 2, 2, Bolan 2. Mixed 3, Carpenter Luth. I. Beth. No. 1. 2, BEUB No. 1. i. Ind. highs: L. Hall 215, 569. Team highs: Hanlontown Luth. 890, BEUB No. 1 2,581. SPARE TIME LEAGUE Sunray Fert. 4, Barnes 0. Fohnson't Sid. 3, Amvels 1. Fitter's TV Service 3. Budwelser I. Miller's Skelly I, Pastime Gardens 3. Ind. Mghs: Gladys Finer 206, SIS. Tram highs: Sunray Fertilizer 611, 1.780. ROLLING BELLES Pin Dusters X. Milk Maids 0. Ne-III 2, Thompson Grocery I. Johnson vs. APL. postponed. Inn. highs: E. Pederson 'i09, B. Jerrell Illl. Team highs: Pin Dusters 76.1, i.,'19. EARLY BIRD LEAGUE Hoover's 2, Rockford 1. Fisher's Grocery 1. Cartersvllle 2. Gloria's Curly Qi 0. Florer Realty 3. Interstate 3, Clifford's Shoes 0. Ind. hlrhs: Donna Schmidt 214. 516. Team highs: Interstate Tower Kit, The PRESENT With A FUTURE For A Cherished Gift. The Nickel Everyone Wants. 1950D GEM. Jefferson Nickels. Unc. '25 00 Ea. These Are Being Forecast At $10,000 A Roll In 1971. Ed ished Tidbits Albers 6th in Masters Albers eighth of Belmond Sunday in fin- the Red Owl fi!IO, Paul's Team i.357. hlgh<: Vic's Pizza Palace 873, NITE OWL LEAGUE Eastman's Grain 2. Melodee Lanes THURSDAY COFFEE LEAGUE Early Birds 2, Crazylegs I. Three Nuts 2, Hayseeds 1. Bowling Babes S, Screwballs 1. Ind. highs: Mary Lutcavish 1*8, Jun Schmock 481. '; Free throws by j West let Lakers hip Pistons ( By The Associated Press 1 •Elgin Baylor returned to fthe Los Angeles Lakers line-up Sirn- day night and for awhile it looked like he was all Coach Fred Schaus' club would need to defeat the Detroit Pistons. As it turned out, Jerry .Wfl'st was the man who made the difference. ! , •West's two free throws in the final 30 seconds gave the Lakeris a 116-115 victory over the Pig- tons and extended Los Angeles' Western Division lead to IVi'j games over idle St. Louis. : In the only other NBA game scheduled Sunday, Philadelphia snapped a two-game New York Knickerbocker winning streak with a 121-115 victory on a neutral court in Syracuse. Baylor, who had missed three games with a leg injury, scored 35 points and had 26 rebounds pacing the Laker victory. fourth Iowa Masters Bowling tournament in Des Moines. He had 1,514 pins and 32.14 Petersen Points in the 8-game finals. Mike Berlin of Muscatine won the tournament with 38.10 points and Joe Ritter of Omaha was runnerup with 38.02. Jack Williams of Mason City led all bowlers in Saturday's qualifying round. For eight games he had 1,865 pins, one of the higher scores for an 8-game series in the ABC records. Williams continues to hold sixth place in the annual Christmas Club tournament at Muscatine with 1,042. Four men were * carrying 200 Non-conference cage records BIG EIGHT W. L. Pet. Nebraska 3 I .750 Kansas 3 t .0M Missouri « 2 .60* Kansas State 3 i .600 Oklahoma. Stale .1 Z .«00 Colorado Z .t .400 Oklahoma I t .333 l»wa State 6 4 .00* BIG TEN W. L. Pet. Minnesota < • !.«•• Indiana : .. < * l.Mt Wisconsin * • l.OOt Michigan * I .«0« Ohio StaU * 1 .»»» Illinois » 1 •«• Northwestern S 1 .7M Tnrdae i I Ml Michigan Stale 2 t .SM I«w« * * -M9 f Fight results ' SAN JUAN, P.R.—Floyd Patfcnon, 197, New York, knocked out Charley Powell, 113, S»n Diego, «. MAEBASHI, JiB«n-Hlro«hl Kobaya»hl, 127, J«P*». outpointed Kyon Kim, IZSVi, South Korea. 10. PARIS—Marcel Cerdan, Jr., France, outpointed Alex Middleweight. Scheld, France, (, HOW COME? The Brooklyn Dodgers won the National League flag with an even 300 wins in 1941 but finished second the next year with 104 victories. or better averages and three women were shooting an average of 175 or higher in the area as of the last report from league secretaries. In Mason City, Fred Schmitt's average in the Elks League was 202 and Dave Hall's in the Classic 880 League was 206. At CJear Lake, Bob Humphrey was shooting at a 201 clip in the Early Friday Mixed League and in the Late Mixed League, Ev Peterson was shooting 203. For the women, Shirley Reab in the Pinbuster League had a 178 average. Marge Wolske was on 175 in the Women's Classic and Lori Keith had a 176 average in the Night Owl League at ; Clear Lake. * # * Only one triplicate reported f:his week. That was a 153 set recorded by Helen Podendorf in the North Central Iowa Travel- tag League, * * * Norma Lauen, with a high game of 230, shot the second 600 series of the season in the Women's Classic League at the Rose Bowl. She finished up with a 611. .Still with the women. Inez Sheka had a stepladder series of 113-114-115 in the Rockette League at Manly. * * * In the Classic 880 League, Bill French rolled an all-spare game of 183. ILLINOIS GYMNAST ALL-AROUND CHAMP IOWA CITY WV-Rusty Mitchell of Southern Illinois, competing unattached, won the all- around Saturday in the Iowa division of the U. S. Gymnastics Federation individual championships. He had 849 points, followed by Glenn Gailis of Iowa with 803 and Jerry Fontana of Iowa State with 776.5. WOMEN'S CLUB LEAGUE Skru Balls t, Eight Balls 1. Filibusters 1, Klassy Keglers 2. Tumbling Ten Tins I. Lucky Four 2. Bottoms-Up 2, Hot Shots 1. Ind. highs: Carrie Baskelt 203. 517. Team highs: Hot Shots 6.1.1, 1,71)2 LAKERS LEAGUE C. Ii. Bank 3, Mirror-Reporter fl. Dwyers Service 0, State Bank 3. Royal Crown 0, Hamms Beer .1. Lee's Ford 3, Corner Tap 0. C. L. Baker; it, Melodee Lanes 1. ' Snyder Const. 0, Surf 3. Interstate 0, H. & H. Service 3. Great Lakes 3, Olson Std. 0. Ind. highs: Don Thomas 258. Team highs: Clear Lake Bakery I.- 003, 2,843. HAWKEYE LEAGUE Clifton 2. Wareco 1. Family Bowl Z, Pepsi Cola 1. The Fullers 2, Bltker's Service 1. Nutting 0, Central Heights 3. M. C. Glass 3, Sunray Fertilizer 0. Ind. highs: Roy Severson -18, 626. Team highs: Central Heights 968, 2,< 756. MERCHANTS LEAGUE Lee's Lanes 1, Miller High Lire 2. Sidles 1, Fepsl-Cola 2. Johnston Const. 1, State Brand 2. Ulen Polish 2, Lane Bros. 1. Park Inn 1, M. C. Laundry 2. Grupp's Food 1, Reddy Kilowatt 2. Ind. highs: John Wasllck 259, C. Car berry 617. Team highs: M. C. Laundry BSP, 2,- B73. N.C. I. TRAVELING LEAGUE (First Shift) R.C. Boosters 1, Melodee Too 3. Forest Lanes 1. Comet Lanes 3. M. C. Bowlerettes 0. J. i J. Service 4. Melodee Lanes 3, M. C. Laundry I. (Second Shift) R. C. Boosters 1, Focest Lanes 3. Comet Lanes X, Melodee Too ]. Melodee Lanes 0. J. & J. Service 4. M. C. Laundry 1, M. C. Travelers 3. Ind. highs: J. Stroeh 214, L. Keith 68. Team highs: R. C. Boosters 897, Melndee Lanes '-'.MB. Team highs: Nuts 1.288. Hayseeds 4f>:<, Three FAMILY MIXED LEAGUE Alltz Excavating 4, Blue Ribbon 0. Curries 3, Country House 1. Pancake Inn 3, Investors 1. Family Bowl 4, Farmers Feed 0. Nuttings Auto 3, Pipers Rapid Serv. Foodie Club 4, Morel 0. Ind. highs:. John Holt 217, Ben Kr mer 607, Arlene Alltz 186, 4RK. Team hlghj: AUtz Excavating 71 2.066. CLEAR LAKE CLASSIC LEAGUE Lake Crest 1, Driftwood 2. Classic Bowl 0, N. I. Classics 3. Melodee Lanes 3, Marshall & .Swift I Folkmanns IVi, Chaneys 1V4. Ind. highs: Dave Hall 256. 677. Team highs: N. I. Classics 1,011 2,!)6a. TUESDAY COFFEE LEAGUE The Rathers 2, The Three Pins 1. Spare Mrs. 2, Pin Nickers 1. Ind. highs: Kathy O'Harrow 178 498. Team highs: The Three Pins 45 The Rathers 1,267. K. OF C. LEAGUE Blarney Stone 3, Taylor Standard 1. Decker Bros. 1, Cahalan Ins. 3. LlnSsay Soft Water ,1, Koiy Korner 1. Coca-Cola 4, American State fl. Harrer Ins. 3, Hamms Beer 1, Ind. highs: Bob Sailer 207, Larr Halllgan 53R. Team highs: Lindsay Soft Water 861 2,432. STRIKE AND SPARE LEAGUE First National 2, Britven's 1. Royal Crown 1. Klefer Floral 2. Gretchen f s 2, Iowa Mutual 1. Leon's Tap 1, State Bank 2. Ind. highs: Marian Campbell ISO 464. Team highs: Community Slate Ban 785, 2,067. Jr. CITY LEAGUE H. Teachers 2, Breeze Gas Northwestern Cem. 2, Co-Mo Photo 1. Northern Lbr. 2, Roof Car Wash 1. Odd Lot Shoe 2, Gerard Studio 1. Ruth's Cafe .1, Globe-Gazette fl. Hamms Beer 2, Team No. 3—I. C.N.W. R.R. 3. Rose Bowl 0. Ind. highs: Bob Fowler S5S. 6.«. Team highs: Northwestern Cement 988. Co-Mo Photo 2,718. Willie Colvllle picked up the 6-7-10 split. WOMEN'S CLASSIC LEAGUE Country Lounge 0, Rose Bowl 4. Grapp's Food 2, DeWIlde Auto 2. Shipley Printing 4, Pioneer Federal 0. Clock Cleaners 3, Fl. and Embers 1. Ind. highs: Norma Lauen 230. Gil. Team highs: Rose Bowl 880, 2.."i73. SUPER wmi EASTER'S SUPER VALU CLEAR LAKE North Iowa's Largest, Moil Complete Super Market. WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS hornton Co-op 2, Geo. & Aggie's 1. I. L. Bank 2. Lake Park 5. hop & Save X, Western Auto 0. Thornton Bank 1. Gus' Champlln 2. Ind. highs: Mary Dwan 267, Arlen Kajewski 547. Team highs: Shop & Save 863, 2,425 LAKETTE LEAGUE Melodee Lanes 3 t Moeller's 0. Beauty Nook 0, Corner Drug 3. Easter's 1. Surfer Lounge 2. Sohwletert's 2, Johnson's Taint I. Nestbit* 0. Graham's S. Ind. highs: Lori Keith 222. K~. Team highs: Surfer Lounge 840, 2 FINBUSTER LEAGUE Eastman's 2, Zeidler's 2. Olson's 1, H & H Dist. 3. Com. Natl. Bank .1. Wllcox 1. Rice Electric 0, OzarJc .Line* 4. Haugen's 3, LeGreid's "I. Ind. highs: Bob Harlan 22R, <t3ff. Team highs: Haugen's 889, Ozar Air Lines 2.805. CLASSIC DOUBLES Plagge Truck 2, Hamat's Beer 2. Farmers Feed 3, Vic'* Place 3. Kramer Produce 3, Curries 1. Piggiy Wlggly 2'/i, Team No. S, 114. Ind. highs: Ben Kramer 228, Ph Jerrell 785. Team highs: Kramer Produce 4A 1.548. For Complete Beauty Car* Try Us Next Tlm« NESBIT BEAUTY SERVICE • Next To Melodee Lanes 357-2307 — Clear Lake Headquarter! For All Sporting Goods A Rifles • Shotguns A Fishing Equip. 4 BOYER K37 So. Fed. • Shells Licenses HARDWARE * PAINT Dial 423-8371 SURFER LOUNGE WELCOMES ALL BOWLERS Surf Ballroom — Clear Lak* MUFFLERS Our Mufflers Are Guaranteed for Life KAUFMAN'S -WESTERN TIRE STORE F«r carefree wUtcr <rlrl*v-cem>iny Give Your Car a Complete Meter Tune-Up All Makes, Cars and Tracks. MOTOR SERVICE •17 N«rth Commercial 'SPECIAL LAGER BEER' Buy Your Bowling Needs at ... The ROSE BOWL PRO-SHOP • Bowling Shirts and Blouses • Bowling Balls Bags and Shoes —Also— EXPERT BALL DRILLING By HERB FRENCH Maun an. IOM You'll Bowl Better With BOWLING SHOES Of Your Own Let Us Fit You Nationally Branded BOWLING SHOES MEN OR WOMEN Save Up To 50% A Christmas Gift Certificate Fits To A T. ODD LOT SHOE STORE 121 South Federal PINBUSTER LEAGUE MAC 1, Rose Bowl 2. utual Fed. 1, Phil's Ice Cream '-. ilpman Propane 3, Walt Furn. 0. [ner TV 1. Tommy's Cafe 2. rupps Food 0, Farm ft Town 3. ennett Plbr. i, Johnson Conil. 1. annella 0. Nortnw. Cement S. lland Cblps 8, Read Grocery 1. ete's Place 3, Sears-ettei 0. Ifid. hlfhs: Fern Thompson 223, 588. Team highs: 0, 2,410. Farm ft Town Lumber Open Monday and Friday 8 A. M. TO 9 P. M. STORE HOURS DAILY: 8 A.M. to S P.M. MASON CITY FURNITURE 324 South Federal Dial GA 3-0756 MOOSE MIXED DOUBLES iwa Faint 0, Hope 3. heel* Inn 1, Vojburgh Trucking S. usch Ins. 2, Bellell Painting 1. oos« Lodge 2, Lunnlng's "68" 1. Dole Sbell 1, Bose Bowl %. tglon of Mooie, Classic Supply 2. Faith 1, Charity 2. Ind. highs: Mamie Bell 187, Donna ralg 471| Rob Inman 222, Gary Roll -601. Team highs: W.O.T.M. Charity 741. ROCKETTK LEAGUE Manly Bank 0, Barta's Route 4. olden Dairy 0, llurd's Skelly 4. odtndorf Drug 2, Comet Lanei 2. erry's Co-Op 0, Rail Club 4. Ind. highs: Darltne Fluaer 188, Dol c Schwartz 516. Team highs: Barta Star Route K.1.V INDUSTRIAL "A" Ip Top 3, Northw. Cement 1. 'oca Cola 1, Connelly Standard 3. Borden's 3. Lloyd's Place I. J i R Tap 4, Rose Bowl 0. The Ramblers 1, Rockwell Legion .1. Herb Ji Geo. 3, Black & White 1. heney Hdwe. 1, White Home 3. Ind. highs: Candy Ruix 244, Ben Reynolds 5S1. Team highs: I) A R Tap 919, Herb & Geo. TV 2,565. CARD SHARK Roger Pntton Your credit cards in the wrong hands could mean a "bad deal" for you — financially. An AEtna Casualty Homeowners policy can now be written to include new Credit Card and Check Forgery protection — and at a very modest extra premium. Call us for details. THE BIG DIFFERENCE Your Independent Agent • Fir* • Casualty • Life 12 North Delaware Storm Windows Repaired FREE CITY PICK-UP And DELIVERY Cheney Hardware 1410 N. Fed. Dial 423-5161 FOR JUNIOR BOWLERS Give the ntw, AJBC approved Bantam 8 or Bantam 9 Bowling Ball in windmill black, red and blue. Also Ihe plaid Chevron and the 2-tone Comet Bags. For gals, the Nassau bowling "sneaker" —for guys, the Ranger high-score bowling shoe. Other gifts for teens and pre-teens from J1.95. ACCESSORY DEALER Balls Fitted by Doug Le» CLASSIC BOWLING SUPPLY 719 North Federal Op«n Friday Night BRING 'EM ALL! IT'S GREAT FAMILY FUN OPEN BOWLING EVERY AFTERNOON - SATURDAY AND SUNDAY EVENINGS CLEAR LAKE MELODEE LANES Men Win Color TV In LEE'S LANES BOWLING TOURNAMENT ANY WEEKDAY AFTERNOON OR TUESDAY 9 P.M. TO 12 THURSDAY 6 P.M. TO 12 FRIDAY 9 P.M. TO 12 FIRST PRIZE - Motorola Color TV from Carleton-Stewart Music Co. 2ND PRIZE - 35MM Camera from Bill's Camera Store MANY OTHER PRIZES Come In Or Phone 423-1545 For More Information NEW-NEW-NEW Geo. Hoylings Book "The Profit March of Early Coins" $4.95 The Best Book You Will Ever Buy. — Just Arrived — Yeoman's Book Of World Coins 6th Edition ..... A Must For All Collectors COMET LANES MANLY, IOWA INVITES YOU TO ENJOY BOWLING Wt«kd»y« 1 P.M. to i P.M. Saturday — Sunday 1 P.M. to 1 A.M. Bowl For Red Pin For FREE Gomes - Saturdays & Sundays Visit Our Snack Bar and R«fr«Uiment Center . . . Serving Your Favorite Beer and Cecktalit J FARM AUCTION As I have decided to quit farming and go completely into the trucking business I will hold a complete closing out sale at the farm located: From Garner, 2 miles east on old highway 18, on— Friday, December 18th SALE TO START AT 1:00 O'CLOCK SHARP NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS. MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT 1956 — 50 John Deere tracfor, L.P.T.O. & power steering, in very good* condition; l.H.C. H tractor with H.L., good condition; John Deere No. 400 4 row cultivator, in good condition; John Deere 4 wheel 40 ft. elevator; John Deere 15 ft. disc; John Deere cradle hoist; 4 section drag with folding eveners; P.T.O. burr mill; John Deere 12-A combine with motor; John Deere 2-16 plow with hydraulic ram plus 2 way cylinder; Caswell manure loader, with snow scoop; John Deere model H manure spreader; Road drag; 11 ft. Case field cultivator; 1953 Dodge pickup, Vz ton, with good rubber. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS 500 chick sli» electric Jamesway brooder stove; Large amount of chicken feeders and waterers; 6 hanging feeders; Automatic waterers; Automatic watering trough; 55 gallon barrel with waterer; Heat houser for John Deere; 2 electric fencers and electric posts; Garden tiller; 16 in. Montgomery Ward chain saw; Hay Bunk; Stock tank; 50 bales hay; Electric tank heater with thermostat; Fuel oil tank heater; Tarp and other articles. TERMS: for. CASH. No property to be removed until settled KERMIT NELSOH, Owner AUCTIONEER: Leonard Wiamann, Metervey. CLERK: Hancock County National Bank of Garner. -PROOF SETS- 1955 41.00 1956 18.00 1957 10.00 1958 16.50 1959 10.00 1960 9.00 1961 7.00 1 1962 7.00 1963 9.00 1964 16.00 Uncirculated Lincoln -Cenf Rolls- 1959D 1 Roll . . 1.65 10 Rolls . 15.00 1960 1 Roll . . 1.75 10 Rolls . 15.00 1960D 1 Roll . . 1.50 10 Rolls . 12.50 1961 1 Roll . 1.50 10 Rolls . 12.50 —Lighted— Magnifying Glass Common Gold $20.00 Liberty Heads 50 Each SPECIAL One Set Of Standing Liberty Quarters. Nice Set. Lacks The 1916 '500 00 1963 Canada Proof-Like Sets 12.00 1963Proof-Like Dollars 9.00 Carter GUles 14 Fin* Street N.W.

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