The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 10 BLYTHEVILLK <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEIf IT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople 1 SEEN HIM BEHIMPT HE TURNEP HIS COKf INSIDE OUT, STUCK HIS DERBY HAT 1WSIDE HIS SHIRTT, AK)' PUT ON A CAP AM 1 FALSE MUSTACHE.' HE'S A DETECTIVE SHAD- DWIK)' A CROOK -- KAAVBE A MURDERER I GOT tT.LWCLE AMOS/PUT A ZIPPER iijeioe THE UP 10 THE COLLAR.? MftKE Tl-tlS A REACW-tl60 Tie V-JITU PROrOGS, AMD IT TO OOE: SIDD OF SHlRT-~~THeiO IT'LL ALL 'ZIP VBRV IOSA.1 AVi'S£LF, V0l> ARt A FLEDG TMlS QOACT6C -- AMD BOY SOME TOFFee/-'- YOU SORELY SHALL su«B6 IM we PROPITS, AVY BOY -.TSARS TOO 5COM By Bob WadeTnd Bill Miller FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8ER Movl«, Oh, No! Kvlcter Evicted I.EWISTON. Me. (U.P.) --Deputy l;riff rirnoluis J. Russell, counly I'jtion v .flicer, received another of eviction papers to serve—on liself. Political announcements Subject to Municipal Election Anril 5, 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON Fur Alderman First Wivrri RALE1C1H SYLVESTER JI.MMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH •I thr no T ,. 'nfc .-•! I" !•»" Iplo | side of the ivcnuc. John Henry followed the irrim? . Then hl« ryes lit lip. "Slon the enr!" he veiled. Alnrmed. the driver lammed on his brnkcs and the biK truck and trailer screi"-bod to a hnlt In the middle ol Date I Street "What the—" he wns John Henrir hud already opened the door and now he vaulted to Ihe navrment "Thanks n lot for the ride." he tossed over his «honl- |dor »nd darted across the street. "Sin!" Fourth Wurd (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE --IOORE XXI •\VTirEREABOUTS TOU want to go?- the truck dr growled John Henry frowned and then vlshed he hadn't because It made Is headache worse. "Any nlace In own." he said. The driver eased i« foot away from the accelerator At DRE1FUS AMERICA'S GREAT; ST uiot A £ ." ?*• *•** red-haired (firl on the bile looker! up Her eyes eot wider and wider. Then she nut her hand! on her cheeks and =creamed. "Johnny!* 1 Her handle bnr* sp»n nneui.tcd into Trim'* blcynlc. Cement nnd «k» whirled erazilv for » moment. When the slrr wa« in tor for Rood aenin. Kin was sittinir on the ce- down for the 25-mile speed Hmil. 1'^ hat began with the outskirts ot Azure « the truck crept Into the cen- , sjn Kln _-, r p TO u all rlsht? I.Tohn Henrv's voice said. Sin shook her head to clear it of everything « the ruc cr • of the citT the vacant lots and ex ,. cn l what she wanlerl most to smcco home, became fewer. Here soe rnm 5 ,,e reached her arms were shops crowded close together up fnr hcr husband. -- -johnny. darlinR. 1 was worried sorr y. Sin. I shmildn t were snops \.t,v*w-~ ~ and interspersed with neon-Ironed and palatial nightclubs. Souvenir stands dotted street corners Here and there, conspicuous in austerity, a branch brokerage ot- ficc awaited the vacationing industrialist John Henry forgot his aching head for a moment as he got his first good look at the bizarre city. "What did you say?" he had to ask when he t-ealized his burly companion had spoken. "T was saying." the driver repeated ungraciously, "that you really see some characters around this place. Take a gander at that creep on the bike—a black suit in this heat!" His calloused [nrelinger gestured In disgust toward a cou- Tm have—" •1 was afrnid—1 didn't know— and those men—and the gun—they were going to—" Amid a inmjline of metal. Mr. .Trim arose from the street to loin them. His lower Up trembled. "Vicious!" he snid and kicked the tire of the top bicycle. Sin began lo i>ct back some presence of mind. "I'm awfully sorry. Mr. Trim., 1 was so worried about Johnny and when I saw him—" The Bry-Ter representative summoned up a brave smile. It faded when he discovered one serse trouser leg was ripped from [he hip down. "They were new. Ion " he reminded himself. "I'll liisl«l on tnk ! "R care of ' i>.i« " John Henry !lii«l. Trim shook lii« lic;ul wisely. "ExDonsc account." Sin wrinkled '>cr nnfr nt " IC Innnlocl bikes. "Fnr real minv- mont inv me a well-boiled Icyclc." she nuoted. The toolt'-pnste mnn looked nlr/7'ed "T'-il's » Snnoni-rl«m." ivnjfiip"'! ^irt n n o I 0 CCl'cp'lv, "From Ticvcrenil Roooner of Oxford. He wa* ahvnv* Inlklne in 1-cvc-rsc Potllsh. MY mind's cluttered with useless quotes like thnt " •'p Pet nut of thr sun.' Cnn- nver juceeited. ITi' heartnclie wns hepinnina to nue him nzain. ^HOSS D;ilo Street Ihe broad walk had been roofetl over to Oiadc the tables of a sidewalk cnfe. Thev dra»Berl the blcvdes to Ihe r-iirb. sat down at the tnhlc nearest the street nnd .HMcned to John TIenrT rclnle his ndvonlures. "T ?ot dl7./v pll nf n surlden." hr connliiHed. "When T woke nn 1 • •••><: nil by myself In this empty library." "She dnie"cil von ann searched von!" Sin said accusingly. "1 ffuess so. Anvwny. I climlt'M nut a window nnd walked lo Ihe main ro;ul and hitchhiked hack here." John Henrv looked uncorn- - "Ml riuht. 1 marie a fool of myself " Hi" wife shlflorl (ineasilv and oicke'l nt n Ir-nsc thread on her "av skirt. "We'l." slie murmured, "as a matter of record—" While she tnld of Sncmon Rohollom and his mysterious warning. John Henrv's chin Ijetnn to Hit forward. As she cnnlinued witli the slory nf following Onyner and tli the flood maps, his frier turned red. And when Sin had ended Ihe laic of the neor kiclnaninR, her husband 'lammed his fist tiown on the linoleum-topped table hnrd enough lo brins a waiter scurrying out from the cafe interior. "That does it! That's enough for us, Sin." "What would you like, sir? the waller requeued timidly. "NothinB in this town!" John Henry roared. KlarinR at him. (To He Continued) YEP, ANY PlACEl 1 UEAK. THERE'S A GOOD MOVIE AT / WAMT THRIUIMG! ANY YIPES! THE MOST £XPEt4SlVe SP01 W TOWN I COVER. CMIvR&E --; i 3,50 II! CX4.ME.' "Your mother went home to her mother a ttoien times the first year we were married—I'm just telling you »o you won't waste »o much time!" 1'IIISCILI.A'S 1'OP Ht's l.carninn By AL VERMBER The diet ot the walrus Is primarily clams and other molu.sks which they dig from the sea-bottom with their tusks. The electric shock o( electric eels * produced chemically. I Accident., on U.S. (anus kill some I 10,000 persons aniumlly. ,pen An Account DHEIFlli . Wear Iliamnnd-, Uli\UM \IM\ M kltlll » >1«NIV I % HOME LOANS Klliert S. Johnson Tlie Equitable Life Assurance Society SCO'lT A 1,1,ICY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Boiler Signs • [idler Service 808 North Kranklin ['lintic 3203 Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - - And Kememhcr Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 THE GRAMS COMPAN Real tstate - Mortqaqe Loan*-- Insuranrr «crr«ii BLYTHIMU i Phone 521 TUDEBAKER COTTON FARMERS Chemically dclinted cotton «cd uerminiiU quicker, plant and plow llic same week. Reduce chopping expense and more cotton ptr acre. STATE CKKTIFIEU VARIETIES AVAILABLE I). & P. L, No. H, per 50 Lb. Bag $10.00 I). .V P. L. \o. 15, Per 50 Ln.,Bas 10.00 Sloncville 'I H, I'cr 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Sloncvillc Z C. Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 i Kowilcn 11-B. 1'rr 50 Lb. Baj 10.00 Hall * Hair (HUjrcrtl. Pfr 50 Lb. Bai 10.00 i Cokrr's 100 Will Resistant, Per 50 l,b. Baj Ift.OO Paula. Per 50 Lb. Biir 10.00 Kmpirc, Per 50 Lh. flalt 10.00 Come In and place vour orrtcr or get Tour supply toclAj. BLYTHEV1LLE SOYBEAN CORP. I'lionc 856 lilyllicville. Ark. I'honc 857 Branches; LcAchvillc, Ark., Horncrsvllk, Mo, > and Scnatb, Mo. Here s Your Truck! m <» There's a new kiml of Operating Kconomy in every si/.c and whcclhasc of (he New liHa Slmtchakcr Trucks. Cnme liy today and look over our coinplele Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludcbaker Dealer" RailrnRd&Ash I'hone 2195 •S TUDEBAKE R IT'S TIME HE LCARNS SOMETHING ABOUT EARHIMG MONtV/ YOU SAW IT Uf? CARLYL6, AND I'LL GIVE YOU 10 CENTS A CHUNK.' SAY.'THAT WOULD 50 GOOD IN THE FIRE PLACE/ By MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE IP WE'RE IHAr SAOLY IN 1ME MOBNIM6, VIC. Ill PACK UP SOME Of REIAV/1HEY MAVEH'T BOIMERED1HIS CABIN ONCE AF1EK WNNER IN FOUR DAVS I'VE BEEM WAI CUING/ SAY, WHAT If THEY COME MCK WHILE I'M SHOOTING'? -IHI51L BE SIMPLE, JAY, I'll f LASH A SHOT OF EACH DRESS, GOOD/WE'lL WAVE VOUR PIUURiS PEDDLED ON THIRD 01 AVENUE TOMORROW >s BEFORE FLINT AND l\ DOT1Y STRING CltAR 1HROUGH CUSTOMS. By l.KSLIE TURNER WASH TUBliS I'W rECLIN' KIMD^BIO•HEAR1ED70K^V. I JMSCLF. WIW PON'I WE CftBLE/ FK5UC.E HE WIFE TO COME AHEAD ASAIE5TMK] LIKE THIS KNOW, SHORrY.,.WE wor SHE snio IN A. GUV LIKE G\G... BUT VD WMB TO *& WWTIN' FOR ANYBOOVIW HIS 10 H' C&BLE HIMTS THISH MHV B^BB MIGHT BL- CETTV PESPECME IF G OH'T WICE PROM1O 1HM ^^^;e 'EC. 1HIU WN'l OUR LOOKOUT. VM &OMA 50CE. 1 ) FOK' MWA'/S 01.HD to HEIP PM-1 By FUED HARMAN Tithe Ynur (Choice ItUGS BlINNV 8UT IT'S SOTT'rS.EL.M. c-cr*.cvi ^ I'LL rfl THJkT .' TAKE THIS ONH / W6 VJA.NT6 OUR. CUSTOMERS T' B£ SW1SFIEO.' OVSTERS ON TH' HALF SK6L.1., FOUND *, •P-PE/SRL.' By V. T. HAMUN or 1'roposiUnn? ...-5O WITH MY OUT Of THE WAV I. BY RISHT ANYHOW. BEIN' A I GOT NO RliSHT ME5S1N' IN UEMIAN AFFAIC5.' VMO BST VETO HAS THE.COJi7A<;E TO OUST FDKASAB*. R3WER ,,AND \VHEBE THERE'S A QUEEN. MUST THEUE HOT ~ BET /». KINSf OH. BUT HE PKINCE5S OF LEM... HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES m^r£ ~^"^,."^ ^c

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