Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 6, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 2
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TWO KVEMNG TIMKS, CUMBERLAND, MR., THURSDAY, JUNK (i, 1957 Nixon Says Soviet Plan Would Be At Red Mercy By FKANIKS 1.KW1NK ASHEViLLE, .\. C.—( APi—Vice President \ixon rnade the proposal. Noting that the I'nited States has always been ready "to meet file Soviet Union halfway »n any reasonable basis" in disarmament talks, the vice president said: ''\Ve owe a duty lo our allies ami lo ourselves not to be sucked into the old shell game trade of one horse for one rabbit, which i* what Mr. Khrushchev offered last Sunday when he suggested that \vo should withdraw our force> from Europe's 3.000 miles in n- turn for the Soviet moving theirs from the satellite countries 3(K\ miles away. "All this would do is to leave the free countries of Kurope ai the mercy of the Communist world." Nixon made what was apparently a White House-approved reply lo Khrushchev before the convon-' tion of the General federation o! Women's Clubs. He drew applause when he acknowledged "there has been some waste and inefficiency" in our foreign aid program, but suggested that "when we consider the tremendous stakes involved. Ihe remedy for these difficulties and errors is to try to do a more effective job and not to give up and Jet the Soviet Union start taking over the world." Success Of Jupiter Encourages Army WASHINGTON i.P - The Army —encouraged by the "completely! successful" test firing of its Jupiter guided missile — was reported today to be eager to move into the earth satellite program. If true, the service would be entering competition in the controversial missile field not only With the Air Force but with the Navy as well. Army spokesmen preserved official silence. Graham Touches Race Problem In A'. Y. Sermon By (JEOHOK COHNKIJ, Ni-:\V YORK '.f—A man who ... - --. .— ^.., .,..,„,. .....J'looks down on another human be- last night Russia's proposal for Allied and Soviet troop with-'"8 hecause of his color. Billy drawals in Kurope would "leave the free countries of Kuroue^™, 1 " 1 " 1 sa>s ' is si " ni " s a ~ ai " bl St the mercy of the Communist world." ,..,', ihape of their physique or the color nf Ihe skin." he told a crowd ul IS.Wii) at Madison Square Garden last nijjhl. lie said Ciod spurns the "prej- ndiie and bigotry Dial J fear many iieii have even in the churches Taking his sermon text from o.'m 4.1-29, in which Jesus defies :t> racial hostility between Jews •nd .Samaritans by teaching a Samaritan woman at Jacob's well, 'inihani .said: -Je.sus had no national animosity . . ,Jesus had no racial prej- i dice . . . Jesus had no bigotry whether a person walked dif- lerent or talked different or had a different color of skin." The evangelist said. "God looks on the heart," not the physical characteristics: "Clod made of one blood all nations." ; it the end-o! Graham's sermon. i>22 persons responded lo his plea to "yield your life to Christ." So f:ir. a total of 13,306 have laken Ins step. \s llrahnm's crusade entered s iourih week, attendance hns to- led .192.500. The drive now is fheduled to run until July 21, >ith n possibility of the meeting I ung held in Yankee Stadium on the closing date, and at the Polo Grounds June 30. Arrangements have not been completed for either of Ihe two outdoor arenas. Earl J. Carroll, abuve, a former Air Force major who has in the past been identified with the defense of GIs overseas, said today he had been accepted by the brother of soldier William S. Girard as defense counsel. Carroll, a former San Francisco lawyer, is now- a New York investment broker. (A? Photofm) The Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts on December 22. 1620. Discovers Traffic' Victim Is Her Father Mis. Paul Ohphant. 35. seated at right, is comforted after being attracted to accident scene and discovering '^victim was her 67-year-old Calhcr. Morris Osterm.n of I os An»ele, o"er man, being attended by police officer .!. J. Grossman, was hospitalized but reported n sati he l ° ' he SlrCCl fr ° m b'^ a ca? and Iv^s UP PJrolofax) Academy's TopManTo Wed Harry Wants Girl Who Gave Him Coffee ANNAPOLIS, Md.. June 5 —(AP) —Forrest R. Hanvey, who stands No. I in >the Naval Academy graduating class,' will be married Sunday to the girl who gave him "permission to drink coffee" four years ago. At (he time, Hanvey was a plefae at the academy and DuPont (Continued- from Page 1) competitor by gobbling him up. This "vertical" merger prin- *n. ..«; min.-, ciple was at the center of the Du plebes under 21 have lo get spe Pout decision. The majority wralciCial permission for such vices that Uii Pont "purposely eiii-jfrom some "dignitary, politician ployed ils stock (in GAD to pry open the General Motors market to entrench itself as the primary supplier of General Motors' requirements for automotive finishes and fabrics." or famous young lady." -Miss Suzanne Monnett, sophomore at Ton-son State ers College, was farm queen at the Maryland State Fair. Her father is a tobacco fanner Prince Frederick. Md I la paper and asked his nppe 'man tormentor if she would do as [ ~\ T~J "r .^ Jj L of his new grandson today but indicated he would prefer to see the boy grow up to become a politician. "I'd like to see him become a United States senator but not •-•>,,, "• ••"• president," Truman said durin" a at.rBI [National Academy will grad- brief stopover at Union Station. -- ..„.._..,.„. ,,,u. junte 93 local law enforccmcntiTlie former chief executive and mvey saw her picture in the officers today from ils Mih ses-'.Mrs. Truman were en route to •r and asked his upper class- sion. [New York by Irain to sec their ,„„,„„,„.-rr ..i ,.,.,_ ... j.. B , Director J. Edgar Hoover'daughter. .Margaret, and the fi- & Graduates 98 WASHINGTON —(INS)— The Grandson Be U. S. Senator ST. LOUIS, June 5 Lfl—Former President Harry S. Truman accepted a baseball glove in behalf |<his sponsor for a "coffee chit." • She would, so he wrote a Ion about Wmself said Ihe total number of grad-'pomid, 8-ounce boy born to '.miles since the institution was. today. her MAKE IT They dated frequently after thai ,,7'" rd ' ' and were engaged formally dur-' A King- Size Gift For Dad! ^atured speakers ath i mo " y wil1 bc Adnl - Arlhur IRadf0rd ' chairman ° f the - vv - ijcb lhe world and 'heretor! ambitions for his first ^Southern District of New York. ing his junior year. Their wedding at 4 p.m. Sunday will be televised on NEC's "Wide Wide World"-the firsc lelevisioiv'Ganlcn Plot' Heiiis jof a chapel wedding in the acad-L. ' erny's history. Keep Luuila iUowed ST. AUGUSTINE. Kla. «| Staff, and FederaliSranclchild lo hold that office. [Judge Irving R. Kaufman of the Hanvey, son of Police Cant and Atrs. Thomas Taylor of Ana- 1 ^jheim, Calif., will be commissioned T!le arduous chore of mowing - second lieutenant in"'the™ Air Iawn and kcc P' n S the > T ard "look-if." Force upon graduation Friday. '"= nice S els recognition in St. In high good humor. Truman as asked to compare his feelings upon becoming president and on becoming a grandfather for the first time. "They're different types of experiences." he replied. "But since _ Die mother and baby are doing ti ie finc ' lh 's is a delightful experience. >ok- ;Aml tllere ' s no controversy over All That Glitters '.On Farm Is Gold si Augustine. Every month a secret committee from the Cherokee Garden Club lours Ihe town and selects snv v ,» MI .u , yard whh tlle best a PP ea r- SON, Ky. W-AII thal^nce. A bronze marker idcnliiv- is gold on one farm in ing Ihe yard as the "Garden of ; (i , c Monlh " is placed on Ihe gliltcrs Union County. \\ilham S. Brown, owner of the. premises. 132-acre farm, learned that after jlhe U. S. Department of The Interior made a check. fe I For years, Brown said, he's Granite's Strength Granite is valuable as a siip- * been almost blinded by the glil-!port where great strength is re||ter coming from the rock pa!ch;quired because it can withstand ^•:when the sun is shining. Eventit-ja pressure of 15.000 lo 20.000 $',ally. he hopes to mine the arca.ipounds per square inch. • Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT Al> Taker Senate Relations Committee Begins Shaping Up Aid Bill WASHINGTON—(AP)—The Senate Foreign Relations Committee begins shaping a foreign aid bill today. There were indications the program may be cut by 750 million dollars or more. There also were signs the committee is in a mood to, deny the ICiscnhower administration most of the long-range authority it has asked for military and economic assistance to free world nations. Authority now is granted on a year-to-year basis. The administration is asking $3,865,000,000 in new foreign aid funds for the fiscal year starting July 1. Stronger Support In advance of today's sessions, [''finning Prince Weds Princess; Royalty /it lends SCIILOSS SALEM, West Germany — (JNS) — A prince who farms for a living and a princess who is a nurse became man and ihc >*"'* r ° re - wilhin the committee for a long-! 1 range economic development loan!, Tlle happy couple, Prince Tom- fund than there is for permanent!' 5 ' 37 of Yugoslavia and Princess authorization for military assist- Marguerite of Baden, said their ance and defense support appro- vows twice in separate Greek Orthodox and Anglican riles. Following their honeymoon, Tomi.slav, 29, and Marguerite, priations. Sen. H. Alexander Smilh <n-NJ> who supports the administration's ' . .., whole program, agreed wiih.will live on the prince's small Sparkman that the committee will'farm estate in [Cngland. seek language under which the! Heading a guest list that read proposed development fund "can!like a Who's Who of European be assured of continuing author- royal high society was the Duke >'•" of Edinburgh, husband of Queen To Keep Fund Klizabeth of Britain and uncle of The administration bill wouldi'hc bride. authorize 500 million dollars for Another guest who caused such a fund for the first ycar.jsome excited comment was as well as authority for the fund^lichael Parker, former secre- to borrow 750 millions from thcjtary lo the Duke, Parker's mar- Treasury each of the next twojilal troubles set off a flood of >' eai 's. rumor last year which involved Under its language, any man- the Queen and her husband. - ey not spent in any year would remain in the fund for loans in!,.. , . , succeeding years, as would any'""'"'e 1111 s repayments to Ihe fund. " The first mule bred In the Wlien if was adiuilted io the Union in 1837, Michigan had a population of about 150,000; to,,.,.,,., . ,; o- bnited States was bred by day, it is estimated at more than George Washington. 17.000,000. The Manhattan For His Day! WHAT IS IT? SEE PAGE 16 NOW! SWING KING Fortunate is the man who can it among his friends Think of it! Contour Choir 05 low os 59.95. Choice of fabric or plastic styles . . . choice of colors, too. We've a complete selection . . . styles perfect for your home. AND UP NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH AN LB CHARGE ACCOUNT sars old 90.4 proof >2 Wash i! Wear summer slacks 55% Dacron 45% Rayon $O.95 8 EXCEPTIONAL Here are the most useful slacks a man can own. Light anrl cool enough for 18 holes of golf on summer's hottest day . . . and smart enough for every social event on the calendar. Tailored in slim, trim lines from a miraculous fabric that's 55'V Dacron and -15', rayon . . . Wash 'n Wear with minimum care. Rich, solid shades of light blue, navy, light grey, charcoal and brown. Size' 28 to 42 waist. TAt>> Baltimore Street ot Liberty Cumberland

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