The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 21, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1930
Page 4
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' •"'.Vf.-V',: DALE. TAKES STAJ»;i). AVill Xot Meddle In MuiH'ie Hank Humors. • ' CHIEF ISSUES WARNING. Says Public Is Not Co-Oporatiiu; ! In Plan ^"or Better Traffic. Muncie. Intl., April 21.—r Prosecution of Muncie residents on charges of spreading : false rumors in connection with, the rinsing of the Peoples Trust Company here SaUH-aay will not have the sanction of. Muncie's mayor, George H. Dale. Neither will such prosecution be entered into by the police department, the mayor said. _ J • • \ "If EtO'-ecutor Joe Hi Davis indicts anylftuiicie residents for spreading m llicious slander against Muncie batiks he will pror ceed without the assistance of Muncie police," the mayor saidi Prosecutor Davis had announced his intentions to attempt to find and prosecute persons responsible for the false rumors conj^ corning the financial condition of the Peoples Trust Company. The lvjnk's assets were purchased by other local banks, causing no loss to depositors. Davi.-; announced that he would have the co-opera^ tion of police and detectives in the effort. Chief of Police E. B. Leonard has about come to the conclus- j ion that his system of warning auto drivers of infractions of the traffic laws has accomplished little. ,He. wishes to get all drivers in the* habit- of- parking; correctly and to drive according .to the law and since taking office the first of the year, he lias confined his campaign to warning and advice in most instances but he says "that .not much change for the better is noticeable. He intends to \yage- a .stricter enforcement campaign and second offenders will he. made to suffer, it is announced. There is much parking on the wrong side of the street, Chief Leonard says; and there is also considerable double parking as well as driving On the wrong side of the .street.. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hcckett and daughter Martha of near Elwood, visited Saturday night with Circus at Anderson. Jack Hoxie, known to every youngster in the country, as one of the foremost of the wild-riding, straight-shooting heroes' of western film epics, will "be one of the feature attractions-^ Miller Mrs. Beckett's father, H. J. Heed j Bl . os . famous 101 Ranch ; Wild and family on North Mill street: Smitson's | West Show, coming next Friday, • May 2, to Anderson fcjr two performances, starting at 2 and S p. m. at the Harter circus grounds. ; Hoxie, who has never in iiis t-:reen activities employed a double and is unexcelled in fearless stunts, is bringing a Hollywood Company of riding daredevils along and' will present in Teal life some of the most daring and exciting episodes from his best known pictures. Dixie Starr is his leading lady.and his wonder horse Scout and his famous film dog Bunk will also be seen with him in the %rena. 1 HEAL ESTATE TRADE. Mrs. Ora Have Traded Their Properties. Througj estate agi some siz^ Mrs. Ora h the Roy Purvis real £ncy a property deal of has been j completed. Innis trades I her property fin South East street to Roy Girard fo just nortl emy road |r his home and 6 acres of Tipton on the Acad- Just back of the Ihnis home, on|e : of the fine homes in this city extending! it is und The Gi are 7 acres of ground along Cicero creelc. Mr. Gij-ard and family will move to i heir new property isoon, srstood. rard property is modern in all reipects and contains a complete ment. Itl ago by will Shook. Visited at Hospital. Williarii Schall of West Madison stree Myers of Mrs. Carl with Mrs, hospital Rough Dry Mon.-Tues . 10c lb Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. Minimum 75c Wet Wash Mon.-Tues. ...! .5c lb! Minimum 75c Wed-Thurs.-Fri. ...4clb' Minimum 50c. { Ecftiomy Wash Mon.-Tues 7c lb Minimum -75c j Wed.-Thnfi. Fri., 10 ,Jb« f for.......... —85c Lace Curtains, pair • .35c Stifled Ourtaini, pair .SSc ttretchCtartaiMj pr, 85c roomfortp, Stnall ftugi, ttinkrti, Feather Pil ited tlie- wood on sweet lit Mr. and Enters Riley Hospital. Friday evenirig of last: 1 week County Health .Nurse took little Phyllis June Leisure, daughter of Mrs. Suisic Leisure to the! Riley Hospital where jthe child will receive treatment-' The pother and little one have Ween making their home with Mr. and Mrs. R E; Heaton southeast of Tipton. A •j' Recently the child whoj is not ] quite 4 years' of agej developed, an infection of the mouth'which "refused to yield to treatment and will be treated by specialists at the hospital. ' . , i Trowe.v-Zimmcrman. ! Saturday evening a marriage' license was issued, to MiBB Mary E. Zimmerman of . Ekln antf John M. Trowey of Detroit, Mich, ijand they were to be mtrriad Saturday night. The . bride: la a jlaughter of Howard Zimmerman deceased, the mother rfaijllnf [)& Bkin, w"here'the bride baf '' "*~ Wirm; friends. Tribnie long fill<*r ... hmnd The individual; foil- wrapping of each cigar preserves for you the full!fragrance and aroma of the tropics. ! SOLD BY ALL GOOD DEALERS OUSE OF CRANE •Us IMPORTERS Evansvlllrff Borough Representatives Re call. Famous Warship | of the Uj. S. TO PERPETUATE NAME lyn's Washington, Apr! Innis and Roy -Girard chicken farm was built a'few equip- years his sister, Mrs. Emma |Huntington and Mr. and Williams of West Adams streejt, were Indianapolis visitors Sunjday afternoon visiting Schall at the Methodist where she is recovering from a sfcrious operation for gall duct complications performed a They found Mrs. Sejiall improving and getting along nicely, her condition being very encouraging. Their First Child. •Monday morning the stork vis- home" of William "Fleet- Poplar street and left a le baby daughter foj- SERIOUS; CONDITION. Crystal Hobadk of Hopewell ft Is ; Very HI. Crystal Hoback, a senior, in the Goldsmith high 'school, who has been,confined to;the home of her! parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M v Hoback in the Hopewell community l 21—Brook,eight Representatives in Congress have begun a movement to have the new light .cruiser now under construction in the Brooklyn Navy Yard named the "U. S. S. Brooklyn," both j in honor of the borough of Brooklyn and in memory of historic naval ships that have borne that name. • The delegation; in a petition which will be sent tary of jthe Navy, to the Seere- will contend that this; "the greater borough of the greater city of New York, is entitled! to the proud distinction 1 of having this ship named for her." . | | A joint statement! issued by the delegation said in part "wje remember with the great- exploits of the flagship of Rear squadron. It played I • i r in the battle of made | possible the Cienfuegos. During for sev/ral weeks was reported!Santiago the Brooklyn was struck • test pride the Brooklyn, the Admiral Winfield ^chley's flying •'-•• • *' " " "a notable part Santiago and blockade at the battle of Monday morning to be in a very serious condition. . Miss Hoback has been suffering with an infection of the, blood stream due to poison from an infected throat. A trained nurse was put on the case Saturday eyening, her condition being alarming. . Miss Hoback; who was one of the honor students of the school with the 1930 class, had made all. of her credits for .graduation before being taken; ill, but had been hoping all [through her illness to be able to Return to the school room and be with her classmates and able to attend the commencement exercises alnd receive her diploma with the class at commencement: i twenty times by whole shots, one- shell ment dling ipasslng through, a compart- where eight men were han- ammunition without injury to any one, although, finally, Chief JYeoman George Ellis of the Brooklyn was killed. He was the only man killed, on Visited Miss Mae Hobbs. Mr. and i Mrs. .R. L. Haskett and Mr. and Mrs. Will M. Hoover were at Elwood Sunday and visited Miss Mie Hobbs, who is at the Mercy hospital. Miss Hobbs who is recovering from an operation for appendicitis, is getting along fine {and; I will likely be brought to; herjlionie some time during the present week. Attending Beauty Show. Mrs. Howard -Duffett ot Elwood, !ilrs. Duffett having bee; at the li ime of her parents for some time. The little one is the first chil 1 j born to " the couple and weifhed 7 pounds. She has been nailed Wilma Nadine. Mrs. Duffett formerly was Miss Gladys Fleetwood and she and her.'bus-1 i band have been residing in - El- \ • • wood sit ce their marriage. for at side during the battle, f "Tlltis : good ship made no le|i than twelve captures during the war and probably did more than any cither vessel to end the war. "We were thrilled to find in the a-chives of the Navy Departr the fact that there was, dur- a wooden Bail­ ment the American ing the Civil War, ing ' jvessel built in 1858 and (fhristjenpd 'The Bjrboklyn.' This yessell rendered splendid service during that war.' It participated ijn twi) attacks on Fort Fisher, N. --'<••-• - '1864, and Jan It was under C, Dec. 24 and 25 ' to • 13 .15, 1865. command of Admiral Farragut in his. riaval maneou'Tes up and downl tlie Mississippi and rendered • most effective the attack on thus np of high Mrs. Jesse Coleman left Chicago Monday evening to tend the Mid-West Beauty Show, being held at the Sherman Hotel in that city. The show will be held Monday, Tuesday and We'd-; nesday and Mrs. Coleman will remain during the three days session. , 1864 On Vacation. rasses Crisis. Sandfird HL Weaver; former assessor of Wildcat . township, who has -been critically ill with, pneumoi ia at his home in Windfall, is reported to be slightly improved. The attending physician states that he-has passed the •crisis ard . unless complications arise, should/continue to improve. Sir. Weaver was taken ill two we«ks ago while here from Indiana] oils to spend tbe week end wltl bis family, he being Employed ip. that. city. Gordy Wheatley and wife, who! were visiting wfthi friends at De-! catur the latter part of last week; are now home, but Mr. Wheatley' has not returned to his work as! clerk at the postofflce. During, the! absence of Mr. I Wheatley, Who : is taking a portion of his vacation at this time, Herschell Eller, sub s'titute clerk is working. Purchases Tin Shop. service during Yicksburg, and made possibls thej splitting the Confederacy. One of the spots of the the vjictpry of ; the Mobile Bay. Here did much to force! ate ships to surrender on Aug. 5 "A name so naval history should indeed not be discarded." Cut Hand. Ed Ross employed at the D. C Jenk ns glass factory in Arcadia had i.He! misfortune to cut his left hand when a glass jar he was grinding bursted lhand to the bone. and- cut his The big artery was :ut! and he was taken to ;tho officu of Dr. Roy Fisher where nine stitches wore required f to close, -the wound. Mr. Ross suf- knd he will-not iters a great deaV |be a weeks, John Harold! and' wife who recently, sold their .farm near the Tipton-Clinton icounty line, nbrtii'^ west of Ke'mptoh are preparing to remove to fCicero and that-place: itbelr i future.; bbnieJ Mr. HaVpy'(a r |in Lexpari.'tlnMrj and Jias purchased a tin fbop In Civil War was Union navy at The Brooklyn the Confeder- glorified in our .jblej to work ABRANGEMEKTS NOT MADE. Burial of. Rev. S. C. Kinnison Wiu Be at Fairmount. i,Full details for the funeral of Rev. 8. C. Kinnison^ whose death occurred 8un 'day evening at the close lot the service at the Wesleyan Msthodist church, will ibe held' at Faifmount ' Mrs. . Mabel Kinnison, informed the Tribune Monday lafternoon, but the . time; has not been fixed. Mrs, Kinntepn; stated a I short service would . be held in Tipton and the .funeral proper ai; Fairmount, followed by burial | atj ! that place. . ^ Rev. Kinnison did. not occupy his pulpit at the services Sunday and wasjuhable to attend the morning | service, which' was conducted by Rev. Thomas Ballard, of Kokomo. In the evening he; attended; the service and at the close congratulated Rev. Ballard on his excellent sermon. He and several others were standing near the pulpit and Rev. - Kinnison said: "Brother Ballard • I think you had| better arrange to bring, the message next' Sunday as] I; fear ijwill not be able to preach."'. As he uttered the words he was seen to sway and would have fallen had j not R. R.: Torterj who was near him caught him around the waist and eased him down. L Mr.] Porter stated to a Tribune reporter that the man never, uttered | a word after the attack which! took his life and.was.dead' when i lie released his hold on him. ] ,| ' • ' '•''•}.. The death was a great shock ^o this community where' Rev. Kinnison I has resided for the. past- three ; years and where .he has grown to be • loved and .respected by all. JHis passing is a matter ot sincere regret to those • who' knew :arid loved him and as Mr. Porter eiated "he was a good man.". I . - - !", THIS INTERESTED IIS-^ : MAYBE IT WILL YOU, TOO AVIiat does "from Dan to JJeei--' shcbaV mean? The'phrase "from Dan to Beersheba" may, but generally does not, constitute an exact geographical reference. Today, rather; the expression is metaphorical and ii- dicates simply the distance between ione extreme limit of a country to [another extreme. Or'it may be simply a metaphorical alhisfon to two furthermost ends. » Originally, however,-, this is how it started. "From iDan [to Beersheba"! was a reference to the l ' Holy Land, of which Dan was the most northerly boundary and Beersheba the most' southerly- point, j ! After Easter Sale Ladies' Coats Regular $14.95 Values in New Spring Styles, Now— : ' •" | .95 Alteration Free (A Home Owned Store for 74 Years) RAIDED LEGION POST. Philadelphia Citizens Aroused Over : Police Act. Philadelphia, April 21.—A few riiihutes before the hands on City Hall clock, under the watchful eye of William Pcuji, pointed to the hour of midnig/.l and ushered in the thirteenth anniversary of this nation's entry into the World War, seven policemen stepped into the headquarters of a'West •phlladalphia American Legion Post, seized 1.000 bottles of home brew beer and arrested.a member of the post's executive committee. The repercussion from this action of Public Safety Director Schofield's "mystery squad" on Aprilj 5 has threatened to detract public, attention from Pennsylvania's political campaign and Connie Mack's victorious start in the American League baseball' race. '•. ' . - : i , Director Schofield defended; the police .visit as a raid upon .3! "speakeasy," while Mayor Mac-| key was "fearfully upset" over: the whole affair and favored a' trial of the raiders before the Civil Service Commission. War Mothers were represented as hiv- lihg been indignant over the alleged drinking at the post, but mothers of its Junior Drum and Bugle Corps protested officially against the raid as "a great wrong inflicted upon an organization with a splendid record." That the policemen, finding no hard liquor about, sat down and consumed two cases of the beer before loading the rest into a patrol wagon has been both asserted and! denied. Charges that the raid was made on a perjured oath and that it was conducted in retaliation tor American Legion- resohitions attacking Director Schofield's official conduct also have found utterance. But the director, whose riding squads lately have covered territory all the way from Legion posts to fra-. ternal homes 2nd political headquarters, say.i he will raid wherever and whenever he- finds the prohibition laws being violated. The ' raid, 'which has produced more excitement than those involving debutante dances and hotel roof-garden parties, was directed against the How.urd C. McCall Post, which has a membership of nearly 1,000. Miss; Kathryn Deakyne. who is employed and resides in Indianapolis, was-the week end guest of her sister Mis. Verne Mains and her brother Losey Deakyne and families. W Operated For .Appendicitis. Raymond Eaton, son of Mr. and MrsJ Orval Eaton of near Kemptonl was opeVated' Monday morning I at the Williams hospital inj Lebanon for'chronic appendicitis. . ! ' Rayniond/is " a high school student in the Scircleville school. Returned Home. Miss Dorothy Seiss, graduate nurse ofj the Methodist hospital at Indianapolis who ha.d been visiting {fori a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Seiss. and family on West Madison street; returned hoftie Saturday. T1RB8TINO FACTS Did you-'know that smallpox rith (V-^iV^T":,'.- .. Howly. vaccination, t properly done; w Pirie virus; never causes harm You jotteni- hear stories' of bad re- •ultsj from vaccination. Invest!-' ^ateJ^thJBiie tales and you will in- T^li |biy !:«hd!:i;.that the trouble' "'!-;Itrom • ;!:iouUjde..•" Infection TOterbhiUrekiTaccinatedi ba^ M ^.^w !;^''.^i»« : £ffl0m?yKB& ;CI<OW : '-CHAR I Hard Coal ior Brooder Stoiros Phone 50. • BURKHART ft CC -r-r Last Showing Tonight Showsfat 7:00 and 8:45 Admission 10c and 25c. YOUR LAST CHANCE TONIGHT TO SEE ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR 'They Learned About Women' ' With Van Schenck, Bessie Love, J. C. Nugent, Benny Rubin tnd Mary Duncan BOY, IT'S A SCREAM! TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY (No Advance in Admission) prove in are not a* good as yon ihonid be, be tixat eye ttzain, .to yon, fa robin of your mental He's in again! And the star of ••The Cock Eyed T World" is still cutting comical capers with i !ic cuties>-this time in gay Parce!

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