The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 21, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1930
Page 3
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<-\J- THI T1PT0M3PAQ.Y TMBtJOT I A. cast al tub. . pre washer a one-piece uminum ONE OF THE MANY FEATURES OF THE T HE; NEW Maytag; gives you a ONE-PIECE, cast-aluminum tjib, moulded in Maytag's million dollar aluminum foundry... quality construction that assures permanent beauty f>nd efficiency.. The NEW Maytag cast-aluminum tub keeps water hot for an entire washing...built roomy to hold four gallons more than ordinary .washers. The NEW roller water remover has an enclosed,, positive-action, automatic drain. The NEW quiet, lifetime, oil- packed drive and many other; notable new features produce new results and greater convenience... Maytag's latest and greatest achievement. T)TJ |'YVrp for a trial washing with L L1\^JL\ JJ» tteNEW>iaytaginyour own home. If it doesn't selfcitself, don't keep ,. it. Divided payments you'll never miss. THE MAYTAG COMPANY, Newton, Iowa Founded 1S93 30-S TUNE IN NaCworfc MONDAY Evcnin p 9M0 E-S.T, KOO C-S.T„ 7:00 M.T, 6=(0 P.T. WJZ, New York) KDKA. Pii nbursht KYW, Cbicaioi KSTP, St. Paul: USM, Nuhvilles WBEN 7 K>D» City; KOA. Denver! KSL, Salt Lake City; WK Y, OkUhoi na Cim KPRC, Houaoo; KECA. Loa AngelcH KGW, Port. Uoii amd 34 AstociiUed Suuio ru PRODUCT yFor homes without electricity, the Maytag is available with in-built gasoline motor. , WORLD'S FINEST GAR FOR SHAH Pierce-Arrow Auto Going] to Persia, Has Luxurious I Equipment. <*OLD IN PROFUSION Completion j of the .worldjs costliest motor car, a magnificent .bejeweled white and gold automobile, | for Riza Khan, Chah| of Persia, Iwas announced last week I I • I . Mi •• by the jPierce-fArrow Motor C4r Company, at Buffalo, N. Y. It was created las a parade car for public ceremoniesi . The car has been housed in -ia special cabinet and' sent by |ex^ press to New lYork where it will be placed,on board ship for immediate! sailing. ' 'I The aaoption of the motor car by His | Imperial Highness |reflects the transformation of Per- 'sia .into aunodern country, being brought about by the Shah, wjhb, like Mussolini! and Kemal Pasha emerged from] obscurity as a solit- constituted monarch to force'his people into step with the twentieth century West. Although "flie imperial car| is one of the most luxurious equipages of jail tines, it by rib mean typifies: the Shah's •customkry mode of living. As reported Lady Drummond-Hay | in- World Traveler, the Shah ccssor, if he fishes, to all, the jluxury, ', splendor, ceremony and ! privileges of | his predecessors his wife in the of any I ordinary the ! I ' suc- i dines alone j i i simple Hth 335 Green St. Tipton K. DOYLE Phone 1279 mannejr happy and .devoted menage, says Lady ; Dru-ni- 'does the repast •t- IN FILMLAND •By Mollie Merrick. Hollywood, April 21.—Comebacks continue to be the order of the day. Ruth Roland, about to start shooting on her picture, is seen daily in conference with j her director. George Crone. j" It's; several, years since this high-priestess of finance has faced the cameras. Subdividing real es- state holdings and clipping coupons has been lier main diversion for some time now. Todayi |one of Kite wealthiest women of jthe -professional group, Ruth Roland ttirnji back to her firsti love, j - And out at Universal, Pauline Starke, her perplexing series of difficulties apparently over, is at 'work once again.. And a vogue .for her services would seem' to stance^ The second'disaster was Betty Compson's decision to play the role in "The Great Gabbo," which was Pauline's. -Jim Cruze was directing and Betty. Cbmpson got the role.. ' I • i I And, speaking of this lady— who by the way, staged one of the most interesting" comebacks of the entire village—she has just signed another contract giving her featured roles in three major productions during the coming year. ' back toj duty and consideration pk again. Abater shift gave! Loretta .Xpung ,Ex-wife sued for morejily life to his subjects, and got it, and now a law-] about 4 o'clock in the l Since the professionals have turned to hard work with avidity, t days, the local citizenry are trying to do thundejr. j their bit to maintain the light- I sonieness which has ever been a One significant part of our ( sun-baked i Lincoln charm. Seven couples! will be married under water during the local boat show festivals." Well, that's one way of getting her ba| bride- Grant moneyl suit for $55,000 brightened this week (if the honeymoon. It's the result of a motor accident that occurr :d last January. This leading man sports one of the m ist daring, color effects of any mile in the colony. His hair is a, n jar strawberry P^alC- ' The only r vai to it is Charles Bickford's iizzy head—titian red with purple lights in it. v The girls have to locjk to _ their laurels these Our boys are stealing their have begun. It's that way in this a wet wedding in a dry town, village. You are either in oriout' • ! ct the picture. completely. Missj Grant Withers' troubles aren 't Starke has played in bad'luckj fori over by a long ways. Li .ke young isome time. An appendix came at | Lochinvar, he no sooner: stole his the wrong moment in one I in-1 bride away, than her mamma stole" Executive Cornstalk Bond Stationery Paper Made From Coijnitfalks White! or 1 Golden 50c Griffith Huston the gr|eat emancipator striding about "Rarely," niond-H&y, ceed three courses. The Shah ei joys a smoke and has no preju dice against a glass of light winje at dinner, although he drinks very moderately. The royal Persian family -might serve as a mOi el for millions of less exalted homes. J ; "The | Shah himself sets amazing example .of devotion an ,to for fa'm! He rises morning scene from the Abraham opus which David. Wark making with Walter is in the leading role, shows :he east room of the white house larefoot and clad jn an old fashioi ed nightgown. / If 'V alter Huston- can give Lincoln c ignity in such a costume we'll agree he's a good actor.. It takes ire to survive the humor occasioned by a sight of the sleeping garments of the past genera- Morning inspection of troops, however, means, that he is up and about before sunrise. By 6 O'clock he is at his desk. Between! 8 and 11:30 he receives ministers and executives, handling st^te questions with unsmil; ing concentration. Respite then until - 2:30, during whiich; ttme he lunches alone or with the Crown Prince. . 1 "Very j occasionally , does tihe Shah invite State Ministers to luncheon,' and when he does, it is never ! singly or by twos or threes, but ai number ;toge?h;r! Dinner at 7 is strictly a private function, j Gorgeous * unifonisj jewels, and rich decorations are Teservedi for strictly official, ocj •caaions. His everyday dress is! a khaki, uniform. The Shah has |no harem, hut looks to his wife and children . for comradeship and company"'....'...-. " Regal in appearance, the style of the Shah's: new Plerce-Arrow! resembles i that of a town car. Al- h though of unusually liberal dimensions? It is lojv-hung and graceful. : . ! • Tlie chassis, of standard Pier* wood. The silk wjindow curtains are finished in a The broad luxurious cushio tailored in one expanse as the Shah rides alonej On the flcior is- a rug of! Russian wolf- h«und. fur, Imported- especially for the;car. I : . i j ' ] ' : , | A- cigarette case and lighter of solid gold, encrusted with diamonds. Is mounted within easy! recoh of the royal passenger. '• JThe chauffeurs co'mpartmenti) also reveals a la risb use of gold| plate, the steering column, the', instrument mountings and the control! levers' all being ! finished! th the precious metal. JThe car'is glazed throughout with non-shatter^ble ::glass SEE BIG MOVE IN STOCKS. The Reaction is Sin in Expected to Ber July. ;. " (By John F. Sinclair.)! New York, April 21.—"There Myy be a reaction in the market; •We have them ever so often anyway. But it looks as if we're (going te have a real big movement before the middle of- the isum -rU,^ y % - er cent!as -.-corn-paired Peru,| and there are; others-which will Require money ishbrtly:. -?i :'•• frazil's total foreign loans :his year, according to Dr. Winkarjj: snould aggregate 150 million dollars. : ••, / , Bolivia 's need of money at the moment comes from the marked decline in its. price of tln.Kreug- 3r |&iToll, the Swedish match loneern, is working - -to obtain :he match monopoly in Bolivia; in : lien of a large loan. But the New- York| Danker believes that a. loan )f 25 million dollars may be negotiated in this country. |. - Colombia needs approximately llj- million dollars;'. while tJjrij- .Tuay heeds 17 million dollars;!. • Then there is Chile, now carrying! on .extensive- -intei'nal ;im- prpvements and-requiring'G2 mil- ! ion Idollars'to finish them. -. ;' . •But; it 's Argentina that' needs -lit : • -" '-.'!]-•. money most. Internal imprpve- 5 ments, railroad ' and highway building, and electrical expansion, there call for some 454 million dollars. :"It's perhaps of - interest- .to statej" says Dr. Winker,- "that the American credit-costs Argeh- mjer," one of the most ;experi-r enced Wall Street operators' said today. . !!' • ' i , Others seem to belieye that; top'. For a gO 'id many Wall Street brokerage houses! are giv 7 ing their employees their: vacations early this year. Vacations after the first of July are going to be rare. May? and June are to be tie popular months in 1930: The brokers are preparing^for a big move in stocks, beginning in July. Still, the cautious man will not fcrget that the best.laid,plans of m|ice and men '[gang aft agley." What family is now the richest in 1 America.? Some think jthe I Ford family—Henry ind son,; Edfiel—•- top the list. Others say the Rockr efeller family—John D.. and his sen, John D., Jr. But more probably the Diipont family of-Delaware heads thepro- cession. One entimate places its stick and industrial holdings About l^i billion dollars. Of course it" controls 1 the Du-- pont Company '. of Delaware, wllose vast interests are World-j wide. Then, too, this ! family| owns more, than one-fifth" of ; the with 'loan. 6% per cent for the British This discrepancy, enablss'us to! understand the reason for our success in wresting: the business from' the British." iThle surface of ;Latih Amer!ica, in! a |business "way-, has not. been scratched. - VIENNA "EXPEC1'IXG">I' , OKI>. Hotel Snys Reservations Are Made, For Fowl Party, j " Vienna, April. nbuncement that 121.—An ian- ; 'reservations TIPTON COUNTY BAR 1 ASSOCIATION 3. P. RE5IP, President-| FRANK B/RUSSEIit, Sec'y. S. A. CULVER ATTORNEY •}.',.;•. Roonis O-IO Stnnderdrord Blk.. Phones: Ollice 107; Res. S4H7. General Motors jh'piild keep any Corporation. This one family busy. this family has jln banks, public utilities, industrials—maybe a dozen more-r— large interests. [The rich families, of America.— ; Rockefeller, Ford, Dupont, Fish- erj Guggenheim.j Astor, Hill,! Harriman, : Weyerhauser, • Walker, Baker, Morgan,' McCormick; Gary, Mellon—are all fabulously wealthy! •'•'•! But the Dupont family! fortune probably exceeds .that 'of j any American family right now—to-; morrow, well that may be ahoth erlstory. LiOOK TO U. S. FOR CREDIT. 4ohth American Countries In Need' pi Funds, i I 1 ' : - " ' 1 MS 6IFF0RD A GIPFORD Lawyers - • '••'•]; Court St. Phone 300 A. A. FLETCHER | Attorney at'liaw Phones: Res., 1350; Office, 59. -! 24H East : Jefferson- St:'J j J. R. COLEMAN '' ' " Attorney North Side of Square Tipton, Indiana. New York, April 21.—[Max winker,' New Y>rk banker, j estimates that American bankers this letr will lend 667 million; dollars n Latin America. Four countries jeeding financial aid immediately Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia; and { Tipton Circuit Court r . '"-• Officers | C. W.lMonnt, Judge. A. W: Bolton,. State's Attjr. ! | Jesse DeVanlt; Sheriff Irvin MUler, Qerk of Court | B. P. Rice, Court Bailiff 1 Jessie F. Grove, Reporter: Jazz King's Old Gold Hour j Resumed in New York j * 4- pAUt WHITEMAN. "King of Jazi," returns to. New York from an extended western tour to resume, his weekly broadcasts of the- Old Gold programs Tuesday evening, April 22, on the coast to coast' network - of 'the Columbia Broadcasting System. . Whiteman's chief purpose out west was. to produce the musical comedy, picture J'King.of Jazz," in which he and ,hjs band are . featured. On. his way. to Hollywood, while on the coast and on his return! trip, Whiteman broadcast the Old Gold Hour each. Tuesday night by long distance to- New York, where, it was. sent out on the national chain. • - IText. Tuesday . and - thereafter Whiteman .will broadcast direct from New York-. •Viie feature artist in the coming program' will, be Mildred Bailey, contralto, who is the only woman vocalist to. hold a jebntract for regulao appearances with Paul Whiteman and his orchestra. Her popularity in radio circles is quite recent, since it"was during Whiteman's first trip to Hollywood that had occasion to hear her singing and signed her up immediately for the Old Gold Hour. The" coming broadcast soes on the air Tuesday niprht at 9 o'clock ca;tern standard time. have been made -at a Vienna hotel for the arrival, within a few -weeks, of Henry Ford ljjis -caused considerable excitement in Austria, where his reported visit is connected with' recent rumors of a'Ford'.offer for the Steyr L -ar plant. • '"••'. . Although the-hotel in question stated today that four suites had been reserved for Mr. Ford and his family, local Ford branch officials said they knew ; nothing about.'the matter. J >n.viight Saving. Stafford's Every Read? glue bottles; with patent rubber can. Tnbntjp T»r«s» I Xew York. April 21.—Daylight ; Saving Time, which will go into 1 effort here next Sunday morning, i will be observed in sixteen slates and- twenty-eight Canadian cities during the coming season, according to a .survey made by. ! the Merchant's Association here. • In Xew 'York State it will be o ; >i served in 1S7 cities and villages. In Europe it will be observed by Great Britain, the Irish Free State, France. Iielgium -and Por- 1 tugal. Read Tribune want ads. Reduction On =5V CLOTH MAPS, original $15.00, now only PAPER MAPS, original $10.00, now only .. PRICE TO TRIBUNE Bisiness Directory SUBSCRIBERS Cloth Map, $3.00. Paper Map, $1.75. THESE MAPS are 38x52 in size, and comprise the whole of Tipton county; two miles of Howard county on the north; four of Hamilton, south; three bf Madison, east, and three of Clinton, west. It is the most accurate map ever made of Tipton county, and the same pains for correctness were exercised in adding the^ territory of adjoining counties. It is of great value in any home. GET ONE OF THESE MAPS AT YOUR . ..! FIRST OPPORTUNITY. pnce $4.50 ^"$3.00 Stock til

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