Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 20, 1959 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1959
Page 10
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Retllands Daily Facts TO —Friday, Mar. 20.1«» Traps In Space Possible WASHINGTON (UPI) — Atomic weaponeers have demonstrated the possibility of laying artificial radiation traps for anyone who might dare to venture unshielded into nearby space, : Nature itself has created two zones of radiation—the first start iny about 400 miles up—which reach peaks of deadly intensity at 2,000 and 10,000 and miles ; Now man himself can plug the gaps in these natural zones, leav ing only the regions around the poles safe for unshielded space departures and arrivals. This was revealed *y Thursday's disclosure that the military, in Project Argus, secretly exploded three small atomic bombs — each equal to about 1.000 tons o( TNT—more than 300 miles cbove the: South Atlantic last August and September. Impair Radio Communications Another revelation was that man ^an now mess up his elec tromagnetic environment to the point where radio communications and radar warning systems may be blacked out or impaired. Sucr disruptions normally arc caused only by discharges of charged particles from the sun. A third disclosure was that un less someone is looking for them, high altitude atomic tests apparently can be staged without detection. The Russians did not tumble to the Argus tests. There was no radioactive fallout, because of the extreme altitude. The Argus has provided much information about the military effects of nuclear explosions above the atmosphere. The information is secret. It is known, however, that the lethal range of bomb radiations at high altitudes is far greater than on the surface — on the order of hundreds of miles for H-bombs. Some scientists fear such explosions might upset delicate balances among forces affecting life on earth. Advance Defense Knowlsdge Deputy Defense Secretary Don-j aid A. Quarles told reporters that the Argus explosions "advanced the basis of knowledge" needed to develop defenses against long- range enemy missiles. He said this was true in the "brotd sense" that all knowledge is militarily useful. By that he may have meant it is now possible to figure which radio frequencies vital to defense are least likely to be disrupted by high altitude nuclear explosions. He said the disruptive effects are not the same for all frequencies : QuarJe^ pi; the nuHtary- ban negotiations did not prevent —would like to conduct further nuclear experiments above the atmosphere with 1,000-fold bigger explosions equal to millions of tons 'megatons) of TNT. Many others in both the Defense Department and the Atomic Energy Commis-I sion heartily agree with him. | Questions And Answers On Project Argus WASHINGTON (UPI) — Here are some questions and answers on Project Argus: Q. What happened in Project Argus? A. Three low • yield atomic bombs were exploded more than 300 miles above the South Atlantic. Each was equal to about 1,000 tons of TNT. The bombs, provid ed by the Atomic Energy Commission, were fired Aug. 27, Aug. 30. and Sept. 6. Q. Where was the project car-j ried out and how? A. The bombs were launched aloft by three - stage research rocket from the decks of. the Navy missile ship, the Norton Sound. It was about 2 ,000 miles east and a little south of Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Q. What was the purpose of the experiment? A. To observe the effects of nuclear explosions above the atmosphere. Q. What were some of these effects? A. Electrons ejected in enor-| mous surges into the earth's magnetic field quickly formed a thin shield of radiation around the planet, open only at the polar regions where the magnetic lines of force dip toward the earth. Q. What did this indicate? A. That man can create artifl cial radiation zones comparable to the natural belt; discovered by satellite and moon probe experiments. Q. What visible manifestations were there of the Argus shots? A. Artificial auroral displays appeared v over the ships of the task force and at the "conjugate point" of the magnetic field pattern in the Northern Hemisphere. This point was over the Azores. It was not officially disclosed whether there was a brilliant flash of light in the sky when the bombs exploded, but presumably there was. Q. Would injection of electrons from the explosions into the earth's curving magnetic field have any effect on radio communications? A. Yes. The electrons which entered the ionosphere (electrified layers of the atmosphere) would greatly increase its electrical conductivity. This in turn would affect the ionosphere's ability to reflect radio waves without distortion. Q. Is this something like the magnetic storms created in the ionosphere by charged particles from solar flares? A. Yes. Scientists say big nuclear explosions would disrupt high frequency radio communications in a way similar to the effects caused by giant solar flares. Q. Would high atomic explosions mess up electronic guidance of the still-to-be-perfected Nike- Zeus anti-missile missile. A. Military authorities say the answer is No. But if man-made ionospheric storms impaired radar early warning systems, Nike Zeus would be grounded. Q. Would high altitude nuclear explosions create a snare .for incoming, hydrogen missiles? A. This is highly problematical. It used JtoV be thought neutrons from such explosions might prematurely trigger the fission charge of enemy missiles. Scientists now believe this would take an unachievable density of neutrons. Electrical impulses from nuclear explosions might fire high explosive components of a warhead's triggering system. But blocks against such impulses could easily be installed. Q. Are high altitude atomic explosions detectable? A. Yes—if you're looking for them. The Russians apparently did not detect the Argus shots. Satellite detective patrols are feasible against high altitude tests. .0. Do high altitude tests pose e fallout threat? A. No. Any particles big enough to escape entrapment in the magnetic field would remain aloft indefinitely, circling the earth as tiny satellites. Q. How long did the radiation zone created by Project Argus continue in existence? A. It was still detectable as late as December. It eventually- dissipated. Authorities would not state its exact lifetime. Q. Would the magnetic disturb-] anccs created by high atomic explosions affect radio beams from earth satellites? A. Probably not. These beams are "highly directional" and presumably would pierce the disturbance area without being absorbed. O. When will the public get a detailed report on the scientific results of Project Argus? A. They will be summarized at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences here April 27, 28, and 29. Strauss Suffers From Hostility In Congress Personality Spotlight United Press International LEWIS L. STRAUSS Cabinet Nominee Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss suffers periodically from hay fever and hostile congressional relations. That his nomination as commerce secretary has involved him in a stormy Senate confirmation hearing comes as no surprise. The 62-year-old investment banker who is well-versed on both atoms and operatic arias has been the center of more personal disputes and controversies thw any other official of the Eisenhower administration. Strauss clashed frequently with critics during his tenure as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. He was blamed for^ the TELEVISION IN REVIEW * * By William Ewald NEW YORK i UPI i — Dean Martin, an engaging hunk of lank, rolled out a special hour for NBC - TV Thursday night that y indicated thatLiacked a good deal of insolent "the Geneva testfehami. Martin is a very hot property right now and it's not difficult to see why. Like his buddy, Frank Sinatra, ho oozes a kind of eccentric appeal: A loose - jointed masculinity coupled with a dollop of naughty small boy. Martin carries himself with the easy arrogance of a .400 hitter. HAVE YOU RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST The Holy Ghost can put words in the mouth of a Christian who is on fire for God. Luke 12:11-12; "For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say." The Holy Ghost is a Christian'sj prompter to show him or her: what to do and say. j The Holy Ghost can cause a! believer to speak with authority and to have holy boldness to face ,the world. The Holy Ghost is a Christian's director and adviser. The Holy Ghost is a proof to a Christian that he or she is a child of God. Christian: the Holy Ghost can anoint you with the oil of gladness, give you a Godly personality, and the beauty of holiness. 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Name _ Address — City — Zone State PQPF A BOOK OF SHORT PARAGRAPH rKCC SERMONS, VALUED AT ONE DOLLAR WILL BE SENT FREE TO ALL WHO CD CC SEND EITHER COUPON OR BOTH. • fc fc slightly scornful, slightly detached, with a flippancy that threatens constantly to topple in to bumptiousness, but never quite does. His posture is mock-heroic, an attitude that sometimes seems offensive in the hands of Sinatra but in Martin's case, seems merely droll. Thursday night, working in company with Donald O'Connor and Gisele MacKenzie, Martin helped manufacture a show that moved pretty briskly. O'Connor, a performer who doesn't work nearly enough in TV, danced charmingly and exchanged some quaint banter with his host. Miss MacKenzie is perhaps a bit too intense to be sandwiched between Martin and O'Connor, but she did not slow up proceedings too no- 1 ticeably. Part two of CBS-TV's Playhouse 90 version of "For Whom The Bell Tolls," was, to lay it down quickly, magnificent. Last week's opening section of the Hemingway work had some stiffness and an occasional lack of fire, but Thursday night's piece had a splendor, a luster, that turned the 90 minutes into one of TV's most distinguished offerings. Jason Robards Jr., who had little to work with last week, managed to shake Robert Jordan loose Thursday night and gave him rasp and lunge. It was the sort of playing you don't often see on TV—Robards laced a harsh majesty into his part that was simply overwhelming. From Robards, I just don't know where to go, but I suppose the next stop should be Maria Schell, an actress with a built-in corona, beamed light into the evening. One five minute sequence in which she talked about the various outrages inflicted upon her by the Fascists, was one of the most moving scenes I've ever seen on the little tube. Miss Schell soft-voiced it, avoiding the obvious build toward a hard climax, letting her story shout for itself. Director John Frankenheimer released the tension by pulling a biting interjection out of Robards, a beautiful wrap-up of the scene. The rest of the cast was superb—Maureen Stapleton, Nehe- mish Pcrsoff, Eli Wallach. Steve Hill. The final battle scene was done with a good deal of belicva bility, no small accomplishment for a studio manufacture. And. of course, chalk up one more score] for Frankenheimer and producer Fred Coe, TV's noblest tandem. The Channel Swim: NBC-TV's Behind Closed Doors will be bumped out of its time spot on April 16 by a new panel show Laugh Line. In mid-June, Laugh Line will be bumped by Bachelor] Father which is switching over from CBS-TV. NBC-TV will run repeats of Bachelor Father through the summer, then go with originals. . .Goodson - Todman wants . Tom Poston for a situation comedy series—if plans work out for the program, Poston won't go to Hollywood with the NBC-TV Steve Dixon-Yates private power con tract which was later rescinded by the'.government. He was reproached for the role he played in the security case which barred famed scientist J. Robert Oppcn- heimer from atomic secrets. He was sharply criticized for his opposition to sharing atomic data with other nations—even friendly allies. Has President's Esteem But Strauss has retained the esteem of President Eisenhower. To his friends, he is an affable, witty, erudite companion. At his 1.500-acre cattle farm at Brandy Rock, Va., he spends his week ends reading Latin classics listening to hi-fi and adding to his collection of lore about his personal hero, George Washing ton. Strauss dresses the part of the investment banker that he was. In 1919 at age 23. he went to work for the Wall Street firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.. and eventually became a partner. He is married to the daughter of another partner of the firm. They - have one son. A native of Charleston, W. Va.. Strauss has had an abiding passion for government service. During World War I. he gave up his job as a shoe salesman, came to Washington and obtained a job under Herbert Hoover, then head of the Belgian Relief Commission In World War II, he became a right-hand man to the late James V. Forrestal who was Navy secretary. He represented the Navy on the Inter-departmental Committee on Atomic Energy and |?von the rank of admiral. Named AEC Chairman In 1946. President Truman named him as one of the first atomic energy commissioners when the program was turned over to civilian control. After a brief period of retirement, he was named chairman in 1933 by Eisenhower. The enmities he incurifid,, in Congress were b*lie*ix £53j3hsi ble for the fact that Strauss resigned as AEC chief last year rather than seek confirmation for another term Eisenhower reluctantly accepted the resignation but kept Strauss on hand as his personal adviser on atomic energy. When a cabinet vacancy was created by the resignation of Commerce Secretary Sinclair Weeks, the President quickly named Strauss for the post. As a result he is again under going barbed questioning from a congressional committee. SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL Allen show next season. . .Jack Benny pulled a nifty 27.2 Trendcx for his CBS-TV special Wednesday night. . .The beer sponsor of CBS-TV's Schlitx Playhouse pulls out on March 27—The show will continue under a new name, Hollywood Playhouse. NBC Radio is planning to dump six of its daytime soap operas- Don Ameche's Real Life Stories One Man's Family, flat/ettai there To find Ueml KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Engagement and Wedding Mage. Interlocking Mounting* 212 Orange Harry G. Wilson Jeweler PY 3-4306 VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS Is a wide (election of colon, collar itylet and ileeve length*. Fowler's Men's Wear 107 Orange St. PY 3-5623 Magnificent MA6NAY0X High Fidelity Telerudoa, Radls-Phonographe. 10* f. Stite Slfger's Music PY 3-2127 Spring Air Mattresses Fine Furniture, Carpeting, Decorative Service McEwen's 17-21 W. State Dial PY 3-2457 ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. HAMLIN H*V«! r ALWAYS DID \- WANTASEE WHAT W5 Wl • I IN AN'AROUND THOSE / I\\» l*»t •*<<•*•-J*.*-*- T *- »eg, I L Jet ef. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNF By WILSON SCRUGGS QpTWJ6... I M»M- OH. BOB, MIST 12? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN ! J! COCYS ^SXeX PRJSCHAA'S POP By AL VERMEER CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER SO THE SUM**) FRIGHT ^ WAS TOO MUCH fOfcmmn THAT WA5 TUB >. HEART! WELL i THAT CLOSES CORONER* RETORT \ OUR WVESTK5AT10K, UCVUKK DR.WERtCLE DIED OP . A HEART ATTACK BUr\MHY *A5.\ HE WAS TtSWS THE HERKLE AFRAID ] REACTION OP ANIMALS RAS&T? J TO A CERTAIN aASwAWO MU5T HAVE BROKEN THE COMTAIUERi GETTlUS AM i Heme:* . M5 -VEMS *e.-rwrMaW el ^iW^^ MORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAYALLI SANDRA CONKEY TOU> ME Wes PLANNING TO OVEA'COME-AS-XXJ- ARE fWCTY— y-i i OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY j. R. WILLIAMS IN A FEW MINUTES X IWAMT YOU TO MEET MY NEW F20TEGE— i ALOV5IU5 5. SHELLEY, DESTINED TO BE THE: SENSATION OF THE- Wf?£STUNSWC*LD/ HAti-kAFF/- IAW1S5-Y0UTD SB POLITE TO HIM.'

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