Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 3, 1969 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1969
Page 10
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10 - Monday AAarch 3 1969 Rediands DoHy Fads Television Review MONDAY MARCH 3 vitile. include "Roii-an and Mar- I tin's Laushin" and a uvekl}- ;njo\ie. SMSMirbnqp m (O (30) An oil-j Against thex programs. Uie caapanip elfidenqr oftit fon» | ABC-TV lineup of '•The Aven •y RICK DU IROW "Hie group contains a broad cross-secljoa of today's American youth with youngsten Iroffl every level of society. The deserted island was Ibe site of _ an atomic test years before and As of now. ABC-TV is simply is tbus supplied witb food and being obliterated on Mondays, makesbift housing. How the The CBS-TV competilioo is dev.;}-aung people sunivc in a aslaiini;: "Gunsmolce," Uidlle society of their own maidng b Ball. "Majlieny R.F.D.." "Fam- the focus of this scries." Rod ily Affair" and Carol Burnett. Serling wrote the first show. SBC-T\''s .Monday shows, mcan-i After "The New People" on IIOLmVOOD (UPI) - Of ABC-TVs dozen new series next season, one^hinl w91 be devoted to maidng the public aware that the netwwlc is on the air on Monday nights. TIZZY Goobei's fn itition into tht titr ety moid, to Ui fneods' disniy. MMic No Erir (dnna) •69 — Inib Jontdaa. lyndo Oqr. BndM Dnou. Manka Hoot Tbt iteiy e( a isoat aoaiaa^s otMS- aioii wiUi a liaintcd •itiDr." gers." "Peyton Pbce." "The Outcasts" and "The Big VaUcy has turned out to be merely O ®H«riiir «irid (r(Q (30) Moo Skow (Q (90) Si] SaBsr. Pat Hairinetoa Joho Brner and Sue Ranqr guest a 6 O'CLOCK MOVIE—(C) 'ir "MARNIE"-Part I. Sean Connery. Tippi Hedren : OSh Otlocik Mnrie: (O *Nar-: IM T Part I (dfami) '« - W Hadnn. Sean Conneqr. (B(l)MonrCi«it(e) mnue* M (30) nvMii IB*.- A 12-yeat-M Nanjo boy an- bub m M I eeifmonhl jeamar I D aMheed. Ha amm desert and noMtain to find *a eatk't feather and « stoaa ham a saoed spdnf. S Caaiia kmft Hm 0 MM Ita 1 (0 (SO) Stem Mao b Ixnt as Geotn Jessel it Inajied" bjr Monr Aaateidani. Simnqr Bow, Gene Baylot. Inr Patter and BeHy Kean. Musal hithli{Us are pre- Monday's ABC-TV will presentj an hour-long series concei\-ed by Harold Robbnis. •'The Survi \-ors." described by bisiders as a sort of jet-set "Peyton Place." and starring Lana Tkmier and Georst Hamilton. ABC-TV's final Monday night hour series wQI attempt to bring back a long-missfaig bgredient to video: Romance, love, stuff like that there. The series is called "love-Araeri can Style." and H is "a sacrificial. None of the four series will be back next season. One of the ways ABC-TV wiU txy to throw the two other networks oCf-balance on Uon-i days is by breaking the .... - - sundard pattern of normal-'nniantic comedy which stars length shows: That is. prD-||o\-e: Love among the young, grams that are cither the balf-jiove set in the city, the small hour form or multiples of it. touKS. the resorts, on the «ided b» JeanPauiWin?!i end See Instead. ABC-TV will start off campus." Adds the network: Ranr- ! Monday nighu with a couple of one -hour contemporarjv OfiKBCST'" "atiails ((3 '45minulc scries. prosram «iU contain separatej (60) "A3d Then Tttne Has One." The first of these senes. The j^^.p ^^j^ries within each pro-' Ejri Corey and jcrosl David ran irto Music Scene." will fxu."! on hit ,^n,_l^vo, ihrec or perhaps tiouKe iThile esorti^25; records and their performers, f separate scgmcnts-wilh ooen 200 maes to tTi-i teiiimn) satirical comedy connective ngneues between kaowTi as "The Committee' «;ai ^ segment. The program will senc as bosu and guide for iheif^j,,^ ,„ array of bright shows. And the producers arei ^^^^ 1^ one continuing Tom Smothers and Ken Fnt.i' by Kate Osann ' »fl»md<fl'a^m«-is< Paperwork a great boggerdowner By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UP) — Thejis to bar all females from the financial district until such time as the clerks can get their ami Haas (0 IBRm far rev Ua (0 (60) ffiHET Jo«aal (60) lie* Man en Campts." Fomcr nca-prttideBt Hubert Hunphrer aweti ailfe bis fint itadestt at- Macalesler OoOafa in SL PMI, Minnerta. Ha ate par- ticipataa in a Qoestino and aasMr aenion •ilh 2S0 nenbeit of Ike itadent body at part of tba eel- lete't political enphaat acck. ea)MaiFMIMCU(e) eu >n4a MaWto who also have two other network series: The Glen Campbell musical hour and the Smothers Brothers program. Following "Tile Music Scene" will be a 4S-minute adventure series, "The New People.' which is set '•on an isolated island in the South Pacific where a planeload of >'Oung character—a large brass bed; On l^iesdays of next season, by the wa>-. ABC-TV wiU also offer a new '•Mwie of the Week" series, presenting origin. al 90-mlnule telefilms. Tcchni- " cally. this could be considered a thuti movie night eadi week for ABC-T\'. and eigitt overall for S «jM» to «a btto. tbt *»fBlf»S'>^S^^^ Americans on a cultural tour to i SSiSl IS, ^^fS;*,^ Southeast Asia world will end not with a bang but with a whimper, predicted the poet T. S. Eliot. Which shows 1 passion under control." >cu how unrealistic poets can That measure might indeed be at times. be more effective than curtail- ir you really jvant to know ing the trading hours. But I'm how the worid mil end, take a convinced it would be only a look at what is happening on stopgap at best. Wall Street • What is happening on Wall Brokerage firms have become Street is, I fear, the first stages so bogged down in paperwork of a paperwork Armageddon— that trading hours on the New: the last great battle before the York Stock Exchange have been^ world is destroyed, curtailed. But this has not' The stock market likely will eliminated the baddog. ibe the first fortress to crumble. Some observers say other and quickly followed by the Internal more drastic steps will be; Revenue Service, department necessary to cope with the' store credit offices and hospital situation. \ admittance desks. One broker I know traces the; Then, one after another, ofher paperwork buildup back to| mighty institutions will be pandemonium created last yearj swept before the onrushmg by the appearance on Wall paperwork tide which evcntviUy « K * A AM* • < * a It H « AAaxiiA. « .AA an) 'Strcct of Fraocioe Gottfried, a will engulf the earth, includmg XJUUUUJiWi4 f t>.i« 9JltS.9JiJitUS.99.m9 9 ! 2i.year-old computer operator Tallahassee, Fla. with a 43-25-37 figure. It is too late now to try to ••We wouldn't be in this mess prevent the cataclysm. The if the clerks didn't spend so time has past for weepin; and niiTh time girl-watching," he v.'iiilin; and gnashing of leclh. saitl. Forces rushing us to the eve of •Trancinc is gone, but the dcs;ruction already are irrcvcr- frlbws arc still over-stimulated, tiblc. They keep loitering around the Thus the world will end with I street, hoping to see another 43-i neither a banc nor a whimper, 123-37 figure. Then when they get I but with a muffle cry and a (back to the office they have a rustUng sound as darkness 43-2S-37 stack of papers on their ctoses over, desks. i Repent! Or at least have a ••The only solution 1 can see'little fun while it lasts. I am a YOUNC ADULT. Father! If you don't quit ca!lir>j me a teen-ager, I'll feel obliged to refer to you as a senior-citizen!" New mumps vaccine proves deffecf ive Br OR. WAYNI BRANOtTAOT The new live but weakened mumps rims vaccine should be given to all chiUren over one year of age who have not had the disease. More than one mil r (Q (30) Stab M (30) The Kdiatdj Martinez Stonr." A yount nan fron< East LA. findi tutcest at a counselor tor the Youth Tnaiinj Era-' ptoyment Prograni. | ®C£GDSSNeM (Q BOB Cnoiai Hen (Q (30), Walter Cronkite. O«karallrlJMr(C)(30)IVany Braner Iwsts. Sflwmd m (30) BizaMh MoRtBHnenr and Martin Undas guest. aiTlMaadvMaMafQ -Doomt- dvH^'Jeck lord tian. ®UMa«biarta (30) SX)Faa«)rAH*(C) QTMb or Oomeqaeacn (Q the three networlcs. This "mo- \-ic" series, m fact, wiUjiJon persons have received this dd'&eratelv sets out to'oam poor '^"^'^ is™ »re stranded compete head-on with another: vaccine and no significant sMe sradet to attract a boj Jhe likes. ""eir aircraft crashes." ^NBC-T\"s Tuesday night motwa effects have been observed. It Gary Budin guestv Tbe network adds: 'pictures. ONon (C) (30) Ted Mefeis. SRerida Marital —^—p. ^i-^S ^iff^T^n.^oTm'a '^iDeserters are dodging cr'XMuS'i.^JS more *hon war in Viet at regular intervals, couM say whether he has one of them. I "*Sd ®MOTSr 'a5^'co^ HOLLYWOOD guest la a cooedr M. Mi» Bur- I Julie Andrews Belt plan a jealous ondentBdir «ta I • lIStTto Wa 1 «»« magazine (His Memtn) en ds^ i»|l)t el ' a tonc-funrung Show. OD*"" (Q (60) 09!>3;(9n >a Big vanqr (Q (60) *Tlie Roral Road.' The Bait- len are itaiiiti tn a ysoai beint By VeraoB Seott ITI HoUy«rood Corrapondeat By TOM TIEOE rtions. including full data on pres- i M„ 1^ ... HEIDELBERG, Germany: ent whereabouts. n,Llt l^J!Z^!x^y,t^ <NEA) - In the past two >-eatsl Here's where they've run to: <h™.lH m,. hA riv-^n in am-onAI fv^^A. /l2,f » «? ril^ more than 100 U.S. soldiers Sixty-eisht are in Sweden; ^^tT^cSZ^^r^Z^^lJ^^^u d^rt«« 'heir Posts andlO in France; five in Holland; ed ta a small amount to the vaccine. It ^KMild not be given to .mA.™i r~. I,™ .A litical sanctuao". a°d Ireland; two in Switzeriand; A DOTer^M n^r^rXrlie •^•'"ost aUhave givm thcir one each in Australia, Jordan. p«gnant-w ,meaorpers5n .rwith!diffe;;.f'^=.rrcaS ' ^'""''"""' "''"^^^u^fT^s^.; Moore fcv ^or leokemU. It gives ef-'a>la drinks conUin about six^.Eamst « they beheve is an ""f'^' „*f>J f«rt!..Anm.~.ii«n mnii^r^mTAAr A,m,. ,nH AmcHcaa War posture. may seem substanUal at first Militao' authorities ceive it. fective protection against mumps milligrams per ounce and cof-i .u ^- t. w fh... ,^,ti„ r„,. ta SB per cent of those who re-jfce three tiiJies as much. These! MtUtory authonJies m Eu-| cok brtfteyreaUy count for 'drinks act as a mild dhireticlropc. howler, doubt any surtlUtUe. H^^^^ •increase the production of ur-' moral factoK are mvolvei has "leveled off to only a nui- Q — My grandson is 17 months old. wai it reUrd his 'ine by the kidne>-s> hot do the: «> ""'ny <rf «>e desertions. They sance thing. devHopmei* if he doesn't Uke'kidnej-s no harm. Excessive'*ay .'^'i'i^.P?!?! "members World War If. •9O0S(I]ta>"ol" (C) (60) - Oeputr ^tus Hasten and wound•d primer Riler Sharp (Charlet Aidnian) find rafuie tor Uia niiht at a lanch, wtnCh tutrn out to be the borne e( the wile (Gail Kobe) and aoo (Bk Shea) Sharp Wt be- Mad when he went to prim for ~ a ^?S.flflO nurder-rebt)efy. O CI <Q (30) -Jaaimie and the Case of the Por- eeWn Fuppr-" Jeannie's latest trick turn Tonjr iido the greatest maker of perctiain snee the fifteenth can-' toiy. OlattoSpaeatC) (60) vitamins and doesn't get suchamoums have, ho«e \-er, been o""' lofty moUves.'is comparison, when 10.000 men MnIJ^'lrnn^ ( ITPI k_i..ifA rimtm^ tn h>v. h.iA»..-.»« ** "'*^'- vegeUbIesikno»-n to damage the heart. 1 Some e.vamples: were running loose around Eu- i'sSSS."^ .i! T ^ JT^ ^J^tf^L^ P''^'^«^ »»«:would advise that vour son m Sgt. Sam Smith (aU names are rope, some of them not caught toaodan. ,W| Andrews has nished ta where "'^y^^Xi^^l^Vm '^"P*" his cola consumtpioi ta half iSd "^hanged) deserted through lUly J-eU ^le. Sajid Khan andltathj Gar- »««* >»wni«kin« angris ' ° J^.i^v wSiT ^nriw ^TV ^ "^l for the other half subsUtute fruit summer. Because he was He adds the optaion that the wr west if Jacqudinc Kennedy OnassU 31 teSS^ I K iSm Bui n«i liS IT -mwith-**! infant needs juice. against tt-ar. he said. But au- present desertion situation would OMaiM OOa. (30) end Eliubeth Taylor Ji^XTUmm^Z^l tiTh^ i^MS'..?f„'^i?'' It T1 ^ T ^'"^onth^^i grand- "»nU« belie^^ it ,vas because never have reached the pomt of miu «k_ (CI rtm -n. v». iiave dared not to U <ad-m Xred becaiaT^ih^ tio m all forufied milk. The'son has bad diarriiea for sever- he bad recenUy forged papers fnbUc discussion if it wasnt Se %r«W ?aS .iSdoS ee ^bSSTwirfanmSS ^lSino^^^ '''^1^ should be al months. The pediatrician is to promote himself, and «s fac-tied in «ith the contemporary HaKESfT-VMisasieonandDan- ICB«I oaau wim an magazines, stories impUed Iwis a racial jupphed m a balanced diet, givmg him penicillin and other «"S court-martial and prison, ncw-left movement ta id lapn guest. ffiTka CiMt Ml (30) •lofniot.'' Die tine is Augot of 1914 to Aprs. 1917. American attibides toward U- boals are atpkfled br the Alias. tWilaon is caaiM up ««b the tahia disaster and the Snifflemaa teletnm. SBkba Made „—„ —• r-~ —-- cpec 4 Jim Jones deserted to jVcUially. accordmg to the gen- rt- I- 7 •!« i«mariLable bigot and an unfit mother. wtich sould include one ««• drags h« |be dunrhea keeps on. ^e claimed he eral. the wonder is that the de- uSsh h ^.u» ^^Sdta ^eone. J -s to frul, and vegetables every da>- What ^i^"*"™!, di^iTwanl to go to Vieuiam. The sertion rate fa Europe rematas Bntish .Aj^The «tep up and step Ibis kind of and liver once a week. A - A study shouW be made "'^^ « he was never or- as smaB as it is. for prim ^^es she beU«-.6 ^ X ..S « ^.^nal Si ?rJSSS«^ would depend on the the Army post office wtere he . continuaUyex- injurious to her. One ««^tr\JSS ww ^t hirt him if he geU the ^ cause. ""f""^- . , . .^.j temptation. Thou- ShnMMdOH harng a romance with >egro won i nur^ mm » nc » _ pf^ j^n,. johnsoo deserted to of anUmUitary civUians Mrs. O MIS?!S M.,. Burton *ctor Sidne>' PoUier. but ....... ....... eSna*<M(aa(t)(60)-Who Was niat Man I Saw You Withr tria.' tMber and Jeaeph Steed art fereed to bdiew that Tare has turned tstftor. It appears that aec- let iidomatioo has been taken (lon a Mitonal drfana eaotor and evi, deoca inticaizs that Tare, «ho has been mectiiK an anenw acenl is m^-^v^ ^ iMOOOOJBffl"-. « SmbT (oomedr) -SJ - Andfj OriJmirMidk Mams. QNtM (Q (30) SiMantloH (30) ftemUc- Dr. Kchaid Brtonemea and S SMff^p^Trutt III /ending scheduled ^^i'^^-^'.TSSr^^^ etories about themselves. said. The second said sbe was 9 ^•^•'•^^^'^^ military police, however, claim pgjgn^ to go in effect July 1 guests discun the oaas tor «tac- said. "I've neariy spoken out tricSy pfoducsd bjr Moraine a cfjtfalliM natoiiaL 0 Carta Sin NMaria ITiMbarCai men mom anM |rMMMi (60) ISISapelWd (Q-nill Sibais.- ffiCaKiaa da to ta (30) m** tiwUm* Fame UdOO «MK -Wild a( ai ItaalN' (suspense) 'S5 - SheBflf WinJers, " '-^^'SSio ^lnd^Grha'S^ WASHINGTON (UPI) — The quire businesses offering credit Full particulars are printed, fa- manv iim« before but «ras True enough. Edwards b p)\-emment has issued a set of to dcariy explam the terms of The pattern, says tte military.'cjujing nan,e address and ide- ^aud^- (ri^wbo said it ^^'^^ companion. guiddta«t designed to let the that credit, or face a $5,000 fine, has been transparmUy dear. Ac- phone contacts. wtMkl onir encourage moi* of "I"*'* mH Sidney twie« ta my buyer know exactly bow much a year ta jaU or both. Credits is wramg to G «r. Har*y Moore, ^ „, the event a soWier de- tte ame. life." Julie said. ••Both Ume« at taterest, service charge «r,defined as any transaction ta P'^'^t "narshal of U.S. Army ^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ "In this case there are t»t) the Academy Awards. He Ii a other eosu are included fa i which the bUl is payable fa «" "^i^ wide open. All be needs is a stories of dear-cut fabricatioo. nic* man. but 1 scarcely know tbose "low monthly payments" more than four insUUmenU. As have hcen usmg the war miUtaiy pass (a false of- In other instance* magazines b«ra. , ^. ^ for purebasei Ifte his used car^many as a million r,ceT-s signature on a piece of ••I'm afraid people wifl ihmk or color teIe»ision set j offering credit will be covered.,'"/•^ef "P "Se^old weaknesses ^ I'm bringmg suit for the wrong, •me MHraled "truth toj "Ibe guidelfaes e\-en go so far.^ """f- . ; western border without gettfag nuoa. It bat DOthing to do guidelines, which go «» to require that aU numbers Says the general: l, second glance, with Sidnej-'« color. The stories jj^o effect July 1, were issued «nd percentages listed on bills "These kinds have been de-i still. sa>s the general despite make me took like an ImmoraL by flje fjjeraj reserve board as and credit agreements be sertiag the miUtary since it s„ch temptations. U.S. deser- irrcspcBsiMe wt>man. 'U^ resuU of a Uw passed by printed at least ta 1-poinl type began. And for the same rea- ,io„s ta Europe are compara- congress tast year. -slighUy • larger than the sons. The>- are debt-dodgers, tively few; the pcreentagc. as Waaicdaya frMi 7 pjn. BMa's Ntcolalians The reguUtfons ewer a wide average l>-pe siie used ta most wiffe^lodgers. law.<lodgers,^ or example, is much lower than it 9M, e«riur«.F« BrMMris ' The .N'icoUttans mentioned in range of acti^iUes where credit newspaper cotamns. lust responsibihty-dodgcrs. jj at U.S. stations. .Z^^.^rrr^ the Bible ««re followers of Ni-is extended, indudtag bank •« wf'^P'" fi G«n. Moore believes that since For this reason, he isn't em- P"^JZSL mULS""!^^ iOSTON colaus. one of the eariy deacons loans and department store the, «»>' the guidelines wouW many of the deserters are con- b.irrassed at aU by the European Bmdendi OuAM. Eraefl CTBAMfiLfl" appomted fa the church at Je- charge accounu. not to mention - On a bank toan of $100. men. they can convmcmgly em- oescrtion rate. He accepts it Z^^^,..^^^ . .M^TUwTMcru^ nisalcm. Eart>- diureh trwlition bnu from doctors. dentisU and "^'h 6 per cent added-on brace ••moral protest • to gloss as meritable. \Vhal does both- OdSJffiToMtM Smr (CI also "PRiTTY POISON" sitxiKa became jn ,he neighboriiood phirober. mlerest. the customer would be themselves over. They feel thus BMnd lUdnck OUas Oab (Q Rod SaiCai hosts, nt Undstroni. Oidk Caittlar. Betty WMtc Md Rolfc PrtMWi feast eiMe: Ibe Bit np4r (ogis tai» •SS-ffichard CDde. Coastonca. Smith. Wffillew UJO OMMie: "BMbMckcrt- (adMS- toe) *S1 — Mha Iretad. WqM MotTii. effiGDSlMf lishap (0 • lUielaqr StEM Nanaf (Q — t Martia lai(Ma Janes Caner and The Wiem Bnthen guesL 0tal (Q(3O) ^J^^imam ea the Osti•en (SO) A ene-man show teatmts! Peter Ustinotf'a uxiuiientary on his aitistie and enentrit ianilf. (R) | COeadcaayCancianaa • a«igDHM*> Uqt (Q (30) Smfd Knl guests as Stonley Ur- in(stav)e. iprofcssonsl hunter litred to ctpture I "jorbooASt** i ran aninal thrtjaaped frem tbc zoo. The hiwhotne hunter nontioRS •n tnini THIM. Inv that he's aenr married b,."* cause no sM eouM replace the adf-{ ieliantdewil8dinissionariradau(h-.i£2goMMir fMr Deipeab Mai* tar be knew in Mrin, and Lnqr Mnnturt) '£0-Alde Ray. Heather tries to corrBCt thtt situition. Suft. OMden Veyage (Q (30) tig Trip to Tmt Oenmatk." UaOffiJAdien IheaiR: "Deep Watav" eiSirSOrcrtan Place (Q (30) fied oiden Caiolim to stay , - . _ awar (nun Lew; Or. Miles sla«s l«OS»e*«ii hmH 09 lews attempt to tell the truth bfi QCanunaalli iaiMin Board (Q ape1ft(itin| tor his suspicions: Bettii and Rod come to an undentandlni.! RWREDUUIOS apastale and founded the sect, which became heretical. IHcm CO • (Q(90) BM OM* (0 (30) SW MaaidI essart kUSMoriK "Ibe Cawu PaapU* (acJ4i) -SS - Paul Oooglas, En Baitok. TUESDAY DHYnME MOVIES _j •( f a*" (drama) I y«a«. Ml Chaadlab MBIatr aid S M T (dnna) '47{ ^•Ttofiald.U«Pal»er. I re) "56- UaydHMaa. UdOB-Sibaiaia at SM* (drama) '42 — Dan Hatctaiotoa. Ibt trari H IM M * (drama) '45 - Oaa Doofta. 2MB1 taM Mr PaiMir (drama) '44-«aiy Beth Haghes. M M Miljan. MBatiirtiiplir (aorim 31 Smi Todw. iUtaa H QCS. 4dia<C» '«M Mrt" (diaml) « ^tek Nadaa. ««M Baakt. IMOGENE COCA ^OU KNOW I CANT WATERS mnm IN J^^^ ON PERSON! >h ^ STAGE! CAURMNIA THEATRE Sa FMirlh MrMt, San toMiAw WiJMiiiy. Itoch S atttSO pjR. (ONLY ONI riKPORMANCI) CALL Tu f-vn rot «Uta At SlSOMmdMMki rATIONS S4ZS44il043.2S r . u .u • . ^ 1. . ••• V !j J him. however, are the desert- Basically, the guidelfaes re-1«>" the mtcrest really amounU OTU be considered intdlec ual themsdves. Thcv are just I to 11 per cent, per year. The defectors, rather than plam itj^ he sa>'s — is 19 and '0 I ^ „ - , , rate is that high because once quitters. The'majority, he fe^ls, probably DenflST has " customer has paid back The provost marshal admits wish like hell they'd never got*^ part of the $100. and unUl he some of the deserters are con- ttn talo such a mess. fiAU/ ifiart P'y* hack all of it. he is betag scienUous objectors. But he fa- • new lUCU charged interest on the wholeisists only a minority. . . SWINDERBY. England (UPI) ,^"'£J",*'".* J^^i rest he says, are simply LlOrS DrepWe -Royal Air Foree dentUt John ^ «'Jhe aoo^ he is still bemg cheats and habitual trouble-mak- t «ll„ll Uunsford has demised a new charged taterest on the ongmal ers who. fa a way. do the mill- TOF annUQl plan to Uke some of (he bite """"Jl"'-.^ , , tary farors by leaving. out of a dentist's driU. I -O" the open^nd, revolving gut cheats or no. the ser^-icc COHTeST Munsfoid has instaUcd = t'^^^^^Jji^^TL'!!^ ^"'^ '^-^''^ ^ l^"^ MOXDOVI Wis (VPlU. Idcvision ta his office to divert'*^ ""'P*'"** "nd depart- xhe pro»-ost marshal's office has M ™, r.^IA^i 7 c,* iw i.^ ...t.i« "from the ZT'\d''T^,?'.J^}^..^ll 'hick files on t06T.«9 deser- Snf^tth'as'^i^r^a'u"^ hcrrors of the drill for the whole year must be Th LTi. „.^l»Awi f^m ihi.'"*"^- •"•««• the biU that says The set U suspended from lhe,..v-,, p,„ «.,„ «.!.! _^ ^ .Month, and sakl Mondovi hopes ceilfag «, a patient must tilt *^^ZJ^SLT^ AlmOIIOC ^S/S A 'Ct .io^ ^ W^hS «^»' Toda>^ is Monday, March 3.' .SehuiU said the local Liaij ."^^ »Zt?^,S Jff* '-2 ««• «*»» taterest - would the said day of 1969 with 303 to CJub s soliciUng slonw. and well ta taktag patienU mmd <« have to say that the taterest follow the biggest and best whopper ^^^l^^^w I**"' »•»<>«««»* to « per cent; The'moon is approachfag iis'"*eived before April 10 wfll wfa commereial suddenly comes 00.;^^ J.,,^ ,g,f^„ ^ ,a prize. Burlmgton holds a — per cent because the 1 1-2 per, The momtag stars are s*™'^^''wtni^tAon. rent is charged every month. 12 Mercury. Mars and Jupiter. . However, there is a possibibty t >9fll Notice Koncc TO rBCDtroM No aauB times ta the course of a year, on the bill's unpaid balance. "^SSTSTS .'c^.fS'sSBS: -«'hen » customer arranges rocBUj^ior u >t c«nir a Joan lhal tacludts puUtag up| Ertal* of AUGUSTA KOtKKOY. IktcaMd. KOnCB IS REBEBY CIVIN Is Uw The eventag stars are Venus the above information is aU and Saturn. ^^Ise. 'S.gSl*!tbta three bustacss days cndllon at Uw tbam named cadtat tiial an pcnooa luTlns d •guiut Uw. Old deoKiMsi u* rr-iafler be has signed the papers. ssTvJSi.SiL'irurs.i^rsiThfa our lor On this day fa history: In IM9 Congress created the, TubcS okoy his home as security for the, Department of the Interior. wACHivnv>M rrrpr^ri,.. loan, he may cancel that deal, In 1879 Mrs. Belva Ann;, (UPI)-That 'Udtwood became the (i„, Revision tube terter you use at woman fawycr to pracUcc'^he comer drugstore has Sr.he''^preme ''coSS'.'"";{«*'«^/ FXal ^urea^'^S In 1931 the SUr Spangled S^^.^h? Federal Bureau of IhoughU about (he transaction;Banner was designated by Health. The or who failed to realitt taitiaOy' Congress as the National Anthem. to delermfae the testers posed a the borrower who has second kMns of dttk U ttat abm cnUilcd cmnt. ar la pKMBt Ibtm. with U M necmanr vgociMn. to lb* aadcnKiMd at dw Uw OOlcM af Pmal & wn«o »od,„ „,„ „ .^....^ 2Sii,*S!&S.^SSr U^e ^diiTof his adfon. oC btttiaew «( the ontfmifMd f " tav raooUu aliar Ow Ont ihto noUo. Daud March X UM. IflKA SIM1UM «I». Bneautc of Uw WUt a( Ika abm aaaiad daeadeat pAtn. a wnsoN. CUAY p. WILSON. TtU Itl-aOM. AOanMn far Bncntrtx. rirSi poMtcatte Mar. a. um bureau's Division of Electronic Products earlier this year conducted a survey of tube "m^r^r^ W^jor •^ ^3.^^^.% ^[SSufacturers without a home mortgage. lind,"t««w«f«»M- World War n stock market transactions. TMASURllWUtt Your nBuml Inndtm ot ap- idiances wiB find a ready market through dasdfied Adt. was approachfag an end fa Europe. A thought ftar the day: Salmon P. Cbtse said, "The only way of resumption is to tanme." whether radiation hazard. A spokesman said, "we fiwnd they are not posing ' a radiation ^hazard and they operated at very low voltages daring- emissioa checks."

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