Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on February 10, 1971 · Page 15
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 15

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1971
Page 15
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FOREST PARK REVIEW. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 10. 1971. PAGE 15 AMQU Award Winning Liquor Stores The Saving Is Yoursl OLD STYLE Pure Brewod-BEER ,,- O19 cose of 1 *.' M I f 12 oz. en-/., M** by Schlih OLD MILWAUKEE America's .Lighf Beer I 7 12 oz I 85 I JL Cans I Famous Liquor Stores COOK-OFF 1st Grand Prize rrmti. : MEXICO VACATION FOR TWO Three fugriU if. Mex'CO City for two, 01 the Mafia liobel Sheraton Holel. Round inp via Mexicana A.r Lmei 727 Jet, Chicago to Mexico. A Total Travel Fun Group between Apnl 16th and Dec. 10, 1971. 2ND-3RD GRAND PRIZES of OAK PARK I 15 NortK Morion Street BASIC 5 MONTH FINISHING COURSE EOch $380 cciufit; include! 40 iioun or tfu.fmig m Ma*e-Up, Ha<r Styling,. Wardrobe and. Posture. 10 FINALIST PRIZES YEAR SUBSCRIPTION WINE-OF-THE-MONTH-CIUB plol a iix bonle cgrlon rwo iiflhs DuBouctiert, fou I hflhi Paul Manor) Wme The Saving Is Yours! IMPORTED SCOTCH •Distilled & Blended In Scotland 2 99 Fifth COCA COLA 16 o.? dt!p blK Half Quarts 8 73' . . . there's talk about the low prices at Famous Liquor Stores ... AND IT'S ALLTRUEI Brewed & Bottled in Wisconsin BAVARIAN CLUB The Saving Is Yours! COBBS CREEK Blended Whiikey 2 69 Fifth HALF-GALLON SAVINGS! The Saving Is Yours! GLENMORE VODKA HALF GALLON A59 BARBERO ASTI SPUMANTI 98 ITALIAN CHIANTI IMPORTED. BEER Cose of 24 12 oz. dep. bottles FOMST PAIK 7WW.Madi.on Mom- Pk. 2*7-6447 FOtfSTFARK .. . there's a lot of talk about the low prices at Famous liquor Stores . . . AND IT'S All TRUII — - ,,| j , CASH AND CAMY SKOALS, TKunv. fn. Sot and SMI., American Legion Seeking New Members For more than 50 years Forest Park Post.MH, The American Legion has been an integral part and amost important part of the affairs in the Village of Forest Park. Organized in 1919 by its first Commander, William A. Schlupp, the Post has occupied its own headquarters in Memorial Hall, Circle & Adams Sts., Forest Pk. This group of men who came out of World War 1 were indeed fortunate, for the citizens of the community who were active in the patriotic affairs of the town during that War, found that the funds left over from various pro-grams was sufficient to purchase the property on which Memorial Hall now stands. This land was given to Forest Park Post by these citizens for the purpose of the establishment of permanent headquarters to house the activities of the American Legion. In 1921 a building was completed and dedicated. With the active cooperation of its members, the building has been mortage free for many years. Plaques bearing the names of those Forest Parkers who served in World Wars 1 and 11 have a place of honor in the meeting hall of this building. The present membership of Forest Park Post includes many, men of prominence in the Village; men who serve as public officials as well as many who serve the community in various offices of other community-minded organizations. We are justly proud of all of them. Each year members of the Post who have to their credit 50 years •of continious membership are honored by the Post with proper ceremony. On Monday evening, February 15th, Fifth District Commander Edward J. Kouba will present to the following members - Past Commander Nicholas Schank, Otto. Ebert,. Arthur Huxhold and FredE. Conrad their citations for 50 years of con- tinous membership in the Post. Rudolph Triebes who though he has been a resident of California for many years has continued his membership herein Forest Park. His citation has been sent to him , with accompanying congratulatory letter; In his acknowledgement to the Post forthisthought- fulness we have the information that Rudy has been in ill health for a number of years. Our wish for him is that though his health has not been of the best, that Hie California sunshine will help him to live a normal life, full of the good things that go to make up that life. If you are an ex-service man or woman having served your Country in the Armed Forces during the following periods and have been honorably discharged, you belong in the American Legion. Forest Park Post welcomes any eligible person to meet with them on the first and third Monday nights of each month: April 6, 1917 to Nov. 11, 1918 Dec. 7, 1941 to Sept. 2, 1945 June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953 Aug. 5, 1964 to the present date You are most welcomed to be among those present on this special night, Monday, February 15th at Memorial Hall, Circle 4 Adams St. at 8 P.M. Commander Prueser and all the members of the Post will extend a hand of cordial welcome, if you are a stranger we will make this fact known. By S.Dy Shaw DEAR SALLY: I' am a widow of 54. When, my husband diod two years ago, our bachelor son, aged 30, gave up his apartment and moved in with me. Since then my friends and relatives have been making all sorts of remarks, hinting that something must be wrong with a man of his age who lives with his mother. However, he and I.have always gotten along wonderfully, weboth enjoy the setup and his contribution to the household expenses helps me, too. Although he is not seriously interested in any specific girl at this time, he dates plenty of them ... so there's nothing wrong with him in THAT category. I'd very much appreciate your comments. SUZIE. DEAR SUZIE: If you and your son enjoy living together, more power to you! Certainly it's nobody else's business and your busybody friends and relatives should be told as much. DEAR SALLY: I'm a young woman of 27 in business for myself, and with quite a good income - more than that of many of the fellows I date. I like going to the theatre but am getting tired of going "dutch" with girl friends. Do you think it would be all right if I were to buy tickets and ask a young man if he would like to go with me? INDY. DEAR INDY: Yes, provided you don't do this too often with any one man. It might also be tactful if you didn't mention buying the tickets . . just that you HAVE some tickets. And let him take charge of the tickets when he picks uou up and avoid in every way giving the impression that you are in charge of the evening. DEAR SALLY: The girl I have been dating is under the impression that I'm five years older than my real age of 18. I have been letting her think this because she's 22 and might not be so interested in me if she knew I'm four years younger than she is. This keeps bugging me. I'm afraid that sooner or later she'll find out from some other source and it might shock her into ditching me. Do you think maybe I should set her right? KANSAS. DEAR KANSAS: Tell her, by all means! Much, MUCH better than sailing under false colors as you now are. Of course, tills might influence her into "ditching" you . . and this is all right, too. A fellow like you of 18 is much better off dating girls of his own age or younger. That four-year gap between a boy of 18 and a girl of 22 is much greater than it is five or ten years later. DEAR SALLY: Two years ago I married a widower with a 19 year old daughter. The girl has been living with her late mother's parents and neither she nor these people have ever accepted rne as a friend. Now the most crushing blow of all! The girl is soon to be married, and they have invited iny husband to the wedding and reception - but not me. Just as a matter of principle, don't you think I should accompany my husband to. the wedding and reception anyway? EXCLUDED. DEAR EXCLUDED: And just what "principle" would you serve by crashing an affair to which you haven't been Invited . . or what happiness and satisfaction could you possibly gain? My advice is to stay at home . . . and forget their rudeness. READ The REVIEW

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