The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 14, 1941 · Page 26
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 26

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1941
Page 26
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r, PAGE TWENTY-SIX THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, PENNA., THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 194f New Order in Asia" BRINGING CP FATHER By George McManus ' illli.aBg: 1 " - 1 f"- J- - - - - tt ' - jf ,c i, r- , nam m - T70R eight years readers of " women magazines have laughed over the antics of a sub-deb called Maudie and her swain, Davie, who iiise a sort of English branded as "sub-deb-ese." Now the stories have been ar ranged for the air and the program, "Maudie's Diary," has its premier tonight over WABC at 7.30 o'clock. The radio versions will be used on the magazine stories with Mary i.fason playing the part of Maudie and Robert Walker as Davie. " Throckn?orton P. Gildersleeve, formerly with the Fibber McGee program, will turn up in the Music Hall show tonight as Don Ameche's guest over WEAF at 9. Joan Blon-dell is another guest. The Oriental Republic of Uruguay, es it is officially known, will be saluted on the Good Neighbors scries over WEAF at 10.30. Uruguayan folk songs and other native compositions will be played and (the history of the country dramatized. An epic of the days of the '49 gold rush will be the story told by the Old Ranger on the Death Valley days show over WABC at 8. BILLY GILBERT, of the movies, will crash a party under the auspices of Rudy Vallee and John Barrymore on the WEAF broadcast Bt 10. "Sport and the Defense of Democracy" will be the subject of a talk by John R. Tunis, sportswriter, on the Speaking of Liberty sketch over WEAF at 6.30. Beethoven's Fifth, one of the most popular works in symphonic literature, will be played by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Sir Ernest MacMillan over WJZ at 10. ' Graduates of the Original Amateur (Hour will be guests on the Major Bowes-Morton Gould Hour over WABC at 9. Secretary of War Henry L. Stim-son will talk on the . lengthened eoldier service over WJZ at 9.30. Programs SHORT WAVES TODAY Sydney, 8.55 p. m. Music. VLQ7, 11.88 meg., 25.2 m. Berlin, 6 P. m. Irish Concert Hour. D.TD, 11.77 mes., 25.4 m.; DZD, 10.54 meg., 28.5 m. J-ondon. 6.15 p. m. "Calllni the World," Sir Frederick Whyt. GSC, .5S iner.. 31.3 m.; GSD. 11.75 me., 25.6 m. Berlin, 7 p. m. News In English. PJP, 11.77 meg., 25.4 m.; DZD, 10.54 meg.. 28 5 m. London, 7.05 p. m. War Commentary. GSC. 0.58 meg., 31.8 m.; GSD. 11.75 meg.. 2.1.5 m. (Moscow, 8 p. m. Broadcast 1n English. RVOfl. 15.41 meg., 19.8 m.; RNE. 13 meg., 25 m. Budapest, 8.30 p. m. News In English: Hungarian Folk Songs; Music; Rakoczl March. HAT4. 9.12 meg., 82.8 m. Tokyo, 9 05 p. m. Newi In English. JLU4. 17.79 meg.. 16.8 m.: JLG4. 15.10 meg., 19.8 m. London, 9.15 p. m. William Holt: "De mocracy Marches." GSC. 9.58 , meg., 81.8 m.; GSD, 11.75 meg.. 25.6 m. london, 10 p. m. "Starlight, " with Stanley Holloway. GSC, 9.58 meg, 81.8 m.i GSD, 11.75 meg.. 25.5 m. . for STOKERS See ANCHOR Yuy! Prices (tart at 8150. with Control!, llfftl PI" ENGINEERING I'll II LI SALES CORP. If III IT 1M1 N. Cameron St. HUlal Ka Open Evening! Guatemala. 11 p. m. Chamber Music. Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello, Franz Ippisch: Quartet for Piano. Violin, Viola and Cello. Robert Schumann. TGWA, 9.88 meg., 31 m. Rome. 11 r. m. News In English. 2ROS. 9.B3 meg., 31.1 m.; 2K04. 11.81 meg., 25.4 m.; 2RO0, 15.30 meg 19.6 m. London. 11 p. m. Tha Dally Service. GSC. 9.58 meg.. 31.3 m.; GSD, 11.75 meg., 25.5 m. Tokyo, 1.15 a. m. Talk. JZK, 15.18 meg. 19.7 m.i JZJ. 11.S0 meg., 25.4 m. Moscow, 4 p. m. English Period. RVOd, 15.18 meg" 19.7 m. TONIGHT'S REGULAR PROGRAM 6.0O. WEAF. Music: Baseball Scores WOR. Uncle Don: Travel Talk WJZ News; Talk. Allen Prescott WABC. News, Albert Warner 6.15. WEAF. News Reports WJZ. Sports, Bill Stern WABC. Odtiloors, Bob Edge 6.30. WEAF. Speaking of Liberty: Rex Stout Interviews John R. Tunis WOR. News; Here's Morgan WJZ. Lindley Orchestra WABC. Paul Sullivan, Comments 6.45. WEAF. Resume, Newport Tennis Invitation Tournament WJZ. Lowell Thomas WABC. The World Today 7.00. WEAF. Fred Waring Orchestra WOR. Sports. Stan Lomax WJZ. Easy Aces, Sketch WABC. Amos 'n' Andy. Sketch 7.15. WEAF. European News WOR. Dunham Orchestra, WJZ. Mr. Keen, Drama WABC. Lanny Ross, Songs 7.30. WEAF. Cugat Orchestra WOR. News, Arthur Hale: Sports WJZ. Gallicchlo Orchestra WABC. Maudie's Diary, Sketch 8.00. WEAF. Housewarming; Benny Goodman Orch.; Andrews Sisters, Songs; Mary Astor. Guest WOR. Wythe, Williams, Comments WJZ. Rlcardo Orchestra WABC. Death Valley Day!, Play 8.15. WOR. Sky Over Britain, Sketch 8.30. WEAF. Dramatic Show WOR. Barrel of Fun, Variety WJZ. News of the Week; Song! WABC. To be Announced 8 55. WABC. Elmer Davis. Comments 9.00. WEAF. Music Hall: Don Ameche, Connie Boewell. Songs; Others WOR. Gabriel Heatter, Comments WJZ. Grant Park Concert WABC. Major Bowes. Morton Gold New Broadway Voice IF U T V. i -V. DOROTHY KILGALLEN Heard heretofore on Saturday mornings only, Dorothy Kilgallen returns to "Voice of Broadway" to be heard Saturdays at 11.30 a. m. E. D. S. T., and Tuesdays at 6.15 P. M., E. D. S. T. The globe-trottinp; Dorothy holds her month-old son, Richard T. Kollmar, Jr. 9.15. WOR. Talk, Walto Hoyt 9.30. WOR. Sinfonietta. Alfred Wallen-stein, conductor WJZ. Secretary of War Stlmson 10.00. WEAF. Vallee Varieties, With John Barrymora; Billy Gilbert, Guest WOR, News, Jay Sims WJZ. Montreal Symphony Orch. Sir Ernest MacMillan, Conductor WABC. Miller Orchestra 10.15. WOR. Nws: From Berlin, John Paul )ickson. Commentator WABC. Professor Quiz 10.30. WEAF. Salute to Uruguay WOR. Vic and Sade, Sketch WJZ. Ahead of the Headline 10.45. WOR. Tuno Twisters Music, WJZ. Story Drama WABC. News; Dance Musio 11.00. WEAF. News; Dance Musio WOR. News; Talk: Music WJZ. News; Dance Musio 12.00. WEAF. WABC. News: Musio WJZ. News; Dante Music 12.30. WOR. News: Music TOMORROW'S EARLY PROGRAM Morning 8.30. "WEAF. Studio. Variety WJZ. Jim Robertson, Song! 8.45. WJZ. Elwyn Owen. Organ 9.00. WEAF. Songs; Music "WOR. Arthur Godfrey, Song! 9.30. WJZ. Breakfast Club: Variety ' 9 45. WABC. Hymns of All Churchei 10. 15. WABC. Myrt and Marge. Sketch 10.30. WJZ. Clark Dennis Tenor . 10.45. "WJZ. Variety Show 11.00. WABC. Buddy Clark. Songs; Orch, 11.15. WJZ. Viennese Ensemble 11.45. WJZ. Andrlni String Trio Afternoon 12.00. WJZ. Southernalres Quartet 12.25. WJZ. Farm and Home Hour 12.45. WEAF. Music 1.00. WABC. Life Can Be Beautiful, Play 1.15. WEAF. Lopez Orchestra WABC. Woman in White, Sketch 1.80. WABC. Right to Happiness, Sketch 1.45. WJZ. Al. Lee Reiser. Piano 2.00. WEAF. Biblical Drama WJZ. Miller Orchestra 2.55. WOR. Baseball: Braves vs. Dodgers 8.15. WEAF. Ma Perkins, Sketch WABC. Jan Peerce, Tenor 8.30. WABC. Renfro Valley Folk Musio 3.45. WEAF. Vlo and Sade. Sketch 8.55. WABC. R. Maxwell, Songs 4.00. WJZ. Club Matinee. Variety 4.30. WABC. Variety Show 500. WEAF. Home of th Brave, Sketch B.15. WABC. The Goldbergs. Sketch 5.30. WOR. Daly Orchestra 5.45. WABC. Wing! Over Jordan Choir Studio Notes Gay Seabrook is an added starter to the Meet Mr. Meek series, heard Wednesdays at 7.30 p. m. over WABC. Look for the story of how Ran som Sherman became "Hap Hazard" soon to be dramatized on Behind the Mike series. The boys who hand out the lobs are now saying that Jim Farley is wanted by the National Association of Broadcasters to police the industry in much the same way as Will Hays is doing for Hollywood. Farley has been mentioned for so many different posts that you can't tell which one is the McCoy. However, the radio job rumor is a persistent one. A - - ,AA - nn average oi huu persons were turned away niehtly on the road-showing of the Grand Ole Oory pro-eram in Georgia. Over 15,000 peo-ole paid admissions to see this Agnes Moorehead of the "Jovce Jordan Girl Interne" cast reports fhes been notified bv Orson Welles that there'll be a role for her In Welles' next film venture. Film fans will remember Agnes for her ap- nearance in Welles' first picture "Citizen Kane," In the role of Kane's motner. Hearing Is Believing! H8 Wtstvufkmk VACUUM TUBE HEARING AID No obligation. You may rent It If you wish. Wateh for full page Western Electric announcement In Saturday F.venlng Post August 13rd RKKNARII .1. KLKIV, Mgr. 707 niarkstone Itldg., 113 Market St, MOW-WHILE MAGGIE IS OUT-I'LL. OUST DROP IN AM' SEE ME OLD PAL-PINTV MOORE - I'LL ORDER FOUR PLATES OF CORNED J3EEFAWD CABBAGE TO oTART- 7 TT . r ii tik r7 I H I r7T J 3 I , n7 ' M - 1 M. U lL BV GOLLY-ITS GOOD . l25 J Ail WOJPEE IF HE'S 5 , . W-, M O TO BE BAC FROM 1L niljSTl 1 fflKS IM JAIL-1 NEVER 5 'TW'-fl IV TW'CCHJNTRV-IGUESS p ncrfH UINTV HT7 JLJwe.J EVER HEARD J I """ ' P-l!! " "j ' Cnw IWI. f.ftt Pmam Synjkm. Ii . WoiM nthtt tttmi. BRONCHO BIL1, - - Case of Nerves By Harry F. O'Neill aNA fILyW f&GVM , M I I, SrSif IM-EANWHILE, HIOINS S GETTtNG TEXS NERVEsI I , T "Vt-V VX,-4CrJ M GO EACK,KID L ""1 -l(03&& f i L rXXi llPPEEf THERE. S IJft ,r J-TH1S BUSINESS , - j rr-'Tt WS&M THAT BIRDS AFTER US X GOTTA G IT J USA, HE StES Y WL While ne.ll i Ciitoo oangeroos.' ESLg ( agah he knows our Rip chim i sometmin1 .rso Yrm SEARCHED WITH ' . v wlLu, S5Sih frrT SADDLEBAGS ARE. FILLED V HE-'SGOrse. 7 X AIM TO LEARN fr? I A TRAINED EAGLE f,KY ( tfrIVTi . WMs07 l VJITH STOLEN MONEY PLUMB LOCO WHAT GIpOAP, W 1 THE NEBBS Poor Kid By Sol Hess f t SA 10V OUT VWEUL A KKOTMlKje - K10 STUWIE l 'l DO-YOUX STUWlE,OiD 1 m SORRV,CLEO. f .F0QT IT, STUWi ( WtW THAT CAPTAIKJI WHAT OP ONLV THAT IT ( nT JOY J i 00 ,T ? 1 00 EVEKV' fSENO FORVOU?Ol0tf i USED TO THIMK KJ ?0d 5'U- V AGAihJ y IT? HURTS ME.1&UT 1 cccivir I I. CAM TO f 1 LEWO VOU ONE BIT LOVE MADE FOLKS W NEITHER ONE OF US I S )S- S VLL WMSSeJ 5Sy Rj!SwS HAPPY, BUT L Jt Irt, C fgs J NOU SEEM IDA u,r k OUST HUD UNDER ,p MA v0u UW wA-NT ,T T0 MAX.E JJr-Z. , Jl t I T f fT f n yL VOURreETANDYOu)',! ANYBODY IR'-rE jY Tk'A ENOOY IT X &mj&1-r sffm Tn tVi y HAPPY IT 5 TOUR A. V HAPPY LIKE kVI I LETS HAVE A V'k V TRA II w a 1 13V 1 II i ir r-i m II v K I ' ' - ..i LI'L ABNER A Yokum and His Money Are Soon Parted By Al Capp ' VALf-ElF 'TAIN'T YOUNG TOLtlVER, CASHIER O' TH' fXXSPATCH BAHK.Y 1 TH' RjtMK hONF BURNT DOWN.'- AH IS OFF T' , TH' HORSPlTTLEf-IN THIS TIN BOX IS TH' LIFE"-SAVIN'S O' ALL DOG PATCH - CXACKLY 1O00.7 J UNTIL TH' NEW BANK r5 PUT UP, AH GOTTA LEAVE THI5 TIN BOX IN TH' CARE OF A DOGPATCHER WHO IS NOT ONLY HONE5T, BUT INTELLY-JUNT.' MONEY?! FO' ME ?- THASS "vi rm x ii iatEr-i , ME.. I 1 y CHILE, NAME OF LI'L ABNER. I I LUCIFErM YO BETf T , I I t-iii. kjhir ,r- a A r k I I A k lT"A . r I ll I DOUBT.rl I TRUST , YOKUM. r-NOT ONE AH I I COME ABNER.'.'- I I I rtnni 1 1 muo DC i hlaii i run n i rinr - -v c V . O' ALL FOC PATCH- RJT INTELLY- JUMT' I ft I TOUCHED. BE 5HORE AN' f WlLLI I TIN BOX I V. ( EXACKLY 1O00r J I I IMPRESS THET ON TH' A II rv FULL O MONEY , LITTLE MABT MIXUp" Where vlti Them Can Work on Mrs. Weaver BrBkerhott I SrtocJiPNn ) jfo I.WlrB AROUMO - WHAT YOU 'ftB ; &2 loHVi J THAT'S "Cap" Stubbs and TIPP1E Goodnewlt By Edwlna I'M WORRIED ABOUT MOTHER! SHE'S GONE OFF TO HER ROOM AGAIN AND SHE'S BEEN IN SUCH A TEMPER --- rT -i HER UUOK . , I OU'LL DO NOTHING 1111 I VttilH . HI I II n4it I III MtKLT rVlttTtit TUUU 1 "- . X Of 1MB SORT, Jl n ! UX JfiV y BETTER USTEN SOME 1 V , v 11 ill 1 I 1 Hi 11 -v. jgr- ll m tt I 11 m jt . vi 1 I a I w tl J S T1LL1E THE lOlLER Mao Paddles His Own Canoe Westover BUBBLES, THAT CUT.E'S (ASCOD T iM? THAT'S 'WIMACI .L-SIeI f nMlt-TO SSSs J DRIVING ME VMILD-VM iVlDEA cJ2Q? E e,ptL- WSSSlWE ?JF I 1 wWb ii -cJSr M LAKE TO (SET f AMv.y TO HAKE ME Ss, MB J 9 away y VA , lVVv( Jealous -VLL f 1rVvL ftfry M? . 3 pj HIGIILIGMS OF HISTORY gon War President ' '''" By ) 01 ManfiHr f Mmlmm. mmi JKSskm I u"iwifi i r(? r r Ii I JUWE9.1915T. 7t I'LL GO LISTEN AT HER DOOR tOU'LL DO NOTHING . OF THE SORT1 YOU ARE GLAMOROUS 1 RADIATE HAPPINESS I SMILE--" -1 GLAMOROUS RADIATE HAPPINESS- AN - THE SIMklUC OF-THE LUSITAUlA, VlLSOM 5EKIT GfQMAUV A 50F"- SUBMAPI WE wApFARE AWP POLITEtY OEOUESTIWO IHb otWfiNj PlSAVOVXTHg ACT. 8-74 ImeGerwau keply, cotpiv FOQAAAL,PlD NOT DISAVOW THE DEEP. 1WSTEAP, rT PEFEUPEp the use of submarine aup clajwep that the 2.usitauia HAP BEeU AM Altv wi MAWYAMEDICALIJ FELT THAT MOTHIU6 5HOQT OF AW APOtOGY FROM GERMAWV SHOUlt? HAVE SHARPLV CQITICIXEP FOQ APAC6 AT Ay PQCg"COurSE. I

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