Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 28, 1954 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1954
Page 4
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1954 Downtown Valie Days tWRttlT • Fl»AY * SATURDAY AM, IM4MT I i fUB PW2ES . ., S« thstft in eur window ... tt At Pirtt Notional Bank Lobby. Alton 209 ftttt Si BETTER COTTON DRESSES All rim* VolfH Summer Rayon* Other lovely Summer Cotton* Plattarlnft Stylo* Roft-tonM Print* Smart C^herk* Solid PAttrl* Junior Kite* IWI«M Sl/f* Half m?.r» 5 98 Sifts 9 to 15, 10 to 20, 14V* to 24 PICTURKD AT LKFT *$' OTHER COTTONS 8V17 .98 All Sizes In All Colors and Knbrlrs SHORTIE e PI'S ! In 8*«nuck*r and Cation $|.59 2r or$ 3 WHITE BLOUSES Short Sleeve in Cotton Broadcloth BUY ONE-GET ONE FREE! NYLON SLIPS Better Quality by Swank $5.98 Va/ues egrapl Telegraph Want AJ» CUflK! Itcacl Telegraph Want Ads bally! it Organisation Area Civil Air Patrol Unit Seeks Headquarters in Alton Hill N':ftirand. 'J(i. rnmman- rlanl of the Civil An Patrol unit lor ihr a r f a around Allon, is Ifxiking for a plsrp whrr*> his outfit fan rstablish hoarlquartrrs in Alton. Nifhrand <aid lh«* CAP is A non-profit organization and ran not affort to pay for rrnt. boat water, rtr., and .so hopri it nil tfrrivp hacking from loral or ttanixafions. Ik- ramf to the I'plpRraph thi* morning socking riiihlirlty in hopes of achievinj this support. The outfit no\v is has^r! In Dunkpr Hill. It was estahlishcc six years a<?o at Bunkfr Hll bemuse thr commanding officer rnsided there and meetings were at his house. The unit now has about $100.000 in equipment obsoNfc items issued tree hy the U.S. Air Force and Rome 25 senior members (over 18 years old) and 25 cadete (15 to 18 years old). Bunker Hill High School has furnished the CAP with a build- c but now has to make use of Iho sprire for classroom. Thrrc is no space available for the CAP at Civic Memorial Airport. Nlebrand said today that, his outfit expect* an increase of I mm 100 to 150 cartels if it is able to move Into Alton where il can be conveniently attended by Allon young men. The CAP trminlBins an avifi- lion school, where Ihe members lenrn living and radio operation. The nrgimi/ntlon does not own any planes but currently has five privately-owned craft Hint i't can put. in the air in Iho even! of an emergency. These planes are lent hy owners. In an emergency, says Nie brand. "Our job is to fly in trained personnel, «ny, if the area were bombed, to bring in COMPLETE BRAKE AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND MOTOR TUNE-UP... DAN'S Brake Strvici BOB W. 9th SI. Phone S-8211 BILL NlftBftAND demolition crews to take care of unexploded bombs, Air Force directors, or men'to enforce martial law." Peacetime tasks for CAP fn- elurle searches for downed air- cralls, such as two Navy jets that were missing in the area last fall. CAP works directly with the U.S. Air Force air rescue service. The classes of CAP said Nie- brand, are conducted by various instructors, some with university teaching experience and most of whom are pilots. The course extends !)2 weeks, two hours a week. The CAP has a Link trainer for flying Instruction and provides inst motion as well in such subjects as meteorology. Those men who complete Die course, if inducted into the Army, may go right into Air Force aviation cade I: school upon successful completion of nn exumination. Niebrand said anyone interested ki Riving the CAP unit assistance in acquiring an Alton location may call Capt. Henry Baker at. Bunker Hill, or get in (ouch with him (Niebrand) at 501 Monroe St., East Alton. Niebrand hinted that several organizations have signified they will help and he would be able to make a further announcement 3 DAYS-fhursday, April 29-Friday, April 30-Sat., May! IRENE VONNAHMEN CASHIER end BOOKKEEPER . . . hH» been with the Gliwl Heating Mr in tnr 5 years and extends un Invitation to nil her friends to visit the new hardware department. GARDEN TOOLS Spading Fort $2.08 Garden Hoe $2.19 H-Tootfc Bow Rake $2.19 15-Tooth Bow Rake $2.69 Garden Spade $3.29 Leaf Rake $1.29 Round Point Long Handle Shovel.$3.09 Gross Whips $1.59 RALPH GISSAL * OWNER The henliiiK Inininesn Will enntlnnc UK In tin* pust uiul the new himlwiirn (leniirtiuent IIIIK been milled UK mi e\lrii conveti- ienee nnil serviee to nil our cnsloiiierK unil frieiuls. ROY STALP * MANAGER . . . former mininger of Thrift Ilitrdwnre A Supply Co., invite* nil of his friends uml cMiKtorners to visit him nt his new uhu-i; of business. GALVANIZED WARE 10-QT. I'AH 12-QT. I'AIL, No. 1 TUB No. 3 TUB No. ,3 TUB JO-GAI^ CiAKBAOIC CAN. .*2 1ft 16-GAL. GAlUiA(iK ( AN. .$•> 'ftS 21-UAL. GAKIUOK ( AN. .S^'r'ik ' TKAS1I HDKNKK S*»l9 LAWN MOWERS Shapleigh, 16" $18.95 [i* Keen Kutter, 16" ...$24.49' All Boll Bearing REO GASOLINE 74 50 BROOMS 98c Made Jby Miller \l MISC. ITEMS Moil Box -I0c Steel Wool, 16 pads, l-lb...59c I. S. Lock Set (Shapleigh) $1.59 Yale Nite Latch .'$2.1)0 Roy-0-Voc Flash-Lite, complete $2.19 Storm Sash Adjusters $1.19 Screen Door Springs lOc Screen Door Braces 19c Vise Crip Wrench $1.85 K. K. Pocket Knives ....$1.49 No. 8 Sash Cord, 100 ft.. .$2.98 Elec. Soldering Irons $4.95 BLACK & DECKER TOOLS '/4 M Dfill $32.05 '/V 8«nch Stand..$14.05 6" Heavy Duty Sow $04.50 Vt" Electric Drill. .$44.95 Bench Stand.$22.95 prill Kit. $32.05 Elect rto Drill All J'urpoke Drill " Drill Hex. Key Chock " .Moulded Itulihcr 1'ud S Sanding !)!»> Lunih \Vno| Kuinii'U 7-Oz. Wee. Wu\ 'ALL YOUR Pittsburgh Paint Dealer! GARDEN HOSE 25-Ft. Green Plostic, 5-Yr $2.98 50-Ft. Green Plastic, 5-Yr $5.19 50-Ft. Red Plastic, 10-Yr $7.19 50-Ft. Green Plastic, 10-Yr $9.19 50-Ft. Plastic With Stripes, 10-Yr. $8.39 *** lfa 50-Ft. Red Rubber Double Cord, Rot Resistant, 15-Yr. Guarantee, '"nil l j +.* V -i '!•>. !}L .49 TOOLS (Guaranteed) SII.Vn.KIGH HAMMKIt $J §5 SIIUM.KK.H 8-l'T. SAW $4!l9 SIIAI'LKIGII CAKVKNTKJl SQL'AKK *1.69 SIIArUCIOII HACK SAW <1,25 MiAi'ucifiii BLOCK pLAVK..$;i.89 ' MlAl'l.KHill HKNt II VISE $0.39 SIIAI'LKiail 14" Pipe Wrench ...J2.69 ITHl I II ""W-Jl ('amhiiintlon Square. $1.69 Wood Hit \ Kriu>P..$2.(j{) ~*£&*' K AV* Adjtmtublt' M'reuch ..»'1.70 ^ " ^~ Tin Snip* *1.49 Njphrand himself has *n in- rpre«!tinjj re'pnt history. He re- rfivfrt hi^ (fi>rharg«> from fh« Army lait Ofob<>r and is soon fo take a portion in the rontro) laboratory at 5hc)I Oil Co. refinery, ffo was a prisoner of war for 27 months in Korea. As a rorpoal of K. Company. 3)?th Infantry R^gim^nf Niebrand wa«( raptured, and in prison lost weight on a diet of rotten fteh, wormy rife and spoiled sorghum. lie is not a pi!ot.' Mount Rainier fm morp glaciers than any other peak in the United States. Bishop Marsh, who can hatxfie a dog team and speak fluent Eskimo, is flying from Montreal on fh<» first leg of a 16.000-mile toiir of his vast diocese. The toys rame from the Montreal Boy Scouts Assn. He is tafc- ling just a few: the rest will ar! rive later \>y hush planes. | "Eskimo rhildrrn, like rhil- j dren everywhere, love to play." he says. "The liitle pirls tie up bundles of rags to use as 'dolls' while the boys play with minature sleds and spears as they go on imaginary hunting expeditions." They now «.vill have toy trucks, tractors, real dolls and all kinds of 8 * m e 8. Most Eskimo boys have seen planes, tractors and trucks, and they vriD be happy to ptey with miniature versions of th*s* wonders from ft* tchite man's world, the bishop says. Telegraph Want Ads "CBck" Downtown Value Days THURSO/U ffllOAY SATURO/U APR 29 30 MAY 1 SCATTER Pins Tux tncl. BRANDENBERGER'S 215 P1A8A YOUR JEWELER DIAL 2-8621 Downtown Value Day THURSDAY FRID/IY S/ITIIRDAY JPR 29 30 MJY Ji|. if*3t Ntkttil Mrltn $1,00 y|, ft* Sit Irtaiftfifk ' j ill 11,00 , si« drrifi Nit f tiSS W? °!! lfr ! ifflt *' 48 " *"' •••••»• '*• J*M DM Rittr fiinfkimi in a Tiwlfii .Variitj 79. .j {•I. ISa OtfiiM JJ! JJ' j«* j;« Awn* cfcamipaV :::::::; ss! II. ft* $j,4§ AnHtji Dra»ry W Vat Dyttf Prints «•* .4 • ff'ff S IIy Wllfl ' D »PM~Tiui JJ,' *lff£S**W* Itkf C.r«, F 45 Wldl 9flc yd, GiV« and Redeem Eagh Stamp* EAGLE STAMPS 206 Slot* St. Phone 2-9022 Open Until 9 P. M. Friday Alton THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY APR. 29-30-MAY1 SAVE AT BOND'S Terrific reductions ... special purchases ... fabulom close-outs! While quantities last! Look! Misses' 100% Wool TOPPER SALE Usually $25.00 14.90 Down go prices on these specially purchased, luxury wool brief coats in nubby, new bosket weaves! All beautifully fined, expensively hand-detailed. Beige, blue, navy, coral, black, pink; sizes 8-20. —~^^^^^^^^m Look! Famous Nan Buntly SUIT SALE Nationally Advertised at $14.95 $ 11 For juniors, misses and women! They're washable, crease and spot-resistant! They're costly linen-look rayons in navy, cocoa, pink, powder blue, coral and white. Sizes 9-15, 10-18, H'/ 2 - 22'/ 2 . Fabulous Buys for Misses and Women $2.98 to $3.98 Blouses Drastic reductions on beautiful cottons! 3 /4, long sleeves. White, colors; 32-38 Short, -10 Clearance! Nylons, Orig. $1.75 Luxury 66-gauge, 12-denier nylon by famous "Blue Moon". New spring shades; 8'/2 -11. .. $5.95 pure silk blouses Specially purchased suit-blouses in lovely prints or solids. White or pastels; 32-38 $1.95 Cotton twill shorts Full cut, trim fitting, with 2 pockets, Novy, block, white, red; sires 12-20 $1.95 to $2.95 T-shirts Specially purchased cotton knits in cardigan and slipover styles. Sizes S. M, L $5.95 to $7.95 Skirts Solid-color cotton broadcloth in flared and un- pressed-plea ted styles, sizes 12-18..,. 79' -59 Slips and petticoats Values galore; No-iron cotton plisse trimmed with nylon. White, 32 - 40 and S, M ( L ..... . . Nylon tricot panties, S9c pair 20-denier tricot tailored or novelty-trimmed briefs in white, pastels. Sixes 5, 6, 7 ................ Save $2 on niw Min't Splash Weave Slacks New-look texture in full-bodied rayon-acetate that's been specially treated for wrinkle-resistance. Styled with expensive Snug-tex waistband, Hollywood hi-rise model in smart selection of new spring colors. Regularly $5.99, Sale .......... Bond's Lonf-Sleeved Sport Shirts for Men Terriffic selection: royon-ond-octetote checktones . . . solid-color rayon poplins . . . rayon-nylon flannels . . , woven plaids. All washable. All wonderfully detailed. All Bond-tailored — a better shirt in eVery way! Orig. $3.95 to $6.95. SALE. . | .29 3" | .89 2 pairs f.00 Cotton Anklet Men's Socks Co or-foit, easy tubbing, quality cottons in smart patterns. 39c pair . r 3 f or Comfort-Cut Cotton Pajamas Roomy, well-made coat style sleepers that ore as long-wearing as they are handsome. Color-fast solid tones or stripes. A, B, C, D. Special pur- *% chase. Usually $3.95. SALE.! «£ Shepherd Check LEISURE JACKETS The 'go-coat" that takes you everywhere . . . with its shirred elastic back, zip front, roomy shoulders. Full-bodied rayon-acetate. Handsome! Handy! And water-repellent. Regularly $6.95. Jj .98 More Mileage for Your Shoe Dollars <001OACRON MIRACLE-MESH SHOES The identical DuPont Dacron Mesh' found in shoes togged $19.95 and up! Amazingly strong, flexible, long-wearing, shape holding, unbelievably comfortable and cool. A new experience in -shoes! Horry! Amazing at just Famous CAMP MOCS Arch-supporting rubber soles and heels. Harness 10 .95 .98 Coast-to-Coast best sellers! KICK-OFF MOCS Fine cobbling, premium leathers, top styling. Wonderful — indoors and out* Block, brown, blue suede. Usually $7.95. SALE BOYS' SUITS, Values to $10.98 Including one lot Linen Suits, size 2 to 8 — One lot Eton Suits, sizes 4 to 7 — One lot of long pont Rayon Suits, size 4 to 12 — Not all sizes, in all styles BOYS' SURCOATS A group of light weight gabardine lurcoots in navy, grey and light green. Sizes 12 to 20. Value of 7.98 and 9.98 " 5 5" !.99 OHASS SHhl.K UKASS SSHKAHS. I'KIM.VU MIKAliS . 1IKUGK SIIKAKS.. 69c '1.69 69c '2.29 Clothes Line Rope, 50 ft... Clothes Line, $4 Colv., 100 ft... I Clothes Line, 3 Alum., 50 ft..,. $4 .19 Clothes Line, Plastic Wire center, 50 ft 986 KNIViS Did Hickory Handle* PAIUNO KNIFE .. 50c MkMWO HSlte IER KATIFK. i] GISSAL •19 MOWN ST. HEATING ANO HARDWARE ALTON PHONE 2.9215 PIENTY OF FREE PARKING WE DELIVER Open Till 9 P.M. Friday Nites. Pflily 9 to 5 iW»»W%»»M»HM»WW»l Look! Dressmaker detailed SUIT SALE Nationally Advertised •t $19.95 $ 14 Fully lined rayon suits in the most exciting fabrics, styles and colors! Wait till you tee the'fabulous details — a rose corsage, detachable white collar, plus many more. Sizes 7-15, 10-18. Look! Whopping-bif DRESS CLEARANCE Originally $10.95 to $14.99 $ 5 .High-fashion sheath dresses, full whirl-skirts, high and scoop necklines ... the most tolked-about fashions! Linen-look rayons, cottons, rayon'crepes, taffeta!. For juniors, misses, women. OPEN EVERY FRIDAY UNTIL 9 P.M. 117 W, Third St.

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