Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 22, 1963 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 4
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editorials Page 4 finrrirn I'llv Thursday, August 22, 1963 Seeing Isn't Believing "TV/faking the daily chore of KO'IDK throuprh a newspaper's nuiil cvon more disprnMtinj? ia Die heavy amount, of hand-outfl received promoting a foreign country. Most of this propaganda is prepared and published by public relation.-" firms — for outlandish fees. Funds for tin's promotion usually come from American aid. Main objective: Convince the American public and more directly our Kovernment that this particular country deserves more aid. Newsman, especially those on the staffs of lar#e dailies and of wire services, often are offered all- expense trips abroad to a certain country. While there they are wined, dined, and brain-washed, and in in res!urn are pressured to write favorable articles for a particular government. We haven't had any such offers, bein^ such a small voice out here in the wilderness, but we. would like an offer just for the opportunity of saying no. Along with a negative reply, we could expound the reasons for our answer. In addition to hein^ imwilHnpr to Rftll our services, we would refuse to use the power of the printed Word in this manner. Yet it is beiiiK done, and it leaves the American renders vulnerable to this slanted •reporting. It leaves suspect many of the overseas reports, and adfls to the confusion of an already mixed-up Student of international affairs. ':,: Integrity is losing popularity in every corner. Pass the Bicarb Tf you rc-f.riil.arly order steak and potatom for dinner and a linm sandwich for lum-h. .saving fried chicken for Sunday, you will not be disturbed. American cooks are pood enough for you. If, however, you yearn for the higher things of life and fancy yourself a gourmet when expense account permits, you will be saddened by the statistics. It seems the number of really good chefs in the United States has doc-lined from 5,000 to 4,000 in the past decade, and almost no tfood one« are being irrv ported from Europe where fine chefs are born. Considering there are more than a half million professional cooks in the country, this news gives one indigestion. Obviously Congress should pass two measures and at once. One to create schools where chefs may be trained to dish out "escalopes de veau saute cordon bleu" without a sct'ond thought. The oilier to create schools where we yokels may learn to crave the same. WASN'T IT just three or four years ago thab cranberries, canned and otherwise, were in such bad repute- because of a poisonous spray that'd been used •in some back east cranberry patch? Rut now the taint is long gone. You can eat cranberries without a twinge — and if you don't include ' something cranberry red in your fall and winter wardrobe, the ads say, you'll be positively dead in fashionable circles. : + * + A HKAUTIFUL Collie pup, possibly full-blooded, needs a good home. Mrs. Jop Thompson, 1406 "A" is taking care of him now. It is thought that the puppy was left behind by owners who moved I" 1 " 0111 town. The pup is house-broken and likes children. Mrs. Thompson would like to keep him for her own but she has pels — two German shepherds and a parakeet (which drinks coffee). -V SOMETHING THAT Elephant Boy Brown, this paper's editor, has not mentioned is the chic substitute carrier on mi castsidc paper route. She's his wife d. (,. Lois, but don't know for whom she is throwing papers or if, perhaps she ia trying out for a permanent routo. * * * HERE'S A hint we aren't sending in to Heloise: If you have a little daughter who insists on wearing her swimsuit at all times when it is wet (from •swimming or other causes) and who must take the suit to bod for naps and night regardless of its condition, here's what to do to avoid putting her down hugging a wet suit: put the suit in a small plastic bag and tie it securely. Well, maybe no one else will need to stoop to such a solution, but we did. Hal Boyle Says: People Become Numb to Peril Boarding House finrrinn Cllv Telegram Puhiifhfil Dallr Exetrt Sunlny mid Knx Hominy* Ycurly tw 111" T*\f- Publi.«liinp Company at 117 En"it Chestnut rF.t.F.rnoS-r, iiii B-JKR J Hill rircmn EdU«» .Murtln Smith ... AdTfiftiling M»n«r«r Mcmhrr of the A*tncUt«<l PrMI Th« Associated PrMsu (ntltlsd **• du«hf'iy to !(i» lisa for reproduction if nil the local new* printed In tht» n«iv;:par"T as <vell M All AP n«lr» nml (ll."|>atohas. All risrhts of IJUhlleat- also reserved. TVrmn ol snhirrtptlon By cam.-'r a tnontli in G;ird"n Cltjr, SI. 66. paynhln 1 0 carrier In advance. By carrier in othei. cities whi>r» /trrvtc^ is fivrtllnble, 30c p*f wrek. By mull to other nddrcMen In Finn", i.-iiie, Si-ntt. Wichita, rjrseley, Ham- ,.'nii. Ki-any. (Irani ll.i«kell »-irt Cray count!", fo.oo por year; «lso- wli.-rp SIS.00 pi-r V'»r. Kof.'ond nlasa u<'»stni?e paid .11 irarden Cilv Kan.«a». If TVIORrnm motor carrier service l« required to have publication-day d"!!very by ruall In cities that ha»« local nflrrler service, locaj currier >.ii"H anpl*. Foreclosure On 107 Houses KANSAS CITY, Kan. UP)—A SI.551.010 foreclosure action involving 107 new houses was filed in Wyandolte County District Court against two firms controlled by California, interests. The action was filed by thr Anchor Savings Assn. of Kansas City, Kan, Named in the suit were AMDEV of Kansas, Inc.. and the Mark Anthony Co., Inc. The development involved was started a year ago following announcements in June 1962 by Jame s H- Russell and a Joplin, Mo., business associate of plans for a 100-million dollar housing, industrial and shopping center complex. AMDKV was to tin the developer and builder. The firm was established by a group of builders, architects and investors from the Los Angele,; area. Anchor financed A M D E V through mortgage construction loan s negotiated in a package deal Oct. 19. 1902 with the individual notes signed pledging 108 pieces of property as security. Anchor's petition says the first payment on the loan was due April 1, but no payment ha.s been made. The total Anchor investment plus interest due to Aug. 1 was SI,551,010. Draw Pearson Reports Khrushchev Wants Peace Treaty with Two Germanys (EDITOR'S NOTE: Here Is a second report by Drew Pearson on his exclusive Interview with Premier Khrushchev. It was Khrushchev'* flrlt Interview since the signing of the test- ban treaty.) ferencc in their internal affairs, of whom it might be said 'He We must give West Berlin a ( c lt the pulse of the lime. 1 He chance to develop the way it was much wiser than his prc . wa "l*f' , u, , decessor. He understood the "This will be a reasonable solution. It would not infringe on cither of the two states, but times we live in." Khrushchev discussed the ques- GAGRA, GEORGIA, U.S.S.R.— would give them :i chance 16 de- tion of mutual trust and, briefly, The last time I interviewed velop as they wish. We want Red China, as will b e reported Khrushchev on the shores of the Germany to become a socialist tomorrow. Black Sea, the Berlin crisis was state. You want Germany to beat Its peak and he gave his ideas com e a capitalist state. This on the Berlin problem with con- cannot be arranged around a sidcrable vigor. Tills time' he was round-table." I didn't understand more sympathetic, though still th e translation of this and ask- emphatic that the German ques- ed for an explanation. lion was the key to European peace. "You got me wrong," explain"The German question Is like ed Mr. K. "I was ironic about a case of appendicitis," he said, the roundtable. The shape of the "Everyone understands it table has nothing to do with it. is harmful bul the palicnt doesn't It will not help us to talk at any want lo be operated on, so he shape table. No side will yield, malks around and aggravates his so the only solution is to sign a disease. peace treaty and let Germany "Everyone wants a settlement work out its own solution." of the German question. It would ..^^ ^ mefln ^ Bonn improve relations not only be- w j Us demand for rc . iwecn the United States and the unificB a on? .. Fa8kc d Agnes Mey- Soviet Union but a countries. h participated in Ihe inter- I am sure this is the wish of .' President Kennedy. „,/ 41 _. , „ . . "It would seem quite reason- Yos ' thls is , so < rc P led able to let the people of West Khrushchev, "but there again in Berlin develop their future, as a peace treaty we can meet the they wish, but along comes national wishes of the people Adenauer and objects. II 0 then » nd & cre can be unification of starts bargaining between Kenne- l "« t w ° German states provided dy and De Gaulle and Berlin be- t' 10 ^ ' s agreement between th comes a pawn. lwo German governments. "On what basis will they "However, it is inconceivable agrw 1 ?" Khrushchev asked, then that we should have war. Why answered his own qu u e s t i o n: should we co to war over Ade- "Maybe capitalistic, maybe so- nauer's claims?" cialistic. It is up to them to clis- Whcn 1 asked Khrushchev for cuss an j decide." his present ideas on settling Ber- j asked hlm whether he and lln, he repl.ed, A peace treaty Defln IUlsk made flny progress All Our Meat Is State Inspected Prices Effective Thurs. • Fri. - Sat. Solicited omButch an d Processing Butch says, "Education increases the reasoning power of the student. Thriftiness increases the purchasing power of your dollar." Comercial Tender—Juicy chuck ilr loin Steak &% L , 75 For Economy Liver Young—Tender Lb. 33 Hickory Smoked Chunk or Sliced Lb. Ready to Eat Lb. 79* SMITH PA CKING CO. Inc. South Evans and Fulton Garden City Headquarters for Grdin Fed Be«f and Pork! STORE HOURS: 8:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. Monday thru' Thursday 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday should be signed between the future We must ' = n a in seltling tiwsc maltcrs . ^ve on,, K fr st - ba n treat ' v cess and guaranteeing nom'ntcr- Claim Indians Still Own Land We also decided to pay some attention to the non-uggression pact between NATO and the Warsaw pact nations, but we ciid not decide anything except to com e back and discuss it all later." NKW YORK (AP)-- Curbstone comments of ;i I'nvt'inriit 1'l.ito: IVnple I'un't live frightened for evi'r. A constant peni oilhor drives them out of tlii'ir mimU, or they bi-i'oiiie numb t<> il That has happcm-d in tli ( , i-aso of tlu 1 throat of nm'lrar \\arlaro Tin.- pall that raM a shadow over tin/ hitiuv of nK.nkiiul with - rxplosimi at Ala, less than l\vo de.^till as dark as thc first atnmi.- nioj!"nlo. N'.M , cades a.^o is ever The inen:u-e is as more nations untuck the crets of iiioini • IKJUI-;-. an even mightier seas tin 1 strength nf thc Ij-iun th-'ii-aii.'l' i't Uj milliiin.-. ol MM- Jiul thi- biJ.^er ', I'OIlll'.-. |l (1 H'bil't MI people mure. They fer to let tin- 'ill'! ' u\-er the problem R e member the gr.j.-pe-I Ann M.-;I a when HLJi.-K: Jiijt ;i;r;li grov.-s -,, of TNT TNT. lii.nib be- to li'U'hlon atomic device? We were nearly seared out of our wits. People stocked emergency $up- plies of food and water in their homes Some stocked their cars also. Some lyni.uht hideaways in the country so they'd have a place to flee, to Some even joined churches to •M right with the Lord — just in ease. Some quit dvinking milk, fearing it had become a health danger because of the contamination of strontium 90 from atomic- fallout. Gradually, at nothing much happened - except that more and more test bombs burst in the atmosphere over isolated desert and ocean areas — the panic abated. Life returned to routine The or. ilmary man re.simied his ordinary worries — how to find love in a il.ilnoti.s world, how to raise nis kids, how io yet up t!ie rent mon- f> or meet the mort^a^e payments 1 asked whether there was any priority regarding which sub- WASHINGTON (AP)-A claim ject sliould be discussed first. Mr. that 23 tracts of land in Topeka, K. replied, "These matters are Kan., which may now be valuable , u) t linked in any way. Of course, industrial silos, are still owned j t wtm id he more desirable to by Kaw Indians was presented discuss the German question to Interior Department lawyers. f| rst because It i s a major one. A Ppnea City, Okla., attorney, Discussion on a non-aggression Tom Dennison, representing the pact is easier. It is a moral mat- Indians, conferred with the de- ter." partmant's legal staff and was ex- j recallt>(i a conversion with peeled to meet again today with Mayor Wi , n Bl . amjt in West Ber . Associated Solicitor Harry liyden ,,„ ,. lst yt>ar m which ,, e a( ,. of the department. voeated patting part of the Uni- Ilyden told a reporter that Den- t(jd Nations in W est Berlin, nison claims the 23 tracts passed ,, . from Hidian ownership improper- ^.^ f«»* ^ ^ ,, | 1H0 . Berlin," Khrus.hchev observed, m-nnison con eiuls t lat an 18..3 .. b ^ d , trealy s.ncif.ed the lands '|Vere to be lidd by the Indians in re- ^ , », u , stncted status without alienation „."„"",»..„"_"" hw10 wlien l asked Khmshchev comends this approval W8S not "'liy'den said it was his impres- sinn that the lands passed from abt)ut reports that he nn.sht usit Indian ownership, pvobabh- in Ore 1>0 l )l> Paul - ne left llu ' li ° u r lSd()s and 1870s after the passage "P 1 ' 11 wlth tllls rt? j )1 - v: of legislation which appeared to "Repl>inj; i:i office like lan^u- terminate tlu> federal interest. age. 1 may state that so far __ . — . my plans do not in! lade such, a W'liothet ''Uiiu MI selling use visit." Then he went on to .-ay, Tele/gram Want Ads! "The late Pope John was a man Make Your Plans Now To... 27-28-29 City Fairgrounds SPENCER GREATER SHOWS ALL 3 DAYS! WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28th FREE AMATEUR RODEO 2:00 P.M. Thursday, Aug. 29 KID'S DAY CONTESTS 10:00 a.m. THURSDAY, AUG. 29th 8:00 P.M. II RODEO" In cooperation with The Garden City Calf Roping Club ADMISSION: Adults $1.00 - Children SOc PROGRAM Exhibit building will be open from 9:00 a.m. until I 1:00 p.m. each day. TUESDAY—AUGUST 27 Judging of Exhibits—See Schedule in Pair Book TUESDAY EVENING, 7:30 p.m. FREE PROGRAM Music by the Garden City Municipal Band 4-H Club Night Program Style Revue—Livestock Parade—Talent Numbers WEDNESDAY—AUGUST 28 Judging of Exhibits—Sse Schedule, Page 3 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 2:00 p.m. Free Amateur Rodeo WEDNESDAY EVENING, 8:00 p.m. Buzzy McCommon's Auto Aces THURSDAY—AUGUST 29 30 a.m. Auction of Youth Division Fat Livestock 10:00 a.m. Kid's Day Contest, Race Track . THURSDAY EVENING, 8:00 p.m. Amateur Rodeo THURSDAY, AUG. 29th 8:30 A.M. AUCTION ol Youth Division FAT LIVESTOCK Support this auction! WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28th 8:00 P.M. Buzzy McCommon's "AUTO ACES" ADMISSION; Adults $1.25 - Children SOc

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