Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 3, 1969 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1969
Page 8
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OEIME DEERE •y FRANK lOiXE EEK&MEEK ly HOWIE SCHNEIDER AUEYOOP ly V. T. Hamnn THE iORN LOSER ly ART SANSON WiSUFE? Apae PIE MBCTOODR! PRISaUA'S POP By Al Vcrmeer ji VwAS TOO SA5i-Y INJ "Ti-iS OAV. poa JO<=S' ROBIN MALONE By Bob Ubben Hont WHhltaiwHMHt OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. WILLIAMS POP vmsi z eifntKB m -msif I MAy«»VEA0W*V!<CTiOMVOLO. (UOHT/AMO TWATIS WMV j jnv TEMPER/ UNOCK- THMC*R6*lJ W«y_ 1 VCUAMTdOUMAMeASeL/CAURESUWE OJre«>7>C8ETCMA "TEOMUlCAUTy/ 1 /»csiiLrrs» Redlandt Daily Fach ' 8 - AAondory, AAarch 3, 1969 i SPOUTS Most fee's ever eamtd Chamberiain sets record for rebounds Tom Shaw wins Doral Open, Aaron second By UniM Pnu IntemeKeMl I Wilt Chamberlain is sbooUng leas and enjojins it more, i Chamberlain, held to nine j points, concentrated on his Irebomidtac skill Sunday nisht in Heading the Los Anieles Uken ; to a 107-92 victory over the San Francisco Warriors. Big wat ranked down II rebounds to establish a dub record of 1.450 retrieves h his "> first season irith the Ukers. UCLA almost beaten by aroused Cal By United Press InlemaHonal ^ For 32 minutes Saturday night. UCLA looked Uke any- thine but a basketball team which was ranked fir !>t in the nation, undefeated in 23 games and winners of 86 of its last 87 clashes. During that span, the Bruins MIAMI (UPP-It was a long-flown of Gclf. IlL. had —„„ were manhandled by their torturous cUmb from that overcome a trtple-bogey at No. charoberiato holds rebound upstate sister university at automobile wTeck three years 10 and a double-bogey at No. 18, records with two other teams- Berkeley, the Bears of Califor- ago to victory fa a major golf thanks to two trips mto the gan Francisco and Philadelphia, nia. :tounjamcnL Tom Shaw made it.lake, to post hb is-undw-parj LOS Angeles beat the Warriors But with cool. machincUkc and it couldn't have happened 276 that enabled him to fimsh a ion an 18-4 tear during a seven- ;cfficicnc>-. the experienced to a nicer guy. stroke ahead of hard-luck minute spon in the third quarter. I Bruins slowly dosed the gap. shaw was warned he might "Tbrawy Aaron-'Bridesmaid of Qgin Baylor led the spree with 'which was 48-40 at half and 59- „ever play golf agata after he "'o 1 eight pomts and litUe Johnny 47 with 14 minutes left, and fyj^yg j^j back in an automobile But he kept his good humor, Egan contributed seven. Jerry then rolled to an 84-77 overtime accident in San Francisco in even during adversity—jokmgi West, who played the furst three vicior>' over Cal. January. 1966. He made it to with the spectators and playing periods, was the Lakers* top ••It was the toughest game the top Sunday when be won partner Jack Nicklaus and,scorer with 20 points. Five we've had in three vcars and the $150,000 Doral Open. flashtag his infectious grin Warriors hit in double figures, that indudcs our first game, that victory was worth S<" " good with Rudy LaRusso's 13 points with Houston Usl year." was 530.000 to the 26-ycar-old pro,.shot ^°^J°l ^' '*?'"\ I the way a relieved Johnny as much as he bad ever' doctor told me not to Atlanta remamed 4Vi games Wooden described the game. Ln Wore to an entiiT year. K» on Playwg «oM back of first place Los Angeles j Houston, of cour^. U the only IS? he it fa to Lai '-iM m^to f t«« ?o*rL^^^ lleam to defeat UCLA in the last bubblmg sl>le. ^ °« "ut, ^f?,^^ ^fu^""^, '*"L°"^,?i thnv ipaams Shaw a sun.bteached blond: a* Hawks beat the (three wasons ,^niav-^ „To ihrLS "»« ^"^^r said I was Mflwaukee Bucks 112-108 with I Curtis Roues basehne jump- who plays out of the unlikdy^ ^ ^^^^.^ ^ |rr 12 minwes into the second back to playtag." pomts. Hudson scored 24 of his Thfags were abcady picking P^nts in the second haU. Flynn up this year before he came to Robmson led Miln'aukee with 28 ,the Doral. He was 26lh on the Pa^f- . ^ ! money list and Sunday's prize ^"al Greer netted 22 poinU fa money vaulted him to third second quarter as PhBadel- place with $39,2St. P^'" "^^^ Detroit 12S-112 and Only pro golfers to win more moved within three games of ; money so far this year arc Eastern-leadmg Baltimore. Gene lJUIcr iS32.435> who Greer, dead shot bom any half finally nudged the Bniins 'ahead for the first time. 64-63. From that point on. however, it wa> a »«o-sav\' battle wiib the lead chaneinp hand.* three limes and the >corc deadlocked the ' same number of limes, the last zt 74-74 to send the game fato overtime. 11 marked tlw first time in two reasons UCL.\ was forced chances to go an extra period. Stars hopes dim for berth in playoff LOS ANGELES (UPI)-"Our are dunmed." Bill didn't play al Doral. and angle, ripped the cords for 39 .Nkklaus <$43.550» who finished Pom's to offset a 34-pofat Vu? S^rme^r an fi^'^ghT ^ef leiit dl ^ITe £^^~^, &ai :e bTDe.Poif7 ^S{ rt^^in^-Z £E"^" ^"'^ •""^"•^ ' '^Tm? 'r'^^n overcame a 3S-point seconds in" tte overtime . ^ u , fioKhed »««ond ««' n«ver been surge from Chicago's Jerry FK>m there Cal's fate was '» a wmncr fa nfae years of PGA Sloan m downing the Bulls 99-92 arthe Brafas ouLc<^ Stars' plaj-off hopes play. in the only other game played, .seated a., tiie Brums outscored ^1^,^ ^^ thei iUron. who went mto Sun- Chicago now trails fourth place ',1,- u-,.^ in.-! »"er ni-s ciuo utmea 10 UJBJ o u ... •• »v wrton «*ich ChaparraLs 112-95 at the'day's final round tied with Shaw San Diego by lt= games in the rJ^y. , Th^S' sirlth? Parifir Sports Arena Sunday. ifor the lead, was still Ued with b»lUe the W^l's fourth and LCI..\ lis lliird .siraisht Pantic »~ . ,. wo t« onlv srvm hniK left to nlav He final playoff berth. San Jones 8 Csnfcrencc iiUo and .seventh Comma a day after a 143-105 L^^'JiJ had 20 poins as six Boston in eight sea»n.s off .M^. remark- .shellacking from the New »S^Xw«?r th^ "scS?^ in double fi^ able performances by a pair of Oricans Buccaneers, the defeat "^I!:,J1 JT' — -- (•.•.I.fomi.1 iophomorcs. Jackie dropped the Stars to 4 1-2 fil'"*„!^''P'f" liidslc and Charley Johnson samcs behind fourth-place DaU '''^ J*^*^' ^Ilf'i'Zf Ridslc t«ur«l in 2S poink and la.s in the .\merican Basketball G«« wralnr^ J,.hn...n ad.ivJ 3 more 10 pace .Vvsociation's We.stem Dirisioo. ^{•^^L^i„''r,rti„?L^i ihTn .ho Bear, Thoy have only 17 reguUr ^3^-^"^'^"<""8 In addition. Cal center Bol. season contests left. sij.'? ,h. attomev and Baltimore Prchy turned in a fine j^h of By winning, Dallas moved to f.i^",hi*k™ ente^nTr from Philadelphia .oniamins Le«- Alrmdor. bmit- «i,hin I 1-2 games of third- '."l'!^!.?.?™ '[li'.'^?.:.^ i.™!^ \v«- vnrfr NBA Standings took third-place New Yorit S10.65O with a 278 Boston - . K»'"v> jacksonviUe. ins the Brum .Ul-Amcnca to li place New Oricans. which tost, moncv of poms.s. The Chaparrals look advan-3„„-„ij5i„g a possible birdie CmcmnaU«hcre. Wajhmgton Stale ia;<. of r,8 fouls by the Stars and ,^5 final green that i'"™" rlmchrd second p!.icc in the hit 33 of 40 free throw attempts „.„uy have tied Aaron for -"""n^usee rac R b>- taking a pair of mrliidins 13 of 17 fa the final nmnenip honors, fqiicakers fa an Oregon inva- ,^riod. Te.xan Homaro Blancas had a .Sinn. Tlir Cousar- cdcod Oreson "| dnni feel we are that cnal round "0 to tic Nicklaus Angeles .male, which had to play wilh a a-cressive but other teams and (or fourth, and 51-year-old ,\tijnU makcsh;fi lineup of a .^^ rcforcc* don't seem to seniors champion Tommy Bolt. pran r-Hiple nf player Mi.spenMon>, K- ^-rre." Sharman remarked. who wound up with a 73 — 280 Diego en. an.1 nrvgon the following ' p„„ fiamt paced Dallas after three straight 69s. was Chicago nisht. „i;h 29 points while Bob Warren alone at 281: England's Tony Seattle Southern CalifomM rlimlKd Stars with 17. Jacklfa. the low fordgncr fa the phoenix in,,. .h,r.4 «..». — ,^ Angeles is idle until (jcW. and Hugh Royer were at East W. L. Pet. 50 18 .735 48 22 47 24 42 28 34 36 27 44 23 47 -688 3 .662 Hi .600 9 .486 17 J80 24(i .329 28 inn ihml place with victories over Cal. 76^. .ind Stanford. West W. L. 47 24 43 29 34 38 29 40 28 42 26 45 IS 36 r:«. Vhde'w ;:sh;ng;on '':b^ K::^";rfj 'L „rJ'*'- *''™ ^^J^^^LJH^'^ phua i.^De 'tJ?it"i'S''S«ton 99 Pet. GB .662 ... J97 4*4 .472 13H .420 17 .400 I8H .360 21 .21132 to fourth on io^scs-to Oregon. '•^« Minnesota. 79-75. Arnold Palmer, former PGA cWraso V AUanta 112 Mflwaukee 108 Los Angeles 107 San Fran 92 Pacific cagers play Tuesday 'Only games scheduled) Monday's Games Phila at Milwaukee Cincmnati at Seattle 'Only games scheduled) ... and Oregon Suie. C J2. .Santa Clara, the .\o. 3 ranked conference scoring leader, buck- trawlord were at 283. team fa the nation, gained at eting 33 pofals. Ie.-ist a tic f^r the West Coast In other games. Pusel S->uml Alhlelic Conference t:!lc with a trounced Ea»tem Wa.«hmgton. come-from-behind S9-« triumph JfCSO. Southwestern l.ouisiana .over l/iyola DrnnLs Av\trcy \va> defeated Hawaii. 70-57. Boise 'the big gunner in that one with Slate douTied Southern Oregon. i36 points for the poucrful 101-70. Whittier raced past Pacific High Pirates, the only Bmncos. Pasadena .Vararcne. 66-55 and CBL quint left fa the four-A San Jose .siatc. meanwhile. Ariiona topped Arizona State, CIF basketball pU>-offs. wiU Z.\KOP.ANE, Poland (UPD — kept iu dimming championship 90-73. meet Sunny Hills tomorrow Russian riflemen recorded their hopes alive with an S-TS verdict Sunday action saw Unhersity night in the FuIIerton Junior Col- fourth world biathlon title over St Mary's while Universi- of Nevada. Las Vegas, fourth- lege gjm at 8 p.m. Sunday by easily defeating Nor- ty ol Pacific defeated UC. ranked small college team. Sunny ffiUs was a B-58 win-|way- The SovieU covered the iSaaU Barbara. 73« and San complete its regular season rer over Covina while the Pi-'30kilomcter ski course fa one Francisco ripped Pepperdme, with a high-scoring 118-1(» win rales ousted SanU Fe Friday, hour 57 mfautes and 55.1 tec- ]7943. with Pete Cross, the over Albuquerque. 84-69. onds. SHORT RIBS •Or By Frwik O'Ntql 7 M3\V I KEL UKE A RESKLES AND HIS IWENDS By MERRIU BLOSSER CAPTAIN EASY By Lffla Tmnm HOmWVE YMM mcmiMsyil /VP aatstcmt MRBKIty HAPPy-IO AMVtEl E]CIREMn.V OBEItMO HIM FROM ARUCt V QON'RVED THAT! McKHTIUI»> ^lea TAKE APVAWneE OF/ON HER tANP HBRTRUSri r-T P»'n«y5W HUULHRtnC iSfflTHWiref 7

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