The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 19, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 19, 1930
Page 7
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?*G3 6« AND SAFETY We Are 44 Years Old —We Hare LiTed Throagh This Country's Financial Depressions sad Panics Dotes 44 Tears and Have Never Paid lesa Than «% cm I • |" . GET THE FClI. SIGNIFICANCE OF THAI STAmtaOR. Assets, March 31, 1930... $641,188.10 Undivided Profits, March 31,1930 ........ 11,22X24 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN TIPTON Talk It Over With Our Secretary, J. A. Lewis TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE OR TRADS REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—^Semi-modern $-rooin house; easy payments. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. ; c-tf FOR SALE—Semi-modern home, Columbia avenue, practically new. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. * I c-tf FOR SALE—90 acres, one of Tipton county's best farms; 4 miles east of Tipton; extra fine 1 'improvements; $2,500 cash, balance terms; no trades. .Roy Purvis,, real estate agent. : c-tt FOR UENT—House! 5 rooms-and; bath, 909 N. Main. Phone 36 j or 4229. - c-UJ FOR TRENT—Modern rooms; hot water heat. Miller Hotel, Trib- j uneBldg., E. Jefferson St. tt FOR RENT—2 furnished •for light housekeeping., over. rooms > Bock-', 170 i FOR SALE* PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—Comb honey, 0 lbs; ?1.00. Roy Cook, 13G Slaplc street. p-17,1 FOR SALE—Bed, springs,; mattress. Mrs. Vern Maines. Phone 1110. c-170 FOR ; SALE—Thoroughbred Shorthorn bull. 3SX?. J. T. Tebbe. I'lione c-171 FOR SALE—Some milk cows. Phone 155$, Tipton. p-17_2 FOR TRADE—Automobile; would trade for team of horses. >V. H. Amsbury. . p-172 FORK STALE —-Bed springs *»<#w 4NT BD— Wall mattress. Phone G5 ic-171 FOR SALE—Fresh rhubarb; Mrs. Edna Burkluut. Phone: 1371. c-172 FOR SALE — Hampshire : male , pigs. W. Doversbcrger & Son, route 5, Elwood. 1 , p-175 FOR SALE seed corn. Phone 'Windfall. Reed Yellow; Dent Carl "Weisinilier, : P-170 FOR SALE—Nine feeding shoats; reasonable. C. S. Norris. Phone 2495. . c-itiS FOR SALE — Fertilizer tobacco base; get our new low prices. Tipton Hatchery, Phone 5lJ- c-171 FOR SALE—Soy beans, recleaned, first class in every particular. 1 j \V. Wheatley, Kempton.' c-172 FOR SALE—-No. 5 Underwood; a real bargain at $35. The Tribune Press. j tt FOR RENT—Modern home, East] Jefferson' street; will lease for' one year. Roy Purvis, real es-! tate agent. c-tf ; SUITE & BARRUM—Used furniture department; wood double v tub Dexter electric washer 1 ; Kitchen Kook gasoline stove; kitchen cabinets; Globe |coa?j range; oak davenos and davenports; gas Tanges; 3-piece mohair overstuffed living room suite; nice walnut bedroom suite; breakfast sets; nice walnut dining room suite; porcelain top table; library table; typewriter desk; laundry stove; . sanitary couch; dining, tables; oak sideboard; Heatrolaj phonograph; Day-Fan radio (battery set). c-170 FOR RENT—5 rooms, bath, laun-j dry, furnace and garage; first J floor; two blocks from town; | very desirable.- Phone 110 be-! fofe 5 o'clock. c-tf j FOR RENT—Choice: office •rooms,! also-light housekeeping rooms,! modern. Masonic Opera House • Blok. Inquire of Charles | Warne, secy. Phone 271. tf; WANTED WANTED — Girl Phone 2230. for housework, i c-tf j A FEW MONTHS AGO we sold to a family who moved to this vicinity a high grade piano which circumstances now require us to take back; this piano is practically half paid for, is in (new- like condition, of modern design and fully guaranteed; we will transfer the account to : responsible party who will complete the balance on a basis -as low as $2 weekly, or $8 month ly; for particulars as. to where piano can be seen, etc., call write or wire the W. W. Kimball Company, 235 N. Pennsylvania street, Indianapolis, Iud . . c-172 WALL PAPER cleaned torily; have canvas. ^ Clark. Phone 2295. satisfac- L. M. C -1S2 paper cleaning.. Phone 509. Ray Hunter, p-171 .WANTED—To buy pony RaV" Moore, Phone 130. buggy. c-172 WANTED—Work on farm for 18\j . year-old boy; experienced. Call'j 4S5 or 2510. c-17?j WE HAVE taken the local agency for G. D. Sutton Co., of Mason City, 111., the largest growers of seed corn in the world, and have on hand some of their corn; this corn is selected, tipped, batted shelled by hand, dried and handled throughout in the most scientific manner and guaranteed; Krug. corn, good vielder. reasonably early/ $5.50 per bushel; Utility Type, Reid's, matures early, - large yielder, $5.50 per bushel;. Hybrid No 7 6, wonderful yielder and. early, $5.50 per bushel; Western Plowman,. 100-day, good yield er. $5.50 per bushel; we have some Tipton county Woodburn corn; $3.00 per bushel. ' See G. G. Davis or call Goldsmith- or Atlanta Elevators. , c-171 LADIES WANTED to string beads • at liome; stamped addressed-en- j velope for particulars; experi-' ence unnecessary. Ivory Novelty Co., 113 Fourth avenue. New York City. . p-171 j WANTED—That . watch or clock that hasn't been running for years; we can make it run— right; prompt, reasonable, guaranteed service. Foster Jewelry and Optical ; Co. Phone 591. c-171 FOR SALE—Dark blue suit, size - 3S; two pairs trousers; J priec, S10. Phone 2115. Mrs.'Fred S. Oglebay. . . dh-171 FOR SALE —Three-year-old sorrel mare; weight 1550; broke; will exchange for feeding hogs.' W. H. Curry. ", . : p-170 RELIABLE PARTY wanted to handle Watkins products in Tipton; customers established; excellent opportunity for right man; earnings over $40'weekly. Write C. R- Gerues, 242-2A0 Naghten St., Columbus, Ohio. ' p-170 FOR SALE -4 Badenoch's' baby chick starter,''$4.10; Sunflower egg mash, $2.95; Reef j brand oyster shell, i $1.00 ' peri cwt. Fear-Campbell Co. I c-tf STARTED heavy breed clucks; one week, 14c : ; two weeks, 16c, three wteks, 18c; four weeks, 20c; sorted good before selling; hundreds in each age; alii doing good;" they will pleasei you; come; cannot be shipped; open every day and evening. Hoosier Hatchery, Mlchigantown, ilndi V • ,j -174 *<"KW PRICES 4- Barred, Whtto and Buff Hocks; Reds; White i Wv an i.' dottoa; Buff Orpingtons, f K per 100; IB7J0 per •JJ; *110 per 1.000. White and Brown T »crii„~. »,„ « Addle per chick when lift a% tuTo-'- so. 2e who* 25. Heivv'ir «J "i, onday L^horn* and^WA* each Vednesdai Hooslm- Chl?4 tar* Jamesway hatched. Einr n«V. culled head by head six sT/ccesmvo years. Each -order .oarcfuflyl sortwl DEALERS WANTED—A real business opportunity; we are looking for live, wide awake men or women to handle the city trade the genuine Heberling household products, v in the city of Tipton; write today for -full Particulars. G. C. Heberling Company, iBept. 159. Bfooming- toii. 111. I c-132 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Blue 5-gallon can of oil between Tipton "and Sharps ville. Call 2100 Tipton; reverse charges. c-171 MONEY TO LOAN FEDERAL FARM. LOANS at 5 % per cent; pre-payment privilege. D. S. Phares. . c-tt PLENTY OF MONEY AT\5% per cent, from 1- to 10! years, with pre-pay ment priviliges; best loan in the state. Standerford & Standerford. 1 c-tf MISCELLANEOUS RADIO SERVICE—We specialize on expert service work - on all makes ot sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. 1 McJunkln Radio "Shop. Phone 20X7. c-tf FARM LOANS.— Best louns in siate, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual withfull payment privilege. Fielding & Fielding. . c -tt URGED TO UNITE vouchers in final Whiter Says Many Ideas] Designs | Are Copied in ! This Country, and WOULD HAVE CREDIT Paris, April 19.^In the eluding article of a series ihsr .with "The American sive Against' the! De Luxe Indus tries of France gests that all Frejn con- deal- Offen- [1'Aigeriir ch creators sug- whose ideas and [ jdesigns | find theii: way to the United; Stales and are adopted there . without credit iand compensation shoiild band themselves together and demand fair treatment. Included in the group would!be dressmakers, jewelers, lacemak- ers and all others whose j chief trade [lies in the originality j of their goods. The writer of the articlej Jean Gaumont, asserts that solidarity among - such creators should be achieved first and. that then they should seek binding contracts on .American firms rn- der which the latter would eel exclusive rights to the French products in;return for a share ot the profits. - j Thej article severely criticizes what it terms the practice i>f certain American companies ( 6f-«ip- propriatihg 'exclusive French ideas and designs ! without though:! of the 'property right inyolvert, but admits there are many trustworthy American firms which arej altogether ready to enter into such an agreement as the writer sets forth.; Several of those arrangements! have actually been j mide," according to M. Gaumont. i ] 'Until thej French in the de luxe trades are able to agree among themselves,; "however, he| says, they will continue to be subject to costly piratical attacks from outside. In conclusion, the article asserts i -that the government' must do its part by defending jthe de luxe trades from attempts to exclude it from America ,by | excessive pro.ectipn. "| -j . "The French public is habitual- pptimistic and is inclined, to take the position that nothing jcari. reallyiharm the de and its ideas sinceFrance is the! cradle of the industry," M. Gauniont writes. "Perhaps the public is right,i but, if so, how do youex- W|- Conway, deceased, has[ pre- tsehted and filed its account and settlement of said estate and tha£ the same will come ui> for examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 12th day ofj May, 1930, at which time all heirs, creditors" or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said court and show cause, if any there be, why Jsaid account' and vouchers should not be approved: Witness .the blei'k and seal of said Tipton! Circuit Court,' at Tfp- 16th day of ton, Indiana, this Abril, 1930. (Seal). ^IRVIN MILLER; IS2-188 Ifotice to Hclirs, Clerk Tipton '< Circuit Court. Creditors; Etc. Ii^'the' matterl of the estate of: Jesse Mitchell, deceased.; {In the Tipton Circuit Court, February Term, 1930. Notice is hereby given that Edmund Smith 1 , as administrator of the estate of] Jesse Mitchell, do- ceased, has presented and filed his account and vcjuchers in final set tlement of saijd estate and . that the same will come- up for exami nation, and ^action of said Circuit Court, on the 15th day of May 1930, at'which time all " heirs creditors or legatees of said estate are required tb appear in said court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and H'duch- ers should notl be approved -I -.Witness the clerk and Beal of said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tip ton, Indiana, j this 18th day of April, 1930. Seal) IltVIN MILLER en said defendants, that unless they be and appear in tho.Tipton circuit court on the 7th day, of June, 1930, the same being the 30th^ju­ dicial day of the May term, 19!30, of the Tipton Circuit Court, beginning on the first Monday! cof May, 1930, at the court house in th<? city of Tipton, in said county and state, and answer or demur to said complaint, the same wil} be heard and determined in Uieir absence. . •'! . i In witness Whereof, ,1 hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of said court at Tipton, Indiana, .this llth day of April, A. D; 1930; (Seal) /r IRVJN MILLER, '.' Clerk Tipton 164-70-76-82 . Circuit Court. " - 1 . Notice of Insolvency." 70-17682-188 Notice to Clerk Tipton Circuit Court. Non-Residents. Files Final Report. OUR MEN: earn $50 weekly and more selling amazing magnetic auto .trouble light; sticks anywhere; write for demonstrator. Magno Co., Beacon Bldg., Boston Mass. . p -170 FOR SALE OR TRADE 1929 Essex Coupe. 1928 Esse* Ooach. 1925 Studeba,ker Sedan. , 1925 Dodge .feoupe. BEBVICnB MQTOE.pO- L. G. Seright as executor o •the estate of the late Marcus Van Bibber has filed ; his report in final settlement of tni estate It will be presented to Judge Mount for approval May 16th. plain i the-; tendency iii recent years to adopt American styles ?'• The Daily Wheeze "What do you think ot my diamond stickpin?" '••''• 1 "That's not a diamond!" ' "Then I've been swindled out of a dollar!".' .. Golf is at good as medicine.jonly Instead of swallowlnr the fill you knock It aroand. Tribune- classified ads. pay.' •• '! 1 1 " ; "' - '•',- ':"•';'• I • Notice of Administration. •i {' •'. r 7~^~ ' • ••]• i-. Notice is hereby given that i the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the. Circuit Court of Tipton County, Siate of Indl-» ana, administrator of thej estate of Cyrus A. Edwards, late of Tipr ton county;; deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. I • [ NORA GARNER GATHMAN, April "11, 1930. Administrator. S. A. (CULVER, ... . | .| . Attorney. 170-76-81-81 "111:.-."'' Ill' " - ' i Notice to'Bci^s, Credltbn, Btci{ In the matter^o/ the estate,(of \ Robert W. Conway, -dececased. ' In ithe' Tipton ' Circuit (.Court, ' Nlt^te hereby;KWe^ii^||^hi State of Indiana, County of Tipjon, ss: {Bessie Norrick vs. Joseph Bond et al. Tipton Circuit Court, February TJerm, 1930. Cause No. 1410. ' , Gomes. j now • the .plaintiff, .by Ralph Montgoniery, her attorney ind f^les jher. :omplaint hjerein to quiet! title against all defendants ri and to the east half (%) of the northwest quarter- CV4)', of section thirty-foi r ;'.(34), township t»;euty-one (21) north, raijgi three (3) east, containing eighty ](80) acres, in Tipton county. In diana, together with her affidavit that the defendants, Joseph Bond Elizabeth BoilS, • John ID. Smith attorney in falct- tor Joseph Bond and Elizabeth) Bond, Archibald Small, Mary Ann [Small, Moses M Small, Geprg'ej W. Small,; Sarah Ellen Fox, John Fox, Malinda Ann Thompson, George Thompson; Ma rinda Olive; Davlney, Harry Dayl- jney, Liicinda] Hershman, 1 Jasper Hershtnan, Josephine ' Endicott John. E.ndkou,""; Thomas ! Harvey (Small, Mary{ Etta Small, Mary Et 'ta Mundell, RJosalla^ Hettie Small Eielle Carmack, William Carmack Stephen Lee, 1 John Lee; Mary Lee, Emily Lee, Archibald Lee, Alyin Lee, Isaiah Lee, John W. Fox, Sarah E. Fox, Marinda O. Davi- uey, John M. Endicott, Lucindaj C Hershman, Thos..' H. Small, Mary lis. Small, Rosalia H. Small, Wm Carmack. Isiah Lee, Emery Lee, Thomas Henry Small, Mary C. Leo iLucinda C. Small, v William J Hershman, Archibald Small, John |A. Lee, Rettle J. Lee, James iA. Lee, Ida Lee: Albert Smith 1 , Olive Smith, Isaac Lee, Mary J. Lee, Mary • J. Hocfcenberry,: Moses Hockenberry, Henry A. Lee, Emory A. Lee, Francis M. Small, Car- j-ie Devaney.J Frank Small, John Small, Henry ] Small, Frank Small Otis Devaney, James . Bishop, Winnie Alexander, .G. W. | Thompson, M. A., Thompson, G. W. Small, M. A.Small, W. J. Hersh man, U. W. Hockenberry.; H. iA Lee, each and all. of said <seven last ' named j defendants'' • riven' names being-unknown, the respective wives, {husbands, faurvivlnf spouse, 1 vidopof„• widower of each and all of the above named defendants, whose Inamea are. unknown, atch and 4kU|ptHthf ab^re- nanied female defandanta.nowr^nowniby other ron {different nantei,-, but which s'a^f^raitent name" la nni- known,- *.th«:>:anfejiown s liaira,' > de? north, range five (5) east, the"nce running east sixty (GO) rods, thence: south twenty (20) rods, thence west sixty rods (60) rods, thence* north .twenty (20) rods to the place of beginning, and containing seven and one-half (TA) acres. ! -' - ' • ,Said real estate to be sold free of .all liens and incumbrances except taxes of 1930 due and payable in 1931. -'.../.' ' Tejms-of. Sale: At least one- third (%) cash on date of sale and the remainder to be paid in two equal installments due in six (6) and nine (9) months respectively; deferred payments, if any, to draw seven percent (7%) interest,and be secured by mortgage tin the real estete sold; purchaser to have the option of paying all cash oh date, of sale if so desirinir. V CHARLES W. RAMSAY, Commissioner. PURVIS & PURVIS, Attorneys. 153-164-17^ {Witness the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 3rd day of April. 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER. 15S-1S4- Clerk Tipton 170-17G Circuit Court. Notice to Hcirw, t.'rettitoi's. Etc. In the matter of *" the of William E: Courtney, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, No. 151. Notice is -hereby- given that upon petition filed in said court by the administrator of said, estate, setting up the insufficiency of the estate of said decedent tb Pay the debts and liabilities thereof, the judge of said court did, on the 29th day of March, 1930, find said estate to be probably insolvent, and order the same to be settled! accordingly/ The creditors of said estate are therefore hereby notified of such insolvency and required to file-their claims against said estate for allowance' by April 21, 1930. '.- j V ': Witness, the clerk and -seai of said court at Tipton, Indiana,. this 29th day of JWarch, 1930. I (Seal) , IRVIN MILLER, 152-58-64-70 . Clerk. Notice of Ditch petition.. In the matter of the petitloji of Jesse M. Kemp', et al, for drainage. - To Elmer L. Bbyer, Walter W. Wheatley, H.'Hi Bunch Estate, Everett L. Bunch, -. Henry C. Canine, Laura A. "Perky, Delia Bouse, Allle D. Harrell, Providence Ferguson, John W. Wood, Lafayette T. Jones, James Gritton,-Mrs. James Gritton, Nell J. Beck, Arthur K. Goodnight, E«e- kiel D. and Effie Steinbilber, Myrtie Shortle, Abraham G.' Shortle Heira, Minnie P. jTeter, Clara L. Meyncke, Anna Michel, Elmer O. Ficken, George Glass Estate, Mary E. Glass. You are hereby notified that the undersigned have filed their petition in the commissioners' court of Tipton county, Indiana, asking that Ditch No. 19, commonly known a3 DixOii'creek',-and: tributary known'as S. :W.{ Harper ditch be repaired by straightening; deepening and enlarging the same by the use of a dredge .over and along the - following portion thereof, towit: Beginning, at a point where said ditch crosses the north line of" the northwest, quarter of section 10, township 21 north, range 3 east, in Tipton county,,Indiana, extending iii a southerly, and easterly direction to a. point ; where the same empties into Cicero Creek''in the northwest quarter-of .the southwest quarter of section "21, township 21 nqrtli, ringe 4 east, a distance of approximately"?'.miles. You are further notified -that said petition is set for docketing as a case pending oil Monday, May 1930. That said hearing will be . held at the commissioners' court room in the court, house, in Tipton, Indiana. : JESSE M>. KEMP, ET.AL, J 1G4-70-76 . . - : Petitioners. Notice of Administration. .Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been- appointud by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Tipton County, State of Indiana, administratrix of the estate of; Michael C. Doherty, late of ^Tipton County, deceased. ?aid ves- state is supposed to be solvent^— •' - MARY C. SABENS, March 12, 1$ZV. Administratrix. JESSE R. COLEMAN, Attorney. 156-52-5S-64 164-J.70 Circuit Court. In the matter of the estate of | Elizabeth Ressler. deceased. In {the Tipton Circuit court, Feb| ruary Term. 1930. [ Notice is hereby given that i Charity E. Katon as administra- j tvix of the estate of Elizabeth Riessler. deceased, has presented land filed her account and vouch- lers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 24th day of "April, 1930, at which time all hleirs, creditors, or legatees of said estate are reriuired. to appear in said court and show cause, if any there be. why said account and vouchers should not be approved. ! Witposs tho clerk and seal of :iid Tipton Circuit Court, at Tip- in. Indiana, this 2Slh day of march. 1930. Seal) IRVIN MILLER. i32-15S- Clerk Tipton 3 6-1-170 Circuit Court. Not ire to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. Notice .to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In .the matter of the" estate of Clara Wheatley, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, February Term 1 9 3 p. Notice is hereby, given that The Citizens National Bank, as administrator of the estate : Of Clara Wheatley, deceased, has presented -, and. .filed its account and vouchers, in final' settlement of said estate, and that the same will come Up -for examination and action of said circuit court on the 2.8th day of April.JiLgn^ at which time all heirs, creditors; or legatees of said estate are r^o.uired to appear in said court jind show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. In the matter of the estate ui Rachel Morris. .Deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court. February Term. !!)::». Notice is hereby given that Roy Eatzner. as administrator of the estate of Rachel Morris, deceased, has presented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 5th day of May, 1!K!0, at which time all heirs. cl«o- difors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said court arid .slimv cause, if any there lie. why said account and vouchers should not be approved. Witness, the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton. Indiana, this llth day of April. 19 2u. (Seal) IKV1X MILLER. Clerk Tipton lt>-i-7«;-7t;-S2 Circuit Court. Nitrogen for the soil in its most desirable and convenient, form. A wonderful fertilizer for lawns, gardens, trees arid shrubs. Put up in handy 10 -pound'bags, at, each— 65c ASK FOR FREE BOOKLET Tipton Main Motor Go. Notice of Commissioner's Sale of Real Estate. 'i . Notice is hereby given (hat I, the 'undersigned commissioner to sell re il estate lappolnted by the Judge of the- Tipton circuit court in Cause No. 1361 thereof, will', on the 38tn d«y.-ot April,; 1930, and from day to-day thereafter until, sold at tho offices, of Purvis * Purria, attorneys, In-the'city o( Tipton, Indian*, offer for sale at private, sale r the following described! real estate ^: in .Tipton coonty, state of Indiana, to-wlt: "'Thirty (SO) acrai^oS of the whole, west-aftfeVof* thonuUfe>st quarter (14)'of-the tauthwaat quarter (M) of laectlon /thirty (f!J»)\ township twialy.twb l (Mi BOrth, «Bf^lvo.46T^aat f t PubUc Sale! Sal., April 26, 1930 at 1 p. •. One Mile East an da Half Mile North of Arcadia TEN REGISTERED JERSEY CATTLE (T. B. Tested) Six cows in milk, one tried boll, two heifers; extm good producers and show uumala. FIFTEEN SHROPSHIRE EWES Ten yearlings, fiv* ! older ones and six lambp. THREE HEAD H0B8IS FARM IHfl '-^T^fB^Two per cent off for cash, or (i^mim pf«^t-totttwst.

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