The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 2, 1940
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YOLUMK XXXVI—NO. 248. Mississippi Vnltcy lllytlieville Herald Anti-New Deal Bloc Organizes Offensive On EveDfSession - - T " R n ° M1NAOT NEWSPAPRR OP NORTI1KAST ARKANSAS AN,) SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU f Leader lilythevlllc Daiiv News " ^YT!|].:VH,1JC, AHIWNSAS, TUKSDAV, JANUARY 2, lillO NEW! News HlS'thevillo Courier Hy LYI.E C. WILSON . WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. (UP)-Republicans and right wing Democrats avo orgaimins an anti-New Deal offensive ' " 1Q 7lith BRnr! You're Right, Lewi. Night, CoidcM In Four Year* Alleged British A c I i o n Draws Fii-e Of Secretary Of State WASHINGTON, .Jan •> <ui>)- Sccrclary of State Cordell Hull an notmccd today that tho America government had vigorously pro teslod lo Great Britain over Inier- fcrence wilii American mails Ihe high seas. Hull said Ihp protest by the was mude embassy in Lon- Vice President Jolin N. Garner, Just, in from Texas, Iras opened anti- third term presidential office:; under (lie capilol dome. Republican congressional leaders are planning to curb presidential emergency powers. Alfred E. Smith, elder .statesman of the anti-Roosevelt, wing of the Democratic party, announced he would bolt the ticket again this year If the 1940 platform endorsed the New Deal. But tiie president is riding ft gi-eat popularity wave as congress assembles. Europe's war and his measures to safeguard American peace caught the national imagination. Polls .show Mr. Roosevelt to , . ,, ••-- ..... .......... - ........ «- • ••<-. LI.L-U .-.pccinc have more enthusiastic follow In* acs «'»«I°n, suffering and death In instances In which British milhor- today than any time since his ill , e svest aiul Ulc cast - t 1tics hac l seized mull from aboard government reorganization and su-i ™ rl J'- tw ° villages In tlie Geyvo American and neutral ships. Some A )i <r n • ~ , ' V " ll " mmc 'i" embassy in 1,011- Add lo Devastation, Suf- !lion> U|l °" Ilis '™cuons from the r , , vl , .. ' t stale r!pnnH»n,M»i tei'ing Wliile I Shocks Continue t state department. i a r t h I- T ' lc Protest, tersely worded con- , - cluded with the hope that the stiite department "will receive envlv " ' ' nssin-ance" that tills inter t ISTANBUL, Turkey, Jan. 2 (UP) with American mails lin.s beer —Plocds swept western Turkey to- continued, day as new earthquakes added to In his note Hull cited monious congressional session lo avoid another party split on controversial Issues such ns spending labor-employer relations, government regulation of business and the status of the profit, system Short sessions arc difficult to arrange But the president and his legislative leaders, together, could accomplish much toward party harmony Future political and legislative developments depend peculiarly on the president.. If he decides to forego a third nomination, tlie danger of a right wing bolt practically will disappear. But nomination ol.aiiy right wing favorite more than likely will induce a left wing bolt. Therefore, there is talk of compromise and speculation whether Mr. Roosevelt is in or out of the running and—if the latter—who might expect his support. It b almost axiomatic that tlie 1040 Democratic, nominee must have Roosevelt support to run better than a poor second next November. The •Wiiite.House has the choice of. keeping the .New Deaf strictly on Its left or center course or of working out a more conservative legislative program which would keep all but die-hard anti-New Dealers In line during an ejection year. Mr. Roosevelt has not hinted his Intentions beyond a move to curtail some types of. government spending t poffset tremendous increases ,for national defense. He is expected lo keynote the legislative program at 2 p.m.. tomorrow in t — . -— - ui.tun 5ui 1.1 ijiiJt; icporlcd missing at Kemal Pashaa, to censor private mails orhinati city of 50,000 people. '" ' ° The village of Azbali disappeared. „. it was said and even Ihe highest mail s which normally pass vu-.. .trees (here were submerged. . ll) c United Kingdom for transmfs- I in of destined to the United Kin»1. 1 dom," the nole said, "or private Neiv and viclent earth shocks £ion '" 'heir final destination, struck in Ihe Pergamos region. n "_]\ cannot admit the right of the re with lean or the high New shocks were registered con- British authorities lo interfe stantly also In the eastern quake American malls or zone whore President Iiionu is """ ' directing relief work. Mrs. M. T. Moon Hurt In Fall At Her Home other neutral ships on seas nor can it admit tlie right of the British government to censor mail on ships which have involuntarily entered Brilish )>orts " Hull based his protest on the Eleventh Hague Convention which Mr, M; T. uffered severe and fell forward with her shoulder and face receiving the brunt of Ihe fall. i She turned her ankle as shc| started upstairs to answer the call of a paper hanger, busy redecorating the Moon home, which was damaged in a fire a week ago. -•She had several rigors last nlpht but was resting fairly well today She-'will" be'confined to her bed for perhaps two weeks. Rebate to Churchgoers For No Sprmnn in ° l3ermol l "1 Yes, hsl niyht was Ihe coldest Hlythcvilli. has had in several years. In fact. Ihe low tom- liernttire. of six degrees nbove i-.ero was (ho coldest weather hero in four years when i!n> tlicfniom'etcr fell (o three doi;iws briow zero on 1'Vb. 10, ii)3o, It, rcmiiliuxt iiimsually cold throueh'lhls inoriilnis with" the of- ncinl wwillier Uu'iiuomelcr ,1-CBls- 11 degrees «t 11:15 o'clock f ,t ) 0 «- O f early yesterday. morning of 13 di> S roes inslend of I 10 us was Incornxilv nrlnlcd tu' STStonltiy's paper. TJie uinisimlly cnl<l weather for I-oiv Hlylhcvllle nmdo n llourlslilii!] business for (hose who sold small stoves with uvo firms sold out nt noon today while dealers In co:il, wood and fu,.| oils reported a rushing business. The- snott- and Ice also mndo business good in Ihe overshoe and Hoot business with merchants selling- dozens of pairs yesterday and today. Most of the two nnd three- fourths inch snow whluh fell Sunday wns still on the ground this nftci'lloo; SINGt.R COPIRS FIVE CENTS Rules Congress Vested Sole Power hi Board In Certain Disputes WASIlJNO'l'ON. Jan. 2 (Ul 1 )— i'hc .supremo court today'conlli-m- «i he of broad powers u> HIP Nnliotini 1,-ibor Helallons that thn fcilwal uthorlly to review order ov a board Another Division Of Russians Reported TrappedJy Finns ic olYi.Msivo~]>i KB est of the war_ttg st ' linc nflci> » ,,., collcct- board delineation of ii ive bnrnaliilng ugciil'. 'akoi l C ° m( i " 1)llcl ° tho l losill °" rles of chullcnnes to Its jxnvcivt. it did so lu lh( i 5i> actions' Upheld die |, 0|UI | , n ' ; ]cs | sna , '"" « C!. I. O, union as n mist unit with ..'flic icmnoi-atiin. lion- was about „„ , flu- lowest In four years l.isl nltlil!„,/?'' somc »'lic.i ll.e mecvm-y'droppj,! ,7sK wn . l ™ r .°!' 1 ' workeiw. :ibove 701-0. Tlu- hUjhcsl lompiTii- Ini-o yesterday was III. Pacllle coast l.v rising temperature Wednesday' it appeared that 11 Upheld the riulit of the board lo Issue orders for collective bar-- 11 ' 10 "' tlie ' im -- Ktimms cleclloiis without revision lo N! ""' sl1 " lp|r K '«J' through and "r Interference by ' ' " . .. ..... SHLI,I:K HELSINKI, FinttiiHl, Jan. (Ul')— Russiim veinl'orce- ' , newly niTived on I lie Kjii'olian i H I h ni u N front, .struck al Iho Kimiisli Mmi- nci'ltoim line lotlay in sub- xoi'o wenthor, willi wiml-ih'iv- cn snow sweeping Mm front. More warmly ctad, better equipped, yoiiiii{rr and In every way bolter mmliiled than the original Russian forces on this front, according to Kinnlsh slarT olllcem, tlio HusslaiLs hit (lie center mid lelt (west) oiid of the Mivnnerhcim of their offorl feili-rnl Hv 1IAKOU) PETKRS ; COPENHAGEN, Donmnrk, Jan. 2. (UP)—Sixteen Ihpu-:' sniul Russian troops have l)ccn cut oIT by the Finns' on Uic Salla front near the Arc- • tic Circle in u battle which bids fnir to equal if not exceed in importance the Finnish New Year victorv on the Suomusalmi front to the south, press dispatches said today. Finns In a carefully calculated mid well limed nllacfc moved In on Ihe Russians from Uic front and Ijolh finiiks, forced the collapse of. Texas Jack In Jovial Mood As He Leaves President's Office WASHINGTON, Jan 2 (UT>)-~ Prcsldcnt Roosevelt reviewed his snow nnd ice colll ' ( s- j l''lnuish reports from (he from . -I'oral days. I T " c supreme court held Ihat wm> llml (lu -' col(l wns so Intense | congress, Ihrough ihc iintloiuil la- l!ml " llu 'K° proportion of the uor relallons net, ha.i vested In K 11Ksllm wounded fro/.n to death (he board Itself .sole discretion in '" nn lniul ' s . lnml betora iliey could handling Iliosc mailers. |' )C D'ckcd up. In the controversial Pacific const I 1'i'lsoiicrs and dead bodies gave longshoremen's case Ihc c-oiirl h'cid lhc Flnns ""•' Information that Hint Hie American Federation of llle sll °<* troops used today we- Announces Candidacy For Second Term As Municipal Court Judge Municipal judge Doylo Hcmlcr- .niUon conerpssioiml leaders Senate Majority Leader Albcn w. Bark-ley said dial Mr. Koosc- •elt outlined to them the message villu municipal judge at the election lo be held April 2. Judge Henderson pointed to his record of efficient attention lo Ihc Uitar had no right under Iho la- act lo attack in court Uic • SI>1(1 ' '" combat officers (lie bnrnalninB aycnt ''"'out dlsimtclips said that every ' designation of tho O. I o imlmii • ltm ' 1 n ' llllc b >' lll(! Kiissluns to i smash the Finnish line had. failed |—on the left wing, In the ccnler and at the. rlulil of the line across the Ico of Lake Siivnuto. Finnish officers said Mini they saw iiinny scraps of evidence poluc- a Husslan plan for contln- Afllrms Death WASHINGTON, Jan. 'i'Tut'i- Thc supreme court lodny affirmed he conviction of Lonnie Avery, Illiterate Ulbb county, Ala, negro on charges of murdering his wife' I'evy has been sentenced to (loath I llo< ' "l^cks against Ihc 00 mile Tlie. case was brought u> ih-Jl fron '- ° c 'I' 0 Mmmcrholin line and high tribunal on Issues similar t<V' llc lroni l101 !,' 1 of those raised In Iho. famous Brails-'"'"" boro case—nn allegation that the defendant was denied (ho right of full consuHiUlon wllh llio nltor- noys apiiolnled lo defend him. Unwanted Fish Killed records surrey show llml gardless of whether Mr Roosevelt ricsc BIK| courteous attention lo lie churchmen agreed that the seeks a llilrd term, was 'in a jovial lhc ' lllllcs ol Ms offlcc - »e prom- per- mood as he left Mr. Roosevelt's . • lr rc - el ^t«li to conllmir- lo cent office. He waved aside all qucs- glvc l ' lc OD lcc tllc " mff and Bv Chemical Paralucis S ° ns alte " dl »B services "one cent ay lliemicai raraiySIS and nine mills on the dollar for AUGUSTA, Me. (UP)-Phh and Sunday la w c are d n i game officials have drowned thou- preaching." .mu nine mills on the dollar for "oils. It was Garner's first mret-1 • Uic sum paid for (he year for each hig with the president since ha coiisidcralion which it requires. Bills with a cl attempt. tions. of nsh by paralyzing their it in m!lllc a statement In Teas, making iir i n known life availability for the nom- UOIVes Become Menace I'lth a chemical solution in an "M nn ^^- » u l i pt to improve fishin" condi- i J 'ioonsniner Holes In, C t Capture his annual .message on the state T »e new technique has been 1 ?Lr e u U ?'°r n ' Mr " Rooscvelt wm <le-|trle<l before restocking Sabbathday ' , vnM . T , "1" 'kefore- " Joint, session of Lake where the feeding of salmon ,,,? IONI Inalion. On Canadian Ranches KAMf.OOPS, B. C. (UP)—Wolvcs congress In the house chamber. The budget message will be submitted 24 hours later. With the hifonnatloi and trout had been hampered by other lish. The unwanted varieties — white salmon ,,,™ look In holes. Ala. (OP)a "moonshiner" vanLshes, Tuberculosis Hospital ,, - - - r. . , . , t r ,. have become a serious nicnncc to <oet Aside tor Indians catlle wintering on the west side — I of the Prnscr river, 130 miles WINNIPEG, Man. (UP)— An his-1 northwest cf here, according lo contained in those I smelts and a few Dlckerc) WPW- """ communications veteran legislators!suffocated - "-- --- -• • hcrc - . y-, * lef ° f '"e alcohol tax un\t , e banks of the Jnck Kosler, prominent cattleman. iccr clergyman's Rosier has more Ihan 3,000 ••-i.i.i i>ii n-£inumjia believe they will be able to determine whether the party can ex- •pect n presidential year of comparatively good feeling- or another rough nnd tumble session. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111,, Jan. 2 (UP)— Hogs 16000 . Top 5.90 110-230 Ibs. 5,75-5.85 HO-160 Ibs. 4.50-5.60 Bulk sows 4.25-4.75 Cattle 3800 Steers 8.35-10.25 Slaughter steers 6.50-11.00 by the chemical and floated to the surface. Trout and salmon are not affected by di: In a ,- -. , home, and tor Ihe past 43 years llcntl "f collie " n four big ranches -•• • - —Crows Bar, Canoe Creek, Ken- >ay authorities, for no salmon and Myi-lck nnd his men recently nn A "S licn » hospital, has t.,.. iECovered a cache of moonshine P u . rcl 'nsed for the treatment of w °rlhy and Bishop Place. the Indians of — Dog Nominates Self solution, side Alabama's .Manitoba. moonshine out- capital city. i , only flvc small trout" w r ere'"'fnmiri i ,° !" c " llitling Jlearl »' s «dden- Kn °w» ns Dynevor hospital, the trout, were found ly s | arlcd to nm ^ revenuo Institution will be owned by the men went after them. One moon- Dominion government, but will be shiner, familiar with the (errain, administered by quickly got away. Unt the other sanatorium board. dead the Manitoba C; , \1 cy go away, lint the other sanatorium board. IjlVCS New !«s crippled and capture seemed The opening of a Manitoba lu- ' ' • • Jersey Claim On Land Tertiin 2rtu,t,e rounded „ «„ knoll. When the agents got over Ihe disease As Regiment's Mascot WEYBUEN, Snsk (UP) — Most army regiments pick their mascots but Bulc h, mascot of the Southern Hitler Is Missing LONDON. Jan. 2, (UP)-Tho Hon. Unity Freeman - Mltford, young British nobloivoman whom Adolf Hitler called tlic "perfect Arynn" beauty, failed to come home from Germany today as scheduled on an Imperial Ainvnys plniic, olflclals announced. Mtss, Prceman-Mltford hud been mysteriously reported in France, enroute homo on n strelclicr. The despite "appalling" losses. This plnn, It was represented, was bai- c<l on it belief that will] Its enormous preponderance In manpower Kussln could eventually wear down Uic Finns'. An officer Just bnck from tin) front, north of I^ake Ladoga, told me that one of the most ghastly .ilnhtfi ho over saw was that of hundreds of Russian dead lyhiK In the woods. 'From Ihclv altitudes of agony, hi said, it was i apparent Ihat most of them wci'O llrst merely wounded and then fro/.c to death. There has been no opportunity lo dispose of llicir l>cu>i!£ because of llie constant flBhtlng. Soiithern Finland was swept by a driving bltard today. Visibility was so limited thnt It was bclli'vcd (here could l>e no nlr raids. The snow was piled up In huge drifts by yalcs which wldpped through Ihe streets hcrc. ll»ff off Ihcii- communications in the rcnr, It was asserted. Sixteen thousand nu.sslnas would constitute nearly an entire division, which numbers usually about, 10,000 men—the number defeated In (he battle of Kiantajnrvl on Uic Suomusalml front when th strayed. 16M division wns de,- P . In their new attack, dispatches said, the Finns were lightening' heir squeeze of Die Russians, iiiak- ' Ins It Impossible for .them to nee and shooting such of the Russian troops as sought lo make a break back toward the frontier. Dispatches asserted Ihat the Finns, continuing their patrol on- crallons, had penetrated the nus- slan lines at many points along the 1,000 mile front between Lake Ladoga nnd Iho Arclio Sea, and that results already were appearing In Ihe Russians'. Inability to shift their men effectively from point lo point rilong Ihe front. ...-.; There were reports that the Finns had readied (lie Russian Murmansk railroad nt some point ns yet unidentified. n. was indicated llio Finnish general staff expected .the Russians lo move up Important rein- : forcccment-s . .for : battles on Dully Malt s-jid H was reported she had a bullet wound In her head and had been sent from Germany on a special ambulance train supplied by Adolf Illllcr. The airplane scheduled lo bring her from France landed nt shoro- 1mm, where an ambulance luvnilcd. Instead of at Ilcslon airdrome liut officials r.ald she ivns not aboard. Bird in Hand, H Seems, Isn't Worth 2 in Bush OROV1LLE, Cal. (UP) - Harry ffnrpor now knows that a bird In TRENTON, N . j. (U p, _ New it r^ac.; to .oun con m 8 .cl™l V ste n Canada " ' ° tr ' bCS "' BU ' C "' " "°" n " ° f ™»<"*>«P' i]K ""'"' * not worth two „ Ihe Jersey l s preparing to ra,e,v Us vanished. Mvstmed "l cy scarchc A s rv« ha"' revealed '„ star S'T T Wn " dC ', C<1 " U ° l " C So " th ' blls !V Scr ""K » Peasant's lall pro- flglit with Delaware over the boun- the ground' ihorou.hl/ M\ k (ihm ,n L J ,*™ ,*L ?! I s °^"™'«n's Arracks here, just rudlng frcm a rice shock, ami be- Mvrick Uing number of lubercuTosis cases culosls which had kept him confined lo his bed for some lime. Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning, 11 o'clock, at Half Mtoii Baptist church the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church, conducting the riles. Burial will be made al Maple Grove cemetery. Born in Mississippi, Mr, Pccplcs came to Mississippi Comity about - - 20 years ago. He had resided at a scrawny pup. !fc got a free meal i 'loving It had been killed by some: Half Moon for the past live years and he liked it so well ho decided | other hunter, he seized hold of it. I mitt! a year ago when he moved " life was the life and stayed Whereupon the very-much-alivc ' to Armorel Rutch became the rcgl- .pheasant kicked him in the face' Calvin Peoples, 40, 01 Armorel Dies Calvin Peoples, 40-ycar-cld fann- er, tiled at his home at Armorcl at 0:10 o'clock this morning. Death followed n long illncM of > tuber- Beef cows 5.25-C.25 I james. which took in'the'shorclino Cutters & law cutters 4.00-5.00 in a 12-mile radius from New c"s — tic. Del. Q/n/./- f>,.; n , 11l , eJU " S ' Sllprcme Court in 1034 OtOCh, /'rices decided a boundary dispute in favor of Delaware, but last year an A - T. & T. 171 ]_4 dd deed nnd surrender were found Anaconda Copper 30 1-2 in which James turned the lands Am. Tobacco 87 1-4 back to Kill E Charles Beth, steel 81 1-4 New Jersey officials appropri- rw I ' • M '- 3 ? le( \ S2 ,' 5M , to bri "S William Le- Citics Service 47-8 hardy, London document expert lo Ci !. Co1 * 118 'his country, and he established •in. Elect 403-4 authenticity of the document'; I m'l vr«* __ . »Y- . . ... . vtu\,uiin.iiu,. 1 Taken for While House Sleieli Ride *~Wftoi'&x*-~v- r -r?nyif^ — mr -^ ~-_ ^ . - ...; He is survived by his wife, Mrs. (t)id made ll.<s getaway minus Its 'Annie Peoples; two daughters, tail— bcforts lie could pick up his, Mary nnd Bcnnlc Peoples; three Bun. With Ihe pheasant's gaudy Gen 1 ]. iMotors Int. Han-ester Mont, Ward N. Y. Central Packard . ... Phillips . ... Radio Republic Steel I 23 3-: North Am. Aviation 2fi 1-4 Socony Vacuum 121-2 Studebaker 93-0 Std. of N. J 4-13-8 Texas Corp 45 3-S U. S. Steel SS 3-t 61 1-2 to shore lands, off which are valu- 55 1-2 able fishing grounds 18 3-8 Now Jersey hopes' to pet rights 3 3-8 to shore lands, off which are valu- 41 1-4 able fishing grounds 5 3-4 ^ New York Cotton Chicago Wheat open high low close May 1041-4 107 H8 1041-4. 107 July 102 104 3-8 102 104 1-4 Jim. Mar. May July Ocl. Dec. open high low close 1120 1128 1120 1128 HOB 1119 HOG ma 1074 1086 1073 10S5-7 1041 1053 1033 1050 986 1005 985 1004-8 913 905 973 895 Chicago Corn open high low close ' May 59 59 5-8 50 59 1-2 July 59 3-8 60 59 3-8 59 7-8 Jan Orleans Cotton °psn high low close "32 n 35 1118 1130 1118 1128 • 1186 1097 1085 1006 • W49 10(50 1048 .... . 590 1008 890 1033 • 981 097 981 (ail plumage missing. Zoo Finds Cooperation In Animal Kingdom BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP;-Huffalo 'oo attendants report Hint an experiment in "International co- oiieratlon among members of Ihe animal klngdcm" has proved siic- Thc experiment, in which red foxes were permitted to mingle with Tahr goats, was decided on sons, J. W., Raymond and Max Peoples; two brothers, Floyd and Leslie Peoples, and three sisters. : . bolh (lie- Salln" and Suomusalmi " front. It was reported also that 60,000 picked "Russian troops had been concentrated in the- Lenin- Brad area to reinforce tho Russians attacking - the Finnish Mwn- ncrlicim line In Ihe Karelian Ist'li- IIHL'I. Reports that the Finns, had recaptured Petsamo, pn the Arctic Ocean front, were doubted. Russian transport including thnks nnd armored ears was moving' normally ' In the area, a United Press dispatch from Svnnvlk on Ihe Norwegian frontier said. . There were Increasing evidences that numerous nations were aiding or organizing aid for Finland. -- . The largest corps of Swedish volunteers yet sent to Finland left Stockholm early today. They included young men from all parrs of Sweden, and a sprinkling of officers assumed to have resigned their coimnlssions In the Swedish army to serve. The Finnish volunteer office at Stockholm, said that' other detachments would fol- '•. low within a few days. (Sweden forbids the mention .of tin 1 strength of volunteers conlln- Ccnts bul. information available- In New York was that before today's linU'li, tlie largest single one iiuti been aboiic 1,000). Possemen Search For Slayers Oi Officer NATCHEZ, Miss.. Jan. 2. (UP)— Scores of posscmcn scoured the hills Mis. Odell Coiiiwd, .Mrs. Willie I southeast or here today for two Mae Maker and Mrs. Mae Fletcher,' llc & r ° men who killed Deputy all of Armorcl and Ulylhcville. ex- Constable Hillard Hill and wounded ccjit Mrs. Fletcher, who Ilvc3 in Little Hock. Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. Pheasant Upsets Town two others in a gun fight. Hill was slain late last night 20 miles southeast of here when he nnd l\vo other officers attempted- to arrest the ncjroes for disturbing" the peace. And Law Protects Hj Germany Building ; Midget U-Boats .' [ because, the foxes' quarters were l<' cl i'- s arc wondering if Colifor- ."•rutiil and Inaccessible to the pub- " l(ls ' nvvs f° r the protection of PARIS, Jan. 2. at a terrific speed knocked out a against the allies. plate glass window, lost some of I The "vest pocket" submarines will Its feathers tearing through a' require crews of only 20 officers „„„.„„ „„ again. This time It means sledding on the lawn for nnd Curtis Doll, who are visiting tl: ..._ . . iUP)-officlaI lie during (lie zoo's current build- Peasants .shouldn't be revised for sources reported todnr that Ger- jlug program, • t' lC protection of human life and many had begun construction of a l .properly. i new fleet of 150 Ion U-coats to aid' D I w i n A 1'honsant which Hew Into town in Adolf Hitler's counter blockade Koyal Windsor Farms To Step Up Production „ ....„.._ LONDON (Up) — King George canvas 'awning, flew through a and men as compared with the. has given orders that more land crowd of men who scattered in all crews of GO required for Ihe 750 ton l-e put under the plow at his Wind- directions, nearly nipped o ffthc U-boats. sor farms, so Hint extra crops cf enr or Enos Jensen, twice circled; The small submarines would have wheat and barley may be grown. ' " 1C Tank Service Station and then a four or five day cruising range. The vegetable production nt lcfl the city in peace. instead of 30 days, but could be T Windsor Castle also Is lo be in-1 creased considerably. Tlie royal herds ol tic will bo maintained. OODEN, Utah. (UP)-A new variety of melon developed by Ar- ! BONE GAP, III. (UP) — Post, llmr Combe Is n double delight- master Elisl Drury bciloves his [It features also the flavor of Ice hobby tops them all. erf am. Somewhat like a canta- He collects wnnen's hats. (o cat. the melon Tho hundred or more in his col- royal herds of pedigree cat- '. Unusual Hobby of Man: i J 1^- _.~i._i . i • •* I Collects Women's Hats built about 10 tlmej as fast, it was :• asserlcd. :-. WEATHER sas—Partly cloudy, contin- Wednesdar partly cloudy, not quite , so cold In west and central portions. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and : ''"-;! cold tonight, Wednesday Thursday!

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