Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on November 7, 1964 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1964
Page 8
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M»v. 7, 1H4 GlolM-G*x*nt, Mason Cfty, la. PICTURE OF A IMCTUKB — Dan-ell ILammarstedl lines up hi.s children for a picture in their new home while the Globe pholojjniphor lakes a picture of the whole family, '['hey are newly arrived from DCS Moino.s. ' ' Des Moines is former residence Mr. and Mrs. nan-ell Ham- marsledl and family are living at 1508 nth SE, where they have rented a home. They moved here from .Des Moines which was the hometown of both Mr. and Mrs. llammarstcdt. Mr. Hammarstcdl i.s agency manager for ihc Register and Tribune in Mason City. lie had been in the city carriers circula tion department of (ho DCS Moines newspaper for five years before coming here in Scjitcm- Mr. Hammarstedt served with the army for two years in Germany and their first child, Nancy, who is 5 was born there. Brian, .'i, and Barbara, 2, were born in this country. Nancy is In kindergarten at Hoover. The Hammarstodts tiltcnd Trinity Lutheran Church. Sixth member of the family circle Is a dachshund named Duke. Photography and bowling arc Mr. Hammnrstcclt's hobbies and Mrs. llammarstcdt likes sewing and gardening. Both enjoy their stereo record player. Mrs, Unmmarstcdt is in the Junior Women's CUiti and Mr. VlammarslcUl in Hie Junioi Chamber. East State Street meeting conducted East State Street Club met Thursday in the home of Mrs. M. E. Kraft, with Mrs. A. J. Rhutasol nnd Mrs. K. P. 1 Iansen serving a.s co-hostesses. Mrs. Ralph Military, niere of Mrs. A. R. Adams, WHS a guust. Mrs. Lester Milligim had charge of the program on "Lei Us Take Time lo (live Thanks." The nnnunl Christmas guesl luncheon will be hold ill the First Baptist Church Her, .'!. Design for Safety session planned Second in the Designs for Safety .series being sponsored by tlie Pilot Club will be held Montliiy from 7 to 0 p. in., in the Mnson City High School, room 203. L. W. Knnpp Jr., assistant professor and agricultural safety engineer from the University of Iowa, will speak on "Do We Care Knough?" Prof. Knapp has been tit the University of /own since .1!)I59. Before that he was at Cornell University, Ithacn, N. Y. He is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and Die American Public Health Association and is chairman of .lus research nnd study commit- cc of (lie Iowa Knrm Safety Council. lie has served with the International Labor Organi- sation of United Nations as n consultant on agricultural health nnd safety ,-it Geneva, Switzerland., Tips on driving nnd a visit to Hie Driver Training room will DO under the direction of Charles I'ntridge and Julius Tosch of (he Mason City school driver training program. The session is open to all who wish to attend. Christian citizen's role topic Development of a consecrated imagination backed up by factual knowledge was urged by Mrs. Homer Clark as the basis for action by Christian women Friday. I Mrs. CJark spoke on "For; Want of a Nail" at the United! Church Women's observance of (World Community Day Friday in the First Congregational Church. Mrs. Clark discussed what! Christian citizenship requires; and commented on what the Community is willing to sacri-| ficc for his beliefs. She asked 1 "How much are you willing to' sacrifice to carry out the orders! of Christ." I A "consecrated imagination" which intimately understands the needs and feelings of others must be accompanied by knowledge, according lo Mrs. Clark. She urged her listeners lo be come acquainted by the various sides of controversial issues and to be careful in the choice of authority. Selection and presentation of news is too often based on the requirements for selling newspapers, according to Mrs. Clark who advised her listeners to get JULIUS TESCH Dear Abby Some, people's hobby. • » . • ' i • ' • . - . , - . is going to .funerals-. By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN TO BE BRIDE NOV. 25 — Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bull, 412 S. Vermont, announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Su.san Elizabeth, to Dale Thomas Mericle, son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mericle of Dea Moines. The wedding will take place Nov. 25. Miss Bull, a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bull of Sioux City, formerly of Mason City, is a graduate of the University of Iowa. Mr. Mericle is a junior in the college of medicine at the University. United Nations i n f ormation from their organization's United Nations observer. Too much of the United Nations' ace omplishmcnts are played down or omitted and loo much is made of the conflicts, she explained. Funds collected through the offering of World Community Day last year financed United Nations seminar scholarships for women from overseas. This year, the collection will provide trained staff members for the Training Bureau of the All African Conference of Churches, according lo Mrs. Clark. School bags, layettes and chlldrcns outfits made by women for Africa and Brazil member churches were dedicated at the service, along with the offering, A worship service on the significance of World Community Day was conducted by Mrs. Harold Hopp, Mrs. R o bcrt Schulcr and Mrs. Warren Wulfe- kuhler. Special music was provided by a sextet svhich sang, "Let There Be Peace." Mrs. Dean Mugi, Mrs. James Francis, Mrs. Allen Martin, Mrs. William llungerford, Mrs. Charles Thrams and Mrs. Merle Dickinson comprised the sextet, with Mrs. Rudy Alman as accompanist. Miss Marie VonKaencI provided organ music. The Rev. Robert Stone gave the benediction. Socia Ca endar Monday 'ITT Chapter CM— 12:45, Mrs. William 916 Monroe NW. UGL Club— Ocrtol, Tuesday We.slcy WSCS board— 9, Rose Room. Presbyterian Circle— Eleanor-Naomi I, Mrs. Morris Laird, 94 Brookl 9:30, church. Wa-tan-ye Club— 12, Hotel Hanford. United Service Circle— 1, Mrs. Robert Hinrichsen, Terrace. Maria Mitchell Club— Mrs. Orrin Jacobson, 821 6th Place SE. HEO Club— 1620 S. Cooliclge. 1:15, Inez Goclz. jSt. Paul's LCW— Grant Girl Scout Neighborhood L, 1 ' 102 ? E -, S |: atc> 1:30, Grant School. j Woman j; Club- Retired Teachers— 6, the Oaks. 1:30, Library. Newcomers Club board— 1:30, Mrs. Hugh Witham, 771 Presbyterian Women and I,ydia| njlicrcst Drive. CHARLES PATRIDGE Set winter fashion pace Paris liit—tho panls .suit! Dashing, young ami so practical for city, country, evenings at home. Make il casual in wool, elegant in velvoleen. Printed Pattern !M74: Misses' Si/os II),.12, .14, Jfi. Ifi, 20. Si/.t- l(i requires 5 ytinls 35-inch nap fabric. Send order lo Glnbo-Giuctto, 4fiO, Pallcrn llopl.. 2'.\2 West IBIh St., New York II, N. Y. Kcop in step with the fashion—crochet fluffy pillbox and plain berot. Crochet bcrol for sport- mohair pillbox for dressy wear. Borel, mainly single crochet bands, stripes added later. Pattern 7:i4H: S, M. L incl. Send order to Globe-Gazette Nccdlccraft llcpt., p. O. Box 103, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. Do not send lo Mason City. Enclose FIFTY CENTS in coins for suit pattern. Thirty- five cents (coins) for hat pal- tern—add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONF,, SIZE nnd STYLE NUMBER, FREE PATTERN DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR—choose it from 300 design ideas in new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog! School, casual, career, drossy styles—all sizes! Send 50c. First, lime! 3 FREF, PATTERNS in big, cxciling IflfiS Necdlccraft Catalog! 200 de- signs—smart stoles, jni'kels, hats, toys, afglians, linens, everything! Send 2. r >c. DKLUXK QUILT HOOK! 1R complete quill p a t I i« r n s— pieced ami npplique, for beginners, experts. Send 50c now. Members of Group 5 of the Women's Fellowship of the Congregational Church served tea at tho close of the program. Mrs. H. J. Lyons was chairman. Mrs. l l ct(! Ilasapopoulos was in charge of the program committee, assisted by Mrs. Frank O'tlearn, Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Gailcrd Erickson. Newcomer craft meeting planned Newcomers club craft group will meet al the home of Mrs. Steve McLaughlin, 120 23rd SW, «l 8 p.m. Thursday. The meeting was announced when tho club mc-l al Kellumsi Interiors for a tour and then wont to vSUcy's for dessert and Circle— 7:30, church. Trinity Altar Guild— 7:30, Fireside Room. Joyce Kilmer Club— 7:45, Green Mill. Beta Sigma Phi (Beta Phi)— 7:45, Mrs. Ray Davis, Heart's Desire Motel. Voleda Club— 7:45, Mrs. L. .f. Moore, 1225 N. Jefferson. Amvcl Auxiliary— 7:45, Mrs. Leonard Rowland, 416 1st SE. Harding PTA— 7:45, school. Mason City LPN uniU- 8, Green Mill. St. Peter's Unit (HF)— Toaslmislrcss Club— 6:30, Green Mill. Medical Auxiliary— 7, Pancake Inn. „.. Wesl Haven Dorcas Circle— 7:30, Our Savior's Lutheran Church. Unity Chapter 58, OES— 7:30, Masonic Temple. Hoover PTA— 7:30, school. Rooscvell PTA— 7:45, school. LWV Evening Unil— Mrs. Wilbur Schram, 221 3rd NW. St. Joseph Group 18— 7:45, 1317 S. Carolina. St. Joseph Unit (HF)— 8. 420 6th NW. Instrumental Music Parents— , - Ha " W LaG3SSC ' 15th Place NE. TTT Chapter BF- M| . s John Carolina. Club board- H g32 N . 8, Mrs. John Harrorl, 704 IGth Subordinate Lodge 224— NE. St. Augustine's Unit (HF)— 8, Mrs. Bth SE. P. Flcckcnstein, 935 cards. Mrs. John Bont/. i-eceiv- led a prize, I New members introduced I were Mrs. Glen Junker, Mrs. j Keith Barker, Mrs. John Gog- erly, Mrs. Robert Larson, Mrs. I Kay Schlader, Mrs-. Rill Wade, ! Mrs. Charles Uealcy nnd Mrs. JTed Ludwig. Board of Methodist WSCS plans for week Arrajwmenls for the observance of prayer and self denial week were made by the First Methodist Woman's Society of Christian Service (WSCS) hoard "Rhino in Rose Bed" to be topic "There's a Rhino in the Rose Bed, Mother." will be the title, of a talk to he given when thej w ' r 'j" tc ' r s"cuib— 8, IOOF Hall. Moose Lodge— 8, Moose Home. Wednesday LWV Morning Unit- Mrs. Carroll Adams, 515 S. Vermont. Bridge Club— 1. Mrs. Ned Snydcr, 204 S. Carolina. Book Club— I. Mrs. J. Van Slout, 920 S. DEAR ABBY: An elderly widow-woman in our town claims that if a wedding is held in church, anyone who is a member of that church may attend. She goes to all the weddings held in our church because she's a member. And if there is a reception downstairs, she goes to that, too. No one has the nerve to ask her to leave and I am sure on more than one occasion one side of the family thought the other side had invited her.'What can be done about a person like this? The parson sees her at all the weddings and he must know she isn't invited. Isn't it HIS place to say something to her? CHURCH-GOER DEAR GOER: It would be rather awkward to refuse a church member admittance to the church because a wedding was taking place there. However, a reception is another story. But it's not the parson's place to "say something" to an uninvited guest. If indeed anything at all is to be said, the hostess should say it. The poor woman is probably lonely, and if she causes no harm, what's another glass of punch and a few cookies amid the merrymaking? * * * DEAR ABBY: I am absolutely crazy aftbut a fellow and I am no good at hiding my feelings. He and I have been going together for over a year and he tells me he loves me, but he is not the marrying kind. I know I could make him happy if he would give me the chance. How can I get him to marry me? I will do ANYTHING. And I do mean ANYTHING to get him. MAD ABOUT BART DEAR MAD: B?rt is clever. He is telling you that he is perfectly willing to "go with you," but he doesn't want to marry you. If, by hook or by crook you should land him, remember, you'll have a husband who warned you that he wasn't the "marrying kind" — and they make miserable husbands. # # 4f ( ', DEAR ABBY: I have three children, but one is simply driving me out of my mind. He is three years old and he is so bad that when I get a sitter, she refuses to come back again. I took him to our family doctor, but all he did was give me some medicine to quiet him down. (The medicine didn't work.) This boy destroys everything he touches. He won't -listen. He throws temper fits on the floor, and even on the street or in a store. We have tried punishing him, spanking him, taking his toys away, and even depriving him of his desserts, but nothing works. He won't even lake a nap. If one of your readers has had a problem child like mine, I would like to know how she handled him. My nerves are shot. . TIRED DEAR TIRED: If you don't have a pediatrician, ask your family doctor to recommend one. Perhaps your child needs some sessions with a child psychologist, in which case a pediatrician could help you find ene. Whatever you do, deWt f>ve up and give in. A problem child is usually a disturbed en*. Has tH? Smartest' HALF-SIZE DRESSES 12V4 to 30 Vz Mason City School of Cosmetology Monday and Tuesday SPECIAL! COLD WAVE Complete With Shampoo &r • Haircut and Styling .... •*"• Shampoo and Style $1.00 Haircut $1-00 Open Than. Eve. All Work Done By Students Under Professional Supervision 221 North Federal Open Daily Dial 423-1305 THE LOVELIEST BRIDES CHOOSE WEDDING GOWNS AT. . . ON SHOPPERS LANE Tennessee Place. DAR- 1. Mrs. Walter Rac, den Drive. 101 Lin- Woman's Club meets Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., at the Library. Mrs. Inn. Milton Garfin, Holiday Speaker will be Betty Bruce Navy Mothers— al a mooting church. Friday the who turned from fashion modeling to conducting safaris in Africa. She fell in love with that continent during a visit to Tanganyika. When her husband was offered a diplomatic assignment in Africa, he gave up his career in banking and moved his family to Tanganyika in I960. Although they arrived at a time of unrest, they suffered no mishaps, neither from lions nor natives. After a short visit 1, Library. American Legion and Auxiliary 6, Legion Club.- St. Joseph Group I— 7:50, Library. Bethlehem Lutheran WML— 7:30, Fellowship Hall. VFW Auxiliary— 7:30, VFW Club. Faculty Wives— 8, Junior College Lounge. Thursday Sorosis Club— in the United States, they re-j ti Mrs . p. c . Waterstradt, turned to Africa and began the safari organizing business which now occupies them. They have 907 Washington NW. NBL Club- 24th SW. PRW Club— 2, Mrs. Gene Johnson, route 3. Calvary Alliance Afternoon Prayer and Mission Band-^ 2, Mrs. Charles F. Littlcficlrl, 744 15th Place NE. Mason City Garden Club— 6:30, YMCA. Bethlehem Jr. Walther League— 7, Fellowship Hall. River City TOPS— 7:15, Library. Rainbow Mothers Club— 7:30, Mrs. Charles Sharp, 404 S. Rhode Island. McKinley PTA— 7:30, school. Grace EUB General Society— 7:30, church. Shrine Ladies Auxiliary— 7:30, First Methodist Fellowship Hall. St. Patrick's Unit (HF)— 8, Levino DiMarco, 814 N. Harrison. Holy Family PTA— 8, school. Newcomers Craft Group— 8, Mrs. Steve McLaughlin, 120 23rd SW. Encampment Auxiliary— 8, IOOF Hall. PAY LESS PAY LESS PAY LESS CLEANERS Plain DRESSES PLEATS NOT INCLUDED! SWEATERS Only ...... 99 29 WHITE SHIRTS 5°99 These Specials In Effect Monday Through Saturday OPEN DAILY 7:30 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. 209 North Federal Mason City, Iowa 1215 1. Mrs. Glenn Harman, three children who, according to 1 i s t sW The second week of Novcm- jhcir mother "look at sunscts^t. Paiil'.s LCW— instead of TV sets." ; j_ c hurch In addition lo the talk, club First Baptist Gildner Circle- members will turn in their hal-; 1:30,. Agnes Compton, 211 S. lots on the museum gift and a ; Indiana. worship service will be held at *£*** chanRC ' T ° a wil1 »>e Grace EUB Ruth Circle- 10 in the Wayside Chapel. !scrvctl ' ' 2 ' Mrs ' Arthlir Do ™ghy, her has been designated for the observance to close with the general WSCS meeting Nov. 13. Coffee will be served at 9:30 in the Fireside Room and a from 9174 10-20 A LARGE sheet of plastic is an invaluable aid when launder- jing knils and other strclchables. 'Just spread the plastic on a bed ;or Ilio floor as a waterproof sur- Ifarc for drying the items. Kabaret BOOMHOWEH S "FIREPLACE ACCESSORIES" • Grates • Tongs • Bellows • Screens Matches • Log Carriers FREE CITY DELIVERY - SHOP BOTH FLOORS BOOMHOWER'S I 113 N. F«4*r*> — Ph>n« 423-1752 .1 f ™ • , . . \ft BEAUTY SALON Second Floor Dial 423-2741 Open Friday Till 9:00 P.M. Once A Year Offer! Reg. $17.50 Wave .... 8.95 Reg. $22.50 Wave. ...U.25 [Budget Wave $5.95~] I Appointment NoA Alwayr Netessary • Vie Youf Cbirgt For: The New 54 Inch LEATHER f ABRIC JACKETS - COATS SKIRTS - DRESSES In RED - IVORY - LODEN And BLACK Get It At The FABRIC SHOP 114 NORTH FEDIRAL have a perfect wedding . . have a Formalities wedding when you walk down the aisle . . . you'll be (he fairest lady of oil in on enchantingly lovely wedding gown from our new collection of beautifully fashioned dresses for the bride, her attendants and mother.

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