Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 3, 1969 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1969
Page 7
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Young listeners are impressive concert audience An hour of cood music «-asj arransed and iiretcntcd by Dr.j Edward C. Trill ^ the Vai- xertiti-Commuiaiy . Sympboay; Orriieora >«flc«tUy as aoailier! UucJc for Vauth concert in Jlc- mortal cbapd at the Unit'cniU- o) BedUods. oiiLy JOSEPHINB RBAV Barbara McManus is bride of I William Tennille in chapel rites * To lite in Richmond. Virsinia. Robert Minnick was best man' aner the tiridegnxim s discharge and ushers acre Pal Ouncgan of The audience for the aflcmooa from Mrtice with Ihc Naty Sen Diciw and Km est Elldie. «as a pnrdomiaalcJy ytMilhful bier this inanlh. arc nc«Iy mar-brclher-in-lan of the bride- one and the >tiune people uerc ricd Mr. and Mrs. William II. sroom. from Las Vegas, Neva- impressive in ihdr attention. Tennille (Barbara Lj-nn McMan- da. I Conductor Trilt ««]camcd ufi. Rev. U'itliam Granl, a friend llhcm and inlroduccd Dr. Kriu Ihc nuptials were performed of ihc .McManus family, per- I Brombcrger of Ihc University of in the Chapel of Ihc Grail al Ihc formed Ihc double ring ceremony jRcdlands 'acuity who is also a Fir^t Concregalional church on in a scllins of pink and while I member of Ihc orchestra's viola ihc etening of Kebniao' H- Howen uiih greenery and can- section. Dr. Brombcrger had The bride is the daughter of ddabra. prepared inieresung program .^!rs. John lIrManu.<. 628 Hibis- .Mrs. U'arrco James was or- r*tcs from wliich he spoke, siv- cus drive, aad Ihc late Mr. Mc- gani.*l for the wedding and Mrs. ing the music mare meaning far .Manus. The bridegroom is ihc Jickic Oliver was soloist, the >x>ung listeners. sen of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ten- Kin Kimbcriy Hall, during Ihc Three movements of Benja- "f Chester. Va. icception. Mrs. Larrj- Walkden min Britten's bright litUc "A McManus. on leave was al the guest book table, 'simple Sywpbooy" opened the ^ - »l>f»* ^'"^ Klcis received the program It was wriUcn. said Irving with the U.S. Army, gifts. Mrs. Ernest Ellckc. and ., • L • J f Ci. L Dr BitMnbergcr. wtca the com- hi* marriage. She Mary Ann Baialico poured and; 1 infja WnlTmfin K nridP Ot NTPDnPn W»er wTs^^is «ars rid and «cre a wlute silk coitfcd «wl- Mrs. Charles Collier .-ericd ihc LIIIUO ff UIMIiail 1^ Ul lUC Ul JIC^IICM i«visod by him at the age of Italian Ouippere eake which she had made and 20. lace trim and delacbaUe train, decorated. T..« «f ("ostals and pearU studded her The couple honeymooned in cn^ Uie o^h« «^ ^1 "•••'«» "ace headpiece from -Vorthem California and visited, ^n^rt w.^ " dbow-lcnRlh ilhisionLas Vegas. The bride, a iscs! evcfiuig concert were repeated .^j, „^ , " „,.j,..i. „/ o-ji i. i..-.. Redtomfs Odity Facts Monday, AAarch 3, 1969 - 7 MR. AND MRS. STEPHEN EUGENE OeVOL DeVol in Lake Tahoe ceremony at this time Borodin's "On the iiowca. Sl^>pe$ of Central Asia" and, ^"^'^ Minnick of San school, has been employed as a nouncc the Mr. and graduate of Redlands highima". AAUW invifes public fo panel discussion Three auUioriUes m counseling, guidance and family relations will discuss the problem 'of cbangins vahics in today's society at a mectmg of the Redlands Brach of A^\UW tomorrow evening. Panelists will be Dr. Donald > Ruthenberg. dean of students at the University of Redlands; Dr. Robert Eaton, psyehotogist; and Robert Castlo. ainmcy. ••Because of wide interest in this topic, the program portian of the evennig meeting will be opened to the public and all in- teiKtcd persons arc invitwi." said Mrs. Dennis Chew, branch president. The presentation by the panelists will begin about 7:43 p.m. in Kno.x Hall o( tlie First Presbyterian church. AAUW members and their guests will meet at 6:15 p.m. for a potluck dinner and brief business meeting. Dr. Ruthenberg. a sociobgist with nine years of e.tpcriencc in .student personnel work and a theolog>- degree, has sp<Aen to national conferences on topics such as student values and MR. AND MRS. WCHAa THOMAS CARPENTER Plwta bt Uptlon Studie Woltman Sr. who makes her „. .... • j- •\ -, TTie couple motored to Lake home at Wissahickon Imi. P^- "duduiS. individual, mam- plaudcd bv her youn- adinireR e'lO'sanlhemums with in San Diego and due for dis at the end of the peiformancc. tireamers. • chine Mareh 20. --rj. ....... ..^..^„„ ^. situations. He is lUt iU/i ,,-<fh fhA itlner tOCC U.. * " ., the most popular -^election of the day was the [_Q Jnfla DOSfor fo SOeok of group of seven Rumanian Folk »»w"w f^%j^ivi ^^cwiv «i Cynthia Morin, Michael Carpenter are wed in early evening ceremony ^^'r .\^s'^^^^\T, Plymouth vniage dinner meeting , i...„. ..J.. i^^l^l^J:^^^:J^ Louis H. Evans Jr. „ • A coastal honeymoon foUowcd'Iaw of the bridegroom: Mark "Scmerset Rhapsody" and Cher the wedding of C>-nthia Ann Mor- Samuelson and Glen Bell, both "0"ii 5 "Ponugucse Inn. in and Michael TSiomas Carpcn- from Wliittier college, and John ~ ter al 6 o'clock on the exening Bout<ikaris of Upland, ushered, of Fcbniarj- 22 in Sacred Heart Completing the wedding party church. in the rdes al floner girt and Cynthia is the daughter of Mr. ring bearer were Amy Farmer and Mrs. Francis G. .Morin. SOS and James Carpenter, brother Sherw^ Lane, and Michael is of the bridegroom, the son of .Mr. and .tfrs. Thorn- Rev. Henr>- \V. Keane. pastor as P. Carpenter, 114 East South of 'he church, perfumed the avenue. nuptials and Gene Vandcr Lugt Mr: Morin escorted his daugh-'^^s al the organ, ter to the altar She »Dre a ^^ddms reception was in weddmg dress of angel-mist taf- '"'^ feta trimmed with venise lace P«"^ ^'^ "on D.D.. pastor of I'nited Prcsb.v- lerian churdi of La Jolla and prominent churchman m Southern California, will be the main speaker at the annual dinner meeting of the Plymouth Village Corporation tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. at the First Baptist church. Dr. Evan.s is a mini-'ter of the rommission on Ecumenical Mis- By Mon and Relations of the Pres- Pelly Cramtr byicrian denomination. DE.Mt POLLV - Doris can °^ " fix those sweaters that are too pours POINTERS and finished with Uce-boitJered Anderson was at the guest U)ok ^^^^^ Assisfance League train. Her double-tiered Mush "^ic -heading a darning needle with tomorrow vea was secure! to a crowT, Bothjnemlw^rf the Ctos^^^ to Itieet TOITlorrOW of vtile orsania rosebuds and L^®.. Redlands high school. ^ ^ ^ ^ r ^M. iZr^a^ZoA tr«m """""S^ ""e bottom band of the 1 lace and she held a nosegay of Cyf'*"^ w^J^^fl^-l^ *-ea!er. Trj- the sweater on and will have its general meeting to- wiiite camaUons, blue cfcry&an- i"^^^^^ tic the elastic so the sweater is morrow heginning at t p.m. in themums. pink rosebuds and '"Lf ^^"^'.'L f^J!„!S, .-omfortable yet lighter around the League BuiWing on Collnn babv's breath. employed by a Redlands , „ av«iiiA The iwrrf uiii m~.i Mre. Fred Woodniff of Qare- ... ^ draw mont O-nthia re-sort cit.v. On their return tripi Alto with the class of 1965. He; jj^ Eaton has taught for eight they visited Steve's parents, has served three and a half- ..g^^ i„ California secondary where a weddmg reception was jcars with the United States Air schools and for three years at held in their honor. Force and is currently stationed the University of Redlands. Pri- j Linda was graduated from ^^arch Air Force Base. He or to receiving his Ed D. from 'Redlands high school with the re«i\e his discharge in the wayne State University, he class of 1965 attended San Ber- '"""•<=• a* ""'ch time earned an A.B.. and .M..A. from nardino Valley College a n d affiliated with Photo Stanford and an M.A. from Uni- Skadron College of Business. Patrol of San Mateo and also versity of the Pacific. plans to resume his education, j-astle. who has practiced The couple are now living in law in San Bernardino county for Riverside, but will make their nearly 15 years and Redlands home in the Bay area following for 2'i years, is particularly in- Stevc's separation from the terestedin family and juvenile Craffon PTA unit to meet armed forces. A diversified projiram will he presented at Crafton PTA unit's . - , meeting Uednesday at 2:15 p.m. affend Officers for the new vear will be elected at this time. W\^l VefeFOnS Morris Durham xvill direct a variety of selections featuring rjinnf^r m^t^tinn the Crafton School Band. An as- meSTing sortment of books, to be on fodar^S the Book Fair March of'ttVlirWaT^ra^" itiTuxTii! 6 and 7. will be displayed for law. A former FBI agent and once a member of Ihc district attorney's staff in the county, he is also working toward a Ph.D. degree in sociology from L'CK because of a concern lor a multi-dLsciplinar}- approach to society's problems. Castle earned his J.D. degree from Redlands Barracks. Veterans ^^C. bridesmaid with Kimberb' Car. coucge ana is now one. This akj works for wrist penter. sister of the bridegroom. ^ ftudent at California State tar.d.s. - S. D. as jumor bridesmaid. Ali wore Co"^?= ^an Bemardmo. He floor-length dresses of turquoise '\ employed as superxisor velvet and held nosegays of l"? May Company Sk, Shop pink, wtiie and blue camaUons at Inland Center. and mums. CMS are a.skcd to note that ,^ „ f ^ Methodist ^orce slates meeiinq if';i,« t„ avenue The boant will m«.i it members wno wrote to children must have the money .'"-iiioujsi a !Ti„ Jfii T Jn?-M am in i^^^ "a<onieni of with them in order to pur-The senior citizens task force »• It in -suU more, she can a.m. in tne home o[ Mrs. ,„„,^,;„„,, ^,„i„„ „, ,,,„ „, .K.:. ,.u.™' Auxiliary members were host- of the Redlands Council of the dinner which had Churches will meet on Wcdnes- Scnlor Citizens as day from 7 to 8:30 p.m., m the aom was matron of honor and ^j^, vallev Cdlege. transferred ai„ut an inch from the first "t^^t- ,hc t'.S.A. He is currently sen.- resented. „„, ;jTithia Bcals of Enanitas was ^-hjniof coUege and is now one. This alsj works for wrist . , ... — - iridesmaid with Kimberlv Car. ™ KCttlC H©f Hll saved from drowning Richard Abrassart stood with the bridegroom as best man. Steve Morin. brother <rf the bride; John Huisken. brolher-in- Who Has a birtUaj MARCH 4 — Warrin Ptrtnam Kriity Hmdcrsen David Moneymaker William McCermick Marion Burfeot Heiai Schiippincr Ricky Van Wicket Euftnt Cosby Herman Hot son M. Wallii Weslermeyer William Mack Jer«>*n Win'ifred E. Thomas J. R. Howden Robin Hcrshy Steve Bugbee H«r«ld Martin Ralph MerriH III Cbaries W. Co* Mark Bush DavM Stegsdill Carl M. Parker Happy Birthday from II E. State Ph. m-2SD5 Search team resumes hunt for Scouts Polly's Problem DEAR POLLY — I have at least 100 beautiful post cards that I would like to display in my small living room if some of the girls can give me some ideas on how to do this, — BETTY ing on the re<«nxened commit- Itoom mothers who will be host- f'"'**^- Re*- "a"T'' G. Suttner, lounge of the First Baptist tee working toward improve- esses arc from Mrs. Barbara Pa*"='" "f the First Congrega- church. The task force was set ment in the statement of the liuffmaster's first grade. Mrs. chureh. asked the bless- up to discover and alleviate Confi~..sion. Florence Mossos second grade "^^^ elderiy persons in this Dr Evans, a graduate of Oc- •'"id Mrs. Caihy Murano's morn- citlental College, attended I h c inR kindergarten. San Francisco Seminary. During The ne.vt meeting is scheduled community. Members will discus for March in at 1 p.m.. also P^Sress on their various proj- in Weeks hall. SA.\ FR.AXC1SC0 (UPD- World War II he served in the Leisure Centers Movie actor Van Ileflin's daugh- L" S. .Navy. ler was swept several hundred While serving as pa.stor of the Open weekdays feet out to sea by a freak wave United rresbyterian Church in TI «. R«tl-.nHs <-.nior DEAR POLLV - Before icing early today, then .saved by a Bel .\ir. he developed a pro-ui"ure cVnlei^ are op^^ Easfern Sfars fo have Guest Night - - • • M-.-u... ..luivi:, uic -lull- Copa dcl Oro chapter. Order .-n angel cake with seven-minute feUow drama student who is a gram nf lay training which has dav through Fridav froni f ol the Eastern Star, will meet I - Sheriffs frosung. cut the cake into serv- collegiate champion swimmer. \>ccn >hared with the Lay Divi- noin to 4 p.m. There are two Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the Ma jl^jj.^.^ «taughter Katie. 23. si ,in of .Xrfult Educaiion in the locations, the VWC.\ at 16 East sonic Temple. This will be a ects. including Operation Cont a c t. Phone Alert League 'PAL), theater groups, research on "meals on wheels", and low- cost housing. All interested friends arc welcome to attend. pit-ces. then frost and dec- BIG BEAR <UP1 deputies, aided by a .special in, av;.ianche research iram rralc to y.-.ur liking. Serving ij»pcaring in a current play, rhil.iilclphis and San Francisco olive avenue phone T?3-2U57~a ~nJ "Guest .Night" meeting and the helicoplcrs. today resumed iiic r-n '.K I'une very easily with -Vou Kncm I Cant Ucir You >eiijinaries. .720 Union '-ircel icorner of theme i.s "Wearing of the search for four. Los .\ngelcs use of a rake .server and When the Waters Running." In U .Ijlla church, this pro- Webster and Unioni. phone Green." Chairman is SleUa Gar Explorer Scouts and their lead- runni.ig a .-harpjjojnied knife nent to the beach with a group «ram of lay training and train- 792-J9II. To meet new friends "^'t- cr. missmg for nine days. through the frosung to Ihc sliced of actors for a past-midnight ing in diseipleship has been car- and enjoy planned activities sen Bad weather had forced sus- cake. The cake loc*s nice wten look at the ocean. ried on with strong emphasis on ior citizens are invited to vbit pension of seareh operations for ytole on the table and there is Thure GusUfson. 20. a fcUow mission and worid outreach. |the leisure cemers in Redlands three da>^ before axm-toimd l(^ mcs m scning it. - ^^^^ student of KaUe's. dived access roads WW fmalLv cleared THE WORRY WART into the sea and rescued her^ up to the Big Bear Lake area ^hen a secondao'wave brought' Sunday. DEAR POLLY - I have 3,,^s closer to TREASURE HOUSE Vour unused furniture or ap- nlianees will find a ready mar <e: ihrouiA Classified Adi. The five became lost on a found that after cereal boxes are ^ shore. Both were treated skiing trek in the lake area, opened the contents stay fresh- exposure at a hospital and Deputies said there have been er if a plastic bag is put over released. throe fresh avalanches in the the top. 1 also put sandwich-sized area but they still heM out plastic bags over the tops ol hope that the scouts had found opened boxes of raisins, bak- shcltcr in a cabin or had built ing soda and so on. — MRS. a "snow cave." They said all M. B. five were mountain climbing experts. DEAR POLLY — I do not The group consisted of Dr. know how Doris can shrink her Michael Pasternak, the leader, sweater to make it fit better Rob Rittmayer. .\lbert Silver- around the waist but I do know l.'urg. Eddie Manz and Burton something that will work even EllswT)rih. better. Sew up the side seams. The five had gone to a cabin.Pin up the sides as much as' Pear Fawnsktn on the north you want to sew them. Stretch side of Big Bear Lake and the fabric as j-ou sew and use planned to trail .-^ki to Green when finished the stitches will VEUCV Lake, about 10 miles to con'.aet and you will have a nicc- the west. They never reached fitting sweater. Be sure to fin- Ever thought of God as Mind? TOAFREE Christian Science Lecture 8 P.AA. TUESDAY, MARCH I 110 W. VINE. REDIANOS their destination. SELL IT TOMORROW With low-cost Classified Ads ish the cut-off seams of the j i sweater with the zigzag stitch on your machine so they willi not ravel. — JEANNIE I TAe Studio of WM, CLMER HiNGHAM KNiniNG CLASSES STARHNG FOR BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATE MONDAY MORNINGS 9:30 TIL 11:30 A.M. THURSDAY EVENINGS 7.-00 TIL 9.-00 P.M. Cbtsct Start March 10 Inslruetians ara FREE purehasa •f YARN PARENTS, The CalHMiiia MBitary Aeadwny'm ChM-. rr Valley it Starling Day ttodiat bus Sarvka fram Riv. arsida, San Bernardino and Redlands. NOW YOUR boy can hava Small elatsa*, adult supervision and the penonalizad cara you'va always waniad and al a raasanaMa prica. DAILY pick up and return la a central lecaHon in Mch cHy. FOR INFORMATION CAU 84S-3801 NOW...Spedafizingln TALL PETITE FEMININE DRESS HEELS Quality JACK ROGERS fashions Mary McCalls SHOE FASHONS M:3t la 5:11 Man. Mini Sat. 4 Wa dtiMi Rcdoids Laundry and Dry Cleaners BASELINE 203 E. Citrus Ave. Redlands Ph. 793-5621 — ROUTE SERVICE AVAILABLE — NATIONAL ORANGE SHOW SPECIALS Sweaters 49* LADIES CAPRIS Reg. 80< 59 ORANGE COLORED SWEATERS AND CAPRIS THE REGULAR PRICE ORANGE NECKTIES FREE for those who think twice about 'EXTRA SUPPORT-, shoes for their youngsters Special hidden construction /ealures in CHILD LIFE .Arch Feature Shoes provide "pcrscm- alized fit" and extra support . . . and just as your yDunt:stcr wants, .^rch Feature Shoes come in the popular styles and colors other kids wear. See tliem soon. 9 to 5:30 PM. TutJ. tlifough Sot. 1SIS7 YUCAIPA BLVD. m-1fI3 YUCAIPA Wa HMMT BankAmaricaiid and Master Charta hecofjtin^ by Trevor Beck A SPANISH ACCEOT has proved to be one of the strongest voices in current home interiors. No one knows why one partic ular style revives and enjoys spontaneous acceptance, but there arc aooil rca sons for the popularity ol the .Mcdi tcrrancan muod. This style seems to fit the more elegant trend of decorating today, possibly showing a reaction away from furnishings which are too bare, too stark. The .Mediterranean mood is dramatic and impressive. Woods arc warm natural or dark browns, or even softly antiqued green. Handsome and intricate wood carx-ing and other decorative details on doors and facings add to the feeling of richness and elegance. Touches of wrought iron enhance the beauty of Ihc woods and fabrics, and give a relieving touch of lighbicss to imposing pieces. To complete the picture, the Spanish style welcomes the warm, vibrant colors of many Soain and the Mediterranean, in sky blues, sim golds and other strong colors. Yonni find thi.s trend h«aiitifully exnressed in the diimlavs in our showroom right now . . . fine fumittn^ craft<^ for pride and enduring beauty. Come fai and looir ovor tt'c newest in mialilv fnmiture and acces- sortc."!. priced for every hitdecl. 19 E. Citnis Ave. DOWNTOWN REDLANDS 793-2917

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