The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1936
Page 4
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER i2, 193G 1 flLYTttfcVlLLti, (ARK.) COtmiiSR KWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING [^FORMATION Dally rate >rer line for consecutive Insertions: Oiw time per lino lOc Two limes i«r line per day .. 08c Three times per Hue per day .. Ofic Six iiirjiu i)er line pci day .. 05c \lonth rate per line COc :ards of Ttianks .... 50o & 15Ci Minimum charge 6uc j Ads ordered for three or sixj tir.ii'S and stopped before expiration will te charged for the number of times the ail appeared and adjustment of 'oil' made. All" Classified Advertising copy .ubriiiued by persons residing outside' of the city must .be accompanied by cash. Rates may be 'lasiiy computed .Ironi aboye 'table. .'dverlising ordered for Irregular [iisertious takes the one time rate. No responsibility will bo ,tak«ri tor more than one incorrect insertion of uriy classified ad. Coal & Wood \Vhy worry ^vith smoke & soot? pIWN 'SUNSHINE Sold Only By J.p.liN BTJCUANAN "fily coal 'is Black But' I Treat You white" Phone 10? WE BELL ' : Alabama & Kentucky EXPERT SEAMSTRESS. : Do fancy work. Grace 'McParland, 913 Holly. Phone 036. Directory ille Gin Co. For Sale AUTOMOBILE for child 3 to 7 yrs. Old. 112 E. Cherry, Phone C02: .:'... IS-ck-lC MUI.KS Foi Sfile of Trade Terms To Respo'nslble Panics.' DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. PLASTERING BOB MALONE And Stucco - - Phone 350 OUR STOCK IS NOW .COMPLETE ON Rawlings Athletic Equipment At School Prices Flionc 35 SIiouse-Henry Hdw, Co, J. W. Shousc . • Wilson Henry WE HAVE THE BEST, ' AIal?ama, Illinois & Kentucky fi 0 ft 1 At the Rest Price Kindling Too GIVE 'us' A 'TRIAL Guarantee Honest ' Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. I'lione 218 Chickasiwba & K. It. We N. W. TRANTHAM BEECH aS COAL : Other high grade Coal,/ i^ood and Kindling d. Broiidway - - Phone 964 Colrl Weather Coming ! ! Protect' Your House With Nu-Metal Weather Stripping .Call,Us For Estimates Arkmo Lumber Go. Phone 40 V HINTING -PAPEU HANGING Freeman & House - Call 749 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS •>fj- each BURKE HDW. CO. ^Ii-s. j. i; Davis—Sprnrrr Cnrsetiert Call 421-W Tor Appointments If You Want ' Ash & Oak Wood WE HAVE IT! Economy Coal Co. • 221 W. Cherry. . phone 418 Coal, Wood & Kindling SALE —Eight good Work ' Mules jit a bargain. Sec Paul Byruni, .118 E. Main, ' O'BRIEN'S CAFE, .coinpiotely .(Xittlpped, Doing yoot) ljuslness for past"j(6 years. BARGAIN.' Br'unsivick POOL TABLE, CO OHEAP. JORDAN SEDAN, In good -condl Uoa. At give 1 ' airay price. " P." SIMON, Phone let ,' Wanted Thoroughly Experienced SALESMAN TO WORK IN BLYTI1EV1LLE Address Box "S" Courier News, or 3 room uii'ir.o'.ie,: .v,>ur:meiu. Write Bos "H," Courier News. 11-ck-iG For Sale or Trade- IGCi-ACro fiivm 18 mllss NW ol I'd- cnhontns. 100. : acres clears!, 59 botlom. Good 7. room liouSa, barn, concrete silo, chicken nn.l brooder houses, will sell orlnute for land iu Mlsshsljipl courtly or iidjolnlnj county, Write J. M, Whits, naltoii, Ark. 12-pk-iG Nursery Stock Settled, Unencmnbereil while man wnnl.s Job 1513 w, Ash. keeping house. ll-p-k-18 wo . I'PJanl our curly bear |1|SC J P.-cau inul I'riilt Ti ring .BRED-U'I' Troes now, CiU- alogr fro?. Hiss I'eciiu LumberUm, Miss. Pcrtioaa! r , , ... . _,. :—: — _. —•! Uiurch Warden Misses STOMAOK ACID. GAB ' 0llC SmicC in 4,000 FOR SALE InteriiaUqiul, % Ton, Long wheel base. International, 1 TOD, Slake body. . 1M5 i',i. Tori Chevrolet, ": Stake body. ' 1334 l]f. "Xou'.ChBvtolcJ, StiiVe body. Nabors Pole Trailer, Electric brakes. All ,ln Oood Mechanical Condillon with Good Tires." DELTA ; IMPLEMENTS, inc. FREE I PAINS. INDIGESTION rellevqd quick. Get Ircn sniVmle doctor's prescription, Uciea, nt Klruy liros. Drug Co.. APPLES Bushel '$1.65 and $1.35 Home Killed Meats .Maxwell Fruit Stand, 130 U. Main "''' PHONE 244 FOR THE BEST COA1 FROM ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, A WEST KENTUCKY. LI. RICE Nlce.fatTURKEYS. Roiand Green, Call 354 or 222. lie ktf '36 mmlel WILLYS "IT', chcapT H. Atkins, over"Gem Theatre. '•':•' . iic ktt Hotels $10 December 10, a wntcli with leather lou nntl Masonic emblem .at- More Steel, less Flesh In Future Armies Seen __ LONDON, Ont, (OP)-Tlic day of the horse In war Is .ended and There arc 5,000,000 table tennis enthusiasts In tlio United states v.ill never conn; Col. 0. ll, > . . , I'caikes, director of military Irnln- j hi(! nnd stnft duties 'of the Ciuia-' •"nn.nwncitnpiifpr Nntlonul l)t- fenso, believes. '.. i'j'.e IKII«>," h? enld, "will never r.BUln BO to wnr." ..... Colonel. Pcarks sakl Uioro .would bo more steel and less iiesh In Uie lU'intcs of (lie fiitut'e. UYDNEy (Ul>)—Australia U now ready to start- a world com- 'Poiilloo (or two church records which It is believed are unmatched. The first is dial of Wllllum of E. E. Alexau-ler and Main sired. | C ' Ct { imcll ' r r °'', 30 '>' cars clmi '^' A reward of $10.01) will be paid for! K"'^",,",, 1 ''" u y Church, South Its return to Courier News. 2-ck-10 j* '" b ^ M \ nvi "I '" ""' ! °" ly ! ™e of the .-1,000. church services licit! during that. time. The i.ccond is. that ol The liev. A. T, Huslan. B5, who recently complettd [luce (!«>•, and nlgUU, For Ken! Nicely furnlslicd STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call 500. '2-c-k-l-2 Nicely Furnished Rooms with Night SRIJVJCJ? Toni Little Chevrolet (Co WE' HAVi: BKCUItED THE SI;UVKIES <*f AN , RADIO MECHANIC who \vlll guarantee to repair lour indie- to first elavs condition: A t'nnipMi I.lno p( Tubes and r.^t'i - - ^tcM 1'ilcts Hubbard Tire & lint. Co. Phone '476 Read Courier News' Want-Ads ELKCTF'.IC * ACETTWNE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 ii( continuous prayer, at the Brls- Bible House. took a two WANT TO DUY Board. Mrs. Phone 050. J. F. Sanders,'but at tin 7p kH fit as ever ov three-hour sleep evoi-y 24 hours ' end v,ub ns' phiblcnlly l^cwly decora led 4 room duplex apartment, hard wood . flpors. Mrs. 6. B. Suradlcy, 129 E. Ash. *> ll-p-k-lD Nice comfortable bedroom.' close In. Mrs. Nolcn, 310 W. Walnut. 3 room fur. npnrlinent, hath. Mrs. Mick. 110 -W. Ash. , 27-p-k'-2 2,nr 3 Furnished Hocnis, 1 reasonable. 914 Hcarn. FURNISHED ROOMS. Clean, comfortable, steam-heated Theatre. Harry Alkin.s. rooms, hot and-cold water, rea- onablo rales—day, week or month. rEAIiODY HOTEL New Carhad Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK STORES. QH, •& GAS BURNING STOVES.' FUEL OIL HEATERS _ , f ,. SEE. OUR NEW -.STOCK . Trade-in Allowance for • " Old Stoves • Hubbard Hdw. Co. CALL K P. FRY at ; Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo iND OTHER HIGH GRADE CUA: PHONE 417 COAL, WOOD, KINDLINC 'L'rtimyl Service — Call 47 ;=/,, : KIM'S COAL CO. To BUY i'r Gem llc r kir For Rent: Nice comfortable bedroom, close in. 515 W. .Walnut. Call 351. , -10rCkprl7 Ore. V/crt & Wert (M'T'OMKTlllSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store nVE • MAKi: .'Ejrt S.lii;' Phone 640 Wiinfed To Sell $J 00,000 l-'urniturc Half Down • litiiliincc Next Fall - Huy Now Hubbard Furniture Co. CRAWFORD & .COPP15DGB GIN CO. 18 - Phono 331 TMRUY A: S-'IJACT & RKAl/l'Y CO. ALsli ipfs, I UK!,, &, i,, um K. SI. 'leu ', ftfM. and l>Isr I'Jionc 611 «l)lhc\ille, Arlt Nntiirnlly yqii will wish (ho last services for your loved ones to bo as Impicsr.lvc anil (lltulilcd ns ctirc can iiwl.o them. Hcic, rcgnidlcss of HID cost, every hilnnlo detail will icoLlvo coiuUleinto t\t- lenlloti. Cobb Funeral Home ttry Kindling STOVE WOOD and good At Prices You Can Affrrd _. ._- o GREAT HF..VHT (0\l. FREE Superior Coal & Minmv ( 'o. I*fion<> 700 , GAY & BILLINGS, li>c. Coal - Feed - Kindling PHONE 76 Now Located (vt 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER • SERVICE BUREAU DON rDWARDS, Proprietor All makes, of Rebuilt Tyrrarllera, Adding MacliUi« and '(.'alenl.ilorb—Itepahlnt—Parts—It Bus. Opportunities' NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course DAY & NIGHT CLASSES State supervised .. TUITION VERY REASONABLE See Mrs. Wm. Berrymah Elaine Ueanty-Shop Niglit Clubs S H G Every Night S:30 to 2:00 CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Four Miles North o[ Missouri Line Frank "IVcnncr" Harmon, anil !l>s Sensational 0-Fiece Orchestra, of Chicago Floor Show Thursday Through Sunday - Direct From St. Louis Huberl IFtlcy, Owner and I'ropriclor I 1 nniiturp : ' : We Buy TORN & SOYBEANS ilytheviile Gin Co. •. Highest Prices Paid For IJserj Furniture WadcfwrflitureCo. 301-3U3_,E. MAIN '.WE BUY " '"' Hides•& Furs Metals and Scran Iron Blytheyillc Iron & Metal Co. Jherry &'R. R. Plione 448 We Pay Highest Prices .FOR SCRAP IRON. METALS. PECANS. HIDES <& FURS ARFAN ATJTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone ne WE BUY WR P.AY PARH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE HubbnrH 2nd Hand. FurnHurc Store Plione 1031 Conic In €»al C«. OnnusUo Jahc Vng;ir Gin Auiuuioliye LET US CHEOK YOUR BATTERV COLD WEATHER IS COMING! J. B. CLUNE Jackson Service Station—Call Male Instruction Would like to r.ear from mechani- , ________ ___ catty inclined men in this com-1 For Sale: DWELLING, 2 lots at ' mu'nity wlio would like to better' 200 N. 21st Street. Blythcvillc. themsclveo by training spare lima Will sell on terms or will trade for installation niiii servicing w ork for property in or near Paragould. '• on nil lypss AIR CONDITIONING Everett Rogers, Paragould, Ark. FOR SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town. . Could be made into apirttnent. Cheap for cash. SOS Chicknsawba. - dh tt and ELECTRIC REFRIGERATING equipment. Only reliable men with fair education should reply, utilities Eng. Inst., "U" c-o pap;r. For Sale: 8ft acres FARM land. near Manila. Sternberg Cotton | Co. 20-ck-tf Y FOR SALE—-40 acres BOCK! improved land 2 3-4 miles northwest of Manila, 3-4 mile from Highway 13. 23 ncrcs 1 mile west of Blytheville on Highway 18. Enclt tract $2400, $000, cash, balance like rent. J. M. Jcnln Phoiitf 312. |" MBAS. SPECIAL As Long As It Usls! Quart $ Brandy Regular price SS.50 Cognac, ISlackbcrry and Pcacli HARRY BAILEY I I'henc 1SOS.F4 Slate Line GUANI) WIXBR AMONG THE HfcV, CAPTAINJl'OP TH 1 GUARP, ALLEY ' \MlTM KIM6 GUZZLEf -BUT, TUNK, OL 1 &'OV, JUST IN CASE TH 1 OL 1 DUFFER MIGHT PECIDE T'DO 5UMPIN RASH, WF'p " 5 A MATTEL OFFOf£M,LE'S 60 HAVE A LOOK AT THAT PIMOSAUR BEWHISKEEED PAL AINT AWNP ANYWHERE LOOK? AS HE'S THAT 5UIT5 IT'LL JU5 OH, BOY? AM t GLAD: BETTER GIT CAMPAIGN TO READY TO TAKE TH' FIELP IMMED1ATELV.' TROU&LE OF GWIMfo 8DOT BY NE< irnVicr uic' T. M Bt'c u's n/ii 1'HE FAM11A'! AND BABE REAV.VV THE BATTLK IS ON! ' IN THIS CORNER, LAOEEZ AND GENTS., WE HW5 LFFTY OUSAM, BUTCtA SMITH AAJP IR.ONJ fAAN 6LUTZ, WEISHIM& IN THIS CORNER ,TME GREAT SOiOCO SULLIVAN. 191. WHO HOLV SMOKE! TUeY'U'XlLL THAT SHOW LOOK! THEV GOT 206, 218, AND 2 WILL EM-DEV-AH TO WHIP _/ Ml THREE AT ONE/ .-f iki i-» LETTER GO!/ FRKCKLBS AND ,S TEA I) Y, TH ERE, VR\'XU UvS! i CAN'T'AMD ALWAYS HAS BEEW OWE OF MY* 1UHERITED \VEAKMESSES-.' IS.HOI-JE5IY YOUR OML.Y WEAKNESS . , <? PONT CALL K PSYTCW r< IS I ID BE Top HAF& I THOUGHT YOU SAID >bu COULDN'T ! ^_ PAWCE / AFRAID YOD'RE GOiWG TO EETVtt OTHER'.'

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