Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 28, 1954 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1954
Page 2
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TWO i Plans For Marquette Bids May Be Called in Thfee Week* p ! A meeting marking the first! .-anniversary of the Marquette High Schdol expansion fund cam- pSUrfi was Held at 7:30 p.rn Tue.«' day in SS Peter * Paul's (Old Cathedral) Parish Hall. The ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Nasser Orders Arrest of 52 Persons Who Allegedly Plotted With Reds in Egypt Schwable Fate McCarthy Is Uncertain fty t;n rot.t.AK Kgypt /P — Premier AbrM Nrivser ordered thr arrest of at least V_» persons—in- (ConttnnrH From 1'ngt 1.) (eluding 12 army officers—today on Mvors fagged directly to the fed- ' rha WS of plotting with Ihr C.nm Tells How He Became Red Murphy Says Depression r,aii«pf| Move WEDNESDAY,. APRIL 28, 1954 More Fair Weather V.S. JTMmt* tUttU muntsls to cause trouble on May Day. taking part in the campaign last S*ar. Hugo A. Gold, director of the campaign, made n special trip from Glenview to address the mating. Plffis 'tor the first unit addition to Marquett:> High School were discussed by the architect, wfitfUfAted that the plans will he completed within the next three weeks. The first unit consists of the gymnasium, auditorium and cafeteria. Firm bids will be asked Upon completion of the plans. the final report showed that $209,450 has been paid to dale on the subscriptions. This does not Include two subscriptions totaling $75,000, which are expect ed to be forthcoming when con tracts are awarded. Leaders expressed the hope that when Ihe firm bids on con struction costs are submitted there will be sufficient funds on hand to allow the construction to proceed without delay. John J. Springman, genera campaign chairman, presided. Man in Hospital After Incurring Injuries in Fall Thomas Estes, 31, of Knne employe of a well drilling company, was 'brought to St. Joseph's Hospital Tuesday shortly afternoon tor examination nnd treatment of Injuries suffered in a fall. Estes, who remained hospitalized today, sustained on elbow injury, a possible fracture, and abrasions of his forehead and left side. A West Alton, Mo., man, John Wunderlich, 51, received emergency treatment at the hospital for contusions of his left hand and wrist, suffered in an indus- • trial accident. Raymond Singleton, 7, of 1631 Market St., is a patient at SI. Joseph's Hospital for treatinenl \ and examination following an in' jury Incurred on a sliding board. He suffered an arm fracture. Stanley Bailey. 12, of :M09 Crawford St., underwent X-ray examination for a foot injury, and Ray Moore, 10, of 636 N. First St., Wood River, was treat;• ed for a laceration of his left .' knee.' ; ,,''• : \ i Allen Jefferson. 10, of 2213 Salu St., was taken to fhe lios- ' pital for treatment of dog bite . wounds of his right arm and '• back. City Calls Bids I May 10 on Street Repair Material Through the street repairs committee of City Council, bids were called today for opening at 3 p. m., May 10, on furnishing of materials required for the an, nual maintenance of both arterial and non-arterial streets of the city. Separate bids calls with regard to the two classes of streets have been made, said City Engineer Fair/ield, because the arterial street work is paid from motor fuel tax funds while the non-arterial work comes from city street funds. The Division • of Highways must approve any awards of contracts on the MFT- financed portion of the street repair program. ; Materials required are primarily oil, liquid asphalt, and stone chat. The invitation for bids was isssued, said Fail-field, after he was informed by the Division of Highways mat the program of arterlaJ street repairs, and the necessary appropriation of MFT funds had been approved, With the early bid call, an early start on the annual street maintenance program seems assured. The proposals received will be acted on by the city council at its first May meeting. er;il perjury statute," he snid Wall In Wall Crowd Marinr Will Nol RrTrirrl As hrfr>1P ' fhis fifth '>«>• "' [hearings hroURhl a wall . to - wall | sonal aide, told newsmen the 12 crowd to the Senate Office Build- 'officers would he tried hy courts- Ing's biggest hearing room 'martial "and will br inflicted the While it was the fifth day on most severe punishment." j TMur f>hy, * Charleston, Mo., which Stevens has testified, lie has Arrest of the army officers had Nf>Rm said '"* WBS living In Bir••— - '...-. l mingham, Ala., when he joined For Confusion B\ < . \\TKS MC'IUMKI. WASHINGTON .T — The military future ot Oil. Frank H. Schwable was shrouded in uncertainty today even though his superiors had decided not to try the hemcdaled flying Marine for sign ST. LOtHS ^-Marcus A. Murphy. one of five Communists on trial here, attributes his membership in the Communist party lo the depression of the 1930s when .„. ,., .. , • 'I was denied relief because t r« Armn MWT. N^er s pc, f ,, srf) ,„ ^ ^ J™"^* lo^work on a Mississippi planta- Mur r>hy, a Charleston, yielded the Ilic witness chair briefly ! heen announced earlier today ),y | m Rham ' Ala - v imes. .another government spokesman.! pftrty in 1Mf) •'••«—• "— --ii-_ -' Testifying Tuesday as the see- defense witness in the 3- Keveral time; Roy Colin, chief counsel f,,r Me- ll '"' rr lhr ! mi "' r '''nested ahoul 40 and also a principal in the ' clvillnns "" similar charges. ' ' I f*U.. ~ _!..!. .1 ,„«, ,Z 7™ r,:,'ir: i *«-, • - v,,;,;;;,,;::,;:,;; ^ ;;•*;- -«- * r « <* ™» „«„, P ri,,,n rr „, ,„- r,,* : ; :; •'«;* "'"»! i ;•:•«'•"•• i-;!™,? IT ":f 1'tr.".'; in Korea. The Marine Corps Tuesday announced the findings of a special court of three generals and an ad- lure of Stevens urn! Scliinc. jt'vily hy most of Ihe leaders of The picture, supplied hy the Mc.! lhr . ''"'""'•y's former political r/imp. Jiltrm-ed Kfr'-vcn* ;inrl r)f "" rs " rif| " P lll '« r "f press lefld- f ' ls "' the military govern* Schine ,,|one. The Army denoinverl it us a "shameful trick." contend Northem Ireland hopes soon to start its first TV station, atop Divig Mountain, f ' ls '"'',"'• " ir ,,.,., M n> M MirtHii'iiii u K K, cnni'Miri , miral which sat for a month, con- (jnR j, u . ts ,.,.„,,,,„,, ,,,„„ „ ,,,.„„„ I'he arrests also were sidcring Ihe cnse of the to-ycar- j pj( . mi r step in solidifying Nasser , ,-„,„,-„, old colonel who has 23 years of T|v , McCm-lliy-Army controversy !'" llwi "' f his '^'KaHon of (ho for^service nnd a World War II com- j , rV olves about' """" — bat record behind him. The panel said Sclwable's conduct was "excusable on the ground that it was Army alleKiilion mught hy Improper means (o get preferential (refitment for Schine, thejesult of mental torture." j wrnm , y NPW y,,,. kf , r who hm) hr>pn an unpaid member of McCarthy's ; iihconiniltlee stuff before he wns mer government head. Maj. Gen, the senator and his aides M " h " ni ' 1 ' 1 Niiguih. to n figurehead (•residency April is. The court's recommendations were reviewed und approved hy Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd. Marine Corps commandant, .Secretary of Ihe Navy Anderson and Secretary of Defense Wilson. dnifteil last full. McCnrlhy cniinler-rhm-ged fliHt the Army tried to use Scliinc us a "hoslaqe" and "blackmail" the The special panel did not sit ««j sennlor inlo slopping his a courl-mnrlinl. Hat her, il xvas convened lo sift the evidence and decide whether Seliwablc. I he highest ranking Marine captured in the ,, ,, , ,, . , ,, "' >"< 'HiiM-i MI mna.y s Hearings, horean Uar should he formally McCarthy complained (hat Penta- Hod for making the confession R0n offlcinl) , W( . r{ . Ofd , A that he Irnmrdl,. ely repudiated RPnml | s |o n||p|lfi , hfl ^ y when freed after 14 months in cap- , ry ,„ show , hc comm ,, tn . ,„ .. hold . livily. Its reconunendfilions could set a precedent for the handling of one other Marine and 33 Air Force ailols who made similar ronfes- ,ions while in Communist hands. The Kerfs made propaganda use. of hcse confessions in an effort to >rove lo the world Hint the U. N. orce.s used germ weapons nguinst he Chini'.se and North Koretms During his month-long hearing hfll ended March 15, Schwable do- niled in graphic terms the physical degradation nnd mental torture o which the. Hods submitted him icfore he broke and signed (ho confession. But he insisted tlmt he gave Ihe Communists no military ((formation ot value. In reviewing (he court's findings. Shepherd and Anderson said they ell Schwablc's "military useful- less has been seriously Impaired." And Shepherd termed Schwnhle'.s confession — even though under jreal stress — n "severe blow to he national interest by one whose sole motivation should have been to} fostcr^nd preserve il." As a consequence, said the Ma•die commandant, Schwablc's hi- ure duties would have, to he Ihose asks "milking minimum demands upon the elements of unblemished Jersonal example «nd leadership." The court found thut Schwable violated Navy regulations by giv- ng the enemy more than his name, ank and serial number. It held »lso Hint his false confession 'brought discredit upon the United States" and gave "aid and coin- ort to Hip enemy." But it recommended against n ornml court-martial on the ground hat ho resisted to the limit of his ability a "diabolical method of tor- nee which combines degradation, ieprivation nnd mental harass- iient, nnd which is aimed nt the destruction of Ihe individual's will o resist." Scout Croups Draw Up Budget Membership ol Piasa B 1 r d Council of Ihe Boy Scouts met Tuesday night at Camp Warren Levis lo establish the budget of council expenses for the coining veiir. Reports were committees by the op- wuii their financial needs. The advaiico- ncnt committee report was i.v Thomas l.iim o; ,fe lie camping find iutiviliV.s by Walter Stobbs oi Alton: Ihe leud- rship training by Janu-s Johnesse of Alton: the linance by Hoy Williams of Itoxaiia; orgaii- zalion and (\vtcnsicn hy Harry I. Stcinrauf ol Alton; anil he office committee by Ilolu-rt lion of alleged soft treatment of Coiuniiiiiists In the Army. McCarthy CninplnliiM Al Ihe outset of today's hearings, ing up Ihe work of the Army." McCnrlhy mnrie this contention In whnl he called a "point of order." He demanded lhal Pentn- KOII officials Identify nil the generals "ordered here" nnd explain why they weren't doing their work for fhe Army, Sen. Miintlt. (H-SDl, presiding over Ihe hearings, told McCarthy w«« not H [iropcr point of Seeks Senate Seat Meek Opposed To Sending U. S. Troops To Indochina • 'WASHINGTON ^-Joseph Meek, j November election, flew lo Wash- Who seeks Sen. Douglas' (O-IlIt jinglon Tuesday to talk with |||j. job is on record as opposed to n()is "'"fsressinen and pu.ssiblj sending American troops into Indo- China "(o pull somebody else's chestnuts out of the fire." The Republican candidate for senator from Illinois told newsmen that order. Mundl said McCarthy could quiz Stevens on Ihe subject when McCarthy's lime for cross examination came up. Mundl lidded lie wasn't going around Ihe crowded Senate caucus room "asking our visitors to identify themselves," The start of Ihe hearings was held up for |. r i minutes while Mtindl and others questioned behind closed doors a Pentagon employe who reportedly told a friend his boss hud ordered him to destroy some recordings of monitored phone talks the subcommittee has ordered .subpoenaed. McCarthy lold reporters (lie Pentagon employe had told thai to a friend hut now contends lie WHS "lying" when he said it. The friend—reportedly an employee of Ihe Commerce Department—also was questioned in the closed door session by Mundt, Sen. McClollun (D-Ark) and Ray II. Jenkins, the subcommittee's special counsel for Hie inquiry. They declined lo comment on their interview, and wouldn't tell the names of the two government workers. Mundt said he would discuss with the subcommittee whether lo have either called lor public hearing questioning. Jackson questioned Stevens specifically today about a memorandum previously made, public: by McCarthy. Dated Oct. L', .l'j;)3, it was in Ihe form of a note from Francis P. (,'arr, the subcommittee's staff director, to the senator. It told of Carr nnd Colin meeting with Stevens at the Pentagon and quoted Stevens as saying he thought that Schine should take his initial basic training and then, he (Stevens) "would be able to use Schine lo his own advantage in the Army." The memo added: "Hi- i.Sievens) stilted Hint he WHS very interested in any question ol communism or Communist infiltration and that he could envision I hut Dave, could bo of great assistance to him, if after basic, be could attend some security • type school within the Army and report to Stevens his observations . . ." Jackson said the Army specification of charges, referring to the .same conference, said Colin su«- gesled H special assignment for Schine but Stevens did not agree to Cobn's suggestion. L. Gouldmg of Alton ' S "' V ''" T^ U ' 0 A ™>' V(>1 'C. J. Jaroby. ,-hainnan ot thel^'V"" "' *"* "^ l ' H> MC ' ' Karlliy version was not correct. I'nder questioning of Sen. Potter (R-Mich), Stevens said it was "unequivocally untrue" that ho ever heard Army Counselor John "C,. Adams suggest that I lie McCarthy subcommittee lay olf its hunt for Communists in the Army nnd go lifter Ihe Navy, the Air Force atid the Defense Department instead. Potter asked Stevens wheiher.-he ' ever heard Adams The Kovernmont spokes- council finance committee, sided. I>ii V'ith President K'isenhower } He attended a dinner for - . night Tuesday It is "unthinkable" for the United States to become di- involved in the Far East! I Potter quoted from a memoraii- (linn from Can- to McCarthy. It : said Adams suggested jjoiii)/ alter jthe Air Kuive. the Navy u^id the .Defense Department, anil--that the cause of , o, 'making civil service . j particularly applies to Indo-1 "Then china, he said, "as long as evi-1 publican colonialism is in-; fact that i m« not lo worry ahoul that. tl la | «.n,ts to dlsnuss "there is plmly ,,f ,«,., and wc Carr further .heard Si ' ld *» man, Copt. Shems Kddin, said several of those arrested were officers of n cavalry unit which had played «n important role in bringing Naguib back to the presidency Feb. 'A after Nasser forced him'to quit in Ihe first round of their struggle for power. Banking Group RcsumesIIcarings WASHINGTON ^ -The Senate Banking Committee resumes pub- he he.arings j n ils , nq|)iry )nf(j mult! - million dollar abuses under .'•ome lonn insurance programs of l]>e Federal Housing Adminislrn- tion. Defense-The House debates n SM.GOO.000.000 defense nppropria- "on bill. ncp. Coudert (R-Ny) pro . poses amending the money hill to deny President Eisenhower au- ll'fi-ily In spoil American troops o Indochina wilhout prior approval from Congress. Foreign Affairs — Dr. .Tatties n nwint, U. S. High Commissioner for (.crmany, testifies nt n closed ^rr: 1 " M "°. Sf "'«" *>«!«. R B . '"lions Committee month . old trinl, f*Iurphy said Mississippi plants offered jobs to Negroes seeking aid at the Bir- relief office and if a person refused to work for the planter he was denied relief. "I had learned." Murphy said "even the :',0 cents a day 'wasn't paid in cash, but in script redeemable 0 ,,|y nt „ P | nnta(ion . owner! store. Once you got down there, you never could get enough cash lo K et awfly from (hf>rc ., Murphy testified he became a Communist because he was "very much impressed by the program "f a similar organization", (he Universal Negro Improvement Assn. which he sairl advocated equal economic and civil rights for Negroes. Murphy, acting as his own altor- nny. was questioned on the stand by another defendant. James F Forest. Karlier. a third defendant! Robert Manewifz. had completed testimony as the first defense witness. The other defendants arc Wil"am Sentner and Forest's wife. Dorothy Rose Forest. All nre . re charged with conspiracy to arivo- cnle violent overthrow of the government. Mow Mirf wo8i Senators on Wool Bill WASHINGTON tf-Horc is how the following Midwestern senators voted Tuesday when the Senate passed 69 to 17 and sent to the House the administration'.* wool bill calling for incentive or production payments lo domestic producers. Illinois: Dirksen (R) for; Douglas (D) nguinst Indiana: Jonner (R) for; Cape- SO •M^raHRR WEATHER BUREAU FORECAST— Rain is expected nM*« I^Tntktan nlm _ u .1 _„ 11 . ^ . . * T* * ii t| 1 southeastern Montana. Elsewhere it v may be some snow and In Washington Governors To Be Briefed On Economic Conditions By NORMAN WALKKK WASHINGTON # - Eisenhower administration specialists arranged to brief slate and territorial governors today on the nation's economic condition and there were advance indications Democrats would nsk some pointed questions. Gov. G. Mention Williams of Michigan, where the auto industry has been hard-hit by layoffs, said in an interview he intended to ask whether the administration has any plans for combatting unemployment. "I've been asking for some time, and I shall keep on asking," he said. The administration claims un- •mployment is leveling off and that here is reason to hope that bus- iness will Improve later this year. But some Democrats have contended lhat if the jobless trend has slowed, there is no sign yet of an employment pickup. The latest government count of unemployed is 3,723,000. Labor unions have urged the administration to launch a federal spending program to provide jobs but President Eisenhower has said present conditions don't warrant any slam-bang emergency measures that might interfere with a normal, expected recovery. Faringerhavnen, Greenland, is lo have a large fuel oil tank to serve harbor transport. Harry Herb, Wife Slop Here for Visit Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Ilerb of Chicago were in Alton today on their uay back home after a 1000-mile motor car trip along the Atlantic coast and in Florida. They returned by way of New Orleans. Mr. Herb, member of an old- time prominent Alton family, was secretary of the Alton Board of Trade and also a member of Alton city Council. His father, one time state senator, earlier | mayor of Alton, and member of City Council, conducted a store at Washington Ave and Bo/za Sis. in Alton. Mr. Herb plans to spend toni«ht at Marquclle State Park which he has never seen. He said be was last in Alton in 3937 and inquiring about old friends found that most of them had died or had left Alton. He gave the Telegraph office a pleasant visit renewing o 1 d friendships here. 33 Register ForExposition Early Interest Shown in GAAC Trade Show The Greater Alton Trade Exposition scheduled for Riverview Park June 7 to 10, inclusive, appears to be a success six weeks before it is ready to open its gates, according to L. E. Shearburn, general chairman of the event which is sponsored by the Greater Alton Association of Commerce. As of today. 3.1 exhibitors had signed up space for the event and at least another 15 have signified their intentions of entering the srfow which will include all types of Greater Alton trade and endeavor, Shearhurn stated. "We are intent on again put- ling (his program across without profit as a trade stimulant for our area arid have kept the cos! of our booth at a minimum in which all costs have been pared (o the hone." Firms which already have siRn- ed exhibit contracts are Carter Bros.: Jack Folmer, photographer; Chamberlain Co. of America; Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Ginter- Wnrdein; Alton Banking & Trust Co.; Kvans Bakery; Kramer Electric Co.; Shearburn Ice Cream Co.; Gersman & Co.; Wells Tire Co.; Station WOKZ; Springnian Lumber Co. Others .on the dotled line are Alton Seat Cover and Upholstery Co. Co. Co. Ralph K. Gissal Heating Union Klectric & Power 7 Up Bottling Co.; Office Machines Exchange; Greater Alton Food Plan; Russell-Venetian Blind Co.; Harry F. Hemphill; Holland Furnace Co.; Alton Bottled f!as Co.; Central Sewing Machine Co.; Sav-Mor Food Plan; Melcalfe • Miller; Alton Homp Improvement Co.; Alton Tire Sales; Superior Carpet Co.; Brandt Hardware Co.; Alton Refrigeration Co.; Marcel Home Improvement Co.; Kagle Home Condition Co., and Illinois Bell Telephone Co. The Midway again will be operated by Ihe Imperial Shows, which stress rides and a carnival free from pitch games and gambling of any kind. A. N. Reed Stricken Arthur N. Reed, yardman, 2302 Stale St., was stricken Tuesday night and was moved to SI. Joseph's Hospital by ambulance. I THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY APR. 29-30-MAY1 Flown in for this Special Sale BRAND NEW 36.98 TOPPERS These coats are not carry overs from Easter - - - Every one is brand spanking new — Just unpacked — Important little coats (or all occasions and Binart-ov»r- everything . . . See the luscious colors in all the new, ex. citing styles and textures. All sizes, OPEN EVERY FRIDAY AND MONDAY NIGHTS 'TIL 9 NO MONEY DOWN Convenient forms arranged 'o p/eos« you at Gatfly'*! ONE ACCOUNT TIKES CARE OF AIL YOUR NEEDS , , , * One of these Short Coats would be a lovely QUt for Mom. D»n't MOTHER'S DAY Sunday Miy 911 i» W. THIRD ST. f ALTON

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