Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 28, 1977 · Page 14
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 14

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1977
Page 14
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I'ugc 14 Garden ('ity Telegram Monday, November 28, 1977 Hospital today... In Garden City Bread Price Near Record ADMISSIONS at St. Catherine Saturday Ethel R. A. Baughman, Deerfield Opal Irene Coen, Rt. 1 Jerod S. Hammer, Sublet I e Ruth Loucks, Copeland Dennis C. Voigt, 1101 Massey Ferguson Rd. Sunday Ruby R. Buller, Ingalls Sandra L. Davis, Imperial Rl. Lois I. Dikeman, Syracuse Jacob Ens, 821 Fitz Anita L. Petty, Leoti Ron F. Goodnight, Lakin Barbara S. Heismeyer, 2224 Kansas Avenue Jay W. Hundley, 508 Sloeckley Todd A. Kirschenmann, Lakin Geraldo P. Medina, Leoti Glen 0. Patterson, Syracuse Joe M. Riojas, 207 S. 1st Malcolm S. Sterling, Juco Dorm Dana D. Unruh, 1410 St. John Danny L. Salazar, Rt. 1 DISMISSALS Saturday Luis C. Dominguez, 111 N. 4th Charles C. Dyer, Deerfield Kil J. Hernandez, Dighlon Robert W. Lange, 2229 Center Mrs. Gary D. Long and baby boy, 1722 Pal's Drive Mrs. David J. Pool and baby boy, H and H Trailer Village Harry F. Roenfeldt, 2517 N. 7lh Sunday Adeline Aguilar, Ingalls Mrs. Kennelh Heskett, Sharon Springs Kalhy J. Maxfield, 2007 Main Mrs. Abundio Munoz and baby girl, 905 N. 13lh 'Elizabelh A. Murphy, Syracuse Hendrick Saucedo Jr., 2708 N. lOlh Courts POLICE — TRAFFIC Fined — Donald Dielz, 311 N. 9lh, speeding 40 in 30 zone, $20. Sue Ann Rome, Deland, Calif., operaling vehicle wilh expired lag, $15. John Blan- celt, Norman, Okla., speeding 35 in 20 zone, $25. Norman Wiechman, Scoll Cily, speeding 39 in 20 school zone, $34. Timolhy Orshal, Garden Cily, operaling vehicle wilh expired lag, $15. Neal Coen, 1902 St. John, speeding 31 in 20 school zone, $26. Reinholdl Deines, 1012 2nd, speeding 41 in 30 zone, $21. Daryl Rassmussen, Imperial Rl., speeding 57 in 40 zone, $27. Karl Darl, 705 Jenny, disobeying stop sign, $15. Arlis Wright, 1708 Cenler, speeding 34 in 20 school zone, $29. Mark Heckel, 926 N. 9lh, faully lights, $15. Wanda Drescher, H and H Trailer Village, speeding 44 in 30 zone, $21. Linda Stillwell, Scotl Cily, expired tag, $10. Judilh Hitz, 805 Labrador, speeding 39 in 30 zone, $19. Jerry Jackson, 506 N. 6th, speeding 48 in 30 zone, $28. Loree Riser, 2507M> "A", speeding 55 in 40 zone, $25. Gary Messenger, 514 Thompson, no driver's license, $15. Scolt Kitch, 1918 "B", speeding 38 in 30 zone, $18. Rila Sherman, 707 Evans, parked vehicle wilh expired tag, $10. Dale Guinn, Holcomb, driving left of center (two counls), $30, failure lo slop for pursuing police vehicle, $50, reckless driving, $35, disobeying slop sign (four counts), $75. Agnes Morales, 209 S. 10th, illegal registration, $15, and operaling unsafe vehicle, $15. Belly Pulkrabek, 1707 "B", running slop sign, $15. Appeal bond, $50, appearance bond, $15. Michael Berend, 2017 N. 3rd, speeding 35 in 20 school zone, $30. Frank Hand Jr., Liberal, failure lo follow Iruck roule, $15. Kennelh Kauffman, 311 Washinglon, speeding 40 in 30 zone, $20. Shawna Gales, 2208 "A", parked in yellow zone, $4. Carole Smilh, 1002 N. 5lh, meter violalion, $5. Joseph Brock, 607V 2 W. Campbell, driving left of cenler, $15. Jeffery Schoonover, Ulysses, speeding 47 in 30 zone, $24. Larry Hoffner, Sagebrush Estales, speeding 42 in 30 zone, $22. Rebecca Ochoa, 2001 N. Main, speeding 35 in 20 school zone, $30. David Cross, 411 N. 5lh, meter violalion (two counls), $10. Slerling Hall, 1006 N. 4lh, disobeying stop sign, $15. Henry Saucedo Jr., 2701 N. 8lh, speeding 37 in 30 zone, $17. Rulh Szabo, 2113 "C", speeding 32 in 20 school 1518 N.Taylor BYRON TAYLOR KIRBY VACUUM CO. "Home of Taylor Made Service" Garden City, Kansas 316-276-7309 ONLY APPROVED DEALER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL FREE GIFT WRAPPING NOVEMBER 28TH THRU DECEMBER 3RD REG. $/IQ95 '49 Rebuilt Kirbys $79 , 5UP NewKirbys ZO% O FF Royal Handvacs . $ 46 95 ASSORTMENT OF USED MACHINES FROM$ 19 95 3Beltsfor*1°° CREDIT AVAILABLE TRADE INS BANK AMERICARD & MASTER CHARGE Due to numerous requests we are repeating the following special COUPON With this coupon - Onr per aiHtomer. please CLINIC FOR VACUUMS ALL BRANDS ONLY $C95 SERVICE INCH DEI) 1. Pack Bearings 4. Now motor brushes 2. New belt 5. New bulb 3. Clean bag or replace 5. Clean brush roller 7. Completely clean and oil motor Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company Call 276-7309 15 18 N.Taylor COUPON zone, $27, and speeding 30 in 20 school zone, $25. Winger Cattle Co., Johnson, expired lag, $10. Charles Reynolds, 2607 N. 7th, meter violation, $5. Ella Yeadon, 307 N. 3rd, expired lag, $10. Donald Huey, 2520 N. Main, disobeying traffic signal, $15. Steve Williamson, 1007 Johnson Rentals, no driver's license (Iwo counls), $30. Kennelh Morgan, 1120 N. 5lh, speeding 40 in 30 zone, $20. May Dang, 2901 N. 8lh, driving wilh no lights, $15. Brian Allen, Cimarron, failure lo follow truck route, $15. Robert Mathews, Pratt, operating vehicle wilh expired lag, $15. Bill Earnesl, Holcomb, meler violalion, $5. Marion Cornelius, Rl. 1, disobeying slop sign, $15. Anlhony Koehn, Monlezuma, expired lag, $10. Janelle Bicker, 506 Bancroft, speeding 30 in 20 school zone, $25. Milton Riggs, 818 Summit, disobeying traffic signal, $20. Steven Feldhucker, Hillsdale, Wis., operaling vehicle with expired lag, $15. Donald Frazer, Garden Cily, meter violation, $5. Michael Koehn, Rt. 1, disobeying traffic signal, $15. Linda Lane, 4202 W. Thompson, improper left turn, $20. Stephen Robinson, 608 N. 10th, speeding 40 in 30 zone, $20. Mark Akers, Kendall, following too closely, $20. Linda Wigner, 1006 Labrador, speeding 41 in 30 zone, $21. Ronald Talley, 1507 Willow, speeding 30 in 20 zone, $20. William Rapp, Holcomb, speeding 32 in 20 zone, $22. Edward Stebens, 315 N. lllh, speeding 32 in 20 zone, $22. Calvin Koehn, Copeland, disobeying Iraffic signal, $15] Geraldine William, 1112 Telegram Ave., no driver's license, $15. Bond Forfeited — David Chrislensen, 2007 N. 7lh, running red light, $15. Fined for DWI — Ivan Truax, Garden City, driving while intoxicaled, $100. Randall Schaffer, H and H Trailer Village, driving while inioxicaled, $100. Jay V. Mitzer, 108 E. Maple, driving while intoxicaled, $500 and 30 days, and Iransporling open conlainer of liquor, $80. POLICE — OTHER Fined — Slephen Smith, 1706 E. Spruce, profane language, deslruclion of cily properly and disorderly conduct, $110. Dale Guinn, Holcomb, open container of beer, $15. Jesse Martinez, Sherman, disorderly conduct, $30. Teresa Lucero, 106 W. Maple, assault and battery, $50. Janie Torres, 609 N. llth, assault and battery, $50. Guadalupe Garcia, H and H Trailer Village, open conlainer of cereal mall beverage, $15. Accidents City — Wednesday, Nov. 23, 6:45 p.m., 3rd near Emerson, van driven by Gary L. Viterise, 2509 3rd, (moderate damage), and parked car owned by Benjamin Artiles, 2507 N. 3rd, (minor damage). Wednesday, Nov. 23, be- iween 8:30 and 9 a.m., Taylor and Mulberry. Police said Cynlhia Finke, 1105 Boots Rd., told them her son, Chris Ward, 6, was struck by a van al Ihe inlerseclion of Taylor and Mulberry while walking to Buffalo Jones School. Police said the vehicle reportedly knocked the youngster down, and he was laken lo SI. Catherine where he treated and released. Wednesday, Nov. 23, 6:05 p.m., Taylor and Campbell, car driven by Michael Huber, Rt. 1, (exlensive damage), and pickup Iruck driven by William Niles, 1104 Bancroft, (moderate damage). WASHINGTON (AP) — The retail price of bread has edged up this year and may average close lo Ihe record of 36 cenls a loaf sel in 1975 when farmers were gelling more than Iwice as much for Ihe wheat used lo make il. According lo Agriculture Department figures, the average price of a one-pound loaf of white bread through the firsl nine monlhs of this year was about 35.5 cenls. Experls say lhal some further increases can be expecled. The lalesl figures show that a loaf of bread sold in stores nationally in September al an average price of 35.7 cents, up from 35.3 cents lasl January. For all of 1976, Ihe average bread price was 35.3 cenls a loaf. On Ihe heels of soaring wheal prices and olher costs, bread rose to a record average of 36 cents a loaf in 1975 from aboul 34.5 cenls in 1974. Bui wheal prices al the farm have since tumbled sharply. They rose to a record average at Ihe farm of $5.52 a bushel in early 1974, when large exporls drained U.S. wheal reserves to a 25-year low. Since then, however, huge harvesls have rebuilt the stockpile lo its highest level since 1963. Lasl monlh, Ihe deparlmenl reported that on Oct. 15 Ihe farm price of wheal was $2.26 a bushel. The mosl recenl analysis on where Ihe consumer bread dollar goes is for September, when a one-pound loaf averaged 35.7 cents. Translated inlo Ihe "farm value" of wheal used lo make the flour that goes inlo bread, the September loaf included 2.6 cents worth of wheat. Counting other farm products such as vegetable shortening and milk products, the total value of farm products was 3.2 cents in each loaf. Middleman charges for flour milling, transporlalion, baking, merchandizing and other costs of gelling bread lo consumers make up Ihe remainder of Ihe relail bread price. Using Ihe September figures against annual bread prices months from its four-year low last summer, when Ihe farm value of wheal in a loaf of bread dropped to 2.2 cents. A current report on the wheat situation says "the recenl rise in wheat prices could lead to some increases in bread prices or result in a narrowing spread" charges. of or the farm-retail middleman "In any evenl," Ihe report says, "the impacl will be less lhan a half-cenl a loaf. Thus, bread prices should exhibit only a slight change over the next several months." Guess What, After 22 Years? * Watch this newspaper for further details. and the farmer's share of what consumers pay for a loaf, il shapes up this way: —In 1974, with bread costing slightly less than 34.5 cents a loaf, the farm value of wheat used to make il was almost 5.5 cents. Counting the other ingredients, the value of all farm products was more than 7.9 cents a loaf. —The record average retail price of 36 cents a loaf included 4.5 cents worth of wheat, valued at the farm. Counting other farm ingredients, the share was 6.8 cents. Thus, using those figures against the September breakdown, the farm value of wheat has declined 2.9 cents in each loaf — more than 50 percent — since 1974. Meanwhile, the September retail price of bread was up 1.2 cents. The farm price of wheat has edged slightly higher in recent fc^frS^fO^-aisfc^H^ww SHARP SANTAS SHOP AT SUZUKI (and HONDA)... for the things that are guaranteed to put a sparkle in your Motorcyclists Eyes! Come out and make your Christmas Selections from our Complete Inventory of CLOTHING - PARTS - ACCESSORIES. Just right for the Two Wheel Enthusiasts in your family. See our fine line of Motorcycles that SANTA HIMSELF WILL DELIVER if you wish! COME SEE GARDEN CITY'S ONLY 10 WHEELED CHRISTMAS TREE! WHEELS & DEALS W. Highway 50 275-4261 9-6 Tues.-Sat. COMPLETE SALES & SERVICE HONDA GOING STRONG! 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