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Aurora General Advertiser from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Aurora General Advertiser from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I 2 tV-ms Efq CleVk' tp the I Na- $LS Chipmaa Efq ss'elefted- Chief Juflice Jthe Bon Noah Smith and Samuel Knight Efijrs Side Judges of a great limber of thir own citizens' whb will deficit them for a newer and lefs populous country where there will be more land un-fettled that can be obtained at a cheap rate The example cf the French mil induce "their own countrymen as well as foreigners of other nations to follow them to this country The immenfe unfettled trail that lies beyond the bounds of the feveral Hates will be a great drawback upon their population It will prevent them from being very thickly fettled for many agt: to come till the tide of population rifes as high in a great part of the Weftern Country as in the older Fettlements of the An EPIGRAM In Imitation ef the rentb LAST Sunday night 1 loft my Heed Eclipfe was not of better breed Laft Monday night I loft my coufin Not onic is left me of it dozen Laft vefday night I loft toy wife The joy the honor of my life Laft night I loft my friend My forrows will have 4ft end Can any have misfortunes worfe really forty Mr horse BALTlMOREi November 1 6 On Monday the 8th inft the legiflature now fitting at Annapolis unanimoufly re-elefted his FirceUency John Eager Howard Efq Governor of this date fame day Henry Rideely Randolph Latimer John Davidfon Wilham Hindman and John Kilty Efquires were chofen members of the Honourable Council A Stated Meeting of the American Philosophical Societt will be held at their Hall this Evening at 6 PATTERSON Sec'ty Friday tiov 19 PltTSBURGH OSober 30 Extraft of a letter from Andrew Ellicott Efquire to his friend in this town dated Prefque Iflc Octobd-lf ri if ycflcrdiy compleatea tnc furvey of the TTeiv ritory annexed to the date of Pennfylvania after much difficulty and hardlhip The land contained in this furvey is generally good and from its 'peculiar fituation an important objell to the (late The Indians did not appear to be well difpofed towards the execution of our bufinefs but after a treaty and receiving fome fmall prefents accompanied with rum and tobacco permitted us to go Philofophy cannot propofe nor dm imagination conceive a better form of government than that which debated on by the late Federal Convention has been adopted by the United States Great -Britain doubted our integrity and therefore thought to difunite France knew our weaknefs efpecially in pecuniary matters and ftruggled to keep us together By the conftiH of thofe rival nations our liberties have been pre-ferved Exalted as we are to an eminence equal at leaft to any other nation we may with decent pride confefs our ability One nation has fenfibly experienced our power and our patriot-ifm a nation tremendous on the ocean and formidable on land Ihe failed Will any othvr attempt to fubjugate or even invade us i their de-fign would be equally ralh and ridiculous for do not many of our counsellors cxift is not the greateftpartof our veterans alive isnotADAMs our guide andis notWASHiNGTONOur Chief on SALT Lisbon Allum Liverpool Salt For Sale on moderate Terms by Jacob Sirvofs Nov 6 No authentic accounts have yet been receded from the troops out on the expedition but there arc a great many different reports through the country As foon as we receive any account that may be depended on we (hall undoubtedly publdh it for the information of our readers dtf Front-Street near Vine-Street Ncv 19 Mr Bache IN THE CASE OF Philadelphia November 19 JAMES NEWPORT BANKRUPT NOTICE hereby given that in cdhfequenct of a petition to bit Excellency the Prefident of the Supreme Executive Council from fome of the Creditors of the faid Bankrupt pray -ing an extention of the time for making a final dividend of tbt aid Bankrupt's efiate and efftSls and tht time being extended to Monday the 20 tb day of December next The Commdfion ers will meet on that day at tbt Bankrupt-Office in Fact-fir eet at 10 o'clock in the forenoon wben and where the Creditors aft required to attend in order te receive a dividend ef the faid Bankrupt's efiate and effeSs and theft who have tut already proved their debts under the faid commijfion muft do it on that diy otherwife they will he excluded By order of tbt Commiffioners JOHN JENNINGS Cfeik Office kace-firett No 18 1790 "'N flTJeoTJ A Correspondent obferves that the census of inhabitants recently taken in this City it is feared will not be as accurate as it could be wilhed Several confiderable families have been greatly under-rated in point of number chiefly becaufe the inquirers have been fatisfied with information given by fervants Inaccuracies may alio have crept in among the fmaller and poorer families from another caufe The idea that they were to be taxed according to their number muft have tempted many to conceal the real one Perhaps on this occafion we might have learnt fome-thrng of the Chinefe Our correfpondent has heard the late Dr Franklin tell that on a certain day in every year a census of inhabitants in their different towns and provinces is taken for civil purpofis Qn this day every mailer is obliged by law to hang over his door in public view the number of his family Then the officers appointed go round and with little trouble txanferibe the different numbers from which they are able to give an exalt enumeration as their information is direllly from the heads of families who could not poflibly deceive was the temptation ever fo great asr every neighbour might with eafe difeover and publiih the deceit If it be not inconfiftent with your plan to admit queftions propofed merely for the fake of information a foreigner who has not yet acquired a perfell knowledge of the Englilh language would humbly requell that fome of your grammatical correfpondents would pleafe to favor him through the channel of your paper with a plain rule by which he may in all cafes be di-relted to the proper ufe of the words fome and any No one who is not in my fituation can poflibly conceive how much 1 am puzzled with thefe two little words One day at table the lady of the houfe where I lodge faid to me (hall I help you to fome of this apple-fauce I anfwered no madam not Jomt 1 thank you and could not perceive that there was the leaft (hade of difference between her fome in the-queftion and my fome in the anfwer: But I foon found from a very polite fmile indeed that I had fpoken improperly From this circumftance I flattered mylelf that I had difeovered the proper diftinltion between fome and any fo far as relates to queftion and anfwer viz that when one of them is ufed in the queftion the other muft be ufed in the anfwer It was not long however before I found my miftake for the very next morning having been out till after breakfaft was over the lady of the houfe on my coming in faid to me Sirhave you had any breakfaft this morning I anfwered according to my rule no Madam not fome will youpleale to get me any Another good natur-ed lmile convinced me that I was Hill as far from the folution of my difficulty as ever I have confulted dilUonaries and grammars for information on this point but in and have therefore taken the liberty of trying this expedient wich I hope will prove more fucceff-ful Novice A POSTILLION Of low ftature is immediately wanted one who under Hands the Buflnefs and can produce a good Recommendation will hear of a Place by applying to the Printer November 16 jt Mefirs WEST BIGNALE viewing with great regret the im perfell ftlte of Dramatic Exhibition in this part of the World' are determined from motives of duty as weU as that of intereft to exert themfelves in the fervice of their generoiis patrons and the public at large by augmenting their company with charallers of real merit WeU knowing tnat perfons of that defeription only can render the ftage ufeful and refpeoable in which above aU others the human genius has opportunities of difplaying itfelP in the moll agreeable the moft engaging light and perhaps to the greateft advantage For in this profeffion it is that the powers of eloquence all the variety of exprefiion of which allion or language are capable and aU the graces of delivery are peculiarly requifite and in no other fchool are virtue and good manners more emphatically enforced or vice and foUy more effeltually put out of countenance In order to put their refoludon in force they now offer very liberal falaries to young gentlemen' of figure and education who may incline to make the ftage their profeffion Every attention lhall be paid to the cultivauon of dawning merit Note A letter addreffed to Mefirs Weft and BignaU Managers of the Virginia Company will be punllually attended to Sun rifes 7 10 Sets at 4 52 High Watis at MAaxiT-STixnT-WHAar ih om Meteorological Observations Ba Wind IWeath I Rain Cloudy Nov 18 I 997 ARRIVED Sloop Polly Ellwood Virginia Arrivals at New-V ork November 17 It would have been to the advantage of the French emigrants who have lately arrived in this country inllead of going fo far to the weft-ward to have feated thcmfelves within the limits of this date or any other that has a good deal of vacant land For the fame price or very little more than they have now' given they might have porchafed a trail of land on the banks of the Sufquehannah or the Delaware Having -there communication with a good market where they might difpofe of tHeir produce one acre would be worth as much to them as two of what they have now bought Their CQnneftion with a commercial town would enable them to procure many of the conveniencies and comforts of life that they muft mow be deftitute of and the laic of their produce would put it in their power to enrich and emprove their eftates as well as in time to lay up a confiderable fum At prefert as they have no market where they can difpofe of what they raife and procure articles in they muft be entirely confined to what they produce within themfelves and it confiderable time before they are fo far advanced as not to be in want of every refinement and of many conveniences and comforts of He Collected into a body by themfelves and neither mixed with nor furrounded by any Americans having at prefent no lharc in the govern-ment of the United States they will long retain their original language and manners and not eafilj affimulate with the natural inhabitants Tuts Colony by going before to fettle the vTrn Country 'riN remove thofc objelHons that have hitherto prevented people from emigrating to it and will tend to promote and in-creafe its population Not only the greater part the emigrants from Europe will pafs by the Atlantic Hates in order to fettle the Weftera Territory but the Hates will be befides drained Merchant Flour Mills improved St Cape-Francois Liverpool Peterfcurg Charlefton Sloop Sally Regifter Venus Conklin Nereus Thompfon Brig Polly Green -Grand Sachem Motley CLEARANCES Schooner Fairy Bidlake Sloop Jenny Schermerhorn Induftry Tinker Granada Charlefton London ALL Perfons concerned in manufacturing Grain into Flour or in building or conftrudting MILLS may fee a Model of the improvements in that art by dp-' lying to Mr ROBERT LESLIE Clock and Watch-Maker larket ftreet No '167 who is folly empowered to grant and fell Pfcrmiflions for ufingfaid Improvements and will give printed directions for Building the Machine with each Permit The faid Mode) reprefents a Mill receiving Wheat from the Waggon or Veflel and pa fling it through all the bR-ceflary operations and completely manufacturing it into Superfine Flour without manual labour or walte OLIVER EVANS OBohertg 1790 jtawtf Arrivals at Baltimore AW 16 Turks I Hand Jamaica St Lucia Marfeilles Sloop Liberty Godfrey Brig Eliza Patterfon Harriot Phelps Pretty -Anne Glavany Cleared Schooner Eliza Stafford A GOOD COOK IS WANTED One who can produce an approved Character wift meet until a Place by ap plying to the Printer Bourdeaux 1.

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