Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on February 10, 1971 · Page 9
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 9

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1971
Page 9
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FOREST PARK REVIEW, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1971, PAGE 9 !'»•»•» » »tvfft •» 'tm « » a » a » »innmni »»•» a a n» a a » »»» BIT* • rwrrrrnrrrt »•» 11» r» nrm A man concerned abouf Forest Park . YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW JOHN HANLEY has demonstrated his ability and interest in Forest Park by: Serving on the Board of the Park District (as a member for 8 years and past president) Serving the Forest Park Youth Commission Serving four years on the Recreation Board President, Bataan Pageant Corp. Member - St. John Ev. Lutheran Church Member - Kiwanis Club of Forest Park Born and raised in Forest Park Educated in Local Schools Married and Father of three daughters Home owner and resides at 1127 Beloit Ave. John Hartley . for . Commissioner Consider JOHN HANLEY for Commissioner when you vote. JOHN HANLEY has served Forest Park well in the past... let him serve you in the future. y» oo o a • njj^a a B a B n o e « o « Bne"iioBBiio«fl«onoaoBOOOflaQQflBaBaiOOBBcioq fl Q p B a a n q_n_m AT YOUR SERVICE When a client needs our help, we'll beat a path to his door. Because we believe, in service to those who entrust their protection to us. If you're not getting the service you deserve, call us today. Carl A. Schwebl, Jr. REICH & BECKER 52 Years of Service 7419 MADISON ST. 366-0010 E2 UFE&CASUAUlf • Trademark ot 'I be Aitna Caiualty & Surety Co. ttnti in auottjUJ corniuniei, Newcomers Club By Carol The Forest Park Newcomers' February meeting will be held_ on Tuesday the 16th at 8:00 p.m. at First United Church of Christ, 1000 Elgin Ave. The doors open at 7:30. Guest speakers will be Senator Howard Mohr and William McKenzie. The topic will be on the Forest Park Kidney Fund. The coffee this month will be at the home of Janet Sianta, 7316 Lexington at 8:00 p.m., Feb. 10. Mr. Fred Marunde will be guest of honor and speaker Mr. Marunde is running for commissioner of Forest Park. He was also president of the Oktoberfest Committee and president of Maennerchor, .two of the communities best known organizations. All newcomers to Forest Park and long time residents who are interested inwelcomingnewcom- ers are welcome. For information or transportation, call Carol Sculles ' at 771-8997 or Mary Jackson at 366-0582. The Forest Park Newcomers strive to serve the community in many various ways. Some of these are to welcome new resi- Hacker dents and introduce them to civic and social life in our community; to promote and encourage .good citizenship, as well as good government and to undertake and complete one or more charitable projects each year. Now don't get me wrong, we're not a bunch of squares. We have fun also. We go bowling every Wednesday afternoon (free baby sitter). There is a "couples" bowl every second Saturday of the month. Also, we have coffees and summer picnics every week in the summer. We also have a Christmas party and Halloween party. Then in late summer, a family picnic in which all who participate have a grand time.. Then wo come to theclownswho march in parade giving balloons to children or just a friendly smile or visit a shut in in the hospital to reassure them they haven't been forgotten and of course the children's ward with a toy or a silly gesture to cheer them up. But really, I think the one who profits from all of this is us. It makes our hearts swell to know all will be well with a little effort and hard work. Jeremiah (Jerry) CURRAN for Commissioner Whether it's S/eet. . Whether it's Snow .... \ Whether it's 30 Be/ow This is the number to call 366-0317 Car won't go? Our experts are always on hand for all your car needs. SNOW PLOWING Reasonable Rates TOM MOHR Service Station 7400 HARRISON ST. VOTE for Edward R. LAMBKE Commissioner Senior (Citizen Views By Mabel McDonald The regular business meeting of the Senior Citizens Club was held February 2nd with President Mae Geyer presiding. Regular routine followed after Pledge of Alegiance to the Flag. Membership Chairman, Al Dinkel gave out the hew year books and reported the following: 13 new members were taken into the club last year. 45 members deceased since we organized. 28 members, foreign born, from 12 countries. May Wiedelman reported she has kept our history up to date for Historian Ella Krueger since Ella's operation last fall. Our 3-month birthday party was .held, on Jan 2Gth. A beautiful birthday cake was donated by one of our honorary members. We played games, with donated awards. /? / . \.jaraenina . . . . by Elsie Kelm HOUSEPLANTS The Azalea - The Azalea is In the Rhododendron family, while some forms are evergreen. The Azaleas are among the most beautiful flowering shrubs or plants in existence. In size they range from dwarf plants 1 ft. high to tall bushes of 20 ft. Most forms produce flowers in abundance from springto late summer; their colors range through the pink, red and purple shades to white, yellow orange and scarlet, with all intermediate hues. Many are delightfully fragrant. When not in bloom, their foiliage is good and in the winter when the leaves are gone, the branching habit of most species is very interesting and useful in the landscape. The low-growing kinds are useful as groundcover material. Azaleas require an acid soil, prepared as for rhododendrons, which is similar. American azaleas will withstand considerable more wind and sunshine than the evergreen rhododendrons. For abundant blooming, azaleas should have a little more light than the "true" rhododendrons, but all do well in conditions of semi-shade, this concerns all hardy, outdoor forms. An oakleaf mulch is decidedly beneficial to all and is very important for Ghent azaleas or for any that are grown in full sunlight. Most alleged "tenderness" of azaleas is due to dryness in summer rather than winter cold and the mulch or irrigation. Kurumes - The Kurume Azaleas are a race developed in Kurum, Japan, from forms of R. Obtusum. They are dwarf, twiggy and compact, blooming when small, forcing well and easy to propagate from cuttings in sand and peat. They are used fbr forcing as pot plants, or grown out-doors. , Azaleas are wonderful house plants. One that is sent as a gift should.earn heartfelt thanks for it's one flowering plant that anyone can keep for years and bring into bloom every winter. Ten to one, it will have as many blooms in succeeding years in the home as were forced by the professional grower. At one time azaleas appeared in florist shops in February and were choice gifts for Easter and Mother's Day. Now, this springlike plant is generally available for Thanksgiving and Christmas. When an azalea comes from the florist shop, it should be placed in full sun if it is nearing full bloom. Flowers will last longer where they receive full light and buds will open where sunlight touches them for only an hour or so' in the morning or afternoon. When flowers fade, an east or a west window is a fine location. Azaleas are thirsty plants with a ball of roots that soak up water like a sponge. While they are flowering, they may need water twice a day. The pot may be set into a large saucer if a matching one didn't come with the plant. If the saucer is filled with water in the morning, all of it has usually disappeared by evening. Out of bloom azaleas thrive if they -are watered once a day, and if the pot is submerged In a sink or a pail of water to soak its fill once a week. A temperature around 65 degrees by day is ideal to encourage bud formation on old plants. By night, 55 degrees is good. When an azalea must be shifted to a larger pot, use a package of an acid soil mixture. Fertilize it before it is moved outdoors for the summer and two or three times thereafter at intervals of about six weeks. Feed again once a fortnight from November until flower buds have formed. INCOME TAX PROBLEMS? WE HAVE THE ANSWERS AT SCHEDULED RATES SALARIED INCOME: The Standard Deduction single form $4.00 .OTHER INCOME; Tho Standard Deduction interest, dividends $5.00 VARIED INCOME: Itemized Deduction Schedules as required BUSINESS en- PROFESSION: All Schedules as Required ILLINOIS STATE TAX Schedules as Required .•$8.00 and up $10.00 and up $3.00 and up THE GliOSS AMOUNT OF YOUfi INCOME HAS NO BEARING ON OUR RATES. £B£E_STAMPED ENVELOPES FOR YOUR FEDERAL AND STATE TAX RETURNS. OUR 33RD YEAR OF TAX SERVICE OUR TAX DEPARTMENT IS OPEN 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR FOR FOLLOW-UP SERVICE AND CONSULTATION. ant 346 -2685 74 IS W MADISON STREET 1 't

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