Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 3, 1969 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
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Monday, March 3, 1969
Page 5
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The Great Decisions of 1969 United States may have to keep Southeast Asia bases SwiMiMst Asia: Mora Vittnams'iieutralizG Southeaist in ttw Making? •y STEWART HENSLEY Sfudenfs ask government to maintain status quo Byi ROBERT BUCKHORN ; This has proved a boon to WASHINGTON (VPU — In studcnU, and parents alike, who : something of a turnabout.; see it as a way to cut expenses, student protestors arc urging I A Swarlhmore College girl one government agency to tiied feminine wiles on the j maintain the sUtus quo. In thU CAB. "Please let me fly." she Asia.-economie discontent and polia.!"**- *P«*"^- cut-rate: «Tote. 'TU love you more next Redlands Daily Facts Monday, March 3, 1969. - 5 Customs people check on all border traffic from Mexico airline fares for young people.: year when I am out of college,.... ^ «u. „^ mt mariiuana in MM UniM Stala*, Sf^h.r.'h^ ± A •«* -me Civa Ae«nauli« • Board ind can affonl the ftiU pcice? if .1*^.^ „nSl°*"*»* ^^'^ « being flooded with up to 500 Then there was the pessimist WASHlNrrov arPi. 1*0^™^ k Washington is concerned: letters a day from angry who wrote: "Students dont United s.^^ mVv r;;rH ^1 Hn J * ^ AI ""™"* omdally neu-i studenU alucking a rt^commen- have a lot going for them, but Umtod Sales may find it d« doped. ,^ . tral. Uos isa batUegrowad on'dttion by a CAB hearing, the >t)uth fare is beUer "Sr"."^ «i2 ""i^"!:, ,^"?^'^"'.'"™'n '*f «*^h 7W00 teoops of Premier examiner Ihal the r«luccd fans nothing." and a tolled number of tixK)ps sec IteUmtrtSutcs puU out ^ central for people from 12 to 22 be An obvious fun-lorn EDITOR'S NOTE: Thia it Mit'every 20 seconds. Through one M fcur diiyalchM in Southeast Asia for many (he area entire^ after S«ting t ^ y^^^^ an dropped because Ih^ discrimin- Wisconsin wanted to know how north, with its own cast market gate in one hour, 160 cars will for marijuana and the clearing pass. Every five minutes or so, center for shipments across the a driver will be told to get out, natioo. In December three muck tf M (r acfcwIcWMraii. unlock his trunk. residents of Los Angeles were Today's chaplar talk bmr aiMt JIaybe one car out of 15 will caught with 800 pounds of Hum'* *• "'•''K»«w w^ —"p«" get such cursory inspection.: marijuana at Moorestown. N.J., In pafular |anan camw IrtOiEverj'once in a while a ear will after drivnig across the con- {roQ, HM cMfitry fram Mulco. [be pulled out of the line and tinent and getting into an years—no matter bow the some kind of face^aving Vietnam conflict eventually is solution in Vietnam. This is not resolved. ^ in the cards. This is the view of VS.] officials and anri*-ste concerned Any VS. admmistration, Be- with kmg-iange idanning. For Pvbliean or Democrat, muct equal number of Communist'ate against oMer folks. he was expected to get to, figfatefs-30,000 of them Pathet' Hie board says it will review Florida between school terms. directed to a secondary search;argument over a 25-cent turn- By JACK V. FOX area where it niU be given a pike toll. SAN VSIDRO, Calif. (UPI)-real going over. Not only must the customs Lao i«bds and «.0M North Examiner Arthur S. Present's: 'others were mW ^rious. I" is Jaje Sunday afternoon and, ^ immigration-cu^.pwple watch automrtUe sm^^^^^ ^ the country injaction. but the students arc not One even threatened the life of the bullfights have just «ided.jtoms bmldmg. a US-ycar-old gimg but they ako must check easily soothed. President Nixon unless he did|The iast race at Caliente has' Me.xican-Amencan fiirl sits on a) airports and coastal snipping, , ... . ^ Wrote one girt from Detroit:'something. Another threatened 1 been run and the horsepUyersibench sofUy coing. She and her particularly fishmg boats com- obrious reasons they prefer not face up to certam realities cmcniy helps Souvanna Phou- "I ha»e gone to Calfiomia .sixUo hijack a irfane. Both letters are streaming from the track, boyfriend have been caught. On,mg up from Mexican waters. —t-.---...ii.. . ^ »"..._ • .,— .... : —j T..^:— Tt,. . table nearby lie two. Small airplanes take off from Vietnamese in violation of the 1962 Geneva agreement The United States to talk about it publicly at a «*ieli make it \irtually impossi- ma's forces and VS. warplanes Umes in the last seven months. «cre turned over to the Justice: The weekending Califcmia a time when the emphasis is on bic for the Americans to simidy based m Thailand attack, If the }tiuth fare is discontmucd Department ,couples are speeding up the, cellophane packets. ending the present war and cut and tim after a Vietnam Communist foroes and supply wilhdraving American from a85?"n«>t- ilmes. Laos is the poorest lie two] each tbeire'mote fields in Mexico and some form ossible. I will be lucky to go twice." The board, which will hold!magnificent Mexican coastal size of a brick, enclosing a drop bundles of "grass" on the Another giri. who signed hearings this month on the highway from Ensenada. The green substance that looks like Calif 3rnia desert where they North Vietnamese troops from The most apparent of these ts country in Asia, with a per hersdf "an Average American matter, does not like its villahiit-acatloners with license plates a crumpled up weed. arc retrieved by confederates. South Metnam. 'he U.S. commitment (o Thai- capita gross national product of ConeEc Kid." made it plain,role. Officials point out that the from Colorado and Hissiouri That is exactly what it is. It Although a vast area of Much, of course, will depend SEATO (South- about $80. It is a collection of 13 where she stood: "I Uke it the case actually stems from a suit and Michigan have the back is marijuana. Two kilos, 4.4 uninhabited country is involved, on the kind <rf peace agreement Asia Treaty Organuation) tribes with little knowledge of; man WIJO submitted this foolish filed by the Transcontinentol seats of their cars littered with pounds. Johnson said the customs men readied between the allies and "^et. This treaty obUgaUon of the «t)rid farther than the tribe idea docs cot ha\-e any. Bus System after the board pottery and iHnatas. The giri and the boy. who has have been successful in combat- the Communists—assuuiing that VtalcA SUtcs has been over the next hiU. Its govern- dauKhlcrs away from home. alloKxd the fares to sUnd. The And then. aU at once, they already been jaiW. and the two ting this method, some form of acreemcnt is ™ade more Wnding by Thai-roenl U likely to collapse under Bui, of course, you men are all courts ordered the CAB to come to a traffic jam that little packets represent the total Johnson, who says he and his if agreement jj iands willingness to permit the Communist pressure when Viet-so rich you could buy your rtricw the case. makes the walMo-wafl traffic j catch of marijuana smugglers men would go batty if they Americans to establish six air nam is sctUcd, no matter what daughters their own planes." To add to the CAB's on New York's Long Island over a three-hour period this didn't keep a sense of humor, A Vietnam neace nian uhirh *^ '"'ailanl sUtion 43.000 the sctUemcnL Under ihc >-outh fare system, problems. Congress is Uking up Expressway at rush hour look Sunday afternoon. tcIU with some amusement of does n^tadudTan dlanation^ ^ Cambodia: This country, the major airlines offer two cut the controversy .like the Indianapolis Speedway. Graatest Entry Point an incident a year ago in the al aa«m ^t to ma^aS^ X ^ area for governed by Prince Norodom rate ticket plans to sludents up; Sen. Charies H. Pero". R -ni. u j, the United SUtes border Yet this is by far the greatest,midst of an exercise testing neutSu&rf South Sm -as "* Shamiuk. tries to balance to 22. Under one. he fids a SO plans to mtroducc a biU that crossing pont between TSjuanaJenlry point of marijuana into West Coa..t defenses against neutrautj of South Metnam -as . ....^ u.. Qimmunfet China off against per cent discount, but ts placed «-ould circumvent the CAB by,a„d San Ysidro. 20 mUes southifhe United States. Of the entire|infillraUon by saboteurs. supply of Marijuana entering it was called "Operation Minutt the entire countr>-. it is Scarecrow" and it entailed a six hours for estimated that more than 70 per massive effort involving all area. ' "•"•<* i«wv.™« :>nn»n»,i u+i^h cH. di«v>iini ' th» T^nr^ hr^ »>. k»i l^**" a>"en><*»'es >»acke<l »P inicent-perhaps up to 90 per cent local and stale law enforcement Even ne«(«liraUon of all SUi''* P'^«» <™t »f •1'^ W ^i?, il'^ri^,^^^^ the reduced fares be kept {^^.,1^0 to clear through 18-comes in from Mexico across agencies, the Federal Bureau of South«st "^ran1gr ^-«;^y;,^The_^^^^^ f . I. If -K ^the^ border into California. 1 Investigation, the Navy, the ment badied by the big powers "^'^'^ ° because of aUeged American BlOlOaiCallV all 111611 would be unlikdy to bring real J^^S ""^^Pf'^ aiucks on hU territoo'. TTie "'WlW^IWUIIJf UII ffflCII peace Peking and Hanoi, and ineir Americans claim V'iel C<HIS and • • • • • > • Aside from the immediate«^ ^•^''•^ «iJ ««;Xort^ Vietnamese soldiers use definitelV nOt DOm eOUUl CVkanV INAlliaV peril of Communist invasion of ^l^tf ^S" «^-«Camb^^^ lemtoiy as ,,«^**""^«7 MM! ff CtfUWI JfllSn S mOmn South Vietnam and Uos. the ?"»••'«» Vietaams actuall^^ging ^ ^ j„pp ,y , longer term danger to other ">*asion of the soutn. Sihanouk acknowledges he is customs. Three cars a minute. By ROBERT MUSEL Southeast Asian nati(«s comes Another hard fact of life to be "caught between the Commu- ^i^^'^^^K^a^^t T^h^t bx>m Chinese-sponsored subver-faced by the United States is nist dcril and the American f;* "^i? ^"'i/btolidcal fa?t ^ :»j ™ 41. 1, -.^i, th;il Rritain-s nlannpH withdraw- deeD sea." He frank v adm Is """^ UUS Simple OlOIOglcai laci sion carried on throuah indieen- that Britam's planned withdraw- deep sea." He frankly admits , - „„,:„-.,i ,i,;„v 1 ^ d ^^tl B^en^ hi al by 1971 of the remainder of he will act in the future in any r *"?'r ='«^J"'° .P°''«»"l„^:' ous eiemems. t.xpeneace ^n^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ most effective «5'_!5 .-^^.,^"r „:l ..°°tJ. Nobd I acceptance test" before being declared legally bom. On the other extreme, he said, there might be something Uke "legal death" which wouM mean that people reaching the age of SS would no longer be enUUed tells of troubles In Jenisalem The United States Customs Coast Guard, the California one Service here faces an almost Fish and Game Commission and impossible task. That morale is the Customs Service, high is a tribute to the men Several learns were assigned who. almost wiUiout exception, ( Q try to slip ashore in small have made it a career. hoals. \ Coast Guard cutter In the course of 1968. there spotted a fishing boat off were 38 million border crossinsS |Maiihu with several men iin the California-Arizona dis-;pad<jling for shore in a rubber ; trict. The agents not only check dingliy. The cutter drew alongr Ion marijuana, drugs and side and the skipper shouted: narcotics but have Ihc broad —scarecrow"— the signal the ABOUT GRISWOLD'S Th« Indian Hill in Claramant, It CRIS- WOLO'S latatt dcvel- epment. It it a first clatt dbmer heuta with' a beautiful bar and outstanding decor. In tha usual GRISWOLD'S tradih'en, (ha feed it outstanding. Tha menu offered faaluret prima ribs, several typet of ttaak, labtier and elhar fav- •ritet to please every tatle. If you haven't bean •ver there yet, by all meant, fry it, we are you vrill be de- Ann DINNER MENU OF THE WEEK MONDAY, MARCH 3 Chicken and Dumplingt Hawaiian Meat Leaf TUESDAY, MARCH 4 Switt Steak Gland HamkalU WEDNESDAY, MARCH S Raatt Paric ' Camy ChkkMi THURSDAY, MARCH C Fried ChkhM Tallarini FRIDAY, MARCH 7 Baked FfMb Salman BBQ FwfcONF* SATURDAY, MARCH • Reatt T«ffay A DrMabiB Farcupina Balls SUNDAY, MARCH 9 RMstBeef Fried Chickan Gm $uioio$ Fwi ». Mi Iht PrMway „ <Continued from Page 1) responsibiUty of collecting duty "saboteurs" had been caught to certain expensive ill" and m a trance when he on all items bought in Mexico! The men in the fishmg boat Saiiures (in kilss) 2.183 4.312 4.175 11.042 28.312 smug- Dr. Crick declined to' be interviewed on the lecture. A ideal defense arrangement for to the Muslim Malay majority, the area ultimately would be a A Communist iiennectiaa regional alliance of non-Commu- wiiich began in 1918 was finally nist and neuU^list Asian put down in i960 by the British.' countries which wtiuld receive It could flare up again when slightly abridged version was miliury equipment and adrice British forces are removed. i transmitted by the British from the U.S. and other foreign Singapore: Tliis "dty-state" Broadcasting Corporation iBBCi nauons-but no troops. is seeking to expand trade and which made a satenographic Osiers thmk that regional afrad more foreign mdustrial text available, factors capital to take up the sJack to say that we mustn't throw Puritan tradition, possibly, that 7],^ testimony enraged Sir- '^'^ ^"^ ^'^^ ^'^^ Pa'ot °n the ideas themsdves away." ; is preventing this." han. He toM the judge he*'-'"'y faces for Eisenhower makes good progress rivalries and oUier factors capital to take up the slack Dr. Crick said oterpopulaUon would make it most difficult, tf ,vhich wiU occur when BriUin was gomg to create intderable WASHINGTON lUPP - For- not impossible, to form such an puUs out of the big naval base, i pressures under wiiich it may mer President Dwight D. _ alliance and hold it together. Singapsre's Premier Lee Kuan become impracticable to regard Eisenhower is making "gratify- V. Walker refused to accept the The great magnet is the city Yew has no major political all human life as sacred. He ing" progress m his recovery guilty plea, refused to allow of Los Angeles. 150 miles to Uie wanled'to pli'ad gu'ut^f'iSd diein«^««sn«f• They even have a in the gas diamb^ wther than dog named Rebel who can smdl i have evidence presented Uiat he I '"f"J"»"»- 'was mentally incompetent. I How much marijuana shps "I killed Robert Kennedy ""-owli ^"S ""P <f We to csti- wilfully. premcditaUvely, and mate but Mdvm Johnson. v.ilh 20 j-ears of malice customs supervisor for the alcreUiought," Sirhan said in an area, concedes it must be an angry voice. enormous amount Superior Onirt Judge Herbert Clearing Center The United States, once ^problems at home but is frank, said people would begin asking \letnam is settled, would like to, to confess his concern overiatout "quality control" of the revise or set rid of the SEATO alliance, preferably the latter. Of its eight members, France and Pakistan have test all security against outskie de- fflentg when the Britisli leave. Thailand: Considered by many U.S. eCScials to be the population and this might from an attack of pneumonia i Sirhan to fire his lawyers and that followed abdominal sur- conduct his own defense,! _ __ gery, his dodors reported today.[warned the defendant he would: produce a situation in which] A statement made public byii* Physically restrained if he babies wrodd have to pass "an;Walter Reed Army Hospital c™''' "o* contrd his outbursts said the 78-year-oW general ordered the trial to vast and potentially wiealfliy "spent a restful night and'P''£"^''- Archipelago. .continues to improve steadily." ^lown that international guar- lurtw m jaaia^oia ouu „«j uc u..v«ti., ,1.^^, vucwt..,. , - ,, anlees and policing arrange- the big Singapore naval base— for his nation to survive as an ""^ « leading scientists. ments cannot prevent this. now touting about 26,000 men—independent sUte. , Dr. Francis Cnck. NoL_ . v .„. ^ - TTiose in diarge of US *^ » «^'"- » Burma: This countrj's posi- '^J'"!;'' i^.?""'* '13'*'' K "'*Vu*; rrSmr^wS?;^*'•„ ih^ ,h^n"J* r the import of .„ared back in astonishment •J^™; j«-i that DOrtion of Southeast Asia lion is described bv US "i^ °f hfe-thc double In this conncdion he said that premeditation in Uic shooting, any hquor. -n,.™ had hv rharx-e. IWMT. S^sTfa^-s ^Ich*^ neither =^ n^ official^ as "^^.""W liat I.-lix-niade this statement in a miless something were found to the defe^ argues and Sir^. arrests and seizure for JJ ^^he'ded 'in t ^lg To tti.!ut,I^rt ^n, o •w„,.'Xew Zealand has shown anv they mean that it offers some ^« Social Impad slow- down the steady rate of, shouW not be w^^^^ smuggling on the smu"-le in 160O kilos of toTi ^LSSl -^eSLn ^to'^^to^ at lhe;dealh of b«ii, cells and thus degree murder which carries border here reflect the astonish- Sana. ' ^ for mternational agreements to^^^;;;^^ r^.r^ h.rt, >r»>TA. eiraiinn and sufavwon tat """"^'y of I ^O"- ' prcvem or delay senility, older the possibUity of the deaUi ing increase in Ihc use of "pot" N ,;,.^ Uj,„ ing to U.S. offirials. AusU-alia maj- be able to resist without "I think biology tdU us that P«>P|e '^oM become an even t ^J ^'/y-.. . , . in Uie United States. could do it except for domestic being totally undermined. Gen- men are bom veo' unequal." he; heavier burden on the young. But Sirtianis a proud man Records kept for the past five political considerations. eral .\e Win's seven-year-oW said. "It is very difficult toi Cridc saki it was not beyond f,'"^." . JT "".?,. l^i-''^" ""'^ breakdown: Administration offidals are dicUtorship has tried to main- make them all equal and it| possibUity to devdop a drug "„"!J*'l,Jvl,„ j,^" Year Arrests well aware that the American tain ncuti-ality. afler settlmg itsjwwild be very highly undesira-i which, Uken hy mothers, would J"™*^ maxeup is raised ui public and Congress wouW border dispute with China.'We if you dkl. And it is about make babies n»re intelUgent ... . . „ 1964 251 oppose Oie United States geUing However, battling ethnic minori- time this simple biotogical fart And he said-to laughter from- """S 1965 487 boggS down m another fnis- ties, plus groups of Peking and penetrated into political thtak- his listeners-that pertiaps it „,L^t T18 traiing war like ridnam Moscow oriented Communists, ing. he no-""'JJIT/'l™^ dscwiiere in Asia. For that keep die country in continual; "It is by no means dear, ticed the "great absence of a a rL^^,^rrl^L, f!^ 1968 1.571 • Ulcn M mo CSV lh.» all r»f«t Ho«>nt anhmHitiap " t-OOper Began te>-ing tllC j groundwork for the "diminished „,'•?. l „.i.;. u .u • .• there IS no eaparity" defense Friday by '"^^''"J ^y'"•^ '"f _ — . , . . . . - being spent on ,...i|in» oc • UHIIIMI : an nrnoi/i inspectors but mathcma- area hi a way wiiich would Malaj^: TTie major tong.| though it is riow. does not even it.- he sakl. "TTiere are good 'fX Pas^dma^in^ SclS^ ."""y « "<> preclude introducmg an>' mas- term problem here Ues m ihe|support Uut hypothesis although; reasons why. jou know-a good nis ^lre, ^ !«icu^^^ Marijuana has been found in sive American forces onto the fart Uiat more than one^hitd ofi"* custonurOy said the other aphrodisiac might put up Uie s=rhan 's h^ Mhool VraH« hoUowed out surf boards, in »ntment Malaysia's 10 milliOB inhabi-j'^ay around. population too much, but I fed ^crc mediocre and be hS a carefully reweldcd Some high officUU believe the tanls are Chinese, posing a peril! "I think nevertheless we have that isn't the reason. It's our siigi„jy average IQ Wsdine tanks. The inspectors THE LAST WORD IN Modern Water Conditioning METHOSOFT Soft Water Senia Division of Sanitary Plumbing 1248 Wabash Ph. 794-2131 interest Britain takes no active | "key" coonlir in planntne for rale and the Philippjnes wavenipost-Vielaam security in South- in its support nik leaves onlyleast Asia, Thailand is the one the United States, tostralU.|piace where U.S. naval and air ,h,t it would endanger Suharto ress" on^ weekafter mairir ™ ™ raiesune arao bases could itffl be mainUtaed Sr'J ^n7 ^o :7™^ to Uie United Nain southeast Aa. under thef ^S ' m^Uinl"^a'""low Kliet^ ^ * •^"^"^ u*aty terms. While the govern-,proHe-'-^isting by economic| ment is generally considered to measures, channeling as much' During Uie weekend. Siriian The United States, knowing -General Eisenhower's prog -'S^l'.'Tf'^ ,1'^ P^.,i !l"f *h' ~ , ^ J -. J • it wouM pnHanpM- Suharto ™ d'^cctor Of Uie Palestine Arab New Zealand and Thailand as active participants. But Washington can't afford to break up SEATO until there is some other security arrange- mmt to re^aw it Othe^his"*^ • . , ThaUand wouW be cut adnft stable. ITie Thais. suppUed and.-ss^i- Indonesia wiiere Uic P"™""""'^ cominues to clear, come to Los Ans w«h no Ut^ty auUwnftr to agisted to some extent by Uie |^.jSisis are being graduaUy make the flight "His strength is tions. who presumably trie dto cclm Uie Jordanian immigrant! gradually The defense asked the Jorda-' be corrupt and conservative, it "s ws^le uTitwr ^ntc^^ '"^'''l Ambassador to Uie United remaricably ^f„'^/^^SItion?cinu"n^^^^^ "-e area of States. Abdul-Hamid Sharaf, to • • " —..„n..„.,~ i„ ,i»., Angdes. Hedid not! »ht for undisclosed^ insist.thatU.S.basesandforeesji ^Iirsit^.~-«^""^-to beliiS;^;^^^^^^ " reasons, remain to offer some measure] carrying out an effectiv-e JJ ^iidcnible exlrat ^T ^hat is Eiw^^^ The defense contends Siriian of protection. I counter-insorsency campaign|,loM to check Red mflucncc food Sunday m about 10 days, has been subject to spells. JarUicr north. Hospital sources said he Uwr- U^nccs and mystical fantasies oughly enjoyed it. His first solid ever since he saw Uie horrors of President Nixon is committed meal consisted of a Sunday "^ar while growing up in to seeking an honorable peace breakfast of a soft-boiled egg.' Jerusalem. at the Parlt talks. Beyond Uiat.itoast. tea and orange juice. presents the „ _^ Golden Arrow Collection for the man who wants the very best lTomAmm(tl^l^te shirt oonqai^ The United States realizes jagaiost the CommuBisMed le- that any Asian defense alliance of which America is a member is bound to intensi^ Communist China's hostility to Uie re^ooal members of the pact That is why the idea of some purdy bels in (be oortfaeasL Two other countries, although not OB the mafadand, are] important factors in the overall sitoatioo. Hie FUIippines and Indonesia flank Souttieast Asia to the east, the south and to a small extent to Uie west lliey! are vitally concerned as to what' Asian part of non-Communist nations appears attractive to some U.S. offidals, despite the obvious difficulties. ^ Such an alliance wtmld have a happens in the area. rTndL^-cSirrL ^cMi^^^^^. ^"^^SS^^o^^«» SEATO. has become less and'. Ameiican puWlc aad S!.J*.!fiJf:Hr\!:S!^J^lle« .i"*^ «dtin«iConp«ss that Uie United ' he must devise some way to protect Uic national security protect UIC national sccunty ^ . interests of Uic United States; 001170 U/OI/S and its allies in a strategic area , . wWch H would be most difficult I |/n for SOle to simply abandon to the ~ Communists. SANTA BARBARA. Nixon also must make new security airangements in such a I • ILLS HAKD TO PAY * SeT jthings you no longer use lUirough inexpensive Classified Ads and get quick cash. Dial 793-322I now. as to reassure the (UPI>-Santa Claus is sale this week-30.000 Calif, up for square feet of Und and several shops those two countries shows any indinatkm to become involved. BoUi hope the diaos m SouUieast Aaa wiH run iU involv«l _ in. aaU-Oomimiiiist acti\ities on the mianland. There has been some afita> course wiUtout involving Uiem.itioa agamst the VS. air aai VS. offidals. when conskler- — ing post-Vietnam security ar- ransemenu in Southeast Asa. are not so concerned about possible overt aggression by Peking or Hanoi As mentioned eariier, tbey are worried morel about Chinese or Hanm-directed subverskin which feeds upon Past mistakes can be corrected. COME TO A FREE Christian Science Lecture 8 p. A*. TUESDAY, MUIK:H4 110 W. VWC, mANOS naval bases fai the Philippines. However, much of this is coosidered to be nationalistie political fiiry for domestic consumption. The expectation is Uut the Philippines wiU continue to provide secure bases from whidi American forces can keep an eye on events in Uie China Sea area. Indonesia has troubles enough tryuig to mend its shattered economy aad seeks no involvement in alliances or arguments wiUi others at this time. Prcsideol Suharto, who deposed Sukarno afler the abortive Communist coup of Odober, 19GS, has won admiratioa of US. officials for liis woric in tiyiflc to brine aftiUi^ some acmamic progress to the] Congress is not liddng the ponibaity of another massive and ftnstrsting InvoivemeBt «( American mili' diristmassy decoratkms, known coUectivdy as Santa Claus, Cali£ lary forces on the Asian con -i tinent Next week: .Western Europe and die U.S.i -Ti >wanl a New Relationship. 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