Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 24, 1978 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1978
Page 10
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10—Uklah Dally Journal, Ukiah, Calif. Tuesday, January,24, 1978 For Wiednesday, Janu&ry 25,1978 By SYDNEY OMARR Virgb can analyze, piece together bits of information arjd come up with complete scenario. The native perceives potential, moves with times, attracts young people and has innate understanding of nutrition. Virgo is earthy glamour, basic service, a-comprehension of vital issues. When in trouble, it is wise to lean on Virgo. ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19): Your "inner feelings" dominate. Bring forth creative resources. Means im- jH -int your own touch,'^style. Pisces, Virgo figure prominently. Avoid self-deception; see places, people as they actually exist. Be positive of sources, quotations. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20): Stick to objectivity — fantasy has no place in practical plans affecting basic security. Older individual aids in building on solid base — if you so permit. Capricorn, Cancer'persons play important roles. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Finish assignment, relax — short journey could be what you heed. Aries, Libra persons figure in scenario. Relative presents ideas. Be kind, sympathetic, but also selectiive. It is time to let go of losing proposition. , CANCER (June 21 ^^iluly 22): Emphasis on money, what you need, how to obtain necessary ingredients, tools, capital. I'iJew start in new direction indicated. Leo, Aquarius figure prominently. Yes, financial picture will be bri^ter —cash flow will resume. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Hunch is accurate — display confidence, act on what you feel. You can control circumstances. Means events favor your efforts —you create your own "happenings." Wear bright colors, make new, personal contracts. Stress appearance, personality. ,, VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept, 22): What had caused fear and doubt may now provoke laughter. Your own foibles could be source of humor —and should be. You'll be invited to attend "festive occasion." Accept. Gemini, Sagittarius figure prominently. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct, 22): Friendship is "proven." You are rpore secure, even if movements are confined. If single, you could fall madly in love. If married, you rediscover mate in meaningful way. Either way, there is air of excitement. YoU are on precipice of enlightenment. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Study Libra message; utilize apparent obstacle as steppingstone. Accent on career, prestige, honor, relationships with associates, superiors. Communicate. Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius persons are-in picture. . SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): Accent on travel, communication, philosophy. Taurus, Libra figure prominently —so does number 6. Family member discusses work-vacaition schedule. Be receptive; perceive potential. CAPRICORN (Dec.^22, - .Jan. 19): You may feel threat^ed by 'iaura of surveillahce." Pisces, Virgo individuals could play key roles. Finances, agreement concerning partner, mate — these are emphasized. Dig deep for information. You could strike pay dirt. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Organize material; you soon will be called upon to explain significant proposal. If priorities in order, you could get promotion, more money. Personal relationship due to "heat up." PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): Find ways to improve service, get more for efforts. Aries, Libra could be involved. Accent on employment, health, pets. You may be surprised to find that many depend upon you — some U^ke you for granted. IF JANUARY 25TH IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are introspective, creative, moody, idealistic and you attract persons who tend to disillusion you. Change of residence due this year ^r major domestic adjustment. February, September, November will be memorable months. Piscfes, Virgo persons play important roles in yoiir life. they'll Do It Every Time CASSANDRA SPENPS 3 HOURS ANP MUCHO MOOLA SHOPPING FOR. TONIGHT'S P/HHSR Sheinwold on bridge All great swindles are very simple By ALFRED SHEINWOLD All of the great swindles are very simple. In general, you can make an opponent do anything you want by making it appear profitable from his point of/ view; This principle applies only to bridge. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH • J 10 ^Q63 0 Q J6 * A 10 9 6 2 WEST • 9 7 6 5 3' ^ A87 0 7 4 2 • 84 EAST • K84 J94 0 9 8 5 3 • K 7 SOUTH • AQ2 ^ 10 5 2 0 A K 10 • Q J 53 South West North East 1 NT Pass 3 NT AJl Opening lead — 45 ' . East put up,, the king of spades at the first trick, and my gentle readers are already winping with the ace to waste no time in taking the club finesse. r , What then happens to the gentle reader shouldn't happen to a dog. East wins with the king of clubs and suspects that South would refuse the first trick unless he had a second spdde trick. So East may shift to a low heart, and the defenders defeat the contriact with four heart tricks. , The,actual declarer aVoided this sad fate by playing the deuce of spades at the first trick.; ' ' NATURAL ASSUMPTION East assumed that his partner had the queen of spades since otherwise South would have won the first trick. East returned the eight c' spades to develop and take th setting tricks in spades before South could bring in the clubs. South won with the ace of spades and lost the club finesse to the king. Maybe East should have smelled a rat, but he actually led another spade. South thereupon rattled off his nine tricks. ' DAILY QUESTION Partner opens i NT' (16 to 18 points), and the next player passes. You hold: Spades K 8 4, Hearts K J 9 4, Diamonds 9 8 5 3, Hearts K 7. What do you say? AISSWER: Bid two clubs, the Convention, asking partner to bid a major suit of four or more cards. If he bids two hearts, you will jump to four hearts. If he bids anything other than two hearts, your next bid will be 3 . NT. DcttVf Crossword ACROSS 1 English broadcasters ' 4 To love (Fr.) , 9 Barrel (abbr.) 12 Fifth zodiac sign 13 Took osth 14 Garland 15 One hundred per cent 16 Under oath 17 Ampersand 18 Indifferent 20 Fire residue 22 Pique 24 Doctors' group 25 Blows 28 Surround 32 Limb 33 U-boat (abbr.) 35 Laurel 36 Small bills .' 38 Noun suffix 39 Golf shout 40 Ogs kingdom u42 Drenches 44 Single 45 Over (prefix) 46 Sighted 49 Serving as type 53 Farmyard sound 54 Of the country 58 Sheltered side 59 Ovum 60 Pi^no piece 61 Heavenly altar 62 Urgent wireless signal 63 Littlest 64 Over there Answer to Previous Puzzle DOWN D U E S D U E T (ziaiz) D R A M U R S A E R A A E R O K N E W 1 A N Y A N K E E S D A N N Y IE S Sj E R R Q L T R A S C V T H E s d A Y U ,T A H 1 T E U R E A W O L N U N • D O R O U S U N D 1 D D S T N N jl u B O A T E A Q E R L Y N 1 X L E A P D 1 E U 1 K E E A S E E T N A T E N R U T S Tell tales Ringing device Soft-drink nut Declare Former Itfbor group (abbr.) Bovine sound Mistake 8 Give a new title to 9 Mediocre 10 Good (Lat). 11 Tops 19 Family member 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 21 Hang loosely 23 Jewish ascetic 24 Abbey head 25 Paint splash 26 Songstress Horne 27 Grows old 29 Nigerian tribesmen 30 Exceptional 31 Tints 34 Pronoun 37 Pump 3^ Vehemence 4 1 One of the Twelve 43 Veht 46 Lincoir) and. Fortas 47 Shakespearean villain 48 Auto wheel type (pi.) 50 Broadway • offering 5 1 Air (prefix) 52 Jack Sprats meat • 55 Coloradp Indian 56 Regret 57 Commercial WHAT KIND OF P5P^ST PO£S SHE PRBFJARB? SPOUSE, |SfA6Rajj M.<S. I'M SO KNOCKEPOUT FROM SHOPPING I COULDN'T COOK "A TH1I4S. LET'S EAT OUT TONKSHT/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollm UDCK IMTO j mis OMe/^AvseLF.^ ACE TWI5 15 M¥ 5C1ENCE REPORT LUHICH 15 GN TRAFFIC SAFEW ' THe F1R5T THIN6 I PIC UJAS'TO MEASURE THE UJIPTH OF THE STREET IN FRONT OF OUR SCHOOL.. UllTHMVRtiLER/ BLONDIE By Jim Raymond I 'M SO,f?r?y, HONEY---I' DiON'T P^'feALlZE IT SOTMEPED YOU BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker BUGS BUNNY VAlUL UOVE THIS HOUSE, RJDDSy, AN' ) TH' PRICE IS RIGHT// HERE WE ARE/J WHY DOES ^ THE OWNER WANT TO SELl,^ HE'S GONNA MOVE SOME PLACE ^ WHERE'S THEKE^S MORE . PKlVACy/ ^ by Craig Loggott W MOST HAIR-RAISIK)^ Of My WHOl^ THE BORN L 6 SER AREM'T i€U THE 0MB THEV -a Kl 60UUP HAVE by Art Soneom FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thoves J. FLiTT PSYCHIATRY CUPEl • TO fCBfp B . JH/\^(<f \.'2A SHORT RIBS , "THE VOLCANO \ GODDESS 1$ ANGgV. V J by Frank Hill ^^^PJ ,J^^^..^..r- / GRAB HIM'\^^^ THE VOLCANO SOD WAS' SAC»?IPICE TO/MAKE (^'^^T ^'lJ.THESE A MAN WHO DKEC? TOOB {-•V{

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