The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1936
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, isao BLYTHEVIU.rc, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 36 Rules For Safe Driving = lty HIP" Arkansas Highway Commission; 'Quintuple (s Are;Nol Afraid of Ca n a d a's Winter Cold This is the fitlh and last of a st'rie's (if-stories by »r. Allan Roy Dafoe, physician lo the Dlohne quintuplets, -written' exclusively, for NEA Service and Courier News, 'under a renewed arranKV.znent: . - - ', BY,ALLAN R. UAFOK, , M. p.,,Q. B. E. ' (Copyright, 193G, by NBA Service, ; ; • Inc.) ; CALLANDEB; Ont.—This third •winter has made the Dionne quin- tupHls .; into snowbirds, as chipper fend pert as the chickadees which Tjerch at the feeding station on the mirsery, windov;. From their earliest infancy, the children have been trained to sleep outdoors, to love and appreciate the open air.. ,, .__ . • -Today they, love if more than eyet. Including their afternoon nap •on the open veranda, the quins are out In, the open'air'.as .much as four hours a day.. This'varies, of course, according.,to the weather. -As they grow bigger'and stronger, they are able to crijoy the' sports of the open much more than they used to do. For Instance, this winter we have built a 1 toboggan slide in the 'play-yard. It .is about five feet high at 'one' end, and slopes gradually across the yard. Now the toboggan which could be iised last-winter- only, for one of the nurses to pull the children can be devoted to its own thrilling use. Development of the wading'- pool into a skaling pond will come lat-' , or.. The little girls are.scarcely ready lor skates as yet; though of course we feel ..that in good time they ought; to. become, proficient in all our northern sports. : Children Get Chance • , ... to • See Many Birds , - Tlie birds add a great-deal oi .interestJo the surroundings of the nursery. We have always encouraged therri, and last summer .we had fine families of tree' swallow? •and - house •' 'wrens. Incidentally, each of the swallows hatched e brood of quintuplets:- ,- : ' : : • . This winter we have built a'feed- ing station directly outside the "nursery window, where the quins can see the birds come.dally for the suet and sunflower seed with which € ' ~:e kee'p it stocked. Landscaping Jans jR>r t next year include more . ushes arid trees near the house to attract, the.'brlds. ly'-peoplei'write and nsk why in the -world 'the ;quins haven't a dbg of : :a puppy, or two (o play with. Goodness/knows, the lack/of dogs or : pets 'aroundi-tlie not due •'• to any lack of opportunity to 'acquire tliem..: -.'.' ," '•.'.': We have -been offered goats,: cat .rabbits.? i birds, i ponies, and even koala••ibears'.'froai ttew Zealand. -'As this- last'.very) appealing -little: animal, "feeds'-on.'eucalyptus leaves ] d^n't..think: it .would do *jery !wel! up;herc.-in the north. 1. Pci-sotis uiider sixteen years | 18. It Is unlawful lo overtake of age are prohibited from clrh'-und pass any street car on its Ing motor vehicles. , ] Ic-ft, except when the condition of 2. It Is a serious. offense lo ] •'"' highway requires. * drive n vehicle upon the streets 19. It is unlawful to pass slop- and highways of Hits State while p«I street cars .loading or uii. uiider the influence of Intoxlcal-'loading passengers, except where ing liquors or narcotic drugs'. | safety zones huvc been cstabllshtl. 3. Every motor vehicle shall bo 2I) - At intersections, 'when two equipped will: brakes adequate to ' "hides approach at npproxlinate- control the movement of and lo! ty "^ same time, Ihc one on Ihe stop and hold such vehicle. They r»S»t luts the right-of-way. Howshall be maintained In good work- Ing order. 4. Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a horn in good working order, and audible under normal conditions from a distance of at least 200 feet. 5. Every motor vehicle shall! be equipped win, a windshield t wiper In good working order G. Every motor vehicle using the highways shall be equipped 31. Right turns are pcrmHlod against red lights after coming to u complete stop, provided (here I.; no Interference with traffic moving with the green lights. Traffic favored by. (ho green .llghta hns the right-of-way. ''2. Obey signs along the roadside Indicating turns, hill, curves, schools, etc. Adjust your sptvd turn keep yotir car under control. . 33. You nuisl keep your car In ever,'If ^Uie-vehicle on ilie left ltl1 '' operating condition If . you enter the Intersection first, it shall j would keep out of trouble, Drakes, iiavu the right-of-way. | "ehts, tires, sleeting . apparatus, should have frequent Inspcc- K(!c ; > yout' windshield .clean. When carrying poles or objects that extend more- PAGE THREE Fruits With Meats Si. When a vehicle Ls approach- In^, but hsis not yet entered an Intersection, it must yield the right-of-way to a vehicle already within the "intersection inul mak- in light two headlights and a red at (he rear, in good''Work- Ing order. Trailers or semi-trail- . . - - „„,, ers must display a red light at> ol)scl "Ve traffic control devices' at hiulc the rear. Motorcycles shall carry '"'"""-""""• " '•'-'• ~'"one headlight and n tail'light. 1. A white light must be Alt ' played at the front and a ycl- 'ow or red light at the rear of every vehicle which Is parked or landing' upon a public highway t nlBht. Double parking Is pro- tlbited. Tlie projection of glaring or Jazzling lights Is prohibited. Lights nust be adjusted properly and hould be equipped with s diin- or tilting-device, used when meeting other vehicles. 9. Pedestrians walking upon the lighways must keep to the left- land side. 10. It 'Is unlawful to park or eave a vehicle standing upon the paved or improved or main-traveled portion of a public highway. 11. When a vehicle is left unattended the motor must be stop- led; .the brakes effectively set; and if standing upon" a grade, the must be turned lo . . ; : More. Vi ,we do except,- to have.a dog or the.nursery .if} good time. . I personally am verj fond 'o'fj dogs, 'as anyone .will testi- . fy:. >ho "has"-: seen my .wireha|r "Teddy,", 'swaggering 'around mj 'home.,,.'. .- .',-.. : • , • ' But; now I think it unwise for the.quins to be.too close friends Y'ifh a dog, because dogs sometimes carry germs—even a cat may sometimes be' a'dlphtheria carrier. '. Do'; 'Later and ' Also Some Chickens .Eventually, though, we will have at least one dog for the children to .play: with, and very soon 'we will have canaries inside the nursery as well as the birds outside -Next.-year we"may keep a,fe\i hens, both for the eggs' and because we think the quins will enjoy making their acquaintance. There can be no question tha the outdoor life has been good for ^e quins. Their rosy comolexions and glowing health'are the bcs Ov/dence of that. But the best o it .Is that ^ey have liad 'none o the troubles and'grlefs that usual- f i to the side of the 'ront wheels .he curb lighway. .12. Every, driver must-kce» on .he right half of the, highway. 3o not straddle or cross the cen- U-l, other limn four feet from the rear of turn lo the left across Us I J', 01 "' "'"'d". carry a red light ut. of .travel, provided the over- ! , elul ° f tll( ' Projection; dnrlnK making the turn has given" :ly " rc<1 llne or cloll > nt Jo '" sl 'tble signal. : twelve Inches-square Is required. 35. No load shull be curried upon a passenger vehicle thai ox- on the left side of the ve- iior more thansix'/'Inches « distric;. ,v Before starting, stopping, or tain htuhways the aiong moun driver of a , , tinning drivers must first see that motor vehicle must hold It uiider the movement can be made In control and not allow it lo coast. safely, if an y one might be af- Keep to tlie right. If view reeled by tlie movement signals must be given. • sound horn. 24. The Intention to start, slop, or turn Is indicated by extending ,!.„ , , ... . . . " propel- structed for n distance of MO feel Ihe hand anil arm from and 'beyond' th horizontally left side of the vehicle. The following widely used uniform signals are also approved : (1) Left turn—Hand and arm extended horizontally, (2) Right turn — Hand and . ann extended upward. ; (3) Slop or slow— Hand and 25. avm extended downward. For a right, turn, approach , , the intersection in the traffic la nearest . to the rlgli t-haml side of the: highway, and keep as close as practicable to the right-hand curb ['aces Shortage of About 30,000 Head for 1937 Crop Season,' lo breed marcs between edge. . 19a5 and 1933 ha s left the United 26. For a left turn approach sttlles wltn n » .excess of horsss and the intersection In the traffic lane ',", • ovcr 10 J ' e 9 rs imd " ot enough nearest and on the righl-hand . eUvecn a n "d .10 years .of a'ge. As _ .. side of the center-line of the a rcsult . there will be n national when passing another vehicle. ll! Shway and turn to the left near sno " a 8 (! of ablut ns.OOO horses 13. It is unlawful' to pass an- tlte . center of the Intersection i nn<1 3K - ma "ittles when the 1937 "• 27. Every motor vehicle mW! ^"J 5Dilso "' 0 P<!»5 up, according lo ,Si-iTi[.trnul( i ii|.. S uiisliln<! »n MIL- winter stak. ' • -'<•<. I>U' lirril npucll • I'lnnk' sleak, wi'll sca- wtlh iiuiils vine fiiir anil nlnt'a'pplr Jiilrr, \vlll innkc fei-l ;is Ilimifc-li It hns liikcn n cruise lo Hie palmy Lsla nds. _A slice of pineapple, a sauce ol orange Juice, a garnish of iiprlcol.-! or prunes will give dash to your ronst meals, when the appetlle needs thawing, serve' this Ilawallun specialty. Dcdlcil Sleak Waiklkl U to e servings) ^ One Hank steak about 3 nomuls, lloiir, a tablesimoifi ley, l leuf of sage, l buy leaf, I .sprig, thyme <lf you liny mixed herbs, use I teaspoon of lltii pre- linrcd product), I teiispoon sail, 1-2 leuspaon pepper, 1-tt lenspoon paprika, l lensiioon dry nuisturd, I 1-2 (nblespooiis elder vlnei;nr, •! cups pineapple Juice. Cut steak In" strips 2 by* 4 Indies. Dust lightly In (lour, mid shuix; In of unrllo through in>t Ijnllcr and lemovu., sili'o lho onion and luld to butter, then Dip iiMUs, when on- iom ii ro KOldcn blown, remove nnd add the steak, soar welt on all sides. Dust on rwunlnliii! (lour mid dry : ssujonlng, Drown well, Then |)oiir li;at«l vlntgar over steak, ooiik n minute; then pour limited plncjpplc Juice into p.m. Cover, simmer mull Iciuler, - bastlna fre- iliifntly, will lake at knst l l-x hours Of .slow cuoliliin. .^low— re- liu-mlier Dint, surva on n hot ]ilut- ti'r K^'iilshcd wltli half Mlces of funned pineapple und one or Uvo Itn'on jicjipi'i- rasetlcs, ^ Oriinac SIIUDS K 11 ilavorful W (ij of jmlliiur a Kpot oi s'.mshlne Ink nlnht .supnor. wilh ™i j ick or poik It does won- lciid ders. Oriitc-j flip Orange Kniirc (1-2 pint,) i !ml of 2 oranges, 1-2 ornnse julco, 1-2 cup Jinw, 2 tensjioons Frcncli mustnrd .1 1-2 tiiblespaon-s currant JiMly and n ilnsli of cayenne pupper I'lucc u .saucepan over very low- Mi flic. Turn in »|l t)i 0 insiedleiiU mid stir gently until thoroughly mixed, cook only io minutes, nl- ways sill-ring. Qool, tln:n cliill h, rcfrlgointov, Thh h what adver- \ultciB would coll "a taste,,' pjaln folks 'say "K's swell." Apples wllh lUm S(eak wrl npiilr.?, well clmncd fat ^°;V '"KR". Cut. applet wUhoiit poellng into 1-a Inch slices Try uiit .some of tho ham fat In iron pan, then lay m (he slice? o( apples. Pry carefully, and turn without breaking, and fry on other side Jtemovu to sheet of absoibenl IM- "i'i, du-st win, blown Mi ? ar, and Mcp «tirm until the sugar melts Into the npple, Use as vegetaljlc ' with the btolled or frl"d hnm steak U. a. DiHcau of CCDSU? rciTOih fihow Ihe aveinge numbei of Tier- sons (o a fpmlly in this country Wanted To Sell SI 00,000 Furniture llnlf Down - liatnnce NON( Pull - liny Now Hubbard Furniture Co. I large onion, 1 sprig pars- ler In Ir'o: St] rolls. Skewer In frying pitii, run n clovu S For Sale--Beauty Shop In •DOIN'f! IJXGKU.BNT. HUSINKSS- New 1'iid'd rJjjht fur LOUISH WHKKLKil I.ciichvlllo, Ark ,sul c ether vehicle moving in the same lirection: colds.'the chapped hands, the frozen ears that all too often accompany, it: .. ; .-Ifi the first place, we pile on clothes -when the children go out In winter 'weather. Heavy woolen coats, woolen snow-suits, snow hel- metthal protect the ears and part of the .face, heaw rubber arctic boots and warm mittens. That's the way to dress for the outdoors .The quins' faces are always rub- w*t with olive oil before they venture, out when wind.and tempera" i "*;; seve rc - Camphora ted oil protection As a result °< Cod-Liver Oil f* Safepurd for Winter ' o!rK »,' <s P'o'wlion our-littl! girls have asa.Inst the long winter . g wner »P here Is the cod-liver ol that <1) Unless- the left. side or • the highway is visible and free 'of; oncoming traffic for a sufficient .distance . to pass without crowding- or -. . (2) At. or near, the crest of any. grade; or (3) Upon, a curve where the driver's view "of the highway Is obstructed for a distance of 500 -feet; or (4) At. any intersection, ex; .i.'.eept..-when pennitted by a . ^traffic or peace,officer; or . (5) At. any, steam' or - electric :.-ii, -ralhvay .grade crossing.. 14. Before attempting to puss, '.he .driver, of the overtaking vehicle .must give an-audible-warning with the horn or other signaling device. ..This is not required in-towns-or cities.: 15. When .tlie driver, of a vehicle has received a passing signal ; from .the overtaking vehicle he,must give way to.the right and must not .increase speed. ' -. : -.16. .A slow moving,vehicle must be driven as closely as possible to.the right-hand edge or curb.or. the.'highway. . : .. . , . 1.7. When motor vehicles are moving in the same direction they must not follow each other more closely than is reasonable and priident, '. may be interested more specifically in just what the quins are eating now, during Ihe winter season and at the age of 2 1-2. I add here a list of Ihe regular fare at the Dionne nursery: Cod-liver oil, milk, acidophilous milk, gruel, porridge, biscuits, bacon, eggs, liver, asparagus, spinach, peas, string beans, lettuce, carrots, corn soup, tomato soup, custard, caramel pudding, chocolate pudding, bananas, apples raw and cooked, orange juice, grapes, tapioca graham malted biscuit pie. At times a few raw carrots. At meal times we observe a mix- lure of orderliness and informality. When the little girls troop to the dining room, we insist that they walk.'If any of them forgets her training so far as to rush or run to the table, she is made- to go back and start over again. But that seldom happens. . The children approach the dining room in no. regular order, and they take whatever seats they choose .at, the two low tables where they cat. Help Themselves From Serving Table : The food is placed on a serving table, and esch child goes to It and carries her own dish to the dining table. The nurses, of course, sit at the tables with the children to guide them by example In proper conduct at table. Partly as a result of diet described above, and also thanks to natural heritage and careful 'cleaning, the children's baby teeth, of which each girl now has 16, are practically perfect. Dentists from the University of Toronto recently inspected them and found no fault. .- vehicle must - f ' . I be' driven al a carefuland prudent j mfor '™ ll °» c - G.. Smith has just ra 'e of speed, riot 'greater Ihnn'is'™' fro! " - Wayiic Dlnsmorc. - - sonable 'and proper under the existing conditions. 28. When any vehicle strikes any person; or collides with another vehicle, it Isi the duty of the Iriver. to immediately : STOP, :give all neccsary information, names, etc., of himself and passengers;' and to render all necessary, assistance to any person injured. failure to stop, give information, and assist is a felony. . ' 29. Drivers of vehicles- involved n accidents must moke a report thej, County -in which- the 1 accidtnt "occurred if injury :or 'death- results'. If there is property damage of -$50.00 or a that on «nd. for the we don't get for . • Twice a day the cod-liver oil Is ,°L ™ s -. moviacs the elements needed by all growing children to give resistance to cold and insure riged growth, but which the lack sunshine makes it impossible to at this season. , secretar fro! " - Wayiic pf the- Horse . Association of America. .and Mule . more a* report must also 'be made to tlie Commissioner of Re verities, or to police headquarters If In incorporated city. or. town. .. • . 30. -"Stop" and "Slow" signs mean just that.- If you come -to a "Stop" sign, come to a complete stop and do not proceed until -you are sure,you can, do so in safety. COME 400 years ago, Ihe Mpham- 'rnedan drove Ihe Buddhist from Ihe land ot Java. In the wake of Ihe invaders lay the ruins o[,many magnificent lemples. But a lew they overlooked, and one has rtmained to this .day, saved by.the heavy growth of the jungle: that crept, over it. • : . i U" is ! liie Borobudur-rearDjokja, rtally an . Indian monument to Ihe. pautahia Buddha,- some say the greatest of all. It wits built between 160 and 850 A. p., and in it is the history of the Buddha jn 432 images. - ,- , ; " ' The story goes that,'when Ihc Invaders came in the IBlh century, a wise man ot Buddha called all Hie devoled aboul him, and they covered the lemple deep in'earth. Plant lifa grew on the mound, and the Mohammedans passed it by unheeded. That may be only legend, but the Borobudur today is the shrine of many a pilgrim in Java! its Eye, ear, nose, and throat exam- picture Is shown on a stamp issued inatlons, as well as checkup of all for the Dutch Indies, by the Ncth- tlie bodily functions, have bsen eilands, In 1930. ' • regularly made by experts from the •"• University of Toronto, and a daily I record chart kept available for our study. As their third Christmas season comes to its climax, the culns' ruddy health and bubbling hannl- TIOCC motrt If AAv.tnr_ ti_ _ i i ft** ness make It certain that in cal- For the benefit of mothers who mas. - lander it will be a Merry Chrlst- ', Inc.) "Wanted—Stud Horses and Jackasses' Is the name of a new leaflet published by the association which gives complete information about the horses and in tiles in every state. Copies may bs obtained free froni Mr. Smith.. Dinsmore's 'figures show tint Ai- kansas will have lo import. over S.oOO work horses and approximately 27,500 \york mules for replacements, alone before the 1937 work Kenson' starts;, that Is. colt* rnlcprt " Arkansas', in 1934 will fall short tlmt number of equalling losses by aealh In 193C. This mentis lint over,$5.160,000. In cash vsill have to be paid out by Arkansas farm ers for ; work animals, mnnv of raised ' hey n "° ht eas " J lln - vc Breeding Is increasing, and It is estimated there will be about one million horse and mule colts foale'ri and ralset! this year, but death losses in 1935 will be around 1200000 nL' her % W|11 be.much need' for more good .sires, for some 5 cars to Half Dollar Stops WEST SALEM,' III. (UP)_ A half dollar coin saved the life of c N here. . in ? consciousness, he r™, found the leaden slue Child of II on Ton of World NEW YOHK (UP)l T he ag of "f'^^tpno happiest period of the entire life span nccorrffno o statisticians of the" MetroS^ Life insurance Company. The^ de- care Oiat at this age the averse child is healthier and safer than he ' heav er has been or cve wmbe FLOOR SHOW Tonight & Sunday featuring Jean Glisson, Alm:l hka K r, Sue. Oean and Norma Carney. Don't miss it! FREE FISH SUPPER THUKS. 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