Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 5, 1957 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMI1ERLAND, MD., Haworth's Mail TV 1 HTOP (Cn.-il, Cable 2, V.MAI. (AUCI, Cable 3, VHC CNBC), cable 4 Kdicor's Note: Advice to llal- ctivitcd corrc^iKindent sparks controversy over modern emphasis on "curve*." that is Urcsomoly tedious, as well as revolting. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: F ""»'*'' Miss or Madame, salutations! To Our Critics First, may I say frankly that 1 respect highly your careful, de- I honestly bejieie lhal this prc tailed, sincere answers to ques- occupation with suggestive Uoncrs. figures and leering language. Second, as a man. . May Htn reply to the siat-i.iiv.ii-r cd wife quite interesting. But, Juvenile delinquency, darling, let's examine your final Somc 5' oun 2 friends of mine paragraph, speaking of Ihe cult have said: "We certainly give the I found your P |a i 0<i U P in movies and TV prone flat-diest- S rams ' is a factor contributing to of the oversized "bust "as a 20lh Communists fuel for criticizing century love enticement. " s ' m "'! s / es l"-'et." Behind their „ , Iron Curtain, how can thev know You say: 'It is just a transient lhal mi , Hons , i} " l ™ 'idee fixe in ignorant minds—:i " fashion that will fade, as enlighl- cnment dawns." Passing idea? Will fade, you think! .-omen morally scorn thai sort ol 'ling, too? 1 am a happily married woman „ , - , . .. "'illi a fine family and we do Several centuries ago. the have st]ch d Umcs B|css Greeks were as conscious ot vo- for your sensiblc answer |o luptuous feminine curves as we are today. And, while it's true that men should choose women Thinks Wo Have as much for mental companionship as for any natural physical proportions, how many do? Enlightenment Dawns Sloicly Cally reeling DEAR .MARY HAWORTH: Per- fain!n£ t6~lRe answer you gave to the flat-chested wife — imputing men's appreciation of large bosoms to insecurity feelings — I have just this to say: "Me-ow." -K.M, Enlightenment comes slowly so slowly. Individual man in hi; insecurity struggles by trial-and- error to his destiny; and I pro- Listt Trails diet that most men, a thousand ,-j, r ... years from now, will still be very U J f emininity bosom conscious. You might have stressed, to the Hat-chested wife that verv " ur r ^, ccnl dlscllss >on. as to why few of us can have all that we mcn . admlrej largc bosoms, was desire: and tn vcarn ,mri,.lv fnr amusing and provocative. As a desire; and (o yearn unduly for something we can't obtain is a handicap. But all of us, by accentuating the positive—the right characteristics and attitudes — can build rewarding fruitful lives. Sclah. P.S.: Of all the advice columnisls, I vote for you dearie. D.w. Prefer Talent To Bust Interest DEAR MARY HAWORTH: Hundreds of times I've wanted to thank you for your inspiring lucid correspondence with the heartsick thousands who write lo you. But your May 14lh reply to the flat-chested housewife is a masterpiece. She wistfully wonders why so much emphasis is put on large-bosoms-BS-a supposed beauty asset — and your explanation covers everything! None of our large family attends the movies any more, he- cause we would prefer dramatic acting to the over-emphasized female figure that is featured as "theater" nowadays—to a degree love never known., before I BERGMAN YUL BRYNNER HSLEN HAYES Plus Cartoon From Our Take-Out Window (Open from 12 Noon) A Bucket of Fried Chicken French Fries, Ketchup, Buttered Roll Repeating Our Crab Cake Special 3 for *1.00 Dave Gunter's Good Food In LaVale Phone PA 2-0244 -C.L. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: man, may 1 advise that men admire feminine women, and a well rounded bosom is a distincilj feminine characteristic. Other readily recognized sigiu of feminine nature (at-least;-so considered) are: 1. Long hair. 2 Slender wrists and ankles. 3. Ret lips. 4. Rounded hips. 5. Lacy lingerie. 6. Perfume. As 3'ou say, nature provides normal bosoms in assorted sizes and shapes—a fact recognized b) clothing manufacturers. And happily, the slighter figures arc better designed for feminine style than the bigger gals. He Courteous, Kind, Gentle Tell the )ther — if you tain hanjiojiy and a AUf.UST tl lo SEI ,flat : chested_.. wi f e _l[ &SL °*°"' *" : ._ sue (eels deficient in one respect to emphasis others. Her manne should be feminine — courteous kind and gentle; and she should ..I, T =. , : "•"• ""° ""uuiu lion, s shun short hair, pants in all la ^nt s Finally, if she knows her hus band well enough to bear children, she should ask him \\^ «e ogles large bosoms. After all he picked her out to be his —R.Y. Phenomenon Of Our Times Thank you for these points view, which I think arc useful ling men and women a bet- *«• ler understanding of Ihdr mostly bc inarticulate attitudes, as regard "' a pagan phenomenon of times - —M.H. Maty Ha worth counsrls through her column, not by mail or personal Interview. Write to her in care of The Evening Times. (King Features Syndicate) Three out of four American homes now have electric toast ers. rograms WEDNESDAY, 1 JUNE 5, 1957 Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker AH television program listing* are supplied by the broadooiiJjig stations themselves, and ore subject to last- minute changes without notice. Ch antic I 3 Channel 7 <hannel 4 VTTU (DuMont), Cable 5, Channel 5 KDKA, Pittsburgh, WSVA. Jlnrilsotihurg, VIVA(7, Job rulown, WKilG, AJtoona Channel Channel Channel 3;W—2 His Payoff 9 3-1'ubHc De'der 7 4-Matini'fc Th'tre 1 5 l.lbcrace & Big PayoH 2 Matinee Th'lre 3 Madnce Th'<re 6 nig Payoff 10 3:30-2-Hob Croiby 9 3-EUdy Cantor 7 S-tSrandpa 1 * I'l. 5 Secret Storm 2 Shop Review 10 3:45 - Valiant Lady 2 i:«r—ZPicJt Temple 9 3-Brighter Day 7 4-Queen for Pay 4 SUfe with Kllz. 5 Queen (or Day 2 Ilrighter I>jy 3 Queen for Day 6 Brighter Diy 10 <:J5-3Secrel Siorm 7 Secrel Storm 3 Secret Storm 10 4:30—1-Kclgc of Night 7 5-l/nexpecIed 5 Kdge of Nighl 3 Kdae of Ni'lil 10 4:»—l-Mod. Ra'ances -J Cartoons i Mod. Jlo'ances 6 -Amos 4: Andy 9 3-Micfcey Mouse 7 4 Comedy Time 4 S-.Milt Grant 5 Co/nfdy Time 3 Sageb'th Trail 6 -Mickey Mo'&c 30 WEDNESDAY Ctllf Unnael S-BI1I Johnson 5 Sports f t Caj toons 10 fi;15— IjQne JUcgtr 2 New* 6 6:30-2-Spotlight 3-TowrTfr C'lry 4-Newi, W«'hcr 4 5-Fun House 5 Gold I''yhon« $ Pcnna. Today 10 6:15—2-Kdu'rds News 9 4 Sports 4 News 2 Kdw'rds N'cwc 3 Kd'rcls New* 3d 7:00— 2-Ramar 9 J-New«. Sportj 7 4-Last MahJcan 4 A-l, J dies be S'teri 5 5-L/jf John S'ver 5 Superman 2 .Showcase 3 Cochiso Sheriff 6 Disneyland 10 7:15—3-J, Daly News, We'her 7:30-1-1 Led 3 Uvei 3-Disney) 4 mi 4 Helen Q't'o'eli 5-Fedcral Men Pills. Tonight Transition Helen O'Co'ell 6 7:*5-4-NBC Ne farm Bureau NBC News 8:00— 2-Arthur Codf'y -Masquerade Citil* Cbinntt F'er K'w« Fi't 2 Slavs P'yhouse 6 9iOO»- 2-MIlKcoafrc 9 3-OuLe, Harriet 7 4-Krafl Th'tre 4 H'way i'alroJ 2 Millionaire 3 Kraft Th'tre 6 Millionaire 10 9:30-2-I've A Secret 9 3-Ford; Theatre 7 5-N. O. Police 5 I I-ove Lucy 3 Dragnet I've A Secret 10 lt>:00—2-Steel Hour 3-Boxing 7 4-Thls is Y'r L'e 4 5 Orfoles-A's Steel Hour 2 Boxing This Is Y'r L'e 6 Sue I Hour 10 10:30—4 * Story 4 Studio 57 10;45—3-Sports Reel Spft-d Show o 11:00-2-11 P.M. Uep'rt 9 3-News, VTc'ber 7 By JACK O'BIUAN NEW YORK — UN'S) - All the oluyinisls aboard NBC-TV's 'To- )ight" sht>\v except Bob Con-i idinc will get the axe when "The iac>; PaarShow" replaces il—and } aar WILL replace il . . . Jack's base pay his first 2(5 NBC weeks vill be $1.750 a week. . , . lie vanls to start in August, NBC rants il in July, or sooner. , . . Considering the bitlcr statements if TV stars flopping toward ob- curity after rich rides on the gravy cable, older showbiz stales- nan John F. Royal shrugged: 'They all seem to want television netsvorks to put m their contracts that they won't flop." , . The Oscar folks are work- ng hard on Cary Grant to get lim to emcee next year's TV awards, to regain (he touch of class lost last lime out, . —2-I^te Show 3Spts. Nile S'w . 4 Spts. We*ther - Oaieway Sid. 2 Feature Movie 6 _,. V^hejx_Movie_ 10 12:00 - News, Sports IS: 15— Movietime 12:3Q-5-News. Sport* birthday __ .,,.„ ,, iiui Htook Is, according to the stars. For Ibundij, June 6. lOij MARCH 21 lo APRIL 20 fAn>s>— While not particularly days influences CAN be helpful in many fields. Give your best, Indiiilryj science, medicine, athletics, home, per- 1 affairs can ad%-ance with your 1 help. j APRIL, 2! (o MAY 21 (Taurus)— the benefit of possible; don't com- Give the oiher the doubt when r , «„„ fc v promise with your principles howoui, and keep everything on a thoroughly honest level. Patience at home! MAY 22 lo JUNE 21 (Gem! ni )— Especially favorable aspects lor new- Ideas and plans, for adventure, sound. well thought out ventures, artistic expression. How you start and finish a Tins will count heavily, however JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Canccr)- your neer, petty dolji£s. You seek Irue an .your fundamental progress. Uon't betlish or e.\aggcrat*. Versatility an LUick thinking are your best asset: )on't dissipate your energies. Don lepend on intuition to help you out c liifjcullies: seek (acts. Be tolerant < others. You have artistic and/or musi ibijily; a gift for organizing", IcaUin •enlures. BLrthdate of; Pierre Corneillt Fr. dramatist, poet. (King Features Syndicate. Inc.) Reminisce if y but don't cling , on cng so JCTtaclously to |r.e past Ihat you conjure up unpleasant thoughts and start useless discussions. Keep showing! JULY 24 (o AUGUST 23 ,_, you cannot have one thing, you that (Leo)—It ik for It. Maln- 50U usc voun assets »M ad^™ 1 "'"^ >' our "">• SEPTEMBEU s> to OCTOBER 23 ingests that you use and know-how to set ; " : at this tin 11 your s much i. Don't discord. 1 keep tealtilully bus}-'. Shun . OCTOBER 24 fo NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio) — Your judgment may bc rhallenged; don't become discouraged or be hasly in drawing conclusions intciprct events, people's actions care— imly, A moment of forethought can 'ifc savc ninth error, waste. , ' NOVEMBER 23 lo DECEMBER 21 (Sagittarius)—Your tibifity to aim arc too outspoken and disregard diplomacy Be economical of energy as well as money. UECEMBEn 22 to JANUARY 20 (Capricorn)-There are so many fine _ ._, . aspects and .•ElimnJating vibrations to- D E A R CORRESPONDENTS- y ""V J ' ou wlil re8ret il » * ou waste hank vnn f/«- lh n * n __:_^ -moments or efforts. Rut start your Of days program carefully. Meet ob- stil . c . 1 ??.. pW/owpMcaUy.^^auBh olten irefully and look hopefully iany opportunities will be ai 0 [ |r FEBRUARY 20 to MARCH ccs)—Too little to do at times, too much at others? Sit down and plan systematic routine; thus saving tin energy. Generally bene/jc aspects YOU BOHN TODAY are ofltlmcs Im pulsive but arc highly capable of K ath e o san. cring knowledge and also o! imparting It to others. If true to the bctler YOU you arc not content with shallow ve- Planning a Parly? HAVE YOUR NEXT PARTY AT THE I Ft, Cumb. Hoiel I J • 5 Private Room for any size PARTY • Banquets of any size. Wedding Receptions, Cocktail Parties, etc. Inquire at ... Anton's Almost Everybody . Listens To • Considine To Be Sole Survivor Of "Tonight" Axe By JACK O'BIUAN ime. . . . Johnnie Rav's CRS (Rnh Wi*ll« .Tnhnnv rirarirW^t t\ n *nt*t>A ttc nii«+ film M~.*MI „ . . v vimii tl , iinjr t> ^.i*^ VUIHJ i»cua, Mummy urauioro^ giiosls Salurday when lie steps will be enlarged next season be- in where Gleason fears fo tread cause ot so many more full-hour bo Peggy Lee and Louis shows: Arnold Peyser shifts from Jordan. . . . Composer-publisher Chester Conn, all well after his -loiter attack, is well enough to fly today to San Francisco to convalesce . , . The Kent micronite filter jingle. a dandy progressive jazz elfect nas won a 16 per cent aclvan (Bob Wells, Johnny Bradford) "Monitor" to the Chevy shows. . . . CBS-TV hired Arthur Godfrey a Republic Relations expert (John Derr) at the same time NBC-TV boasts its "The Price Ls Right" morning show composed by Hoy Eaton has been turned into a pop tune and will be recorded on Ihe Aladdin label. • . . The three-month-old ja/.z Jingle is broadcast 11,000 times a week via 900 radio stations, 660 limes a week on 125 TV stations aside from Ihe 117 stations carrying it on "The $64,000 Challenge." "Bride & Groom" is having -- — *•• -J i,u»jii£ .jciuj' uuc III lijUI^-l V oppoSH trouble finding couples willing to Jack Benny's Sunday punche be wed on NBC-TV. -..._" J ' Dinah Shore's writing financed its pilot film himself, hen lugged it to Radio City and sold it personally . . . Late bulletin: American Research Bureau's latest list of U. S. TV shows puts Perry Como on top, ahead of Lucy, (age over the great man. . . . Sunny-faced panelist Betsy Palmer's mother owns her own col lege. . Honest Shirley tALLOUSES Torelieve painful caUouM*, burning oc t«iyl«r MM on bottom offcet And remove coUouw*—i£et Uieae thin, aoothlaf. cmhtonlog pad*. Temple's old 20tli-Fox films are headed for TV in one packet with a toy company sponsor . . . Joan Caulficld's husband Prank Ross owns Joan's TV series "Sally" due in NBC-TV opposite 0-SchollsZino-padf starling Sept. 22 — 100 per cent staff. . . Ross wrote the original Maybe someone sabotaged last r light's Ray Bolger show; it couldn't have been that bad on Purpose. CBS-TV will recoup its expensive investment in Khrushchev's ntcrview on Sunday's "Face the Nation" by selling it for reruns. "iVTtn so many shows "airing "June Is Buslin' Out All Over," maybe July should get equal These people each won 1000 VACATION from their Ford Dealer (You can, too!) JOHN A. RAUGH 6W Constitution Circle Clalrton, Pa. iel For Trio In Auio Theft Case Three area youths yesterday afternoon waived preliminary hearings before Trial Magistral J. Milton Dick and bond was se pending action of the Octobe term of the grand jury. Remanded to the county jail in default of bond were Wallace F. Perry, 21, Melvin G. Carder, 18, of Ml. Savage and a 16-year-old youth. After the trio waived hearings' the ""stale prayed ~a~ jury trial.| Magistrate Dick set bond at! Si.000 each for Perry and also for Carder and $1,500 for the boy. Ten vice presidents of the , United States went on lo become "" President. 2 GREAT HITS! NOW! TODAY ANDTHUR! 12:15-2:10 4:00-5:55 —7:45-9:35 !&&&£***» Desk. Set OrV6M«.Scop£ •T* /7 Scltine^ke^Ue. VTRAND STARTS ! FRIDAY! PRIVATELY HE CALLS US SLOBS . . AND WE (SLOBS) BRING HIM INTO OUR HOMES EACH WEEK ... AND DO EXACTLY AS HE TELLS US TO! No PICTURE EVER HIT so CLOSE TO HOMEI -EllA KAZAN ^oot^no, BUM) 50<ULBEftG'5 in the rowd Crystal Big Double Feature RICHARD WJDMARK TREVOR HOWARD JANEGREER. 2nd Technicolor Hit BMANDUTE SIMPlYfilHT! Fisintel pait topfcluies! ~^ A Bob Kathaiine HOPE- HEPBURN iron petticoat I (in VW U h *lSI»Via« 3nj KCWtUS* Visit our Snack Bar 9:00 11:20 The True Story of | CM-DEAN HESS. CLERGYMAN TURNED FIGHTER 5000 WATTS 1270 On Your Dial Ft. Cumberland Hotel Dining Room Coffee Shop GENERAL ELECTRIC Thin-Line AIR CONDITIONERS • Fit! Upper Sash • Fits inside windows • Fid Casement windows NOW! * POTOMAC ARROW-9:00-12:45 CARTOON-10.35 BABYDOLL—10:45 ON THE WINCHESTER ROAD 12 SMASHING HITS 21 Hit No. 1 "ArrOW in the E"= Kaian inltoduce, Cat.otl Buk.r in III. lilf. roll, "Sotjy Doll," hii gr.ol Dust" Written in Blood and Wmn.r Broi. p.M.ntation , tQI ,! n9 Korl Mold.n anJ Eli WaU«h. Th. ,!o,, ' lre< aulhof's bold.,!. Starting Tomorrow FREO MacMURRAY JEFFREY HUNTER JANICE RULE CO-StAJIRMG CHILI WILLS DEAN STOCKWELL ELIA KAZAN'S production 91 TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' boldest story! b. STERUN6 " COLE EN _„._.- »»»«-_~~~ - ^, HAYPEN-GRAY WARNER: BROS. KARL MAIDEN • CARROLL BAKER • ELI WAILACH ************* + + + OUR SNEAK-PREVUE AUDIENCE LAST NIGHT ACCLAIMED THIS NEW M.G.M. COMEDY HIT AS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THEY HAD SEEN IN YEARS - - A MOTION) PICTURE FULL OF FUN, LAUGHTER 1 AND GAY ENTERTAINMENT! \ WE CLOCKED 321 LAUGHS (You Count 'Em) The giiy (mm Thane* romantic sensation Irom Broadway il Iff M-G-M presents JEAN SIMMONS PAUL DOUGLAS F 1-TON SPECIAL 5229,95 Cumberland Electric Go. Virginia Ave. of 2nd St 47 N. Centre St. PA 2-6191 PA 2-6862 B GET AHEAD WITH A BELL CLEAN-UP ^ Pay leftover seasonal bills and reduce hifth monthly pay- mcnls with a prompt loan her*. We like lo say "Yes!" when you ask for a loan. Phone for your loan in one visit, or como in. Loans up to MOW on Signature, Furniture or Car Corner Baltimore & Centre Sts., Cumberland 2nd Floor . Liberty Trust Building ENTRANCE ON SOUTH CENTRE STREET Phone: PA 2-0721 . Ask for the YES MAN*«r OPEN EVENINGS By APPOINTMENT-PHONE FOR EVENING HOURS loom moji li ttiliicli tl ell iinoccdicj k.ti r 4300 made undo lite Moryfond Induilriol Finance At). Mqht ~*~J . in CINEMASCOPE WITH JULIE V/ILSON • NEILE ADAMS • JOAN BLONOELL J. CARROL NAISH • RAFAEL CAMPOS • ZASU PITTS MO RAY ANTHONY m HIS ORCHESTRA t VACATION mom CARI etwtttttttt) mom FREE PASKING FOR VOUI! «R ANT NIGHT EXCEPT MONDAY -~*T THt C Nr.AI r II C C RAHKIN6 LOT - WHiN YOU AHtNO THE MARYIAND! "'™ l Rlfltl Cwpis of . ,. 'Blackboaro 9 Jungle" tame as Ira bus boy, V^AS* J-Xrvv^X*^ f£ ^ AIR-CONDITIONED — AT — 12:00-2:00 4:00-5:50 7:50-9:55 Broadway's dancing slar, a» "Patsy," Uw slrippcr.

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