The Journal and Tribune from Knoxville, Tennessee on June 8, 1910 · 11
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The Journal and Tribune from Knoxville, Tennessee · 11

Knoxville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1910
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,' - " iVrth- the passageofthe railroad . - -,, rrte bill through the congress, which has air so long a time' bePn under considera-, lion by both bodies, the opinion prevails , - tlit.t business will , now undergo- a no, ticeable and marked improvement, The , freight, as well as the express rates, has . , I . , 6, long been contended 'to be excessive, ,,, -1' conti)u red With the service performed, . c At 11 not only has thbr fact been sci-Con- -,'t dividered, but the threatened increase by eld...4....t '''' . -transportation , companies fl, made - . 1.0-b.eSsar)ri, , thee' claim, by advancements - . '," in wages, - ra ther I han - en-Counter' f tabor . . -difficultics,-Some of the inure prominent ,, ...- , featurekt of the .biLl may be mentioned, i ',Inaittineh as the entire proposition is a ,,,' mutter of 'concern -t,) inInufacturers. ,A .. , court of commerce will 1)6 created to lid-; . - judieate appeals-, train thor decisions of . -' , the I. C. C.- stock Si kla ' bond issues of - , the railroads will-be controlled by the ,.,' '.,:biii, fixing the price at twhi11 their'se.)- ' entities -may -be sold. -'' The ,.,,. long and , shart,haul provisions of ,tbe biltwere so emended Ps to permit a.geenter charge - i . for a long thatv,a sbort hatil, bet. only , - 1, it h the COntlient of the 'commission es- i -, ',peeial PTCPTISi011 being made against' the , : -,fixing of it lotver rate for the,purpose of : , ..tiestroying' water comPetitfon. - -The bill . -,1privides for the valnation,' of ,railroad ' .-propertirs as tin aH- in the consideration ' -of freight rates. It also prohibits a rail- , Eroad from holding stock-in the lines of a" . Es ,i.--rompeting company ,-,bleb will, ' no " ' ' j'dsitlit, -result , in some very,. material '" 'changes in the rules of. transportation as 4,?i,well as the rates themselves,. Xelegratilt . . "! and telephone lines pre Placedunder, the ' - ,, jnrisdiOir. of the .commission., , Ship-perm arc given..., the right to: designate , the routeT over, which, their ?property . , ' '' ' . - : mho ii., bee (tarried. The., railroad. romPanies . . will be required te ."furnittu.--written , , . ,!,,:"!atittentetits .of-7,,freisibr rates,. ilPon :lip-1 Piica t ion and penalties', arkprovided - for - misstatementaor failure to comply with , such written statements.- . - -- -,- - ', '1,, "The subject ?f river transportation ; ',dig. 'oilfevitaliy interesting to ;be inatinfac- , - i 1 'turers of this gection, and one that they 1 - ' ),. . . ' ' t;ere owtn g interest in..., At the -meet- ' sh . 'ring of tbe,Tennessee nivel-Improvement LIPassociation at Harriman, Mtolin., Novem- .ber 5 and 0 of 'last yearrihis association . !appointed. delegates, and the reports , ;t'stiorv that this. subject - 'Wel,- Palle into .-, ti, quite- ' thoroughly:- The itssociat ion ' hail the vrivilege-of -bearing a most etce1- -1 ,,, , !Jenf,address from Mr. John A. Fox, di- . I rector' of - the National Rivera and liar. it o s congress, some months,ago -on'the .; 1 s ,ogress, some,nau, ysz . 2 , r ho ubieet of improvement of lulau'IT - this -assJs-Ittiton heenme., - nu-miler of the nationalovongresa. Dor' ing Mr. Fox's stay, subscriptione ; amounting to upwards of $500 weye secured for- this sork TIi Teccut address of Mr. -Matthews ' of the MissisRiver Trausportalion Co., which proposes to establish a line of towboats -,and Steel barges between Louis and tioxville, while liStehed- to byl only a few Of the business 'win of the city, - pravtd to be so tuterestfig that, the meet-int did not adjourn until after eleven .p. in'. - "The local association in conjunetion with. the other bodies has extended an invitatton through Congress. , man Austin to President'Taft to taisit .'Istioxville this fall and it is reported that will accept. Upon request of -thel National-Association of- 'Manufacturers, the association elected Mr. James Mayitard to go to ' Washington duriug , the resent session of congress., in the event It became- necessary torepreatit -the lutelests .of the mauufacturers of this .seetiou. Mr. Stsynard accepting. -The4 association is interested in the success -:! of the Appalachian Exposition, a in paying the expenses of , eon' gressman Itodenberg. who is the chair. Ilan of the coinmittee on industrialaris ,a Id expositions. for- au address -at aith70 theatre on the night of 'Feb' rtiarv, 12, in companI -with two othet - ; coligresemetr-who delivered , mos t. enter; specchea on- important subjects, to a crowded houseonotwithstanding an night, after which a' buffet '!batiotiet- WAS served at the Imperial the entire expeuses being paid byl fithiA association... At the last two onar-1 terly meetings. thq. members enjoyed let-1 -4ttures delivered by .-Profs. Switzer f and Ferris. of the University of Tennessee, : P : ou the sublect of eSmoke Consumption" "Friel Economy" respectively, which ,were listened to by-f a fair number ,,,of our members. land a, large number At biTisiness men-and citizens of the city. - The nssociation has closed : a good , gainiug several new members, ',';'-while its financial affairs have been and are In better shape than at may time la ! its history its influence has been -sought aml has been felt in -many- voila:, the 7board of goyernors has met in regulat beSSi011 during the Past -year. twice -a - month. with the exceütion of two meet-. - lugs. hiring failed of a quorum but one - ;time. and the other luring the secretary's illness in a hospital. -We have filed unefawirrds of - three hundred claims against r the railroads. secured payment on seventy per emit them.: amounting to about $2.500 and have quoted more Allan 3.500 rates in response for requests, for same." - : - A leniore of the meeting as a lec'..".rture On "Ores and Mineral Deposits in 11 he 'Vicinity of KnogYille," delivered by !-Frof;lloyal Jervis of the Lialversity Tennessee. in which he gave some very interesting information concerning the Products of this territory.-and their comparisons with the amount produced win the United States. Having enumer,;:ated the total mineral product in the United States...he classed the ores 1st :the metallic and atoci-metallic. of which latter. &c le the most important. and showed the 'productivity of the various ,,connties in Tenneasterwhile for thel-ear 1908. figures Prove that this state pro' daced 41.082.852 short tons. at a value of , $41,9411.393. This represents the products oil sixteen counties of the state of 'which Campbell county alone produce:1 twenty-five per cent. The coal-fields of Ten, ziessee. be said. may be thrown into three districts., the produets of all of which are bitrouhmus. ' Marble- was next discussed. Tennessee having been shown as standing ,third among, the--marble producing states 'of - Abe union for-the past year, Vermont-awl ' &It DAIL' ArlD T2 munrt,,triroxvitaat, TZ1117.,' , VIED1Tg SDAY, aurim 8, , lEETIOGtoF Address Made by Prof. Royal - Jarvis, , On Mineral and Ore Deposits of TennesseeReport From Secretary Starrett. A A) the meetingOf the Manufacture and Pr Oduleers association beld last :night at their rooms-in the Imperial hotel the election of members to the board of governors' respited in col. L. DTy son and .N1r; J.' Savage being chosen to sueceed them-selves.' Two ether members of the association- were selcaed for menibershin ;in-the board, James Maywird, Esq., and .7: Allen Smith succeed-log A-J. Price-and Peter E. Blow. Secretary John 31.- Starrett made a statement to the membews concerning the Mdustrial. situation; presen;ing the fol.- -Ilovring: - Secretary's Report., . "To the officers 'tindmembers of the Allannfacturcrs and' Producers' assochk -, connection with the marble and stone Industry. All of the elements necessaty for the manufacture of both classes of cement were shown, toI abound in this vielniti. and it was stated by the speaker that, associated. witir.the., coal :beds of this: state. is one or more strata of fire clay of a very fine quality, which is a valuable resource not as ,yet Tbe productivity of the state in iron. copper, lead,. zinc gold,and silver were all discussed. Duckto,vn being mentioned as one of -theotarliest copper producing sections 'of the nation. :- Following the lecture on minerals and ores,, the moeting adjourned, and eon was served. Mr. Jarvis was tendered a vote of thanks bv the association for the lecture. .President A. J. Price is in the city, but was not well enough to preside over the meeting last night. - Ile ,ealled at the rooms of the asSociation ,yesterday afternoon, having returned , from the nortki on the previous day. and In WS absence.',W.V. Savage was the presiding officer.:' ' 1 .' - o BUSY MEETING OF SUBURBAN COUNCIL - Mountain View Sinking Fund Ordinance Passed on Final : --, Reading. -. - , , - At n meeting of theI.Mountain- View council Tuesday night at eight o'clock at the office of Recorder feat Mabry, one ordinance was missed on its -third and final -reading ,and ,action on at:lathes, WAS postpone& - - , '" -. The ordinance providing for a -sinking fund for the retirement of the $20,000 bond iesue made itr Januarywas pass on third and final reading-. - ---,The- :ordinance ordering all -sr: stores closed on Sunday was passed on second reading last Monday night and dt -was- to have 4 been, Ipar,sett on, its third reading last night,but''actioir was deferred. There was 'considerable routine-business transactedi- after which 9treet work was discussed. Asargoon a. City Attorney Chas. M. Roberts draws up an 'ordinance' providinaJor some sidewalk pax. Ina, it will be pvesented -to the cannel!. City Engineer B. D. Newton is making setnie surveys, for si1IewaIk., Ana will make his report at the next meeting. - GOOD:J087FOR !:: NEWSPAPER NiAr4 T. D Murphy. city editor of the Augusta, Chronicle, 'was yesterday appointed postmaster at Augusta, Ga. by Presi- dent Taft--Ite was one of ;Ile newspaper men who accompanied President Taft on bis,visit ta Panama.' -andford H. Cohen. assivtantto the president )f the Appalachian, Et.poeitiOni wasimuch , elated over Mr.' Mutthy appointment, and 'had been instrumental in obtaining :it. 'baring gotten up it petieon signed by three thousand -persons urging the appoiatment. - 'Mr.- Cohen w1rt84his congratulations to Mr, Murphy.- tba t On gpegationts- texr home.: and Abe frempetla for -a success-fur rerival arevry latterfalL "tic 1 - at - ob dpa' Simmondsi-:Habse Insrfanee ',Empire Bid 'EQUALIZATION BOARWS-'At - EIRST- REDUCTION waLlia 000 FroniAssessment ' of Standard Handle go. YceteVlayt aas tho 'first day of work for tho'board of equalization. ,-and the only thing of Interest yesterday as a reduction of $5.000--personal tax front the Standard -Handle assessment. Thi,,,,howevqr,- 'Ara a matter of form, and ,was done because- the compdny tras practicali3-'-teased operations. The:assessment was- made. under last ,year's schedule..; No changes of any,!importance were made bY the hoard. - The board is holding sessions 'daily in the criminal conrtt room at the court ''., ilie-Have Everything: . Special attention given to 'household , . gcgulA and pianos. :' - ': -.ROWE TRANSFER, it COAL Ca. '-:, I 7 - - Roth 'Phones. "' ! 1--- . CHURCH BENEFIT'AT - - PARK CITY SCHOOL very interesting affair' was the play "Mts. Jor Irazi Works,", given last night at the Park ,City l high sehool 'under the auspices of4k.the latiles1- aid society of thelilait Park avenue Alethodist eknrrh -14011th. elle play was well arrangqd, and thofta ,who took the parts of the,. wax, fignres in pautoMimes, tbep tiainett. Quite a large alidi cacti' was present at the-playtand anent sum : was realized.. - proceeds-will go .to, the ',church fund.' - ,,. SUMMEIZ DEZSERTS , Shank! be made' -with, -Mai, Mbbon nilln, rich and , delicate - Wait forBeamans ' Big "Off-Season" Sale Begins nextzFridst mornimr. egtore elosPd Thurpdayr, Low,altoet14,Panaraas., straw ha , - ,, ,, , SUMMER-MEMBERSHIP - CAMPAIGN PLANNED Y. M. C. A Wil1Zn1ist Merq , ors For' Summer Months; - Only. , .s 1 ' At it meeting of the membership eom-1 nilttee of the Central V. M. C. A. last I night at eight o'clock at the association building. it was decided to launch a membership campaign.for utembete 'who wish to belon: only - during the ' summer mouths. .A special rate was .decided on for a three monthe', membereltip. and the workers in the - campaign were divided into two squads, the (Reds" -and tre'''Bittes'! w4th Roscoe Word and W. l' Toms, captains, respectively. Each I squad will be composed of fifteen men, nod aside from them, an -Itppetil will be made to every member of thn aesociation to secure one new member. -I I IDEL'Jfilt( COIIIIIRCT 111 Will Be :Opetied' at Special - - - ,Lleeting of Borkof Public Works,Zalled For Saturday. A special meeting of the board of public works will be held at ten o'clock Salurday morning, at which tit9e bids , , be opened for the cisnitructi6nof walks In front of the ikropprty, at 414, 416422 West 11111,-itveattauld at the corner of Chamberlain street.and West Fifth avenue. , ,, Two notices' to lay sidewalks: have been sent to -these properly 'owners by the-board, r but, as they have declined to let the contraet for the same, the walks will, be laid by,--tbe elty at the expense of 'the' owners. ,- As yet, these walks are the Only ones for which the board has received' bids.- '' -, At - a Isi)ecial meeting, of the -board Tuesday- - morning, Chairman Flenniken, was antlforized to adveritse for bids for the- Eleanor street, -Maskel -alley and Weicker street sewerT laterals, aud also for ,the gilading of the Williams lot. The dirt from this, lot vt,111 be used-in build ing the approach to the Asylum -avenue viaduct:: The bids )will be opened and', the:contracts, awarded at the :regnlar 4esio,r of.tho "big three" a week from Thursday. - , - - YOUTHFUL NIEVES - -TAKE,MIONIGHT RIDE , , A But Come to GrieftWhinATaken - - In Tow By Policeman. A A, A , Petro lo-en Tiller and Malone 'broke the iecord for youthful arrests -this morning about 12:30vo'clock. when they arrested Lee-Brock aged six, and, Chas. Pruitt..aged PPVP-11. for stealing a tricycle. a toy auto', mobile and a white rabbit. They were found on Stale street. be-1 tween Union and Commerce avenues. Brock I was riding the tricycle and Pruitt was playing chauffeur in-the automobile with the big red-eyed rabbit as his passenger. When arrested. both began crying and, each .declared that the other stole the ar.- Melee. laey were taken to police headquarters and locked up for the night. LittleBrack claims that-his home in on Enid Church.; avenue. but does not know the number. and Pruett says that he live over a store but does not know on what street Neither -of them would tell -where they got the machines., , , , , - - - " INDEPENDENTJUDICIARY -COMMITTEE -ORGANIZERS Chairman For Each County In ,z,13eCoid,J3istricftAppointect;'-,- REVIVAL VI.ILL'IlE- . ' - . ' ' i z ', Becond-DistricttAppointed., - ."' 1 COLIMENCE James II. Bandren. If ...letterman City, ''',.' '31' D-IUNDAY - d ; ,..... 4 v. ,,, .,, , ,,, t, , ,,, ,,, , ,, ku W. , A., 0 ireoetk ,Lareilette., second a ,..,', - , , - " s congressional- district meithers of the, state ' ' ''' - ' 4 - ' - - committee for the free ladiciary- met .bere At the -:. ;Anemia -:-., Park Baptist scsterday4 and appointed-e committee for , , , . the second district. U. A. Brown,- Esq.. "Vhiiich:4;Stiocessful, Series ' " of Knoxville,' was made chairman anct the ,.,., ,,-, ' '-'-''' ,es,.,- ...s,s-,s '-11 i ' -., . '-', tallairing county chairmeTt whin, will 'orgall. , , , x-s-eususeets.- ' . Ise county committees WPTO named : '' $103;;Chattanoogas42.00 Rsui return 'lune it 1510'. Special train sLlI. inave,Knorville 710 e;' ing, leave Chattanooga 8:00 salon 01ASS DAY EXERCISES-,- - - PATE ANNOUNCED They Will Be Held at Stattb's Theatre- Friday., Night. - , ,.,..J1,,was announced yesterday that the !ugh school class day exercises. postponed front Tuesday night, would be bold .at Staubs theatre Friday night. beginning at eight o'clock. The exercises were poitvaned from. Iva night on account of the death' of airelatire of a member of -the gradhating Class. and one who has prow- inentpart In the class play. 0 , - Announcement was -made Tuesday by Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Reynolds of the marriage of their-daughtert Miss Mary IS. B. Reyn- .. . , IDENTIFIED AS - '- ;-.JACK-' LEONARD. MAZTIN VA1-314 ,10ENTIFIED A3 THA MYpTEPitfrAZIJACM LEONARD" , , . lthe 'Vicinity of Knoxville," delivered by ' At it meeting of the membership rom- Boston ' Mass.-:In the Kelliher:trial '' !-It'rotiltoral I'. Jarvis of the Ualversity mittee of the C M entral Y. . C. A. last! the sensational feature up to date was f Tennessee. in which he gave some the positive identification of the picture eo night at eight o'clock at the association of Martin J. -Walsh, of Boston.' 'lack" . very interesting information enneerniug building. it was derided to launch a mem- mia the faro dealer who; Coleman says, ', the nroducts of this territory.-and their bership campalgator niembets who wish ,' , ' comparisons with the- amount produced to belon: only - during the ' summer lured him to the game in New York ' v-tiii the United States. Having enumer- m d ouths. .A special rate was ecided on which 'resulted in the wrecking of the ,- ,, .1 ated the total mineral product in the for a the ..monthe',.. membership, -and Cambridge Bank Wifsh ,has distil,- . . United States, he classed the ores Int the workers In the -eamvaign were di peered The idenlification was made by :Abe metallic and non-metallie of which tided Into two squads, the (Ueda" and William W. Lockhart, ' champion and -,-, latter. coal le the most important. and tire'l'Blites'! with Roscoe Word and W. thatiffer of Coleman and by C. II. Lowe. showed the productivity of the various l' Toms, captains, respectively. Each of Newton; ' ''' - ,. connties in Tennessetrwhile for the year squad will be composed of fifteen men, ''' Walsh is alleged to be the brains of 1908 figures prove that this :state pro: sod aside from them, an appetil will be the faro swindlers. Ile has long been ' (bleed 0.082.852 short tons. at value of made to every member of the associa- known as a "card sharp" and has been , V1.141.393. This represents the Products tio)1 to secure one new member. - nutted up in games in the smoking rooma oil sixteen counties of the state of which , - -, ,:. - ,, 7 , of ocean liners In which men lost large - Campbell county alone producet1 twenty- The boys classes of the Central Y. M. sums Of money. , Some time ago hi W80 fire per cent. '. The coal -fields of Ten- C.-A. which were to have closed a sue- barred front the ocean liners which dock n w c mm m essee. be said. may be thrown into three essful ebêrship campaign last Sat- at New York; , - ' , ,. '-' districts., the products of 'all of which nrday night have deeided to continue the - Walsh has lived for some time in Mx are bituminous. , , - .,- -.- coroplogn throughout' this month. 'the nriAnstrfurnished apartments in Hunt' Marble was next discussed, Tennessee re.pi-jili,t cc. both teams declare thet their ington -avenue , with his-heautiful wife, having been shown as standing ,third boys bad only - become interested' when and there ,it. is said prospective victims amons, Om-marble ' producing states of the last contest ,closed, and that befote of the faro game were splendidly enter- 'the union for Ike past year, Vermont -awl the-,Itild' of the month. they will have tained. J.ast summer Walsh maintained Georgia alone surpassing this state ins secured . a larger number of members an expensive summer home at Scituats,1 ,le amount of this Product marketed4 tlyan duriag the whole of their last ton- where he and his wife entertained hi- - --"yllae'vement Industry was considered In I test. - - - ' I Wilt., -- , ' - - , , v. , r, olds, to Mr. P. -liorgan Wells. The ceremony was performed Sunday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the Park avenue Christian ehurt-h and was pronounced by nes.. Joseph No Ilarket7- pastor of that church.- BANKRUPTCY PETITIGN BY LOCAL PLUMBER Wm A. SlauterTnters Petition U. S.- Court Clerk's -1 - Bleb. :" ' A voluntary petitión in - hankrupley was filed in the office of the clerk of the United States court Tuesday by William A. Slauter.- a plumber in business at 208 We9t Clinch avenue, this city. - According to the schedules 41,ed, . the Isintiff had liabilities amounting , to 3951 ,33 while his assets aggregate but ,482.90.": Of this , latter 'amount, 11802.80 is claimed as- exempt. The pi- Mimi was- filed by J. C. Wilburn. and 15,, Temoletoo -8c Webb.' attorneys:,"- ROUTINE MEETING OF WATER COMMISSION , The weekly meeting of the city waterworks commisAion as held in the office of the chairman t four. o'clock Tuesday afternoon- Only routine mAtters were up for consideration,. And two regnests fors extensions were granted. The request of the Appalachian Exposition, that the mains of)the commis- sion be -extended to its ground& is still In the hands of ...a committee appointed some weeks ago.. and ,.ne Jierfillite -.action upon the matter has been, taken 6 MADE 1NjPECTION,-- , OF :NEW COAL MINE I. -Mit ledge Returned ,Yester, From Visit to Kentuc!cy.. iDr J J.- Rutledge, Tens ge of t h e loeal mine rescue station ntthe geological surrey, returned Meader afternoon from Johnson county. Kentucky, where he has been samoling.coal-for the last week The,. samples collected by Dr. Rptledge will be -sent to. the Pittsburg experiment station, where the tests will be made. PRIMARY RETIIIINS WILL 'N 'BE CANVASSED TODAY Knox CountrBoard In the Office of W.11. Ken- - nerly , The members of the committee appointed to hold tfie'Knelt countyt,primary last Saturday wiltktneet at follIS-4eclock this afternoon in the office of W.Y1'. Ken nerly 'In 'order ' to canvass the returns from the primary The following are the members of the committee: Messrs. C. IL Atkin, Hu It. jonnaton and James-A.; Hensley. , - 0 ELECTION HELD BY --11 CHILHOWEE LOOG At the regular meeti of Chilhowee lodge No. 247, O. a, 1.i, lut nighv in their hall over the Union hank, the semiaonyal elettion of officers was ,held. The officers. eleeted are as 'follows: Noble GrandL Artllur Davidson. - Vico GrandR. C. Daggett. 'SecretaryP. Pierce. P officer as. op Ibna.E.Ibt, ....0 lko. . . 7 ..., ) Asir Kw, is aul,x ,11.,FIIIISSA III &WTI. VI 1, W MS WI." ,AI, wr la .. CO al atm 4 ------.10-17 ele-. wc 0,. ,...,,,La ',wan,' Luc SUMP' j -'''' ' . ' ' ' s ' ' - Aoderson cunty . Dr B IL . . Ma. . ttion of officer Was ,held. The , A revival will ive Inaugurated at ihe Lin o , (reek; Bionnt. J.'A. Cox. Mckyvville; CrouP, o eleeted are as'follows:. coin Park-naptist Church next Sunday. it bell...I. P,. Meredith, ellico. It. F. D No. - - is. oole Grand--.7. Artllur Davidson. will he conducted by the pastor. Bey. 36 J itco GrandE. C. I3sszett -', ' '- - c Luntiford: asaleced by Rev, J. M. Anci, 4t0;' Hu :hmjebrifeenr,s0, Dn.r,.-Dvf?.., Ir.wttirs,m.11io,firrnids.. erson. pastor of South Kooxville Baptist ridge; Knox; John Ili. ttniton. hnoxvillet - SecretaryP W. ' Pierce. ' - , eburch. The Igtter recently returned from boucles, W. a Lenoir. Philadelphia; Roane ' ' TreasurerB.. It. 31cBatb.- Etowah.' where' he conducted a succeasful eries of revival service although debar II. IL Carr. Harriman; Union. Berry .L. - :sctt- the next meeting to be ,beld on s -s. , ironahtte;fultroll It Is D " Scott. Marion . . Ing under n laandicap. having been ill dur- m , Tuesday evening J . une 14, a number of aren-nli -Oneida.- o new members will be initiated., . tg im,e e.. , .- 4 - .,,,,, ...-t. .-,..-----o - The ost oftbtim Lincoln- Pnrk revival witi-be, held int -, - - , , - , - - - - - : - asv n urvuran-rm lig ate uttia Leu , Tile suntoin, Para .0-vitat wIttlyer,beld- In - - ''' ' - - Obota nst--- es a - sPot A 0 INSURANCE:A.14D LO ANIL. , Is the mttest toil sold-Infr'Kuottlit4. ' - SOUTIIERN COAL & COKkPCOt, Plumes CAL - , , , .. , . , - BIRTHDAY PARTY IN , LINCOLN PARK HOME' A biriaday party was given Monday in honor of Miss Elloshoth'Keirth at her home On Chickamauga avenue. Lincoln Park. The honoree receive.; numerous ;pretty. presents. Those present were: Misses Mellie Booth. Ruth Orey, Elizabeth Keirth.- Ressie,Jackson, Bessie Dunmore, Mettle Con' ner. Mary E... Wolf'''. &biter Henderson. Margaret Wells and Mabel Stern: Master Carman Keith. Mrs. R. F. Freels, Misses Anna Richardson and Maud Keith, Master Jessie Keith an Miss Mabel Keith. , - ENJOYABLE FISHING PARTY , AT BEAVER CREEK An enjoyable affair of 'net week was a fishing party given in honor of Mint Ell.. Sabeth Watt. prior to her return to her home in Indianapolis The party spent the day fishing, at Beaver Creek.-where a pie-ale dinner was enjoyed. Those in the party were Misses Elizabeth Watt. Nettle Stelia Metter, Lela Allison. Marlon Lew. Lucile Metier., Agnes Low; Mows. Harry MON Rex Shari), Letter Cox tod.Charlie Mtichell.- - . - Phones661 - and call for Dixie Gem Coat. , ISOUTHERIst COAL-A: COKE Co. , MONErMAKING:MACHINES New Method Will Revolutionize Making of Paper Money. , , --Twn . newly perfected time &nil -,labor satint machines. the invention ot 'which WS, brought about by the spur of:governmental-needs, arenbout to revolutionize the manufacture-of all forms' ,The combination machine '(far number-bag, sealing and separating), wittua new-. JOHIC8ON CITY. ASMEVILLE 7N MÔRRISTOW KNOXVILLN " ' ROltig A,DSD EN Dixie Gent CIDS 5 I ,-- i,., t4,11 to - Ilt ,.... II It vendr4 iNtt .ellicrrAgg 6COTT.2, . clot 1111W IF you want to find out bow a man stands you , look ltim up in the community wheke be lives. Don't you? And the same thing might apply just as well to an institution. , If I could induce you to come to Greensboro, see our buildings and grounds and talk with our townspeople about what we are doingthere wouldn't be much question in your mind of the standing of this Institute, I am sure. - - - r.0 At Gadsden. t Jurie 9, 10 11. July18, 19, 20. - Sept. 1, 2, 8. , July It. 12: 12. Aug. 4, 6. 6. June 6 7, 8. - 'July, 21, 22, U. Aug.- 29, 30, 31. July lilt 15, 16. Aug- 1. 2, 3. - ou Win. )14L,1"11 II, ti ear' krr - ok KELEY-:,INSTITUTE rea k". k4-7M.Iiq7Ntio ;,.0i0V;i4.1.01 44v a,tkr-4(k tt 41 The best way to find out the kind of werk we are doing is to ask any of the 6,500 men whom we have cured. I have published a few.of their voluntary opinions in a book that is full of vital interest. You can write me with the perfect assurance that your letter will be -- treated as confidential. , - , If you want yallrl friends to .5a that you are a welt dress'ed ma wear al "Hair Marked" Surd hat, and other furnishings. ,-- At Rome. 1910. , I July 11. 12. 1 -Avg. 4, 5, 5. , , ri , , V.s '0".TO,TP0041.3,90 6ce.for ' E. RN London.The.great international race for the South rote -began - when the Terra Nova, the ship of Captain Scott's expedition. left London to begin her historic voyage.- Prior to the departure the vessel swarmed with visitors. -Many . , ly nrolided acl;unet in the form of a trimming maehme will perform all the operations of earrtt.ey wiannfarture with the exeerAteon of merely flits ,first Printing of the face and reverse of bills. - ,Tinder-tharokl, plan of indirldual numbering tosehines the individual sealing machines-and I h individnat .eparating machines hadn, al: too fed In the neat comprehensive as,paratus, l'OWever. all the feettinit is 'done automatiotily. and inasmuch, as a 09 ef 1000 sheeta--that :8. 30.000-notescan be neeommeitated,in the magazine department it:.- will be pogNole- to .opetate the ma4 chine 'contioussivs for thrte Iiiturs at avers sre'. ithout ' siopping to re- pleni3h the taippl.r. - - , The new -combination maclun not only concentra tea -1 he operations , wilo)e group cf marhucs. but st cauc Lings tthit hare not hereollore teen - done by UTH EASTERN iOAS:B -Juné, 6. - July. 21, 22, 23. 'Aug. 29, 30, 31. 1 Sept.. 5, 6. 7.- l - July 14, 15.16..,, Aug- 1. ;, 3. - I k-- ' - IJulte 9, 10, 11. July 19. 19, 20. Sept. 1. 2, S. 4.. r-kfi u IL 1M MO. mo $ -. A , T-111s ricarn". amtly"; LL W,,11.. OSBORN, President . - , Griensboro,- North CA.rolina' At -KnoxTille4. Ama .ke - Junè 13, 14,.15. Aug. 8; 9, 10. A. June,S. 7, S.' 1 June 27,,28, 29. July-4, 5, Si a July 1S, 19, 20. Sept. 1, 2, 11. June leo 17, 13. July 23, 29, 30. Aug. 11, 12, 111. Sept. 5. 6, 7., , - I .- I June 16. 11.-1811,--,. . - ..... June 23 24 25 ,. July 7..,8, 9. ' - . ' . ,. ' Aug. 22: 23: .241 IAug. 11. 12..41. ,...,- .. Sept. 8. 9, 10.. I I '. , June 13 14, 15. ' June 30-1 , 2 .., . ', July 4 S, 6. July,25, 26.'27. I . Aug. 8 , 9, 10. .Aug. 18 , 19, 20. e Box !',, & . 11) 1". .10 , If you can't do thatnote carefully the picture above. See the - spacious buildings, the broad lawns and the shady trees. For the Institute is - built on one of the most famous find beautiful old estates in the Southonce the bane of a former governor of the State. Tha old mansion now modernized and enlarged into a delightful, comfortable and convenient sanitariumwith every appointment of a perfectlyequipped modem hotel , ) . - - . - any norichilie.'"After the vumbored anti sealed bills have been tut aloart it zatherk those hills together right -side tql-ws skillfully and much more quickly than any Inman being could do it, and ere it passes them out for the-"ultimate 'consonmers .! it counts them and apportions 1 them in packets-of 100,-something, that ' has heretofore involved manual labor. - ,Flually the new combination-rachine floss 811 these various things in just about half the time that has -heretofore been required for any one of -these steps in money manufacture.- The trimming machine not only saves half the number of operatives required for that'Part of the process but without it the combination machine would' be practically tise logo. ' - - , - It to -expected that by Julpl. 1910, the national government will have expended about $60,000 for an installation of fit, At illorristown, June 30-1-2. July 11, 12, 13. Aug: It 2, 3. , June 18; 14, 15. Aug. 8, 9, 10. July 7. 8.- 9. Aug. 15, 15 17. June .20, 21, 22. July 25,-26. 27. Aug. 18. 19. 20 June 27, 22, 29. Aug.,26, 26. 27. Sept. 2, 9,J10. 3 for Catalo .1; th.0;..5.4.4ät e''''SeAtk"P.6 0 LEAGUE 'SCHEDULE AeAsbetille 1 (014tzik q.IS 'July 7, 8, 9. Aug. 11, 12, 13. Sept. 8, 9, 10- June 28, 24; 25. Aug. 2Z, 28.'24. lutile:9, 10; 11. July 21, 22, 23; Aug. 29. 30, 31. June 30--12- July 2S, 29, Aug. 25, 26, 27- June 20. 21, 22. Aug'. 15, 16. 17. Sept.' 5,-6; 7., '4 ''It PII2 " No .0... June 16, 17, 18. July 25. 26, 27. Aug. 18, 19, 20. July 4, 5. S. July 14, IL IS. Aug; 4, 5, S. June 20;21, 22. Aug. 26, 26, 27, - June 27: 28.- 28.' ;Aug.-15. ;,18.,-,11. ! - June 23 24, 25. 'July 23. 29, 30. Aug. 22, 23, 24. ' 0 , f It i iJ s f ,4J. teen of the new combination machfitev and $20,000 for forty of tile new styled trimmers; but this -investment wi1 tpti quickly returned for it is estimated thatby the new process of curerney manufaelt tore made possible by these new ma4i, chines 'Uncle gam will effect a staving In wares alone- amounting -to $140.000 year. , . , , , At JobnOnni.eitr;:.!.::4.fl i I. 1 E. ;fl i 1541 i I .t-111 women visitors brought :autograph - al- the North on Mr. Peari's last trip. hp bums mid persuaded several of the of an American expedition to the Anarc fleets to inscribe their names. -Captain next year, going from the Weddell gesti i and Mrs. Scott arrived about four o'clock side, and pushing - southward over ,f0 ch II! and were enthusiastically eered. Antarctic continents,- Ile leaves - , t 11' s In the meantime noted figures, of the New York on June 11.- Thqnce he -wl :dp exploration world went- abroad. Among go to Boston and joilk. an &retie huntiMt I i, these was Captain )3artlett. who was in ,;vip.,.. , . ' -.,,kli I, . ., . . Considerably more than 100 empleyetv s , and seventy machines will be displacefpl absolutely and constitute a, net gaitMoreover the new machinery litstal1a4,: lion - will otecupy but..1 fractlan of the tii Boor space of the old, the allowance foefl 1, depreciation and tepairs will la propóci..!? tionately less, there will be a heavy evict: ing in the amount of electrical- curtten, required for operation and other ---uicirr. dental economies tall contributing to t tz. total of really surprising magnitude,-; Moody's 'Magazine. , I .4 I 1 1 ,t 1 I I I 1 i I I i U I 1 I t ij. ; I :ili4 i 1 ! 3 1 i i IL 1L-1 -I tJ 1.1 1".! I tI ;I H.I Fl i 411 I:1 1 i : r1;114 S,I 4 'I .I : . it...7::..4'.?"':::''''''.4i".2'1';';':.4'2'.!'71:7?.,...24i.?,,u!'fito':7.,117';',.;':;9..t):7:. eyzsi, ,i:A4-53,4'9' - .4.A.V::;;;',0 0,ittli:::.,:,:... - kgi4,-,;? p4;0-i.-et ,; ., . .,4,,,.., r:,:'-:,..4i .'1'''''.: 'Ne';'' fi,i.:4f 4- 1,,,,, '.,.' .:-.7, ,r;,,,,:,-, --,k42:!",',-;,. ,:i .,.. i!.k;i Mo 1i-, ,..;,,,4,.ii,i,,,-,,,, .t,,,,,,,-, ,,,.:, rii-,:i.v..7-4.7.4,,,,,A0-y:,,iN,,,,,sA, 441 .,,,t x,:zi-w,407,,,,:,:,:.-z,,,,,w,.,m., ':,:1441 :...,..........,.,,4,,,:::...4:.,,,..z;iv; ,,t,,,.:.!4:,,:.?..,;-;;;.:i,...,,,:, ,,,:17.:zi.,.. ,,,,,::,,,,e,?,:kl.. e:,,.;:4;,z,:c:?.r.,s ,,,ii. , i., ,,;vt'em,k..,,f:i.,..;-?,.,.,,- t .,,I,,:.:1;,....,A4-0 ,.,,,,.-,....3;,,,,,-...4. :.,.,,-..ri:!-:.,-0.-- ,,,,,,:.,:,,..,.,,, tt-,,T.,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,:ii ;-.:,::,,,-,K:1-4,t7i,,,, -,,,,-,,.,,I,,,-,,,,,,,,,l p:,..-,, ..z..,:4,,:,,..T,:,?, ,. Iru ';:;:-:!,-:',.'' ,...,K.,..i5,,,,:,,,,wof ,,i3i.:4::,..:4:.,,,,i,::;;,' -;,,,,;',.k::,,:.:;$::41i' ,..':3.::,',,A,:!,;,$.414 i' ' ":';:;';',-;F:',:: :!:,a:::?.:7;k5'::::,4, ......... .. .., 1 .t,.i:5',-:.,-;7:.:-:.:'-'.:,',v;-,r:: '-..,..'l -,...k1 ':'?:',;.::4''-in.'''' .:A,,1- .. 2- 1 ,,,:.,...v:, ,,,,- 11 ,.,,,,,1 r:;-7, .,-., (it '44 1 1 I I , ICcal, 2....t J dr q69,E.-7. tent low wove ,,,,1 - , -41101ft- 0 'i. t;C" tiaef! '1 1.,.:,, .,-,...,',, , 7- t.. 'ta-44,':'; :''-,A,M.4'g;''''. '..- .4n:' :.,':i',:,,,'s 9;"' .,:i.i-r.,:-i.',,i-;;;-:"..Z,,,:,' 4 ,;z',.2,Y,t!,,. ....;,4v .,..?..::0,, .... ,t 4--,--, , 1r ::. i o to. 4 ,,,:,.:, ,, .... , ...:: -.T1 0... 11 A

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