The Journal and Tribune from Knoxville, Tennessee on June 6, 1910 · 4
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The Journal and Tribune from Knoxville, Tennessee · 4

Knoxville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1910
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1 S - , s sEil on .1, it, ,, , .i . TODlkY Southeastern Will Be Launched On Its Way; Asheville at Knoxville, Johnson City at Rome and tic;rria; , town at Gadsden, Is Where - They Play. - , - - Asheville at -Knoxville. : Johnoon City at Rome. - Morristown at Gadsden. ' This afternoon is the time set for the --- formal opening of the season o in the , - Southeastern league and if weather con- ditioni are favorable, three garnet; will - be played. As indicated above, the teams svillfopen engagflieiIt of three days, .''-and the race for the pennifut and the t league ehampionship will ibe--on. ; 1.7 The six teams have been ,practicing' , diligentlytas teams for a week or more, It and the members, of the various teams, : - "nth but few exceptions, hove been play, ing-ball somewhere sinci the opening of ". epring, and so are in good . shape for strenuous work note, Advices received front the five -other clubs by the local ' management indicate that they have gotten together good playing aggregations, and that the -rate will be a warm one from the start. - , Knoxville, the game will be called 1- promptly at 33Q, o'clock,' St Chilizowee park, and the prospects are bright for - an -attendance that will rival those bumper crowds drawn' on--various occasions last year by the Sally league games. 'The players of the Southeasteru league - are for the znost part young college play, ers, who are capable of tclaying just , about as good ball as the teams of the Sally last year, and At is, expected that the contests will be not oue whit less Hi- teresting, nor the crowds much smaller. ' &Inch intere40t ham, been taken in the 'new 4eague and it is now up to Knoseille to get behind the project and back up the men-who have-gone into the venture. In 'Rome and Gadsden, they f are nuking preparations this afternoon , toryfrom 2,000 to 3,000 fans at the open. jug games., Many- of the business houses ':' there will close at three o'clock, so that their employes may-attend the,games and give the league a good seed-off. - ,, Knoxville should have at least two 'thousand persons outte the game, if the. weather man is ou his good behavior, - 'lied be hats promised that he will be, amt, epecial cars will be put on the park line for the accommodation of the fans who 'desire to attend the 'opener. Before the game,. theKnoxville and Asheville teams -in all of the glory, of their new uniforms will parade down Gay street ,before taking ears for the park. Those new white and maroon suits of the locale have arrived. and they are ,.the real f4glad rags" in the way of base, ball suits.-A heed at the ball' park is : also, practically- assured. which will also p some, for "male bath charms.", 1--F 'At Th.30 o'clock. COOlie Yoe as official , ' arbiter will call -the teams ,"to order" and the "meeting" will begin; The lineup for this- afternoon will - Knoxville.' - Position... Asheville. ' catcher.. ...Gilmore :Johns. or - - - Barber; pitcher Gilmore .: Black.; baee 0. Silvers.. ....second base.. ,....flunter . . third base.. Datrell, do oe shortptop4. ....Spry Donatme., .leftfield. ...Woodward Barnett.. :centerfield,,,, ...Thrasher Raker.. rightfield.. Barnett ; The members of the Asheville team will reach the city frota their home ill the mountains at eleven O'clock, this morning, and will have a chance to get rid of any weariness front travel before the activities begin at Chilhowee park. Like the local team, , a number of cot-leans are on the payroll of the '''Tar Heel" club and as they hatce been playing ball all year, they expect to show ,.,,trp in mid season form on the opening-day Euroute to Rome and Gadsden, re,. spectively, the Johnson City and Mor.JtjstOWfli teams passed trough the city -,' Sunday afternoon on the Southeruwar vestibule. The members of these teams area husky looking young fellow, - and they expressed confidence of winning " the long end ofthe ,series, upon 'which .-',they Will enter today. Nearly all of the 'players are youthful in appearance, and - a number of them have' played with , Carson Wand Newman. Washington, 'Pusculum, Maryville and other institutions , Of learning la East Tenneasee.' - .,;1 For' the' last half of the,I.week,, Knox- vine will play a return engagement with ' the Ashevillians. Johnson City -will move Over to Gadsden and ltlbrrtstown , trek to Rome.-- Knoxville will open at ,hotne a-week from today Ante more, and , ;,the opponents will be the Members of the Johnsbn City outfit. , - MONDAY' ' - ' ENTRIES AT LATONIA Where they play today: -, - Asheville at Knoxville. - Johnaon City at Rome. 1. Morristown at Gadsden. s , This afternoon is the time set fork th, formal opening of the season in CT Southeastern league -,'and if weather con ditioni are favorable-, three 'gained; be played. As indicated above the team will-opea engagflieiIt of three days and the race for-the. penntut and, tb4 league ehampionship will be-on. - The -six teams have been ,practicini diligentlytas teeing; for a week or more end the "members- of the various teams with but few exceptions, have been play Ing-ball somewhere sinci- the opening 0 spring, and so are in good shape by, etrenuona work not Advices receive from the five -other clubs by the lora management indicate that they have got teat together good playing aggregations and that the -tate will be a warm out from the start. - , In Knoxville, the game will be cane' promptly at 33o'clock,- at Chilitowte park, and the prospects are bright 10 an -attendance that will riral thos bumper crowds drawn on--various ocea miens last year by the Sally league games The Players of the Southeasteru leagm are for the most part young college play ers, who are capable of playing jne abut as good ball as the teams et tin Sally last year, and it la expected that the contests will be not otte whit less in leretaing, nor the crowds much smaller Much interest haa, been taken in tit( new .4-aguet locally, and it is now up t4 Knoseille to get behind the project and back up the men-who have-gone into the venture. In 'Rome and Gadsden, thej are making preparations this afternoot foryfrom 2,000 to 3,000 fans at the open. Eng games., Many- of the business house there will close at three o'clock, so that :heir employes ma ykttend the,games and ;ive the league a good seed-off. Knoxville should have at least twc thousand persons outte the game, if th. weather man is on his good behavior Led be has promised that he will be, and rpeclal cars will be put on the park line :or the accommodation 9f the fans wile leeire to attend the opener. - , Before the game,. theKnoxville and asheville teams -in all of the glory, of :heir new uniforms. will parade do-we :lay street ,before taking ears for the )ark. Those new white and maroon suits the locales have arrived. and they arc he real f4glad rags" in the way of base LuLl sults.,A baad at the ball park if Liao, practically- assured. which will als ! telto some, for "music bath charms.". 'At 3:30 o'clock. COillie Yoe as official trbiter will call -the teams order" tad the "meeting" will begin. The linen) for this- afternoon will - ' Knoxville; Position. Aeheville. defer.. catcher.. , .Gilmore rebus- or ' - - Barber.. , - .Gilmore Etinek.; btuse 0. ',...lohnson ;livers ....second base.. ,....fluntet Mare,. base Etatrell, do shortptop4. --Spry Okinaltue. .. ;.left.field. ..Woodward Barnett.. .centerfield.., ..Thrashet Raker.. rightfield Barnett The members of the Asheville team will reach, the city from their home ho mountains at eleven &clock, this norning, and will have a chance to gel rid of any weariness front travel before the activities begin at Chilhowee park bike the local team, , a number of ecaegiltns are on the payroll of the "Tat Reel" club and as they hatce been play . ing ball all year they expect to show Lip in mid season form on the opening, bay Euroute to Rome and Gadsden, re spectively, the Johnson, City and Mor ristown teams passed through the it iunday afternoon on the Southern- Rail-War vestibule. The members of these teams area husky looking young fellowe, Ind Vier expressed confidence of winning the long end ofthe eeries, upon -which they Will enter today. Nearly all of the players are youthful in appearance, and I lumber of them have' played with :Jerson. and Newman. Washington, Pus-!alum, Maryville and other institutions d learning la East Tennessee.' - For' the last half of theweek,, Knoxrine will play a return engagement with he Aahevillians. Johnson City will move ver to Gadsden and Mbertstown rek to Rome.-- Knoxville will open at tome a-week from today ante more, and he opponents will be the Membees of the lohnsbn City outfit. !JONDAY'S ; ' ENTRIES AT LATONIA , Cincinnati'. June S.Entries for Monday's - ern-Light. 109; Rues 110: Oracle. 113. , races at Laionla: First Itace---Ilye furlongs. purse Indian Girl. 103; Startler. 103, Delaney, 103; Little Oasis, 103: Ella Bryson. 106; James Me, , 106: Bobby Boyer, 106; Loween, 110; South-Bobby Boyer and Loween coupled as Bredicy and Bennett entry. Race-v.-Six furlongs. ptirse: Southern Gold, 94; Laveno. 101: Fotsch, 101; Tansy Hobipson, 102; Lucille 11 102; Rebel 44110e11, 104; Weponoca. 105; Lenelna f' Undo, 107; Alice George, 109; olagg, 110; Little Usage, 111; Ben Double. 111Tony , Boner. 113. - Third Have-Six furlongs. purse: Count, teas. 101; Crystal Maid, -107; Al Muller, 311; thendbridge. 114. , Fourth Itace-,Latonia Derby. mile and half: Milton-J- 111: Gallant Pirate. 114; Boole Boole, HT; Joe 31orris, 117; Rotel : Report. 117; Donau. 127. - , Fifth Race-3111e and eeventy yards, han- , dicap: Colinet. 109; Tom Itayward. 102; ).ucky Mose,102; Font, 103; Aso. 107; Dr. Belzberg, 107; Meadow., 116; King's Dinah, Sixth Itare-4-Mile and, sixteenth. purse: - Autumn Girt, 93; Markle M., 01; Alice. 100; Alke Baird 102; tIlnudia. 51antle , 307; Camel, 106;,Eyebright, 1011; Quagga, SIDELINE- COACHING , AND ROUGHNESS , . Are Scored by Collegiate Ras- - , ketball Rules Committee New York. ,Tune 5.--Coaching from) the, tide lines and unnecessary roughness came An for a scoring at the seventh annual 'netting of the-collegiate-basket ball rules couttnittee held In New York today. ,- , Four personal fouls will disqualify a ' player from games In seat season's,plity. -inatead of five fouls as heretofore. Alto.: ;ether the lines against rough Dlay twere Mere tightly drawn by the rules makers, and'aame officials will be ao Instructed., Officers for the-coming year were elected st -follows:, , Chairman. Dr. Joseph FL It ityrroft, Unt- : -versify of Pennsylvania; secretary-treas. RaIpMOrZMfl.I University, of Penn-. MI:testa; editor -of rule books,. Liarrs r. Columbia- , ' i otatioris GA 1?1ES Teams. Won.: Lost. Chattanoogi! .24 - IT Montgomery "21 .19 Birmingham 24 - 19 New lurteaus 29 Atlanta - 22 4 21 Nashville . ,.21 Meniplits -....21 2t1 Mobile . ..18 : 41 . 0 TH Soittherus League Standing.. .IN'on. Loot. - l'et. -- IT '-i' .578 19 1.. : 23 .531 21 .500 2t1 1. ',441 41.. .34 , Southern League Games. - Memphis, I; "'Mobile, O. - , VICTORt FOB MEMPIIIS. - Memphis, Tens., itme was a pitchers' battle today with both teams furnishing excellent support, and-it was vet tut the latter halt of the eighth inning that Memphis was able to put serous the single score that decided the gime against Moblie. Sore : AU it I'Llt A 11 t Philadelphia -000 000 - 000---0:114;E2 Murphy, et 4 0 0 2 0 0 , Detroit ..... 001 tot ,,tipa2 ;Rs ;Ico Berger.. as 4 0 0 0 O. Pleuk and Lapp; Stroud' and Stanage. Watson, rt e. 4 - 0 2 0 0 Time. lin Cmpiren. l'erriue and 0Lough- 1 Swacina. lb ...;-4 - 0 1- 12 0; 0 Adcock. 4' 40 0 0 t() Y- - Wagner, it 3 : 0 2 0 0 HILL-TOPPIERS,1111.AliCK- effICA410. Seitz, 2b 3 0 .02 ." 1 1 Citirago-, Juno 3,-liaw York defeated 1 D'onn, ., 3 0 1 ;.3-- 1. 'et Clikago today. Pord pitched a timo and Bittrolff, p.- 3 - 0 2,.,0 ,1 0 I rontioned Ida unbroken record 01 vietgrieli. I Totals 0 .74 14 , ,1 Ilemphts-- AI it LI I13 IA 14 Witmer, 2b 2 0 .1 - ,. 3 : 0 Beetwalcl, rt 3 0 0 3 0 0 eratidatl. -as -4 0 , , 0 7 '4 ..0 Zion. It o;'o--o-;:;-o .o Klawitter. 12 2 0 z. 0., 0 0 Pwrrells cc, 0 0 : 0 U , 0 Ortglt.' - 3 .0 , 0 1,10 0 A num; 30 3 f. O. L r- I ' 3 0 - - - Annum; 31) 0..:, 1-7- I ' a -,, o lit4;retvG' C. 1 o o t :1 0 1rItsbp ... 2 1 0 '. 4 , 0 - - - 7 Totals ' .. - 1: : 427 ,17 1 Reotte Mehl le ; COO 000 000-4 Memphis 04)0 MU 01---1, Summary: Two base b14Watson. Sae, elate httaBeerwald. - McGraw. Stolen basesDunn...Bases- on ballsOff RIttrolft 4. - Struck ont--By Btttrolff, 8; k'ritz, 4. Time, 1 1.7mo4rea. Ittiminlutonn aud nasban, , . , TexacLeagne, , At' Dallati-,--Shrevenort.',3; Dallas. 2. Ten Wangs.- At Ilouaton----flouaton, 5; F-Atn, Autonio. At WaroWaeo 2; tialeesto-n, 1. At FILM Wortil:-Oklabotna City. 3; Ft. Worth,. -12 Ituingo darkness. , IXSTIIIITEI)S111 IIITOIIM DERBY Donau,- Kentucky. Derby Win, ,, ner, Will Carry -Top Weight in Opening:Day's Feature. BALL PLAYER IS FATALLY D JURED - San Francisco; Celt.. June 1;.:Ct'iteher Orendort--of the Lox Angeles team ot the Coast league. was struck on the head ft pitthed ball during the game with Oakland Mx worulag and was Injured so badly that be-luay die. ---- Return Race of Motorboats. ly that hemay die. 'Return -Race of Motorboats, ' Key West,'Fla., lune 6.The mu orboats Berneyo,-,Catiph.; Caroline - and Illy, - the contestants-1u the-recent taco from Phil's,- delphla to Havana, arrived here from Havana- this ,morning accompanied by the Cuban cutter Gypsy. After taking on supplies and gasoline and resting a feu...hours the motorboats assemled at the main channel buoy in Key West harbor and from there started on, the-return race to Atlantic City at 4144 p.'in.- (Central time) the signal being given!. by the cutter Gypay.,-, The Caliph, took the lead being followed by the Barney. the-- Itlys and the 'Carolina la the order nulled-- : REATENS Top THE FIGHT Little Is Enraged Over His Dig.- - missal by Johnson as thesLat, ter's- Manager. - San Francisco, Calif, June 5.---An open warfare between Jack Johnson and George Little. his manager which started Saturday night and wound up this attervou wheal Johnson told tittle that be was discharged was the main topic of cowtersation at the beach today. , - . - LItfte.wbO claims he has an ironclad contract with Johnson, that is to run trail May 1911, threatens trouble and says that i ' floclosatl; 0o, Jnne '-' 5.tbeNIAtonis 1 Derby will be contested tomorrpat :at, the opening of the erring meeting of the ',stools lecher elub.., The, meeting In scheduled -L to run until k .1917 ' Indications 1 - AMA -AO -: . . - . . Tea ran-. - New York Philaderphia - cievelsad Washington - Chicago - Louis unless the differences are settled he will ne was- is ,top the big fight. , It le not believed be with-hia tee can accomplish anything of-theeort. but could wet a If his contract- is good, it Is possible that - '- he can force the ,negro to an 'coons:king. The gymni In spite of the fart that - he was -,pre- a-kipping bit sumably- discharged.. Little insisted upon . remaining at the door to take the, tickets :-Za bora 1 and 'not un so til. Johnn, ,backed up by a al quad of city police,appeared. did ,Little gram,- t take his departure. , - - - , principals Vr4 , Accordiug to Johnson, the trouble arose who-bed be because Little bectrine jealous of Sig Hart. last battletu .9.1a,rt is one of my friends." Neald- John- here. Now son. .,"I've taken hint out- autemobiling They happen with me and Little did not like R. Then gloves today he threatened to whipHart 'and Itold After Jettr him that was the end. 'I don't want any John Martin, snore to do with 'him. He bait no contract ciseo,,whot that be -can, bold, me to." drew: ,letfriet Tide is the statement Issued by Littlet - pear - in an -"I have a contratt with Johnson that 3nne lt for binds him to Owe ie twentyfive per. cent der. ,JtIffriett of bis profits and I am authorized to make inodate the I all eontracts tor -anyboxing matches, the- sible for bin strical shows or anything of the like.- The take a chant $10.000 that, We put Up is my money.- I cooking or -will manage Jobuson or therer will-be no ipto my ter fight and if I withdraw they can take that Corbett am for final.", , ' - ' hear the ,con, This , trouble' delayed 'the boxing in the enteered thel afternoon. but Johnson 'went through with in a g-round an unusually bard prograinwhich included actlepted and three ,rounds with , George , Cotton gaol the two old Marty :Catlett and two with, Dave Mlle.-, training with ' At the conclusion of his work Johnson stepwd throt weighed. for the .nevrepaper men.- tipping though the p the scales at 212 viands. the 'lowest he bee bett who-- sv weighed - his-, training etartd.. He finish. - The will do no tratetee until Wcd,-eday but were at it d will 'be- in Ow ggiunasium saereoon. tymeeelem TEE- DAILY JOURNAL AND TRIBUNE, KNOXVILLE 'Bia.:I'LEIIGUES :American League Standing. : Team( - "-Won Lofit. ?w -York !:. ": - 11 ,,,--.:01", :gaol ; 2.: 8 12 , : ": "19 )sto-rb , .21 , 1'21 evelood -, .19 Habil-IQ-too A --IT 23 : .424 1 06 v. 46912 ,,- American League, Game& - Detroit. 2. Phtledelphla. 0. ' Kew York, 2; Chicago, Ce - St. Louis,i2;,Boatow t. OUT,PKILADELPHIA. 344 Detroit. Mk-h.. June 5.--Detroit made It tbree straight from Phi4adelphia today. ;le Stroud pitched tine ball, allowing only four he. hits aud passing nobody. Detmit4 runs Iwere the result of clean hatiug and good base runnimg , , I,. 1-C11-i' aTio --t. ::. - ,-: ;.00(ii: ono 1 000--40 ;BB :El New York - --;100- '000,, 101)--2:H6 ;1 ,- Smith -4,ed Payne: -Ford mid. Sweeney. Time, 1:45., timplrok, Sheridan aniLKerht - - - VICTORVILIVIV-I'AILAICNDERS. I ' St: Louie. -June -5.---jit- Louis broke ,its closhig etreak todey-by whacking from- Soo-, Hon., -Twice Bestow-bed 'hasest-full. ,but i could do setting a gaint . Luke a effective -,,delivery .,-score; I - - ' ,- - - -' - - - 1 Kt. 114t18 .002 .000 000 --2 ;HT 100 1 -Boston - . --. ...010 000 000,1;Hit;14 Lake smi:Killifert CoHins and Carrigan.' Time, 2:02.. Utupire,- Dineen and Connolly.' I -, Ameritan Association - ,. . ,.-;-, At Loulavlile - ' "-- ,- ' '' -- ' Loularli'e ...,.... ..--,..--.. .. .. ..1t31116;El Milwaukee .... .. ... .. .. ..., ..1r2';117;E2' S4-agle and Plets: McGlynn and.LudwIg. At. Indianapolis, -, .---:. -- Indlanquolia ...,., ... .. .. -.. R4;H10;1.;31 MIntleat:Olitr-. - .' P6;H 6;E31 - LIndantan. Ortb and -Bowerman; katterion. Altroek, LetiVele &MI Owen.. . At Toledo ', , .... . -- - 'rOledd--C. .. .77. . .., -.. .. .. ..c111:117;E2 ' St. Paul . . . . 4 .. .,,,... ..RO;H3;Ett 1 Owen sT14. Land awldi . Abbott; Leroy and Plerto..., ..., , ., .... ' At Col..tubus- , - , ... i'l - , ColtImbus .. .. -.: ...v., .. ..RT;BIll:F.1) Kansas City 4, .. .. .. .. .. Ill ;H. 7 ;Ell UNDAY SPOIII 11110En 1.011011 , rday the finals Will pc played In all events. The following prizes are offered-by the Atlanta Athletic club: ChamplonshipCnamplonship cup. First flightDixie cup. - Second flightEast Lake cup. - Third flightPonce de Len cup.. Fourth fughtKirkwood cup. , Frith flight--Irulton cup., ' Lowest qualifying score, gold medal. Team match. prize for club, and individual -prizes for memberei of the team. -Handicap lowest net score, prize. Handicap, second lowest net score, prize. Trophy for, runner-up to chauipionship '-event. - , - - Trophy for runner-up In each bf the five I flights. r- , Jeff. and Choynski Put 1 on a , 'rhTee-Round Show and Corbett - 1: and -Choyislii Went : Through'.1i, Mild Bo2t - Ben Lomond. Calif.. June 5.--Jim Jeffries performed prettily to-dai before 500 spectators fa Ms training camp gymnasium.. Three rounds of epeedy sparring with Joe Choynekl set the crowd 'wild with delight. - The pace was so feet that-lt is doubtful If Choynaki could have gene many more rounds.,- Jeffries came out of it emilingly, He was In rare good humor and boxed with -Ma face to the crowd so that they could get a good took at lam. - ' The gymnasium program Included roil- skipping., bag punching,. shadow-boxing end a snort tug at the cht,st weights. An little sparring mate'. not on the pro- gram, wee the feature q:d-the day. The principals were Jim Corbett and Choi:yet:4 who-bad been bitter enemies since their last battle In 1889f-until they met recently here. Now they are Inseparable cronies. They happened tocome together with the gloves today in this way: , - After Jeffriee had finished his ring work John Martin, chief of police of San Fran-1 cisco,,who was down for the afterneon,1 drewsJeffries aside and asked,. him. to ap.- pear in an exhibition In Ban Francisco June It for the benefit of t fraternal order. Jerrie said he would like to accominodate the chief, but It would be Impossible for him 'Co break training.. "I can't take a chance," be said, "of a change of cooking or -water; beeides; it would cut into my regular sleeping tours.? t, Corbett and Choyeki 'happened to overhear the conversation...'lioey et enc. volunteered their eervicesKoffered,to appear In a 2-round exhibition. Their offer was acCepted and after Jeffries had gone out the two old cronies decided to tart in training with each other right away. They stepwd through three gentle rounds.' Although the pace (was slow, it told on Corheti. who was breathing heavily at the finish. - The new that the two veterans were at it drew a crowd coaaing to the 1J ,.:. atLcets tIkV LEAGIIES CONSTITUT1011 Published in ,Book Form ' Distribution. TnrIN Rule$ and Bpgulations for 9uid , ance of Baseball -Baby Set -Forth in Attractivellorra; In neat booklet 'form, the recently adopted official constitution of the Southeastern league of baseball :clubs has just liin published,. and the objects of the orgaulzation,toketber 'with the rules and Iegulatione that" shall govern the members of the league 'an4 the' players ou the. variou5-441ms, ;are set forth plainly and at some length. , , The names of the Ulcers of the league are given in the bOoklet, and ' they are as follows: t -2 ' -iPresideut-Atabrose aainesh of , : Secretery-Prreasurer:--4." B; Fisher. 1)f 'MorristOwn.- , Board of Directorstlylle N. Justin. Asheville. ' U. John ,11., Of itdMe; Vary'. Spence ; Kfiezvtite; Nat; U. Taslor,lohntson City; rani &nett-son Gadsden, -Abr.; r of :Morristown. ' Ten conditions -are given under which the membership of any club May be -terminated. and they are - follows: By--the resignation"- accepted by a three fourth vote of all the clubs; failure to present its (nine at the - time set for championship game,, unless caused- by accident or -delay' hi traveling; allowing open - bets- upon-its - grounds or in any controlled by it; playing with any-club not- a member of the leagneafter the season- opens; offering, agreeing or attempting to lose any 'game of-ball Or failuze to expel any player who. shall be proved 'guilty'of the above, or of be.. At Col-albus , , , , ' a" 1-lerve. '''.- - - - -. , - jug -interest-id iii any wager thereon; disColumbus . .. -.: .. .. .. -Ina112:M bandment 'during the championship sear Kansas City ., .. .. .. .. - -111;11 7;E2 son; faihng or refusing to fulfil ha con-- ----------0 , ,., tract obligations; failing or refusing to ''. -, comply with any lawful requirement of souTHEfitt....,.::. ,,:, athneyobovardvisoifoudiroe6om wilfullifugoonlItiti t; -.- - '''' -- I ' , ' . ' clubs for - business ,reasore!, - T . y , The , constitution' also provides that k . ofticers of the-association shall be elect- , GOLF - ti ed at its annual meeting, and thati, the - ' , kt board of directors shall consist of one , ... ' - - member from. each club.- A deposit - of . . ' ' ' , - $150 shall be -made by each club as a Ninth Annual Eve W t lk . 4 guarantee against.exceeding the salary n,,-i , -. tier 11 L-- limit or withdrawing from the league. in Atlanta Tuesday and Con- -- The deportment of . players-eand um- - - pires is treated et some length and the - -tinue Through' Batuiday. - president of , the league is authorized to - ' 4 ' ''' - tine any player or umpire for assaulting, -" ' - , ' ' - ' ' - ' '' ''' ' -rt-- - 1 anothels player ' or - umpire ' &tiring any , . - i Atlanta. G a . . June 0.---The championship game ,- or after the gates ntath animas than $5 nor more than 150, or suspend , - - . have been opened for spectators. not less tournament of the ileuthern, Golf aSSOCIS tIon-wilt be held thin eek on the course him for not, less than five days nor moke w of the-Atitot Athiette club at Enst Lake. -than ten, ot,both. Any player using Pro-:- ebneAan may be ptill-- play beginnina g Tuesday and condualal lane ia tor sce 4m swt guage ...sot 4,4.4s4o 4,414r th. i f play beginning Tuesday and continuing ' -------1-----"- ---' - - - -- nied -,- to run until k July h. ' Indications(' One or 'the biggest Mkt that bag ever - tithed in the same -manner. only. the aue- point to g' field of, six - horses r faelnir the , entered a golt tournament- hi the sant. pension may ' be made for a period Of tart In th feature race a tulle and a probably a hundred and , fifty Is number. litteen days er , - - - . . s i ia exoected to partleloate. Ali et the bug- A nv eantiln Or Manager- who. br his starter In tb feature face., a ralie, and a t vavu."A., m ..u.11 1Ig L.1,4 aia u u uaniwz actix-c14.140 , entr ettill: gatepanlripittr. Alleof the bug- half event :although It Is possible that one ,Any captain or manager. who, by his or two wIll'be added by noon - ttimorrow.Lm e m Aong the south wi r presented.ost prom omit golfers w b team to - leave the The rsee tuts unguaranteed value of 44,rso.,, m be- preseut are Laurence 1;ustief, star nein ourimr- a game shall be fined S50 Donau.' the 'winner of the'. Kentucky i medal "layer of the southern tiolf Imo and any ,player may be put out of 'tbe '" '4,"'" matt event; sitnotign rt is possum, Lust Hue er citiea of the south will be represented. -i - The lint or two widt'bo added by noon-tiiinni;ow. Among the most prominent golfers who oruerii,'..citises .1118: team to leave- the l S50 Thil race thate a winner alinuararntoe7d value tilt 44.rask 1 in be- present are Laurent,. sInstita. etar field during -a game shal be fined Asheville. thew, Kentucky niedal 4-layer of the Southern (Jolt asso- and any , player may be put out of the t-IL M1 re derby Il a ' , . - e. , , . game by e umpire in accordance witn ..O , a i .J0 utsville will carry top lation . a P Edrington of Memphis R . th in pounds"... Joe Ilorriso- Boole Boola and IL Bette); of Birmingham. Leigh Carrell tb9 rules of Spaulding's guide as to the Gilmore Royal- Report will be asked to accept 1171 NV, it. ,Stauffer., IL 0, Bush. Jr.,- James duties od authority of umpires. Any .., u pounds as an Impost. while Gallant-P1- 'Bush, and W. B. biewart of New Orleans; -.. h , 2 4 ,. a . ou" ,,to has been allotted 114 Pounds sail -Ellis Knowles. rensaeola; k'. C. Groover. player put out of a game by the umpire Hunter suspended Milton B., will be the tightest of .1 aeksonviue stud, . kpolak, Lew b is. San Au, may e suspen e by the p resident for ... . ....Holt the sextette with 11 90111111S. tante. - - - ,6 - 0 ' v two delis for the first 'offense and for a Spry In accordance with the state law of Ken- On Wednesday night a banquet will be- week for the third. Dmiug this euspen, Woodward tacky the auction rol, will be used ex- tendered to those pakileivating in the tour- don. his ealory- shall stop, and ' if the , i Thsh-- elusively by the rack management tor n ament- - pl th his paid . , ra It those desiring to wager on the results ,- th On Tuesday e fir in st queflyg round. a . . yer can prove , a . . . Burnett IA , , ' at a' h taan 1,1411461 re I 1 I ha b al I Alta an during -suspension . ne salary is is 'tree to sign On Wednesday, night a banquet will be- week for the third. Dmiug this suspen.- tendered to those participating in the tour-, Edon. his sab17 shall stop, and ' If the sit meet.- , , - the 'first quaflying round , eighteen boles, will be held and- ' ---.4thlyer can prove that his salary is p!tid on Tuesday suspension, ' he is 'free to ' s on during -suspe , ign Wednesday morning the second round. The with nuy Other iluh. - , - scores- 'Wilt quality, for the champiouahip. - It is a1s0 stated by the constituthm The ,fliiit, second, third, 4 fourth and fifth that the board of directors shall-be the ighis writ' be made up of, players, next fl l tribunl e in order by sixteens, 'making the lowe , subject to the rules of the st soil scores ' immediately, following the ,trirty- association and t e constitution; te settle s two who qualify for the championship. and determine disputes , between .,clubS. On Wednesday the match play - rounds Moo.' that the finding of the board begin, continuing Thursday and an Friday ghat bsfinal and under no circumstances will tome the semi-finals and annual hall- shall be reconsidered, reopened or en qutren - , Other rules are given and the eonstitn, tion. is complete in -all its-details. CALENDAR OF - SPORTS FOR THE MEEK Monday. , Opening of Fourth International ,Ilorse show at Olympia, London. - Opening of annual exhibition, of Winnipeg (Man.) Horse Show association.. , Start of; eecond good -roads tour front Atlanta, to- New York city. Opening of forty days' race meeting at Opening of forty days" race meeting of Pacific Jockey club at Salt Lake Tennis - tournament for - Gulf' State championship begtns in New Orleans. , -- Tennis tournament - for New England champienshlp begins at Hartford,. Con. Tennis tournament for men 's champion- ship of Pennsylvania begins in , , - '" Tttesday. - - Opening of annual tournament of Southern. Go It association at Atlanta. - Annual hilt-climb of Yale University Automobile club at New Haven. "Honey" liellody -Ts. -"Kid?! Ferns, 10 rounds. tt Oklahoma City. , . , Tents tournament for Idaho State chainpionship begins in Lewiston. Annual championship trap shooting tournament of New York-opens st Ossining.. - Wednesday. - joblins Coulon vi. Erankto , Burns, 10 rounds, at New York. Opening of annual open air horse show at lAesburg. Va. - Championship tournament of Women's Eastern Our' association begin at Noble. Thursday. . Tennis tournament for Illinois State championship begins In Chicago. - Opening of air horse show at Gait, Ontario. Friday Opentno of annual horse how at Tux. ado. N. IL - , Saturday. Opening of annual congress of the North American Skat league at - Detroit. Annual meeting of New England Military Rifle association begins at akefieldi Annual Giant's Despair automobile hill-climb at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. - Interscholantic athletic meet at the University of Chkago. - Tennis tournament at Longwood Cricket club for Massachusetts thamplonehip, Second anadal bench stow of the Plainfloidl (N. J.) Kennel club.- a. AVIATORS MEEr WITH s - . AN ACCIDENT , Venni Hee, Pranee; use 11.--Au aeroplane carrying Maurice Farman... brother of Henry Farman and George Besse-neon, seeretary of the Aero club of France, &enabled her today. The machine wait close to, the ground when the accident occurred,- and the aviatbra, withough they fell with considerable forcewere not seriously ,hurt. Oversight Piniahé8 Second. - Paris:Inn K. VanderblIttif Overnight finished second tody In tbe Prix ten furlong affair for a stake of $2,000, at the. Chantilly cogree., 7-..ita.itiiiii;:Jiilieii: F I. el .6' ., LA , 7 , ; ... , ..... , . . .,..........,,...,,........,..................... i(liti juDg ,,t 'EtilLsoti-:.:::,.....i-,-,:::,:,-,,o ". . --S ... -..:. :'.....-. , ., .,.,..:...,.., . 1 or. will Address the Voters of Jefferson County at Dandridge , . ---- - on June 1-4È , . ,, !: 13pecta4 to. The Journal and Tribune. Jefferson City, June 6,Judge Wit-eon or the cómrt of civi appeals will sneak in tbe interest of a-tree and uMrammelled judiciary, at the-bourthouse at Dandridge o 3Ion4a7 , June 13, at one Clock.- Oi , Friday:aciernoon the attroictive home of 'Mrs..- Mary C Lawrence-Was-the. scene Of a most charming hospitality; the Orfcoition being a reception from four to sit given by Mre Lawrence and Miss Batelle Lawrence in -honor of Mrs.. John F Vines. of Auderson,,Ii. C. 'who is the home guest of her mother...Urn...Laurence. The elegant Appointed rooms were made more attreetive by decoration. ot-Illites And roses. the color scheme of 'white and green, being carried -out lw the decoration. cud menu,. The dintag - room, was - especially attractive. where delete and 'water tiles to eel the artistic renterplecti and the Ices. cakes end mints carried- the' prevailing coior note. Miss -Laura Brownlee - nerved - -delicious punch- from de loty ,white ta ble decoratdd In green, and Misses Kstheriske And Dorothy Burnett, avoisted the hostess in tee dinIng room. ---,Fully fifty ladies were present , and enjoyed Ahla-delightful hospital ity. Among the out-of-town guests were Miss, 'Harrison -of Asheville, N. .; Mina Cole ot-Prankilm,-.1Zir4plaa of JahVeee MY. and ;Mrs-, Aalishie at Boise City'. Mrs., titilie G.. Fain and 'daughieett, Misses Lida, ,Ekisabeth end Francis, returned on last wednesday from Athens. Georgia and' trill spend the Rummer itt,their old name , . - G. .dason, prepriet0 of the JeL.erson City Drug Co..,baik purchased the property of James MeKay. - John L. Massey of Knoxville w a o 4the recent guest of 1r. a!od- Mra. 'D. W. King In - Mr. Wells of Greeneville was- the recent guest of Miss Pearl- Browning -on Branner.avenue. , - - It. Braun-an has ,returned fromDandridgeand points south of the river on bustuest in-regard to the buildin,r-of a parsonage for the-M. E. church at Dandridge Capt. sad Mrs. J. W. Gladding of .07b1te Pine were -Visitors of Mr. and Mrs. A. IL Webster this week. Capt. Wadding was in the war of the rebellion and fought in moat 'all of the battles- around Jefferson City and ppper. East Tenuesme.-- He vras a member of the Second Michigaa eavalry where be Isan distinction. ter Ids- revery while In action. ,, , - Hon. J. J. Coll of Mount Horeb'Was in, town on Saturdey. - , tia Wednesday. ..luce- 13; at Jefferson City, the Al P. Gibbs. all-ladies ball club and the home team will play. - Mists Kittle 'Gillespie of New Market Was tbe recent guest ot friends. ; - - H. A. Ashmore and Dr. M. E. Jarna gin were the- recent-guests of Mr. and Mrs. John M. '..voten of Morristown. - Miss Lula Ware a popular-young ledy of Sevier county visited friends and relatives here this ' t- - ELIZABETIIION. Elisabetliton., -June -4.--7-Born to Mr. and-Mrs. Chas.' P. Percy,. a. boy baby. Weight, when dressed., two pounds. The child -only lived a short time., J. Campbell. who attended the mother Says that it was, the smallest living child he had ever, seem Mr.' 11. C. Beasly. who has been serionsly ilk for live weeks. is able are' be Out' again. His man friends are , glad to - note thia. -He ,is one, Of ,,Elisabethton's most respecte4 and oldest citizens. J. B.. Campbell and'svife of Johnsoa City, were -up last. Saturdaw and Sunday visiting- Mrs. Campbell's parents, Dr, and Mrs. A. -J.' Campbell. Joe has ,good position with the C. C. & railroad in the auditing -department , at Johnson City. Mr. and Mrs: C. G. Beasley ,were up last week from Johnson City - to see Mr. Beasly's father who has -been sick for quite a-while. , -- Miss Hildred Hunter who has been In school at Baltimore for the isst nine months ht at home for ,the summer. Mr- and Mrs. D. Brumit and daughter. Miss. Nellie. have been visiting relatives in Washington county. Rev.' T. H. Francisco, pastor-elect of the Baptist church. graduated from Croser. Seminary, at (ester Par; June 1st with high honors. n't will, shortly begin his work- with . the -church.- Bev.. Francisco comes to the church very highlf recommended by those who know ham Itev. W. C., Golden ILL D., secretary of the Tennessee Baptist convention stated a few days ago that he regarded him one of the strongest young men in Tennessee. and a man of explary Christian character and high ideals. - ; 4 - The Watauga Sunday" school convention held last week at .Poplar Grove. Was a splendid. success. Large crowds were in attendance - and the addresses and speeches' were of .:a high order. The hospitality of the Poplar Grove church was unbounded. J. R. Bowie and Mrs. N.- ',..-Vanhoy. and W C. Peters qpresen- ted the -Baptist-Sunday school of this place. . . - , DISTRICT ,CONFERENCE, , OF 11; E. CHURCH, SOUTH For the -Knoxville Section Held - at Etowah the Past Week,. , Etowah.- Zane 4.---The Knoxville district conference of the 31. E. church, South, met in annual session at Etowah at ten o'clock hist Thasday morning and eloeed at nine o'clock Friday night, Rev. John C. Orr, presiding elder. presiding. All the preachers-with two or three exceptiass and a large number of lay delegates were In attendance. The b 'siness of the conference was transacted through committees appointed tby the chairman. The conference pledged itself to sup-Port all temperance and moral -reforms especially those advocated in Tomessee. Among the visitors present were'Rev. T. S. Schuler, editor of the Midland Methodist; Rev. Eugene Blake, ' president of Illwaesee college; Rev. J. R. Itunterprofessor at Emory and Henry college, and Rev, Dr. Sullins -president emeritus of Sullins college. -Excellent seri onswere. delivered, by Rev. 11.le.IV,yrick of Louisville, ,..Tenn., and ROT. J. P. Martin and Rev; F. N. :Jackson of Knoxville, . Illroag- rains prevented servkes Thurer ay BLOUNT- REPUBLICAN; - COMMITTEE TO MEET Spector to 'rbe Journal and Tribune , Maryville, Jane 5.The republican county executive committee of Blount county bas been ' called , to meet at thti courthouse, Monday. June 13th, at one o'clock for the purpose of arranging time and manner of nominating candidates for the legislature and selecting delegates to state conventions. John C. Crastford is chairman, and W.O. Maxey, secretary, - Memorial Service.- Special to The Tournal-w and 'Tribune.' -. Maryville, Jun S.Member of Chitbowee lodge, Knight of Pythias, attended a epeeist memorial service at the Depth church this afternoon and were addressed by Itev.-W, B.:Italledge, pastor.. - , -, ..p. . 11PROURE Say Eye7Witneilés Dayton Tragedy.-: George Storey:a Paperhanger; - Instantly Killed. Charles Nixon,' a Miner; a Knife With Deadly Effect. Special to Ttie Journal and Tribune. , - Dayton. - Tenn.. -,June ILGeorge Storm a paper-hanger .' , was - Istabbed twice and Instantly: killed ; ;today by Charles 'Nixon.'a'Ininer.,.The two were crrinking 'end- Storey it. i said:jostled a glass of beer on the tatill apologizing for the accident. Without a Tword tyou whipped out 'a long knife and stuck, it. to thethiLt ,in.atorey's 'break; then :slab-bad ,blic after the latter len. ; , , ixon' was -'arrested but would- lot talk.' His preliminary ibeariug - will be held Wednesday. Storey:, was married and leaves a wife and one child,. Nixon, is unmarried. Eye Witnesses to the tragedy ,say the killing Was Unprovoked and there is considerable- excitement. , FOUND DEAD UNDER A TOESTLE AT NASHVILLE Man May Have Been Struck by , , . a Train' Cr Murdered; Special-to'The Journal and Tribune. Nashville.- June Z).--Thomas U. Anderson.. forty tour , years ,old..'-'shipping clerk.- in a local industry, was found dead under the L. Sc- N. trestle. in North Nashville this morning. He is .supposed .to have been kneeked from the trestle br a train, but.there are seine who be-I iev e he was murdered. He leaves a wit and aAiumber of grown dtildreh.- 4,11DRIDG I, i I L...- - - Dandridge June 4.---Mr. Albeit S. Ragsdale, of Knoxville, returned home Monday after. a 'few days' visit with his family- here.' Mrs. Lida Snodgrass : and daughter, Miss Estelle, of Maryville. Tenn.., arrived ,Thuraday and,, will spend the summer here. stopping with Mr,. and Mrs. J. Walter Sheppard: - - ' Mr. and Mrs. Walter' :Harris, of Knoxville. are the guests' of Mrs., Emma Ilarris. "-- Miss- Mai lfatn le visiting in 'huoxvile H - Mr.' Baldwin Hark, of Jklorristown, was a visitor Thursday.. - F; J., Richardson; of Baltimore, war a recent visitor. , , - Mr. " J. B. Franklin, of Talbott's was here this Week. - Mr. A. C.. Parrott, of Straw Plains, was a visitor Wednesday. . T Jas. II; Beall. of Whitesburg, was a visitor during the week. - - , The Ladle? Missionary society- of the Baptist church met with Mrs. J. Walter Sheppard Thursday afternoon. After discussing missionary work among the Indians the hostess -served refreshments. , A party of young people from here enjoyed an outing at Glen Alpine-Springs Tuesday. -Among the number were: Misses Kyker. Hedrick, Felknor 'and Swann, - Messrs. John Caldwell, James Vance. flarrold Swann, Fred rUedr1ck and Paul Rill. - - , -,- Dr.' J. K. Brown., J. C. Bettis F. A. Watt., T. (..;; Burnett,: Talbot - Station; W.- S. Vance, Richmond. Lee It Simpkins, Bluefield, - 4 Va1 W. B. Bruce, Flat, Oa.; Miss -Ruth Roberts, Miss, Cora Witt, Jefferson City; F. W. Henck. L. R. Smithi' Mr. L. Anderson, Chas. L. Grigsby, J. M. Sullivan, Misses ,Essle Newman and Rose B. Witt, Knox, ville: and W; M. Slover.- Louisville, Ky. G., E.' Shields. Rale.. J. F. Smith, Mr.1. Williams.- Morristown were among ,Djindridge- visitors this week. - CEDAR GROVE - , - -- Cedar Grove June 4.-'--Decoration day wao observed at -Buckner's , cemetery, May 29. A large crowd or people came from different parts of the country to attend. The prognun of the day,was as tallowy-- ,. - - : - - Song.:-I Peer Like Traveling On - SongMother Lillten in Glory. Welconie addressz--Rev. W. L. Dance. SongDon't You Want to Go? Reeponse---Rev. Bullard. ; , SongIlotne of IAght-, and Love. Sermon by Rev. Baker.-- - - SongMy Loved Ones' are --Waking for Me.. ' - - ' Preaching by'Revs. Monroe and Rens- SongHe Loves Me. - - - - The farmers of- this place are glad to see the pretty weather. - 1 Rev. W. L. Dance filled hie regular , appointment at Cedar Grove church. B. E. Miller and ?Sector - Cook- hav gone to Knoxville on a business trip. Those on the sick list are T. O. Hamilton and John Myers. , , -Misses Minnie and Boils McNew were visitors here last week.-- - , - Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hamilton were up from Knoxville visiting thometolks. Mrs., Ezra Hamilton and on Charlie have Etarted to KILUMID to see her children and snake her bottle there. . :3fre Mollie Harris, from near dravelten, lies been -visiting relatives here. Mr. M; S. Cook and Mr. Isaac Cook visited the farmers convention at Knox- The Sunday: school of 'this , place- is Mr. John T; Smith of Knoxville, vie.- lied homefolks last week. , airs. Ezra Hamilton-was the guest of Mrs. V. Needham, Tuesday night. -, Mr, and Mrs. Gmnt Smith rkently made a business trip to Knoxville. Ore prospectors are busy in this come EIGHT VOTES CAST, IN , Imo 10 Prato sgu - , ELECTION Special to The Journal and Tribune. ,Erwin. Zune5.,---litilcol county democrats diehold a primary. election Saturday, all reports to the contrary notwithstanding:- Exactly, ' eight ' votes were polled and they went solidly for Barton, Cooke. Bel, McAlister. Parabaugh and Maiden, for the supreme court for Bryan and cookffor the court of civil appeals,,and for Detong Rice for state treasurer, :Dick Berry was chosen to cast Unicorn- one vote in the convention of June 16th. ' - Wells. 4- .4. ; ,b 1i1S,S1011111 "' of ai Wi II-Be Sent by Moiristoiiill - the Person of Miss 431 2ig; t0 . Iforristown; June 4.-----Morristfiet ,-, It seems.' is soon to have the dilate:ion , . sending.'from,the ranks of its ag-re-- ligious ,ivirkeral a -iaissionarr tot ...China , as the accredited , representatité. of .it- . local church ' and supported : wholly b2' its - congregation., s : - Ities Lillian C. "Wells, youngest .611110,- - , ter of Mr. and Mrs. E. j: Wells, Of tbreT, - has decided definitely to elate the missionary field and is -now Attending ltible Teachers' Training sehoolja New , York :City. This institution -Is nominational in, its -dharagter and.!la de- signed for, the training of those vo de sire to -take up any . forth of Christian work. .2u ' ' - ,. Miss Wells 'ks -tuking----,n tN.f-4-1 ar eourse; baring just -about completed the first .year's work.-,,- It has beenbertilesite from-child hood to become .a fore) 9-1,- sinnurr.--.This -desire beeomieg a. ' - purpose thres,rsideti, ago ighe ;env listed as a student volunteer. , Pd.-2 WRIs received her milt 7edetatiou In tfie local schools; gradnating train the high echool, after w4iicl se cent-'. Dieted a bourse in the Southern iciresby- - terian Coillege and , Conserratorri sic, at fled Springs. 14N., C., Mis Wells has - for several years been , an -itctive worker hi the Presbyterkin chprch,, of which she Ls a member-enteringleartest- lt, lotO,the Sunday school tout Ober fdepartmenta of the church work. 4 : She is a, young woman of exceptittual accomplishment , and -ability -aid :Is-fitted for the taskAhe has ebosek" as her. life work. Since entering thcArairting - schoolln-Icew York. - Miss Wells hits-. been waeigned. to China' by the executive committee of foreign! miessiont Tof the Southern Presbyterian chtu'ob, tl bead- - quarters of -which are in Naghltl1 g4 WILL'MAKE NASHVILLE. ;.' HIS OFFICIAL'HOU , Letter Received FromlAho -. Lambuth to That Elfopt NahviUe; Penn., , -June-, 4 g laltoto Walter Lambuth; who left, Naslivilla -a, few -days ago for Edinburgh: taleptlasid, to attend the world's mission nefilerean.' has written a letter back hotetannonse '- lug that he had. decided to !plains- Naali- vale his- official home.; ; :: 7'. . t-30,- ;--- - LENOIR CITY HAS-.1t , ' BOARD OF.:--TRADE Special to The Jelirnot -en (Vine, . Lenoir City. June 5.1--111141t1 the Play week 'Lenoir City,,hae orgslt .en ene getic bnardof , trade whirl promises t,) do much for the tawn.-13.-P. Witt Is the president and ,D0 414, ZarbaryOlecteraryand treasurer.'" The get-t tt oo4eer arpirit is gaining ground in Leo PitT eevery!, day., , - .,. 4,4t DE LONG RIC - , a, . ESPECIALLrKtASED With; 'Result's,. ;In': Dt3on ,. : Tiann and Wbahintion- . . , - Counties -1, t. -i - - - Epeeist Id The .Iournal and-,Itibene. - - - - Nashville,- Jane 5.--lir. niz pot! opt the - following etatement tonight t:', t t . - "1 ea won the Tate. 41n4,w11111;e -110misated on tbe first letilot wbee-tne -convention, meets.- --I have ear -seiiiy half of the conoties,--,have er 7004-eleetoral . votes and think my popuMr tpajtstritylarill -,.. be between 7,000- and 10,000. A rem ,eapeetally proud of the splendid nig, ty: geren 4. me In Davidson, county, where i live Ittid - of the IIIMOSt 111111111M0113 vote el ved In Franklin vounty, -where 1 -wa om end - reared anti in Washington- county iwbere:-,, IA:Fred for ten years.-- : . -a, i -I, -- , - le, ---Lmsee. ,. . .. . rc ,..; 4,.., :.....; ....:::. ,,....,:,,..-7:...,:,-,,,.,44.1J,.7,:.,.:::: . . .. . , .. , i Sped41.1166fidTr Prates ,, , ., ,, 116undrfriprt, , - - ,'s Ina outhern s, Iallwi , PROM luvAimvuxot.:4: A 11111.10ST- Lotris-403o. June j to 8 Inc.. c ; t ic ; tic ; tic ; , 23.60--CHATrANOOGA-4i -i-0, - - 11, 12 and .124 - - Limit ito days from date of. gale. LIndt SO day -from date . ,S17.23CHICAGOS1tA5- "August 4, 5, 8,.2.1 , - - lAndt, August It ' I 1115.,40--ASHEVHALE45019;.. - June 14, 15, Limit June SOM., $4.70clIAITANOOGA441.70.4 - June 1147,- e ; Limit Jane 19th.-'1,i- , S6-70--NASIIVILLE-46.70. June.18th to 26thld Limit June 28th.14 , , $9.20--CINCINNA'rt-45.20 - June,18 and 1L Pf Return limit June 28, 29104 . $11.81JNIttuNIL 1,0J1.., ' and - -9 and 16.' ;4 t r , Limit 15 dayi. ' Li 1131.60BOSTON, MAyi14535.50 --;,June. 26 to -July .,0,0;,1-1--- Return Jimit - July :44, tension may be serttretlk :90; 15,-1910. f. .; I . - 44:. $17.40DETROIT- ;MICH-44-4in, -.46 July- 7 to 11 'nail pj:1; :-, Return limit- July - 21,' 19111,1;, pg. tension may be secured 1Aut 20,-1910.,.; Correspondingly IOW ratelj11,3, , - Other atationa.!i t1101 - TICKET OVrIKIE: t 524 . Gay: iiltreeL,11 oars Impol 11 P Phones: Old 866; New 1114g , T.'11..)12titTrs, C. : G. ; : The Best Refreshing DTI IN netrrixat. diA all good Bar, arocaratall :1 t 41141,4 ttaada. r I

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