The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 19, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 19, 1930
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 18.95, at post-office at VOLVME XXXV, XQ. 170. Tipton, , TIPTON, INDIANA, SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL loj 1030, Ind., ! VOTING PLAGES AT PWY TU».M6 Commissioners Make Some Change iri Each Town ; ship But Prairie. CANDIDATES ARE BUSY! Aimy Gas Mask for | Horses Is Success in Artillery Tests Washington, April 1.1.—The war department announces that a new gas mask for horses has been developed by the chemical warfare service and tested with a fair! degree of satisfaction by the field artillery at Ft. Bragg, X. C. The masks were worn with no appreciable effect on the endurance and efficiency of the horses when moving at a walk, although some of them had difficulty in breathing when at a trot The department now has under consideration making the masks standard equipment. ORDINANCE IS NOW IN FORGE Gold Star Mothers' Guides Ekin Loses Voting Which Is Moved - Tetersburg-. Place to Voting places for the May pri mary to be held in the county May i; were selected by the commissioners before .adjourning Friday evening and several changes were made from the list ••at the general election two years asro. As anticipated the commissioners made a decided change .in .7L-I- erson township, bringing the voting place of -Precinct •). to Tetersburg. It has been at Ekin foi many years being held in tlu- Odd Fellows building which was destroyed by fire. This, year il will he held at the Tetersburg garage _ Several changes were - also made in Cicero township, Madison township. Liberty township. Wildcal township. Prairie township is the only one in wliicb no • change was made. Candidates are busy at this time and contestants for office are losing no opportunity to further their candidacy. So far the campaign has been a good "natured one with no mud slinging, but Saturday it was rumored several were standing).on the side lines with a. goodly supply of mire ready to toss it in the . path of sonic of the. office seekers. Tin list of voting places as they will be used at the primar\ May C is as follows: Madison township—Preeinvt 1 Odd Fellows building at Hobbs: precinct 2. Methodist church at Hobbs: precinct 3. CurtisvillV sclioolliouso: precinct 4. West Elwood schoolhouse. Cicero township—Precinct 1; residence of Harvey Needier, East Washington street: precinct 2; residence of Mrs. Rosa "McCreary:: precinct 3. Commercial hotel- precinct 4. residence of Charles Fields. First street; precinct 5 residence of S. D. Rouls. North Main street; precinct fi. Armory. North Independence street: precinct 7, residence of Joshua James. North Main street; • precinct 8. St. John's old school building. ; Jefferson township—Precinct 1 Goldsmith schoolhouse: precinct 2. Kemptori school .house; precinct 3. garage in Kempton; precinct 4, Tetersburg -garage. Prairie township—Precinct . 1, Edwards schoolhouse;. precinct 2 Prairie Consolidated school; precinct 3, Mt. Lebanon church. . Liberty to-wnship—Precinct 1, Saberton store; precinct' 2, residence of Dora n -eWitt; precinct 3, Ross schoolhouse. Wildcat township—Precinct 1, Harvey Beaher's residence; precinct 2, residence of S. S. Edwards; precinct 3, Sholty garage ' residence of Bert- Bailey. Badly Injured Foot. •George Thomas, who cut a had gash in the top of his left foot' •while working aj. the Ray Nash farm on Wednesday, was here on crutches Saturday consulting a physician regarding- the injury. The foot is • swollen and he says 1s giving him pain. The cut was inflicted with axe which cut through to the bone < and acre red some of th. tendons. FOR THE G.A.R. City Council Replenishes the Various Funds Which Showed Deficit. SIDE WALKS ORDERED City Attorney Instructed to Ascertain Status of Rail Removal. Thomas Paul Camp of S. of U. V. Will Decorate Graves, SOME MONEY NEEDED Thomas Paul Camp of Sons of Union Veterans for and on behalf of James Price Post G. A. R., presented a petition before Hhe Board of Commissioners at the last meeting, asking for an appropriation of: S25 to pay for flags 'an3 wreaths to be used for decorating graves of the Union soldiers in;, Fairview and ! adjoining cemeteries on May ,30th. This is under the provisions of the Acts of the General Assembly of 1927, page 5fi4, providing that §100 may-be appropriated to defray' the expenses of Memorial Day Services. There being ho appropriation for this purpose the •county council will be asked to make such an appropriation at their next session. Rather than ask the council to meet, at this busy season and put; •he county to an expense of approximately twice the amount asked, it was suggested that a donation be taken up for that purpose, and the persons present headed the list with a popular subscription of 50 cents each: J.. H. Nibert, W. A. Kendall, E. L. Meyncke, J. H. Harper, Zora Watson, S. L. Ulrich, J. F. Pyke, the International Harvester Co., F. M. Henderson", F. S. Pugh. and 3. A. Culver. The'tentative plan is to havej ihortr service at the cemetejry lbout 10 o'clock Memorial • Day ind then decorate the graves. 1 There is r . a little more money leeded to buy flags for.this com- U he neighborhood of $13,000. ing Memorial Day and any 6ne desiring to contribute to this tund_ can leave their donations; at the Auditor's office witlr the Camp Commander, S. A. Culver of the Sons of Union Veterans or it the Tribune. 1 ; (Continued on Pase 2.) Some of the wives of the United! States | Army officers who have been appointed to act as guides to the gold star mothers' pilgrimage to France this Summer,' waving goodbye as they sailed with their husbands for] France | The city council, with Mayor : L. F. Griffith absent and Cbun- | cilman P. A. Utterback in the , chair, passed the appropriation, j ordinance at their regular meeting. Friday night and replenished several funds. The appropriation was from the general fund and the gasoline tax fund. The transfers to carry on the city work in the various departments amount I to S5.C25 and is for supplies for the city treasurer and clerk offices, police department, fire department, street department, health "and charities, Memorial Day observance and band concerts during the summer season. On motion of Councilman Mcintosh, the .city clerk was ordered to re-advertise for bids for the building of" sidewalks on the east j and west sides of Independence i street between Jefferson " and j North streets, where cement | walks have not already been con- | structed. This proceeding was before the council last fall and bids were, received but all rejected. On account of cold weather being near the matter was dropped at that time with the understanding that the work would be done this spring. The .Light and water committee made a recommendation that the salary of Jesse Tudor as superintendent of the two plants he j 'Some sixty or more pastors ami increased from 5175 to $200 per I teachers', of the Northwest liidi- month and this was made a mo- j ana Circuit of the Evangelical tion and carried unanimously.' Of j Lutheran Missouri Synod wii^ bo this amount 3150 is to be paid j held in Tipton Tuesday, Wednes- abpard the S. S. president] Harding. The olTicers wjill escort the mothers tSropgh thtj various wjar cemeteries in France where American sbldiirs have been buried. j : • (International Newsrceil; act of March 5, ; 1S.79 TO OE BUILT BEFORE Officials To Interpret iNaval Treaty Being Written in London. PLANS FORMULATED'. Obi Snlphus, Blown by <«•!<•. Blazes in Marseilles Stc |il '.-Paris,-April 19. — At Marseilles this week a curious accident was caused !>.-' the mistral from the Mediterrane.m. which blew sulphur powder being unloaded from a ship ovc. the streets in the vicinity of the docks! • • The powder in some way became ignited and firemen had great difficulty in extinguishing the blazes, being hindered by Thick sulphur fumes and by. new clouds of sulphur blown from the docks, which burst- into flame on reaching the burning area. RIOT KILL SIX POLICE I British Trcons Sent to Cal- j cutto. Armory Where At- j tack Tcolt Place. GIT jf IS ARMED CAMP solete Ships, of Three Nations to Be Scrapped ' in Program. 11 Rruders Cut Wires, Derail Train; Riot Leaders Put Under Arrest. Pastors and Teachers of Indiana Circuit to Gather ] Here April 22. THREE DAYS' SESSION William Baxter, ofj ! Placed in Jail on Elwoo|d, Complaint of Girl. SAYS HE IS INNOCENT from the light plant fund and $50 from the water works. A representative of the Aaron Fox fire fighting apparatus company was before the council and day and] Thursday of next week; April i 22-24 inclusive ' to take part in the annual conference to bo. held in the auditorium of jthe parish house of the local church explained the new pumper and j on. Fairyiew Ave. The territory booster tank apparatus manufac- [ included | in; the conference is ture'd by that company. The truck j that part of the state west of is equipped with 250 feet of ladders and can furnish 750 gallons of water per minute. It costs in south all Ft! to •in Wayne and extending Marion county. « Although this conference isj annual one, this will be Tipton's first time to entertain it and Jthe congregation of the local church is planning! to care for the visi-j tors in royal manner. 1 j made to remove the tracks from,' TJ]e ^ Mtheran cnu | rcM ' ' City Attorney J. F.Pyke was instructed 'to get in touch with the Union Traction officials and ascertain why no move had been Jeferson street. The company has •fenced the right of way at the (Continued on Page 2). 23 Year $ a Custom Man, Ousted for tip; Traveler Admits Forcing Bill on Agent New York, April 19.—Theodore Kessler, who has been in the Customs Service for twenty-three years, was .dismissed yesterday for accepting a gratuity from a passenger-who arrived j in the North German Lloyd liner E.uropa laflt month, It was the first move of higher customs officers to stop abuses in baggage : examination, and the swiftness with which Kessler's superiors took action astounded members of the customs force. Following closery on the visit here of Commissioner of Customs F. X. A. Eble and the secret questionnaire which, he sent out to steamship travelers, it was at first thought Kessler had jfeeen convicted on Information in one of the returned questionnaires, if they had' given gratuities to inspectors who searched their baggage. -This was denied and it was pointed out that the questionnaires were sent out before the Europea arrived. According to A. J, Maye, undercover agent of the . Treasury Department, who witnessed the transaction, Kessler received $5 after he had examined the* passenger's; baggage. It was revealed in the 'testimony before the Personnel Board and George Brewer, in charge of the customs legal division, that the passenger put the bill v in "Kessler's pocket feveral times and the inspector returned it to him. ..-•• Then as be turned away the man again put the bill In,Kessler's overcoat pocket. There Maye found It, and took both men In'td custody. ' with its splendidly equipped new; parish house offers adequate and ideal accommodations for a. meeting jot; this nature, arid ther local congregation is-elated <ver the opportunity to serve so large a gathering of influential men.; Lodgings! for the guests wijlj be! provided! by the membership of the; churcti: All meals except 'breakfasts.'.will' be served in jthe dining room of the.parish houseJ The- conference sessions will; be held in '•• the spacious nuditor-j ium of the; parish house. Essays!' and [papers ; on important church: and school matters will be read by the Rev. A. Feiir ner of Mishnwaka, H. Petrich of Reynolds, E. Reuter of Logans-; port A: JBiimp of Gary, J. Bes- ! cherer of Porter and G. H^nt-i schel of Hobart Ind. Sessions will .1, William Baxter, 21, of Elwbrkl. said to be a student at! India University, was plaeed'iii the Tipton jail Friday night.'-ori' the sel oui charge of rape, which is sa] to. have occurred I at the Mullik gravel pit in this conn aft rnoon or evening of ly on jt April; II The complaining witnesi is Mi Laura Kathryn SmullerJ 15 yea I j 1 -I of age on the 3rd day o£-the pre entj • month. The affidavit which Baxter was arrested, w. signed by Mrs. Nellie Ybung. . According to the story Baxt;r and the girl drove to the gravel pit with several other young pea- pie and the offense iva| committed in'this county. The parties all res de in Ehvood and are said to i be of excellent families.! According to the story told the Tribune the girl made jcomplaijit after the occurrence and an vestigation was made a!'t Elwjoid which resulted in ingl filed and the nrrest Of "Baxte i Relatives of the young ins n from Elwood werle herp Fridiy night to give bon| tlie sum,Of appearance| In having no,resi- ty to sign • L ; the leftf stating $2,ftOO for his court for trial bu dent of this com] with them bo lid they would, return Saturday aild arrange for the young jinan'si r|e- lease. Baxter who has always borne a good reputation denies tlie : facing >!and "Innp- called charge which he says .he can establish his cence when the matter, lis fori.trial. i Word from thej Merc^ hospltjal received in Tipton, Friday, was the charges! be- 'If • Improving Nicely. I that' Miss May Hobbs •t"-tk' who begin Tuesday I afternoon at 1:30. •'• • ' - : T"' : '• •"•• : ' •"•''' -I ' vf 'Special-; services will he- conducted at the i church Tuesaay 5 evening; IConfeselonal ^servtOw rati 7:30 MUA Communion service at J operated for appendlcit|s Is S :00."Oon'ieesional addressSoyjthtf. tlngj along nicely| and - bi a Rev. W.jVandre of -Lowell,- Indl jdayji will be able ^ R JC ^m ^u^Vamt)^ \\ hoae. to return: to iK :wis 861- - I^Vjashington, April-1.9.—The'ad­ ministration interprets thej proposed London naval treaty as permitting it to go'ahead, with con­ struction of the ten 'new cruisers allotted to the United States! within; the next five years.;. - . . • Iti is now planned that 'such a course be followed, contingent on the needs of the navy., with|-woric pieceeding on seven of the vessels within the next three years and tlie remaining three being! laid 'i • • clown one each in 1!)33, 1934 and 193?!. ' ' - ; Nine battleships to be scrapped undejr the London agreement will lie! scrapped in fact. Three of ; i thesi» are s Umted States vessels, becoming'obsolete next year;'' The five'British ships and one Japanese vessel affected by' this provision of the proposed treaty _will beco ne obsolete in; 1934; .and 1935. •': ' " . - The treaty is to include a clanse under which all five, nations participating in the conference agree that [before a sifB'marine can sink a. merchant vessel arrangements mjisti be made to guarantee ;the safety of the passengers. Simultaneously with publication of these statements there [came renewed assurances that the. "big navy?' bloc of the senate will scru- i • tinize the treaty particularly with regard to any departure from' the I Big Legion Fun Event Begins Next Wednesday at the Armory. NEED PUBLIC SUPPORT The ' Legion committees in charge of-the bit indoor carnival at the armory are steaming - up and completing the last details for. .the • opening next Wednesday night...'The affair is schert'tled ty, close in.a blast of fun and froiie tin Saturday .night, but each and every night of this grand and Mor­ ions attraction has ho.;n'plait to -be better and better, ,' The w-ell known and tried tractions will again be in evidence..' Tlie public is asked to eive its su'irnort and the Legion promises to' return dollar for dollar in fun and amusement. f'ali'itta, India, April 19.—One hundred Hindoo Nationalists this afternoon attacked the police armory at (,'hiftaKung. across the ?.!ie:rhna estuary east of here, and killed six of the defenders. The dead included a sergeant-major. Before assaulting the armory, the insurgents-cut telephone and telegraph lints leading out of the ciiy. which has about 30,000 population, and derailed a train for•v miles away, blocking the railroad line. A detachment of Kastern Fron- tl.'r Rittes. under, command of Lieutenant Colonel Dallas Smith, left here fur Cliittagong to hamile the situation. In Calcutta strong guards were stationed at all irun shops, while armored cars, and armed police :".l took strategic positions. Authorities ordered an immediate search at- of the :i:y for arms and ammuni- : 'in. - • :''oad<iuarter.- of the All-India N .rti .tnal Congress committee were raided and seventeen arrests 'luade. 'ive of those arrested be• There will be Bingo, the little !-.,!; to the Bengal provincial con- bean game, and again aluminum'sres* committee, and six to the policy of increasing lO.OpOrto.n cruisers. \Wire will he given away. The:-• will be, the shooting gallery and chickens. wjll be furnished to the good shots. All sorts of paddle wheels will be on the :i-;or and ail sorts'of gifts will !m available. Some fine glassware is included! the fleet-of I ' !1 " le list "of .offerihes. The fish ' ' ' jpond will be an attraction and the S in th tee. . Calcutta congress conimit- i.i v (;R\VKL FOR ID.1I. Cojniiiis-ionors Knter Into Contract for Varils. A ileai-ed Wi-eckage, swimming tank for Hugh truck trailer twill be, in the usual place. [Carter will make a high div<_ for his perch into the tank oacn- time Tlii their rerVd Ifii.ird of commissioners at . )ii Frid-iy afternoon en- into a contract with Ted day morning and noonj the wrecl id Saturday liajjfe. -was c after- j just north of the Eak S UnIoffc -i tne Maseball-rcgistew in the bitirs I ' Ie^ e ner on the Range Line road Fri- ' '- ; The carnival spirit will be in evidence ^yith balloons and horns land confetti for the children and away. The trailer was attached! tO ;„„„„, ' . • ' i s , I grown-ups. a Kroger supply truck on the way j Each evenin£ , „ Krand priz0 wI11 from Indianapolis to Greentown. j 1)e awaniecI . ' These gi f t ' s consist The trai'.er broke loose when the |_ of a - floor , amp crosley radio, truck was going at higlf - sper-'JTloover vacuum sweeper and a and after hitting the ditch on th;-chair and stool, east side of the road, turned up- ; —'-— «•» side down.. McKinitoy and his son Kenneth for the purchase of 20.000 cubic yard., of gravel to he delivered in 1931 coiilitioned that the County council at its September meeting make an " appropriation to cover the cost of the same which will be 11,10 per cubic yard at the pit located on what is kn|nvn as the Thompson farm two 1 one-half milic south of East '." s. -Mr.' and Mrs. Lloyd Emriiiser ! | • • • — • j and children arrived in Tipton Miss Esther Carnine, of • North [Friday night for a we°K .-ml visit West- street, has been spending| with relatives and friends. Mr. the school vacation with relatives! Emehiser is '--employed in the and! friends at Kokomo. .! Nickel. Plate shops at Lima. Doheny Fights $279,935 Tax Raise; I Claims Big Loss on California Ranch i'Vy'ashingtJon, April !19.— ^Qpen~, OrtO annual rent from a property ing a legal battle with the government to avoid the payment ;of Unlion. or a total of $22,000. K<> gravel can be found in this county, it is said, and the commissioners desire to close a con-i tract, for this supply while they, bad the opportunity. The commissioners also entered Jinto a'contract for the purchase of of 6,000 or 10,000 cubic yards of gravel to be dipped from a pit north of Windfall in Honf ard county paying therefor $1 per yard. This gravel is to be for ui5 (j during the present year. $2791935 additional-income taxes Edward L. Doheny, recently acquitted of giving a'- bribe jt.T- formpr Secretary Fall; has sited the |Board of Tax Appeals. J " io 'ther parties to the suit are the Petroleum Securities Company] which Mr. Doheny controls: Mrs; !c E. Doheny. and Mrs. Lucy Smltlji Doheny, the latter as an individual as well as administra­ trix ! of the estate' 6f the California, oil man's son, who was killed by hi's secretary. • Additional, assessments were levied against- the Doheny family he securities company, re- for the years .1924, 1926 926». being involved..; -.' >.,. v petitioners contend that ternal Revenue Bureau err-, assessing as*income flO,-! .at 15 East -Eighty-fourth' Street. | New. York City, ; which they de- j nied- they owned.! A deduction, • they said, should have been al- \ 1{,> ' >h - v s " rriI » >''PP»'<« b T Yonnjc lowed for $5,525 for depletion In : the Royalty Oil Reserve, owned; by the_Doheny family in 1924,, flabby, the small sou of Mr. and 1925 and.l92G^ in East Elk HillslMrji. Clifford Sorrel!, was bitten Kern. County, California. Mr. Doheny. claimed the right to deduct a loss of $1,285,019 on .the sale of the Alamo Ranch in California to -the Petroleum Ser etirities Company for' S750,00o| and 33,750 expended in improving the. property.! • The government erred, the petition contends,' In placing In Mr. Doheny's taxable Income J83.330 derived: as.dividends from.a trust fundi created for; his grandchildren, since the creator of the trust took no benefit from . the fund. wh ardl HITTKX OX XOSE. Dog lie Wiis lloldin<;. the end of the 'nose by a small p »fi which he and other lads bad pic! cod up somewhere. The dog snapped at the lad and caught him on the end of the nose, breaking the skin. The accident happened Friday mo -ning about 10 o'clock, but was not reported to the officers until about 4 o'clock Friday evening, at* ch time Chief of Police Leon' went to the home and took : charge of the pup and place* it in- the city pound. No serious results are antlet- patid from the incident, as th«' puij shows no signs of llness. ; :

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