The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1930
Page 3
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SDAY, JANUARY 23,1030 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS Want Their Money Back ;'ilm Fans Wax Ivalc :n Screen ik English. Actor M1XOTT SADNDKRS (EA Sm-icv Writer i—American InWin? nin'-i^ s ore br-lng nnswerc-1 tack inn^s liv '-, which Rri-atly re-sent a !ai:yim'{.- tliry .net. Protests and .demon-| ahcady ha 1 , 1 ,? lit win lo challenge American !i forf-iyn co:int. - v r ,. I thentcr.crl to be ? |rict iti" celcbra'.rd ' Thcit^.r, in tin I-^arl litiiartrc, fir^ opened n', a 1 picture house. -This Irme ]'h musical ccincdv was fea- |t« American tr.lkie Ir.'ard' fir.-' lime ubioa'l. Bi;l in- tlie aiidlenc- of IKfl (o; ICStS. I Office Under Siece i |.tci-i resented the. use cf| In the film. So many: to the box office to rtc-; htur!i of thru- mnnev ;ha< j I'd attack was threatened | Ivt call 'vas Issued. After 1 fiicultv -the jicHer* .^:eee?ded |ing the Irate ti"kct-hold- left the theater Idlgnatlcn. |i their but thi | bout .the unpopularity cf i others carrying (lie hou-olirtd goods ol refugees lo i;et. lliro;isl>. Offfr Air Relief Seivlre Memphis Stovall. branch of Hie of liie dulls Flying Service, is pilot of the p'anc that arrived nt the flcoO scone today. lit v,-ns accomivmtod by two The Mississippi today (lowed ma. Jostlc.illy wllhln ils banks, yot j within striking distance- of another tlood. Al Memphis the Mississippi svns 34.9 c only one-tenth of a tool below flood slBtfe. Sufficient further rise to cause ferlous dlfdctil- ly, however, >vas thoiigin highly (Continued From Cage I) uatlon loeal men-who have given iheir services lo the relief work planned tills a!teinoon to make a I'cmphlj newspaper men. They of- Improbable. fered llielr service;, lo Mr. Over ]„ western Mississippi the swol- and shortly aftemocu the latter len Tallahatelile river hail spread !«ew to meet them .11 Mimllu, >ove r (rom 15.000 lo 20.COC acres In where they hoped to ir.nke u land- rallnhalchle and Qulttnnu counties Ing. Stovall offered lo fly over t!ie imimlnlecl region and drop packages cf food and fuel !o marooned ri \Vjyj/ viwia i""Tho«e"whn ; iipr"! Amoric - ln t3 ' : ' :ie ' aidn ' 1 talk 'hoi r laneuago, so nntry and dlsa])- 'comnlpin!- we-e' licilll " a r-'r^neh film runs stormed the boH cltlcc of the Moulin Rou?o. " inddem' J !eft lio;' r ' lcatel > pitturjd above, in Paris. (I cinanUIng the return of their money ! are allowed to be hi sucii! '. outbursts have lyen ' ni;mhtrs ccntlr.ued only until Oc-j* ether moving picture the- I tcber of ne:\'. year and he added that then f. l:r-u?r nirfiiirmirnt! v.cuUl h.- 1 inr.'Je to "safpynard j American tnlkies now intrortiired ns ?. result ol Int nirta nrrnn?em?:it iiii- |ch American films again shown in France after |or negctialions. Extension Course Credits lirccl appeal by telephone in thelfmuiiifs V \\\\ K takhv ]i!r:mv.s of rape of obtaining authorization ol -the floml section, but ivh,.;her this prctr;!!!! :idc(;;iate to the con- ilicn thai i-.c'.unlly cxlsls. While the sinter today wits rls- slowly, if at all. ot-ervers (to means of exlc-mlnii! ivlief '.voul<l lirovc feasible secimd iloub'.ful. While in area Innndiitrrt the ici believe that thc.Vffects oMhc !^™, 1 ^ „'« ,•)£.'*«' " ftl " Thcie are hundreds—ixrhups a (.„... .honsand or more pprscns—•is ho will Lf'. r M> dependent upon, cu'.siclc help fur!',,,,, • period of time, jiibt how long j depends upon future rainfull. Traffic over Highway 13 be'.ween Del! and Manila was practically at stnr.Of.ill today. A (C'.v cars are letting through but more have found His combination o: 18 inches ol water aiul a considerable ac- ennuilalion of ke an insmiuonm- ab!u barrier. A wrecker with the motor raised on blocks to keep It clear of the v.'ater is on the job helping trucks with supplies nnd difficult. Crews of lescue are working under conditions ol rrnl hardship, ami to far there '•I'M been no provl.siun of food and v.anjilh for them be'.ssi-en trips. Tallaliufdiii- Ovvr Hanks While Ihe Uig i.axc and Little 1«r EiHiuiion ureiv more crltlcul he- ii'p^rts Ironi other points in he valley Indicated the possibility f viiions llooit tiuiiblcs elscwhi're. GOT RID OF INDIGESTION Man Suffered Unti He Took lilatk-DniiiKht On MolKer's Advice ricnch Interest;." •SOT.O cay. I hop^,' Thfrly-scven negro teachers of wi '-' SF 'rP' '- credits in from the I ATHENS. Gn.—"1 am a user 01 Blacx-Drnught. mid consider it county tcho-h received the extension conns; Statei Teachers College Osccoln by Kd visuali.s the future "of Lhe talkie. ! W . iL - 011 I* 1 '™ 1 ; , Of ^""'"^ W.- vc-re <;Kised to !: iai:e the truce :"" 1? maoc ' v ' nw(ie B2 a '»l 7 with America uucauso at that time I n-^'ic "C.' !ii r . iv.'kie M'i son-id Kms were ! These credits are eoua! lo three ji.5i Lriii!; iii!roniic:'d nbroa-J and ! term hours of college mork. The wo had nn sai!l,, "we will Mve a iort cf League ol Id silent ni:i !s were p-nni- c^r.unt of Vae "mn'ts nra at'us mm '^' h "6»t l» the public, but the tnlkl-s I c,-'!cial pciii: and v.- e cannot yet arc not-setl'i-.B "ver. M-jst' • •- -theatre-Errors cannct :in. the dlalc^ue, of course. :V rcreiit listcnini; to the .isiblc noise " 3llii{s Are C''atie>i»-rl . wo had nn apparatus of our own. i:-".'rso taken wns on'-Mslerials and ; --utburst.s from 'lie Midi- tt is rrcently tlm ouv in- I Methods in Middle Grades." .nstitute a direct chataiae | :lii-..ry has been able t, tic nu i re , Thcsj ivh- received credits are: .titm-5 of the talkie fi>m." the :i«cc73?.~y apparatus and cnler: v' L Curiie Annie H CHIT- I orominent French th«a;er ! into the talkie fi e : u . We may bejw.' HaiawayN^ie! Partee Mamie of sure that France and Freudian,, Wilson. Hattie Harris. Viola Jclir.- will maintain its Iradili.-ns. , 0 ,,. j A w sh | vcrSi O !a Watson, W:t;i an ey; la ;u;:;:c F.-ench' Geneva Hc.raway. Annie Ixiulse ai£dienco£, several of the m.ijcv Am- Curric. Roxie A. Jchier, Mary | erican talkie prc<Jiicer.s HCS.V, liov.-- : Payne. Pretl Payne. Lucile Shep- cv::-. are turning out bi-lingual herd. Matilda William;, Mattie lilu/j. Paiiimuijiii. !L: inataiie.'. • Bnrnr, LucindR C'nley. Irving recognizing that Chevalier IVK nn! G'.-ny, Artis '/,. Sawyer, Grace iciol of Paris lens before he land-' Ycung. Viola Blanchard, Francis " to j cd en American shares, has jiisl Clark. Lula Clark, Louise Cos, Lot- ivsnc, conijjLHc:! a feature !n v.-hicii one!'tic Green, E. L. Alders, J.'W. Ha'r- •.o'.;:en is Li: Frc:ich mid one in ^v./y. ^. j. 3a!:dird. William Bull. i, but T do not Fee ; |y cn'.i lv pr'duce^ succ!:?!=- n?n^al Eurcptan : |; v:ith the lines spoken in t You cannot be entertain- ' lip ccnversation of a man , P. language you cio not: lid. The educational ad- j I arc nil when it conies to , .tut. Here, wa . trlkir. biV." the ta:>: 1^ French." er attack a^ainsi, American cf F. - cr;ch descent is been inr.t!'-' oiit^idf 1 rf J lobbies. M. Won Delbcs, |Min:-.ter rl Public Intnic-; a chance to hear Greta Garlic, us- thein in the i ng her very best, Teutonic, in "Anna Christy," where again the English. Claudcttc Collicrt. who is Mary James, Othella Sandors. L«- appear.s v.itli l.ertha Vaughn. Albsita Giay. Maitie Adair.i, David Marie Bucking- German audience; Kill have ham, Marie Buckingham. v splcndiri medicine." says Mr. M F.. Adams. 157 Barrett street, this city. "H i? fine for biliousness, i nm glad to recommend it: "I sias suffering from indigestion and gas pains In my stomach I M'oiilti smother ami would hurt bEtwecn my shoulders. I would I bleat and have such a fulness it my breast—feeling like a long breath would help me a lot. "My mcthor had used Black Drauslu and advised me to try It MS I wss so uncomfortable, I took it. Taking a small dose after meat fccn relU-ved me. and from then until now I has'e teen n steady customer. Black-Draught iias kepi me in good shape." Thedford's Black-Draught has been in use nuce 1335, with constantly increasing popularity be- cuus 1 ? nf the.good it has done the men, '.ycrnen apd children who have taken it. ' .. Ccmposed of selected medicinal herbs and louts, finely powdered, easy lo lake. No'di.iasreeable altcr- in an unexpected rampage. Lowland launcis prepared to move out of tho botlom districts us enslucers predicted that the water would con- It Is Folly To Stay Fat _Tlie proof i.i everywhere. In every circle ycm can ice. ilml excess fat is dis. ti[>!>c.iiiiiKf.iit. Modem scicnculuisfouiid n innjor cnuse o( excess fat in a weakened alum!, hi line ye.iu, physicians tlm world ovrr hove been (ii'Jitiiiu tlialcaiue. They do not rely nil Eiarvation. 'lliis mudein nicllKMt is e!nbCMli<t: in ManiH)!.-\ proscrjjition t.iUets. Ivoci; box contains thu loriiniEii, ns luep.ircc by fi'.niyiis cxiwrts. People li.ive uscj t!:cse bblcis for 22 years—millions ol lioxcj of them. Now newly oil liavo f[ifiii]$ who show the resiitia in new Ijt'auiyjienltli nml vigor. Go try Mnrmoln. Test the right w to reduce. The icsulta will mua and delink you. Ail Jruijij:!!! supply Mjinuolu ol $1 a box. Inue to vise for nt least another /lours. Much of the district. Is unprotected by !ev«n. Appioxlmntc- y.JSO families \vcrc moving out of (he river /area north of Swan PAGE THREE - ii i • lake and beats were uwd to remove household furnishings. The German ra« is supposed to have migrated from AiU. Costs 85 Cents A Month to Lose Pounds of Ugly Fat Thousnmts of Women Know Thin In True How would you like lo lose IS pounds cf fat In a month nml nt tho same lime Increase your energy nt)d Improve your health? How would you like to lov; unhealthy fnt thnt you do:i't r.fed and dcn't wnnt anil at the Mime lime fro) bettor- than you have for years? How would you like to lose your double chin mul your too prominent ubduirien cuid at the sumo time imtko ycur ikln so clean and clear thai It will compel admiration? How would you like to get your weight down to normal and at the same time develop Hint urge for acllvlly that, mgies work a pleasure and nlso gain in ambition and keenness of mind? Gel on the scales today nml eec how much you weigh—then gel in 85 cent bottle of Kriuchen Baits which will last you for 4 weeks. Take one half ttftspoonful every morning in a' (lisa ot hot water and when you Ci»v« finished the first bottle weigh yourself again. Now you can laugh at the peo- |)U' who pay hundreds of dollars lo lose n few pounds of fit—how you will know the pleasant way to lose unsightly fat nnd you'll also know thai the 6 vitalizing salts of ICni5che.n (Salts that, your, blood, nerves nifd «lands must have to function properly)—have pre:ented you with glorious health. After that you'll want lo walk around and say to your friends— "One 85-cent bottk of Kruscheu Uolts is worth one hundred dollars of any fat person's money." Leading druggists America over sell Kriurlicn Salts—you can al. ways U at Kir by Drug Co. . Adv. Inounced |r cf Deputies a> ich art and thought" twc-language method was cmploy- "- " budget i_,d. j discussing ihe nev. J Ministry of |o Wines—Xn Talkies! the United Stit^f refute: lour eoccl wines, let us. In I show ourselves less |to their films." hr 5».i ; to recent demonstration! 7he r-'rench covcninicnt i-oujli' ' audiences against certain ti lc famous statue of Venus de Mi- ! In films, he said that out. i 0 for only S3W lity films t£:n<; -JIOT.'I, in;--. Iftccn were American. German or Russian, Itwo French. . ! l-ancols Poncet, Under Sec- I lor Beaux - Artr, admitted | • •eiicli films nov: rcrj bcinc |' led by the foreign invasion.', Fox films recently (provided still another instance of this new effort at linguistic reality when, in producing n Zeppelin raid over : Ixiticlon, only German actors were hc.> employed. They spoke in their na• s 11 -' live tongue. NEUKONN} I C3l! a physician. Then bwin ; COTirjcncy" treatment with : All matter Is found to be made up of sofe 80 or mere primary substances which cannot by available physical or chemical processes bo decomposed into simpler ones. effects. Only 1 cent a close. Adv. "Smile At DR^MILES I'liffering? There's a new, pleasant mint-flavored, tablet tha4 I ieves ordinary headache and neuralgia, inuscuiar lirw and functional pains. It's excellent for Cory/.a :old in the head—and for the sore throat that l:cn accompanies it. I Physicians have been writing prescriptions for a Inilar combination for years, ll'lio Dr. Miles Medical Company has standardized lis well balanced formula nm! is glad to olTcr it in p form of a stable, palatable, mint-flavored tablet home use. IVket Size lot, Kcgulnr Package 2Sc Ali Smiles! . . . There's a reason, of course . . . thaf great Febru- ary Sale of Florsheim Shoes . . . only $8.85 a pair ... A contented smile in every style! A Few Styles SD.85 R. D. HUGHES & CO. ULVTHKVILLE, ARKANSAS "Coming events cast their shadows before" AVOID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* fey r'af ral n Ing from 'oy*r* indulgence/ if you Would Maintain the modern figura • . of fashion The bewitching charm of soft, flattering curves ... the lure of a graceful, modern figure ... don't spoil it by permitting your eyes to be bigger than your stomach. Be moderate—be moderate in all things, even in smoking. Eat healthfully but not immoderately. Over-indulgence is not commended— when temptedtoover-indulge, when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, reach for a lutky instead. Coming events cast their shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain that modern, enchantingly-rounded figure. lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of the Crop—"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. sted *Bc Moderate! . . . Don't Jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing ub- lets or other quack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on these ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoking lutky Strike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do decbre that when templed to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence in things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN— The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over t. coist-to-coist network of the N. B. C. e 19)0, The AacriuaTobicwCe., Mir*

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