Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 26, 1952 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1952
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Aged Farmer Charged With Wife Murder SALISBURY, Md. — (fP) — An 81- year-old retired farmer was chargec with murder here yesterday in the death of his 69-year-old wife. The murder charges had to be read twice to Charles Littleton because, as he explained to Deputy Sheriff Samuel A. Graham, he did not hear too well. Littleton apologized for his limited hearing, but appeared to be unruffled.. He handed Sheriff Jesse Pollitt a slip of paper on which he had written the name of Vaughn E. Richardson, Salisbury attorney The old man indicated to Pollitt he wanted Richardson contacted as counsel. He made no other comment. His wife, Mrs. Mary Dennis Littleton, was found Friday, her skull badly gashed, at the bottom of the back porch steps of her home near here. FBI agents said an axe found on the Littleton property was stained with human blood. Pollitt called the elderly woman's death "the most brutal I have seen." A hearing for Littleton has been set for tomorrow in People's Court. M'Arthur Dropped In Pennsylvania HARRISBURG, Pa.— W) —The Pennsylvania Election Bureau has dropped the name of Gen. Douglas MacArthur from the ballot listing Republican candidates for President for the Pennsylvania primary election, April 22. The Election Bureau accepted a request from the General to withdraw his name from the ballot. The bureau «aid the request was accompanied by the necessary affidavit and was in order. The bureau's action left the names of Harold E. Stassen, presl- dent-on-leave of the University of Pennsylvania, and Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower on the Republican ballot In the presidential preference primary. IS COMING TO TOWN Broken Tanker Arrives In New York Port The stern half of the tanker Fort Mercer, which broke in two off Cape Cod Feb. 18, passes under Brooklyn Bridge, New York, enroute to a dock in Brooklyn. There a new bow will be fitted to the stricken ship. The stern half was towed 260 miles from Cape Cod through Long Island Sound and the East River. Gl Receives Medal For Using Screw Driver To Pilot Plane MILTON, W. Va.— (/Pi— The father of Cpl. James F. King, a young airman who used a screwdriver to fly a damaged plane home, commented last night: "He was always right handy with a screwdriver." Cpl. King has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by the Far East Command for the strange flight near Sonju, Korea, Aug. 18. 1950, King, then a PFC, was an observer In an unarmed reconnaissance plane of the First Cavalry Division. The plane was badly damaged and the pilot seriously wounded by ground tire behind enemy lines. Although' he didn't know how to fly, King replaced the smashed control stick with a small screwdriver and flew back to the airstrip, following the' instructions of the wounded pilot. His father, William B. King of Rt. 4, Milton, said his son was decorated with the Air Medal four days before the unusual flight. He did not know the details of that award. The corporal, he said, is now stationed at Ridgewood, Md. Short,y after his return home from Korea three months ago, he married the former Frances Stevens of Culloden, W. Va. Ten Temperance Books Found To Gain Legacy STROUDSBURG. Pa.—(/P) — The Stroudsburg School Board has qualified for a $25,000 bequest by rounding up ten copies of a century- old book on temperance out of print since 1909. In fact, an extensive hunt for ten copies of "Ten Nights In A Barroom" in order to meet a provision ol the will of the late Samuel M. Schoonover, has turned up 14 copies. Navy Ship Hit By Red Shells t WASHINGTON—0<P)—The Navy reported today that 11 men were wounded aboard the Destroyer Shelton Feb. 32 by Communist shore fire. The destroyer, then off the northeast coast of Korea, received \hree direct hits; two enemy shells burst directly over the fantail. One of the direct hits tore a hole, three feet by four feet, at the water line, causing one compartment to be partly flooded. The Shelton retired to a base in Japan after the action, which occurred during the previously reported repulse of an enemy attempt to land on a small island near Songjin. Rain, Snow Seen By EiidjQf Week BALTIMORE — (/P) — Five-day forecast: Fair weather with moderate temperatures Wednesday to end of week except for some chance of a little rain or snow Wednesday to end of week except for some chance of a little rain or snow Wednesday forenoon especially over southern and southeastern counties. Rain or snow again Saturday or Sunday. Temperatures for the period will average near or slightly below normal for the season. Normal afternoon highs are about 40 to 45 and normal early morning lows vary from around 20 in the mountains to near 30 in coastal and southern counties. Reds Hold Up FoodToGIs SEOUL, Korea— (/P)—The American Red Cross has 11,000 food packages ready to send to American prisoners of war in Red North Kprea, but it doesn't know where or how it will be able to distribute them. The Communists have rejectee United Nations Command attempts to send relief items to Red prison of war camps. L. W, Neatherlin, Shreveport, La., American Red Cross senior representative In Korea, showed correspondents contents of sample fruit packages at a. news conference today. The Red Cross has 7,000 standard packages, containing canned foods and vitamin tablets to supplement the basic rice diet in the POW camps, and 4,000 special packages for invalids, containing high protein soft foods which are easily digested. Rayburn's Ban On Broadcasts Stirs Protests WASHINGTON— (F) —Speaker Sam Rayburn's suddenly announced ban on broadcasting or telecasting of House committee hearings touched off a rolling storm of protests from housewives on up to Congress members today but there was no immediate sign it would be revoked. While Republican congressmen and radio-TV officials complained vigorously against what they termed "raw censorship" and violation of free speech, the House GOP Leader, Rep. Joseph W. Martin Jr. of Massachusetts, said he doubted anything could be done. The immediate effect of the ruing, while barring radio microphones and TV cameras from all :uture sessions of the House and is committees, was to pull the rug Tom under arrangements to telecast the opening of House Un- American Activities Committee learings in Detroit yesterday. The hearing on Communism-in- Michigan finally got under way in relative privacy, after a three-hour delay, but telephone switchboards were flooded by calls from housewives and others who had looked forward to watching the proceedings on their TV sets Republican Leader Martin told newsmen the House%ules Committee should consider removing the question from the "twilight" area. Martin said that, while he disagreed with Rayburn's ruling, he did not question the speaker's right or authority to make it. If he were speaker, Martin said, he would interpret the rules to allow committees themselves to decide whether hearings should be televised or broadcast. Bayburn himself told reporters he is against any change in House rules which he has Interpreted to prohibit televising, broadcasting or newsreeling sessions of the House or its committees. Movie Actor Pay Set At $70 Daily Under Guild Pact HOLLYWOOD— (/P)— A movie actor earns a minimum of $70 dollars a day under the new union shop contract between the Screen Actors Guild and the Motion Picture Producers Association. Terms of the agreement, which runs to June 1, 1958, with reopening dates in 1954 and 1956 for bargaining on wages and working conditions, were announced yesterday. It retains a clause which gives the Guild the right to cancel its contract with any studio which releases films made after Aug. 1, 1948 for television use without first negotiating with the Guild for additional payment to the actors. Increases are subject to approval by the Wage Stabilization Board. An Invitation to Beauty by Kroehler! Cage Stars Plead Guilty In 'Fixes' NEW YORK—(/P)—Three former University of Kentucky basketball stars — Dale Barnstable, Ralph Beard and Alex Groza — pleaded guilty today to conspiring with gamblers to shave points in a Madison Square Garden game in 1949. They were among the best-known of 32 players from seven schools so far named in the collegiate Basketball scandals. Noted Decorator Blames Women For "Badly Dressed" E. S. Homes By DOKOTHY ROE Associated Press Women's Editor Dorothy Draper, applecart-upset- ter of the decorating world, says American women, known as the world's best-dressed, produce some of the world's worst-dressed homes. She holds that most of the mys- ;erious aura surrounding the science of interior decorating is so much hokum, and insists that anybody can do it. Mrs. Draper is living proof of her theory. Though she has been responsible for changing the whole current concept of decorating, she admits lightly she never studied the stuff at all, knows nothing of period furniture and "really never went to school." Education Limited A brief skirmish with a young adies' finishing school constituted most of the formal education of this light-hearted tycoon who now turns out whole housing projects, luxury hotels, modern apartment buildings and private homes in gay, unorthodox colors and functional furnishings. Mrs. Draper, who gives off enough energy to run an atom-busting machine, says dressing and decorating are two halves of the same apple. She explains: "Thanks to our fashion magazines, the average 16-year-old girl nowadays is a wizard at planning her own clothes. "But when this same girl gets married and starts buying furniture, rugs and draperies for her new home, she often goes haywire. She starts out with no definite plan in mind, buys a bed here, a chair there and a lamp someplace else, puts them all together and then wonders why nothing looks right." Offers Adrlce Mrs. Draper has some practical advice for the woman starting but to decorate a home or an apartment. "First she should go out and buy some big brown envelopes^one for each room she's going to furnish. In each envelope goes all. the data shs has gathered up on the kind of effect she wants-^color scheme, fabric swatches and so on. "Then she should buy a six-foot rule, a supply of soft pencils and some big sheets of paper, -which she marks into one-foot squares. On each sheet of paper she locates the necessary items of furniture, and with crayon she blobs in the colors. "Next she lists the things she must buy. For the living room she will need one divan, two end tables, two lamps, two arm chairs, a. coffee table, a rug- and pictures for the walls. "She shouldn't try to economize too rauch on the main pieces of furniture. She shouldn't buy anything that later she will want to throw away. It's better to splurge on handsome lamps, for instance, and save on such things as the end tables. Three Plans Provided "Her color scheme can be one of three things: (A) sharp contrasts. such as white walls, a red carpet and black accents, for instance; (B) all one color, such as walls, rugs, drapes and furniture all the same tone of light blue: (C) blended tones of various colors. This is the thing most' women try to do, and is by far the most difficult." The amateur decorator can't go wrong, however, says Mrs. Draper, it she takes the suggestions of the manufacturers of rugs, drapes and such, on coordinated colors, textures and fabrics. These companies ar» hiring top designers to work out complete room plans that are almost fool-proof. Mrs. Draper, who believes that everybody needs some color in hi» life—does everything on a big scale, hates dinky things, doesn't care how many periods are combined, just so they are in scale—"and look right," Injured Worker Sues ST. LOUIS—WH-Gus Smith, a maintenance man, has filed a $25,000 damage suit as a result of an unscheduled appearance he made at a doctors' conference in City Hospital last Nov. 26. , ,..,_, . . . . . FEBRUARY FINAL CLEARANCE Boudoir Lamps We're clearing-out our entire stock of boudoir lamps at Vz price and that means big savings for you. But, thers are only a few pairs left and they're all beauties. Get yours today while they're still available. Reg. $21.00 to $46.00 the Pair PRICE Now ... $10.50 to $23.00 tht Pair CONVENIENT TERMS MAY BE ARRANGED 1>- 17 Fredreick St. r "Where Yea Buy It As Important At What You Buy" T A Special Purchase for Our February Show! 2 PC. SECTIONAL SUITE In lovely hi-grade freize; green, beige and grey. CUSTOMER PARKING LOT ... You are invited to park your cor on this lot free of charge. It is maintained especially for the accommodation of our customers. 3/7 '239 NEW LUXURY, NEW. STYLE, NEW COMFORT! Come in and see it first hand —at the remarkable low Mil- lenson price! A Me* Automatic, GAS Water Heater means more for "everyone/, TOO: Tts! A new Gas Water Heater provides gallons of hot water for the entire family— u'tthnul rationing! Dad can shave and shower. Junior can take his bath,—with plenty of hot water still on tap for your dishes and laundry! No one has to give up his share for someone else, because a modern Gas Water Heater provides mart hot water Jailer than your old gas model! What's more—It inpplies enough hot water for automatic clothes and dishwashing machines! And you save mnne.y —month-after-month! Gas is the cheapest modern fuel you can use. And a modern Gas Water Heater uses lesi fuel than your old gas model! Plan for tomorrow —Gef more from today with A NEW AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATER . . . Automatic Operation: No tiresome trips to the cellar! Set the temperature you want, then forget about it—burner \vorks automatically! Dl°r»ef Hooting: Automatic burner applies hrat directly to tank from underneath. Water heats faster— tare.t Jnel! Factory-Built: Engineered « * complete, efficient unit . . . assembled and shipped as a complete, efficient unit! Quick Recovery: No lone; wailing for hot water. You get all the hot water you want, 24-hours-a-day , . .fnslrr! Insulated Tank: Another money-saver—locki heat in water"— saves fuel! Rusf-Resfsfont Tank: Withstands corrosion— gives you clean, clear hot %vatcr and long-Hft service! Safety-Pilot: Assures safe, carefree operation! out See the Hew AGA-Approved GAS Water Heaters at your Ga$ Appliance Dealer's or Gas Company Office TODAY I Cumberland & Allegheny Gas Co. 149 BALTIMORE ST. PHONE 3080

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