The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 18, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1930
Page 6
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PAOB SIX RAIN OR SHIffE PERU"!. INDIANA EASTER SUNDAY April 20 The. Jcfilb- Ciir •C.WS Will Give One (Matinee Only) Ferfdrmarite Under Waterproof T<nts. P<fciti\(»ly t!io greatest array of ciWus ia:cnt._ev< r„ ei scm- ulcd; features from all over the world, . funk nod with the ^rtfirtest corirc- ion of wi'«l animals ever seen. A compact? circus perform ance and a gua day of thrf Rrmenihc r only one foimui:ce; doors .will epeu at 10 a. in.,, :.nd b'g show | will start at 2 p. in. .Is. per- and Arthur Barr of Muncie was the j and Mrs. 1 Clurid Campbell weeb eiukguestiof his parents, \family of Normanda. v •Mr. and Mrs. Lon Barr. and fam-j Mrs. Don Hinkle and children ily. Other guests Sunday evening:were Wednesday : guests of Mr. ]vere Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller, and Mrs. Tom Carter-and family Mrs. Bonnie Griffey aid iMrs. of Hopevupll. Other guests Sunday Margaret Angstadt of Tipton:' j at the Carter, honieiwas Mr. and 1 Mrs. Pearl Wooldridge enter-;;Mrs. Ray Carter of Russiavllle. tained the : Needlecraft club; Miss Mary Teter of Westfield Thursday afternoon. There was c was; Saturday night and Sunday good attendance! of members. 1 Aft- guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. O 1 . Teter THE TIPTON. DAILlr I TRIBUNE Thomas of Sharpsvllle, Mr. and Mrs. ' T. Bauer, j Mrs: "Florence Foster and Mrs. Nancy Newlon of Tipton. -j l. ;!•>•• : , • ••' Miss Lois Woildndge of Hopewell, was theiSundaV guest' of Miss Esther Barr j Mrsi Ruby; Hojloway and .family of. Lima, Ohio, Mrs. Johnnie Shaw of '' Tipton! were i Friday night land Saturday guests of Mr. and family. Other guests Sunday .'and Mrs., Tom Rhifer and fam- were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence . ily. "Mrs. Shaw is visiting this Shook. .jweek with .Aunt jane Hinkle and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar !Cloud and [daughter,-Mrs, Lulu James, family entertained Sunday, Rev. | Miss Wilma Ulm of Tipton was Cunningham of Alexandria, Mr. | Saturday night and Sunday guest and Mrs. Ben Miller and family j of Miss Loretta Jenifer, near, Tipton. ' 1 Mrs. Edith Thompson was -Mr.-and Mrs. Clem. Henry and {Thursday guest of Mrs.' Johnnie or the business session the remainder of t'he afternoon: was sjpont in fancy work and .a, social good time. The!, hostess^ 'served dainty refreshments. The : ; next meeting will be! with , Mrs. Cyral VanHorn*2nd "Wednesday in ;May. Mrs. Rebecca! Smith entertained at Sunday dinner, Rev. Church of Amboy, Mrs. Margaret Chappel grandson, James Rolland ent^er-j Shaw of Tipton. I and Mr. and Mrs. Robert; Smith. tained at 6 o'clock dinner Sunday and -children. eyening, -'Mr. and- Mrs. Walter I Miss Marjorie Gross and Dorse Wellinger and Mrs. L. Wellinger .Mock were Saturday dinner of Kokomo. . , ^ guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer • Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hershman Long and son Junior.,of Arcadia, and family and Robert- Hinkle . Mrs. Martha Richardson; Mr. were Sunday guests'of Mr. and \ ning guests j of near Shi- Harry Henderson 1 ; GOLDS$ITTH. at :it Sunday school at 9:30, "Bellow ed by Easter program. Easter sejrmon at 7 o'cioc Hopewell Sunday schbo| 0 :::<J; preaching at 10:30 Xormanda Sunday school 9:30. . : ."" Tetersburg Sunday school at 9:30. : Rev. and Mrs. Dunlap, Gerald Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. :)avid Stine "-were Thursday ev;ning Troy Hutto returned to Bloomington Monday after being the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.' Lora Smith for a few days. ] Mr. and Mrs. 'VJrillie Henderson and children were Sunday eye- Mr. | and Mrs. and Mrs. O^car Hinkle were Sun- Mrs. Edgar Hershman near Shi-.Harry Henderson of Shiloh and day guests of Mr. and Mrs: Joe loh. j Monday guests of: Mrs. Hender- Cole of Atlanta, i Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Foster] of. son's grandmother, Mrs.' -Anna Junior Long of Arcadia : was Hopewell entertained Sunday Mr. Walier. '•.!,:!•'• Saturday night and Sunday guest and Mrs. Bonnie-Park and daugh-' Mr. and Mrs. !RaybOm-Magnett of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur "Gross arid ter Roselee, Mr. and Mrs. Char- Mr. and Mrs'. L. O. Teter - vSsitet? family. ley Keith. j \ with Mrs:' Louie Magnett at thr Mr. and Mrs. Charley'Scott, and j Mr. and Mrs. Charley Fergu- Howard county hospital Tuesday, family were Sunday guests of Mr. son and family of Tipton were She" is getting along fine and wil and Mrs._Bert Scott and ,family Sunday guests, of Mr. and Mrs. be able to come home Sunday.' of Windfall. ;. ' iLewis Miller. j - Mr. and Mrs.; Charley : Tudo ; 'Mr. and Mrs. Will Bilhy,'Mr. j Ad Hinkle and. daughter, Mrs. and son Glennefh Mrs. Bell Ban : and Mrs. Rolley Conaway • ar.d; Musa goster entertai led at! 6 ^attended" a birthd ly surprise din- o'clock dinner Friday evening, ner given in|,honor of Oral Bar) Rev. and Mrs. Dunlap and grand of Tipton Friday eyenin/g. His family were Sunday guests of Mr 'and Mrs. Otis Bilby and family. ; Mr. and Mrsjj j Harley jBower, i Mr. and "Mrs. Vic Teter, Mr. and daughter. Margaret Xucile; Grand i mother, M"rsj Bell ma Dunlap, Mr. and- Mrs. A. N. Mrs. Rayborn Magnett'and fam- j E> oste r,Miss' Minnie Foster, ily spent Sunday afternoon ..with j Mrs. Louie Magnett at the, How- Mag-! • large birthday cake which | decorated with the candles. M and Mrs. daughter guests of Mr Hoback and Miss Crystal remains, the same M. ystal. Mr. and Mrs. William C. ridge spent Wednesday at on business. Mr. and Mrs. ridge entertained Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Trimble! and Mrs. D. R. Tankersjle Frankfort. • . ard county hospital. Mrs. nett who-rfas. operated on a week | ago is getting along as well as can be expected. - Robert Phares, south of Teters- wa: Oth Several from this .commu«ity j er quests were Mrs. Nora Canim attended ithe school" exhibits ' at and daughter, Ester, Mrs.^ Ca" :burg,,is spending a, few days Prairie and Windfall Sunday. | Mr. and Mrs. George Park cf i Indianapolis were Sunday, guests j I rf Mr. and Mrs: S. Park and fan? i »y. Barr baked the Willi Garnett Teter. A Id- Pa ru Aid- Mrs. John Newlon ^pent Thurs- dav with' her husband at Indiana- Clark Phillips of Scircleville is | po i is .. She f OUI1 d him very much spending a few days with Mr. and | improved and is very much en| conraged. oyer his condition. Mr. of Mrs. Charley Scott and family. Miss. Margaret Carter of \ Indianapolis was the week end gupst of. her .parents, Mr. and Mrs. |b. G. Carter. '" Mr. and Mrs. Don Hinkle and fami^v»«i1?^uiida>-i:guests of Mr Mrs. Minta Hoback and Henry Keeman entertained Thursday evening, Mrs. George Jarrett and daughter, Ruth,. .Mr., and Mrs. Fred Foster. Other guests Sunday were Mr. and 1 Mrs/ Albert Holman Mr. and Mrs.; Delt Wilson ant' MiFs^Gladys Christy were Sundaj guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Foster of Hopewell. | ' Mrs. Alfred Campbell spent : few days last week with ;Dr. an<" •Mrs. Barnard of Parker. Orville Evans pf. Indianapolis student- at Butler University, de livered the "sermon at the Nor manda Church Sunday night. Rev. Mark Ashley of Indianapolis was t!he: Sunday dinner guest of Mr. \ and Mrs. Irvit Wheatley. , Mrs.. Cora Ratcliffe and daugh ter, Mary of Kokomo were Friday evening gue3tS jot Mr. and Mrs, Fred Foster.;" [•{-"• Paul Dawson of Indianapolis was the week lend guest of Mr and Mrs. Glae Foster and family. Other .guests Sunday were Mr and Mrs. Simon Berge ; neai fiharpsville and Mrs. John Rich ards.and children of Kokomo Mr. -and Mrs. jjack Pearcy of Lincoln were Sunday guests of dren, Bobby and Gertrude, Miss 1 , Bernlce Tucker and Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Hofer of Anderson. I Miss [Nancy TJrmston of ,Tipton was the guest of Vera'deaa Beam- erj from" Friaay until Sunday. l*lMr. and Mrs. Roy! Beamer were Friday guests of Mrs. Mollle Williams <if | Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. Joie PI >ugh and .daughter, l>ucy ofi Tipton were Sunday gues .s of Mr. and Mrs. Beamer and daugh- W;-- r ; I;. •; 'V '•\'\ h Morris! Van and Irene PI iugh bfj Tipton were Sunday gues:s of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mclntire and family. J'. | . jWilliam Robert ;ed; Sunday afternoon in honor of drr his 12th Among Charles^ neth Tudor, Junior i. | • • ' Harlpw, iMrs. birthday those [Robert ^prjesent Campbell, Smith, Wilbur Hoback Lewis Miller he neighborhood day aft ernoon. There was a; attendance present as it was the [annual Al'lep elect-ion i , • Spencer of president and Mrs. Harley-Kelley' re-elected secretary rr entertain- anniver;sary. were Glen- Hugh entertained 4lub Wednes- btficers. was re-elected and treasur- Mrs. ari Mr^.l Rate Werner andj Lewis.Miller will still be the Plower committee. Tiie next ]meeting will he;with Mrs. Harley Kelley second Wednesd ly in j May All members are urged to attend.' ; i • • - ji ' ! This club was organized. ;three years ago and it j has accomplished! many good deeds iThe iukness! and time of sorrow Junior class play, Rose of | the Southland," coached by| Mis^i Lelia Payn; was^aj suci- was given F iday eyening ;.ess. Itl „ .—, nithe high school auditorium before a .'uli of good family of noon, H Elvin Thompson and -wife ..ofi spent I Sunday with kb\ and: wife. . | James Phillips of Frankfortj visited his daughter., Mrs. \ Riley Thompson! Q »d . family Sunday afternoon! Miss Marie spent Tipton Thompson] es ih the Marigrace! Omega Friday j after- on the tee Fox ot ;Atlanta week end With Miss] Fox. ' v . ' '• J' ' - J two evenly look alike... -mm Missi Martha Beam of jTiptoni is spending a ;few days with her. grandmother Mrs. Retta Small , ! p|red! Coats ! of Hume, ; Ohio:! spent the'Jweek end with liis wife: | ! Mrs.! | Ilattie Wallace and soil: Terhune spent .'Mdnuayj son Vance Wallace and • Carl near| \yith her family J i Sunday! dinner guests of Noah Henry and wife were Charles Gordon land family and Mrs. Ma gie Hawkins of Kempton, Archie Weaver! a|nd wife of Michigantown and Ann there's erea a grcatar W< cigars. Tee-off wilk a Boyak «kat a loner tweet, coataaaJaaaUe Long-fiOer (no ikort mmit), riae amnfactnring methoa* ami Abty-ikfce perhace are ia it. Coata •aaro for yoo of Kempton. Mrs. especially' in 'The full house. The play was humor, it wa|s educational the hest that and Mrs, Ben Barr and fam- 1 i . Now bring reach of All! The UaitedStote i Bu iber Company built thisPeeries8Tire irithdifeexprewpiupjrae of Drodacmg a high quality casing that could be sold at a price;wHhin the reach of nuUions. The list of prices giv« n here enables you to checkfor yourself how amaijngly little they cost. No other ttMnpany builds tires so good and no other dealer sens for less. Deal with us and stretch your tire money fothehnut. |And we have hi^fal ^u^iittjjr | Saturday night and Mrs. Ed Cloud Phillip ! Hinkle 4 i - PERRL at propo TUBES ion int.* ft. C<^T^|^SS T YET GUARANniEP FOB LIFE! It M tinia now to 'replace ! ybni* old tires with "ones for .•; the sonuner driving. Oome to our^.plj^e i^ieWi serviee r^ou will ^^^S?SBlS |SJSSaBaajaaaBaaa^a^aaaaj Miss Doris .Bar|r of Sharpsvilk Was Saturday night 'and Sunday guest of Miss Thelma Tudor. Roy Watson of j Muncie was the week end guest' of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Zora Watson and family. Everett J Watson and' Oren Gibbons were Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hlges and family near Atlanta were Sunday I guests of Mr: and! Mrs. Churchille I Barr and family. Mr. and Mrs. .Frank Brenton of ! Kokomo were > | | guests of Mr. |and family. <| i Mr. and Mrs.; and family- entertained ; Sunday Mr. and M TS . Ora Jones, Miss Edith Thompson,' Guy .and Ruth Bilby, Miss Vera Bennett and Phillip Smith, j I . i iMrs. (Fanny | Hamilton, who has been spending the past several weeks with | her daughter? Mr. and Mrs". John Graham, returned to her | home > Sunday: Guests for the,, day were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Graham,- Mr. land: Mrs Dave, Hoback^ :Mriand mni Bernard Beam and daughter* and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bess and family.<f - l Messrs. f .Fay Lacy and • Joseph Houseman entertained . the : «tev ienith and elghthjgrade of • the Prai- "rle. school ^ Sundayv ' ^Mr. and Mrt'. Harry , Hnghes and family were Sunday^- after-; n'mmiigueata> of Mr:''arid-' Mia; Wit } >4 Charley Lacj; andj family Mr. and MraJ w.ralb.ri .4 of Prat- Campball at Iadl- irid the ! morals was :ould be given, each character giving their part well. The mu- ^ic and | other entei tainmer t be- ween acts was spUndid. .Prof. ^u'nd and the manual 1 training i ' i • | • 'joys and Mr. Hinkli; are to be •io'mme ii'ded on the r ew-stag'e just -ecently built for future events. J M1SS | Edith Henr| f entertained -.he members of hei class of the i 1 I • ' I -il :'. Tetersburg Christian Sunday :chool at the home mts, Mr. and Mrs. of Ed her par- Henry at linnerjand supper Sunday, beirs of | the class- present Delia Bennett, Virginia WJlda Otha Smith Mem- •wert Smith. Wimer, etty . Cloud, Frances! Anderson, Leona ; Bess, Evans, Mary Elizabeth ijean Mehaffey, Billy |Pheanis, \Morrls and Clyde " Smith. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. ?red Smith and family. Decorations for table wen also in suggestion's of easter and eastjeri fa- rors also were given. • JThe Goldsmith Priscilla club, mtertained Wednesday afternoon it! the home of Mrs. Nina ridge, with Mrs. L. 1 • 11 Mrs. Mary Phares Parks and daughter, Helen luy Wimer and Mrs. Ida freter. Refreshments were served at the •ilose of| the social ajfternoon. The lext meeting of tliej club v^ill be vith Mrs. Oscar Cloud - I ,. 3tiiloh East 1:^30, ai iThe leared EKIN-SHILOH Ekiri Sunday school at/ 10 Sunday school .it 9 m. D. Summers, r i • Mrs. Mabel Mts. Ald- a. m. 45 a. Union Suiiday school at Ladies Aid cf East-^Jnifin their market $42.30 from! at: Tipton Saturday; 1 M1BS | Eda Eller o£'TIptoEJ was the wi#;k end guest of her parents dharles[Eller and wife. Mellj Hoover and wife took Sunday Idlnner with the former's; brother I Grlant Hqorer and wife near Noblesvllle ^Sunday .lafternpon guests of j Robert and Fred Harvey Henry and wife McCarty and ; family Devaney. and w'ife. were Monday dvening supper guests of Cure Sumner and wife ; of Arcadia. Rileyj Beam, wife and son Billy Jiinior|ot Kokomo, and'!Walter Beam and family of El wood, were Sun&y I ajfternoon guests of Allen CrtmSfar, S §mr SO* jfeAYUK CIGARS, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind. Beam and family. Little Claude Allen Small ;. i Overdorf and family, of l ! Miss. Ada Merle Miller spent j Mr. and Mrs. Mart Lee and children and Miss Oretchen Wilson and Raymond Wilson were and Elwoodj is .spending the! week, Wednesday .night with Miss Alice 4ith his (grandparents Jolin Tom' cbpk of Atlanta and attended theithe Sunday guests of Mr. SJm-j.U janil wife. j ! Sunshiny meeting.. f j Mrs. Ely Wilson of Tipton. Mrs! jElvin Robbins and!daugh-;- M M . Cleo Guntie of Indianapo -i Mr. and Mrs. Bert Keith and ters Lucile and Olive pf Sheridan Mis spent from Monday until Wed-| Preston Shuck _1 i i r. 'L aJ-. _ 1 . ...» V _ . _ If.. I C. I „. pent i Saturday afternoon with lion Small and wife. . : j Earl ] Thompson and' ^.-family spent Sunday! near Arcadia with Jasper Herald and f.imily:/ "• | Mrs. [LI H.| Ross and son Frank "evening in Sheridan. i ! | [ l; ' ' • i -. 1 •' and granddaughter Hester Ross ; Letha.and Leli Coppock nesday-with her. mother Mrs Bella Small.' ; •'. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coats, Edith and Maurice Burton and Mrs- Yess'ie Foutch spent | Saturday • Herali :'. iLl! H.l randdai (jalle'd'.bnj Will Ross and family otj-Tipton are spending aj few days! Mr. and Mrs. Guy Corn and fam- Tipton land Iris Honnold and! with their . grandparents Riley fly of Scircleville. of Russiaville were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Goodnight. Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. Mac McGee of Newcastle. : Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Wilson and children and Vivian.and George of! Lee were the Sunday guests of at Atlanta- Saturday aft -:i Donahue arid wife. Frank. McGuire and wife of Ko- f am ily ernoon. j Fridayj evening guests of Mari-fkoirio were Thursday grace J ^Rox were: Miss ; Itoma; Mrs. Retta Smal and s Blanche Burton, Dean 1 Griffin,; •*» -'— Glen jSpldel, Russell Foster or j KF,MPTOX-SCIRCLEVn>LE, Sheridan! and Miss Marie! Fox of Atlanta. IMiss; Fox-spent Saturdiy night |and Sunday with' Mtss Bur-: ton at Sheridan. .. j Frank Kokonio Edith Burton. Virginia McGuire and wife of • Mr.' and Mrs. V. E. daughter were Kqkoniio Saturday. •4VIr. Ella" Duncan spent Friday with Miss, week end, with Mr; and Mrs. Gale; Bessie M. Coy of Kokomo. Little Ellen Taylor and little Maxine Balls of Scircleville were guests of [the Monday night guests of Miss on Walter. Peters and Blancher Burgett. Mrs. Frank Moulder and Mrs. Ernest Moulder of near Groomsville were the Thursday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl visitors j McDaniels. Miss Miriam Peters was the spent, the] Saturday dinner guest of Mrs. .Taylor and family of Scircleville. \ Mr. and Mrs. Noble Smith were T. jHl Small, wife and? daughter. Mr. and; Mrs.. Ross Floyd of; Indianapolis visitors Saturday, the Sunr! Mrs. Harry Bess went .to Gold- Mr. and smith Sunday where she will re! main a few days to care for her Mr. and "Mrs. Ed ' Cjuliom and! mother Mrs. Fannie Hamilton wordjchiidren were the-Saturday nighti who is in poor health. Mr.. . and! Mr. and Mrs. John Pickett and were Monday evening near Scircleville w'erej supper! guests of Grafton Small! day dinner guests of| and wife of Triangle Inn near; Mrs. Frank Standfield Tipton.; j Vance Wallace received. Monday of the death of his uncle fand Sunday guests "oft Sherman Wallace of Spencer, \ Mrs. Gale "Taylor and Ind., j , -, i ScircleSrHle and attend Marie Gunn of EHvood- spent] ior play : of the Scircle j l .he'week end with her parents,! Mr. and Mrs. James| Tom Gunn and wif^.. ; i Bert Clark and family near Cicero 'spent Monday 'evening with jthe former's mother Mrs. Sarah Clark. •\l. attended the senior p} siaville high' school night.. Mr. and Mrs. Hora!ce family at'family of Sheridan, Mr. and Mrs. .pd the Sen- ille school. Goodnight ay at Rus- Wednesday and family of Fairmount were Mrs.! Hazel Lockridge; andj tlie Saturday night and Sunday daughter Mary Evelyn and .Missi guests of Mp. and Mrs: Ed. Moore. Marigrace Phillips spent. Monday I Mr. and Mrs. Grover Sinis of n Indianapolis. Mrs. Jjlary Shull and Mrs. Etta Heifer spent Monday in Westfield with Elmer Wheeler . and iamily. | ': -'.Fred; Devaney .and wife spent Wednesday with -Wesley : Shaffer £ind wife of Atlanta. Ernie Wright and family spent Frankfort were the Supday after- Mrs. L. E. ;n Kokomo . with Sunday! Sylvia! Lijstz and family. Mrs, ff MJss Edith Burton j were Mrs; J C.j HawortH, Mrs. Lester Hafvorth and daughter Mailne / of Sheridan, Frank McGuire 1 and wife of Kokomol Jade Phlfer, wife! and daughter Catherine !o Tipton and little. Battjl. Lou Beam of' Koko- m i 1 iM , I Pat Pickjett and family, -of Sheridan spent Sund ay with [ Dova Tiompifn !and family. ,, , pyrojn/willtamB. a,nd wife of f^Mpolto^apent-S Uurday jnlght aa1 «^iidar.< iflth Mrs. Sarah gh and wife* of rltb the it Iwife Weslejj Hershman .and family! of Goldsmith | spent Sunday with! Edgar HJershman and family. | Dic"k j Smith 1 I and : wife '/and Claude.Bannoni wife and son Low'-; I i -ill - - • ell Wayne of Weed .corner and Gene and Dorothy • Smith of'Indi-, anapolis spent Monday afternoon) Hubert Smith and wife. ; ! Ovis ! Miller and family called on John JRaquet and wife ot. near J.rcadia! Sunday afternoon Mrs: !Everett Kirby, Dale of near Kempton called on BJlrr. Fauj 1 ! Kirby Wednesday afternoon. noon guests of Mr. a,nd| Ploughe. • - VMr. and Mrs. Denny daughter Eunice were-'ihe Sunday, guests of John Trester and family: pf New Augusta. .Rev. Travance.' of was the Sunday guest Mrs. William- Baker ajnd family Roldo Scott of Richmond is in Scircleville spending .with his parents Osearj wife. » Myrtle Bouse of spent Saturday night ajnd Sunday with Mr^ and Mrs. Eveirett Scott . Mr. and Mrs. Frank were Indianapolis visitors Saturdays Mrs. Frank Gossard ric and Max Gossard. son Lewis l . S9 * urda y «™ sta ot M 4 \ Georgo Robbinette of Us. ' --. - .'i > . Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Orriand •pent | -Earl jMasonjand wife and. Mrs;. Fred Coats were- Wednesday dinner guests of John Mason - and 'lfo of [Atlanta. ;•• '-.- ..y •: •' dinner guests of. Ralph wife were Hortpn- Al, arid family of Mlllersburg, Upright of Westfleld.;. Mfsa Tes of Arcadian waltej: Q verdoiif aiid family^ Clyde Over- 'dorf aWd ]Mtsa; Mary McLaughlin ' Tlpto'n were 8unday evening .eaU. 1 -. i .i"v --.v - .">i: ill*: I Small en^eruinid rl'djBner s >mali ^|(Mfjj Cooper Allen and Fairmount of Mr. and few days Scott and Frankfort and Fred- were the and Mrs. Indianapo- Mrs. Sam Tunis. were j Indianapolis I visitors Saturdi William Dennis of near Terhune. Mrs. Eva Williams and son Williams and son Willird of Frankfort were the Sunday dinner guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Ary if. Scircles and family. Dave Cline and daughter Murrel were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pickerel and family of "Tipton Mdn'ay. Mr. and.Mrs. Oscar Watson of Monon, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Horn- b.xck of Monticello were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. nmt Mrs. Dent Scudder. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cline of Goldsmith were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cline and family. Mr. and Mrs. George Blessing and family, Mr. and Mrs. Basil , (Continued"'on Page T.) Goldsmith Gange Notice to Auto Owners It is time to have your auto oiled. We have installed an Alemfte Bhie- trogon. Briny jonr aato in and let ns oil it for yon. W. B. MAOBBTT Qoldsmith Cffitage Phone 319 VII

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