The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1930
Page 5
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- I'. !!.' : THE TlBfTOH DAILY TREBtJiiB Tonight and Olive Borden and Morgan Farley in. /Hip story of nuxfcrn yonth in mad Manhattan's p'ay grounds - '—the clash of love and luxury and the- rough road romance rides on. I ALSO COMEDY, NEWS AND FABLES Matinee-4-lQc and 25c. Evenings—15c and 35c SUNDAY AND MONDAY ^Following her sensational, debut in "Gold Digger of Broad- Vay." the fans clai'mired for more of Winnie Lightner. "She .'Couldn't Say No" [answers that demand with this vivacious, flyjiamic comedienne in a role thai cives full scope lo her tal- 'cnt arid versatility. A. .colorful . musical drama of a gifted songstress who paid price for a love she could not •hold. . | . Also'Sound News, Vifcaphone Act and Comedy- Matinee—10c and 25c. Evening—15c and 35c. VICKS CASE DECIDED. Defendant to Suit Forbid Using Well, Known Trade Name. HELD FIXE MEETING. RECEPTION FOR PASTOR. Rt-hc'lcalis Planned Trip to tiict Sleet at Windfall. Rev. and Mrs. I). M. Church to Be Welcomed by Congregations. In spite of rain and an unusually stormy evening iTipton Ro- hekah lodge No. 5021 enjoyed-an attendance of almost a hundred at their .regular meeting Thurs- daq evening at the I. O. O. F. hall, the lodge session openin 7:30Jo'clock. Mrs. Ethel Williams, Noble Grand, presided and the chairs were all filled by-the regulir officers. Business features included the plans for members to attend the district meeting to be held at Wind fa/11 Monday, April 21st. Every member jof the.lodge is urged to attend meeting and to -meet at the ball at 1:00 o'clock,. Monday afternoon. > Social features of ihe evening included .•>. beautiful piano solo by Mrs. Claude Little r nud an interesting contest, in which Mrs. Fred Saissliue was awarded the prize. In the friendly contest between the Blues, and the Pinks, the Pinks were ahead one ;point. All Day Suckers jwere served by the entertainment committee. I On k Wednesday evening of the congregations smith and Hopewell will hold public reception . for Rev. Church the new pastor of charges, who replaces Rev. Dunlap. The reception will be held in | at'the Goldsmith church and will also be in the nature of a farewell party to Rev. Dunlap and family. A program has been arranged for this occasion including the serving of refreshments and the public is invited. Rev. Church comes from Converse and Rev. Dunlap moves to ! Russk.ville. Rev. Montgomery | who has been the pastor at' Rus' siaville moved to Sharpsville Fri• day he replacing Rev. Ralph W. Graham as pastor at that place. ' Philadelphia, April IS.—A court decision in which protection of the buying public is emphasized has just been handed down by Judge Thompson, presiding in United States District .court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in the case of Vick Chemical Co., against Frederick Strohmeier and involving fraudulent use of the plaintiff's trade name, Vicks VapoRub, by the. der fendant, Strohmeier.. The Vick Chemical Company, is upheld. "The defendant will be enjoined," Judge Thompson's decision reads "against use of the plaintiff's trade name .-aeA ^j ^iSfcft 'eji using it, to deceive and pef-pe- I trate a fraud upon the public jinv.l by pirating its trade mark, toj iii- jure and damage the reputajibji the plaintiff has built up. This - case grew put of tion of Strohmeier in the marking of a cough drop > which j ^te claimed on the package, ft'ais "Medicated with Vicks VapoR|ibj' As to this " alleged medicatjoir, Judge Thompson says in his decision; ; "I find from the medical testimony that, as manufactured, there is no real medication • by means of Vicks VapoRub in the defendant's product; That being the case, that, statement of medication is false and untrue. Vicks VapoRub is the sole product of Vick Chemical Co.. and has been marketed for a number of yearsi It was introduced in April! evi( ] ence t i ia t over S7.000,000 has Gold-h, e en spent in advertising­ tablish this product in the con- D - M -| fidencc of the public, and the ex- ,nose |tent of such confidence was dis- C. E. 1 fe' thcl^- Cornstalk Bond: station-1 ery (paper made from corn-! stalks) consular size, packed j I closed in the evidence that over I 2(50,000,000 jars have been sold since 1010, throughout the United States and in over (TO countries abroad. It was charged, that the defendant • -Stromeier, by pirating the Vick trade name, was trying to establish his unknown product by associating it in the •public mind with Vicks VapoRub. thus not only accomplishing infringement, but perpetrating a fraud upon the public. The decision of the court upholds this charge and enjoins Strohmeier from further use of the Vick trade name in connection with his product. COMMISSIONERS JIEKE. 116-H8 South Main St! Wkh Two Lo'ngtes They're as smart £Ji as can be. Tail- •*• orcd just like dad's. Coat, rest and; two. i pairs of longies. Fine fabrics.;, j $9.90 was in session Friday for the purpose of] hearing remonstrances on the Ferdnando Boyd and George Campbell ditches, the latter ; being better known'as Wolf Creek. The Boyd; drainage proceedings which have! been pending for years were | dismissed by the r.r» rd. but j objections lo • the Hoard's action were filed by Otho Wyrick. - ItJ developed that the original petition filed in the case had b~Sen lost and there wasj a question as: to whether I or riot those joining in the request for dismissal included all oh the petition. ; It was stated during the discussion of the case -that there is todate about $700 costs in (jjhe matter which will be borne by the petitioners. L i The Board after hearing the evidence on! the remonstrances to the George^ Campbell or Wolf Creek [proceedings, referred tW report filed, back to the drainage commissioners with instructions to amend iVand refile it May 5. Objections to tnis' finding were filed by Roscoe Teter. The -Commissioners found the petition of Guy Crouch and others for a drain,sufficient, and ordered it docketed.' I.t stands now for re­ monstrances for cause, 'before being referred to the drainage commissioner for action and report. SUFFERING ENDED. Joseph Ad.-inis, 50 of Shnr|»sville Died jFridiiy Morning. I in boxes, 50c each. Press. Tribune tf Joseph Adams, for more than twenty lyears engaged in business in Sharpsville whore, he conduct- ad bakeries! and lunch rooms died Friday morning at 10 'o'clock death being due to an attack of pneumonia from which he had yiiifferod for the past several days. The deceased had been in 11 health for-several years, he- afflicted with high blo<id pressure which brought on an ait- tack of paralysis. For some liine he has, been practically helpless. Joe Adams, as he was known to, all, wasi born west of Sharp's- ville on a farm April l!l, 1.SS0 and Saturday would have been his fiftieth; birthday. His parents wore Frank and Mary (Maze Adams,; the 1 mother dying in 1013 and the father still resides inithe Sharpsville; community, i: He was united in marriage jtn Miss Ida Huckstep. whoso death occurred three years ago and lie is survived by five children, Louis, of iBelfountain: Paul of Fowleri and John, Wilma [and Mary at home. • He is also survived by the following; brothers and "sisters-Marion and Don of Sharpsville;' Mrs. Bertha' Shields of : Anderson; Esther Isiiarp of Greentown, Mrs. • i • i • i. - - • i -, . Belle Fenn of Hemlock; sMrs. May Ray and Mrs.. Stella \Vk\A- andj Mrs. Eliza- Mrs. Viola Kel- ron .of! Kokomo beth Fuller and ley of Tipton. ;.- j r Funeral | services 'wjll he hold at the Methodist '.church! jin Sharpsyille, Rev. Omer McCoy [in chargejand burial -will be in the Sharpsyille" cemetery beside' the wife. | ' j -.'''.['. I ' The jpassing of Joe Adams wjill bo regretted by all. He was a-mari of genial disposition and one jwho . i . i i had many: friends who will-miss him sorely. YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A REAL SAYING ON TUB TIRES YOU WILL Firestone Gam-Dipped Balloon Tires are the strongest; most ragged, and safest \ tires ever built: They hold all worldPfeecords for safety, mileage, endurance and economy; They are. built by the originator of the Balloon Tire. We have a complete stock of Firestone SupremeBailoons, the new Heavy Duty,-regular Firestone Balloon, the Firestone Anchor, Firestone-Oldfield and Courier Tires. SPRING CLEAN-UP SALE On Complete Line of Used Tires. Tubes & Batteries Special Price AIRWAY CORDS $4m Friday, Saturday! Tipton Phone 38 Junior Class 29x4.40... ..„.. : $5.79 -30x4.50 ..„„„„.. $<Mf 29x4.75 ...... ——- $7*98 29x5.00. ......... 31x5.00... ........... $s .79 30x5 «2S................... $9,S5 29x4.50. .... 28x4.75 ................ $7.SS 30x4.75... .. $S .2S 30x5*00.................. — $8*49 28x5 *25. M .. $9 *3S 31x5^5.......„.. ..... ~ -$10.1§ JUL FIRESTONE BATTERIES A battery for every make and type of car—at the price you ' want to. pay. Extra Power — Longer Life—Greater Dependability. Bring in yourold Battery and we , will give you an allowance on the purchase of a new one. All makes of batteries tested FREE. Most i binpiefe tJ'.ittery Deparrinent in the city. i Sunday and Monday Phone 754 Frankfort The Tyre and Batri Men 10 (X%. ALEMITE SERVICE ON HYDRAULIC LIFT KKSIPTOX SKXIOIW. I M. E. liAlilK-SiAlD. Kill< it;iilied Tlu-m | At the; Ritz. At Indianapolis. of [the finest Itfi'iiilirrs KiilerlaiiieilS Ily r Mrs. K. | Heralded as one ! It.. Shepherd, Jackson Street, -jail-talking -productions'! to reach : < j | .! Ideal' screens'this season, "Half Wnrd One of the jGbneral La-i iviarriajse," is also Olive Borden's is held at Clndian-j dies Aid society of | -the JKenii) first, talking vehicle for Radio ejiterfained; pictures. at-j the: This swiftly moving ^story of Manhattan youth, adapted -Senior reception of class of the Kemp- The Junioi] the graduatii ton schools apolis TliursJlay evening and] Methodist church wa: night and the affair was an en-i Wednesday afternoon joyahlo one. I home of Mrs. E. K. Shepherd on!- ma( j The Daily Wheeze "Havo you i noticed how Dodd drops his aspirates?" :• | - "Yes, but that's nothing: to the way. he drops-his vowels, i I've more than a.dosicn of his I O Us." X', "No f *ondor' preachera' • sons are snperlor. < Jtafslng on e Balary |of |80p,a year'seldom develops iipolled spenders. I •^T^hun.c^Lmeaaua. j The banquet to the seniors was. given in the Lincoln, room of thai Lkncoln Hotel the tables - being dpeorated with the colors and flowers. During the serving of the banquet a, program of sh6rt talks and toasts was given. ' f Jackson street with th,e,ladies of; from Mrs. Shepherd's unit 'assistiAi id entertaining. j ; The opening 'de^otipnaf ices were led. by Mrs:, who gave the 27th' lesson. Musical numbers-ihclud- •Frank. West a"nd } 28th' George Kibb'e Turner's S her j magaz i ne story, "Companionate,"" : 1 .iS at the Ritz theatre Friday and serv "! Saturday and Borden fans, who Follo\ying the : banquet the. chapters of Matthew for;tha Bible classes visited the Indiajna Theater K 'nd sawj Buddy Rogers * in Young Eagl es.' WILLARD AGAINST. (Continui d Front Page 1.) seems to be Igood reason|fof legislation of tljht character,'' and he added, "Tlio* Baltimore & Ohio las, not availed itself of holding lesson. Musical numbers ,i'hciud-j ed ! a vocal duet - by Cage -.and Mrs. Claude Little. ! ! There were 29 members? and ! . i • ' - J -]•:--•i three special guests to'enjoy the -delightful afternoon whicli was j lnicharge of Mrs. W. E. We|ls',.di- vislon., '. ;j .-' '-='j At the close of the ' afternoon loyely refreshments : were s'erve'd. connection with the holding :com panies, but; lothlng .in th |8^.resolution seems to accpbpllahtBat J have followed her through her stellar work jon the silent screen, wlllnow havp this ^opportunity to hear her talk. I. Mrs" tf"-" K i She. has been su|rounded by an excellent' supporting cast, many of wiiom are r ^rime stage - favorites. Her leading man. Morgan Farley,' originated the leading role:In the New York production of "An- American ^ragedy," and created the principal part; in the Theatre . Guild production of Fata Morga-n'a." Anderson Lawler the. villain', is well' known on the Now York stage. Notice. Although I have been relieved, I am unable to n-Mime n>y practice at this tinu-. — -'HANSOX S. CII-'FORD. M. 1). c-170 Lester Hensley. student at the Fort Wayne Business college, will spend the week end with his parents,. Mr. and Mrs. Hensley. "Beads on a String." by Atlanta Epworth League, I. O. O. F. hall. Ekin, Saturday night. April 19; half proceeds to Ekin church. 169 Our Shelton permanent ; satisfies. ; Polly Prim Shoppe. Phone fj83 .iV • i..'-- c-16» i Snchie piirftr at B«d Mm hall ifridajr «vtnin£, April Food market at Arkenaa's Saturday. Martz class. /. c-159 Shiloh Ladies' Aid will have market at Leatherman's Store, Saturday. April 19. C -1C9 ROLLER 8KATWO 2 P. 51.. itanday, April M, Dancing at 8: 30 F. M. SAND I8LAI* Max -Tk. fee' ^ Dad aat .1**' .VH

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