The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1936
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HEVE .THE DOMINANT NCT81-APEH OF NOETillUSr ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MtfiSOUllT VOL. XXXIII—NO, 230 Blyllirwlllo Courier Blythevllle Henxld Blylhev'llle Dally .News , Mississippi Valley l BlYTlIBVlLliE, A.ltKANSAS^ SATURDAY. DKCKMBCU 12, 19:10 SINGLR COPIES 'FIVE EDWARD IN FRANCE; WILL NOT WALLIE Held for Threat 'illI to Ginger Rogers PflCIWPffi "Republics of, W e s t e r n Hemisphere Give Their Unanimous Support BUENOS AIRES, Dec. '12 (UP) —Delegates to the Inter-American Peace Conference " unanimously Myned the neutrality pact for Ihc Americas today. | Paraguay was the Ijjt of 21 na- | tions to sign. " ~" United 'action by 'he Americas was wirelessed . immediately to President Roosevelt. aboard the j cruiser . Indianapolis, en route:' home. I United Stales Secretary of State Coidell Hull said it was "aii epochal step, providing for conferences, collaboration and consultation .among "the 21 American nations In the event of: : A—A'. menace of peace lo the American . republics from any source: B.—A menace to peace on", this 'contin 0 ' 1 '-! through inter-American wars: and C.—A menace-from any war outside tliis .continent that threatens the peace, of thc Americas." i Signing of the pact occurred while Carlos Saavedra Lamas,: Ar- l-enline foieign minister, intimated the Inter-American conference might support Franco-Bi itlsh peace , proposals in Spain. lamas, during recent sessions, of the. League of Nations,- has at-' temoted with other statesmen to ciraft a possible solil'on for thp Simnlsh war *.'l He said lhat President RocSe- «lt before his deoaHure fmtn Buenos Aires had spoken to ihim' of the convenience of the rieace conference in making an effort' Duke of Windsor FEuERlM 'mediate Rulmcr onjWiri'g'Maishdl Chang Re- d cation of Tille ioi ftl- 1 1 if-iri I r\ t-Jnlf l< [ AS* t V _r* 1 r\\ \ nrl , ^ fD *, .*\ I A »mvm t 1 T 1~> ' t » Pelition to Hilt Electr.c Program oiled m Revolt Against 'tanking Regime.. ' Dec In iul/Mws TOKYO, Jaoan <UP>^-Th'e<Domcl Susda\ Charged with attempting to extort $5000 from Ginger Rogers, . dancing star of the films. James F. Hall. 20, aoove was captured !n a Long Deach Calif, cafe, where (ederal operatives said he was 'waiting for the money. Letters to tlie screen actress threatened her with.'death If she did not pay. Hall ts a sailor on the U. S aircraft carrie' Lexington. sued a manifesto ut slan-fu in westein ohlna demanding a decln ration of war agtlnst Japan and the restoration of : Maiichurl»; i The manifesto also was said 1 to demand of the former NASHVILLE Tsnil — U S DI>- trict Judge John "J. - Gore heard .ui ,—Aiic.uumui vjapKiit'ju arguments Fildaj but reserved his] a^encj todaj reported that wmiy decision oh an application^ of 19 Marshal Cnang Hsueh Ham; hau is pilvale power colnpanles't foi a "'" _,»-i- . _.... . preliminary Injunction .'against .the TVA powei program , : While callliiK'for additional dala on which to base his decision, •Judee .Gore said Undei the concessions! that (power company):counsel^have al- itady made,'lint Ihls Injunction be "-limited Just ;lo- the-, construction and operation of-, the',"electric- system .-'rather, tlian .to the construction of/the dams. I don't think it Is going lo hurt much" The power companies asked tl>e Injunction on the ground that TVA competition already constituted a tlneat of hicpiiable In jury," and that no liarm would be done the TVA' by hailing expan- ;ions until ' March 8,-.1937. when Ckbtnir Kal shek ' Detained ' NANKING, China Dec 13 (UPI —Geneiallsslmo Chlan?-Kttl shek 'strong man 01 (lie national gov erninent here reported i dc lained today b\ till- youfifnl Mir £hal Chang; Hsueh-Haiiv at the Int tei s headquarters In sian fu Shen bi uiovince In tar western china Dispatches fiom the provincial capital in the rocky fastnesses of sions until March 8,-.1937. when cft P"al In tlie rocky fastnesses o the utilities suit attacking the Chinas hinterland said tile aunlei programs constitutionality will be ° r Marelial Chang were in revoll on its merits rVA attorneys retorted that the ' " '« ' ^'pd i manifesto <lemat\dhi7 quested order wtoujild handicap tlle declaration of \iai on t|>n B i> requeu*.. „.„ the Authority throw hundreds of men out of work and bleach con «"ic)i he formerly ruled Hejwa tracts for material^ with which evlc S«l by the Japanese vilien lyian to build powei lines clioukuo «05 set up under Tokyo. . RocSe- AftfM Uei P,,,lt,, Unity Several Crimes *, ^ „ ,- - HAYTI. Mo Dec !•>—Robert jHpT.,f ,' ( !r> r 'L Spam W'pleaded guilty before Circuit added that the Franco- Judge James M Reeves at Camillas^ project had arisen since -e rsHllc .this morning to a charge then and' the negotiations shottta that he set nre to a stofe bulldfng 1*. ipf.. .„ . Vr .™* and .Great Bn- at Pascola last Wednesday with the ' Brilish 5 be left lain-because' they were -nioie closely related to the subject " '." he ' said, ' In adhesion' Called to Testify on A'uto License Payments Letters were received by a nuin her of-Blythevllle-residents' tod»v. : intent to kill his father Frank McCollum who was sleeping in the building and to 2i jears in the tiary ' ' I McCollum narrowly escaped fiom I the blaiing building which was destroyed with a loss of between ilO 000 ai\d £15,000 Lucy also entered plea? of guilty to charges of forgery and graim larceny He admitted forging the name of Mr MuColjum to a not- for; $$108 and the nam« of John notifying them to appear at the -, ,.-, ...... „, „„„„ courthouse here on Wednesday, Montgomery to a notoifor $54 He Dec 16, for questioning by mem-1 admitted theft of tv,c- cows'and bets of the audit division of the,'NO mules at pascola m 1935 sta'e comptroller's office The form . letters; • with LDcy confessed the burning, of ...^ . u ..., . Jt i,^.a, iviiu names McCollum's store to offl^rs here Inserted bore the signature of J..™ Wednesdav staling that he did Bryan Simms, .head of ithc audit' soy after, McCollum had refused to division 'of the comptroller's; of- lend him some inpney and his>v,ife "-- and requested" the persons had left him following an^argu I SuMs Filed Monthi Ago Sentenced Months ago immediately aft°i the Supreme Court ruling in tbe Ashwander case which partly upheld TVA! the 13 private power companies, banded together and n>"de a fresh o"w ilj on the entire triple purpose TVA program They filed one suit m Knoxville chan eery court "and an/identical action In Northern A'abatr^ district federal court at Birmingham Th'e teller'suit ' later was"\ilndrawn <md the Knoxville stilt subsequent j was transferred lo the Eastern Tehnfesce federal district court Meanwhile as complication'; and obstructions impeded settlement of the involved litigation the" ppwer companies became concerned .over the,rapidity r w,Ith'w'hloh TV.A ex Went forward' Hence ,a r, -..was filed In Kno\vl!l« seeking fo halt all power gendrat- Ing- and ^transmission'actlvilieb ol the governmental agency p"ndln settlement <}f the original suit Seek (o Enjoin TVA ' 'The purpose of In* suit' " time fenda Kill BBflfT flee named to bring with them receipts or whatever other' evidence ; they i might have of payments for automobile or truck licenses made' this Sues for Divorce E. R. Sanderson has filed suit In chancery court here against Myrtle Sanderson, asking a divorce on the ground of desertion. ' Ed B. Cook Is attorney for tho plaintiff. ment-after she.had failed to obtain money for him from her father In his confession Lucy said that he knew McCollum slept in the store but. believed a supply, of' firecrackers in the store would "explode' and awaken McCollum so that he could escape. XVIII Hit ciici— boa they hit Jimpk Hit c/iceij isae like rotes, hit nose like a cherry! . (Continued in Next Issue) Will Hold Rites for S. J. Newcomb Sunday B. G. West Is in Little Rock because of the death of S. J. Newcomb, 55, prominent hotel man and brother-in-law of Mr. West who died late Thursday following a heart attack night .Funeral services will be held at Little Rock Sunday afternoon, 3 o'clock, and the remains will be taken to Corinth, Miss., where another service will be held Monday and buria: afternoon, .3 o'clock made in that city. Mr. Newcomb, who had visited here, was vice, president of th La mark the Ma . McGehee hotels of Little Hock and other Hotels through the country. Coordmaioi Berry •ONLY SHOPPING DAYS iTlLlCHBiSTMAS. •'. ' he . petitioners' said at! the e of filing "'is to enjoin the: de- ilanfs from' qarrjln? on a pro prletorj business as a public 'utility or the generation transmission .dis tribution ind silc of cbctric povv- -T. *^ Tlie vorunnnous brief pointed out that the issues presented therein are urgent as well as important If the complainants are com pelled lo wait until all jurlsdlc tional questions involving any theoretical doubt have been decided b> a Court of last resort the complainants, in the meantime will be completely at the mercy of the de fendanls unlawful acts which even now threaten the substantial if not complete destruction of-thc plaihllffs propertj before this can be heard upon It* merits' the bill declared. Legal Atmosphere Clearing Although almost as much - water lias f!o<ved over the dam-In a fl»- urative sense as has sloshed over the half-dozen dams of the 'tremendous TVA systems, It. now-; appears lhat an end of the litigation is, in sight Motions counter-motions, postponements and answers have been flled and 'argued since the suit was filed last May 19.' At. 'torr.eys now agree that the'iong- wub vice president of the a1 ™ lll!d action on the outright conk company, jKhlch operates stltuttonallty question doubtless will arion, Albert Pike and Ben i ** thc n€Xt sle P after the lnjunc : Because of two semi-viclorles In recent skirmishes, power interests are more optimistic than at'any time since the 8-1 r Ashwander de cision mocked their initial attempt Twice in the space of two weeks TVA was defeated through ' the medium of dismissal motions The first motion asked dismissal of the suit on Jurisdlctlonal grounds 'At ler considering the TVA" conten lion thai it could nol be suei j oul . side Us legal residence In Northern Alabama—so fixed by congress- Judge Gore decided he had Juris dlclion lo hear the suit In Tetmes- TVA Motion Overruled TVA then sought abandonment of the suit on grounds that it f a j] e( i to ra'se a new issue, was unclear and died no specific grievances' jud?e Ctore likewise overruled that motion, Instructing TVA counsel to file 8 motion for clarification If the suit appeared unclear, but not to seek dismissal for that'reason. Drunken Driving Charge Docketed in City Court Kan-ey Atkinson was docketed In municipal court this mominz on a charge of driving a car while In an Intoxicated nondltlon A charge of public drunkenness u-n^ rfnckee against Brlnkley Qtram was fined Jlo for docketed Crott. 'A E -. ••— -...tM »iu i[>; (failure to move alter 10 days' not ,lce but-the fine was suspended for four dajs Thc 'joung gen"ral and restoration of Manchuria which he ,formerly ruled He'was guidance ill 1931 32 and for Early Congress Action "* by WASHINGTON, Dec 12 (UP) — Maj Qeorge I Be;ry coordinator 01 industiial cooperation, said lo- 1ay he would call a meeting of Committees of his Council for In Juslrial Progiess within a week o start legislation for a new NBA Tlie co^mmlUees, ^jylll draft a fair competition act" held bi nanj council members lo be the . ,. ..lent uf an NRA for Uie liltle.. fellow. Berrj hopes lo have the pro- ;osed. statute, ready .to. present to President Roosevelt for approval loon.after .his -return from South America and in hope it can be intioduced in congiess early .He. said _he. did not yet.'know •V'ho would .introduce the bill In the senate and house. Berry said he would attempt to enact: his new. program within the present, framework of the consll- :utldn. Philadelphia Wants S. Davis Wilson has opened , campaign to build two ' new sub vays here supplied by the Federal Government. One of the subways would —» :«."""g ttnei j-anncsto- cost $6.000,000. No .estimates have Qeneylevc county farm girl been made" on the- cut of the other. Wilson went to Washington recently to talk "over-with- government officials possible sources '• of funds for the work. At the same time,-he attempted to negotiate a $30,cioo,COO WPA loan'to pay for b .<= • "ang'ed a new water supply system for th( city. Is First' Monarch Act of IONDON, Dec. 12 (UP)—King "eorge VI. was proclaimed ruler il the Uilllsh Einplic todns inml •inounciiii as' his first official act be naming of his biother Ld vard, ns Ihc Duke of 'Windsor. The -dukedom 'will lake, preced- 'iicc over Edward's natural title I '[ prince and (he man Who until [ertcrdny vvns Englnnd's king ot- AliMlsifl If he nun-ill? his wife vlll-ue the Duchess of Windsor Heralds Proclaim New Ktnj; Hie new king was proclaimed " tiadlllbnal cercmony : 'iil ancient il James b pnlnce am! Icis Ihan i half hour, inter went Ho Edward's offices- nl , -Buckingham He received Sli John Slihon, home secietaij In a bilcf nudl- T.CC and wciil home for luncii to Ills Piccadilly residence The new ulcr i dinned lo Buckingham inlacc mid stalled vorling out, 'it accumulated Malt business liojai routine hnb bccoin- chnoti- since Hie beginning of Ihc cilsls which endui jesleidaj In tho abdication and." departuie abroad il Fdward'Ho wait until he calx •nirrj Mrs, Simpson King Geoige offlclallj approved \Iaj 12 ns his coronation dale lining an audience wllh namsay MatDondld at Buckingham pal- •ce j A ' 'ijiople Are Quiet Outtldf^ while Me worked al Buckingham pdlace the colorful pugeanlrj of ,hls\ public proclnma- Mon began at, 3 p m\The royal pcralds^ in age, old custom ! went around' London In ancient cos ' TC-..V- nnd told tthe p£ojj}a u, nev/ 'tin!? was crowned v Tlie nrsl public proclalmlnB ceremony look place at the Friary '•ourl of St James s palace Kins; George and Queen Elba Beth the fyicen mothei Mnry nnd the rojal princesses watched tho proclaninlron pageant from this grounds of Murlborough house A light rain fell and the crowds "veie unusallj quiet % ' A huge crowd, bare headed nnd silent heard the proclamation read at dialing Cross In the twl 'ight Only after the national anthem did thc crowd break inlo iheers. Thc kin s appealed for the first lime during the ocrcmonj it Prlarj court ind Ihc crowd broke Into cheers The rojal party Included Queen Maud of Norway and former Queen Vlctorh of Pilnce ri«ard cny oe ,c a'g Brltflln tor the apparel of, a privalo vlH?eii Uiis pictuic Irtfig- "Of ho woic vvhor Mrs made, of htm- on his recent Mediterranean tiln with Simpson vvus lodaj nindo nuke of WlixKoi, n new llllc (it atcit foi him bi his biothci, King Ocorgc VI 'Quits to Create Job for Anothei Hanging at Kennett Delayed by Governor JEFFERSON CITY, Mo—Fi Ve week stays of execution were* grant bv Governor park Friday to T U c i ea bv Governor park Frldnv ii I WO New Subways Pred' A dams and Hurt Hardy ,r southeast Missouri murderers sen- PmLADELPHIA (UP)—'Mayor ten wd to hang Dec. 18. ' Adam s was convicted of killing Carence Oreen Campbell. Mo -•"• •-"•• night marshal during a gasoline The money, he hopes will be s '«lon holdup In March 1034 nnd mnliPrt h» ih. rwi™, •„ Hardy was given a death sentence f " killing Ethel Fahncsto'ck, sic for The stays of execution will leave the fates of thc two condemned men to lh» incoming governor Uovd c Mark who lakes office Adams wns removed yesterdaj to Bennett, where he:Is scheduled to Closing Stock Prices^ Precautions now- belna rediica tho likelihood of include ^ putting ot slW«r In a b&bvs eves **Mlae of goggles m citations, and u « of « Wrable glass for spi!cl4«les taken to A. T. and T. 188 1-4 American ' Waterworks . 25 5-8 Anaconda copper .....'. 503-4 Beth, steel 73 5-8 Chrysler 123 Cities Service ...." 33-4 Coca Cola .1231-4 Gen. Am. Tank 75 Ocn. Electric 51 1-2 Gen. Motors 65 1-2 Int. Harvesler ..' '..1025-8 McKesson-Rbbblns n S-4 Montgomery Ward 653-4 N. Y. Central ...,.;... 44 1-2 Packard 11 Phillips Pet. 47 3-8 Radio 12 St. L.-S. F. 2 3-B Simmons.Beds 443-4 Standard of N. J. M 1-2 Studebaker 13 3-4 Texas Co. BO TJ. S. Smelting 87 1-5 U. S. Steal '.... 7« 3-4 Warner Bros 176-8 .Zonlte ..:........,..,.., 8 l-s The new date of execution for Adams and Hardy, unless stark should Intervene, will be Jan. 22: New Orleans Cotton Dec Jan Mar May Jul Pet NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 12 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high. low close 1258 1267- 1257 12OT 122S 1238 1226 1239b 1225 1235 1223 1235 1212 1220 1208 1220 1193 1201 1192 ,. v<u 1201U 1156 1162 1155 \1162 13. Spots closed steady at 1285^ Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec 1275-8 1283-4 1263-4 1285-8 ^fay 1231-21247-8123 1243-4 Chicago Corn Dec May John ; Schvviilm, 50. nbo'v'c, has quit his WPA watchman's job 'to'go. into fctircment for the winter iirhis Irailer in Evansville, Ind. A bachelor, he has enough-money for food and fuel and his only luxury, smoking. Besides, Schvvnlm thinks someone else—with a family to support—ought lo have a chance Said Schvvalm's at the; Job. boss: ' "That fellow ought have a medal.". to Martineau Hears Suit Against Levee District LITTLE ROCK. Ark. —Hearing on the Frisco railroad's suit to prevent thc St. Francis Levee District from collecting 1935 levee district taxes assessed against the company was held before Federal Judge M&rtineau, yesterday. An Interlocutory Injunction to stay action In all other courts Jan Mar May open high i." low close ...„„ , 1673-8 1073-4 1063-8 1061-3 Judgo 1021-2 1031-4 1017-8 1023-4 pending "a final decision In thc case Is sought by the railroad but details of an order which Judge Martineau outlined orally have nol been agreed on. „,„ Temporary order restraining the Jul district from prosecution of suits In 'chancery courls .of the West ern and Eastern Districts Cralghcad county, Ohlckasawba and Osceola districts of Mississippi county, and ol Crlttenden arid. Polnsetl counties, which had been filed by the district, was Issued by Martlneiu at • Jonesboro L[flGUE IDDPIS PEflCE Will Suppoit Pianco-Bnt- i<h Effoi !s lo Cncl Spanish \Vai GCNLVA Dec 12 (UP) — Till League council tonight iinanlui ousli adopted a four point pro- giaui designed lo halt tl e Spin- l«h 'civil 'vvm'"nnd old Franco British efforts . lo thai end, The program piovidcs 1.—Member stales ' must .refrain from .intervening In the interim affairs of another. 2 — League members participating In the'work ol the non-Inter ventlon committee • are : urged -ip elo their utmost, to make the agreement affective. 3.—Moral support Is accorded Franco-British'efforts' to effect a settlement of the bloody strife which lias' torn Spain for five iionllis , 4.—Secretary General Joseph Ayenol Is Instmcled. to lend the League's technical advice to all humanitarian and reconstruction work In Spain. McGill Students Try •oi mo King Will Tqkc limn al Boulogne (01 1 Swit/cilancl CANNPS rrnncc. Dec 12 (UPi •Mrs, wallls simp-son w m no ls=e Pilnce Pdvvnul 'for the next Ave months i member of her enioljr- agc told thu United Picss toda> Ihcj inuliinlly have agiced to icmAIn apait until her full dlvoico Is erantwl the spokesman said , UK. dtcrec nisi Ls expactcil lo" become final April 11 , B fil«;ml at Boulogne BOULOGNE France, Doc U. (UP)—Pilnce Edwaid of Fnglftnd ouUvnid bound froiii his native Inilil arrived licit! aboaid thc Ilrlt Ish destroyer Fury at 1 5"i pm lo- daj lo begin hit volitnUuj exile Ildniuil no longer a monarch but a prl|iie bv. blilli touched foreign but fijcndly soil at tills [Tench sta- lioit town aftei a 14-houi crossing j fiom Plymouth through deitsi- fos , l icnch officials went on bonul Ihc I urj and extended thc v,f\- comc of Trance nnrt hci people to the prince Hnmlicrts of police held back cioMls of curious which cov- e»cd ih» (|uaj for hnir n mils jls I lie ( mi j tied up lit U)c dock Oil ttuy (u Swllierhnd i* M«aul aimoimicd lhat he woi/lil icmaln on the destroyer until B p in 13 pm p s t ) when he will slop aslore to drive dhectly lo (he N 10 pin exprew train lo Basle" Swllrerliind He has n spiclal cm attached , Eitwarda immediate destlimilou In bwlliciland was bclived to bL ^urlcli Theic was { jio indication lhal he would icjolu Mrb Wallls Simpspn twice divorced, Baltimore belle whom lie jenouncul his Ihione to mnuv, ,S!ie li at Oann 0[1 tfift'Tili I. a., u n ' ' "^ V s iy *J l soviet Finds ft»oyies , % c Aid'M*ntal Patients ' -—- , AfOSCOW <UP)-Clneiii[i films art being ined to treat mcnlnl cases and also foi hjpnosis In the ticatmcnt of alcoholism In a special studio at PodolsV neai Mosco\y u Violent mental cases become quiet aftci seehiff a light corned* expoilment proved Epileptics be' comt calm and feel well foi a few- (lavs after the show Alcoholics, present In the nudlence fall easily lulo a liypnolic slate during ^vlilch suggestion acts stronglj*- Besldcs tieatmcnt, films are "being used for training doctors,, psjl chlalrlsts and nurses and obsciv- Int patients 05 means of a clockwork mechanism a patient Is photographed at staled intervals svilhoul his Uiowlng it enabling doctors ^o vvateh Hie, of his illness on ihe scicen • Hazing at f'ea Table .MONTREAL (UP)—McGHI University students are. doing their hazing 'over tea tables this year. The freshmen's initiation to university life this session included such events as -attending a football game, a wciner roast, and entertaining out-of-town stiidcnls nl tea. West Virginia Town — Becomes'Gretna Green WBLL3BURO W Va (UPl-^A total of 8304 oul-of-state coiipTes has gone through the monhge mill of Wellsbiirg duung the pnst >cnr ranking this citv among the, nations leading Grelna Gieeti- Wcllsburgs proximity to the state? o' Ohio nnd Pennsylianfa which have stop-look "maniage laws accounts for the large number. To whom will go the title of marrvln parson' is a topic of much discussion since the de- cirture of the Hey Robert B Hill for Geonjit Mr Hill so for this jcnr had officiated at I 589 nnr- vmges. York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 12 (UP)Collon closed steady, 1229 1214 1197 Ocl 1156 ... Spots clascd steads of II. open high low close 12CO 1270 1255 12C8 1231 1245 1239 1222 1207 1165 1231 1245 1228 1238 1213 1222 1196 1200 1155 1163 at 12S8,: Up Spot Average Is 12.77 The 'averagb-price of 7-8 inch middling cottonon. the ten designated spot : ., markets today'. Was 12.77, accordhvr ;to the Blylheville Board of Trade, ,. Katisan, 66, Spends Life on One Farm OSAGE CITY, Kan (UP)—Wai tCr Thompson 66 believes there Is little wonder that he has a stron* attachment for his farm home } near here He was born in a log ' cabin on fe site of his present home ind has lived there all his life Thompson still plows up fragments of the cibin In which ho was borh. WEATHER Aikansas—Fair and not quite so co'd tonight Sunday fair, warmer in south and east jxw- tlons Memphis and \iclnlt>—Fall and not so cold tonight Sundav fair and slightly warmer x The maximum temperature here yesterdaj. was 39, minimum 27, clear according to Samuel P. Norrls official weather observer, Last night the. minimum lemper- nlitrc his 19, ..!&

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